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MAR221- Mother Spirit’s Christmas Message

2012-12-06-Mother Spirit’s Christmas Message
Marin #221


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Christmas Message
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Christmas Message
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael: Mother Spirit, it seems like a long time since we invited you to speak to us. I guess it’s how we are living our own individual lives that so effects our sense of time. We’re happy to have you here with us in this particular mode, keeping in mind you’re always with us. We appreciate how, in turn, you augment our sense of appreciation of these lives we’re living, of all the dimensions of reality that The Urantia Book has introduced us to, and tickled our imaginations. We love how you are so much a part of us, bringing all the power of the Infinite Spirit to us through your own Holy Spirit, your own spiritual nature. We enjoy too just thinking about how, as a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, you are so connected with all the power phases of our Local Universe. So we offer you a heartily welcome this holiday season, and await what you have for us. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Good evening, this is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit, and I warmly accept your welcome. I encourage your acknowledgement, not so much of me personally or even my Holy Spirit, but to be aware of what I am doing my best to augment within you. It’s the way your spirit, your own individual spirit, finds its outworking’s through all the mental abilities that I help you with–just grasping things, being able to respond to what’s inside and outside with the immediate aspect of your intuition. Then it’s how you’re able to store this experience as knowledge. Think of what you know because you’ve done it; it happened to you and it’s real. Then there are all the thousand and one ways you correlate and associate this as understanding.

This, my children, should be your door to an interesting life. Think about perfection. It’s a very tricky business because, on the one hand, it seems you are so far from it. In this sense it’s an unending, never-ending process you will be engaged in. And yet we say that moment-to-moment you are complete. All the parts are there. It’s more or less the way you unify and balance all these living aspects of yourself that relate so much to perfection. So be undaunted that you have so far to go. That’s just another promise of eternal life.

Michael and I do appreciate on our own, your worship of our mutual Father. This is the true worship, and this is even more than God asks of you. For from his point of view it’s the origin of his outpouring of love, and spirit, and sharing that connects this whole universe. But he too does appreciate when you send him your love and your thankfulness for your life.

This will be my last chance this year to wish you a Merry Christmas, so I do so with my whole heart. Michael gets a chance to talk to you in an upcoming Lightline session, but tonight I just wish to stress the merry part of the ability–we also encourage–of setting everything aside–all your concerns, all your worries, all your plans and projects–and just glory in being alive. Glory that you have so many friends and compatriots with whom to share these times. Just let all of everything else go and enjoy this company for again this is our version–our understanding–Michael’s and mine–of what gave rise to the whole creation–God’s desire to share his power, especially his power of creativity, with all of you. It is in this you are most made in his image. And so we encourage you to share all that you have and all that you are with each other. This is the delight that springs up spontaneously. So be gone all fears!–and even all your plans and projects. Just be here-and-now with all your wonderful friends, and let it be a very merry celebration of Jesus’ birthday.

Another thing I would like to congratulate you on is not only your merry-making, but your serious moments. Speaking of the last general election you held in this country, I’m sure you’re all aware, as you look around the world, that the ages-ages-old dictum of Might Makes Right still means civil and military authority is being determined by raw violence. Here, my children, you are looking face to face at the last few hundreds of thousands of years of human government, right from the tribal stage on up to your enormous, enormous nation states.

You’re aware of how in one country alone tens of thousands of people have been killed in some of the most truly obscene ways, simply to terrify their opponents–almost too obscene to mention in particulars. The things done to helpless children, I will briefly mention. This is the way it’s been throughout human history up until pretty much recent times, this notion not only of majority rule by force, but by fairly open and honest elections. This too is a progressive thing, depending upon a truly free press and freedom of speech.

Also as you are finding out, in some other countries where there is so much violence going on, that it is not only a question of majority rule through honest elections, but it is also a thing of minority rights, especially in those countries where the various parties are so well-balanced. This has been a wonderful progression in your more modern states of not only majority rule, but honoring and recognizing the rights of those who simply lost the election. Where this is not the case, where either the election results are not accepted, or given rise to violence, is where you have a tyranny of the majority. So we congratulate you that your recent elections were decided by fairly open processes in most of the nominations of your candidates, and then in the elections themselves. So much better having elections of civil power decided this way, rather than with bullets and explosives that not only kill, but wound and maim so many more.

Let this be a lesson you take deep into your hearts and your souls, my children, of what is still happening on so much of the earth–the way civil and military authority is decided by pure violence and terror. This is that other aspect that you are confronted with. Yet even this too you must take a break from, and not in some self-satisfied egotistic way, but with true humility and appreciation for your fellows who could have such an open election, so very intensely fought over with words, but then with the acceptance of the outcome. The losing party gathers itself back together, gets over its losses, and becomes what you consider the honest opponent to bring up all kinds of issues to the ruling party, the majority.

So we salute your acceptance of this. Someone once said, “A democracy begins when the first the election is over and the losing party accepts the results.”–especially in your case where the president still remains for a period of time, this “lame duck” period, commander-in-chief of the armed forces. You have a cultural understanding that the president cannot usurp the power of the armed forces to stay in power if he loses.

All these are not just granted to you. All of these issues have been long fought over. This, my children, is the evolution of culture. We’ve given so many lessons on how, by the time you reach your age of maturity, you’re so totally immersed in the culture in which you were raised–your family, your neighborhood, your cities and states, your country. And now, with your modern communications, you can have some feeling, some experience of all the hundreds and hundreds of little mini-cultures all over the world. It all leads to a deepening appreciation of humility, of being truly humble in the face of all you can come in contact with now–your wonderful television with its programs on different groups all over the world: their history, their behavior, even what they consider to be real.

This is all laid out for you these days—a wonderful cornucopia of culture. And so you as an individual can become more truly cultured in the very breadth and depth of your contact. This is what we mean by being open-minded, of knowing–as Michael said–the marvel of being truly curious, curious with the courage to go where it leads.

This is simply what gives you the fullest life. It’s the best use of your limited time here in the first phase of your eternal life. It’s why we say Michael’s Spirit of Truth is mainly an orientation. It’s a way of orienting yourself everywhere, all around. Think of developing a kind of global consciousness, and be hungry, hungry for more–more experience, more truth, more sharing, more understanding. It’s only by this hunger, this curiosity, that you discover your mind and your spirit and your soul are, for all your limited time here, verging on the infinite for you, a deliberately created creature of God’s.

This is the marvel. This is the fun. This is the joy of life. You’re plopped down in the middle of so much. There’s such an enormity of infinities in every direction: all the value to be derived from this experience.

And so, Merry Christmas, my dear ones. Hopefully I’ve given you a wonderful gift here to consider as you look for the other little treasures under the Christmas tree. It’s a gift of life, and the gift of an insatiable curiosity, this wonder that you are endowed with, if you will only let it be. Go with it. Trust it. This is God’s gift, this sense of sharing, not only with all the others, but even with yourself. Just open up. And then get a sense of the infinity you can get a little taste of, even in this first life, for all that’s been laid out here for you to discover, forever. Now if you have any questions or comments, I merrily invite you to come forward.

Student: Yes, Mother Spirit. We were talking–prior to your talk–about the possibilities, predictions or prophecies of what may happen on Dec. 12th or Dec. 30th. I read people’s writings about “end discussions”– concerning such prophecies and predictions and whatnot. People really get caught up in all this and it’s always so doom-and-gloom. We see even here and now that a lot is going on.

And there’s a part of me that does want something to happen, that does want to evolve, to progress to, in a sense, create heaven on earth. Yet I know that all we have in reality is this moment, the here-and-now, the eternal now. That’s all we have. I don’t know where I’m going with this but it seems like people get caught up in all these possibilities and come from a place of fear, instead of a place of potential and possibility of evolution, an evolution revolution. But it’s here and now. It’s not hard to kind-of see what’s going on in the world, that people’s lives are going through an upheaval, that people’s belief systems are being questioned. Like you say, there seems to be a lot of terrorism and fear-driven activity. It’s like people are being less and less human. I wouldn’t mind, in a sense, a whole do-over so we can be more human, to be that image of God. So can you expand, or even shed some light; or just your thoughts on this?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. It’s the motivation for wishing something big to happen, shall we say on a global scale, with the spiritual community that has always been here; and then too the other extra-planetary beings such as Michael and myself. Certainly, fear is a part of this, fear of the future and what it portends. Some people are truly in desperate circumstances, not only for themselves but for their loved ones–parents for their children, children for their parents, comrades-in-arms in all the militarily tight situations.

It’s a triumph of the human soul that it can be more concerned about someone else. Yet it’s also in so many a profound sense of helplessness, of just not knowing which way to go, what to do next, and hoping beyond hope, as you say, that somebody else, some wonderfully glorious divine force comes in on a planetary scale and makes everything right in a very short order.

As you know, this was such an expectation of the Jewish peoples for a Messiah to come in with the power to overthrow the yolk of the Roman conquerors. It’s something that Jesus faced his whole life. It even caused some, who realized suddenly that he was the Messiah in the sense that he had the power–this Creator Son of God on earth–to grow angry that he didn’t use this power as they saw fit.

There are those in the most desperate situations, with the greatest sense of hopelessness, who are willing to throw their lot behind some predictions. They sell all they have to join some commune out in the middle of nowhere–as you call it, to survive the holocaust coming, the apocalypse.

This is why Michael and I refuse to pass judgment on these predictions but would rather have you entertain them with an open mind. This simply increases your capacity to wonder and be open to all kinds of alternatives. For even in the disappointment of these unfulfilled predictions and expectations, you find the courage and the wherewithal to pull yourselves together and meditate deeply/reflect upon not only these predictions, but your own response to them, whatever that is. This is another way of getting some feedback from exterior events like this, on who you are and what you believe; and a deeper insight into human nature.

The only disagreement I would have with you, my son, is that all this human behavior as you see about the world, this is all being human, from the most glorious self-sacrificing, as you say, to give up your life for another–no truer love, no truer devotion; to those on the opposite end of the scale who will go to any means they can conceive of, and actually do, to exercise power over others. This is all part of being human. This is all part of using the creative spirit that you are endowed with. This is what you all have to contend with.

I talked about having fairly free and open elections, majority rule with considerations for the minority, and to keep open to accept the results of the election; then to go on in your own human ways to hassle and argue about alternatives. This is what stands in such stark contrast to deciding things with bullets and explosives and the truly obscene notions that come into the human mind. This is all what it is to be human, and as you say, this is the potential that exists here and now.

You not only have all the past, your own personal past in your soul, vouchsafed by a presence of God; but as you look around the world in your ever more wonderfully expanding media, this is what you are face-to-face with, this full spectrum of human possibility. It’s not only what has been done in the past, but some of those things which are carrying on and will still be with you for a while.

This open-mindedness brings you back to yourself and the spiritual blessing of humility. It helps you accept what is, so you’re standing on a firm reality. At the same time you’re entertaining those ideals of where you would like to see things go, what is your ideal of a more perfect, wonderful, shared future for everyone. Then you get busy right in your own life, and with your own friends, to appreciate this life you’ve been given.

Stay open to all these possibilities. Keep learning. Keep understanding. Keep welcoming reality, no matter how hard it is to take in some of these things that people are doing to each other. In a sense, you have to be tough-minded enough to be open to that, and to realize this full range of human behavior. This is all part of the plan in the sense of free will, individual free will.

The whole cosmos of time and space was created far short of perfection so that each of you as an individual can contribute to the perfection of the whole. Each of you is part of the Supreme Being. And you each have your own unique contribution to make that is yours alone. So you buckle up. You keep your good cheer. You even take a break to be merry in the midst of all of this. And then the next day you start anew, refreshed, grown and evolved with greater soul.

That is what is happening here. Michael and I can only offer you our view of the inevitable, inextricable, unavoidable progress, the general evolution that is taking place here through all this experience. So count your blessings, and then share them with those who haven’t so many.
We thank you, Father, for this gift of freewill, and even Michael and I strive to keep evolving. This is the nature of personal reality from the highest to the lowest personal beings. We thank you.

There it is, my son. This full range of what it is to be a human being. Only by accepting the reality of what people have gone through and experienced from, as you say, time immemorial, can you get a real sense, an inkling even, of what the Supreme Being is. My daughter, have you any questions or comments this evening.

Student: I’m wondering how we can… There are so many people who are transmitting now; how we can feel what is authentic and what is real? How we can discriminate the difference–if there is a way between the different voices out there transmitting Michael and Mother Spirit? I mean, are they all equal? Are they all transmitting you in their own way? What’s the answer to that, I wonder?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my dear. As I’ve said before, it’s something on which Michael and I refuse to pass judgment. But it is a good question. The only answer, my dear, is right within yourself. It’s how you yourself respond. This ability that you have to respond? This is your response-ability. We can only offer the suggestion that you take it all in, afraid. Be aware of your own responsibility to know how you are responding to these things. Then comes the humility of realizing this is only your own personal, unique response and does not necessarily in any way form some kind of uniform, objective judgment.

It is to your own benefit to refuse yourself this kind of objectifying what you encounter. In one way this can give you a sense of loneliness, that you are so unique. There is so much of you, you cannot share, just because you are unique—in language, and even in all your hugs, and embraces. Even with all these different kinds of sharing with each other, there’s still something irreducibly you that you share only with God and, if you will, with Michael and with me.

This is you. This is your unique personality in all creation. This is what we mean by being open-minded. Just take in all these things. Reflect on them. Study them. Meditate. Wonder. Laugh out loud at some of them that appear to be more ridiculous to you. There is no other reality for you, my dear. This is something that no one else can do for you. But this is your power. This is your power of being open-minded and growing to encompass all of this. So I’m afraid it’s right back in your lap. But this is your power. This is your soul that is being fed. And this is your thankfulness that you have so many things to choose from.

Student: Thank you.

MOTHER SPIRIT: Thank you, my dear, for so graciously accepting such a burden for yourself. It’s what you owe yourself. This is the truest gift to yourself of not being prejudiced. Don’t be pre-judging things, for you have a whole universe to encounter full of not only other human beings but dozens of other kinds of personal beings. As our friend here said, “It’s all here and now.” It all starts here on earth with the next objectionable thing you encounter.

Again, for those of you who have a Urantia Book, we mention these inevitabilities of being human. (Ed: see page 51) Here being closed-minded is the exact opposite of being open-minded, and curious, and wondering. Even though some things cannot always be satisfied in this first life of yours, they’re in your soul. And your soul will be satisfied in everything someday, everything it has so far encountered. And yet there will still be another infinity to go. So be in my love.

Student: Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Well, my dear children, your Mom wants to visit with you as often as you find room in your busy lives to say hello. I do appreciate it. This is my worship to our Father for, inasmuch as Michael and I are to a large degree responsible for these bodies and minds you have, it is to our Father we give thanks for your personalities. We do treasure them, and these souls of yours that he is really holding for all of us. Never forget too, my dear ones, that your soul is not only God’s gift to you–holding for you all these human experiences of yours–but your souls are your gifts of character to each other, another priceless thing you have to share.

So be of good cheer this season. Send all your prayers and appreciation by way of Michael, and me, and our Father, to those poor souls who are suffering so terribly. There are so many organizations, good organizations you can research, that can help carry your blessings to others in need. We encourage you to support them all you can. Let God’s carrying, and sharing, and generosity of spirit–that gave you life and continues to give you life: share what you can of this with those others who are in such desperate need. This is the true spirit of the season. Be in my love. Good evening.

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