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Machiventa 2/20/2022 – Wage Love, Not War

2/20/2022 – Wage Love, Not War

Machiventa: My friends, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.  I choose to be here this evening because I wish to present some thoughts regarding what you are facing as a world and in your lives.  We know sometimes you would wish for us to just intervene and make it okay, to stop all evil, and coax everyone into a sudden realization of unity and love and family.

How would you see this playing out?  That those who are aggressors would suddenly lay down their weapons and come willingly into the embrace?  That the deceivers would suddenly see the light of their wrongs and choose to submit to the truth of their actions and open to the love that is available?  That the fearful would come out from the shadows and become bold?  And the good, kind, sincere people of your world would gladly step up and be the way showers that would lead the way into a new day?

Certainly if we interjected ourselves into your world affairs, some of these things might come to pass in some form or fashion, but the reality is that chaos breeds chaos and calm produces more calm.  So instead of wishing for bold actions to impress the minds of all on your world, look for the calming attitudes, the opportunities to engage in ways that do not divide, but bring dialogue and understanding.

You have heard it said that there will be wars and rumors of wars.  While this is not an absolute requirement to happen for peace to ensue, the ways to avoid these unfortunate outcomes are more difficult to actualize, for it requires willingness to see differently, communicate differently and, in some sense, to be different, to go against the human nature that would fight, to let go of inherited tendencies to be the aggressor when challenged.

How would you see this world progressing if the differences are not met and ironed out?  Eventually these things must be addressed, and unfortunately, all too often it is in the form of battle, in the form of violence, verbally or physically, the attempt to dominate and survive.  Only after warriors become weary of battle and loss do they generally listen to other ideas.

If I could speak directly to those in power who make the decisions on whether to go to war, or to assert one’s rights over another’s, I would say:

When will you replace the need to wage war as a means of resolving differences, with a more enlightened effort to wage understanding, to communicate with love and cooperation as a motivator rather than the need to win?  This world sees too much selfishness.  These are tendencies that have developed out of proportion due to misinformation and distortion that occurred long ago and which has been perpetuated.  The greater question is how do you replace the desire to get more for one’s self or one’s tribe with the desire to bring about united efforts across borders to uplift the livelihoods and to bring stability so that no dominance is necessary?  This is a pattern that can overlay your previous patterns and diminish the self assertion in favor of how you can use your skills and qualities to wage love, to replace lies with truth, to choose goodness over evil.

Let me make it clear that when you choose to dominate, to destroy, to lie, to cheat, to steal, to vanquish, to win at the expense of another or others, this is the pattern of evil, of ungodliness, of unkindness, lacking in beauty or truth.  One cannot destroy and be promoting anything good related to the values of our Creator, for with the eyes of God, destruction is replaced with transformation and communication.

We are at the precipice of conflict or change.  As a representative of the highest source of all things, I ask you to consider what it would be like to shift your focus from defensiveness and aggression – attempts to dominate – to a focus on doing what is right, not only for your own people and your own needs, but for everyone to the extent that your needs can be met and you can allow the needs of others to be met, as well.

I will tell you a story about a man who had great power and position and with that power he could choose to dominate anyone, but instead he became aware of God, of love and kindness, truth and beauty, as drivers in what would make the higher outcomes occur.  And so the man chose to withdraw from aggression and dominance.  Some saw this as a sign of cowardice or weakness and his prestige, perhaps, took a hit in the eyes of some, but in the eyes of our Creator and the universal oversight his esteem grew exponentially in direct contrast to the loss of personal fame and regard.  Looking from the spiritual view, he who would save himself and favor himself and be powerful on earth is like a candle that is slowly extinguishing, whereas those who would humble themselves before their Creator and seek to spread the goodness, the beauty and the truth, would be like the sun firing in the sky when breaking over the horizon in the morning.

When will you realize that a more beautiful life and existence is waiting to be achieved for your world and for its citizens?  Listen, for we are here, we will help, know that the days of transgressions and wars and conflict can be set aside in favor of real dialogue in the spirit about how to manage the resources of your world in a way that benefits the most, still rewarding those who work hard, but also recognizing that a basic level of existence provided for all allows the community of earth to achieve a level of spirituality it could not otherwise envision.  Work for the benefit of your planet.  It can only happen when you choose to submit yourselves before our Creator and to, in doing so, recognize that you become an agent of love and kindness that can shape the lives of countless others by gaining that sense of freedom and earning the commitment that a unified child of God has when recognizing its part in the family of God, working together, not only for your world, but for our universe.

You are not alone.  The universe is friendly.  We are simply waiting for you to set aside the pettiness, vindictiveness, dishonesty and cowardice, replacing them with sincerity, kindness, love and bravery.  We ask you to join us in this.  You do not need to know all the answers yet, but have a willingness to look within, to let go of all the poisons, the hatred, the anger, resentments and fear and listen for the voice of love and reason and goodness to come forth.  When this happens on a mass scale as well as your individual scale, then a new world can arise that lives with a different kind of purpose, not to take or exploit, but to give, to share, and to grow.

I ask you to consider these words this evening, my friends, known and unknown, near and far, in the smallest position or in the largest positions of power.  If you seek, you will find.  If you listen, you will hear, even if it’s only felt in the inner reaches of your soul.  Isn’t it time to choose a different way?

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