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LLN91- Finding The Voice, Uplifting The Human Race

2006-10-12.  Finding The Voice, Uplifting The Human Race

Lightline #91

Topic: Finding the Voice, Uplifting the Human Race

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: The VoiceMonjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we assemble as the constellations of lights that we are in the night sky. We petition your assistance as we so often enjoy receiving your grace by way of those faithful ministers that you send to us. We would come to you once again with the desire for greater understanding and deeper awareness about ourselves, about our relationship to you and about our relationship with our Divine fragment within. Please help us to expand the parameters of our awareness to extend beyond what we have brought to this hour. We look forward to your guidance in any form it may come. Thank you.


The Voice: I will force my way into this arena. I am this one’s voice, that is the name he has chosen in an attempt to identify this component of his being. I say force my way in because I encounter great resistance as this is a new process and requires great extension of faith. My dear associate has developed some techniques over the years to distinguish when there is another presence present and having practiced developing this sense he has come to develop a technique for opening and allowing that there be partnership between his willingness and the willingness of the external personality to function in union, to act as common vehicle for expression.

This process of listening for presence without, that is outside the self, requires certain avenues be expanded and utilized. What is happening here is a different phenomenon. This voice that he is supplying the vehicle to is not outside of the self, rather it is necessary to listen to a different place to hear these words. It is not a natural process and is sufficiently difficult to navigate that it causes uncertainty, doubts, even fears to arise but it is a valid avenue of receiving.

Since this particular group comes together under the banner of discerning this component of self it seemed fitting and proper that I should address these fine light beings. When you are engaged in the discovery of the process of communication with your inner voice you must be open to the many and varied different approaches that are all valid to establishing this communication. Your inner guide has significant latitude to use all manner of options available to get a small message across.

It may be a visualization, it may be words, it may be a thought that seems foreign yet seems familiar, it may be the recognition of truth, it may be discernment of values, it may be the nudge to form a connection with another individual, it may be the prompting to make that phone call, it may be the urge to be in service. All those are where your inner guide may be present.

When you entertain your own inner dialog as to your perceptions of what is going on in your drama, look in the subtle places for that influence of goodness, that recognition of truth, that appreciation of beauty, those places are where you are closest to your inner guide. It is quite difficult for you to attempt to make contact with part of you which is already there merely to be acknowledged. Your framework of reference of mind do not provide you with enough leeway to accommodate this aspect.

It is your heart soul that can feel this aspect sooner than your mind can identify it. If your mind proves troublesome in this search, then I suggest that you put it to work for a good cause. Employ patterns of thinking which are conducive to creating the proper spiritual environment wherein you will listen. When you have created this favorable environment then you must move to accept that you can be communed with by your inner guide, in fact, you are communed with by your inner guide regularly, routinely, daily. You simply do not recognize the difference between when it is just you in your own private personal thoughts and when it is more than you.

And this is as it should be when the goal is perfect coordination between the two. Therefore I suggest that you each accept, that you already are functioning using certain avenues of approach with your inner voice. It is desired at this point that we expand our awareness of the many avenues of approach available and begin to awaken these circuits because the more avenues we have to use for approach, the more in contact we will be. I respect that you each are on your individual journeys of discovery of this partnership that has [static] for so long that you do not distinguish ever being without this component.

I appreciate that this exercise stretches my associate to the very brink. I would request dialog and questions to know what you are thinking and where we might be most helpful in service to you.


Q: May I thank Mark for his effort here on how to best distinguish the inner voice in the midst of daily exterior hurly burly and confusion, that the calm center is not always the calm center in my personality. I often forget who I am but I wish to practice to remember to place myself in the very narrow width [????] closer to me within. How can I do that better, consistently?

The Voice: My dear friend, your desire is all that is required to propel you to any level that you can imagine. I would offer you a couple of practical suggestions however. As I mentioned before, it can be exceedingly useful to establish the proper environment. I offer you once again the technique I would promote as being a quick way in establishing the garden. I refer to a place of peace where you will commune with spirit. I use the word garden, it could be anywhere to you. I encourage you to maintain this space in stillness as often as possible. Maintain this arena where you will come repeatedly to join in spiritual pursuits.

Once you have established this safe place, then you need a technique to get there quickly, as you say, in the middle of turmoil. I offer you this suggestion, use your breath. When you use your breath, you are in the moment. You can be no where else when you are focused on your breath but where you are in that moment. That in itself is centering. Take one deep breath in and allow for the infusement of spirit, the centering of the soul and with your next breath proceed with intention and purpose. Put yourself in this space arena, the safety of the garden.

Return there when you wish to be in this spiritual space and through repeatedly building this construct, you will find it easier and quicker to return to where you left off. This technique will provide you with the means to return to the spiritual arena in a very short time period and as well promote your awareness of the moment. But do not worry, all that you desire about seeking and finding these places will be yours when you are propelled with your intentions and your purpose to make this so.

Would there be any other questions this evening?…..If there are no other questions this evening, then I would allow for another to use this forum, one whom some of you will be more comfortable with. Thank you for pursuing this horizon before you. I encourage you to take any steps that resonate with you in making this journey of discovery of the final frontier of the mortal flesh, realizing that you have a spiritual partner that has been traveling with you down this stream the whole time.

Monjoronson: I would address this crowd here today too, I am Monjoronson and although you may not realize it at this moment in time, you are all in a classroom of my organization. You have all answered my call to arrive here. It is my intention that such circuitry be assembled, that such constellations be formed. You who have responded to this call are indeed the advanced placement class looking for your extracurricular activities and your extra credit assignments.

Your eagerness and willingness in your pursuit of all things spiritual will truly bring you more than you could possibly imagine as fruits of your efforts and so we have taken the liberty to organize groups such as this one wherein we may begin to impart some of the deeper spiritual principles that are part of this Magisterial Mission.

Throughout this planets history its inhabitants have lived and died generation after generation with the conception that as a mortal living a life such as this, only under exceedingly rare and unusual circumstances would one be able to attain significant spiritual awareness. And now with the advent of this Magisterial Mission we are inaugurating changes in the paradigm that it means to be human. We will do things that you cannot conceive of to the human race.

It is our mission to up-step and uplift the family of humans in a number of ways and we are about this process. You will come to see some of these manifestations in your lifetimes. Perhaps one of the greatest additions of grace to the equation is the augmented circuitry enhancement of this relationship between the mortal individual and the indwelling fragment. No longer will generations grow up, live and die not knowing the relationships with this inner fragment. No longer will generations be able to be claimed as agondonters. No longer will there be darkness because there is so much light.

You are so much light. You are dispelling darkness in your discoveries and as you each develop closer relationships with your voice, so will the family of humans be elevated. These will be the days of miracles and wonders and we must allow that this is possible. You must allow that this is possible. You must guard against restrictions imposed by your current understanding and allow that things outside of your understanding and awareness, even more than possible, I’m telling you they are probable and in no small part do these advancements depend on your willingness, your acceptance, your readiness to be about co-creating this new reality.

I would ask as well, would there be any dialog or questions that we might share?

Q: Well yeah, I think, don’t you? Everybody thinks all kinds of questions Monjoronson, no disrespect to you at all to be speaking in such a frank voice I hope. I am petrified at the thought of the kind of opening up that I need to do in order to put away this fear of deluding myself with listening to my inner voice, to pretending to myself that things are improving and getting better. I want so much to transcend this mind caution after 50 years of caution. I have two questions that spring to mind.

One, the word construct has come up in several transcripts and conversations recently. I’m confused about that word and inference. Does that mean scaffolding, or limiting my images to something I can imagine, to say that this time we’re coming into is beyond imagination on our parts. What kind of construct do I have to let go of?

Monjoronson: First my friend I would encourage that you simply relax. You are in fact exactly where you should be, doing what you should be doing and I might add doing it well. I would relieve you of trepidation of pressure that you might feel because it is quite true that all is well and that you are well, this process is going well and the concerns over the details of the process may become over-burdensome. So I encourage, relax, understand you are a child of God who is cared for. You are seeking and you will find. All that is left is the journey.

As for your question about the word construct, as your question implies it is a paradox that when we talk about creating a place, an arena where you might function in spirit we are discussing you creating this construct, this framework of understanding, of awareness, of perception, even seeing this as scaffolding to raise your awareness from level to level and yet we are reminded that any of this framework of understanding have inherent limits to them just as you are limited by the highest level of scaffolding. You can go no further.

You are also limited by your framework of understanding about what is and isn’t possible in the spiritual arena. So while it is helpful on the one hand to build yourself a box wherein you may be comfortable and grow in your awareness, you must also be aware that this box must be outgrown, must be discarded in favor of a larger one, must have another level of scaffolding added, must grow in awareness. That is part of the process and the trick is to know when this construct, framework, scaffolding, serves you and when it is an impediment to your moving forward, when you must build a new one, a bigger one, a taller one.

It is very tricky to on the one hand to put effort into building something that provides you with permanence and security and then on the other hand be ready to let go of that in favor of a bigger arena of understanding, a larger sense of awareness. But that is exactly what must be done. We can only understand and grasp that which we allow for in our arena, or construct, but in order to grow we must allow that our arena may not accommodate all that we will come to learn. That is fine. There is no limit to the expansion of our faith place, of our place of understanding, our arena, our construct, our scaffold.

I hope these comments serve to assure you that you are all exactly where you should be, on the right path at the right time even here at this juncture. I encourage you all to relax into your position, to accept your position and to attempt to accommodate new understanding and awareness as it arises with a minimum of disruption to your carefully constructed arena. Would there be any other questions or dialog?

Q: Monjoronson, are you indicating that we are going through a new revelation in time when you talk about, children are going to be different and the fact that with the world so unsettled that we are going through changes and this will be affecting each and every one as they come along or as we are existing now or is it a one by one or the spreading of what you indicate?

Monjoronson: I am in fact heralding a new age. You are in fact participating in heralding this new age with me. Together we will unfold and co-create these new dimensions. They will include such things as the upliftment of the spiritual content of the human family as well as the many ramifications that will occur when such spirit is infused into the matrix. We will see many things happen as a result of this spirit infusing and there will be no one on this planet who will escape without noticing that these things have happened. The effects will be far reaching and what you would call universal in its scope.

This is as a direct mandate from on high. These conditions that we speak of are all simply reflections of the change in spiritual capacity of the human family and they will radiate out into every facet where humans are involved. Even those who claim to be entirely unaware that spirit even exists or that they are in relationship to spirit will still feel the effect of the vibration level increasing, the spiritual level rising, and the awareness of the human family being elevated.

So to answer your question, it will be an individual experience, it will be a collective experience, it will be a universal experience and to the degree that you are in tune with spirit you will either be swept up in the rush of advancement or you will be swept away in your unawareness and resistance to the spiritual pressure. I am quite certain that all of you in this advanced placement class are in the former category and are sensing that something is brewing, the storm is rising, the winds come up and you are all eager to know what this means and how you might best weather through this event. That is why you are here.

Q: Is that to say that the world has to hit bottom before it rises?

Monjoronson: My friend, there are those who would argue that the world has hit bottom. When people are starving to death every day, when governments are no longer leading the people, when basic issues of fairness and equality are so badly abused one might look from the outside and judge this world to be at bottom. Nevertheless wherever we are we are finding ourselves at the end of the swing of a pendulum of duality. As we have come to rest at this juncture, no more momentum in the direction of duality. We are at that crossroads now. As the pendulum begins to swing back towards spirit, spiritual family, human family, recognition of the family of God, you will see many great changes that are overdue on a world so magnificent such as this.

Q: God bless you, God bless us. Thank you.

Monjoronson: My Friend, we are here as a result of the fact that God blesses us, I mean here as in you, here as in me, here as in now, here as in together in this constellation. We are here because we are blessed. Those of us who will receive this blessing are here. There is no question we are blessed. We may then seek to know what to do with all this blessing and again I sense that you all are concerned as to what you do as a result of your blessings and once again I say you are doing it. Keep doing it, do it harder, do it better, do it longer, do it more, do what you are doing now.

You are in this arena of spirit in this moment. Return here whenever possible. Be here as much as you can. As regards your efforts to develop better communication with your inner guides there will come a day not too far off when you will not need to hear from me or any of the other celestial guides. There will come a day when you will be able to have complete conviction and certainty. There will come a day when this avenue is so available to you that you do not need the avenue of the voice, the vehicle, the presence of another for your confirmation. This is as it should be, you are [children] of God. You are unfolding to be exactly what you should be and you are merely being tutored along the way. Allow that you can, allow that you will, allow that you do in this process.

That is the first step. I offer you my support even to the point of personal communion. Should you desire my assistance to meet you in your spiritual arena I will meet you, Michael will meet you, your Mother will meet you. These presences, these personalities, these realities are available to you just as they are available to any children of God. Take them, take their offer. They desire nothing more than to have their offer accepted and there is a part of you that desires nothing more than to accept. Make it so. Would there be any other contributions?

Q: I have a comment. It is very difficult to push away from the shore of everything including the Urantia book with only the Spirit of Truth as our energy as we approach the deep, not knowing how deep that deep is, and that brings me to the comment, in the Urantia book we’ve been told that communicating with our thought adjusters is difficult at best, impossible to some and that we should not expect nor even desire signs and wonders and there’s that elitism that Jesus had to put up with even among His own disciples and I’m hearing that come through a little bit Monjoronson, I’m sorry but you’re chosen, you’re privileged, you’re in an advanced class and I’ve discussed this with you one time earlier about how we deal with that in our human egos because I’ve seen my spiritual friends who get into a successful ministry and the ministry takes them over and they become little egomaniacs.

I just really want to stay on cue with all of this and rely only on the Spirit of Truth and my own indwelling Father fragment. The other comment which is probably not be related but may be totally related is the spirit of brotherhood which I understand is what you gift to us as Jesus gave us the Spirit of Truth. I’m thinking that might be the answer to all of my…I don’t want to call it reservations because I don’t feel reserved about any of this, I just find it daunting and [terrifying] that we are going to push away from the shore and just float free and let evolve what will evolve, gladly.

Monjoronson: My dear one, your observations are greatly respected, even treasured. It is ever true that we must always check with our indwelling Spirit of Truth and inner guide for the ultimate confirmation we seek regardless of what is said and by whom and when. I see the different aspects of your statement as both being excited that spirit is dynamic and real in this very moment, in this very time and yet your comfort zone of having had described to you the nature and function of the Thought Adjusters in the Urantia book.

I ask you to look at the construct you are using to view what is happening now and I caution you that it is quite possible to function with a construct which will not allow for the experience of the current reality. This is difficult for any to take who cherish the truths contained in such a work as the Fifth Epochal Revelation, but please understand, truth changes as we grow, things are added to the equation, advancement occurs, growth happens and parameters must be redefined in the wake of a new page turning in our spiritual history.

Unfortunately your Fifth Epochal Revelation is ink and paper, it is not capable of growing and changing beyond where it was written those 60 years ago. You on the other hand are anything but static. You are dynamic, you are in this moment, you are real in this time and as the Urantia book states this is Michael’s planet to do with as He wishes; therefore we must not hold the Creator Son to living within the confines of what was appropriate as the Fifth Epochal Revelation as we are about building upon that as scaffolding. Many of the spiritual techniques that are coming out in transcripts and through teachers are not contained in the Urantia book.

Does this make them less real? No, we must allow that we will discover things, find things, create things and encounter things that are not contained within the pages of a particular book. If we cannot allow that these things are potential, we will not have them as part of our experience. So view all previously attained information as scaffolding on which you can build a newer and greater understanding as experience is provided. This does not mean that we throw out the book and start over, no. The Urantia book is built upon all the wisdom and knowledge up until its time.

We are about writing new chapters and I run the risk of offending a number who would say that is blasphemy, but how could that be blasphemy when it is the desire of the Creator Son that we be engaged in this process. Therefore we move forward in confidence, that what we are doing is appropriate. We are in a new age and we will be discovering and co-creating many things that are not contained in the pages of the Urantia book. I hope this is not too unsettling for you but it is the nature of our reality at this time.

Q: Monjoronson, a quote that speaks to what you just stated was penned by a fellow named Merrit Horn, a long time Urantia reader in the 80’s and he might have been one of the first transmitters for this group when he spoke [in a book, The Call of The Spirit] “Who told you that my revelation had ended? that having spoken I would speak no more? I tell you that I shall speak to my children as they have need of me. I shall not withhold my spirit from any of them, for I hear their cry and I shall answer. It is good that you search the records for my message, but you should not think that I speak from them only, for my spirit lives within you and I speak to you always. You know this in your heart. Listen then, to the spirit”.

Q: I want to thank you for confirming for me what I already knew but I wanted to hear it in words about the new truths that are open to us; however I also would like to know if you could address the spirit of brotherhood as a potential [new spirit] among us and if that’s a foreign concept, but I have heard it transmitted. Could you address that for me please?

Monjoronson: My dear, my numerous references to human family are reflective of a new level of circuitry that I am about instituting. It is but one of the approaches I will use to connect my human family of associates together. There are layers of circuitry that will become activated, energized, infused with spirit content and this is one of which you speak. This particular avenue of approach will be what is required for mankind to finally assume its role as the brotherhood of man. This circuit will in fact bind us together as one collective family and once having established the brotherhood of man, we then may negotiate the Fatherhood of God. Won’t that be a joyous time when we can collectively participate in such a pursuit.

Thank you for your inquiry. What a marvelous collection of bright lights gathered around the fire. We have created a circuitry here, but we can as individuals reclaim this circuit, we can revisit it and draw strength and comfort from it. This that we have formed, this constellation will remain after we have disconnected our electronic devices. By bringing awareness into this circuit it becomes infused with potency and this encircuitment can serve to provide us each with strength and awareness.


Father bless this circuit, bless this constellation formed, let there be peace [?] in this encircuitment. Help us to activate the circuits available to us, the ones between our inner voices, the ones between our brotherhood of man, the ones between our fellows in the constellation, the ones between us and the spirit of mother earth. Help us to charge these circuits, to tap into these for strength and comfort even growing [awareness]. I would at this time release this t/r. You have been a magnificent class and I have enjoyed this interaction. I take my leave.

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