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MAR231- Spiritual Presence Surrounding Us

2014-03-20-Spiritual Presence Surrounding Us
Marin #231


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual Presence
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Spiritual Presence
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, greetings on a beautiful spring day here in Northern California. The big yellow acacias have been blooming for about a month, and now all the rest of the trees, the fruit trees, are joining in the crowd. The air is fragrant and there are all these colored blossoms all around. We welcome you to speak to us today, simultaneously acknowledging your presence here with us always, always here for us to tune in to and say hello. And so, without further ado, we’ll turn the floor over to our dear Mother Spirit. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Well, it is a good afternoon, my dear ones. This is your Mother Spirit. This is Nebadonia, and I’m so happy to get with you at this time of day. We usually meet in the evenings, but as your introduction went, we are always here and always tickled to be part of your life in a conscious way. We have a standing invitation for you to consciously acknowledge us in your life, say “Hello,” and get a warm feeling of being with us. Because we certainly do appreciate when you acknowledge us and say hello, and have us in your life.


This is something I would like to give a lesson on today. I’ll keep it rather short since there’s so many of you, and you do have your questions, and Michael and I do enjoy so much having conversations with you. Today I want to further tease you with a lot of notions that we can only ask you to entertain.

Those of you who have read The Urantia Book realize that, maybe, there’s ninety percent or so of it that cannot be proven. True, some of the statements in The Urantia Book have since come to pass. Your science has caught up and shown that what was very novel and new back in the late ‘30’s and early 40’s has been proven correct. Yet so much of The Urantia Book is just for your deeper understanding, to reassure you that you do live in a very ordered and meaningful universe.

 Spiritual presences surrounding us

Today I would like to talk about the spiritual presences you are living within. You may not have thought about them quite this way since, in one way, we cannot prove them to you. But they are something that you can entertain and think about, and just open your mind to wonder about, if you will.

Hopefully, this rebirth of wonder is something you do cherish. Michael, as Jesus, spoke about being a child again, or we could just call it being open-minded. Whereas if you feel you already have a pretty complete and comprehensive grasp on all of reality, you will be continuously in for some rude awakenings. But even then—hopefully–the awakenings do come while you’re still in this lifetime. They don’t all have to await your rebirth “on the other side”–as you say.

We’ve talked about your being right in my presence. That means my consciousness extends throughout our Local Universe and actually delimits the extent of it. You literally live within my consciousness. Even though you have intrinsic abilities–mental and spiritual abilities that are part of being a human being, my presence does augment these. By being aware of these in your meditations, and appreciating them, you can actually increase their influence within you. And these are, just briefly, starting with the whole thing of intuition, of being able to perceive. This starts with the very lowest of animals because even the little amoeba has some awareness of its surroundings. You can put a tiny bit of acid in their solution–not enough to kill them–but they will definitely go away from that part of the liquid.

So you have all your physical senses that enable you to perceive reality—to taste it, to hear it, to touch it, to see it, to feel it. Then you have the ability of knowledge, which is the ability to store this experience. You can know something because you’ve done it, it’s happened to you. You have a way of storing this up as an intrinsic ability. With all of this experiential knowledge, you have a way of arranging it within your minds called understanding, the way the raw experience of your senses does make sense. In some cases of mental aberrations, it’s terrifying when a person’s reality doesn’t make sense, when their understanding is thwarted in some way. It’s an extremely painful situation.

This is why we always encourage you to be open-minded and don’t feel you’ve already got a big loop around all of reality quite yet. You have a whole universe to go out and experience, and all the various orders of personal beings in it, all the spiritual beings you will meet. Rather, think about your ability of understanding, and how your civilization has been built upon it so that you literally experience a different reality than someone, shall we say, two or three thousand years ago with no scientific understanding at all as you know it today.

You have my dimension of courage as the sheer ability to extend yourself into the unknown. Here it is: all of a sudden you’re into a situation that is new–and we tease you with that notion that half of your reality, my dear ones, is new. You’ve never been here before and you’ll never be here quite this way again. Yet you have this ability of courage just to continue to live, to continue to act, even if you’ve not fully noticed what’s happened beforehand: the ability of courage.

You also have what we call my Adjutant of Counsel—gregariousness–the way we encourage and help you be together with each other. It’s the wonderful feeling you can have of company, of not being alone, of sharing your life with others.

There’s my Adjutant of Worship, which we have so often defined as your ability to appreciate your life, fundamentally directed at God himself for your very personality–for who you are and what you are. In general, it’s the ability to be thankful for your life. This is worship. This is thanking God for your very existence, the fact that you are, and you are sharing your life with him.

Finally, there’s my Adjutant of Wisdom, which is a kind of a super-ordinate ability of yours to put all the other facets of your life together. It’s your wisdom, my dears, that literally presents you with a single reality. Again, with different kinds of mental aberrations when this ability of wisdom is lost, this is what leads to what you call schizophrenia, or multiple personality, where reality literally doesn’t hold together but is constantly breaking down. Those of you who are blessed with having a singular, unified reality: this is wisdom. This is what you are doing. You are keeping it all together.

These are my dimensions you live within. Michael, a Creator Son of God, also has a spiritual presence within you. It’s his Spirit of Truth–an orientation, a desire within you to know what is what–what is really happening here? In one way his spirit calls into question your ability to wonder because, as you know, every time you meet another person, you’re meeting another way of organizing reality. Every one of you is unique, and this is what you have to share. So when you’re presented with a dozen different ways of seeing life and reality, Michael gives you his Spirit of Truth as an orientation towards the greater reality, the all-encompassing reality of everyone. You can have not only yourself in your soul, you can have all the others you’ve known and shared your life with–this greater truth.

And then you have the presence of God himself within you, your Thought Adjuster. This ability within you can originate thoughts that lead you toward his wholeness. Because, my dears, every time you hear that word “spirit,” think of all-that-exists because this is what “God is spirit” means—everything within his omnipresence and omniscience. This is what his presence within you is helping you do, adjusting your thoughts towards the ever-greater spiritual reality that you will be involved in forever. There’s no end to this adventure, and there is no end to his help within you, to meet it.

Now all of these you’re somewhat familiar with. We’ve taught on them, and your Urantia Book goes into enormous detail about them. What I would like to add today is that all the higher spiritual beings–the Trinity, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit–my parent, the Master Spirits of Paradise; these are also all around you. You are literally within their realm as well. I mention this because, as you read about these spiritual beings, you might get the notion that they’re off somewhere, they’re way off in Paradise. You might not realize that they too are all around you.
They too are other dimensions of reality that you will grow into perceiving. And so this is, I will admit, a bit of tease–to read your Urantia Book and realize, in your case, Master Spirit Number Seven, of the seventh superuniverse: this is his reality you are living within. As you study this Master Spirit, you realize this is another influence upon you, this is your neighborhood, if you will. This is his gigantic neighborhood you are being raised in.

This living influence comes down to the Ancients of Days, the head of your superuniverse, then too the heads of your major and minor sectors. You get down to our Local Universe of Michael and myself. And then further down, think of the angels around you, all the angels that have been on your planet earth now for thousands and thousands of years, helping the human race slowly, slowly becoming civilized. Their influence is around you, part of you, and part of your civilization. And then, of course, there’s your own guardian angel, the seraphim who is literally taking on an epiphany of your life, and who will be your companion, if you so choose, forever. These are your closest friends. These are the ones you actually meet in person over on the other side.

They, like you, are ascendant beings who will not only continue to live but will actually increase their status, just as you will, as you go from one mansion world to another. As you progress up through the Local Universe, they can be your closest companions.

This is what I wanted to give you today, to think about. Your Urantia Book talks about the thirty-some dimensions of reality that you, as a human being, experience. Yet of course your science deliberately limits itself to the dimensions of space and time, which you’ve chased all the way down into subatomic particles and the nanosecond, and you look out into the universe and speak in terms of billions of light years of distance and time. So you’ve come a long way from the cavemen and women who dealt pretty much in terms of day and night and only slowly, slowly began to understand things like seasons, the yearly events that came and went somewhat regularly.

As one of your wise men said, there is no limit to dimensions. And so today I wanted to talk a bit about the spiritual dimensions that surround you so you can get some notion of, and some feeling of worship, of appreciation, that they too are part of your reality. You will in time, my dear ones, you will learn to tune in to them and be aware of them. For again, as your Urantia Book tosses out the maximum tease, by the time you cross the physical universe and head in to the inner universe of Havona, you will have achieved some three hundred dimensions of reality.

This is what is in store for you. This is why we feel it’s worthwhile from time to time to put that prospect out in front of you, of all the spiritual dimensions you are even now living in, and how your consciousness will expand to be aware of them. At least now you have a conceptual toehold on your eternal path. If you have any questions or comments, they too are part of this path we’re on, are they not?


Student: Yes, Mother Spirit, I’m curious if you could tell me how soon the earth changes are going to start occurring.

 Seismic and climate changes

NEBADONIA: Well yes, my son; obviously, the earth is changing all the time. Was there something in particular you had in mind? I take it you mean more than what you call the normal weather and things.

Student: It seems to me we’re already having climate change now which is man-made created change. So I’m talking about seismic events in northern California.

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son, this is something that, believe it or not, is not a surprise, exactly, but in terms of their exact happening, it’s something that is not spiritually known. When you talk about earthquakes, you’re talking about a resolution of enormous forces in the crust of the planet. And there are literally hundreds and hundreds of these everyday throughout the world.

We can tell you they will continue for quite some time because there is only a rough equilibrium between a certain kind of cooling–the fact that the earth is giving off heat into outer space–yet at the center of the earth, as you’ve been told, the temperature is many, many times the surface of the sun. There’s a kind of plasma at the very center of the earth and you’ve only to go down a very short distance toward the center of earth and the temperature immediately starts to shoot up.

But in terms of the continents floating on a liquid magma and jostling, as you know, with plate tectonics, neither Michael nor I know exactly when these events are going to occur, nor the full extent of them. We just know they are continuing as the plates have their motions. Now was there something beyond that, you were thinking about?

Student: No.

NEBADONIA: There’s even what you call a “ring of fire” around the Pacific Ocean as you’ve studied the way the Pacific plate is sub-ducting underneath the continental plate. California is not about ready to fall into the ocean as was once thought, but is actually rising. The volcanic activity will continue for quite some time, quite some millennia.

In terms of what you call climate change, you have kept records going back several hundred years. You know that these are cyclical. The particular pattern you’re in right now has repeated itself every twenty or thirty years or so. You’re now experiencing enormous events that I think you have a new name for. It used to be called a “blue norther” when far, far down south they had arctic blasts. I think now you call it an “arctic vortex” or something to that effect. Yet at the same time the eastern states are wading through feet of snow, the south and west parts of the country are into drought.

These are very cyclical. Also keep in mind your sun, this nearest star to you, has its cyclical patterns too. It is nothing to be overly concerned with in terms of any cataclysmic planetary-wide event.

What you call climate change is the nature of it. Yet even while your human activity has little effect on planetary-wide climate, all the other aspects of your use of energy are very critical. Here I’m talking about sustainability and the fact that you are, in some parts of the world, becoming highly conscious of the pollution that’s caused. Think how it effects the people trying to breath air that they can barely see through on certain days. This is much more critical–the way you’ve polluted your rivers and streams and even oceans. There are huge masses of junk material collecting in the middle of some of the oceans, miles and miles across. This kind of waste is something you need to pay attention to most of all.

Is sustainability being happy to cruise around in vehicles with hundreds and hundreds of horsepower that you can’t even begin to use? This kind of waste is what’s going to take an enormous toll on future generations. The more that every single one of you can do to be efficient, to be respectful of what energy you are using, with an eye on the future and the future generations who have to live here: this should be your concern because this is what is immediately affecting you, and will immediately affect your children and grandchildren. It should not take any kind of a planetary scare to get you to be more respectful of how you are living your lives. Does that answer the question?

Student: Yes.

NEBADONIA: Be in my love.

Student: I wanted to ask a question about something you said at the beginning–that we were in your mind. I wanted you to elaborate on what that meant–that we were in the mind of Mother Spirit, all of us.

 Sharing space and consciousness with Mother Spirit

NEBADONIA: Yes, my dear, I’m always happy to talk about this because this is my glory as a Creator Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. I am–for all extents and purposes for most of humanity that has ever lived: I am a goddess. I am a pure spiritual being and I talk about the many spiritual dimensions that you live in, and that your consciousness will slowly begin to expand into perceiving. You will go through five hundred and some augmentations right in our Local Universe here over the next several hundred thousand years. Then you head off. We’ll send you out into the galaxy where you will keep meeting greater and greater spiritual beings, and learning their reality.

A lot of these spiritual dimensions that you will come to know are because you will be meeting all these different orders of spiritual beings. The Urantia Book talks about your guardian angel who can literally know the numbers of hairs on your head, yet not that she counts them. It’s just that an angel has a certain range of perception, a certain kind of consciousness, being the spiritual being that she is. Consider the Life Carriers, or the Melchizedeks–all these different spiritual beings that you will encounter. Each one has, as you’ll find out, a greater and greater range of consciousness. It’s hard for us to actually describe these areas of consciousness because we have to put them into your framework. It really stretches your time and space senses.

In terms of space, just think of the space all around you. In one way your eyes can only see in front of you, right? You don’t have eyes in the back of your head. Yet your hearing is rather global; your hearing is all around you. Something can happen off to your left side, or your right side, or behind you, and you can tell there’s somebody having a conversation exactly fifty feet behind you. This is your global perception in terms of hearing.

Now magnify this global awareness by a few million-fold and you have me. I’m a spiritual being who has awareness of everything within my consciousness, just as you have within your consciousness, except that my consciousness—spatially–is hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of light years across. It’s what we call our Local Universe here of almost four million inhabited planets like yours, and then all the architectural spheres too. I am conscious of all of these in a way that, again, is almost impossible for you to understand or relate to, except that, shall we say, you have some internal things happening within you. Shall we say you have a little tummy ache. You see what I mean. It’s hard to put me into your physical sense of space because you have a very discreet body. But think of your hearing–the way within your realm of hearing you have things.

Well, I have this as the kind of being I am. This is what I mean by, “I hold you within me.” It helps to recall that I am just a little over four hundred billion years out in space and time now. That’s approximately twenty or thirty times as old as your science understands the physical universe is. This is how long ago it’s been since Michael and I came out from Paradise and started creating the architectural spheres of this Local Universe.

So, again, my dear, keep in mind the kind of being I am, what a Creator Daughter of God is, and that I have seven hundred thousand sisters somewhat like me. This gives you some feeling then, perhaps, of what the Infinite Spirit, our Parent, is all about. As I said in my lesson tonight, just as God the Father is omnipresent and omniscient—everywhere, and knowing and experiencing everything–so too is the Infinite Spirit. And so too am I within my Local Universe. Is that enough to think about for a while?

Student: Yes. Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Thank you for asking. I’m trying to give you some feeling for the kind of being I am, and what is my glory. Just as you have all your friends within your sphere—all your friends you know–you also have all the places that you’ve known. In a way they’re within you now, in your soul. This is somewhat how I have everyone and everything within my Local Universe in me, but actually in time and space. Thank you for your question, and be in my love.

Student: I wanted to ask a question, and I really appreciate this conversation on consciousness. Earlier you spoke of the one reality that we have here, yet if we were not able to comprehend that one reality, but were comprehending multiple realities, it would feel very uncomfortable and schizophrenic. I understand how important that is. But then, as I also understand, we’re having difficulties on this planet with that one reality. So what would be the ways by which we could come more into that greater consciousness, such that we could begin to alter the one reality in which we live to conform better with the greater reality? How do we participate there?

 Realizing unity of reality

NEBADONIA: Yes, that’s the nitty-gritty, is it not? This is very much why Michael’s Spirit of Truth is called an orientation. It’s how you orient yourself. We once said it’s very much like what probably all of you have experienced–not just a regular intersection where two streets cross but where, like the spokes on a wheel, you have five or six streets all coming in to one point. Now these are not all that common because, for the difficulties they cause, your road engineers try to eliminate them, or they put up a series of traffic lights to control them. But imagine coming into an intersection with four or five streets all coming to one big center spot, with only stop signs. Here you are at your stop sign, and you’re looking around. You think it’s your turn to go now, yet as you go cautiously forward, you’re not looking in any one direction. You’re trying to un-focus your awareness to be conscious of what’s all around you.

Well: how do you do that with respect to total reality? This is why we call Michael’s Spirit of Truth an orientation. It’s trying to be open-minded in every possible way you can think of–and then be open to things that haven’t even occurred to you yet! Be happy and curious about what you don’t know. Be welcoming that. Be happy when something happens to you, rather than being in a state of denial. Be accepting of everything. In time you can make up your mind whether you like it or not, but your initial way of going through life has to be in terms of being open and accepting. You can literally take something into you and deal with it once it’s inside of you, but you have to recognize it first of all.

This where your meditation is so important. You take some part of each day just to be open, just to sit there and not be entertained, not be thinking about anything in particular, and not holding your mind blank. Just spend time being open to what comes next, whatever it is. For the most part it may be reviewing and reflecting on what your life has been about recently. But it’d also being open for what, perhaps, even God himself, what your Thought Adjuster wants to suggest.

When you first start doing this, you can be overwhelmed if, shall we say, you’re thirty or forty or fifty years old and you’ve never reflected on your life. You’ve just been going flat out. You can be so immediately inundated with all the things you’ve been denying and suppressing. Meditation can be very challenging. This is where the one reality that your personality is trying to unify can start to break down. You can endure long flights of imagination, or reliving some terrible incident, shall we say. It takes a lot of courage to open up your consciousness to some of the darker, more painful or terrifying events of your life–to bring them into conscious wholeness. Yet it’s your personality, your God-given, God-created personality that has his ability to unify.

Remember, my dear, when we’re talking about a human oneness of reality, we’re not pointing at an objective reality such as Michael, or I, or even God experiences. It is your one reality. It’s a great enlightenment experience for each one of you when you realize that, because your personality is unique, your one reality is also unique. Every single one of you has a slightly different one reality.

 Uniqueness of being

Most folks have to go through an intense experience of almost terrifying alone-ness–being absolutely, utterly alone–when they realize the depth of their uniqueness. Because you are a unique being, there is within you that which you cannot share with anyone else because it is so unique; although, obviously, when you get together you do your best—right–to share your lives with each other?

It is the ultimate confidence, the ultimate faith that you do share your life with one other being who is supremely unique and like no other. There is a single personality who encompasses all of reality. This is who and what God is, the one being who is supremely unique. As he shares the quality of personality with you, you also have this. This one reality that I talked about when you are mentally healthy? Your personality has the ability to unify all that we talked about—your perceptions, your knowledge, your understanding.

When you have something go terribly wrong with your body chemistry and your related mind, you can lose this unity. Certain extremely strong drugs also have this same effect. You talk about ego-loss, about losing your whole sense of who and even what you are and going into a realm of nothing but pure sense impressions for a while.

High meditative states of all the religions actually lead you to this same experience. You experience the fact that you are the co-creator of your reality, and it is somewhat unique from everyone else’s. This is an enormous experience for all of you. But shy of this experience, a human being with their own ego sense of who they are and what their reality is, makes the supremely false assumption that this is where everybody else should be. This is how everybody else should see things. This is the very essence of a dictator who has power to enforce his version of reality on others; or even your petty little tyrant in his or her own family who insists on everything being their way.

This supreme experience of uniqueness, and then being able to see others as unique too, and let them be, prepares you to actually welcome the supreme reality that they are different from you, and have something different to exchange. Your greatest fear of being absolutely alone turns into your greatest reward of having all these others in your life. Does that answer the question?

Student: What an answer! Thank you.

NEBADONIA: There is a single reality, but only God experiences it. And that, obviously, is his reality which not even Michael and I would pretend to approximate.

Student: Mother, I have a question about what is to become of those who choose evil and do terrible things to others. It’s hard to fathom how they make that choice. I’m wondering if there’s, like, punishment awaiting them, or what kind of process is involved in all that. It’s hard to understand. I’m just curious about it.

 What happens to evil-doers?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. Here again we’re dealing with a super-ordinate quality of justice and how that justice–as you’ve been informed–is a quality of the Trinity. The Trinity is actually the author of justice abroad in the universe. Yet there are all the levels of universe adjudication, clear down to your human courts that can inflict the death penalty or life imprisonment, all the way down to some traffic court where you are assigned to go to school. Justice is this whole realm.

You’ve been informed that only recently the different beings who were part of the Lucifer Rebellion—not only Lucifer, and Satan, and Calagastia, but all the so-called rebel spirits who were responsible for so much unbelievable suffering on the all the worlds that joined the rebellion–there has been a judgment made. It takes into account the degree to which the personality is involved of their own volition. You have potential freewill so a judgment is made as to the degree to which a personality had some choice to do evil to others, to deliberately cause pain and suffering. This is necessary because some of the worst tyrants of your human history were raised that way, were deliberately trained as little children to be that way. Think of some of the crime families that you celebrate in your movies and in your mass media, and some of the most obscene things that were done. Yet these people chose to stay in that way of life.

Think of the enormous cruelty that’s done in warfare, yet too the most terrible effects upon the perpetrators. People have gone insane over what they were pressed to do to others because warfare not only involves running the risk of being terribly mutilated and injured one’s self, but also in doing this to others.

For those who are totally committed to the evil they’ve done, who cannot in any way be rehabilitated, they more or less wink out because the universe itself is a loving, growing, progressive thing. If they literally cannot keep up, if they cannot grow, if because what they have done is so heinous that they cling to it and cannot accept the fact that it was so heinous; they more or less just wink out. They lose their reality. Others, upon awaking on the mansion worlds, discover they are so relatively/obviously hideous because of what they’ve done, what is in their soul. Then it is a question of mercy when they request with their whole being to cease to exist. This is an aspect of mercy that they are allowed to cease to exist. This is because, when they are surrounded by the people they have done it to, when they see and begin to experience what they have caused in others’ lives, the pain is too much for them. They can ask to cease to exist.

Eternal life is not forced on anyone. You all have that choice to make. Yet of course, for 99.99%–you might say–of people, it’s almost no choice, their reawakening on the mansion worlds is such an unmitigated miracle. To walk out into that transformed world being so transformed themselves–there’s no question involved.

Yet even with absolute spiritual justice abroad in the universe, you’re also informed that God the Father’s mercy transcends even the justice of the Trinity, transcends the justice of any subordinate court. His mercy is always to, as much as possible, make your life your choice, to acknowledge your free will, and not only in all that you have done or failed to do, but in the light of the potential of eternity before you.
I know this sounds like a very complicated answer, but the mercy of the Father is the transcendent function here. Beings like Lucifer and Satan became so deranged that no rehabilitation was possible. The evil they initiated and then perpetuated was far beyond their ability to encompass, accept, and be rehabilitated. This is why there is a kind of eternal death possible.

 God’s perfect memory/reality

All that they ever were, and did, is still a part of the Supreme Being, is it not? That aspect of God–you might say, God’s perfect memory–the Supreme Being–is the repository of all of reality that has ever happened. They will always exist as part of the Supreme Being, because their existence was a cosmic fact. It happened. Everything that happens is part of the Supreme Being. But as a continuing, conscious, functioning personality, they no longer exist. That’s the ultimate result of that degree of evil. Everything else is every possible shade and degree between that and what you consider a saint, someone who gives their life totally over for the benefit of others. Does that answer your question, my son?

Student: Yes, most likely.

NEBADONIA: You can rely upon not only that justice of the whole spiritual community, but God’s final mercy that acknowledges the very free will that he himself endows you with. This is what makes you literally the co-creator–with him–of all you will ever know. So be in my love.

 Meaning and value

Well, my dear ones, I’m enjoying going into deep things because this is the realm of spirit, is it not? It’s not only what means what, when you think of your mental abilities and your knowledge and your understanding. When you come to spirit, we’re talking about value. What do you value? That’s another whole realm within you, another whole dimension. This is slightly different from meaning because one of the most terrible experiences you can have is that of meaninglessness, when nothing seems to mean anything. It’s almost a definition of insanity, a terrible, terrible experience of nothing having meaning. Yet that very experience has an enormous value. You can think of it as a negative value, but it’s a value nevertheless.

It points up the other extreme of some events so meaningful that they changed your life as you knew it. As a final assurance within yourself, these memories go clear off the scale because they are of experiences that totally changed your whole self of who and what you knew yourself to be; and who you knew another person to be, with you. These are those bright shining stars in your inner firmament, are they not? These were where your whole sense of value went clear off the scale and you had some indelible experience with yourself–or with another–to fill your soul.


So good afternoon, my dear ones. Thank you for coming and having this time with me, and giving me this time with you. This is what I live for. This is my glory–all of my children.

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