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LLN85- Your World Undergoing Great Transformation

2006-08-10.  Your World Undergoing Great Transformation

Lightline #85

Topic: Your World Undergoing Great Transformation

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Evanson

TR: Rick Giles


Evanson:  Greetings to all you wonderful people. I am currently assigned to this T/R, Jonathan, as his personal assistant. I have, like you, dwelt upon an evolutionary world and have undergone all of the struggles and triumphs of living a life in the flesh. I have, however, passed through that life unlike you for I never truly inquired into the spiritual dimension of human living.


Before my translation I valued highly my impulses and my personal goals and I cherished the keenness of my mind. These are all ingredients in all of each one of our make-up, yet just like a whole grain I left out the germ, the potent life-providing quality of the seed. It was not until my twilight hours that I awoke to the significance of spiritual presence.

You all are blessed in that you have many years behind you and many before you wherein you may integrate the elements of your whole being with spirit. What a fantastic opportunity you have. I undertook that in replacement therapy on the worlds of Mansonia. You are enjoying the same life today on this little world, Urantia.

I bring up my bio only as a preface to my desired lesson that I wish to convey, which is that you regard all aspects of your life as valuable and to never hold one dimension as truer and another as lesser, for as I have alluded to the composition of a seed, each element contributes to the germination of new life. Without a hull, it dries up before it can sprout; without the storage of energy sources, the young sprout would not have food from which to grow, and without that kernel in the center, no life will issue forth.


Hold your mind, your heart, your body and the citadel of the spirit wherein resides the presence of god in equal value. If any of these elements were not in the cosmic plan, Father would not have given them to you, but they are yours and our creator son Michael willingly became exactly who you are today, a mortal in the flesh, thereby illustrating the importance of a human being on every level.

Your world is undergoing great transformation. There is turmoil, due to the tug of war between ideologies, and there is a giant assembly of celestial personalities ready and willing to be in assistance. All our guidance enters you from within and springs forth by way of your thoughts and your feelings, and becomes revealed through your actions. It is not our mandate to manipulate from the external side of your living. It is our privilege to influence from the internal side of your living as you willingly accept and then adopt and then apply our contact.

We would be highly unsuccessful if it were not for the divine presence within you. That is our base; that is our point wherein we lock up/connect in with you. But the change upon your world will only result as you move forward, reach out, and establish the new and higher way. Some of you will be called to confront the old standards, to present alternate viewpoints, and to undertake those battles of comparison in debate. Others of you will be inspired to walk away and to establish, if I might say, the new garden, to demonstrate a higher reality unrelated to your current world conditions. Take no issue with one another for each calling is valid and necessary in moving this world a step further toward the goal of light and life.

In this transition to a higher standard of living on Urantia, it is of equal importance, whether you broadcast an essay of high virtue and noble living or whether you lift a cup of water to one who thirsts. Spirit permeates all levels and is recognizable on each level. Your difficult task will be one of reaching one who is as I was, insulated and resistant. It took the ultimate realization of my physical passing to wake up. Oh how I longed in retrospect that another like yourself would have made contact to my deeper being. I would have gained in my mortal life what you are gaining in these years of your life. Be sensitive and aware that there are those like myself all around you.

Few experience the overwhelming and blinding light of a conversion as your historic apostle encountered. Many more experience the continual presentation that the love of God in manifold ways each incrementally contributing to the eventual awakening that yes, that personality is a child of god and loved dearly. We are a team. We know of Him to whom we ascend and we know of the truths revealed to us and their benefits. This is the assurance which bolsters faith and conveys in your actions as a reality to be experienced by a hungry soul.

Trust in yourself. Trust in all aspects of yourself. You know you are at the beginning levels of the great ascent to mortal finality. Therefore, suspend judgment upon yourself. Wait until you have reached the higher realms eons from now before you assess the value of your being, for you will realize by then the importance of your current condition and your current enlightenment. Yes, you hunger for the full knowledge of the truth, but that is far too enormous to be contained in the awareness of the human mind. You can grasp elements and aspects, and that is good.

The enlarging of the awareness of truth will reveal the past levels of being, but they are stepping stones, not shortcomings. You are demonstrating that you are a functioning creature in the supreme evolution and that pleases the father spirit of all immeasurably. Accept yourself, accept all of your being, of course, and present to one another what you have discovered and receive equally from one another what has been discovered by your fellows. We are holding hands in the great ascent and we are all better assisted in the acceptance of who we are, here and now.

I welcome your comments at this time. Please feel free to ask of me what is on your mind.


Q: Hi teacher, this is ****. Could you please repeat your name, I missed listening to it.

Evanson: I am Evanson. E-v-a-n-s-o-n.

Q: Yes thank you. Evanson this was a most beautiful lesson, thank you so much in helping us understand our value and how we should have faith and understand why everything is of value currently and way into the future. At the same time as we try and find value in our life today, and being part of the Teaching Mission and trying to be an active part of the Correcting Times, lately some of us have been concerned about one or more transcripts that seem to suggest population decimation that is out of human hands.

In discussing that in the e-mail discussion TML group, someone brought up the book of revelations, Chapter 8, in which there is a reference to a part of a third of humanity or nature on earth being destroyed. I’m sorry if this is getting a bit long but I just wanted to preface this properly. So, as you may know, one of the Teaching Mission members, Stella Religa of California, had written a book in conjunction with teachers and Apostle John called “The Secret Revelation, Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelations”.

In that, the teachers reveal that most of the Book of Revelation has been made up and doesn’t really signify what it seems to signify. But this particular chapter, upon reading it again today, it seems to suggest that these warnings were for the future and may apply to future times, especially the ones that talk about a third of humanity or population being destroyed. This information seems to jive with the transcripts and I was wondering if you could comment on that or whatever you might say about it.

Evanson: My first response is to provide some perspective that it was not centuries but merely decades ago that your total population of the world was one third less than it is now and it was only minorly alarming to the population of your planet when it went up by that [thirty-three and a] third percent. Such a repopulating of a world is not unusual. The necessary ebb and flow — I must also express that this reduction of population is not truly destruction, and by that I mean it is not occurring as a result of the deliberate actions of spirit or the administrations that represent spirit.

The statement made to your world was only to give you a sense that those in the higher realms of awareness, those beings above and beyond the physical human level, are aware of what is to transpire on your world or any other. The records of old you speak of were written greatly out of a time sequence. Much portrayed is from the ancient past, and some of the current era in which it was received, and yet more of a future possibility. But the record itself is not chronological and much that points to events of the past is mistaken for events of the future.

And so I caution [against] reading too much into that record because of the misunderstanding of the chronology by he who received that information.

Planet earth is in a precarious cycle because of the quantity of individuals upon the world and the impact of such a population upon the environment. But no creature singly is condemned or marked for extermination. Father would not allow this.

In the unfolding of the potentials of this planet to the stable ages of light and life, there will be many rises and fall in the population and in the development and destruction of civilization. It is as inevitable to a world as it is for a single human being to go through periods of vigorous and strong health and periods of weakness, of allergies or sickness. Every time the planet undergoes such a low period it creates an immunization which assists the progress to a higher level.

Do not take this as a judgment upon yourselves. Planet earth could support much more than dwell upon it today but other factors in your civilization must adjust to support such an increase in population. If the world does not adjust, it is inevitable that there will be a natural cleansing just as your own human organism would go through a fever to flush what is holding it back and drawing away its energy.

Over the millennia we have made efforts to assist you in developing the insights whereby you may develop and promote the concepts and lifestyles of a higher way. Sometimes you are notified of what appears to be cataclysmic or disastrous adjustments. They are not judgments and they are not orchestrated. They are merely part of the evolutionary cycle. All worlds undergo such undulations. Your world is not exempt and your world is likewise not forced to go through more than is necessary. I hope this addresses your inquiry.

Q: Thank you very much Evanson. That’s another wonderful perspective.

Q: Evanson, do you have time for another question?

Evanson: I do my dear.

Q: This is *******. I enjoyed your lesson. It is good to hear the voice of your transmitter and good to be part of this forum. I enjoyed your remarks, particularly about how we need to learn how to respect that what each other is doing in our interpretation of our Father’s will for us in this time and to be tolerant and supportive though our various and sundry ministries may be different.

My concern, my question — since you mentioned Paul, Paul’s tactics came to mind. I want to talk about compromise. I think that Paul is denoted, in fact, “the Great Compromiser,” because he was able to compromise so many things in his day that enabled the religion about Jesus to take place and infiltrate so many of the movements and civilizations and nations and belief systems of that day and age. However, there were serious and long-term effects from some of his compromises. The atonement travesty is one of them and the status of women, which continues to be poor, is another. And in defense of these long-term, far-reaching compromises to truth, I would appreciate some counsel, if you will, on some of the things that I feel shouldn’t be compromised.

The fact that history repeats itself, and I don’t want this planet to have to repeat itself again and again and again for more and more millennia — the women, the children, the warlike behavior — there just is so much that needs to be done towards light and life, the idea that we would just be doing slipshod work and repeating the same old error is disturbing. So I get disturbed when I feel that the truth is being shortchanged and that we are compromising just to get attention, like I think this [post regarding] worldwide decimation is a way of getting attention because primitive man (and even us!) are still lured into excitement and fear and Armageddon-like situations … again, which is why words like yours and your lesson are so appreciated and needed to help us calm our fears and get our soul and our heart and our mind back on a track that we can be of service to others and at peace with our self. I am finished. If you would respond please, I’d appreciate it.

Evanson: I will most enjoyably. I am delighted by your insight and am hopeful that many more upon your world have such sensitivity and sensibility. Compromise is an unavoidable situation. Paul, of whom you refer, was in a limelight from which he influenced far many [more] people than most do. He was a centrist, to use one of your political terms. While in his personal life he sought for the higher truths, in his public life he presented them in an accepted manner of the time losing some of the accuracy and quality of his own reflections.

Each one of you by necessity does the same. Some of you are privileged to be on a leading edge wherein those about you are quite close in their understanding as you, and your expression to them is more direct and less compromising. But you know well that when a very young child asks. “Mommy, where do babies come from?” you have to choose how to convey the truth in words that are understandable and comprehendible. My guidance to all of you is to first hold loyal to truth and secondly to honor the standing of another personality. And then thirdly to adjust your expressions to convey the truth as purely as possible but in a manner in which it will be received.

This is a delicate juggling act. Some fail miserably and some are quite successful. Some fear that engagement and say nothing, and others are so callous as to ruin every opportunity possible to convey the truth by being belligerent, over-lording or obnoxious.

You will find yourself in situations wherein you will be teaching those who have progressed quite far down the spiritual path and you will be privileged to speak the truth with a more shimmering sparkle of the cutting edge of that sword of truth. Others will have to present it more softly and some of those who present it such will have yet to discover the depths that you have entered into, and so my dear sister, I can only offer that you look upon the efforts of those others with that parental understanding and that loving acceptance and patience.

You know of reflections of your own life, many things you have taught in the past you will not teach now. That too in the full spectrum of spiritual unfoldment was a compromise, not to you at the time for you had full conviction, but to you now, you see the relativity of your understanding. If the many people upon your world could only function with that in mind, far fewer battles would be fought and far fewer lives would be lost. I hope this addresses your questions.

Q: Yes, it does but it makes me feel somewhat reckless. It calls to mind Adam (as opposed to Eve) and Adam, when he saw that this is the way things were, deliberately set out to markedly affect the design/the divine plan, by consciously lining up all these women and impregnating them in order to support Eve’s error. I just– I admit it. I fear that in our immaturity we’re going to make gigantic errors that the future is going to suffer from. I just can’t bear to think of it.

Evanson: Dear soul, I can only express that as you have reflected upon Paul and even Adam, that there is another, the one John the Baptist who said “repent and be baptized”. He called all to a standard of giving up of one’s self and to adopt the way of God. His ministry was short but upon the heels of his efforts rose the Creator Son as a mighty personality upon your world. You who feel as you do must fulfill that calling to proclaim to others to “repent and be baptized,” to shuck off the error of your ways and to adopt the new and higher truths. I uphold your ideal and I honor your efforts.

Q: And I appreciate your companionship and your counsel. Thank you.

Q: Evanson, this is *****. [Greetings] May I offer commentary to all. Much has been spoken this evening regarding biblical prophecy and the like. These are prophecies that have come from what we now term western civilization. What I would like to offer tonight comes from eastern philosophy and I offer it as a form of solace to those who may be dismayed and perhaps despair by what seems to be, and I emphasize the words “seems to be,” a grim outlook.

This quote is from the Bhagavad Gita, the Holy Bible of the Hindus…..and Krishna said to Arjana as they entered into battle, (and things were looking grim then too and this is ancient wisdom that originated long before what we have spoken of here this evening). Krishna said, There never was a time where I did not exist nor will there be any future when we shall cease to be.” Please hold that thought in your hearts’ heart and your mind’s eye, always. Thank you.

Evanson: You have conveyed a transcendent truth. It is the home base from which all functioning in life is stable and secure and certain. I will address the hemispherical division you spoke of, of your religions. The influences of your eastern kinfolk have been upon the immediacy of spiritual beings with little concern for an unfolding of events and a prediction of what those events will be, for the focus has been upon the eternal significance of the spirit presence in the moment, and this focus is of great value to all humanity for it reorients all values and guides decisions.

The western orientation has been focused upon sequentialiy, which has led to prophesy and to the ordering of populations according to rules. Now I say this knowing full well that all religions have doctrines and codes of behavior, and every one has an ideal future that will occur. But it is of great importance to every individual, no matter the religion they adopt, to realize exactly what you have quoted tonight: “Ever and always am I the Holy Perfect One with you.” I, Evanson, have learned that experience and I would hope that all upon your world encounter that very same thing.


Q: If there are no other questions, we thank you Evanson for spending so much amazing time with us helping us to understand and if you would like to, please lead us into a prayer to close the session and we thank you once again.

Evanson: Oh, Great Light that illumines the depths of our soul, oh Holy Personality that warms our hearts with love, we turn to You humbly to receive. Let us not pause forever in this receptive mode, for You through our Michael Son have told us to turn around, to go forth and to be the light You are and the love You are to and for all others. May we accept the responsibility, may we hold our heads high in spite of our shortcomings and do what You have asked us to do. Please and by your power, we ask, so be it.

Q: Amen:

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