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MAR176- Making the Universe Your Own

2009-10-05-Making the Universe Your Own
Marin #176


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Making the Universe Your Own
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Making the Universe Your Own
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Here we are again. There must be something about these Monday nights that pries us out of our comfortable niches and gets us together. I think it’s because you answer out deepest faith and longings. Somehow or another, wonderfully unfathomable to us, you do answer our spiritual wonderings directly in ways that are invariably positive. This is a little beyond our comprehension, but we do recognize the love, the devotion, and even the respect you show us as your children. In this sense you become the superb pattern for parents everywhere. As you have informed us, we are both yours and not yours at all, but we belong to ourselves and to God. Thank you for the way you take us out of ourselves and then keep giving us back to ourselves so gracefully, encouraging us to be responsible–to grow our ability to respond–not only to our own deepest longings, but even more importantly, to each other. So thank you again, dear parents. Amen.

MICHAEL: Good evening, my children, this is Michael. Mother Spirit and I are happy to accept your invitation to be with you once again. For those faithful here, you know of an assurance we are with you, right within you and right beside you, always, to the end of time. Even after you’ve crossed this universe of ours, even after you’ve crossed the billion worlds of Havona and have gone back to stand in the presence of God, and the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit; still when you return to us as Finaliters–as beings of final spiritual status but still growing–we welcome you with open arms in a joyous reunion in which we both realize we have never lost contact with each other. These connections are those dimensions of reality you already have, yet still have so many, many more in the cosmos to encounter and make your own. But you will.

 Home (Making the universe your own)

MICHAEL:  This endless adventure is what God, our Father, has arrayed before you. This is the feast He has set before you, this universe you enjoy looking out into and marveling at its enormity and detail. Yet right inside your minds this very moment, my children, you have the presence of God, you have a living fragment of His being literally given to you, betrothed to you in a kind of union that has no limit whatsoever either in duration or extent. You have something in you wider and deeper than this universe. This is what makes it your home. You have this capacity to engage it, to make it your own one day at a time. That time has no limit, even though you start here. We tease you with being creatures because you were literally created. You do have a beginning in time and space.

These evolutionary worlds are the nurseries in which our human children are created, born and raised.

So when you marvel at all of that out there, even–from the perspective of your personality and spirit–even your own body and mind, see if it doesn’t bring a smile to your soul to realize it is perfectly counterbalanced by all of this in here. This is where we are–you and I and Mother Spirit, and our Father. It is this inner reality, my children, this perfect counterbalance to all the rest of reality, that is as much your birthright as all of that out there. But inside here, this is so much more your doing, your creation. You are a spiritual being, which means you have within you the hallmark of spirit–creativity.

While you can presently trace back the cause of the universe itself a dozen billion years or so, at the same time it is like one of those surreal paintings of yours of a mountain hanging up in the sky, or perhaps more like a living, bubbling, gushing fountain in the middle of nowhere, endlessly bursting forth in a spontaneous creation not entirely bound by what came before. This is what you are involved in. This is what you are a part of, for you too have this ability. There is that in your inner world, my children, that has no prerequisite. This is what you are doing. This is what you are creating moment by moment, whether you are aware of it or not. This is your doing. When you open your eyes, or just feel your own body and use your mind to think, whenever you encounter the Other from the standpoint of your personality and creative spirit, you can recognize this.

You do have that saying: There is reality; and then there is how you take it.

This goes to the minutest perception you have, but moreover to your living feeling/evaluation of the moment to moment total. This, my dear ones, is the connection you have with all you experience and all you have ever known. You are part of it and it is now part of you in your soul–all your human experience, all the thousands and thousands of hours you have been alive. There is reality, and then there is how you’ve taken it and what you’ve made of it.

Have you noticed yet?–how you take it, changes it. It–all that world out there, all those other folks you’ve known, all that endless vista that lies before you–is in part a function of how you take it. This is an awesome power, that God has chosen to share part of His creativity with every single one of His personal beings, of all the dozens and dozens of orders that exist, of which the human being is but one. This is what it is to be a personal being, to have a transcendent personhood that involves spirit and a unique inner reality.

And so we’ve had our lessons on the fundamental need for you to realize this, to be conscious of this ultimate connection. It is how you grow your ability to respond to what arises both within and outside you. You have this potential independence, this disconnect–if you will–this ability to create what has no previous cause apart from your own inner being. If you will, you are this portal into the universe through which you can bring something uniquely you that surprises even us.

 (Your creative disconnect)

At one and the same time your human reality is both this creative disconnect–think of the wild flights of fancy you’ve had–as well as how your personality unifies this with the continuous material world by way of your physical/bodily-mental perceptions. In this too you are very much like our Father. In your human experience you have that which is continuous–cause-and-effect. In the eternal now there exists that which is directly related to what came before, even a moment ago. Yet here you are, a unique being bringing forth from your own essence, creating something new.

This is the basis for your free will dignity, the one necessary thing for you not to be bound to what simply came before.

We also remind you that this free will is in large part potential here in your very first existence. It is so dependent upon your consciousness of both your connection with everything and your feelings of being free, seeing your own creations coming forth and actually working out there. There is such a thing as genuine accomplishment, no ego-tripping to fool yourself, nor vain-glory to impress someone else. There is a doing here in which, once again, you are made in God’s image, and He shares His ultimate, absolute, and infinite creativity with each of the children He creates as their very personality.

And so we welcome you and even tease you to rejoice and use this power you have; and use it for good, and truth, and beauty. We know this is quite a challenge, but isn’t this what you were created for? Isn’t this what you were given this power to do?–to accept this challenge to create in full consciousness as He who gave you this power creates. We offer you this joyous challenge to make your own. There is such a thing as genuine accomplishment. There is such a thing as well-earned glory. It is within your power to create this, my children. This is what you have to share with each other.

This is your gift to all of us. This is your potential we ask you to realize.

Feel that connection, know that connection to all you perceive within and without, and still, in the face of all this unbounded reality, feel too that inner springing fountain of creativity that sets you free. We always enjoy being surprised, Mother Spirit and I. It means you are not just coasting along on a kind of fall-back primitive reaction to circumstances. You are becoming creatures of genuine will dignity. This is what you were made for.

I see a large group tonight, so I’ll keep the lesson short to be open to your comments and questions.


Student: Father Michael, I made in my life a lot of decisions that severely limited my life as it is now. How can I go about making new ones to give me freedom?

 Memory (Relating to a difficult past)

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, you recall so many of our lessons on using your meditation to revisit those decisions in the past which are inalterable. They cannot be changed; they can only be denied or glossed over, or fudged. It is in reliving their reality in your soul, my son, and accepting the lessons you might have learned the first time, that gives you a better chance to stand somewhat independent of them in the present moment. So with all your heart and with as much courage as you can muster, accept all that past, all those different persons you have been.

By doing so now with your hard-earned maturity, you become free of them. This is understanding; this is acceptance; this is growing your comprehension of what you’ve done–what worked and what didn’t work. It is often the complexity of those decisions that can push you along and make you feel righteously driven with no rest, no freedom from the past. You literally have to embrace the past more fully to unravel and understand it. This is a creative act in the present moment. Think of all the lessons we’ve given on the difference between your selective memories, which you may have tried to change or deny one way or the other, and opening yourself in deep meditation for that other spiritual component of yours, your soul.

This lets you see your past through your Thought Adjuster’s wider viewpoint too, and helps you escape any stubborn partiality to get away from the pain, from the mistakes, from the terrible sense of lost time. It’s a creative act in the present moment to accept the past, to learn from it, to realize that, from the standpoint of your Thought Adjuster, it was all necessary for you to be who you are now.

It is only by fully accepting the immutable past, my son, that you can let it be and not keep worrying at it like a sore tooth, that you can escape its painful guilt. This is your soul, your life as a presence of God sees it too. Does this find some resonance within you–now?

Student: Yes, it does. The acceptance part is understandable. Being able to do it though is another question, whether I can actually accept that stuff or not. But I can see that acceptance is the answer.

MICHAEL: Any time an event pops into your mind, just look at it anew. This new evaluation is a creative act your spirit is more capable of now. This is the only way, my son, to let the past be past, to not be afraid of it or feel guilty about it, yet to really have it and be able to use it. This way it cannot keep denying you of the life you still have, and the life you can look forward to having. It requires you to cease being re-active and become, with respect to your own life, pro-active. So be not afraid. Lean into it. Make it come around into fullness of understanding and forgiveness. There always has been a living power that got you to here, a living continuity of your live that you still have. This is what we would suggest you identify with, this living spirit that is you now.

Student: I notice from time to time that when past incidents pop up, I’ve learned to forgive myself and accept myself as I was at that time. Is that what you’re talking about?

MICHAEL: Yes, very much so. It’s being able to see all these events in a more mature wholeness and completeness that was escaping you then, and that your painful memories threaten to deprive you of now. If you’ve harmed others, that may be part of that wholeness that is so difficult to accept. But it is only by seeing this wholeness, this completeness of your life–all that you’ve done–that lets you stay present with an ability to move forward.

Student: I like where I am now. Thank you, Father Michael.

MICHAEL: You are very welcome. I like where you are now too. You’ve earned it. We’ve come a long way together. (Yes, we have) I’ve seen you wading through a lot of terrible emotions and reactions to the past, so I congratulate you, my son; you are definitely leaning into it. Sometimes it hits you like a gust of a strong wind and you can only hang on. But I see you are undeterred. I’m glad you’re finding my peace. (I am too {much laughter})

Student: I’m wondering if you have any insight into general advice or observation about what is working for me well at this point, or is not working well?

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, I would ask you though to be a little more particular.

 (Staying in touch with yourself)

Student: OK. Well, I’ve make a decision lately to begin a non-prophet organization and since then I’ve felt energized and more clear about my direction; which I’m grateful for. Mainly, speaking to that endeavor, advice on how to develop and get more organization, funding, collaboration. My book is going to come out next year so all this is intended to come together for me. I guess that’s more of what I’m interested in hearing about. There’s emotional stuff, but I’m sure that it goes hand in hand with it. Any topic you feel would be welcome.

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, those who are familiar with Mother Spirit’s and my teaching here know that we only make suggestions. We really refuse ever to tell anyone what to do. I’m afraid the answer might be too simple to credit at first, but there is no escaping the truism of: know thyself–especially when you are heading into long desired and planned-for challenges, as you are, that almost guarantee large changes in your life, even if all goes well. For this we recommend just the deepest and most extensive meditation you are capable of, to keep in touch with yourself through it all, to keep coming back to a home base in your spirit you are deliberately maintaining.

At the same time this personal reflection gives you a break from the other activities–the organization and the direction you’ve mentioned. There’s nothing so valuable in the midst of these challenges as being able to take a break from them to let new ideas pop spontaneously into your mind that your very organization and direction might be neglecting or deliberately avoiding. You have this capacity; it’s just a question of developing it. For once you get this new business going, I’m sure you’ll find it takes on a life of its own. So how do you be free and refreshed then, from this very thing you’ve created? This detachment, this independent continuity of your meditation is the most precious gift you can give to yourself.

This must seem like another challenge I’m setting before you, but it’s simply one of being your own best council. Develop the ability to set all the pressing needs–which you yourself have created, set them aside to make an opening for what you might be missing. Literally: take a break; and often too, to find some peace. Does this make sense to you, my son?
Student: Very much, yes. Find the time to develop even more a practice to go deeply and connect with my own source of answers, and separate me from what will surely be hectic in my outer world.

MICHAEL: It’s developing the ability to be open–to whatever! Just say, Dear soul of mine, and all the spiritual influences in my mind: I’m now asking my self and all of you to bring forth–whatever! It’s this opening to whatever that you may find the most valuable. It addresses the seemingly impossible question to answer: how can you know what you don’t know?–or what you may be avoiding?

Student: That covered that pretty well. There is a hobby of mine that I was wondering if it’s OK. I feel it’s a good idea just to have as a hobby, but I guess I’ll find that out for myself.

MICHAEL: We always encourage hobbies. This is encouraging your playful side. It’s another way of refreshing yourself by just letting yourself go. It’s also another form of self-discovery, is it not? It’s the answer to: what would you do if you could–in a non-serious way?–just for the fun of it? We highly encourage self-discovery, especially with those hobbies that balance off, shall we say, if you’re highly intellectual and abstract, it’s nice to have something physical to play with–maybe plant some flowers, do some cooking, work on your car. For those who are very much in the mechanical trades, it’s good to stretch your mind and work your intellect. These compliment each other. So by all means, have fun with this hobby. (Thank you) Be in my peace.

 (Your creative spark)

NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is your mother, Nebadonia. The creative spark that lives within your being is not only your possession but your tool, to develop as you experience the powerful forces of life around you. Your father and I have created an immense ground for you to explore before you advance as pure spirits to go out into the vast starry cosmos as part of your more spiritual adult life. Here, during this Local Universe career you are now fully ensconced in, consider yourselves as children who are on a playground and that the environment that we have provided for you is to support nurturing.

The desires in your hearts are meant to be explored fully to your satisfaction. Many of you are constrained by a culture which limits your opportunities because you do not have the means to accomplish some of your desires. Yet I say to you: go beyond these limitations and feel your need to express yourselves in joy and devotion to your higher selves, to that inside of you which is spirit.

Tonight it is my delight to infuse more of that spiritual current within your being, that you may drink more deeply of the cup of love that your father and I have for you. Become equipped with better spiritual tools within, that your indwelling Father Fragment can use to elevate your thinking and help you become better masters of self. So as you think about the instructions of your father this evening, and the questions that have been answered so far, spend a few moments in reflection and let his words settle into your hearts that those spiritual potentials within you may find a greater means of activating and bringing you closer to this creative self-expression that your soul wishes to express.

Allow my presence to settle into you, my children. Focus on your hearts and ask your mother to water your minds from the inside. I am the presence of life within you, and my breath expands you into those creative potentials. Allow me to diffuse more of my being in your mind. Deepen the receptivity of your heart and grow in glory and light. Receive me now and grow in my love. (long pause)

Your father has much to share with you of his attributes of goodness and truth. When you fall short of your own abilities, call on him to infuse you with what you need, even the acceptance of self. Ask your father to seed your mind and heart with how he accepts you, how I accept you. We will respond. We can help you find your way to a creative process for undertaking difficulties. Ask for our guidance to deepen your own resolve. This is a creative given. The answers to all the problems you face are attainable within. Always invite me to expand you in my breath, through your breath. Here our life forces commingle and create new sparks of life in your being. You have a vast divine inheritance, my children, and it is time you come to understand more deeply what this means, that you may drink out of this cup of love and understanding and nurturing and support.

This universe supports you. The universe loves you. Let this idea expand that you may become more infused with the spirit-spark of life that grows you in peace and goodness, tolerance and patience. Feel me now, my children, and receive what your father and I wish to impart into you. (pause)

As you grow you will become more attuned to the energies of glory all around you. Your life is glorious. You have this specific function and purpose in an evolving divine plan of all of reality. While it would be premature to impart all information to you, it is your job to journey in this glory to know that you are indeed truly sons and daughters of this radiance and purpose. Think about this. Let your heart soak in these words, for these are the very thoughts and concepts that feed your soul and create new potentials of expression as personal children of God’s.

 (The sanctity of life)

There is a sanctity to life that is part of your endowment. Your minds and bodies are temples for the divine. As your minds grow, so too assist your bodies to relish this idea of the purity of life contained within. Allow the life-force within you to radiate new sparks of life deep in your physical bodies that you may be healed and make whole in the dimensions of this vehicle that your consciousness interprets. As you receive these spirit sparks, invite your body to open more to find that peace and deep relaxation which provides you with the healing bio-chemicals your body needs. (pause)

Your bodies were designed for your father’s peace, my children. Breathe in deeply of his cup of peace he shares with you. Saturate and satiate your selves in his peace and love. The time is upon you to share this love with your brothers and sisters. Let yourselves become these vessels of glory that your light can shine and draw others to seek what you have acquired as soul possessions. The more deeply you drink of Michael’s cup of peace, the more you will be able to share with your brothers and sisters, and help them find what they seek. The world is changing and evolving beyond past habits of greed and self-centered-ness. As you grow, more will be added. Grow in my love, my children, and know that your mother is ever with you. My love is upon you. Sleep well in it, my children, and dream dreams of innocent children who are deeply loved and cherished. Good evening.

MICHAEL: Amen–dear, sweet companion of mine. (there followed a long pause of many minutes) My children, let me deeply honor this respect you show Mother Spirit and me, and each other, through this marvelous stillness we create together. It is we who thank you most tenderly. It is our delight to be a part of this. (it continued on a few more minutes)

Student: Father Michael, you have mentioned in the past how you see us, and if we could only see ourselves as you see us. Because you can see our true nature then right at this moment–past, present, and future–we are already at our true nature. We are already naturally whole and perfect and secure in our well-being-ness. So when we allow ourselves to be still, to rest, to meditate, then we connect with what is already the case. Even if we’ve made mistakes in the past we are still our true nature. It’s just that we’ve mis-perceived who we are.

I cannot over-emphasize how gentle we need to be with ourselves, and to befriend ourselves in order to serve this planet. So thank you, Father Michael and Mother Spirit, for your words of truth and encouragement, and for seeing us as we truly are at this very moment. I’m glad I pulled myself out to come tonight. It was an inner excitement that encouraged me to do this.

 (Moments of timeless stillness) (Stillness)

MICHAEL: My son, you are very welcome. As you realize, these moments come about when you can just be still and let that which you cannot anticipate or predict come forth; to be unafraid; this is the key that unlocks the door to these moments. It does take great courage to have faith and trust in yourself and feel the wellspring of love and good wishes for all your fellows. Then there is the next step, to be unafraid to let these moments go, to cling to no fixed idea, for in a way you are growing a kind of transcendent method; you are learning how to find your way back home to your home base in spirit. This orientation will carry you across the universe to the presence of God himself. And so you need not fear to let even these precious moments go. Believe me, they are safe and secure in your soul.

And so you have these moments of near timelessness. With all the courage it took for you to get here, you happily, light-heartedly, joyfully let them go to take on once again your more time-and-space conditioned selves and get out there and mix it up again with all the rest of God’s creation coming down like a driving rain.

So be unafraid, my children, you’ve found my peace once, and again, and again. You let it go so you can find it one more time. And each time, isn’t it miraculous? It is what you cannot anticipate or predict or create directly of yourself. But here it is. And here it is again.

If you have any other comments or questions, my children, you’re discovering how they don’t disturb the stillness but only exist within it.

Student: Father Michael, I’d like to know if there are aspects of each of us that are always accessible to you and Mother Spirit at that level–without our having to be aware of it–be it in a dream state, or just a higher part of ourselves. Can we access your stillness and benefit from that higher dimensional vibration in order for us to have a greater capacity to embody that, and have a greater intention to play with you more?

 Free will (The role of your free will)

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, very much so. The sticking point here–if you will–is the deep respect we have for your free will, and how we are doing our best to help you grow that potential. We are literally part of you, and always have been. We’ve even presented you with the idea that, one of the reasons it’s so hard to recognize us specifically in your mind is because we’ve always been here. Your Father Fragment–your Thought Adjuster has always been relentlessly busy–(Michael laughs)–trying to spiritualize and open and expand your thinking. Mother Spirit’s Mind/Spirit Adjutants–dimensions of her consciousness–are literally part of your mentality this moment, every moment of your life.

She is augmenting all the intrinsic mind-abilities of your personality: your direct intuition of reality, the way you grasp it in knowledge and correlate it in understanding and wisdom, the courage it takes to exercise your faith and extend yourself one more time. My Spirit of Truth helps you sort out this enormously complex human reality you have by giving you an orientation toward openness, toward discovery, toward acceptance of what you find.

We are part of you, and always have been, but your experiencing this inner contact is always dependant upon your free will in full consciousness. So if you are asking how we are influencing your higher self–your super-consciousness; that is literally where you are touching us, yet this is quite–from your side of the experience–an indistinct boundary. As I put it a few lessons ago, when you wrap your arms around someone you love, everywhere you are touching them, they are touching you, yet the touch itself is so shared in love and joy that the boundary is lost: which is part of the purpose, is it not? And so it is with your higher self and all the spiritual influences. There is no separation here.

But to realize this, to make this part of your conscious awareness, is up to you. This is the part you play. This is your personal spirit, your personality’s creativity, to choose to be aware of this–or not, once it has happened. By the very fact you can ignore us, it is your choice to give us reality in your mind. And so consider this demarcation, this sticking point of free will decisiveness of what you want to let into your conscious awareness. This is a choice you have to make. We are always here, and we welcome, we delight when you say, Hi Mom!–Hello Dad! Thank you for me and my life. Yet this is something we can only ask of you.

So please do so. Please turn your attention toward us, and toward the presence of God in you, and say hello from time to time. There is where you find Mother Spirit’s love and my peace in your conscious mind.


MICHAEL:  My children, it grows late, though I am as reluctant as I can feel you are too, to disturb such a wonderful sharing we have here. But like I said, there’s no clinging, there’s no need to hang on to these precious moments that fill your souls. They come about quite spontaneously if you but give them a chance. Be still and open yourself to the wonder of this spontaneous and ongoing creation of God’s both within and outside you. Just like a fountain out in the middle of the air, all this–even you and I, are coming from Him. You’re not even keeping your own hearts beating. There’s no need for any of this. It just is–by His grace, by His love, by His desire to share all this infinity with all of us. And so we can trust–absolutely trust–there will be another moment, and another, for us–forever. And all of our souls will have grown because of this unending, continuous creation.

Thank you, dear Father. Thank you for us and this life we have. Thank you for our ability to share it with each other, like you. Be in my peace, dear ones. Good evening.

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