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MAR184- Health Crisis, Personal Attitude

2010-02-15-Health Crisis, Personal Attitude
Marin #184


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Health Crisis, Personal Attitude
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Health, Attitude
 3.2.2 Work, Play
 3.2.3 Drugs, Free will
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Peace, Presence
 3.3.2 Health
 3.3.3 Attitude, Body
 3.3.4 Love, Healing
 3.3.5 Enthusiasm, Expectations
o 3.4 Closing
Topic: Health Crisis, Personal Attitude
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, Thank you for your last few lessons on the human condition. You remind us that, from your point of view and usage, the word–spirit–is not referring to an abstract theological concept. Spirit is literally the creative part of us, endowed by our Creator; a power He has given us so that we can share this power with Him–and we are doing so incessantly, co-creating our personal experience for the both of us. And so we introduce into His time and space, for ourselves and others, something of our own unique point of view.

You also assure us that spirit, being the creative origin of both body and mind, is all-inclusive of them. When we return to a genuine spiritual base within ourselves, it too is all-inclusive. Spirit brings us into more intimate contact and understanding of our body and mind. So we thank you for these gentle reassurances. We thank you for ever pointing the way for self-understanding and Self-mastery-mastery. Amen.

MICHAEL: Good evening once again, my loyal sons. It’s good to be here with you. Mother spirit and I have been pondering very deeply in our own way just how to introduce some of the, what we see as enormous challenges to your more materially developed countries and cultures of the world. Mother Spirit last time pointed out some of the historical ironies concerning health facing you because of your very success with amazing machinery and now your digital technology. With digital technology you can do so much really detailed physical work once done only by hand, like welding cars together and then painting them, or making intricate rocket parts. Most of your everyday products now are mass produced.

Health, Attitude

(The health crisis and personal attitude) With such an enormous elimination of human effort in your basic tasks of getting through the day–the cleaning, the preparation of your food, your housing, your transportation, etc.–a large percentage of folks get by with just barely moving along. People are facing a health crisis clear across all levels of your society, one that has only been exacerbated in the last few years with a large economic downturn. It’s necessary for you to see the picture in its largest scale like this, for your overall comprehension is what enables you to find your place within it.

Most immediately, right in your meditation and in your reflection on your own life, wonder: what should I do to become healthier?–even if I can’t quite do all of it yet! As Mother Spirit said, we wish to put this challenge before you very squarely and very honestly so each of you can ask this about your own life: how much physical activity am I getting? How much does this body of mine need for optimum health, or, shy of that, simply better health? How exactly do I put my mind and my spirit right into my body to help it do those things I’m going to ask of it? It gets down to: what is human effort–physical effort, and why do so many have such an aversion to it? Why does so much of your culture denigrate those aspects of work that are more or less physical, simply in terms of your pay scales?

Your Urantia Book offers an interesting insight. It says that life is not only what is happening within you, my children, but life is also the living relationship of you to your immediate situation: life is what goes on between the creature and the environment. Attitude then is your ability and your willingness to relate to your surroundings. Think about this. Your attitude in this case is not only your basic abilities and skills to actively relate to and with your own body, but also your willingness–your will-power to do so.

Attitude is perceived, tried out, and adopted or not through intimate contact with family, friends, village or neighborhood, which brings up the question of culture we’ve talked so much about. How were you raised; what were your parents’ and your immediate friends’ attitude towards physical effort and the differences between play and work? And if a difference, why is the one so sought and the other so avoided? I think you can see now we are hinting at a way of facing this physical challenge: the importance of attitude. Fortunate were those raised by parents who had a great attitude and acceptance of the effort in both play and work. Being raised in this attitude does make it so much easier for their children to welcome such a healthy lifestyle.

Look around the world and ask yourself: who are the healthiest and longest-lived peoples on earth right now? I think you’ll find many who are still pretty close to the land, or in small towns and villages, who still have a large amount of physical activity in their lives along with the necessary nutrition for body and mind and spirit. As Mother Spirit said: it’s the feedback you get from engaging material reality that takes no account of who you are but honestly responds to your efforts. So definitely, attitude, the whole psychological dimension of this challenge, is critical to welcoming this response.

Work, Play

You notice I said play as well as work. Those really blessed tough souls among you have long since learned to disregard that distinction. They go to work each day with the

marvelous attitude of, what do we get to play with this time? They’re literally putting their minds and their will power right into their muscles. Think too of those who go to their workout sessions and speak positively of the burn they get in feeling their muscles working and developing. This is definitely leaning into the challenge.

Your marvelous modern day sports, almost totally unknown only a few centuries ago, are another wonderful way to enjoy these bodies of yours, to strengthen them and make them flexible and supple. There are so many ways, my children, in your current health crisis, we would like to see a real emphasis put upon this in a constructive, positive way through your mass media–ways of encouraging those folks who are terribly out of shape for lack of any exercise at all to face and engage the problem with the spirit of play.

This is the only way. Until these bodies of yours start getting the right amount of good physical activity no amount of rescue will help. You know this on a very instinctual level. You have those old fashioned sayings that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventing disease with a really robust, strong, and vibrant health is not only so much more valuable in terms of more life

experience and genuine soul wealth, economically it’s a hundred times less expensive than some of the debilitating diseases you get into.
Beyond attitude, on an even deeper level that so many shy away from contemplating, you get down to the definition of a human being as a creature of will dignity. We’ve been careful to point out that for each particular individual their will power, their power of choice, is only potential. It also takes creative imagination on the part of your spirit to create the alternatives that gives you some choice to begin with. It’s something no animal is capable of since they haven’t a genuine unique personality endowed with spirit by their Creator.

But once the choices are there, my children, you’ve all experienced the difficulty of following what you know to be right, in this case what would be most healthy. There are a thousand and one unhealthy temptations on all sides of you that offer substitutes for that essential will power. Consider for a moment all of your non-prescription drugs that have delighted and teased and enchanted humanity for so long now. In this modern age, looking at the world-wide situation, you could say that the two most popular are caffeine and nicotine–caffeine in all the tea and coffee drinks, nicotine in all the tobacco products. You rightfully call them stimulants. These are substances you take into your body that seem to make it easier to get into physical effort, to get up and get going in the morning and throughout the day. Probably the next two most popular stimulants are alcohol and cannabis, though each is proscribed or illegal in certain cultures.

Drugs, Free will

(Stimulants and will power) The central fact of these stimulants, my children, is that they work. They do the job. But each has a cost to the human body and soul. Those drugs that are smoked are certainly the most debilitating by putting the products of combustion directly on tender, sensitive lung tissue, and then the further effects of nicotine and the other by-products all through the body–the diseases that come about most certainly. Yet the stimulants work else they would not be used so extensively. But what of the will power they replace? What about that old-fashioned notion of gumption? What about the dignity you are able to earn through sheer will power, when the genuine accomplishment we speak of is done more or less on your own? Almost without exception you’ve experienced this too, my children.

Here seems to be something not of ego, not of your notions of yourself, but something positively spiritually there when you decide to give up some unhealthy habit. As day by day when you are able to do so, something of this will power seems to accumulate with a genuine freedom. Might I suggest this is part of your soul, part of the wealth you are building as you go through life. This is the ability to do things directly without any intermediary but good nutrition, good rest, and will power.

This is the direction we would have you lean toward, all the while you continue to prize above all, self-honesty–in your meditation, in your prayers. Seek understanding and the true moral value of what you are doing. Sit in your spiritual base and embrace all that you are, all that you are doing. Keep that high standard of optimum health ever before you whether or not you are able to accomplish it, and just lean in that direction. Do the best you can day by day, then let it all go and rest. Forget about it and start anew: again and again. Exercise that will of yours. Earn that inner dignity you are capable of. Put your mind and your spirit and your will power right down into that body of yours and don’t be driven out by even a great effort. Be strong, my children. Embrace all this physical human life has to offer you while you have it.

You have an opportunity here that will stand you in good stead in the coming phases of your eternal life. So cherish it, treasure it, feel that ache of real effort and know that this is how your body grows strong. Trust in your Creator that He gave you the means to grow stronger. As Mother said, how else can you know the sweetness of using your body fully, feeling that wonderful tiredness, then awakening the next morning with the miracle of how your body, all by itself, has healed and strengthened itself. As your spiritual parents, we would not want a single one of you to have missed this.

So encourage yourselves, my children, and encourage each other to get that daily activity it takes for optimum health. In your science-fiction fantasies about an ideal future society, don’t forget this part. You rarely see it in any of your movies. It all starts with you, day by day. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, certainly they shouldn’t be any effort at all.


Student: Thank you, Father Michael, for your love and support. From time to time I ask for your peace to fill me, and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I was wondering what I can do to get more of it? I know it’s not you, it’s me.

Peace, Presence

(Accepting Michael’s peace) MICHAEL: Yes, my son. In keeping with my lesson tonight, sometimes it takes effort and seems like real work. Other times it seems to come of itself and can be experienced as fun. But it always starts with your intention. It always starts with your choice. By your very ability to ignore us, so vital to your independence and freedom even from us and our Father; by your very ability to ignore us and the whole spiritual world, you have to choose to receive us. As we’ve said before, God’s love is pouring down on your bare head like a driving rain. It’s up to you to acknowledge it, and appreciate it. All we suggest, my son, is that you open your soul for this.

Stifle your pride–if that is what’s in the way–and genuinely appreciate all that spirit has for you. It does take a humble heart and an appreciative soul to feel our presence. Just keep the pure intention, my son. Renew it as often as it pleases you. Open yourself to us. Give yourself some time in stillness, in meditation, to find that good, yearning attitude that lets us in.

Student: How do I let you in? I thought I had done it. I mean I think I do it but it doesn’t seem to working very well. It seems like there’s something in the way.

MICHAEL: My son, it could very well be your expectations, which are still your own ideas of who we are and what our presence is. We don’t literally speak in your mind, nor does your Father Fragment. We’re not like a voice that talks to you. We are a presence like the background to your consciousness itself, and so spirit is a very subtle thing. We are ever so observant and respectful of your intention, of your will. We are not intrusive, and so the best way is to give us some time. Value our presence enough to set aside part of your life in pure meditation where you’re just sitting down and simply, but profoundly paying attention. That is the price, and that’s what it takes to get beyond your own expectations of what this contact should be, this life of yours with us in it. You have to gain some wonder at what it is, to discover anew each time.

Student: Thank you, Father Michael, it does indeed make sense.

MICHAEL: You have to be wiling to try. You have to have that basic intention to want to know what stillness is. At first it takes a lot of patience because you have to get beyond the expectations of what you think it should be–to really appreciate what it is, this life of yours, this God-given life of yours, my son. Open your heart. Let wonder fill your soul because none of this–not you, not all the people you’ve known in your whole life–none of this had to be. It is a pure gift of God’s. Taking a little time out to appreciate it is the most sincere worship of all.

Student: Thanks again.

MICHAEL: You’re welcome, my son. My peace is here; open your heart and feel it.

Student: Well, Michael, thinking of the well-known phenomena of psychosomatic disease, there are without a doubt poor spiritual habits that can result in somatizing (Sp?) stress or something else–bad psychological behavior or stress in the body, and disease results. It would seem each of us has something that we express as disease in our body that really must be traceable to childhood or inherited patterns of behavior, imitated from our parents. I currently have a reoccurring malady in my respiratory system that I seem to get every year, and it must be the expression of something really deep. Can you make any comments about this sort of thing, maybe some idea of how to work through an issue like this?

(Psychosomatic illness)

MICHAEL: Yes, my son, what are some of the symptoms of this?

Student: I get infections in my ears and nose and throat, and once or twice every winter it seems to do the same thing. My ears get blocked, and it finally occurred to me this must be something other than the healthy things I do–the prevention work, because the exact same thing keeps reoccurring.

MICHAEL: I don’t want to embarrass you with something that seems too simple perhaps, but you are right now in one of the worst seasons in this part of the country for allergies–these gorgeous enormous yellow acacia trees of yours are some of the very worst for respiratory irritation. Are you sure this is not just happening every spring?

Student: Well, it’s winter, so I don’t know if that…

MICHAEL, laughing: But everything’s blooming! It may still be winter–technically, by the calendar–but these hundreds of acacias and other trees surrounding you are at their peak of producing pollen right now.

Student, laughing along: Maybe! I had no idea. I didn’t think of that. I’ll look into this.

MICHAEL: There are truly psychosomatic disabilities, and again, not to seem too simplistic about this, but these are dysfunctions within the self, as if the self is at war with itself, or disconnected with itself, or not communicating with itself. It can result in a kind of negative feedback loop within the self where so much mental worry about the symptoms can only exacerbate them with the added stress. To get out of this condition it helps to keep in mind the necessity, and then too the reward of engaging material reality.

As long as you are dealing only with yourself or another person, there is such a large psychological component involved. But working with a piece of wood or stone, say in carving a little sculpture, or working on your car; they don’t care who is involved with them. There is an honesty of Natural Law you get back from working with a piece of material reality, including your living body, which is very soothing to the soul. It can break the negative feedback loop of self-defeating pity or an overly-anxious focus on oneself. It’s a way out of these. It’s a way of engaging something that is wonderfully (Michael laughs) indifferent. And then consider what you can make with things, as well as the physical-ness of using your body. Think of all the great skills and craftsmanship that you’ve evolved collectively in your civilizations, and then you encourage in each individual’s life–all those abilities involving dexterity and agility and precision, as well as the mental qualities of determination and persistence. This is what Mother Spirit and I would not have you miss in your life.

This contact with physical reality continues, after your death, on the Mansion worlds. In fact your abilities will be greatly enhanced with the bodies you will have and their expanded perceptions. But it starts here; it’s always now. We just sorrow so much to see such untold suffering; we can’t begin to express to you how much suffering and disease we register from this inactivity, especially as you get older.

Attitude, Body
(Attitude=ability and willingness)

As your Urantia book expresses it: your attitude is both your ability and your willingness to relate to the situation in which you find yourself, and from the standpoint of your personality and your will-power, this includes your own body. What is your attitude, your willingness and your ability to use this magnificent, living connection with reality you were given? How open are you to exploring what your body really thrives on? That’s quite a challenge not only for yourself but also for the various societies within your overall culture. How do you find that much good physical activity for everybody to do, and at all ages so you can eliminate much of what you call aging? And don’t forget the fun aspects of this, the delightful sports and games that keep you interested and alive. That would be a cure for so much of your so-called psychosomatic ailments.

Student: Oh!–just flat-out exercise?

MICHAEL: Just relating to something physical, both within and outside yourself that obeys unvarying Natural Law that doesn’t care about you one way or another, but gives you an honest feedback. It’s not going to soothe away your mistakes like an over-indulgent parent, nor pamper your self-pitying temper. The material world responds in a way you can trust absolutely, all the way from the microscopic nanosecond to the interstellar reaches measured in the billions of light-years. True, you’ve not begun to plumb the depths nor touch the extent of Natural Law so far, yet what you have discovered is absolutely consistent in its reactions. Relating to it enables you to escape what we’ve called the prison of self. This is one more key that unlocks the door to health.

Your physical activity enables you to contact something that is truly objective, and this is what your understanding needs to grow. We realize that so many of you do belittle things like hobbies, or social activities like sports or dancing, but these are such a saving grace. You can share your physical-ness with others–of which I’ll make brief, but playful mention of your lovers. This is that soul-fulfilling fun you carry with you into the challenges of the future. This too is what you were made for.

Student: Am I right then you’re saying that literal, physical activity is the solution for all sorts of psychological and psychosomatic disease?

MICHAEL: Certainly!

Student: I don’t think I’ve ever heard you put it that way. Again, because it’s something entirely outside the self, it gets you outside some inner self-defeating or disease-making vicious circle.

MICHAEL: Yes, especially the ones that are unconsciously–and I stress their unconscious nature–the ones that are unconsciously designed to get attention, either from your own self or from others. When you engage some physical activity you are face to face with a kind of saving indifference to all your unconscious machinations and stratagems; and that’s good. Take that little sculpture: when you carve out a piece of wood or stone, you have to follow its structure and cut according to the grain and nature of this particular piece, here and now. Stretching both your body and your mind are also ways of tuning in to here and now. And then there’s the genuine accomplishment as well, a supple body and an agile mind.

I think you can see now, my son, how much of your modern, highly labor-saving culture doesn’t even consider this as an intrinsic part of an ideal or utopian society. There’s not a lot of physical activity in their vision of a desirable future. So many think of a wonderful future as the exact opposite, where a person doesn’t have to do anything; everything is done for you by exquisite machinery. What an actual hell on earth, though, that would be; and already is for so many, in terms of their physical and mental suffering.

Student: Who are these people–people who sit in offices and stare into computer screens?

MICHAEL: More clear across the board, at all levels and parts of society: anyone who doesn’t get enough physical activity to keep them in optimum health.

Student: Can you actually quantify this? Does this mean two hours a day? Is there any sense of that in what you’re saying?

MICHAEL: We don’t want to daunt you with any more challenge than it is, so Mother Spirit tried to have you focus not so much on what the human body is capable of doing in the extreme of your finest athletes, but more in the sense of looking at an older person’s life who has had throughout their life, and still has, enough activity to remain strong and supple and alert, really enjoying their physical-ness and the connection it gives them with a wonderfully broad reality. Not only the body thrives on a lot of activity, but your body and mind are not separate. Your mind needs this living connection to an ever-changing situation to stay alert and grow as well. Your spirit is the capping or all-inclusive creative dimension of you that adds to and realizes your soul-wealth of expanding experience.

(Modern societies’ deficit of physical activity)

The sheer amount of physical-ness that you are deficit in your societies we hesitate to suggest because it would be daunting; but it is enormous. How much of your crime is due to the fact you have both youngsters and older folks without really good, nourishing work to do? To what degree are your societies collectively responsible for not providing this good work? Why are your cities lit up at night? Why, when your precious, and necessary, and expensive energy is the means of life itself, why are you pouring billions of kilowatts of energy up into the cold of space every night?[Light Pollution} What does that cost? Has it something to do with fear?–of crime? After all, you do have your flashlights, and cars and bicycles have their headlights when you are out and about after dark.

If you are wondering where you get the resources to put everyone to good work, consider this saving, along with what it costs to maintain your criminal justice systems, your jails and prisons, your police and security forces, let alone how your society would be transformed in every way by so much genuine accomplishment. This is the full challenge.

Here we are talking about visions of an ideal society. What are you aiming yourselves toward? How do you envision a better world? Just how physically active do you see those more wonderfully advanced folks of the future?

Student: On very advanced planets you have in Nebadon, I take it then that these worlds have turned these problems around and have all sorts of hobbies and exercises, and everybody is working, and everybody understands this–obviously. That’s what you’re saying, right?

MICHAEL: Yes. Urantia, in not having a literal Planetary Prince, and then too, no physical Material Son and Daughter–Adam and Eve–on the surface; this historical fact has deprived you of developing a more uniform world-wide culture. So while you are, on one hand, living in outer space, on the other hand you have actual near-stone-age tribes. There is no universal culture where these more advanced things are taught from birth. So yes, on the more advanced planets where people live to be hundreds of years of age, this is not only because of the continuing evolution of the human body, but also all the good work and nutrition that have encouraged the body to evolve all along the way.

On Urantia you do have examples of older men and women in their nineties out there walking miles a day, wondering what is it–all these others in only their seventies or so perishing right and left? They’re out there in the sun and rain and snow, churning along. It’s something I enjoyed in my life among you. Only the Urantia book has the true story of all the dozens of different jobs I had, and how I learned so much of men’s and women’s labors by working alongside them. Then too, think of how much of my life I spent just walking and talking with my followers as we went from place to place.

Student: It’s been a wonderful lesson on an unexpected subject.

MICHAEL: Yes, my son. So many folks consider the spirit as something that has nothing to do with the physical-ness of human life–almost contra-distinct from it. We have to remind them that spirit is all-inclusive and is the actual creative origin of the physical. For our part, we delight in the pattern-beings we and our Life Carrier Sons make–you. (Michael laughs)

Student: Pattern-beings?

MICHAEL: Yes, the very pattern that you are as a human being, distinct from an angel or other order of personal being.

Student, laughing: Well, it makes me want to run out and play basketball–a lot!

MICHAEL: That’s the idea. The desire’s right there under the surface.

Student: Yeah, the desire’s there, but it doesn’t seem to work out. There’s a lot of young people out there on the court.

MICHAEL, laughing: Yes–a lot of ego to swallow. You just gotta get out there.

Student: OK!–I’ll shoot some hoops for you. Thank you.

MICHAEL: You’re welcome. Be in my peace.

Student: Yes, Michael, there are people who are deathly allergic to our acacia trees, even becoming really depressed. I was involved with one! So that’s often the case.
Back to your point: I’ve seen studies about how, if we get caught up in negative thoughts, we need to go out and shoot some hoops, or go for a hike, or just get out and breathe and get the energy moving. I know if I feel stagnant within myself I’m not good for anyone. So I get out–especially if the sun’s shining.

I remember from a talk by Wayne Dyer (Sp?) that if we do an act of kindness, even something simple like opening a car door for someone, or giving someone a flower, the serotonin level in our bodies rises, and that leads to a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Not only that, it affects the person we’re being kind to. So it’s a win-win-win situation. That act of kindness can have a ripple effect on to others as well.

About physical-ness, I wonder if maybe we don’t really love being human and having a body–not romantic love, but what it means to be human. For some it just means having a nine-to-five job–if they have a job–or working two jobs to make ends meet. They may get a lot of physical activity done, but there’s no attitude of love, only survival–and there’s a distinction there. There’s got to be more an unconditional love, love that has no boundaries or limits, no ego to it.

Love, Healing
(Love heals and connects)

MICHAEL: Thank you, my son, I take your meaning very much to heart. Love truly is a wonderful dimension of healing and connecting, and I specifically intended to include romantic love. That is part of the pattern we created you to enjoy, and it certainly does fill the souls of endless billions of folks.

Student, laughing: Yes, we have lots of poetry about it.

MICHAEL: And a lot of pure, innocent fun–although that might seem an oxymoron to some. But all kinds of love, yes. It’s essentially wanting something really good and fine for someone else.
Student: I went to a bookstore meeting on Quantum Touch, and although I was the only person there with the presenter, he demonstrated how it’s just the laying on of hands to various parts of the body to facilitate healing. It’s just love, unconditional love. Through certain techniques, and breathing, you’re able to precipitate healing even on things like cancers and respiratory problems–maybe not immediately, but over time.

It doesn’t matter if the patient is skeptical; it depends more on the part of the healer. I’d like to alleviate–in my small realm–some of the suffering I see, but not in any intrusive way, or, what’s the word–I don’t want to proselytize, but do it in a quiet, simple, unassuming way. There are already enough people who want to call attention to themselves and their organizations.

So I’m kind-of asking–and I know what you’re going to say–is this something I ought to look into? And you’re going to say, Yes! Or: Do what you want! Because, as I’ve mentioned, I do have an allergy to organizations. I need to come from my own point of view. I just wanted to throw that out there.

MICHAEL: Well, my son, I would only add that there is a difference between expectations–which tend to be rather specific, as I mentioned to C this evening–and a more general, life-affirming enthusiasm and acceptance for whatever you encounter. That is how I would suggest you approach this possibility: with enthusiasm and your desire to be of loving service to others. With these you can’t go wrong. As long as you stay honest and true to that orientation, and be really open and flexible to what comes about: why not? Think of the good you can do.

Student: Where was I thinking about expectations? Where is that coming from?

MICHAEL, laughing: Oh!–I didn’t know if you were. You were asking whether to do this or not, and I was just saying: you already have some idea of what it is. (OK) Yet that may not be what it is–what it could turn out to be. You have to go there without any specific expectations–you know, be really open-minded–in order to see what it is, and what it might be for you.

Enthusiasm, Expectations
(Enthusiasm V.S. expectations)

If you approach things–even organizations–with an open mind and a general, broad enthusiasm for helping others, you’ll find that the healers are healed as much as those they treat. The joy of giving, and genuine accomplishment–there is no substitute for them. These were some of my great glories when I was physically among you to start this Correcting Time on Urantia.

Student: Well, thank you.

MICHAEL: You’re welcome.


And so another evening winds down. I hope I’ve given you some fresh takes on these marvelous human beings that you all are. From where you are today it truly seems to be a fantastic, science-fiction notion of a futuristic society that could provide the means of having a lot of good, physical work and fun for everyone–everyone being raised with this healthy attitude and orientation and enjoyment. This desire, this spiritual realization and value does have to permeate all of society for there to be the joyful reaping of health and the elimination of so much person-on-person predation.

It’s quite a challenge to look out there on all your young men and women and come up with the good work they need so desperately, and are so hungry for, in spite of their shows of laziness or rebellion. It’s called leadership–leading by example. It’s looking at your own life first of all, and using those muscles, and feeling what a good thing it is to work these bodies of yours. Know the deep joy you can get this way; make it a real part of your life. Consider it spiritual generosity to give your bodies the activity they need to heal and grow strong. Lean into it, my children. Embrace the challenge. Appreciate this God-given life you have by way of the bodies Mother Spirit and I designed.

We hope these last few lessons have pointed the way. We do see it happening. We do see individuals turning that existential corner in their own lives and embracing so much more physical activity than what is strictly required of them. It is the way forward, the way to have life and have it more abundantly.
Good evening. Be in my peace.

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