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MAR234- Christmas Message

2015-12-17-Christmas Message
Marin #234


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Christmas Message
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Christmas Message
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael–Greetings and Salutations of the Season! It is the season of Christmas, celebrated in all the world by Christians and others, of Michael’s birth on our planet, beginning his very illustrious and so instructive life among us. For all of those who come to hear and read this transmission in the future, I invite you to get a copy of the Urantia Book–or maybe open the one you already have if you haven’t done so in a while–and read the whole section of the Urantia book that gives us, sometimes almost hour-to-hour, the telling of Michael’s life among us.

Mother Spirit, I invited you to speak to us tonight because so often Michael has given us his Christmas message, I thought we could give him the night off, although I’m definitely sure he is with us. Let us give you a chance to speak on whatever you want to, on this season. Maybe you can help us salute your partner, Michael, whom you have known so many, many years. You know so intimately that those of us who truly love and respect Michael, we feel the same way about you–especially as Michael himself salutes you, and bids us give you all of our love and respect as well; and so we do. Mother Spirit, please give us your lesson for this evening and for this season. Thank you.


NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit. Once again I wish to emphasize that not only are you my children–whom I’ve had a direct influence in your creation, and then the guidance of you–you are truly mine. I hold you within me in my space, for this is my space, this Local Universe. I also wish to emphasize that I am yours. I belong to you. I am your Mother Spirit. I am part of you, part of your mind and part of your body. This is my delight–to be yours, to belong to you, to be the one to whom you can always address yourself, right within.

I’m right within your thoughts, right within your spirit. And so in this busy season of celebration and all your delightful getting-together and wondering what is the perfect gift to express your love to another, I invite you to pay some attention to spirit. You can even from time to time say, “Hello Mom. Hello, dear Mother Spirit of mine. I’m so glad you are a part of me, and that I too am partly yours.”

We have a relationship, you and I, that has no bounds but those which you yourself can seek to explore, feel, and experience. Then from my side, I so delight in your acknowledgement and touch, from you to me. It’s like the touch of one human to another, those wonderful hugs you give each other just to express yourself this way. You open yourself to embrace another, and then you get feel them too. This is real; here they are, another living being in your arms.

This is what you and I can share. You can be really still and feel me, almost, as I’ve said before, as if I were the very background of consciousness within which you think and realize. And you and I are not alone, for we have Michael with us. We have his Spirit of Truth as an orientation, an infallible compass pointing everywhere outward to all that surrounds you; and everywhere inward to discover your own truth. Who are you? What are you? What are your dimensions? How far do you extend inward and outward?

For all of this, all that you are aware of, my dear ones, all that you experience: this is partly you. This is your co-creativity as we call it. This is your personal power to realize things and hopefully, in that realization, you have the humility to acknowledge and get some feeling for what you yourself are contributing. It is very humbling when you realize how you yourself are coloring everything you are aware of.

Michael’s Spirit of Truth leads you to acknowledge what things are in themselves, and to reach towards that. You get beyond yourself and touch the thing in itself as best you can by way of this humble acknowledgement. As we have taught so often, the greatest aspect of humility is to be aware of so much that is not-you, whether you are standing on the shores of an illimitable ocean, or looking up into the starry sky on a clear night; or meeting another pair of loving eyes and feeling some touch of infinity.

This is the wonderful aspect of humility that gives you the thankfulness that, as tiny as you are, you can say, “Dear Father, Dear God: Thank you for this awareness–that I can be aware of so much.”

This is where Michael’s Spirit of Truth is orienting you. For the two of us–Michael and I–we too acknowledge and point you to an even greater presence within you, an individualized presence of God himself we call it a Thought Adjuster. This is because he can actually adjust your thoughts to the ever widening, ever-greater context in which you live and understand things.

His presence is also a Mystery Monitor if you will, a mystery because it is something more than you can fully grasp–though it is wonderful to try. It is the way God himself experiences your life. We can even think, on a cosmic scale, this is why there is all of us, including you. We give God the opportunity to share himself with all of us. It makes him the connection between all of us, every single one. No one is left out.

These are the many dimensions of spirit of actual living beings like Michael and myself, your most direct spiritual parents. And then your wonderful Urantia Book introduces you to a whole hierarchy of spiritual beings, personal beings, every one like you in being a unique personality directly from God.

Let me talk for a minute about your particular human spirituality. We tease you with the notion that you are a very complex, multi-faceted being with a uniqueness to you, directly from God. In this sense you are like no other, and yet you are so securely associated with–attached to if you will–this body of yours which is very universal–thank goodness. If you need to have your appendix out, or some other surgery, the doctor doesn’t have to start from scratch. If he has operated on a few hundred men and women, boys and girls before you, he knows roughly where to look for what he is looking for. So right here you have the combination of a unique personality inhabiting, controlling, and using something that is nigh universal.

Then it comes to the dimensions of mind and all those thought processes with which I actually help you. There’s your intuition, the way you can know things. You can store that knowledge not only as memories, but also as understanding how everything is connected, what leads to what, and what works and what doesn’t. There’s your courage, your ability to extend yourself into the unknown; and your companionship, your ability to relate with one another. Your mental wisdom gives you the ability to use all of these dimensions of yourself and apply them to this present moment.

All this happens by the marvelous way you can capture things, your mind-facilities of language and thought. Ironically, it’s also the way your language itself has you in whatever culture you were raised in, and how it is different from other cultures which have evolved in your world. So all these dimensions of mind are again a combination of your uniqueness–no one else has your exact thoughts–yet they are very humanly universal compared to those of an angel’s or a Melchizedek’s.

With this understanding of body and mind you can get a feeling of what spirit is, this other dimension. This is the creative dimension. This is what truly gives your personality freedom. You are not just an animal that is bound by your training and instinct like, shall we say, all the different breeds of dogs or cats. There you can say whether it is a Labrador Retriever, or some Scotty, or some other specialized creature with their own characteristics that you yourselves have, over hundreds of years, developed.

You are not just an intelligent animal. You have this dimension of spirit by which you can create something that has never existed before. It is something new in all the continuity of everything else going along, including your living body and your mind with all its memories and associations, and this Eternal Now coming down right now. You actually are co-creating everything you experience. You can think of something new. You can be presented with a unique situation to you and come up with an adequate, even brilliant way of handling it that is also unique to you and that moment.

This is creative spirit, and in this especially you are closest to our Father, to Michael, and to me. Creativity is something coming out of a personal being, because all spirit is personal. There is no impersonal spirit abroad in the universe! Spirit is the dimension of creativity with which personal beings are endowed.

So in this season of celebrating the spiritual, this season of giving and receiving, this season of getting together just so you can share space, and time, and laughter with each other–the enormous pains that some folks go to, to get in touch and be right with family and friends: this too is where you are most like your Father, and Michael and me. It’s the quality of sharing, and all the creativity, all the joyous spontaneity that can arise when two people get together and start to share this creative spirit. It can lead to something new just bubbling over and bursting forth, delighting both souls.

So this is my gift to you, my children, not only of me, but my invitation to be aware of spirit. Be aware how you yourself are enjoying this creativity, recognizing it in each other in the delight you see in another’s eyes. It’s the way of being open to each other so something can arise beyond either one of you. The two of you together create a universe as two unique beings come together and enjoy each other. Again: it’s something universal, something all-inclusive, something that welcomes and embraces everything, when spirit really and truly comes alive. This is the joy of the season, is it not?

My dear ones, let me tease you with the notion that you yourselves are spiritual beings. This is the very origin of the joy you feel as you share yourselves with each other. You definitely have my blessing and my love, and you also have Michael’s peace whenever you open your heart to receive it. Don’t forget to say hello from time to time to our Universal Father. Now if you have any questions or comments, they are always a delight to my spirit.


Student: Thank you, Mother, for this embrace once again we have had from you. We experience it so much and so often that we rely on it and count on it in this life, even–we might say–to the point of overlooking it. Nevertheless you are always here for us, always embracing us in all your ways. For that we will remain eternally grateful. Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Thank you, my son. Yes, it is a delight when you think of Michael and myself from time to time, and say hello. It gives us a greater opportunity to serve you, and it is this service that we know and you know amongst yourselves.

Michael once taught among you, that to be a servant of all is the greatest glory because as you serve another, this is the most intimate contact with whom and what they are. Your very ability to help another is the most wonderful, intimate touch. This becomes your soul wealth–these others, these unique beings that you are delighted to share your life with. So Michael and I do thank you for your service to us and for each other. We are so happy you can feel the delight of it.

This is the joy that goes beyond comprehension. It definitely forms your understanding, does it not?—of who this other person is. And so as you take time out from time to time to say hello to us, and join us in thanking our Father, this is also your greatest touch with that creative spirit within you. This is your choice; this is a decision that you make. And it literally can make you more real. So thank you, my son, and thank you for your particular service being the voice and the conduit of spirit as you have over the years. Be in my love.

Student: I am in your love. I experienced it tonight. I am in gratitude. I wonder if you would make comment on this notion that I have, that we are living in rather unusual, perhaps even unfortunate times where the very sustenance that is so freely provided from on high, from you, Mother and Father–the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food that nourishes our material beings–has been notably altered and compromised from its divine pattern many times. I have a sense that we, as co-creators with you, may have some jurisdiction over this. Through the intentional blessings and prayers for that which sustains us, we may be able to bring about these necessary elements into a more divine pattern, a more correct form—with, of course, your assistance and blessing in this process. Would you care to speak to that?

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son, you put your finger right on it when you said you have dominion-jurisdiction over these elements of your lives and of your world. This is something that is relatively new in the long history of mankind is it not? It is partly due to the sheer numbers of you now, the billions that are relying upon what you call natural resources. You say you’ve had an intuition that this is almost a moment-by-moment, day-by-day, new situation.

The answer lies in your very genius–your expanding ability to communicate and share with each other. As Michael has often taught, there has always been a World Soul, and there still is. But it is only very recently that you’ve had a material counter-part to it in the form of all your electronic communications.

And this is the answer. It is the way out, the only way out. It is the wonderful way of being in touch with each other more and more all over the world. There is a family, a world family coming about, embracing and being aware of all the different cultures–and even the thousands and tens of thousands of mini-cultures everywhere—that truly, in a way, separate folks, right in their intrinsic experience of life. It’s whether you were raised, shall we say, in the downtown of some large city, or out on a farm, in a small town, or being a herder of animals out on the Steppes, looking up at the stars.

The whole human family in its increasing numbers is putting a strain on natural resources, but your very openness, your innate curiosity about others is the saving grace of being aware of, and starting to share your understanding and your knowledge of all these resources, and how to keep them pure and uncontaminated.

Michael and I do not wish to appear judgmental in a harsh sense, but in your more modern societies, we even tease you to consider the notion that so much of your ill health, so much of the crippling effects people feel in their lives, are still determined within the realm of choice. It is so much a question of choosing simply—but profoundly–the right diet and exercise, that these words have become almost meaningless in their repetition.
Consider the amount of ill health and disease that is still culturally conditioned by folks carrying on bad habits from their parents and the past, and not using their creativity and their openness to reexamine things and change.

This is still the largest single cause of disease, of misuse of resources, and of waste beyond comprehension; and not only of materials, but of lives. So we dangle this notion out in front of you to tease you into opening yourself more and more. Communicate with more and more folks. Be aware of this whole world of yours because it is possible now.

Then in your own lives, be truly scientific: experiment. Try things and strive for better health, more power, more comprehension, so you can be of greater service. So yes, my son, as you say: it is being aware that you, as a human family, do have dominion over this. And you need to take dominion, each of you, over your own lives to live healthier on fewer and fewer resources. It is possible. There is enough here for the present population.

I think about the most important word I could put in your mind in this wonderful season is, ironically, this notion of waste. Each of you do your best to live your life as simply and purely as you can, and be curious about everything and everyone. This is my Christmas Blessing, my son. Thank you for your curiosity and your wonder to bring it forth.

Student: Thank you for your loving words, Mother. We love you deeply.

NEBADONIA: Thank you my son, and rest in Michael’s peace.


Well, my dear ones, if there are no more questions or comments for me this evening, let me again emphasize what was brought up–that in one way you are always struggling, and rightfully so. It’s to be aware, to continue to grow–as children, as adolescents and young adults, right up to the moment of your death. Hopefully you will still be curious about what is happening, still open to learning.

There’s the wonderful triad of life, learning, and loving; and all their combinations–learning to love, loving to learn; living to learn, and learning how to live; living to love, and loving to live. This is the joy, the way you expand and grow, and it is what you celebrate in these seasons of joyous giving–giving of yourself, opening yourself to take in another, and share that unique something that comes up between the two of you like nowhere else.

Think of all your friends. Think of all the folks you have known. In your meditations take some time to celebrate within yourself all the folks that are in there with you, that are in your soul now. Think of each of their separate souls of living experience, and that only God himself has the pure creativity to have created them and you.

This is your soul wealth, my children–all these others with whom you have shared your life. That is the joy of this season. It is how you can make every day more and more full, sharing yourself with others. This is my blessing. And this is God’s blessing: that you truly can have each other. Michael bids you be in his peace. I embrace you with my love. Good evening.

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