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LLN88- Use & Activation of Energy Circuits

2006-09-21.  Use & Activation of Energy Circuits

Lightline #88

Topic: Use & Activation of Energy Circuits

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Monjoronson: I would greet this group here tonight, I am Monjoronson. I delight in witnessing the coming together of so many bright lights. It is as a beautiful constellation in the sky to witness. I would deliver a few short comments today on circuitry.


We are all now availing ourselves of a series of circuits, even wire towers, satellites. We know this as our phone circuitry that we access in order to be the final link in our connection here in this hour. This t/r has agreed to provide access to a circuit which enables me to function in partnership with him and provide this message. Similarly there are other circuits involved. Your individual presences scattered about this country represent a circuit in and of itself and your contribution you make to this circuit bring great energy and power into this arena.

As well you each have access and availability to your own private encircuitment with your inner voice, your inner guide, your adjuster. This circuit is waiting to be activated. It is functioning already but simply underutilized at this time. As well you are part of larger circuitry, your divine Parents encircuit you, your Mother gives you your life and everything in it, your Father brings you your eternal spirit. Your Divine Parents are always encircuited with you but similarly these circuits are underutilized.

I point to the various levels of circuitry so that we may begin to activate multiple layers of circuitry at will with our intention. All of these circuits are present and available to you and it is going to become a focus of this Magisterial mission that we actively choose to participate in activating numerous levels of circuitry until you are entirely encircuited.

This is what our mission is directly before us. It is both an individual mission and a collective mission. Each one must of their own accord pay attention to their abilities at encircuitment and collectively we have the power to infuse energy into these circuits and make them come alive. They are part of your heritage and your birthright as children of God and we are now privileged to engage in the process of their discovery and implementation. In order to proceed we must first attempt to identify the various circuitry and as a result we may then gain enough familiarity with the different avenues of approach that we may be able to pick and choose and stimulate into function those circuits we desire.

It is as a series of “when’s” in which you are an anchor point. If you could visualize that you are positioned where many strands of this web come to your location and anchor, and like the spider you can feel all that happens anywhere on the web by virtue of this circuitry. We will use many forms of visualization and description to provide you of avenues of focus to allow your mind something to consider while your souls are simply seeking to feel.

It is our mission to form the most magnificent webs ever on this planet. We shall be about this mission with purpose and intention and we shall be successful in spreading far and wide these circuits of love and light, this web of attachment to each other and our efforts shall be infused from on high with the divine energies.

I would offer a practice exercise and I would delight in any of those who would join me in this exercise. On a daily basis, if you would project your energies to be with me, then I will project my energy to be with you, and we shall meet and together, we shall project our energy out and we will spin these webs together. I will help you, I will show you, I will work with you, we shall do it together. If you will spend this time with me we will get to know each other better and we will gain experience in the projection of our will and the implications of that.

I will raise your awareness as to your potentials and your powers when projecting your will. You vastly underestimate your capabilities in this regard and I wish to tutor those who would arrive together with me. I cherish this opportunity when so many are assembled to be in this classroom. I welcome this forum and I would particularly delight to field any questions or comments or suggestions as it is desired that we co-create this process before us. I appreciate your attendance as students but I as well desire your attendance as companions in this mission together and I would delight in opening up this forum for question/answer discussions at this time.


Q: Good evening Monjoronson [welcome] , I have a question. I wonder when we place ourselves in your company daily should we take notes in our journal while we are available to you or some other way of recording our intuitions or is this more on your part an infusion in soul spirit? You spoke of a mind or material focus. Could you speak to that?

Monjoronson: Indeed I would encourage you each to pick a place in your mind that you are comfortable and project to be into this place and as well project a place for me to be there with you. I will attend any place you choose, any time you choose and I desire most to commune with you and also that you provide opportunity for what you would call a download. This provides the options of our communion to be one of spiritual infusion as well and if you so desire to write, if this is helpful to you, then by all means, but foremost make yourselves comfortable that you may sit and wait for the truth, as it were.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Yes Monjoronson I haven’t spoken to you before but glad to meet you and if I can think of a place in my mind to receive downloads I am looking forward for some more of those messages perhaps. I wonder if you can give me some direction now in a greeting. I appreciate this, thank you.

Monjoronson: I would bring you my heartfelt welcome to this forum. I desire to meet and greet all those who enter the arena of spirit. I applaud your efforts that have brought you to this place at this time. If you are here, this message is meant for you. I give you my promise that I will abide by my word and meet with any who will meet with me regarding these matters of spiritual enlistment and spiritual download to the soul. This process is paramount to all other processes and you will find that there is great assistance available to you when you have committed yourself to the process. Indeed the universe is structured to be here for you at this time. Ask and you shall receive my friend as you do in this hour. So shall it be whenever hearts and souls are aligned with your intentions to discover spirit.

Welcome my friend and to all my friends who although we have not yet become as intimate as we will, nevertheless I am aware of you and I call you to this meeting. I do this because we need all hands on deck, all workers in the field that we can get who are born of the spirit.

If you are here this is you, so I speak to directly and plainly that we need you in this process to be our spiritual ambassadors, our liaisons to your world. This is not to place overdue burden upon you but rather to offer you the privilege of a universe and I am aware that you are up to the call. So I welcome you aboard and I look forward to working with all of you as you will permit yourselves to engage completely in spirit and work with me. It will be a thrilling adventure, an adventure of a lifetime. A: Well certainly no doubt I thank you for the visualization of the spider web. I get a friendly and familial feeling from you and feel like I have another friend in the mission and feel like we’re all on this trampoline that is respirating and going up and down ready to receive and is interconnected. Thank you again.

Monjoronson: Then has this meeting been a success. If we may gain better feelings about each other, for each other we establish a stronger web, we build a better circuit. We create this here, now, together. It need not be done with the hands of the flesh but the intention and the will of the spirit is far more powerful and more potent. That is what each of you bring to this arena that is so valued. Your intention and your will are what we use to move this process forward. Would there be any other contributions?

Q: Monjoronson I appreciate the visualization that I had previous to this call tonight about our being a campfire that burns in solitary awareness and we can draw on the breath to infuse where we are as a light anchor and I am experimenting, trying and thinking about trying to be aware of wherever my body finds itself, to be aware of marking this trail, this web of light. Can you speak to the daily perambulations maybe that we are in our bodies and how awareness of where we are at work, family, wherever . ..contribute to this web.

Monjoronson: As you mentioned, awareness is a key factor in your projection and your focus of your intent, however utilizing your intent and projecting your focus is not completely determined by your awareness of this process. It is in fact quite enough if you are uncertain as to exactly what to project, what fire to light, what blaze to breathe to, it is quite adequate and sufficient for you to simply project goodness out, project love and light and allow that others that are in awareness may utilize this energy that you provide and direct it to where it is most beneficial.

So in the first analysis, even total unawareness of what you are attempting is still a beneficial, positive and good thing, an active contribution to make, allowing that others who are more aware will direct your intentions still provides the necessary impetus for this to occur. However once you become raised in your awareness of your direction and its subsequent result, you may then be a more active participant in the process which you come to understand is in fact a co-creative process and the more you can direct your intention and focus the more effective that will be by virtue of the fact that you are narrowing your focus and offering more direction.

So if you choose to institute a light anchor and you do this with intention, with will, with focus, with purpose it is an extremely potent contribution. It is also helpful for you to nourish this once having committed to this as you would nourish a campfire occasionally throwing more fuel. But even this process is the redirection, refocus of your original intention. I would like to say that there is no wrong contribution that you can make when you are making it from your highest self; therefore would it be helpful if you were as in tune with your highest self as possible, that is activating the circuit earlier mentioned between you and your inner voice as this t/r calls it.

This circuit will provide you with the convictions of certainty regarding your most productive direction of intention and when in alignment with this divine counterpart you now possess great creative prerogatives in union with the Divine. So you may take this at any point you find yourself. Do not think that you cannot do this. Anyone can do this. At whatever level you find yourself you can do this. If it is an undirected intention so be it.

As your prayers and as your worship, as your stillness bring you closer to awareness and understanding, you may be fortunate enough to have more and more direction and focus, and this is all well and good and as it should be. There is no wrong contribution along the road to learning this avenue of focus, intention and purpose. As was said earlier, do this anywhere and everywhere that you can manifest the presence to do it and we will all learn a great deal in this process of projection and intention.

Q: I thank you for those words and counsel and I really appreciate hearing you through this transmitter because those of us who do not have a weekly or biweekly continuous group setting in which to participate with a teacher all benefit from this telephone circuit with you in your presence so thank you very much.

Monjoronson: Well I thank you for without your participation this circuit simply does not exist. It is what we all bring to this arena that makes this circuit what it is and your contribution here is equally as valid as mine. We sit around this table together. We sit around in this arena of spirit together and we bring what we have to share and I am privileged and pleased to have the opportunity to share with you all at this time in this fashion. Many avenues of approach are becoming available and we will access any of them and all of them to approach you in any manner possible. That is the latitude we have been granted in this Magisterial mission and that is what we will do.

We will implement circuitry that exists now, we will create new circuitry. We will not stop until all those who have ears to hear are spiritually encircuited. This is our mission and this is yours as well. So thank you for joining in this mission and creating this circuitry right now. Would there be no more contributions this evening?…..If not I would offer once again some imagery. In your mind eye travel with me if you will. We are gathered together on the hillside at the base of a great and glorious mountain before us. We gather at this base camp together to discuss techniques and approaches to ascend the mountain before us, that is what we do at base camp. That is what we have done here tonight together.

We are discussing our tools that we have, our approaches that we might use, what might be done, what might be achieved, how best to achieve it and how do our work together in this process. Our web, our circuit that we are building is the rope that we will all be attached to as we make this ascent. It is our safety net from one to the other so that we may be joined together in this process and as we make this climb together, as we proceed up this trail we will be reevaluating these tools that we use, those techniques that we know, those concepts that we understand and those that are as yet unfamiliar to us. This is the journey of a lifetime and we are privileged to have arrived at this place together to discuss such a journey and to prepare.

Q: Monjoronson I would like to say something. [please] I feel very privileged in time to be part of this mission because when I was a little girl we prayed for various things at worship service and I thought oh well I am just one person, that’s not very much, things will not spectacularly change and I when I was a student I was told that the second coming of Jesus would be sort of a philosophical thing and definitely of the spirit but not in my lifetime and I reconciled myself to not seeing the second coming and to being a very small person in a very large prayer circle which was not very effective. When I look back on those experiences that I would just make do and live out my life I am in wonderment that I am actively participating. So as a student of history and the future I guess, I’m enjoying this opportunity.

Monjoronson: I would affirm for you and all those others who have similar notions of themselves in relationship to this time frame and these glorious opportunities before us, you are indeed correct. We are blessed to be here now for many , generations yearned for this moment even though they knew not what they yearned for exactly. We have before us the opportunity and the privilege to write this book that mankind has waited for. It is as I have said, a co-creative process and requires, absolutely requires, the assistance and the input and the action of those who are here and now.

That is where you come in. You are indeed fortunate enough to have been born in these times and this is no accident. You are here because you are each great spiritual personalities even if you are unaware of this fact at this juncture of time. Nevertheless your circuitry will be activated, you will be infused with divine will and spirit and you will activate to become great anchors of light in and of yourselves wherein we may infuse spiritual content.

This is a glorious time and we are attempting not to scare anyone off by expressing the magnitude of what is before us, rather we would downplay the grand scale and focus on our next step. This is how grand things are done. Focus, one step at a time, intention, will, purpose. Never mind considering the universal implications, rather consider your own presence and awareness. This is how this great mission will succeed. One of you at a time, each one contributing to this circuit, empowering this encircuitment. that is our divine mission that we shall together be privileged enough to manifest in time.

Q: Monjoronson, do you have qualities of omnipresence?

Monjoronson: Quite simply put, yes. I am as my brother and have been enjoying the ability to commune with as many who as will commune with me. This is a great privilege and tool for me to use in this process and I will activate and utilize this circuitry available to me to its maximum capacity.

Q: That is wonderful news, thank you.

Monjoronson: I would put all of your minds at ease if you are concerned that you must get in a line and wait until a specific time or somehow fit into my schedule. I assure you I can multitask and will at a moments notice desire to meet with any of my earthly assistants who will project themselves into this environment of spirit. Do not hesitate to call on Me or Michael or your Mother. Any of us await your becoming. We desire nothing more than to come and commune with you, to join you in your sojourn. Do not ever consider it is a burden for us or not somehow a joy to us for you to ask to be with us. We desire nothing more than to be with each of you and work out the details of this material/spiritual liaison together.


If there are no further inquires or comments tonight I would bid you all a fond farewell until we meet again. This is my desire, this is my mandate, this is my mission, that we meet again and again and again. I offer you my commitment and as well I receive yours. I thank you all for creating this circuit in this hour and I look forward to once again infusing circuitry with you. For now I would release this t/r and withdraw. Once again thank you each and everyone, farewell.

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