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MAR174- Components of Consciousness

2009-09-07-Components of Consciousness
Marin #174


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Components of Consciousness
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Components of Consciousness
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Welcome, welcome indeed. We do appreciate these opportunities to listen to and converse with our spiritual parents, and also these longer sessions, just to stay in the warmth and the reassurance of your presence here. As one of our poets once put it, “What a gift God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” It seems that God has answered that prayer through the two of you and your lessons. You let us see us ourselves not only as we might see each other, but as you see us. And what an amazing creature a human being is in your sight. We thank you for this, this precious gift that enables us to see each other as truly spiritual beings, however opaque to ourselves we are so much of the time. We have it on your authority–this multi-dimensional transcendent reality we live in, that we can learn to orient ourselves towards. Thank you, dear parents. Amen.

MICHAEL: Good evening, my children, this is Michael. I welcome the newcomers to this young group that’s now heading out into its sixth year of meeting on these Monday nights where we can have such delight in each other. It has been joyful and, as I’ve said before, if anything is missing from all the stories of my life among you, it’s not so much the lighthearted fun and laughter as we’ve know it here, but the wonder and the deep joy that carried my disciples on after I had left. This is one irreplaceable essence of life that Mother Spirit and I are doing our best to introduce you to, encouraging you to have the courage to feel this enduring joy.

 Joy (The gift of joy)

You all have in you such deep ancestral fears, I’m sure you’ve all felt this at times. It’s almost as if you’re afraid to feel really deep joy for fear of the tragedy that’s sure to befall you to kind-of balance the karmic scales. So it takes great nerve just to step out there and welcome this enormous, enormous gift that God has laid before you. You have to open your hearts and open your minds, and let yourselves be stretched like rubber bands at times, knowing you won’t quite snap all the way back. What you are involved in is going to change you, and make you reassess things for the better.

You even have the odd phenomena of guilt, sometimes, coming in to temper your joy with the feeling of being unworthy, or somehow it’s just wrong to feel real deep gladness in God’s creation when you know of the unfathomable suffering of your brothers and sisters. Yet it is this joy, my children, that enables you–that literally gives you the capacity to share their suffering with them. This is the nourishment you get from the spiritual community of which you are a member. This is that deep soul nourishment that enables you then to give of yourself: there is literally more of you to give. So embrace this deep joy that our Father has created you possible to experience. It’s part of your birthright. Set aside any kind of guilt as just a crude mechanism of motivation and let your overflowing joy in life itself move you. Trust this deep, deep feeling you have, your intuition that this joy is even more truly yours when you share it.

It takes a strong, confident person to forget themselves, to let themselves go and give themselves away in pure spiritual generosity. As Mother Spirit once said, be open to those hungry, needful eyes that appeal to you for response, and have that ability to respond. This was my life among you. This is what those who were open for the experience of spirit could receive through me, and what we could share. This was my joy–to be a Creator Son and yet be able to walk among you and feel the dust between my toes, even get tired and be hungry, be thirsty, as I shared my life with my fellows.

So be strong, my children, and be like gloried in your strength. This is the prerequisite to being of service. This is how you have more than enough, then, to give yourself away. Give yourself away because you have again, and again, experienced that sooner or later you simply pop back up again to yourself. You don’t have to cling so desperately, so full of worry, as to who and what you are, what goodness to do. There’s nothing so nourishing to your body, nourishing to your mind, nourishing to your spirit and your very soul, as letting our love flow through you. This is how one and one make three: you and this other person you are sharing your life with can allow this extra-personal spirit to flow through and heal you both. This is what we’re about, and we invite you to join us in being about our Father’s business.

 Consciousness (The components of consciousness)

Still: one of the most difficult and astonishing things to grasp–even for those of you who have been following our lessons all these years–is the fact that as you are sitting here hearing my voice, or reading the transcript, a part of your consciousness is Mother Spirit and me, and the presence of God in your mind. This is most ungraspable because you are so empirically/scientifically minded, this well trained orientation limits your giving credit to what can be proven and reliably demonstrated over and over again. Yet as we’ve pointed out, that’s only about half of the reality you are experiencing. The other half is what has never happened before and will never happen again. There is so much of your inner reality, my children, which cannot be proven or demonstrated, you run head on into this self-imposed disregard of subtle feelings like a concrete wall.

For example, in your legal courts you often have two witnesses who were standing side by side observing some event, yet are now telling two different stories honestly from their hearts, and there is no way to prove or demonstrate which one is the more accurate. For your inner reality, you have your culture’s rather materialistic notion of a human being, by way of all your sciences, that you are solely a physical being; you have a body and all your mentality is solely the creation of your nervous system. By this definition there is no such thing as spirit because it cannot be demonstrated, and what we call spirit is considered merely an odd, and rather peculiar definition of purely mental functions. Even your essence as a unique personality, created by God, cannot be demonstrated, cannot be captured, precisely because each one of you is unique. But we do acknowledge this; in fact we welcome this scientific orientation of yours as a necessary step forward in your general evolution. It has gotten you standing on the moon, replacing beating hearts in living bodies.

What we call spirit as an intrinsic part of your being, of your personality, is the way in which God shares with you a portion of His creativity. As He is pure spirit, you are also in your unchanging personality–His creation, but in this first stage of your eternal life you do depend upon a living, physical body with a nervous system to have a minimal threshold of consciousness of yourself and impersonal reality–stuff. Shy of inner spirit awareness, this remains a fallback mechanism and sadly, some people, even with a whole lifetime behind them, have barely moved beyond feeling themselves to be a physical/mental being. They’ve remained unaware of their ever present, personal, spiritual creativity alongside their material body/mind that is strictly bound by physical cause and effect; and so rightfully feel themselves helpless in the face of facts.

Yet every relatively sane and socially-adapted person has their own unique reality they have–of necessity–created for themselves. So in this personally unique reality of yours, my children, there exists that which was not strictly causal, but what you yourself have created. You are the co-author of your subjective reality, and this is the basis and the prerequisite for your free will. If you were like some animal, just part of the landscape, part of the scene, and wholly reactive, you would have no choice. It is the fact that each of you lives partially in your own unique reality that you do have some possibility for free-willed action.

Part of the problem in realizing this, is that you start out as a purely physical, little bundle of squalling life. First a baby, then a child, it takes a while to even be self-conscious. Some of history’s most despicable and evil people barely got beyond this point of thinking of themselves and others as purely physical beings, they were so outwardly-oriented, so inwardly vacant and anxious, they were willing to do the most obscene things just to assuage that fear. As we’ve said, it takes a very strong inner person with a very secure self-consciousness to be generous, to forgive, to allow, to grant freedom to others.

You’ve all come up through these phases so it’s not too surprising this has been one of the appeals of your psychotropic drugs throughout mankind’s history. You take some material substance into this physical being of yours–your body/mind, and then not only you, but the world itself changes. This is, if you will, an empirical demonstration inside you, my children, of your co-creativity, your co-authorship. Past a certain point you are forced to acknowledge the inseparable connection between the heretofore seemingly objective world, and the people in it, with your own mental state. This, my children, is what I would have you meditate on: your spirituality, your creativity that’s so necessary to develop your free will. For to be honest with yourself, you have to see results: it has to work. It can’t be just idle theories I’m proposing here. You have to step off and try it: change your attitude, experiment, have the nerve to let others be free around you, and see what happens.

This could be for each of you in your own inner reality, a truly scientific experiment. You may not be able to demonstrate these proofs to anyone else, but they can change your life, and that changed life is its own proof and reward beyond any kind of comparison. This is freedom. This is seeing what works for you, and making it your own. So pray for the courage, my children, to step off into uncertainty this way and try what your heart longs to suggest. Feel our presence within you and know you are a part of the spiritual community, an honored member as is every other human being–whether they realize it or not.

Grant this vision of humanity to all those out there and see if it doesn’t deepen your wonder about what is happening, and why it is. See if this doesn’t deepen your understanding of not only where you are, but where this world is. We welcome you to our view, and it truly is a gift that God’s presence inside you can give you–even to see yourself as He sees you. The rest is up to you. Welcome it. Seek the courage it takes to be free.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, please feel that freedom with us.


Student: Can you talk a little bit more about these ancestral habits of mine? How do you break free of that when you have individuals who are also kind-of tribally influenced, even on a global scale?

 Preparation (Conditioning–physical, mental, spiritual)

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter, Mother Spirit and I have given many lessons on your conditioning, all those thousands and thousands of hours you’ve spent with your family and then your immediate society, and now with your marvelous media, the whole world. In addition your body holds–quite literally–millions of years of evolutionary experience in its cellular makeup and structures; then what we call your mental facilities of meaning and relationships. These are the cultural conditioning of family and society, nation/state, of whatever religious and metaphysical, as well as scientific, beliefs you hold–what you consider real.

These physical and mental structures literally co-create the world you see when you open your eyes. They condition it. All the positive aspects of training and acquired abilities, my daughter, you can realize how they condition your very perception. We used the example of looking at the schematic of a computer’s hardware and how to one person it’s just pure gobbly-gook–(Michael chuckles)–some kind of abstract art. But to somebody familiar, it’s all meaningful down to the last little squiggle. The very things that, in a way, limit your perception also give it meaning: they are one and the same. Just to walk down the street your mind has to limit a thousand and one possible perceptions according to whether you are purposely headed somewhere that day, or you are just meandering around.

So, my daughter, there is no limit to what is your own doing either purely biologically, culturally conditioned, or what I mentioned tonight as the spiritual dimensions of your personhood. In fact you have my Spirit of Truth as part of your consciousness, and always have had. You have a fragment of God himself suggesting ideas. You have Mother Spirit’s dimensions of intuition, knowledge, understanding, courage, wisdom. All these are part of your consciousness this very moment, helping your spirit evaluate what I’m saying right now.

So I’m afraid, my daughter, there is no limit (Michael laughs) to that conditioning of your conscious perceptions. The only threshold is in your deepest meditation as you become evermore now, evermore instantaneous, right to the cusp of how your perceptions are forming, even of your own body sitting there. Your consciousness can expand to be aware of how you are co-authoring your reality, putting all this together to create what is uniquely yours. When you can realize this it becomes an additional marvel that you can share so much, with such fantastic agreement between all of you, just to carry on your day to day highly complex modern lives–the progress of civilization, everyone becoming more civil through sharing. But does this at least begin to answer your question?

Student: Yes, I’m having more a sense of… The words came to me the other day when I was working, “timelessness embodied.” I just felt a sense of no time, but it was right in my form, my body. I can’t describe it but it was like you said of being totally in the moment; but it was timeless, and I still was. So: thank you.

MICHAEL: That’s a wonderfully poetic way of putting what we call experiencing the eternal now.

Student: Oh. I could see how you could almost never age, like when you’re there you don’t really age. To be in a body, a form, and have that too is really cool. (student breaks up laughing) I love it!

MICHAEL: This is the direct intuition you can have of some real truth about your human reality that is not only passing but is being captured forever by a fragment of God–what we call it your soul. You can touch it (Michael laughs) from time to time. There are those moments in human life when you glimpse this nature of your personality, this changelessness that you actually are in part. But then you have to let it go, do you not, to cut a carrot, or get in your car. You have to become, once again, a time-and-space coordinated being to causally toss those few hundred horsepower around. (Yeah) From our larger perspective, you are always both. (Michael laughs)

Student: I’m renaming myself in-formed.

MICHAEL: Well, we’re very in-formal here–(group laughs)–a little play on words. My daughter, you are right on the cusp of what I touched on tonight, that around every actuality is swarming a thousand possibilities that time is resolving down to one, moment by moment. There is a uni-verse here of one thing happening out of all possibilities. There is one irrevocable thing happening. (Yes) Be in my peace. (Thank you)

Student: You mentioned this guidance available to us, and for a while now, I’ve more and more wanted to live from that rather than from my little brain. It feels to me at this point that I’ve been having some issues with a neighbor for a couple of years, and it seems like that guidance is leading me to move. I don’t know whether it’s cheating to ask this source, or do I have to wait to hear this downloaded in little bits. I’m not rushing to do anything. Maybe I need to be more open to your guidance about everything.

 Guidance (Contacting spirit for guidance)

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter. You really have to pay for this. You give up part of your life in meditation in order to pay attention with as much devotion as you are capable of. This commitment may change from time to time, but you have to desire this contact with spirit with your whole heart–just as much as you can, just as sincerely as you can bring yourself to be. You’re paying with moments of your life–paying attention, bringing this attention and desire, this wanting to know, this curiosity, to your questioning, your asking, your prayer. Bring this wholeness of your being really wanting to know. Then muster the courage to take the next step and just listen. Just be still for a while. Be patient. See what comes. See what suggests itself. This is being open to the answer to your sincerity, your desire to know. You are literally asking your Father: What do I do next? Bring that “next” very close to you, my daughter, like the very next minute. As you get up from your meditation, really let it affect you.

You can focus this meditation any way you wish. Focus it on this relationship with your neighbor. Perhaps open your soul to review this whole relationship. Know your own heart’s desire in this relationship. What would you really like to see happen? Is it good for the both of you? If so, ask how do you bring this about? Ask: what can I do within me; what attitude might it take to bring this goodness about? And then be open to the answers that can come.

This is not always easy, this suspending yourself–your whole past relationship, now that you’ve just reviewed it–in order to listen and hear something creative, something new. But this is how you can receive my guidance. Beyond this there is the actual trying, the actual experiment to see if it works. It’s all these steps, my daughter, the meditation, the being clear in your own mind about this goodness you would like to see come about; then being willing to try something. How does this seem to you?

Student: About the next thing to do, my tendency is to jump ahead, and I can see that I’m really not that clear about what I want the last couple of days. So this does help. Thank you.

MICHAEL: Thank you, my daughter, for taking these suggestions to heart. They are only that. Mother Spirit and I have no requirements for you whatsoever. You are our beloved child, and you are your own person. But yes, to the degree that you have to just try things, genuinely experiment, it helps to know what you’re trying to do so that your spirit can then evaluate the result. You might have to say, Ooops!–that didn’t work! (Michael laughs) Be open to that, and try something else. It starts within you. The more you can know yourself–the clearer you can be, the better the chance for evaluating the outcome. So don’t be afraid to ask your Father, What do I do next? And that could be just five minutes from then. For now, be in my peace.

Student: Hello, Michael, it’s great to be with you again. Tonight I just relish these moments and thank you for being here. There seems to be a wonderful streak of pragmatism in your teaching tonight. I remember earlier you said that we should exercise our free will to see what really works, and make it our own. Could you just say more about that? It seems a kind of spiritual pragmatism.

 Free will (Your incessant spiritual evaluations and free will)

MICHAEL: Yes, my son. Tonight I wanted to give due credit to your scientific orientation that has so very well delineated the part of God’s creation that does repeat itself; what you call Natural Law. Yet I’m saying that is still only half the picture. There’s a kind of continuous spiritual creation going on, of which you are a part, which does not repeat itself but manifests as the uniqueness in each universe moment which cannot be rigidly or reliably predicted.

From a scientific viewpoint where spirit is not considered because it cannot be demonstrated, if you are so thoroughly conditioned this way, you can refuse to acknowledge within yourself the awareness, and responsibility, for your own incessant spiritual creativity. I was tying to point at this other part of your own very concrete reality that you, with your own spirit, are creating.
As your spirit relates to, literally creates your assessment of value, Mother Spirit and I have given lessons on how you’re continuously evaluating everything that happens to you, right down to how your scrambled eggs tasted this morning, or how your car has been running. Though based on past experience, these evaluations are directed at the very uniqueness of each new moment and what might be different. You can see how this process is so pervasive that, except for extraordinary circumstances, not only your own personality’s input, but even that of Mother Spirit’s and mine, and your Father’s, is generally transparent to you: you don’t see the spiritual component. Ironically, a materialist is using his spirituality to create a whole world/universe view with no spiritual component in it.

But spirit creativity, not strictly bound by antecedent causes, is the necessary prerequisite for any kind of free will. We’ve been emphasizing how you were deliberately created with this potential for free will in your very makeup, your personal spirit. As with what our daughter mentioned a bit ago, all the conditioning you grew up with that gives meaning to your life, also limits you. To be free of your own conditioning, to be free of the past-meaning of your life: that’s another thing that can’t be a pre-caused continuation, but has to be created anew. Mother Spirit addressed this point with the notion of being disillusioned, of giving up your comfortable but self-limiting viewpoints–which might seem so terrible; but that has to be your orientation. As moment by moment you need to accept as much of your reality as you can, you are also needful of being open to questioning, to possibility, in order to grow–if you will, keep outgrowing yourself. If you cling too tightly to yesterday, or even today as it becomes past, you don’t become any more–tomorrow.

This is the way in which spirit gives you the basis for freedom. The perpetuation of the same-old, same-old, lazy, indifferent thing is the cause of so much of the evil men and women do, going clear back hundreds of thousands of years to the Lucifer Rebellion when certain divine plans went so terribly awry. Unlike on more normal worlds, most folks on Urantia are not raised with these concepts of how to realize their inherent, God-given potential of free will. On the contrary, what is emphasized with brutal force is the necessity for them to bow to social, or political, or ecclesiastical authority. They are not taught that there is presence of God in each person which supersedes all these authorities.

Equally as important is how you grant, even encourage, freedom for the others in your life. How do you let others be free to experiment–with you! How do you forgive them when their experiments go a little awry and you feel suddenly pinched in their projections? How do you forgive yourself, and then forgive them? This is how spirit is so inextricably tied up with the freedom to do something new. This is how the persistence of evil is based on the lack of true personal creativity. Does that help explain the situation?

Student, laughing: It does, Michael: fabulous. I’ll chew on that, and re-read the transcript, I’m sure: then dialogue with you some more. Thank you so much.

MICHAEL: Be in my peace, my son.

First student again: It seems like what I’m getting from tonight is what we talked about–joy, and creativity, and how to open to these parts of our being.

 Creativity, Initiative (Creating something new)

MICHAEL: Yes, my daughter, creativity is an ability you can grow because it is an intrinsic potential of yours. How much of this ability you can realize is a developmental thing, a kind of soul-growth of experience: you try something and it works, or it doesn’t. And you can only try something new to you because you are a creative being, co-creating your human reality, either consciously or unconsciously. If you cannot exercise your creativity consciously, you are almost purely a re-active person, even to your own, unrecognized creations of how you are interpreting inner and outer facts. You are stuck in continuing conditions and can rightfully feel bound up and helpless.

But as you become conscious of your ongoing creative ability, you find out you have this power to change yourself and other things. The reward, the recognition of this freedom is the joy. Joy is that deep recognition of your spirit, of spirit itself, infusing all of reality. Spirit is just joyful! (Michael laughs)
Student: I always feel as if I’m the closest to my God-self when I’m creative, when things just start happening, when you trust enough to just do that next thing, even when you don’t know what you’re going to do. You just do it. And it works! I don’t know.

MICHAEL: And that is how you are most made in His image, this creativity He shares with you. This is why spirit is in no way interested in limiting your free will. Rather, we encourage it. That way you get to surprise us.

Student: We still surprise you?

MICHAEL: Oh yes! (much laughter) Not always for the better…(and on…) But generally…yes! Again, the evil that men do is generally due to that lack of personal creativity that can surprise us. It’s their being reactionary, only re-acting and following some persisting, at times, almost animal-like or very primitive human behavior, because they themselves have not yet come up far in recapitulating civilization. Each one of you, my children, do recapitulate civilization in your childhood and youth, and hopefully then, develop it another step further. When you do surprise us it is from your own deepest personality expression–joyfully, consciously creating in a downright awesome partnership with all of us.

Student: But can the biology ever be so skewed where it’s always just the physical beliefs? No matter how much a person feels, being so encapsulated by either their family of origin–or some trauma that has happened, there’s always just the old belief no matter what. Sometimes I work with people that are pretty…I don’t know, that larger perspective isn’t there.

 Evil (Origins and persistence of evil)

MICHAEL: It’s true, my daughter, some folks never develop much in the sense of free will. Some are tragically handicapped from conception as to how much they can develop. Others, as with some of the really super-obscenely evil people in your history, they might have been quite bright in the sense of purely intellectual/mental associations, but again, they never escaped their early conditioning. They never had the courage to be responsible in a deep soul kind of way for what they were doing. Power greedy, so ego-maniacally hollow, they were willing to do anything at all their warped imaginations could conceive of to maintain their power and forestall the day of reckoning. When you are a ruthless dictator you have given others, maybe thousands, their righteous hatred of you, and their motivation to wipe you out: a self-fulfilling hell of fear none foresaw; and there was no going back from certain terrible decisions once made, or dodged.

For many evil-doers, it is a lack of courageous decisiveness that causes them to be swept into that position where there is no going back. Starting small, they have to keep being more ruthless to maintain the rule by fear. As you examine more closely some of your recent mass-killers, you find at heart a very terrified and minuscule ego, afraid of everything, but especially fearful of loving human contact that could challenge their cynical determination. But it’s a very individual thing, my daughter, which I’m sure you are aware of. (Thank you) Be in my peace.

Student: Good evening, Michael, I’ve a question of, what do you mean by sharing your life with others, as you were talking about earlier? Both you and Mother Spirit have mentioned it before, but what are you talking about?

 Sharing (Sharing your life with others)

MICHAEL: Oh yes, that was an appeal Mother Spirit made, I think, in one of her earliest lessons with this group. Her definition of spiritual generosity was being generous with your most precious self, being self-forgetful so you could give this self to someone else. You can respond to those hungry, needful eyes that search you, at times, simply for some kind of contact and company. Just being there and listening, letting someone share their life with you, is you sharing your life with them. This is one of the most precious gifts you have–your time; with another price you’re willing to pay–your complete attention. You forget all about yourself for a while just to be there for them. This is sharing your life with others, just as God has chosen to share life with His children. This is how you can consciously share your life with Mother Spirit and me, with our Father, by giving us your attention in meditation and prayer.

Wonderfully, this is what really feeds your soul. This is that infinity in another personal being that can never be exhausted, that very uniqueness that can be a fearful thing when encountered for the first time. Yet it is there. To be unafraid of this uniqueness, to grant someone else their freedom to be themselves with you and discover who they are because you’re there to accept whatever that is. And isn’t this what you most truly treasure in your own closest friends, the way they are so distinct from anyone else?

Student: Yes, it is, but I’m wondering how do I go about forgetting about myself?

MICHAEL: By paying full attention to them. Let them fill you without judgment as to what they are saying; take them in. Let yourself feel those experiences of life they want to share. We gave a lesson once on how patience is a human virtue, when you are making yourself pay attention. But patience can be transcended in a more pure attention. In time you get the ability to let yourself go without effort because you’ve lost the fear of loosing yourself.

So at first, my son, you may take this sharing on as a discipline and make yourself pay attention. But then what infinite wonder and reward you begin to perceive in others. You let them show you their souls, their deepest character. Does this seem possible?

Student: Yes, it does. It sounds easier than what I thought it was going to be. It sounds like just being there for another person.

MICHAEL: Very much so. This is another way one and one makes three, the two of you, and other spirit involved here. And this is us. This is your Father Fragment in contact with theirs, a spirit connection out here in time and space you can feel. The joy of spirit, of becoming ever more free, enters in. You’re growing in spirit to be able to take on another person’s uniqueness. You don’t fear their infinity because you‘re in touch with your own limitless capacity.

These are abilities you earn by following the God-given curiosity that leads you to this. So focus your attention on others, my son, or lose yourself in what you find to do. Perceive the intrinsic value and wonder in every one and every thing. Curiosity is the nudge, the urge, the tease; the discovery is the reward.

Be unafraid of the spontaneous playfulness that can arise. Trust yourself to meet it, to be spontaneous, rather than worry about what to do or say next. Let go the tight grip on yourself. It takes nerve to try, but you can learn.

Student: I think it takes a lot of nerve. It seems like you’re leaving me standing out on the edge of that cliff of the unknown you and Mother Spirit have talked about.

MICHAEL, laughing: Right!–stepping off into the abyss of possibility. You may get your toes stepped on now and then. You may get your nose bloodied. Not everyone out there is all that gracious–you get an instinct for this. But for so many of those hardened souls out there, think what you’re inviting them to share; think of the opportunity you’re giving them to be better people than they’ve ever been yet–by being with someone who is unafraid. Give it a try, my son: another experiment.

Student: Thank you, Father.

 Creativity (Universal creativity)

MICHAEL: My children, it’s getting late so we’ll wrap up this session. I hoped tonight to give you another handle of something that is ungraspable, really, in its living essence. The fact you are spiritual beings, yet so many feel bereft of spirit, makes this more than just a definition of terms. Still it does help to think of what is this continuing, predictable aspect of reality–God’s laws; and then too that this moment contains what never happened before, and never will again–ever. This is what you are involved in. This is a continuous spiritual creativity, a universal creativity, and you are part of this, doing it all the time.

Spirit relates to value–something no animal can experience. You are constantly, necessarily evaluating every aspect of your life. This is your spirit, working to recognize and unify your reality by way of its intrinsic creativity. Some downplay this as mere subjectivity, but there is no ultimate separation between in here and out there. The only ultimate reality you will ever know is one that God shares with both of us: I am! We can only reassure you in your more fearful moments that you are! You are safe in us, and your eternal soul is being co-authored by a presence of God himself.
Mother Spirit sends her love, as she is right with us now. I bid you be in my peace. This is your home. Good evening.

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