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MAR243- All Spirit is Personal

2019-05-23-All Spirit is Personal
Marin #243


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: All Spirit is Personal
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: All Spirit is Personal
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit; Michael, tonight I would ask you–if you would perhaps–follow where Mother Spirit led last time, going into super-basics with a lesson on personality. Just what is it to be a personal living being, not only so much as who we are as we have known our life so far, but even more basic than that: what are we? What is a basic human being? How are we composed in our essence? So she went into what it is to be a personal being in all its extents and implications.

First of all, she taught we do get our personality–our uniqueness of being like no other–directly from God our Father. Yet how do we realize that uniqueness within ourselves without dying from loneliness, feeling so disconnected from everyone else? She suggested the exact opposite. By realizing our own uniqueness we’re able to see it, and even beyond that, appreciate it in everyone else we meet, everybody in the internet or on television. It’s to see and experience every other human being as a very unique person with their own unique background and abilities.

So tonight, Michael, if you would, I would like you to speak on the next phase or constituent part of our being, and that is our spirit. Again it seems to be almost too super-basic insofar as that word is used so generally and haphazardly by everybody’s philosophy and religion throughout our whole history. So could you give us some insight and deeper appreciation for what that word spirit means to you and Mother Spirit? Thank you.


MICHAEL: : Good evening. This is Michael, and I would be happy to expound on that magical word spirit. For yes, you are correct; it is used so enormously –even nonchalantly and widely in so many different contexts–it is somewhat difficult to get down to any basic meaning that would be applicable to any possible usage of it; which would be impossible.

Mother Spirit and I can only give you what spirit means to us. We say that you, as a human being, have spirit as part of you, part of your very nature. You are a spiritual being just as much as you are a personal being. But these terms are not synonymous. Personality comes before spirit just as God the Father—as origin–comes before the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit of Paradise–the great Trinity. For you it is an endowment. It is something given to your personality to become part of you. So most fundamentally, spirit is personal.

(All spirit is personal)

As we have taught before, there is no impersonal spirit anywhere. It is something that does not exist on its own anywhere in the universe. This is very important to keep in mind. Spirit is an attribute of a personal being, a living personal being.

True, some usages of it refer to a group of people, an organization or culture. There is a certain military organization that speaks of an Esprit de Corps that unites all of its people. Yet Mother Spirit and I very correctly point out this is something that is only held by each individual within that group. Insofar it can unite them, this is voluntarily; they choose to unite themselves. This choice is what gives rise to their unit or group spirit. In other words, any attempt to impose a unified spirit upon a group proves unsuccessful. It has to come freely from each personal being because they are who literally holds the spirit as part of them.

So all spirit abroad in the universe, whether we are speaking of God’s spirit, the Eternal Son’s, the Infinite Spirit’s, the spirits of all the higher beings on down to those closest to you–the angels and the Midwayers–then all your fellow human beings: these are all very personal spirits. They vary by the kinds of being who hold and generate their own spirit as something that flows directly from their personality. It’s the equal uniqueness of each separate spirit, whether it is God the Father’s or your own.

(Spirit = creativity)

Another word we would like you to closely associate with spirit is creativity. Getting back to what you might call a super-basic consideration: the primary division/separation/distinction in all of reality is between personal and impersonal reality. Impersonal reality is what you call matter and energy, literally the physical universe. Even beyond what you can see and register with your marvelous telescopes there is the Central Universe of Havona of a billion unique worlds surrounding Paradise, and even Paradise itself.

The main characteristic of impersonal reality of matter and energy is its uniformity. Whether it is here on earth or out there in some distant star, carbon is carbon, iron is iron. Even though there are thousands of kinds of energy, still each kind is uniform throughout all of creation.

(Impersonal uniformity vs personal uniqueness)

You can see how this impersonal uniformity is so contra-distinct from personality where each one is unique. Spirit, being a function, an ability, a creative ability of each personality, each personality’s spiritual creativity is also unique. It is unique not only in its beginning–its origin–but it is unique in each moment of time as each personality continues to live and grow. We have taught that every moment in history, from the very beginning clear up to our present moment, every one of these moments is unique because universal history is only repeating itself in its uniformity of material, energetic reality—every effect coming from a previous cause.

(Unique creativity within uniform causality)

Yet in view of all the personal beings–by the trillions of trillions of trillions of personal beings that exist–by their very unique creative acts, total reality is not repeating itself. Each moment in time is unique just because of a universe full of personal beings each going about co-creating their own inner reality, as well as affecting their surroundings.

This starts right from the beginning with God the Father’s personal creativity involved in an ongoing, deliberate expansion of himself through the lives of all personal beings. In other words, total reality is itself expanding; even physically. I know this contradicts one of your laws of thermodynamics, that matter is neither created nor destroyed. Yet matter is constantly being created by a very high order of personal beings who go out from Paradise and, in open space, start spiral nebula that will in time give birth to millions of suns and planetary systems.

So I hope this gives you some sense of that aspect of reality that is continuing very uniformly. You can count on it. This discovery has been the miracle of your science. The real glory of your science has been in finding all these universal laws that are absolutely dependable.

Right alongside and within this absolutely uniform continuity of Natural Law, you have all these unique personal beings, each one of them endowed with a creative spirit. This is what makes up total reality as you look around you, and even, hopefully, as you feel within yourself. You all have a similar living body of a rather uniform bio-chemistry, yet every single one of you is even physically unique, even from your own parents, or your brothers and sisters.

(The spiritual creation of civilization)

Your spirit, my dears, this is the creative part of you that of course most obviously manifests in what you call ‘artistic creations’–your painting and sculpture, your music, your literature and movies. Also, now, as you look around, there’s all this marvelous world you live in of roads and cars, trains and airplanes–all the kinds of transportation. There are all the different kinds of houses forming enormous cities. Think of all the creation of mankind going back tens of thousands of years–what you call civilization—folks becoming more and more civil with all these creations that each came from a single individual.

Right from the very beginning of families, then the most basic tribal organizations of people, both men and women pooled their creations to become more and more civil with each other. This is literally what civilization is–a group collective creativity that originates from individual, personal spirit. This is what you are surrounded with. This is what you live within.

(Co-creating your own reality)

Now for your own personal spirit: we say this is what makes you a “co-creator” of all you experience. This might be the hardest for some folks to grasp because they think, ”Wait a minute. This is a real world I’m walking around in. This is my house. This is my car. This is my chair I’m sitting in. Are you saying all of this is unreal, that I am just making it up?’ Of course not.

Yet for the most part, from the moment you awake, within your conscious behavior, your spirit creates your interpretation of all you are experiencing. It’s the physical world around you, and the other people in your life. It is not that they are not there, but how you are experiencing them. This is literally your life, my dear.

How you interpret and experience things is part of your own unique personality and creativity, even how you see each other. You and a friend can meet a third person and each of you is experiencing the others slightly differently, even though truly there is an objective reality there. Each one of you is a living person standing there. It’s how you are experiencing each other that’s unique.

(Avoiding the arrogance of objective fallacy)

A real appreciation of this means several things. One: you don’t get caught up in what we call “objective fallacy”–thinking you alone have the one true and objective reality. Unique subjectivity is universal. Like Mother Spirit said, “All personal beings are alike–no two identical”—you included. Uniqueness is what you all have in common. Being able to see and grant this freedom to each other is the very basis for an ultimate kind of civil relationship.

An ultimate civilization is where every person can recognize and grant every other person this autonomy, this freedom by realizing they too are living in their own very special and somewhat unique world. This leads to the open-mindedness of welcoming, sharing, and enjoying this uniqueness among you, coming to voluntary organizations devoid of simply forcing others to agree and comply.

This acceptance of one’s own co-creativity and responsibility—your ability-to—respond–to what you yourself are interpreting, is the very basis for the true civilization that your poor, somewhat unfortunate and enormously suffering world needs so desperately. It means every person absolutely denies themselves any force in putting their own view of things on another.

(A great liberating realization)

Once this is experienced, what liberation! What a wonderful feeling to know how much your own creative human nature is giving you, constantly. You realize you too embody that great trinity of: physical facts–the material world I talked about; mind—your mental associations and meaning of things; and your spirit—the value you find in things and yourself. It’s not only what means what, but what is important, or not. How do you spend your time? What is important through time–not only yesterday and today, but on into the future? This is the dimension of spirit. This is the dimension that you yourself are creating.

Now: the only difficulty with addressing this simple little word spirit is: there is no end to it. So let me rather arbitrarily stop now and pause for your own questions or comments; and tickle and tease you into thinking more and more about: what part of your own experience right now are you yourself creating?—and what is simply there? It’s an eternal question that has no end–so go ahead, my dears. (long pause) If you have a question or comment you can use “star six” to unmute yourself.


Student: Hello. I wanted to know: how can we think like spirit? How can we think like Michael?

MICHAEL: : Well yes, my dear, one way is simply to realize I am part of you. My spirit–I talked about personal spirit this evening; we call my spirit the Spirit of Truth because it is an orientation toward that which is constantly greater than yourself, to discover.

(Continuing to grow spiritually)

This is something that Mother Spirit and I are blessed with, being the kinds of beings we are. We can contact so much–first of all, several hundred thousand of our own order all throughout the universe. As you realize more and more of this creative spiritual part of you, you begin to approach the kind of beings we are.

This is something, my dear, that in your life to come after your human one on the earth here, this is one way you will grow greater and greater–in spirit. You become more and more creative all the time in your day-to-day life. This is how you approach me and Mother Spirit, and even the presence of God within you. This is how you become more and more like Mother Spirit, and me, and even our Father. It is in your creativity. And isn’t this truly the delight in living?

Student: How can we think more like spirit?–by being creative?–is that what you are saying?

MICHAEL: : Yes, my dear, just by being more creative. This is how you approach higher spiritual beings. It is not for nothing that Mother Spirit and I are called a Creator Son and Creator Daughter of God. This is also part of all the other higher spiritual beings of our Local Universe–the angels, the Melchizedeks, the other kinds of spiritual beings. They are all doing their best to create this most wonderful world for you. So this is how you approach us–by being creative.

Student: I love it! Thank you.

(The creative spirit of love)

MICHAEL: : Yes, my dear, it is very much a matter of love. Does not love–loving and being in love yourself–create a very special world, not only for yourself but including all of those around you? Love is that aspect of God we call sharing. Just to share your life with another, and others, is one of the most creative things you can do. As I said tonight, it is such an act of creation to open yourself to others, to register and appreciate how they are unique in themselves, every single one. So be in my peace.

Student: Thank you.


MICHAEL:  Well, if there are no more questions or comments, I hope tonight to have given you a real taste of just how much you are creatively involved, no matter how distant, or disconnected, or even estranged you may feel at times. Ironically, even these feelings are a function of your own creativity.

(Being aware of your own subjective bias)

But to be ever more consciously aware of how you are interpreting things, enables you by a kind of back-azimuth on things–like a reverse compass direction from things—to actually get closer to them. You can realize and accept what is just there, not only in others and this whole world surrounding you, but right within yourself, right within your own body.

It’s the supreme irony that only by realizing your own subjectivity can your life become ever more objective, evermore loving with the appreciation of just All That Is, and all that you are–right from God’s hand.

So, my dear ones, take heart. This teasing Mother Spirit and I do is to lead you forth, lead you out of yourselves to an ever greater and greater life. Mother Spirit sends you her love, and I bid you: Be in my peace. Goodnight.

Student: Good night.

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