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LYT181125- Become All You Can Be

2018-11-25. Become All You Can Be

Urantia, November 25, 2018.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Become All You Can Be.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Allow Me to say that to surely become an effective worker in Gods Kingdom, one needs to examine the motives as to why one would desire such an outcome in mortal life. To be an effective worker demands the strictest of self-discipline and mastery over negative tendencies and habits. It entails the cleaning up of the inner life, coupled with a willingness to do all good works anonymously, and without seeking honor or recognition.

“My spirit works silently and unobtrusively in the Stillness of the human heart where the greatest changes are wrought. It is in the unseen where intent and motivation of life are shaping the behavior of the mortal child into the growing teenager and the young adult. With maturing adulthood, the continuous choices and decisions lead to those experiences, which decide the level of understanding and wisdom that will be attained.

“Not being overly burdened with the errors and sins of yesteryear, but to have learned all along to flex the muscles of trust and faith to fight the shadows of unbelief, for these do block the maturing process and hamper the good works of faith.

“The greatest work of the human in the mortal estate is this self-mastery through the practice of self-discipline. This enriches the experiential inner life, which spills out into the outer life by exhibiting the fruits of the spirit through practicing unconditional love and forgiveness in increasing patience and tolerance toward self and all others.

“The one who does not entertain grudges, does not harbor resentment, and becomes a willing and merciful servant to all, and also will have left all hidden motives behind, such is the life the true believing child; the Most High Creator God aims to create; depending on the free will of the mortal.

“This, My beloved, is the life I am leading you towards. It is up to you to see where unbelief is blocking the road toward eternal progress, where yet greater understanding and wisdom are waiting to be attained.

“Truly, mortal life is the greatest Gift the Creator has bestowed. Use your life as the opportunity to become all you can be by simply doing the best you can.”

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