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MAR227- Four Questions

2013-08-07-Four Questions
Marin #227


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Four Questions
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Names, Angelic Contact
 3.2.2 Psychic Circles
 3.2.3 Creativity, Expression
 3.2.4 Healing

Topic: Four Questions
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, here we are again, back in one of our familiar settings, and once again it is such a delight to feel you within us and all around us. We have your assurance that the two of you have always enjoyed this contact, this way. We know you are always with us, but this is kind-of special, this giving you voice to let us ride around for a while in your point of view and see things from your perspective.

 Four questions

Tonight I would ask a few questions of you that have been submitted by folks who aren’t here physically. The first is with respect to our guardian angels, and perhaps even more so to other spiritual beings, other personalities, who have volunteered to come here to the earth to be our companions, to be our guides, and above all to be our friends. For they have let us know that they treasure this contact just as much as we treasure their company. It’s a way of training ourselves to be receivers of what they transmit to us. Also as with you and Michael, they give us a chance to see ourselves as others see us. So one of the questions tonight is: do our guardian angels and these teachers that come to the earth now, do they have a name that we can recognize and refer to in our communications?

Another listener/reader wanted to know if we can determine some way–if you could tell us—or if we can determine within ourselves just what level of the psychic circles we are on. And then a further question is: in our artistic abilities, what part does our Thought Adjuster play in these? Finally, again with respect to our artistic endeavors, are they healing in some way or another? And so tonight, if you would, Mother Spirit, would you address these questions? Amen.


NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit. And Michael and I are definitely tickled that you can come up with these questions, because we do not consider them any kind of a superficial, mere-curiosity-kind-of-thing that you are just playing around with. Actually, we thank you for good questions. They are one of the gifts you can bring to us: to open yourselves to what you really don’t know, but you would be delighted to find out. All of your questions tonight are wonderful because they directly address the spiritual community and your relationship with us and with our other children.

Names, Angelic Contact
 Naming your celestial friends

With respect to your teachers–your guardian angels and others that you can request to be your guide, to be a friend to you, and with whom you can have a real conversation–yes, it would be nice to have a name for these other personal beings that you can address and talk to. But here, my children, is something that I ask you to simply accept: the fact that this is very much between the two of you, just as your communication will be.
Angels and assorted other celestial beings have a variety of names depending on the relationships they have with different orders of beings. When they come in contact with you, this is something that will be particular between the two of you. And so, if you would, look upon names as the very first part of your contact. The very first thing you can do to make that contact is, in your meditation, ask for a celestial helper, a celestial friend.

Accept my word that they are here in abundance. They have been notified that Urantia is now open for this kind of contact, this kind of communication, and so they are flocking here from various orders of beings. If you will, there’s a little bulletin put up in their headquarters asking for volunteers. As I say, you have as much to offer them when you open your whole mind and your human soul of experience to them. This is just as valuable and priceless to them as they can be to you.

And so in your meditations, just open your mind and ask for this name to come to you. It will be a name that is very precious, perhaps even unique, between the two of you. This name will appear in your mind. This is one of your initial gifts to give to them.

Yet I can feel some of your intellectual, mind-only kind of reaction: how do you know if this is their right name? Well, ask yourself this as it occurs to you because it should be rather indelible. Yes, you can think of it as a pet name or nickname, but believe me, it is something that they will treasure; it will be that desired point of contact with them. So very definitely, your spiritual helper can have this name that you will both treasure and perhaps even some day, when you meet face to face, you will never forget the moment when this name occurred to you.

Psychic Circles
 Psychic circles

With respect to the psychic circles, I would ask you to, once again, read that part of your Urantia book that deals with this particular subject for it goes into a kind of detail I can’t merely repeat tonight, nor is there any need for me to do so. And again, this is not just a pure curiosity question because it’s a matter of great interest and wonder to you: “How am I doing? Where exactly am I on this whole continuum from the seventh through the first? I hope I’m not stuck somewhere down around the six-and-half mark. And I’m sure if I entertain notions of being on the first part–that would be some kind of pure hubris, some kind of egotistical notion of my own that I am so exulted.” But as your Urantia book so beautifully details, it is none of these.

The most important thing–with respect to your psychic circles–is that this addresses the totality of you: your personality or, we should say, your personhood–the totality of your being–being not only your personality but your body, your mind, your intellect, your creative spirit—that part of you personally that can create. It includes your soul, this part of you that’s being co-authored by a presence of God within you of all your worldly experience.

Your psychic circles refer to this totality of you, and the Urantia book also cautions that it’s a balance of all of these facets. It mentions those who are, shall we say, only advanced physically. Think of a great athlete who, poor soul, hardly ever has an original idea in his mind but only thinks pretty much in terms of stereotypes he’s heard before. Then you have the over-weighted intellectual type of person. This can lead to so much hubris, so much arrogance, that he sees everyone in a subordinate position to him just because they do not have his depth and range of association–which is pretty much what your mind does. It’s what your intelligent-quotient tests reveal—your IQ. This is that pure intellect that can go into a holy book of whatever religion and recite it chapter and verse, yet completely miss the spirit of it all in the very use of their intellect.

Then you can have what might be hard to conceive, but an overly stressed spiritual part of a personality that identifies with the spirit and distains the physical and the purely intellectual. This is the person who can be led into fanaticism and another kind of condescension to those around him or her.

So the psychic circles depend upon the good balance of all these human facets. With respect to your soul, how much is your soul and the presence of God within you informing your day-to-day life?

We can see and understand, and even encourage the curiosity and the wonder of: “Where am I on this whole continuum?” But as your Urantia book states, this is something so personal and various. By this they mean that as you go through life, you can slowly accumulate a kind of value in your soul, and in your spirit, and in your understanding–those aspects that I augment within you with my Adjutants. And yet, something can happen. Shall we say you’re out driving your car and someone cuts you off in traffic and you fly into what you call “road rage.” All of sudden, you’ve just momentarily dropped about five circles.

Your circle is what you normally spend most of your time in. Things like real good meditation help, where you can open yourself up to, not some kind of rote repetition, but actually open yourself and say, “Okay, Michael, Mother Spirit, my dear presence of God within me: what have you got for me today, this moment?” And if you’re maintaining a good healthy body with clean habits; and your intellect is open, curious, wondering, valuing what you can gain–your knowledge and then your understanding; and moments from your soul pop into your mind and for those few precious moments you’re reliving a previous part of your life: this is when you’re pretty high up on that continuum of your psychic circles.

Every now and then you’ll flash into that very first circle when something will pop into your mind, as we’ve said, “Like a bolt from the blue.” Perhaps you’ve been wondering about something for a while. Or even in some crisis moment you have a pure unmistakable word right from your Thought Adjuster, a very pure thought that encapsulates and comprehends the whole situation. You have an overwhelming feeling of oneness with your Source, the Source of everything within you and surrounding you. It leads not to some pride of: “Wow! I guess I’m on the first level here, the first psychic circle!”–but rather: “Thank you. Thank you, God, for this gift, for this comprehension. Thank you for speaking so directly to me.”

Creativity, Expression
 Thought Adjusters and art

That leads right into your next question of: what does the Thought Adjuster within you, what does this presence of God have to do with your creativity, your artistic endeavors?

Here, let’s keep in mind that your whole life is a kind of art. You’re co-creating everything you experience. There is no pure objectivity shy of God, not even for Michael and me. What you are–who you are–who you’ve been–is part of everything you experience. On this level of art your Thought Adjuster has a big and incessant part to play. We’ve even teased you with the fact that it’s hard to know what your Thought Adjuster is contributing to your life and your art because this presence is always here. It’s always been here from your earliest memories. Consider all those thousand and one little flashes that you called satori or enlightenment.

This is especially true in your artistic achievements, when you focus on some particular endeavor–a painting, playing the piano, writing a novel or a play, something like this–all your standard notions of art. Your Thought Adjuster plays very much a part. Think of a novelist sitting down and wondering: where are all these half-a-dozen characters he’s got interrelating, and talking, and running around: where is all this coming from?
Well, definitely, it’s partly your own personal creative spirit; but, my dears, there’s no sharp demarcation where your own creative spirit leaves off and the presence of God within you begins. Rather, think of a broad, broad overlapping of you and this part of you that you will actually join with someday.

So with your Thought Adjuster, I would say the greater the artist you are, the more you are in communication with, and on a good working relationship with, this infinite part within you.

 Art and healing

As to the final question of: What does art have to do with healing?–I almost have to wonder: need I go on? It has very much to do with healing for all the reasons I just gave about creativity. First of all, from the standpoint of the artist himself, or herself: what could be more healing than to be fully engaged with all of you–your personality, your body…

 Post script

JL: Rats!—I checked the battery in my recorder beforehand, but it failed anyway. I lost the last five or six minutes of Mother Spirit’s lesson. As I can best recall her points:

1. Sudden and often severe function changes, brought about by either injury and/or illness, tend to challenge ones inner unity. Think of the sudden crippling of an arm or leg, the lungs or kidneys, the reasoning facility or emotional control; the evaporation of mental meaning and spiritual value from life. Almost all art requires the creative personality simultaneously use their body, mind, spirit, and soul, together, and this very co-ordination is the most healing. It restores the inner balance of functions by a person’s discovering their body, mind, spirit, and soul in the new, changed reality in need of healing. That special element of creativity known as analysis is critical for this discovery. You creatively analyze your changed situation and re-establish what you are still capable of doing–through your art. It’s a way of regaining your healthy unity once again by using all your functions to the fullest of your ability. That’s just another name for art, whether painting a picture, playing the guitar, preparing food, singing and dancing, and/or enjoying your work every day, and healing too.

To the degree this creative process also happens in another recipient of the art–where like calls to like, and likely responds–to the degree the art is enjoyed by another; this too is an artistic achievement on their part and is healing as well. It’s what people have been doing for themselves and with each other since the beginning. Don’t forget that the essence of divinity—God’s nature–is sharing. Something has kept the human game not only going but actually thriving these last million years or so… …or something like that. I do remember her exact final words were for us to be in her love.

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