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LYT180203- The Beneficial Influence of Loving Vibration

2018-02-03. The Beneficial Influence of Loving Vibration

Urantia, February 3, 2018.
Teacher: Mandurian Melchizedek.
Subject: “The Beneficial Influence of Loving Vibration.”

Message received by Lytske.

Mandurian: “Let me begin by stating that it is a privilege and a delight to work with a mortal such as you, but please try to keep your mercurial thoughts at bay.

“These are stirring times on this planet with the necessary upheavals, which are blamed on global warming. Allow me to say this about climate change: This planet is still young in her development in the early stages of her evolution and she must go through the travails of growth before she is completely balanced.

“However, you, as her inhabitants can do much to aid her in her development by being careful to leave only harmless footsteps wherever you go, and by not contributing to the chaos which is becoming alarmingly evident. Each person is responsible for their own behavior, by being kind and loving toward one another; and parents are responsible to teach this to their offspring.

“Most importantly, watch your thoughts, as thoughts have an energy vibration which can be truly beneficial or equally disastrous. It is of primary importance that you become more aware of how you think, why you think what you think and if there are thoughts which warrant to be improved upon . . . like those of resentment, anger, jealousy. You may make the list yourself as these are all very harmful to your own systems, especially the pernicious thought of getting even with someone. Those energies cause great harm to your systems and sooner or later find expression in personal discomfort.

“Ponder this message, please, for the medical profession usually looks only at the symptoms, hardly ever at the true causes of illness and discomfort; then tries to cure whatever ails a person with the customary drugs, whereas the Creator has lovingly provided natural cures for practically all ailments on the planet.

“Observe your thoughts for a while, as negative thoughts of emotional vibrations first show up in the meridians. The meridians are the energy lines in the body that feed all systems, which will eventually find its way into the physical system as blockages, which over time create havoc leading to discomfort anywhere in the bodily systems.

“The most important way to vibrant health is to have positive emotions, which is to love and forgive yourselves on a daily basis. This will naturally be so beneficial that you will automatically love and forgive others, because you will have become friends to yourselves.

“This all-around beneficial vibration could permeate the entire planet and help her in her evolution into greater stability. I realize that all this has been said before in one way or another, but it has not been practiced wholeheartedly at all by the majority of the people living upon this world.

“Be a courageous, child of God and attempt to live this way. Your mental, emotional and physical systems will greatly benefit, leading to increased spiritual growth for the soul, which is the purpose for living, thereby enhancing the evolutionary progress of the planet.”

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