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LVP18- Gaia Awakening-Dialogue 18

2010-06-14-Gaia Awakening-Dialogue 18
Long View #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Gaia Awakening
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Postscript

Topic: Gaia Awakening
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Michael, Esu, Monjoronson


LVP: We’ve discussed another dialogue opportunity for this morning?

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Good morning. Each time we begin this there is an element of incredulity on your part.

LVP: Yes, as if each time I have to become accustomed to the alternate reality and sense of deep communion in this activity.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  As in any pioneering activity on an evolving planet the practiced ability to communicate with Higher Intelligence is something “discovered” as a rare phenomenon which will eventually become an accepted part of everyday reality.
We will sit again as a council of four, with three of Us on the Celestial side so to speak, but in a round table more properly. I will take the lead this morning with Esu and Monjoronson contributing as the dialogue proceeds.

We are using this round table to indicate to all who engage the Dialogues that God is not an old man on a throne or a singular father facing off an unruly family! I have My own place as Creator Son for this My creation, but I am joined in a multitudinous field of Celestial counterparts and advisors. Our government is not the heavy weighted nor ineffective bureaucracies of Earth, but is indeed complex and intensely populated, so We in council with you this morning represent Many.

LVP: I believe we were going to start with an update on Gaia. I felt Her energy shift last Thursday (June 8) and a breakthrough on Her part from the seemingly “stuck” place She was experiencing in the ascension process.

CHRIST MICHAEL: We’ll begin with that “update” and that will lead Me to the main point of thought for this morning.
Gaia indeed has broken though Her impasse. She faced the same dilemma you and all on Earth are experiencing. You feel the pain and difficulty of your current experience, see the possibility of what awaits you in the ascension process, yet there is a strong attachment to your present state. Oddly you find a degree of comfort in the known even though that certainty is in a state leading to your certain demise as the current environmental holocaust in the Gulf of Mexico clearly indicates.

Gaia found the energy required to break through the block and is now accelerating Her “birthing” process of Her transformation and elevation of all who will accompany Her in what is to come. You’ve noted the increase in earthquake activity in recent days and you will see more pronounced and frequent intensity in Earth changes as a result of Gaia’s new movement.

LVP: I felt Her Thursday in great joy, liberation. When I turned to Her She gave me a big “Woo Whooo,” dancing in Her strength and power.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Indeed it was a most beautiful moment of liberation as She found what She needed for traction through the “mud” of Her impasse into the freedom of movement and forward progression desired by All.

The energy that allowed Her movement forward is what I would address. Many on Earth and All in Heaven were focused on this critical juncture. These dialogues, as well as various postings and updates on a variety of internet sites, clearly indicated great difficulties. There was much encouragement of a positive nature to assist Gaia, to provide the support required. Interestingly though, and this you know, the energy She needed was not only one of consolation and sweet music, although those elements certainly gifted Her and provided a helpful foundation. However, the energy needed to break through Her energetic impasse was contained in the singular word “No.”

LVP: “No” in the sense of a command?

CHRIST MICHAEL: Exactly. “No” is a powerful word in your lexicon. There is much growth toward the experience of “yes” in the spiritual evolution of humanity but not as much toward the appropriate use of “no.” Unconditional love has been one of the telling advances in humanity’s progression from the separated state of bigotry and prejudice. The ability to “love one another” has found some traction in the two thousand years since My bestowal appearance on Earth although that progress yet leaves much room for expansion.

But the experience of “no” is another key facet in what is required in the evolutionary scheme. This was exemplified in the stories about My experience on Earth in what were later termed My “temptations in the wilderness.” Faced with a variety of choices My decisions at that time could be encapsulated in the word “no.” Of course what has been handed down reveals more intelligent artistry than one repetitive expression but the energy within those various responses could be accurately summarized in the single expression “No!” No to all that would deny the Light of Creation, No to all that suppresses and manipulates Life for self centered purposes, No to the abuse of power and of the Earth Herself, No to the altar of vanity upon which the goodness and right intent of humanity is currently being sacrificed.

LVP: This is what I sensed in Her movement, a progression in which She found an essential of Her sovereignty.

CHRIST MICHAEL: An essential element that has for too long been in disuse. Gaia has the profound ability to say “yes” having suffered these many years in the state of isolation and ignorance that has characterized the rebellion of many who were residents of Earth. It has been a mixed bag of those who would move toward Me and those who would continue under the governing forces of darkness. This struggle has been upon the surface of the Earth in the human population but energetically it has become part of the field of the planet Herself.

This energetic determination is what has now shifted. Gaia is in a free will situation as is all My Creation. She has the freedom to determine Her own direction and ultimately She did just that. She decided to move past the mixed state of confusion where light and dark appears to rule equally, the state of duality as it is described, and into the more singular, clarified experience of Oneness with Me. Rather than losing Her freedom in that Oneness, which has been the essential deception and delusion of the dark forces over these thousands of years, Gaia stepped into Her real power, Her true sovereignty. She did indeed dance with joy in a movement of happiness and certainty as you observed.

ESU: This power could be described as the “sword of light” and is present now to separate the “sheep from the goats” as it has long been written. My work of renewed spiritual governance requires this clarification, for what is coming of union on Earth with Christ Michael’s Spirit will no longer allow for the “mixed state.” Yes there will continue to be gradual evolution. Not everything will be clear in an instant as if there was a magic wand to be waved over the consciousness of humanity. We have Our work cut out for Us and for you in the days and years and millennia ahead. Yet Gaia Herself has made the all important move in Her progression. This is an energetic “stamp” if you will that imprints all within Her field, compelling a similar and determined statement from Earth’s inhabitants.

LVP: Clear statements of “yes” and “no” as required?

ESU: This is not a question for you. I appreciate your desire to be transparent in Our discussion but let’s not fade too far into objectivity! You have a strong compulsion in yourself for this expression and have found its magic many times in your life.

LVP: Yes, and I’ve often been ashamed of it, feeling that a more accepting expression, one of inclusion and compassion were more desirable.

ESU: This is the somewhat paradoxical situation you find yourself in presently and in which Gaia was most definitely stuck! She wanted to continue saying yes to all and everything, even Her most violent predators but the command of Source was requiring Her to come away from all that would deny, destroy. She had to embody in Herself the very decision She had prayed for, requested of Christ Michael and All of Heaven these many years, to be relieved of who and what oppresses Her and stands in the way of the new Eden that is most surely coming.

MONJORONSON: In essence this is the adjudication process which is My specific responsibility. Separating the “sheep from the goats” is my specialty if you will (big laughter on the Celestials side!) and that work is occurring through the clarifying vibration of the Correcting Time. Many will find themselves unable to continue on Earth because of the elevated vibration. This will be a matter of choice but the decision can no longer be deterred. The Correcting Time is upon Us All as it has been described, and I and We on the Celestial side are here for this very purpose, to provide the field of discernment in which these manifold decisions are made, cleaning the energetic slate so that new beginnings are possible and assisting in the educational processes which will be most important to the ongoing evolution of consciousness in all of Earth’s population.

LVP: As I hear You this morning, this creative command which empowered Gaia, the “NO” that thrilled Her and allowed Her to move in Her birthing process, is something that we here in consciousness on Earth must all equally embody.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Exactly, which is the sum purpose of Our presence here with you and through this Dialogue to the many who will read and consider. My Creative Command is to join Us, to join Gaia, in the power of discernment and certainty, to say YES to Light, to Life, to Love, and equally and most powerfully, to say NO to all that would deter you, would darken, destroy and hate.

There is a right caution to be noted here of the important difference between the creative command of No and what is condemnation. I would encourage discernment on the part of each one, that clarity not be diluted by the very forces sought to illuminate and oppose. There is no hatred or condemnation in Gaia’s current expression nor is there any further ignorance or delusion. She sees Her creative field for what it is, more clearly than most humans, and She has loved equally, continues to love without doubt or distraction. But no longer will She accept who and what SHE IS NOT, who and what doesn’t belong in this important sense.

There is an energetic discernment here that I will encourage for all. To open your eyes to the field in which you live and move and have your being, to maintain an open heart of compassion and understanding for all, and simultaneously clearly say NO to what is not acceptable, not in harmony or union with the Creative Spirit of God. To be able to make this discernment, to say both Yes and No as needed, is to join Me in this time of Co-Creation, to join Esu in the Sword of Light that is coming upon the Earth, and Monjoronson in the power and beauty of the Adjudication, fundamental to the Correcting Time.

LVP: Thank you Michael. There was a question from a good friend about how to best support Gaia in these times.

CHRIST MICHAEL: The answer to that question is contained in this dialogue as a whole. There is no singular prescription for behavior, no one size fits all as you say on Earth. Each individual must discern their appropriate role in this energetic field. I would emphasize the coming together however, the importance of community at this time, for there is balance in joined forces. For example, during the recent time of impasse, one of Our friends was providing messages from Adama encouraging compassion and care for Gaia, the feminine surround that would support in Her travail. You on the other hand Don, though deeply in love with Gaia in Her manifold expression and gathering those who share that love by means of your poetry, leaned more strongly into your own masculinity and found there the current of No, the expression of protection, of fatherhood in the midst of Gaia’s birthing.

While it is important at this time for all to find the power of No within themselves, and be willing to express this power with clarity and intelligence, it is also critical that there be a balance of forces, both within and without, that each individual becomes sturdy and centered in themselves and most importantly, within natural communities of shared understanding and purpose.

LVP: Thank you Christ Michael, thank you Esu and Monjoronson. I appreciate this time and offer the prayer of my thanksgiving in closing, that we all move together with You in the dance of these wondrous times, in the coming forth of a new Earth with all the Energies of Creation.


LVP: Esu, I feel that I might have shortchanged this dialogue, overemphasizing the joy of Gaia’s breakthrough but not giving You ample space to speak to continued vigilance.

ESU:  No single Dialogue will be complete unto itself and your continuing vigilance is revealed by this simple question. We are not here to spoon feed every individual let alone those who are participating through various internet forums and who have the gift of more detailed understanding. Each one must continue to attune to their inner counsel and the outer messages that continue to be offered. Each one must continue to explore those avenues of vigilance and support that are required for Gaia to continue in Her movement and for Our plans and processes to be furthered on Earth.

I appreciate the opportunity to underscore the serious nature of our endeavors and that We are a long way from “party time” as you like to put it. The horizon is clearer in this moment and We are all in joy over Gaia’s breakthrough but let Us not be deceived that Our work is done nor deterred from carrying Our work forward with increased diligence and perseverance.

LVP: Thank you.

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