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LLN593- Obstacles in Healing®

2020-11-05. Obstacles in Healing.


Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2020-11-05  – LLN #593

Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers



Dr. Mendoza: Good evening to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza. I desire to mingle our energy signatures once again so that we maintain the connection for I have made an offer to be available to you, to assist you with your desires to participate in the healing loop, to be part of the healing circuit with you as you so desire. So I simply wanted to remind you of my presence and my willingness to make a house call, to provide a consult to all of you, my physicians assistants, who are always finding a need because of your seeking to be of service and there is always one before you. Tonight I would like to offer an exercise because there is a need. There is a personal connection in this need tonight.

Mark: This is Mark, I need to convey to you what is going on behind the scene here. I am experiencing difficulties in being on the end of this equation but currently my family unit is in crisis. My father in law is in the hospital. We have serious issues at the moment and a lot is being asked of us to get through the situation here. So, I volunteered to be the direction of this exercise. My father in law is in the hospital with some gastro-intestinal distress and perhaps I could request that we work with Dr. Mendoza on this project and of course I just have to get it together and let it happen. So that’s the back story, that’s what we’re talking about here, that’s what Dr. Mendoza is talking about. That’s my current situation, because I have been in consult with him about this, it’s been on our minds and so at this time I’d like to invite all of us to follow Dr. Mendoza’s lead as we do a little service. Sorry Dr, Mendoza, I had to give them the back story.

Dr. Mendoza: Yes you did or I would have had to. So, now that you know of the target of tonights exercise, it provides us something to focus on, something to narrow our field of potentials down to and we have been as healers, informed of a need. There has been a request for assistance and so now we may enter the patient’s room, we may actually proceed forward with the exercise. We have just made the connection. We have just brought our forces to play in a focused direction and when we train our co-creative capacities on the desire to be of service to a fellow, we connect with a great circuitry. We are able to join the voltage that is present in this healing circuit. We’re able to contribute to this circuitry and draw from it as a condition of our endowment to be connected and even as we have come to an awareness that this is so, there may be a great tendency to still resist the grace, to resist the flow if there seems to be a personal connection or impact, as if you are not entitled to such grace.

This is indeed the greatest obstacle to establishing the healing connection, this feeling of unworthiness about uncertainty. These forces paralyze your ability to access the circuit. So I invite you to train your focus not only on all the cases that arise before you, but as well, put yourself in the focus of service. What is it you need? Allow that your needs may be met. They may be answered oftentimes by others who are acting in service and are rewarded to have conducted some grace your way. Be as kind and as loving to yourself as you so readily offer to others. And as the cup of healing passes, drink from it. Take the servants due and avail yourselves of the cup of healing and health.

So now, let us focus our intention on an individual in distress who we desire to bring some peace, to bring some relief, to establish a feeling of connection, a feeling of connection to a circuit of love. Let’s project this connection that he be re-encircuited into this field of love that we would project. Let the love be as a light to warm and comfort and show the way and simply because you have taken your valuable time, you have created this energy transfer because you are endowed with this ability. And as you feel the grace of this occasion, breathe in the peace as it passes by. We have now chosen to create this life force and issued it forth. This is always well received on high and reflected back and it can be focused and directed.

Thank you all for joining in this exercise this evening. I appreciate the opportunity to gather together and repeat these work out sessions. I now understand that there is an expectation of another to address you this evening and respect this desire. Good day to you all.

Inner Voice: I as well appreciate the opportunity to be with you this evening, I am the Inner Voice and I represent the collective, that is I am a fragment of that whole just as you are a fragment of your Divine Creator and as such, we have inherent capacities. This evening I would like to talk about focus, talk about taking command and bringing into alignment multiple aspects of your being. We are having this conversation via the mind circuitry and this mind circuitry is your operating system. It is what is constantly chattering, bringing you ideas, thoughts and many distractions. But this mind circuitry, which occupies itself with defining and categorizing, is one of your aspects, one of your assets, one of your tools but you are the observer behind the mind. The mind is there to assist you. The mind is there to function at your command. The mind is there to be focused and directed. The mind is to be conditioned, to be ready. The mind is then the tool that you use to direct your focus. As the observer behind the mind, you are in control of it although often, it operates on auto-pilot.

So you all are aware of this dimension because you have brought yourself to this place where you have been able to use your mind to direct your purpose to find and examine your spirit dimension. You have utilized the power of your mind and chosen the direction of its pursuit and that has brought you here now. So you understand the principle of utilizing the mind to focus on your co-creative activities. I merely remind you of this association so that you may seek to more closely engage in the process. Much of what “comes to mind” are only past experiences, and are only confined to previous input. There takes a great act of  willful awareness to allow for new perceptions and greater awareness and that is what we do when we come to the gym. We work on pushing our boundaries, of exercising our faith so that it is stronger and using the mind to focus our intention in that direction, in the direction of our choosing.

Surely we can utilize this tool to even greater extent, with even more command of your will. I point to the example offered here earlier tonight of choosing not to engage in a given activity or event or circumstance and therefore avoiding the consequences of having engaged with it. This is an active choice of the human mind, to choose peace, choose calm, choose connection instead of the standard operating process that the mind may take you on by habit of routine.

As well as the tool of your mind, you may choose to bring the tool of your very physical being into service, into compliance with your desire to manifest these capacities. The easiest way for you to make this association and connection with your mind over matter, is to focus on your vehicle in the active engagement of respiration and to choose to bring purpose to this event, to this naturally occurring normal event. You can charge it with significance and purpose if it is your desire. You can direct the mind to make it so. When you breathe in, you are “taking it in”, taking life in, the very essence of life, the breath of life without which you would not survive moments and then as you have the exhale, the release, the direction of energy, if you so choose, you may charge your very breath with the breath of energy, the pulse of your intention and in this way you may focus the mind, the body and the spirit. This becomes incredibly potent when you have devoted your entire being, all aspects, to this singular purpose, then you have great creative potential.

You have been familiar with the simple phrase I Am. I would like to bring to your attention that perhaps this common phrase I AM is perhaps one of the most potent tools one could ever consider using as an original creator, as a first source and center. This phrase I AM, followed by whatever it may be, is the sincere direction of the soul. When you choose to follow I AM with anything, you are declaring your creative prerogative. You are stating your purpose to the universe, you are affirming your connection, your part to the whole. This act of defining what you are is where choice happens, is the moment of the miracle of creation.

So, I invite you to consider approaching your circumstances in life by asking yourself this question. What are you? Are you willing to go with spirit? Are you desiring to be of service? Are you wanting to approach your Divine Parents? These would be your prayers which then may be answered. This is your statement to the universe of your values. So in attempting to work together, you and I, we need to come to focus and the more aspects of our being that we can bring to focus, the sharper the focus is and the more effective. Consider what you might infer after I AM because it is a significant statement of your desire to be and that is what reigns supreme in this universe, your free will choice of what you would be.

There was a question offered about the connection to this circuitry of all the Inner Voices and perhaps the influence of the mind of Michael in this circuitry and I delight to thank you for that question because that is one of the grand benefits of establishing your connection to this circuitry through me as your partner. The gift of grace that was referred to of the endowment of the character, the mind, the inner Voice of Michael as Jesus of Nazareth, is one of the grand assets that we enjoy, as I mentioned before. This circuitry is privy to the experience of all mortals through their counterpart and so it is that we have this connection to the Voice Within that was with Jesus and as such, we have access to that experience, to that wisdom, to that frequency that was added to the circuitry, so this is one of the benefits of this circuitry being enhanced and stronger. There is a great cache of mortal/ Adjuster experience that is part of the energy field, the experience of man as recorded by your onboard partners.

I am greatly pleased to be with you here tonight and to have this opportunity to communicate. I will offer once again to assist you in your efforts of discovery any way I can because I can, we can. Because there is a desire to be of service I may take advantage of it and I may utilize this tool to the greatest extent I can. So be it, you have been told. It is so. I take my leave now but I remind you, as your Indwelling Guide, I never leave you. I may talk to you as if I am your Inner Guide as I share the common circuitry and as such I would like to thank you for seeking and finding me as you are now becoming aware. I am so close to you that you have not noticed me as a tree in the forest. I am delighted to become closer with you. It is our destiny and you are making the choices possible for us to manifest this destiny. I will be with you always. I take my leave from this vocal platform, grateful to have had this opportunity. I am yours in service. Let us be in peace.

Mark: I’d like to give verbal expression, since that is the medium we are in at this moment, to my gratitude for my Inner Voice for willing to come forward. I recognize that this has been response to my request to be of service and register that it is an answer to my prayer and I am so very grateful to observe this and share with everyone. Thank you so much. Does anybody have anything to share, submit, offer?

Comment: I just had last weeks lesson and wanted to share something from Machiventa. “Long ago you were asked a question in your hearts and your minds and you answered yes and we serve in gratitude with you for your commitment. Keep your ear to the ground, listen intently, spend that time with your Father Fragment. The Spirit of Truth will guide you in this and feel Father’s embrace.”

Mark: Thank you, that was beautiful. I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of my loved one and thank you all for your contribution for all the target points.

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