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ATL201.1- Be In My Love

2011-02-27-Be In My Love
At Large #202.1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Be In My Love
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Be In My Love
Group: At Large
Teacher: Nebadonia
TR: Paul Conklin

[Preface from the T/R: Dear Friends, I just received this very profoundly moving message from Nebadonia. Her words are powerful and moving. Her words move us to do what is in our hearts.]


NEBADONIA:  My dear child, this is your mother Nebadonia and I am so pleased with you. But I do love all of my children. I see so many of them struggling on this planet. I see many of them crying out to be heard, to be counted, to be validated. They are just as important to me as you are my son.


A child is born in the bush completely unknown and forgotten by the world. They live their lives unseen and unheard of by the world. There are no monuments left behind for them. When they die it is like they had never lived at all. Or so it seems. Every child born, every child that struggles to live, to breathe, to exist, ever lives even after they die. Should it be any other way my children? There are so many disparities in this world. It would seem that some are more important than others.

But I tell you this my children as the autumn leaves fall from the trees and alight upon the ground they eventually shrivel and return to the earth. So too all of you children are like autumn leaves that fall from its branches alighting upon the ground and vanishing to become one with the earth again. This is no different whether those autumn leaves fall upon a monument of stone or upon barren ground far away, out of sight, unseen and unnoticed.

For all of you shall die my children. But while you are here what will you do? Will you gather the autumn leaves that fall to the ground? Will you put them into your storehouses and restore them to their youthful vigor when once they have been rejuvenated? When the autumn leaves fall to the ground they are stored close to my bosom. Not a one will go missing. Not a one is unimportant, forgotten, misused or abused.

When you see a homeless person dirty and shriveled do you think that the Eternal One has forgotten them? Do you walk quickly by hoping that you may avoid all contact? What has gone wrong in their lives that has brought them to this point? The reasons are many and varied. But even though they are far from any limelight or notoriety the Father shines a spotlight on them. For one day He shall call to them from on high and He shall relieve them of their suffering. But can’t you do that now my children? Can’t you take the autumn leaves out of your storehouses and give to those that have nothing? For do you not know that when their exhalations reach unto the sky that they also mix with your exhalations?

So, are you really so different my children? You inhale and you exhale. You put one foot in front of the other. You each have a beating heart that pumps blood through your circulatory system. Why haven’t you also walked in their shoes? Are you one paycheck, one tragedy, one nervous breakdown removed from their plight? The autumn leaves are a representation of the love that resides in all of your hearts. Will you take that love out of your storehouses and give it out liberally? For this is your training grounds. This is where you first learn to love.

I always tell you children to be in my love. I am teaching you that which is difficult for you to learn upon this world. But as you mature, as you grow, expressing your love will be as natural as breathing in and out, in and out. Let your love be so natural that you do not even notice when you give it out. It is like your breathing apparatus. For the most part you pay it no attention unless something happens that causes you to pause. If your breaths become shortened and you feel pain radiate from the center of your chest, you fear that you are having a heart attack. What does it feel like to be all alone, unloved, unnoticed and forgotten by the world? It feels like their breathing has stopped. It feels like they are having a heart attack. It feels like they have stopped living. My children, you have so much power. You are like physicians that can take immediate actions to prevent a heart attack. To prevent the sudden death of one of your patients. For when you give out love freely without prompting, without need for reward, you are spreading the love of the Father and you are spreading my love that rests in your bosom and in your heart.

I see all the autumn leaves hanging onto their branches with their last ounces of strength. Will you respond to the calling to buoy their hopes and restore their spirit? From Kuala Lumpur to Bangladesh, from the rain forests of Brazil to the cosmopolitan cities of the western world I see all of you as autumn leaves clinging to one massive tree. Will you give out the love that exists in your hearts? Because when you give out the love that exists in your hearts you are restoring that massive tree to wellness and wholeness. For you are all a part of that massive tree. You are all interconnected. You are not separate.

For the breaths of the downtrodden rise unto the skies and they mingle with your own. Will you tell your brethren to be in your love? Will you show it by your actions? Will you show it by your love? I am your mother the Spirit sovereign of Nebadon, yet for all of my prowess and intellectual ability I am nothing if I know not love. For all of your accomplishments and for all of your deeds you are nothing if you know not love.

Lead the way my children. Show your brethren that deep in your hearts and deep in their hearts are the fountains of never ending love. Let the fountains of your love water the gardens of all hearts. Let the fountains of your love water all hearts on your humble planet. Your love ascends to me on high and dwells in my heart. I am well pleased with you all my children. I know that I often say be in my love, but I know that one day you shall say the same thing. You will no longer discriminate. Every breathing thing, every man, woman and child will be in your love. Take the autumn leaves from your storehouses and give them all away liberally. Take the love in your hearts and give it, give it all away.


My dear children, forever and always, be in my love.

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