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LN94- Universe School Designed For You

2006-10-26.  Universe School Designed For You

Lightline #94

Topic: Universe School Designed For You

Group: Lightline TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: I would like to make a comment before we begin this process. I apologize in advance for the fact that I am all over this process. My fingerprints are all over it, my personality is throughout it, my vocabulary is the one we will use. It is not separate from me what is about to happen. There is a partnership and there are those who would like to believe in their comfort zone that messages that come from on high come from sort of a direct line as if I were to hold up the receiver and allow the teachers to speak.

Part of what we’re doing here is to understand that more completely. That is an inaccurate assessment of the situation, in fact any T/R, any person involved in this process will affirm for you and you will see their language, their personality, their mannerisms will come through, you will see the limitations of their concept frames evident, you will see that the last few transcripts that I have been involved in, I misidentified a word or a phrase in this process. That is my limitation, that is my part of the partnership that goes on here.

This is not a direct channel to God unfettered by human sources. This is a partnership that happens in which I agree to be used as a part of this and in so doing you must contend with my vocabulary, my limits of understanding and my concepts in this process. So, that having been said we will proceed and we will see what the teachers and guides would have to offer to this process knowing full well that we partner in this process. We do not remove ourselves from this process, it is not possible. We are part of the process and that is the way it should be.

Prayer: Divine parents once again we come before you to receive all that you would give to us in this process. Help us to open our hearts to receive these gifts of grace that you would bring to us at this time. We understand that you would bring us these gifts but that we must also come to meet you in this process to accept them, that you would impart wisdom and understanding to us if we would come to you and take this wisdom and understanding. We come before you now in this posture and with this attitude and would accept what you would impart to us through your messengers. Let us co create this process together in this hour. We know you hear our petitions and we thank you in advance and forever more for all that you bring to us in this process, thank you.

Monjoronson: I am eager to greet you in this process, I am Monjoronson once again. I recognize that this gathering is aptly named as the LightLine for I re cognize a gathering of such bright beings that you are seen from afar, in a universe of darkness you shine out as beacons. It is my pleasure to greet an assembly such as this who are all so earnest in their desire to seek the truth and so willing in their attempts to find the truth. This sense of yearning for universe principles and ideals and higher understandings will propel you on this journey as the sails of a ship.


Your individual vessels have proven to be quite seaworthy and now you are learning to navigate the forces of the universe to propel you through and launch you onto this journey of discovery of finding your relationship to your human family, your universal family even your divine parents. It is thrilling to watch as you each discover the many layered relationships that you are a part of, that you have been a part of and you were unaware until this time. You have all come to embrace that you are children of God and that as such you are growing to understand that you have as your birthright, certain characteristics and traits that are yours by virtue of your universal family.

As you awaken to these individual characteristics of yours you grow in orders of magnitude having realized your connection to all these families and your characteristics as a member of these families. You meet at this time on these evenings in pursuit of greater understanding of one of your greatest aspects as children of divine parents. As these children you have been granted an inner guide, a partner of divinity to sojourn with. This partner has volunteered to navigate these seas with you and has agreed to allow you all the decision making capacity that the two of you have.

This component of divinity has volunteered to take a back seat and allow you to make all the decisions, all the choices and merely awaits your consent to accept the suggestions of divinity. This represents your greatest gift, the fact that you have a volunteer of divine order to share this journey with you, it then becomes your responsibility. True enough you are the captain of your ship but there is one who is an experienced pilot. There is one who would offer you the straightest course. There is one with vast experiences out on these choppy seas. There is one who has an unerring compass who can read all of the universal signs and this one awaits your acknowledgment with eager anticipation.

You may consider what is in it for this component, this partner who has such a recessive role in this journey and I tell you that when you make the choice to consult your partner, to ask of your companion to choose to follow the directions offered, that those choices represent the grandest thing that you can do in all the universe. Spirit always leads it never pushes and you have to agree to engage with spirit for it to happen. Therefore are your choices so important, so magnificent in this process. It all hinges on you. You decide which way to go, how many sails that you put up, which compass you follow.

You decide to be active and make great progress or simply furl your sails and bob up and down on the ocean. This partnership between you is sacred throughout all time. Never shall it be violated in any way. You will always remain the one who chooses and after your intentions have been proven, after your partnership has been confirmed then does your silent partner gain your distinct personality and your journey that you have shared. As you well know this is not a given, that you will choose this, that you will continue to pursue this relationship. You may opt out as you wish and therefore is it the more sacred when you choose to partner and continue with your indwelling fragment within.

This gathering of light beings here tonight represent a force beyond your capacity to recognize because this is the will of The Father in action. When you feel this energy, when you encounter this spirit arousal you are encountering the desire of The Father made manifest. But this universe is not structured to push you into any such action, to confine you in any way, rather you each must come to this of your own accord and here you are. So tonight I offer an exercise. You are all here in an attempt to grow closer to your partner who has been with you throughout and you seek some form of identification and clarification as to where exactly they are in your ship, in your vessel.

So tonight I would offer an exercise to help in this process and this exercise would be profitable for you to carry out this next week or so to consider how many times in your daily lives do you have encounters with such statements as, it just came to me or something popped into my mind from nowhere, I got a great idea, I had this vision, I was inspired to….something came to me and I’m sure that there are many others in considering this that you could register those aha moments. The desire to call a friend who coincidently desired to call you, the conviction that to act in such a way would be a good thing. The desire arising in your heart to proceed in a certain fashion, the desire that led you to be here in this hour.

The condition becoming ripe for a meeting of the minds, success that you have had when acting on your impulsive inspiration, thinking about something that could have gone differently if you had only…. Consider all these turns of phrase and many more that you can think of that are so casually used to dismiss this encounter with divinity. Each one of those represent an injection of something more into the average equation, something above normal. Each of those turns of phrase almost dismiss the likelihood that there could be a partnership, and that you are acting in partnership.

I’m here to declare to you that those are the very opportunities you are in partnership whether you are in recognition of it or not. Your understanding of the situation has very little bearing on the reality of the situation. This partnership exists and you are a part of it. We are here to try to raise our awareness of this existing phenomenon. One of complications arising in trying to make these identifications is that you cannot properly recall or remember in your life a time when you have not had this partnership. From your first moral decision this partner has volunteered to be in the back of the boat rowing with you and so you have grown to this point not ever knowing the sense of ever being without this partner.

Thus the difficulty arises trying to identify any separation between you. It is not even a positive pursuit to make such a clear distinction of where you leave off and your divine partner begins. Rather it should be the opposite, rather should we relish the comingling of the two. This is the process that we are involved in, the comingling of the two. To recognize that you are in partnership, that you function in partnership, to accept your part in this partnership and to realize and accept the implications of that. Many mortals do not accept that they can be partnered with divinity. In fact this makes them divine. Many mortals are uncomfortable with assuming that this is possible.

But you are children of God. This is your destiny, this is not only possible this is what we are doing, what you are doing in this hour. This is ordained that you be divine if you will only accept it. That is all, that’s as easy as it is. Accept that you can partner with a fragment of divinity and thereby becoming, yes, divine. Surely not here, not now, not in this time. Perhaps, I ask you to consider why not in this time. True enough this is a long curriculum and lengthy process designed to bring you to this point and you may choose and you may decide to take as long as you like to come to this awareness but again, you choose, you decide. You are not only divine, you are creators.

If you decide to create this partnership, time has nothing to do with it. If you decide that you will accept your inheritance from your divine parents then the process has very little to do with it. If you decide to allow your partner greater latitude in this hour, that is sufficient. You are glorious light beings, truly beyond your own capacity to understand but I am here, we are here, all of us on our side of the veil to guide you in this process. As soon as you discover this partnership for yourselves you will not need our assistance. Rather you will be consulting your pilot at every turn and for every possible adjustment along the way.

But for now we will make use of forums such as this, any avenue of approach that we have to tutor you as to who you are, as to your relationship in this process, as to who you are partnered with and what your destiny is. I would open up this forum at this time to allow for any contributions, suggestions, comments, even questions.


Q: Monjoronson, I would like to thank you so much for what you have just presented. It was beautiful.

Monjoronson: It is my supreme desire to be of service as it is yours that we will avail ourselves of any opportunities such as this. Thank you for your efforts as well to facilitate such an avenue of expression.

Q: You are most welcome.

Q: Monjoronson I felt a glimpse while you were speaking of the difference between myself and those created perfect. Of course I can never understand or experience their point of view but hearing that I am the person in charge here and at the same time am progressing in understanding and gaining wisdom through that, it felt as you were describing this state, being, that I was indeed worthy to sit in these perfected beings company even in the state that I’m in because my choices, wholehearted from this moment and every moment on make it comfortable to be in partnership, make it leisurely and unbusy and creative in time and space accumulating this experience. Thank you.

Monjoronson: My dear one, you are not only in charge of making your own decisions and establishing your own sojourn on route back to your divine parents, which you are, but you are the very reason this universe exists. You and all of you out here are students in a vast school designed exactly for you and just like any school that gets built you would never consider wondering whether the students were worthy of attending the school. This entire university was designed for you and without you it has no purpose. All of you out there are the participants in this process which makes this process real.

Therefore banish from all of your thought patterns any semblance of needing to measure up, to prove your worthiness, to somehow qualify to be who you are. You are exactly why we are here. You are worthy beyond description. You are cherished by a universe. You are the little children for whom the school was built. There is no purpose other than that, so enjoy, relish, seize the moment. A universe is at attention awaiting your choice and as you each decide to allow the universe latitude, we will use every avenue of approach to facilitate our curriculum and without students there is no need for teachers.

Q: I would follow up on your suggestions for this next period of time to identify, or recognize or remember in ourselves or around us in others the opportunities or instances in which we decline to move into a cocreative situation, an intuitive, impulsive action. That is what you want us to alert ourselves in this period is that correct?

Monjoronson: The first step that everyone is attempting in this process is the simple identification that it exists. Therefore my recommendation to you is to pause and consider, to reflect every time you have one of these encounters that appears to be more than is seen on the surface, particularly those encounters that bring conviction and awareness that this did in fact just occur. Whether it’s that coincidence that you encounter, whether it’s that confirmation that comes, the first step is to realize that these have occurred. You touched on the next step which is to not be an innocent bystander, merely observing this phenomenon but rather to embrace the role that you have played, albeit perhaps unwittingly, in this process.

You are correct when you say that there is a cocreative element to all of this and once you realize this aspect of your encounters, you will begin to move into a new area of cocreative participation but that clearly is step two. First we must realize that these things that happen to us, around us, through us are in fact a symbol of this reality, this relationship. After we recognize there is this relationship we may then begin to engage with it. In the second step we realize that we do not necessarily have to wait around in life for things to happen to us or through us but rather we can actually institute these aha moments at will.

We can command this process. Rather than being passive throughout we can become active in this role. When we move to this phase of active participation we are acting in partnership. We are no longer afraid or declining as you commented, to accept our role and our responsibility. So I encourage as a first step, to gain in awareness through the observation that this happens as a routine and regular part of our existence and after having embraced that this is already part of your makeup, you may then move to manipulate this reality.

All this will come in time, all this is yours already by virtue of who you are. We are merely taking steps one at a time in pursuit of having greater command over what already transpires. So any efforts you take in that direction will prove fruitful and should be advanced to the point where we are all quite secure with our partnerships, we can move to our co-creative aspects.

Q: Thank you very much , that’s very encouraging.

Monjoronson: I will echo your encouraging and raise you to thrilling. I will offer you that a universe stands transfixed when you are engaged in these proceedings. Truly the classroom that we are engaged in becomes the spectacle to be viewed at the entire school assembly. When we are involved in these opportunities it pleases your universal parents beyond description and that is what we have in this hour.

If there are no other contributions to be made this evening I would offer my gratitude for being accepted by you all. I would point to this fact that you are all here tonight accepting me, my presence into your lives as exactly what needs to transpire in other aspects of your lives such as this relationship we are discussing. It is merely that you accept that you are granted this audience by myself and likewise it is merely that you accept that you be granted full access and audience with your voice within.

You will come to identify this component and you will call it by your own name of recognition which will pale in description but it is by this same process, the process that brought you here in this hour, will bring you there in that hour, will bring you to sit before your divine parents in that hour. You are exercising exactly the proper attitude and pursuits that will get you where your heart and soul desire. It is merely the journey, the time between this moment and that moment. So carry on, navigating as best you can, check with your pilot as frequently as you can, be willing to take his advice. Be willing to steer into uncharted territories.

He knows where he is going and you are learning to follow. That is all that is required, your success is a guaranteed certainty. I wish you all well in your journey and I would not wish that it would be short, that it would be over quickly. Rather is it glorious that it takes as long as it takes. We should enjoy every one of these moments in between. Rest assured that you are exactly where you should be. Relax and enjoy the journey and yes, be inspired to pursue, to make forward momentum but be not pressured and harried by the journey. Rather take every opportunity before you to build your experience, your individual journey.


That is what you are bringing home, that is what your gift is to your divine parents. They have provided this universe and everything in it for you to have this experience, to be on this journey and you, your gift to them is this experience, is this journey. That is all that you have of any value that you can bring to them as your gift. You are [like] the little drummer boys who will arrive at the feet of your parents and what will you have to offer, your experience, your journey, your choices all of which have brought you to them. May your journey be joyous and wonderful, in fact it is. I bid you farewell.

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