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MAR146- Humility, Youth, Writing

2008-01-14-Humility, Youth, Writing
Marin #146


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Humility, Youth, Writing
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Humility, Youth, Writing
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Nebadonia, Creator Son and Holy Spirit of Nebadon, After a few weeks of taking a break from these meetings, with gleeful hearts and joyful anticipation we come running back to your open arms and your welcoming smiles. We feel blessed that, through your grace and your love for us it is now beyond a matter of trust; we have come to know your presence here with us. We thank you for your insightful lessons this last year on–quite literally–the kinds of beings we are, so new and strange to ourselves. We thank you too for helping us feel a great humility even if only in just beginning to acknowledge and appreciate the enormity of the two of you and your love for us, the enormity and saving grace of our mutual Father, right within us. We certainly hope to grow into more. Amen.

MICHAEL: Good evening, my dear children, this is Michael. Yes, it is always good to start off afresh, is it not? Although much of your distinction between one year and the next is arbitrary, it is not so psychologically, but very necessary and reaches way, way back into the antiquity of your race. The basis for all this is, of course, your seasons, especially in the deep northern and southern hemispheres where you have a very distinct summer and winter in terms of temperature extremes.

 Ideal (New Year’s Message: ideals)

It was such a relief for your ancients when they were able to evolve their calendars, those massive stone works or deep caves, where they could discern the Winter Solstice and know the ever deepening, bone-chilling freeze would turn the corner and things would be getting warmer; a new Spring was in the offing. And so even though the exact date of the New Year is somewhat arbitrary, the more appreciative souls among you do acknowledge and celebrate the Solstice, the turn-around in the deepest part of winter.

More recently you’ve had the tradition of making resolutions on the New Year, and though you see these with quite a mix of both humor and cynicism, and some genuine sincerity, Mother and I regard your New Year’s resolutions as a possible renewal of idealism. Cherish your ideals, my children. Indeed, spend some time quite regularly fleshing out your ideals to the best of your ability.

So let me challenge you with a few questions. Do you know what would be your ideal outcome for tomorrow, and next year, and five years from now? Do you have some well-detailed pure notions of what you would like to see happen for yourself, for your family, for your immediate society, and for the nation/states and the whole world in general? Have you spent the time to feel/think these out and articulate them to yourself? Do you talk about this kind of thing with your friends? What I mean by a pure ideal, that we encourage you to let yourself go and explore for a while, is to think of what would be the most wonderful things, however practical or impractical, however possible or impossible they might seem. We encourage you to discover and create these within yourself along those lines of physical and mental and spiritual aspects we’ve laid out before.

What would be a physical idealism you could explore as an activity? Also, you live in such an enormously expansive time of what is now possible in terms of health and well being. Are you taking advantage of all the amazing dietary and medical discoveries? Do you know what could be the optimum health for you, and how to get there? What would be the greatest respect you could pay God for this gift of His to you, your physical bodies?

Have the courage, my children, to express these ideals to yourself, however much or little you are able to live up to them. Don’t be daunted or overcome with guilt by how short you feel that you are falling from these ideals. Have the courage to envision them, then just lean in that direction. Do the best you can, moment to moment, day to day. Let it be the same with that allied aspect of your being, your mind. How do you envision evolving your mental health, abilities, discipline, willingness, and energy? What are these ideals that you can grow towards?

Your mind and your body are inextricably bound together. How does each assist the other? What is the relationship here? Can you see the wonderfully mutually supporting cycles of ever greater physical strength and mental health? Can you envision how to break out of vicious cycles by accepting those difficult first few steps breaking away from bad, that is to say, unhealthy habits? Those first steps are what we’ve been suggesting here–being still and just feeling the impulses. Bring this all into consciousness, however much or however little you are able to conquer them each time. Fearlessly and boldly envision a greater physical and mental strength and health.

You know now, you’ve accepted fully with your whole heart that you have an enormous soul of all your experience, right here as part of you giving meaning and value to ever moment of your life. You know this now, my children–you have a potentially eternal, and active, soul right in your own life. So can you perceive as you grow older and wiser how the very quality of your consciousness improves and grows? Can you remember the terrible, fearful gaps of meaninglessness and valueless-ness in your youth?–when, as you say, you hit a wall? Now there is some continuity of your soul that is tying things together, do you see the connections? Indeed, can you give credence, real faith in that Supreme connection, the Universal Father of all creation? Does this fill your soul and thrill your mind?

 Humility

We speak of the wonderful humility you are growing, the ability to not identify only with how tiny you are in the whole creation, but glory you can begin to perceive how enormous that creation is. Can you not be daunted by this? Can you welcome the notion of the eternity it will take to even begin to encompass it? Can you perceive this potential in your fellow brothers and sisters irrespective of how they themselves are aware of it? Even if they may be shy of expressing it so, can you see their character? Can you trust that they too, in being God’s creation like yourself, have a soul and an immutable, unique personality?

Can you welcome this enormity of personal uniqueness and not feel overwhelmed by it, even on a busy city sidewalk? Are you doing your best to acknowledge every other living soul you come in contact with? For as Mother Spirit dropped a few hints to tease you with last session, about the different orders of beings you will encounter, let me drop another hint that that on the more spiritual planes the individual, personal beings look forward to acknowledging each other. Does it seem you might have to slow down some fantastic way to begin to appreciate all those about you? Could you welcome this? Can you make more time for the spiritual dimensions in your life?

We draw a distinction between meaning and value, but of course they too are inextricably tied together, mind and spirit. The very fact that you are a spiritual being makes you super-minded with respect to any animal you know, and, as Mother Spirit reminded you, both your mind and your spirit are mutually informing each other, instantaneously, intuitively. So think about the meaning of spirit. What does it mean when it seems the value is draining out of things? We wish to inform you, my dear children, there is such a thing as being spiritually exhausted.

 Renewal (Spiritual exhaustion and renewal)

There does come from time to time, into human life, enormous suffering, great pain, both physically and mentally. In these times your spirit, swelling forth to meet the challenge, can get exhausted. You can feel like life is no longer worth living. In the extreme you may be confronted with the ultimate proof of your free will, the ability to take your own first, human life. If you think about it for a moment, you can realize how there is nothing more significant to you than when the value and meaning seem to have drained out of everything else. It is at these times you need to open yourself to your Father, to your Creator, and to Mother Spirit and myself, your closest spiritual parents.

This is always where and when you can find us–when you most desperately need us. But even then, even then it is your choice what to do. Your will can rise supreme.
In the most desperate moments of your life you may discover you are closest to us and to our Father, for this is, above all, why we are here. As Mother Spirit said last time, we are yours; we belong to you. Our love and our support are as unconditional as is our Father’s. You literally can never reach the end of Him, or us for, just like the old year passing away, what seems the absolute end for you at that moment, you will discover the next moment is truly a new beginning.

These are real events, my children, these events in your life. They are what fill your soul. This is what enables your conscious self–the you that you know yourself to be, this is what enables you to grow. We cannot say this is the only purpose for the creation, this growing consciousness of all the personal beings that are. It would be presumptuous for even Mother Spirit or me to say what the absolute purpose of creation is. But this is definitely one of them, this growth of your conscious self, this progressive unifying of your consciousness, this bringing into consciousness, to unify, all your distinct aspects we have been taking about.

This is the function of your personality. It’s what your personality does. In this you are part of the Deity Absolute, my children. You are absolute in the very fact of your existence. Of this you need have no doubt whatsoever. This is essentially who and what you personally are, bringing all the different perceptions and abilities of yourself together into a coherent reality. This too, if you think back upon your childhood and adolescence, this too is a growing ability to, if you will, have things make sense. How wonderful to feel the meaninglessness and valueless-ness gaps you perceived in your more immature and imperfect phases so far, to feel these really diminishing in your life.

 Youth

Perhaps if you think back most accurately to those earlier stages of your life you may recognize an only half conscious plea: Please God–or Please Universe; Please Life–whatever you believed then: grant me a little wiggle-room here. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want things to be so overloaded and fraught with meaning. The perception that everything you could do, or fail to do, had this potentially bottomless spiritual significance would have been quite overwhelming to experience–before you could begin to unify and understand it. Call it youth.

But this is how you’ve been growing so it’s no wonder that for so many of you, you recognize the concepts of soul and character are nearly synonymous. Think for a minute, my children, do you know anyone with great soul who has not earned it? Do you know of anyone of noble character who has not been tried? These are the assurances of spirit; this is the proof, if you will, you are a spiritual being as are all your brothers and sisters. This growth of consciousness, of self awareness, of unifying all these aspects as they become conscious; this is, indeed, one of the main purposes of personal life. On the grandest scale of all, this is how our Universal Father, ever absolutely complete, still finds a way of becoming more replete through the lives of all of us: He truly experiences everything we do. His Supreme Being is growing, actualizing–experientially.

All the while He delights in giving us totally to ourselves. That’s the paradox or seeming impossibility to humans–we are both totally His and our own. That’s that two-hundred-percent-ness of our lives: can you feel it? As Mother Spirit put it most succinctly: our very freedom is what makes it possible for us to give a gift back to Him–He who created us to begin with. We are not pawns in some cosmic chess game–even His. We are not gears and cogs in some cosmic mechanism He set into motion. By His will, His gift of creating us with this potential, this possibility, we can grow the ability to choose to join with Him–and His whole ongoing, progressive creation; or not.

 Security (Uncertainty and security)

So in this New Year, my children, keep exercising those physical and mental and spiritual muscles. Wade into the challenges of life. Embrace that uncertainty in your human condition with the security of knowing you are God’s children, and your souls are His creation–right along with yours. Yes indeed: these are the kinds of beings you are. The fuller consciousness of this is the way forward. It is for this you were made: to be both His and your own.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, I always look forward to them for the fact I do not anticipate what they might be. I do enjoy the way you surprise me. (laughter)


Student: Likewise.

Student: Father Michael, I find myself unwilling to accept fully the negativity in myself and in others, even though I recognize they are children of God—as am I. But I also see myself and others too, and I’m willing to…not completely though…more so than I used to be: I’m willing to accept what I see. But I don’t like what I see. How do I learn how to accept this completely without judgment as to the good or the bad of it? I hope this is making sense. (heavy sigh…)

(See the whole person; understand and forgive))

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, it makes great sense. You are to be congratulated for your perception. This may be hard for you to credit, but what you are saying, in a way, is your ability to see yourself and others in yours and their wholeness—as a person once put it—warts and all. As I said before, my son, ask only: what is true? This takes great courage to see yourself and others in this holistic way—what you call positive and negative traits, abilities and limitations, great accomplishments and even, in the extreme, obscene sins. Open your heart, my son, and see it all. This takes great courage. There are so many of your philosophies and religions that want you to put on blinders and rather nonchalantly and haphazardly convert everything to some kind of Pollyanna, rose-colored Utopia. But human suffering and evil are real.

Then consider this problem with as much free will and deliberation as you can manage to exercise: creatively think things through. Those who willfully cause their fellows to suffer: it takes courage to see this for what it is; to see them for what they are, then go the next step further and understand, embrace them in understanding and forgiveness–all the while, my son, not allowing yourself to become a victim, for this truly does not serve your soul, nor theirs. These are difficult individual choices you should not gloss over with some kind of galloping generality of always doing this or that. As you know from studying my life, I did not. The main reason I was crucified by the social/political establishment of my day was because I dared to—as you might say—call a spade a spade–those vultures and predators and leaches, those parasites on their fellow human beings—I called them for what they were. All the while I truly understood and forgave them in my heart.

So carry on, my son. Trust your perceptions. Expand as best you can to encompass all the dark and the light that exists in the human soul. It is this very real contrast that gives meaning and vaalue to your life and theirs. This is the possibility for both good and evil, truth and error, out here in time and space our Father created the potential for, in creating a universe of personal beings who have to earn their perfection through experience. Does this help you understand?

Student: It does indeed. The thing that sticks is…most obviously…an open heart. I thought my heart was open but I’m beginning to notice it’s not as open as I thought it was. And that is what causes a lot of the discomfort and bad attitude I have toward others.

MICHAEL: Here, my son, I wish to point up the difference between being nonjudgmental with respect to the whole person, and those necessary assessments you must make moment by moment in your relationships with others in order to avoid being a victim—what you call a patsy or some easy mark—however you wish to conceive it. I’ll repeat: it does no good for your soul or theirs to accept their predatory behavior. Yet at the same time as you open your heart, as you gain a greater spiritual perception, you can often see through their overt behavior to their souls, to why they are as they are; and then you can be of some genuine assistance to them by way of this understanding. The fact you can feel your heart needs to open more is itself opening your heart. I encourage you to keep feeling. Keep having the courage to accept you have a ways to go. (laughter)

Student: Yes. I was supposedly done.

MICHAEL: This is another aspect of humility, another way of accepting your human estate, and it helps you in avoiding thinking you can judge others in some kind of pretentious, total way that is truly only God’s alone. Take time out from time to time to rest in my peace. Let it all go and relax, have a great laugh, see the humor of it all too.

Student: I find that very refreshing most of the time.

MICHAEL: You cannot exercise devotion, even to the ideal of truth, in any truly consistent way, yet. But you can rededicate yourself, over and over; and that’s what counts. That’s what gets you there—each time. It makes each time distinct and unique, and memorable, with what you find. So be in my peace.

Student: Thank you, Father Michael.

Student: Hello Michael, you said so much tonight, but what resonates with me is letting go of things that have no value. I know it doesn’t come that easily; we have to work at it. The outcome is to look for only that which does have value, through all the ups and downs. There are always things about the world we don’t want to accept. Yet in my stillness I’m trying to ask myself, how do I serve you, Michael? How do I serve my universe, instead of my selfish, little self? How do I really love? Now I understand the difference between romantic love and all the myths of it, and how we grow into a kind of love for everyone. I was poisoned when I grew up with the idea you were somehow less of a person if you didn’t have this romantic love. So you went around looking for this perfect mate. It wasn’t until I got into just loving…bigger—more–that my understanding grew. Self-serving cravings are not the goal, not my goal.

I know I’m just rambling, but I love coming here, and I’ve been able to get here tonight…and I think I’m maturing. I’m feeling like I’m really growing. My joy is coming back. It’s what you said about how I need to mock up not just my own life but my family’s and my community’s and realize what I want to see happen. Maybe that way I’m adding to the evolution of our world, and not just tagging along. Thank you for touching my life.

(Just tagging along…)

MICHAEL: My daughter, your joy is mine too. Take heart that your perceptions too are very valid. There is enormous work in understanding the essence of value and not only what still has it, but what you’ve more or less outgrown and seen through. There is great release and comfort—as you’re finding—in understanding why—why your childhood and adolescent fantasies had their function; even why they happen in each stage of immaturity and imperfection–why the young soul sometimes needs its illusions to keep going. Now in your mature self you have hopefully accepted the necessity to engage your creativity by putting your own something out ahead of you. Exercise all your insight and understanding as to what would probably happen on its own—as you just said—if you only tag along. Then: what is it that you–uniquely—have to contribute? What are your unique ideas of how things could be better? This way you are exercising your God-given personal powers.

You can try to see this objectively and ask, what is God’s will? What do you think He would like to see happen? Use your human concepts of absolute love, absolute inclusiveness of every personal being, to reach for what His will might truly be. These are your guidelines, your ideals. But then go that next step further and say: it is my will that Your will be done—and take responsibility that it is your will. It is your creativity, or lack of it; it is your effort, or lack of it, that so greatly determines your life. This is simultaneously your gift to Him of your own free will. This is where your own self-determination, my daughter, as you are seeing more clearly now, can be your contribution to Him. This is your determination, your will, your decisiveness, your effort. This is where some of your greatest teachers have seen there is finally, ultimately, no necessary separation between you if the effort is made with an open heart and genuine humility and responsibility.

We say there need be no separation between what is best for you and what is best for everyone else. This may be only an article of faith so far, but Mother Spirit and I assure you that this is the way forward; this true creativity is possible because this is His will for you—that you grow into your mature, freewill estate, and choose to join Him. It might seem like the very height of arrogance to suggest you have something you can give to God, but we are here to assure you, you do. Believe me, He does appreciate it—as do Mother Spirit and I.

Student: A brief question? I know I’ve had a lot of negative thoughts in my consciousness over the last few years, yet through my writings lately… I haven’t had a lot of schools—I’ve been a self-educated person—kind-of self-made. I left home at sixteen and have had one job or another…

I want to write about one experience in my life I think could really be beneficial to new parents in trying to break the cycle of abuse that just continues on without parenting skills. How will I know if I can sit down and write—if I can get guidance from my Father-fragment, or from my personal spiritual teacher, or from someone sometime who can really tell me to keep pumping away at this—it’s really a good cause? I’ve never been a channel-person, or never had my own teacher, and I’m wondering if I can get some guidance and get it completed? It could really be a good thing if it only helped one family be better with their children.

 Creativity (On writing)

MICHAEL: My daughter, this is the very essence of creativity, to sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and come up with a trail of ink symbols–a stream of concepts, that have meaning and value not only for yourself but for others. It is supremely difficult, and supremely rewarding for that very reason. This can be part of your prayer, a genuine asking for help. I suggest you open your work each time this way with a period of meditation, not holding your mind a blank, but just relaxing. Then in this relaxation, ask Mother Spirit and myself, and your Father-fragment, to make our presence known in your mind. However slowly, however hesitantly, begin to write trying to feel your way along keeping us in mind as your own personal guides, forming the words and concepts. Right down in the nitty-gritty of it don’t worry so much about grammar–sentence structure and paragraphs, at first. Just let it flow for a while uncritically.

Then, as many great writers have discovered, stop while there is still something left. Don’t write yourself dry. Stop in the fullness of the flow of words each time, when you feel there is so much more. This takes real discipline. Take a break. Go for a walk for a few hours. Then come back if you want and do the proof-reading and editing, organizing what you’ve already written from a fresh viewpoint, as if you were just encountering yourself. After you’ve amassed a certain amount of this, my daughter, don’t fear to seek some formal help in terms of further refinement of correct usage. Be open for that kind of help for, insofar at this is not just a diary or a journal for your own use, but intended for others, it is a work of art. It will be received, or not, as such. And, as you said, without a lot of formal training yourself, this is where you may need some help. It may be a little painful if your editor suggests you discard or change some bits you’ve sweated blood to bring forth, but be open to suggestion.

Finally, the more you can think about what you want to write—beforehand—and have it well organized in your mind, the better it will be, even thought the actual writing will be a creative process in the then and there, and cannot be entirely anticipated. Does this help your understanding?

Student: Thank you so much—it really does. It’s my new focus. I just get really nervous when I try to start. So I ask myself, what’s important? I try to hear it inside. Thank you for the practical suggestions. I’m very excited about doing it—sitting down and writing! Thank you so much, Michael.

MICHAEL: Well, before and after each session, seek Mother Spirit’s love and my peace. Learn how to start and how to stop while still full. And be in my peace now.

Student: I love you with all my heart, Michael.

MICHAEL: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Student: Yes, Michael, I know the hour is getting really late here. When you asked us to think about what we’d like to see happen: I have no idea about what my life will become, and I’m OK with that. I feel more open to the possibilities and potential because I’m not putting any restrictions upon what I can become. Beyond the generalities of world peace, and no more global warming—that kind of thing, my ideal is to have a shift in what it is to be a human being, to be a fully realized human being. I feel our concepts of what that is are degrading. We shouldn’t need to talk about human rights; it should be a given. Just to talk about basic survival is a degradation to who we are as children of God, and truth, and peace, and love. I don’t think anything can be done until that is fully understood with every breath. That’s ultimately the ideal I wish to envision, and embrace, and have unfold.

 Correcting Time (Urantia’s unique situation)

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, this ideal of an ever greater tenacity of consciousness, with every breath you take, of what constitutes a fully realized human being; this is to unify all the different aspects of being an individual person. To have all your life’s experiences inform your present moments is truly a worthwhile goal. But with respect for the need to talk about these things, or to consider what is necessary for some to survive; this is where so much of the human race still is. You need to realize so many are dying of starvation and malnutrition; so many of the human race are living stunted lives for lack of basic necessities.

This is the greatest difference between the few worlds which went into rebellion, and the other 99.999 percent of those who were blessed to follow a divine pattern of evolving civilization with a Planetary Prince and his staff, and a loyal Material Son and Daughter, with the combined purpose of bringing a whole world’s peoples and cultures along together. Whereas on Urantia, you still have the whole spectrum from the most primitive tribes barely out of the stone age, existing on the same world with those societies whose citizens have spent untold hundreds of billions of dollars on hobbies and interests of amazing technology.

So as I reminded you last time, it takes a lot of thinking, a lot of conscious deciding, and, as I encouraged you tonight, a lot of creative wondering in the most detail you are capable of, to flesh out all the steps to take from here to a brighter, more inclusive future for all. You’ve expressed this yourself in terms of finding your own voice amidst the clamor of different teachings filling your mind.

Student: Yes, I guess I really like to provide a breath of fresh air upon the old ways of thinking and believing and perceiving. I know that’s happening around the world in different groups, and hopefully they—we can get together to create what the world was meant to be in the first place. I know there are people engaged in a kind of global think-tank about solving these problems by thinking beyond the box—as Einstein once stated. Perhaps all this malfunction, and disease, and segregation, is coming up to the surface in order for us to really push beyond the precipice of what we know. If we hold on with living faith and courage to the ideal then it will surely become fully evident.

MICHAEL: This is where your understanding of history is so welcome in appreciating just how far various cultures and societies have come. You all started with Andon and Fonta, who were barely one tiny step away from their simian brothers and sisters, yet started a gigantic step into evolving mankind. Think of those hundreds of thousands of years during which civilization didn’t move too much at all; when fire was discovered and then lost again, over and over. From this enormous panorama of almost a million years of human evolution–that some of your tribes have barely gotten beyond the first few steps, see how this whole spectrum of different cultures is–as you say–coming to the surface, coming into focus so rapidly now you have your digital age to capture and disseminate these different realities from one generation to the next with such enormous depth of detail.

Don’t forget, my son, it was only a short while ago you had some folks decrying a fear of future shock, where some of the older generation were screaming, slow down! And this is also true with so many of the fundamentalist-oriented in every culture of the world who see their fundamental beliefs being challenged in the face of so much individual choice, so much freedom of ideas and notions of reality itself. Let your heart go out to them, for their more limited view of things is doomed by simple exposure.

 Expression (Finding your own voice)

As I encouraged C this evening, it is good to see all aspects of this struggle and not gloss over any of it, but expand your hearts and your minds to take it in. It’s an enormous panorama, and one very unique to this world. There is an old Chinese saying—I think—that considers it a curse to live in such adventurous times as this. (much laughter) But I’m afraid you’re in for it. Yet here is where your own contribution is so important. So my advise to you, my son, is be sure you take a break in your busy days, and your love of so many studies and new books and writings and points of view. Give yourself that necessary time for yourself, and your own voice. Try as best as you can to make your voice concrete by sitting down and writing what you believe, what you know, what your insight tells you particularly. That’s the great challenge. But it’s the only way to make it actual.

Student: Yes, I remember—I think it was Mother—who mentioned the need to reflect and ask questions inside. And I do, now I have my first laptop, my first computer. (laughing). I write down all my questions and see where they go. And I write poetry and stuff, and see what happens. I kind-of sort through—what you said—all the various teachings and points of view, and see what sticks, what resonates within me. Even what you said tonight—I’ll see what makes sense as I think about it—what feels whole, and right. And go from there. So…thank you!

MICHAEL: You are welcome, my son. I really laid it on all of you tonight because I know these sessions are transcribed and you can reread them as often as you wish. I want to congratulate you for your resolutions, your reaching for ideals; and also, like a good gardener pruning away all the dead branches, all the things you’ve outgrown which are stealing some of your juices; have the courage to prune them away and let them go so all your energy goes into your new growth.

This is the hard work. Don’t be surprised when not only your physical energy goes and your bed starts to look pretty welcoming, but your mind too gets tired and things seem a little meaningless, rushing by. Just sit back and do some musing, practice a little stillness, relax your mind and let whatever pop up that wants to. Let your soul come forth to sooth your jangled nerves, and remind you of all the hundreds of somewhat different people you’ve been already.

 Rest (Rest in Michael’s peace)


MICHAEL:  And your spirit too gets exhausted. These are real energies you use up. So you come to Mother Spirit and acknowledge her in your mind, and say, Hi Mom! Thank you for being part of me, and giving me your little nudges of worship and wisdom. You come to me when you need to rest and feel my peace filling you. Remember my life if you wish, and how I lived it for you, as well as for myself, and for our Father. If you are sore vexed with some brother or sister, just rest in my peace and beam your love at them. Love them in spite of themselves. (laughter) Then go out and try your best to acknowledge all those unique beings of God’s. I tease you with the notion of letting life blow your mind away, for a while anyway, so you can rest as well in the humility of confronting such an enormity of creation. Rest in the fact it is made for you. Good evening.

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