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LLN591- Loving Consideration & Human Creativity®

2020-10-23. Loving Consideration & Human Creativity.

Michael on October 23rd, 2020.

Michael—T/R—JL  – LightLine LLN #591

(Loving consideration) 

(Your whole life in your soul) 

(The human creativity you are heir to) 

(What is miraculous?) 

(Delight in the material) 

(Appreciation) .

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, here we are again, all your faithful devotees, your delighted children to tune in once again and have this kind of contact with you. We are thankful that you always remind us you are part of us. You are as near as our next thought, our next sense of gratitude that you are part of us. So anytime we think about it we can say, “Hello Mom. Hello Dad. I’m glad you are here with me.”  

And, “Hi, Grandpa!” That is your Father–our mutual Father, also part of us here–we human beings enjoying his presence. We can depend from time to time on his thoughts coming to us whenever we are most in need. 

Then sometimes I’m most open say, “Dear God, what do you have for me tonight, or this morning?” Sometimes it’s just recognizing his influence when something hits us that is so comprehensive it totally wraps up where we are in a neat little ball–with a bow on it even–and gives it to us. 

For these gifts we are truly grateful and appreciative. So thank you, Grandpa God, and our dear parents–Michael and Mother Spirit. Amen. 

Michael: Good evening, this is Michael, and we certainly appreciate your thankfulness. Mother Spirit and I wish to extend our thankfulness for all of you, our dear children, who are slugging it out through these rough times of yours. But feel blessed that you are not back in the Middle Ages where the Bubonic Plague would come through and wipe out a goodly portion of you all.

(Loving consideration) .

Part of what your group mentioned earlier is this caring for each other–having that ability now with all your modern medicine and your good advice about masks, and social distancing, and personal hygiene. These are keeping you well, keeping you healthy, and keeping you caring for each other. These tokens and expressions of love are your greatest gifts to each other, just by taking each other in. The root of consideration is this considering each other and what you do. For your own thoughts, as you are thinking about each other, are such a gift even to yourselves. You are burning each other into your minds and your hearts, recognizing how you have each other’s experience in your souls.

This is all part of your creativity, your moment-to-moment spirit. It is the part of you, my dears, that is bringing something new and fresh and very particular into each moment of your lives.

You have that wonderful expression of your being created in God’s image. Insofar as God is spirit, it is the creative aspect his personal being that brings about a universe. This is how you are most like him. This is how you are fashioned in his image and ability–creativity. Something in you is moment-to-moment happening that, however it is based on precedents, and acknowledges them, and is grateful for all that led up to this moment; still there is this Eternal Now something happening that is not quite like what led up to it.

(Your whole life in your soul) .

This is mainly an expansion. This is your expanding as a personal being in your souls. All these experiences of yours are kind-of piling up on top of each other. Thankfully you have God as the co-author of your soul, keeping them for you. We have teased you with the notion to–in your deepest meditation–go back and relive for a few moments being some earlier age–five, or fifteen, or twenty-five. What was that like then? And now: to know that is all still there in your soul? This is your eternal possession and, because of your creativity each new moment, it is growing just like this whole universe around you. Everything is growing.

Yet as a human being you can only hold this living realization for a few moments. You can imagine reality as a balloon getting larger and larger. Just for a few seconds you can hold this notion that everything is growing. Then your concern returns to this human life of your own.

But think about this expression. I’m sure most of you are sitting down, probably indoors, listening to me. Look around. I ask you to look around and appreciate this building you are in, and all the creativity that is involved in it. Perhaps you live in some old Victorian home built clear back in the previous century, or maybe the century before that. You are in some old Victorian home made in the 1890s, but mostly something that was done in the later part of the last century. Consider the evolution of building foundations, these walls, these wonderful windows that keep getting larger and larger. Think of the ancients who had only a piece of oiled animal skin that let a little light filter into their small mud huts. Now you have these huge windows with Thermo-pane–double chambered glass that lets in all of the outside, yet keeps its temperature out. Think of all that evolution of human creativity that is in this home you are in now, this cherished room.

Then look around at all your precious things, probably most of them human-made. It’s not only the electronics with which you are listening to me, but all your precious little things that represent a whole lifetime of collecting. Consider the wonderful peacefulness that most of you have known, being able to choose where you are living and keeping these little collections going, even though you might have moved here to there from time to time.

It’s the creativity in all these man-made things, all these little sculptures, even the living things, the flowers in your vase, consciously creatively evolved over hundreds of years. That one big, gorgeous yellow rose that smells so sweet came from tiny little bud the size of your thumb a few hundred years ago.

(The human creativity you are heir to). 

It’s all the creativity you are now heir to, the thousands and millions of people involved in bringing everything to this point, everything in this living Now that has no beginning nor end, this strange dimension that is ever new because of you too–because of your life, because of your creativity.

Even as you look around, what meaning do these things have, and what value? What value seems intrinsic to them not only when you discovered them, then picked them up and brought them home. What do they seem to have in themselves–what value, what meaning in that once upon a time when you encountered them? It sems to be wrapped up there right in them, and yet, obviously, to some stranger visiting you and sitting right next to you, his or her experience of them is something other.

I’m not talking about the light bouncing off objects and those photons entering your eyes, but their meaning, their value, their delight, their charm. These are real spiritual dimensions I am talking about now. They are partly your creativity, so unconscious for the most part. Yet day to day you can marvel at your own created sense of continuity, this growth in your soul.

So this is how, my dears, you are mostly made in God’s image. There is something about mind, especially creative mind, that delights in “stuff”–that delights in energy and material. On God’s part it’s the universe, even the Central Universe of Havona. Even his two compatriots, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, come from him.

For you it is your world and all that this word means to you. No matter how close are your friends and family, your world is unique to you, as you are unique to it.

(What is miraculous?) 

It’s God’s creativity that makes you unique, and then your own creativity to endow the people your world with meaning and value. One of your famous and brilliant men put it that: “There are two ways of looking at your life. One way is nothing is a miracle. The other way, of course, is that everything, everything is a miracle.” (Ed: Albert Einstein) Everything has the infinite past of its development–how it came into being whether its raw elements, or how some human mind shaped. It was passed on down to this room you are living in–those delightful things, those little sculptures that go back thirty or forty thousand years to some human mind picking up something and fashioning it into something else, if only taking a little string of shells and putting them on to adorn their nakedness. Creativity means to be a spiritual being, and be involved.

I would like to get you thinking about this, and appreciating this aspect of yours coming right from the Trinity. It’s this creative personality of yours coming from the Father and the Son, then this magnificent moment-by-moment, self-creating body of yours from the Infinite Spirit. For Mother Spirit and me you can say from time to time, “Hi Dad. Hi Mom.”–thanking us too for our part in who and what you are.

Personally, I like to appreciate everything as being a miracle, even beyond my comprehension. I appreciate how Mother Spirit and I too are living moment-to-moment in cherishing the enormous creativity of God, our Father. Then too there’s your—our children’s–own spirit with all you come up with to surprise us.

So thank you, my dears. Keep creating. Keep appreciating your own and each other’s creativity. Now if you have any questions or comments, let’s do those.

Student #1: Yes, that was good. Thank you.

Student #2: I have no questions, just thankfulness. It is always good to hear from the most creative of us all.

Student #3: It is nice to know that our material efforts are not considered sub-standard, but that they have a place alongside spirit. It is usually spirit that is neglected on this plane, but let us not forget the fact that the material experience is still a valid and worthwhile endeavor. So thank you for confirming that.

Michael: Oh yes, my son. Your wonderful Urantia Book states it is a delight of both mind and spirit to manifest things, just as our Father creates and delights in his universe–this really comprehensive creation of his, as well as the inner universe of Havona.

(Delight in the material) 

So too in your own sphere you can delight in making and enjoying things. You too are evolving things. You can pick up something, whether it is a little sculpture, or get in your car to buy some groceries. Everything you touch is in a kind of evolution. Everything is changing and growing, even the material things themselves. There is no limit, as you know, to your exploring the material, energetic world. It would take a thousand lifetimes to even begin to comprehend what is in a small library’s volumes on chemistry and physics, let alone biology.

Keep in mind what the material world is in itself, especially for a human being. You can pick up a pebble on the beach and appreciate it is unique among all those billions of grains of sand and pebbles on that beach. Every material thing has its own uniqueness to it.

In this sense everything is miraculous. Everything has its own bottomless and topless reality, so get comfortable living in the middle. One time Mother Spirit and I teased you with the idea of your being a kind of “mid-range creature”–living between the infinite and the infinitesimal, yet in spite of that—or because of that–being comfortable with it all. So thank you, my son, for that appreciation.

Student #3: Thank you for the whole shebang!

700,000 Local Universes—Michaels & Mother Spirits) 

Michael: Yet in that sense, Mother Spirit and I are just one of over seven hundred thousand of our orders–my order as a Creator Son. We do enjoy getting together from time to time, even before Mother Spirit and I left Paradise to come out here and organize this part of the galaxy with our own little Local Universe. We had many long sessions with our previous brothers and sisters. You know our own Local Universe in the 7th Super Universe is rather recent. So much of the creation is older than we, so we had our older brothers and sisters give us some good advice.

My dears, I think it is time to put this session to rest, and allow you to rest. I assure you that Mother Spirit and I have our own kind of resting right in the middle of a spontaneity which you yourselves are learning how to do. Rest and be comfortable being a mid-range creature suspended between the infinitely small and infinitely large. Look forward to a whole eternity to keep growing, keep the adventure being human on out into those starry realms you see at night.


Think of the Architects of the Master Universe and the way God shares his creativity with even such beings who decide where to put the next galaxy. Now I leave you back in your homey rooms surrounded by all your dear little possessions, appreciating all this material stuff you have had a hand in creating.

Mother Spirit sends you her love, and I bid you be in my peace. Let it too comfort you. Good night.

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