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MAR219- Divination

Marin #219


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Divination
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Divination
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, welcome. Once again we gather together to feel your presence, and open our hearts, open our minds for what you have for us. This is our deep treasure. We do appreciate that, though you are literally a part of us, we do have this way of listening to you with a human voice, and have the opportunity to ask questions or make comments on your gift.

For those who come to hear these lessons or read about them later, we wish to once again emphasize that this is something you can do as well. After you kind-of settle down out of your own life in your meditations and prayers, if you want to, open a journal and invite Michael and Mother Spirit to express themselves through you.

This is not always easy, and it’s not always immediately that you can recognize when something is coming from a different point of view–other than your own personality and creative spirit, your own imagination. But persist. Stick with it, for Michael and Mother Spirit each have their way of speaking to you–specifically for you right in your own language, your own value system. So don’t be too surprised when it starts to happen. Now let’s hear what Mother Spirit has to say. Amen.


NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Mother Spirit. I can second what was just said about inviting me and Michael to have a voice within you and to speak to you in your own self, right in your mind. Some folks call this channeling–when a human being expresses another personality. But that is often done in a trance state. We wish to re-emphasize the fact that we call this process transmitting/receiving—we’re doing the transmitting; you’re doing the receiving—to distinguish that it is no trance state. Rather, you’re very highly conscious. You can understand what is coming through as it is happening. The trick here is to let it happen.

If you want to keep a journal by writing, or use a little recording devise, it’s simply a matter of not interacting with what is coming through. You have to let it happen. For any time you, shall we say, cut off the flow and react with what’s happening, then this is you, this is you re-surging in your own mind. But we’ll wait. If you need to mediate again, or simply invite us once again to speak to you, we’re happy to do that. We’re always here. And it is the most sincere complement and respect and love that you can pay us when you value what we have for you.

This applies equally if not more so to the presence of God within you. It is not for nothing that this presence of God within you is called a Thought Adjuster because it is extremely rare, and usually only in emergency situations, where you’ll hear a loud voice, a very distinct voice, speaking within your mind like some kind of telepathy. Rather, the thoughts in your mind simply have another origin other than your own personality, your own imagination.

This is done through thoughts so our powerful spiritual presences right in your own mind, my dears, are not intrusive. Even beyond this, we do not in any way abrogate your own free will. When Michael was among you as Jesus, so many times folks sought him to perform some small miracle–to prove, in a sense, that he was who he claimed to be, that he was genuine when he spoke from the point of view that he did. Yet this over-awing was something he absolutely refused to do.

One of his most well know miracles, of feeding multitudes of people with what started out as just a very small amount of fish and bread; this was done as a lesson to his more sincere and devoted followers, that as long as you perform miracles like that you can be surrounded by crowds overawed at your power. But remember how many folks were disillusioned then, when they had some comprehension of this enormous power that he did have as a Son of God, a Creator Son of God, he did not simply prove to them who and what he was. So it is with us, right in your mind.

This is a test of your persistence, of your devotion, of your sincerity, of your really wanting us to speak to you in your thoughts. For in doing so, we will never overawe you. We will never, in this sense, apply proof. That is up to you, just as with everything else in your life. You are the final arbiter. You–your personality–this unique being that you are–you make the final decisions of what is true and what is not by what resonates within you.

This responsibility, this ability-to-respond is the most critical facet of your personality. It’s your ability to respond with what you yourself decide, in your immediacy before what is presented to you. Either in your mediation or as you walk out into the world, it is your ability to respond that so greatly determines the value you put upon, not only what you are receiving, but even yourself.

We would have you value yourself, my dears, not above all things, but in an equal balance with all things. Because with all the things inside you and surrounding you–this whole world, this whole universe you are inextricably bound up in–you’re unavoidably–whether consciously or unconsciously—you’re constantly evaluating what’s happening to you. We would just invite you, we would tease you into making this evaluation as conscious as possible. Take responsibility for how you are responding, both to what is happening to you, and to what you are initiating out of your own creative spirit.

It is said you are made in the image of God. This is what they are referring to. Like him, you are a unique living being endowed with creative spirit. This is what you were given by way of God: a unique personality and a creative spirit. Your spirit is always functioning. So as you would strive to be more and more like him, you bring this creativity more and more into consciousness and begin to see it in all those about you. Every other human being you meet is in this same situation. They too are co-creating their reality. The critical difference is always, simply: how conscious is this creativity, and how much responsibility are you and they accepting for it?

This is my lesson for this evening. This is my invitation and, if you will, my tease, because as part of you, as part of your mind, I know just how capable you are of this responsibility once you decide, once you commit your free will to this goal. So: welcome. Welcome into your true estate. Now if you have any questions or comments this evening, let’s do that.


Student: I’ve been doing a lot of card readings lately to help people become clearer and more inspired. I wonder if you would comment about the ancient art of divination, and how that can go along with what I believe–that Christ and the apostles were prophets. Is that something you agree with, as far as divination goes?

NEBADONIA: Well, yes, my dear. They say that all that happens tomorrow depends on the seeds you plant today. My whole lesson tonight was on the fact that you are, as your Urantia Book says, you are co-creating your reality. We say only co-creating because there is a real world out there full of real people, and it is truly independent of you. It will continue on long after you go over to the mansion worlds. Yet it’s your take on the reality around you that is your responsibility, your ability to respond.

When you get into divination, this is one way of getting feedback. This is one way of getting a self-understanding of just what this co-creation of yours is all about. It’s how you yourself are playing such a big part in what is going to happen to you. This is the essence of all these forms of divination, of trying to get some handle–in an eternal now–on what is going to happen.

Your whole empirical science is based upon this. Every theory that seeks to explain natural phenomenon is judged on predictability. You can posit any scientific theorem you want, to explain anything, but then does it happen? It’s the same with you, my dear. It’s whatever means you have to help others and yourself get some feeling on all that is in play within these fantastic beings that you are.

We tease you with the notion that your personality is surrounded by an infinity of infinities. Even your own body and your own mind are infinite to you, something you never really completely grasp. So anything that reflects back to you these aspects of yourself has great potential. Again, it’s how you take it. It’s how these other folks take what is presented to them. Now does this correspond with what you’ve experienced?

Student: Yes.

NEBADONIA: Again I wish to point out, my dear, that you and I, Michael–we all live in an eternal now. The future has not yet happened anywhere, anyhow. The higher the spiritual being–the more a personal being understands the immutable laws of God’s, as well as the potential free will he bestows upon all of his personal beings–the more they understand the real deep, impenetrable mystery of what you call, so nonchalantly at times, “the future.” It is not that the future already exists, and divination allows you to see into this dimension of something that already exists. That is shear Fatalism, and literally flies in the face of free will. The future is not laid out. The future is still open, and it’s especially open to you to the degree you can realize your free will and have real choice. Of course this is what you strive towards, always–the greater freedom of greater spiritual awareness. Does this help you understand the nature of the future and divination?

Student: It does. What I try to do is not predict the future, but see what is now, and see how things can be more easily dealt with–as opposed to predicting the future. Because I don’t believe I have the ability to do that; nor do I take the responsibility of stating someone else’s future for them.

NEBADONIA: Well, let me say “amen” to that. That’s very correct.

Student: I more guide people toward how to best deal with the situations they’re dealing with.

NEBADONIA: Exactly, my dear. In a way it’s holding up a subtle mirror. We once compared this situation to your ego, your own sense of who you are and who you’ve been–your self-awareness. You actually are so much more than that, more than what you can keep in your consciousness. Even your soul, this God co-authored story of your whole life from the moment you were born; your soul is enormous. You can’t begin to hold it all in your consciousness. But your ego is a useful, even necessary social tool. You have to have some awareness of who you are and who you’ve been, or else you would have to be institutionalized.

So when you’re helping others by holding up this very subtle mirror, we fully agree with anything that helps folks get a sense of themselves and their situation. This is especially true when it is devoid of any pretense of being able to fathom a truly unfathomable dimension. Do you have any other questions about this?

Student: Well, recently I’ve reintroduced crystal-conscious work–working with crystals–into my life. I remember my father was involved in electronics, and through that I realized the power of a crystal diamond or crystal quartz to transmit electricity and energy. I’m wondering if you have anything to say about how best to use crystals for us human’s right at this point.

NEBADONIA: In all these endeavors my advice has always been to keep a truly open mind. Know as best you can–and this again gets into self-knowledge–what you are attempting to do. Be very clear about that because it is upon this that your judgment, your evaluation–what value you’ve come to put upon these things—depends. Like any other really genuine experiment, you want your eyes wide open with as much self-knowledge as you can hold about what you are trying to understand, trying to know by this means.

Yet once you’ve performed your experiment, once you have had some reading this way, then comes the hard part. How well did it fulfill your expectations? How well did it come through for you? Because neither Michael nor I set anything like this aside as either impossible, or too pretentious, or anything.

Your whole modern electronic media is, as you say, dependent upon crystals which are the momentary freezing of materials in miniscule lattice-works of atoms and molecules; and the depths of this usage has not even begun to be plumbed. So go into this with an open mind, my dear–with a real sense of experimentation, not assuming you already know what’s happening. Keep an open mind throughout and you can’t go wrong. It can be a genuine spiritual experience of value. Does that help you understand?

Student: Yes. I wonder if, by virtue of the fact that crystals are in our environment, do they have their own power to create a change, just by virtue of the fact that they’re sitting there? Or do they need a specific intention to prove valuable in being active?

NEBADONIA: My dear, by their nature a crystal is “crystallized.” When something is crystallized it is no longer a gas or a liquid. Everything you can think of as solid is in some crystalline form, some fixed form, and is relatively inert until it is acted upon by forces outside of it. A quartz crystal is just sitting there. The fact it is stabilized in its crystalline form means it is relatively inactive until you get down to the molecular level, and beyond that the very active atomic level. On the molecular level it’s relatively stable. Think of a piece of steel or iron crystal which is obviously much more stable, solid, immobile than, shall we say, a quartz crystal in which there is still some movement under normal temperatures and pressures.

So it’s what it does for you. But again, my dear, this is your interpretation. This is your co-creativity inextricably involved in this experiment. Like every other experiment, there’s no way you can completely take yourself out of it and feel you’ve arrived at, shall we say, some demonstrable, objective reality. It’s more or less a tool, a means, a mechanism to help you understand.

Student: Thank you.

NEBADONIA: I encourage you to keep going. Keep experimenting. Keep an open mind about these things because you’re putting a foot on a path that has no end. I would not have anybody at your present human state rule anything out. So carry on. And be in my love.

Student: Thank you.

NEBADONIA: My daughter, do you have any questions or comments this evening?

Student: No thank you, Mother Spirit. I’m just absorbing all that’s been said.

NEBADONIA: Well, I certainly thank you for that.

Student: I have another question.

NEBADONIA: Certainly.

Student: I have been focusing on being more awake. Yet the more awake that I get, the more overwhelmed I become learning about all the aspects of what is happening on this planet–within this planet, within our species and how this affects all the other species on the planet. Could you comment on how to be aware without being too overwhelmed? Because I feel like I’m helpless. Are we coming to an end? Is our civilization and humanity coming to an end soon, or are we going to self-correct and get on a path to heal? Can you say what’s going to happen?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my dear. It’s more a question of understanding clear from a million years ago with the first two human beings, Andon and Fonta–brother and sister–crossed over the threshold of being human and having the self-awareness and creative ability to, as I said tonight, become an active part of their life. They were no longer like an animal, just purely reacting. All of sudden they had the personal spirit where they themselves were a creative part of their own experience, and had some self-determination.

Clear from that moment to this there has been a kind of progressive evolution, even though it took, you might say, a very severe right angle turn several hundred thousand years ago when your whole world lost its celestial guidance–in terms of high celestial beings being right here on earth. When I say severe, I’m talking about only several hundred rebellious planets–out of millions of evolving planets over hundreds of billions of years. Your world here was one of the most severely affected in taking this right angel from what has been, more or less, a common, universal spiritual development.

But this evolution, though sidetracked, has never ceased, especially for all the men and women who have lived on this planet and have gone on to the mansion worlds. This evolution is still happening now, and it is accelerating. There’s always been a world soul here, but, as we’ve taught so often, with the coming of electronics and physical world communications–all your electronic devices and computers that everybody has all over the world, positively sidestepping all of the nation-state controls, all the governmental censorship that’s pretty well controlled things up until recent times: there is coming into being now a new world community linked by these new devices. It’s in this sense–the personal evolution of so many folks, presented with so much more choice now–this is what you’re feeling. And this is truly overwhelming.

Don’t feel at all shy, my dear, about being overwhelmed from time to time. So you get overwhelmed. You just have to say, “Enough for a while!” I’m going to rest. I’m going to take a break from all of this. I’m going to get a good night’s rest. I’m going to soak myself in that kind of natural unconsciousness. Then when I get up, I’m going to spend some time on reflection. I’m going to meditate and let come into my mind whatever wants to, whatever’s left over, from that overwhelming, that needs to be worked on some more.

Give it this respect. Give yourself this respect that you’re striving, you’re doing your best to understand what’s happening on a world scale. In all humility realize what a tiny, tiny, tiny aspect it is you can get a hold of. Consider the next person coming down the sidewalk who is actually what we call another walking infinity–one other person, let alone several billion, let alone the thousands and thousands of little mini-cultures that people share all over the world.

Here again I have to encourage you to carry on. It can’t hurt if you give it this due respect. You give yourself this rest from time to time and, above all, keep feeling this love you have that comes out as your curiosity for what’s happening here. It’s this love and the respect you have for all these folks that carries you through. That’s what’s growing in you, my dear. That’s what’s feeding your soul. So summon the courage to wade into it–again.

As Michael and I have pointed out so many times, this is what is happening in the world. This is the real evolution, one person at a time. It’s why we don’t get into politics. It’s why Michael, as Jesus, disappointed so many people when he didn’t use his powers to outright settle so many socially and politically terrible things happening in his day, like slavery. It’s focusing on the individual and saying, “This is what’s growing. This is what’s evolving.” So: jump in. Be a part of it.

Student: You’re saying that how an individual responds and reacts and learns and grows is the most important thing–each individual person?

NEBADONIA: Yes. This evolution I’m talking about has no other reality. Certainly there is a corresponding social and political and even material evolution–science, philosophy–all this is also evolving. But ultimately it only exists in the living minds of people. This is your co-creation, my dear. This how you are creating for yourself a larger worldview. And it is very humbling. The more you learn, the more you know, the more you are realizing, like one of your great scientists who said, “I’m just sifting through a few grains of sands on the shores of an illimitable ocean.” Even death is not the end of it, but just another beginning.


But it is getting late. Perhaps we should be wrapping things up. Is that okay with you?

Student: Whatever you like. Thank you very much. We could go on forever. And hopefully we will.

NEBADONIA: Michael and I are tickled to have these sessions with you; and always keep in mind, we’re right inside you. You can ask us questions right in your own mind. Sometimes you’ll be startled that the very next thought is our answer. So we encourage you to do this in your mediations too. Even take notes. Ask the question and then really be open to what occurs. You’ll never run out. As we’ve said before, this is God’s way of raising his children–to put you down in the middle of an infinity in every dimension you can think of, even your own body, this living, amazing tabernacle.

So, my dears, let me thank you again for interacting with us this way. This is our delight. This is our cosmic fun. Good evening, and be in my love.

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