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MAR66- Stillness, Universal Soul, Facets of Reincarnation

2005-10-17-Stillness, Universal Soul, Facets of Reincarnation

Marin – MAR#66

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness, Universal Soul, Facets of Reincarnation
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Stillness, Universal Soul, Facets of Reincarnation
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael


Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, What a great blessing right out of the blue the Teaching Mission is becoming for us. Most of us have only been associated with it for a few years now, but we are finding Your insights and Your suggestions not only ring true, but they work. We know in our hearts that we are changing and growing because everyone around us appears to be more responsive; and this, we know, is how it works. So thank You again for helping us understand the complexity of our own nature. Amen.

Michael. Good evening, My sons, this is Michael. Yes, it is good to get back together again. I enjoy your camaraderie when you do get together and just enjoy each other’s company. This is always the most precious aspect of human association, as you expressed it one time–just being here. So the pains you take to get here are a token of your sincerity, augmented by a good healthy dose of Mothers’ Adjutant of Counsel, the mind-spirit of Hers that leads you to a warm and generous gregariousness.

 Gravity—Physical, Personality, Spirit, and Mind).

There’s definitely something about this that pervades all of God’s reality. Even on the totally impersonal level of energy and matter, when you think of gravity, you can think of it roughly as everything trying to get with everything else. Everything attracts everything else–as your textbook informs you, all the way up from the “huddling proclivity” of the one hundred ultimatons that go together to make up an electron or other elementary particles, and bring the whole physical universe into existence.

Our Universal Father has His personality gravity or drawing power, a circuit or phase of His consciousness by which He enjoys the experience of all the personal beings who exist, who came originally from Him. So the Thought Adjusters within you that provide you a measure of His consciousness, His suggestions and help, are also known as Mystery Monitors–if you will, the means by which He monitors or experiences what you do. This is why everything that you experience of spiritual significance becomes a joint possession of the both of you. Talking about getting together, this is one of the great events you have to look forward to–the day when you and your Thought Adjuster, your Mystery Monitor, fuse together to become one being fully expressive of your soul.

In similar fashion, the Eternal Son of Paradise has His circuit of consciousness, spirit consciousness, which ties together and draws all living personal beings to Him. This is His connection with you, for you are all, whether male or female, you are all in this sense His sons, ascending sons of the Eternal Son. I myself look upon the Universal Father and the Eternal Son as My direct parents. This is why I am classified as a dual-origin being, because I came from the two of Them, and I enjoy a continuous consciousness, as you will too some day, of the Eternal Son’s spiritual drawing power ever pointing towards Paradise. This especially encourages more primal evolutionary beings to tune into Him and, become one with a fragment of the Father, find your way home someday. This is spirit gravity, its own special kind of connecting and drawing power.

Then you have the Infinite Spirit of Paradise, the God of action, the origin of the Cosmic Mind enabling personal beings such as yourself to connect with a living body, and ever whispering in your ear, through all of My daughter’s–Mother Spirit’s dimensions of Mind Adjutants, that you were given your marvelous bodies so that you could do things. This is your treasure, your joy, your power. This is the power of mind intrinsically reaching out to express itself in material realms. It is not for nothing that you are called the tool makers. This is truly what has given you dominion over all the tooth and claw of the natural world.

This too you can meditate deeply upon and, as was discussed last week, feel the origin of your mind being something more than just your physical brain. For all personality in intrinsically minded with powers of reason and association, and memory. Those of you who meditate very deeply and have gone beyond duality into a transcendent oneness, and experienced a highly conscious cessation of all manifestation, have experienced upon returning the fact that all perception is based upon the duality of subject and object. Yet it all happens within the unity of mind. This is the connection, this is what is expressed in that philosophical equation, thou art that.

We touched on this in terms of objectivity and subjectivity–that however objective a perception seems, you are still, nevertheless, part of it. Psychologically you call this projection, for you are literally encountering yourself in everything seemingly exterior to you. This is the realm, the power of mind. This, if you will, is the connection, the mind-gravity of the Infinite Spirit coming down right into your individual lives, day to day.
And so, My children, you see how things hang together. When We speak of the many dimensions that you will encounter, this is what We are pointing at. This is what We mean when We say that the endless stretches of time before you can be very full and, even more than in your present life, moment by moment fulfilling. There is an immediate feedback and reward to life within each moment if you can but perceive it and feel it–feel yourselves living.

 Stillness orientation.

A wonderful tool or orientation to keep in mind in your stillness, is to feel your heart beating. For some of you this takes a bit of doing, but it points the way. It points the way to deeper stillness just in order to feel your heart beating without feeling for your pulse in your neck or your wrist. Just be evermore still to feel your heart beating in your chest, evermore still and deeply immersed, soaking in My Peace, to observe your breath without affecting it. This too is a marvelous ability to acquire–how to observe things without changing them, when they are part of you.

So feel My peace in the stillness within all these dimensions of gravity, gathered together by personality, the connection of spirit, the power of mind, and the tenacity of material and energy. Can you feel how composite you are as beings made up of these different dimensions? If you wish to pull them all together, think of your spirit-infused personality uniting your body and your spirit through the mediation of mind.

 Soul Universal soul).

Then consider there is still one more dimension, My children, the one We have been pointing at throughout this whole series of recent lessons, the other dimension that holds all the activity, the happenstance–the experience of all your own everything, through eternity–your soul. There even exists that highly personal aspect of God’s soul as a kind of summation of everything happening to all the personal beings out here in time and space–the growing Supreme Being.

For this is what we all are. We are living beings, all with a relative autonomy within a single living Being. This autonomy, this freedom within the larger situation is something we can realize and nourish, recognize in each other, and even grant each other–this freedom.
So carry on, My sons, you’re doing fine. You’re growing. I very much enjoyed your prayer this evening, how you know deep in your hearts that you are growing more open with the perception of how everyone else around you seems more responsive to you. Isn’t it marvelous when you pay attention, and all that out there responds?

If you have any questions or comments, bring them forward.


Student. Father Michael, I understand that…I have heard somewhere that we have access to energy patterns of all those who have gone before us, and somehow that got tied into reincarnation. I’m just wondering what are they talking about–energy patterns?

 Reincarnation.

Michael. Yes, C, the whole subject of reincarnation is somewhat difficult to approach for the reason that it means so many different things in so many different cultural contexts. In one way, as you are sitting here this moment you are a continuing energy pattern, and We’ve suggested that your very essence, your unique personality, endowed with spirit and life, is the continuity within this ever-changing energy pattern. Therefore personality is the persistence of something that does not change, but serves to unite a whole lot of different dimensions that are in a constant, living flux.

Consider that, at the same time, all this incessantly dynamic impersonal energy and matter, making up your bodies and obeying what you call natural law, absolute cause and effect, represents the unvarying continuity of this natural law, whereas your personality, not bound so tightly by antecedent causality, is relatively creative. You can literally bring something into existence that, even though many of its elements have precedents, still the thing itself is in its totality an act of creation.

If you wish to consider your physical body alone, your scientists have only recently come to an intellectual grasp of how the pattern for an entire person can be contained in a little dot, a human egg about the size of a period at the end of a sentence, fertilized by a truly microscopic sperm perhaps one thousandth its size. So down in your DNA you have a most compact and minute example of a persisting pattern of matter and energy within the living protoplasm of these two human reproductive cells combined.

Even more recently you are discovering that you inherit from your parents, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and so forth back into time, many subtle traits beside just the color of your eyes and hair, the way your nose and chin are shaped. This too is a kind of reincarnation. These too are continuing and repeating patterns of energy that you enjoy and influence you as you are sitting here this evening.

Yet there have been erroneous notions of cause and effect linked to this greater overall concept of reincarnation. If we look at your essence, your personality, this does not reincarnate in successive human lives as some philosophies and metaphysics postulate. Rather, you can look at your whole first life as a kind of womb. You have a universe to go out and explore. You do not need to hang around this one planet indefinitely, over and over again experiencing life on Urantia.

You have a System, then a Constellation, then the headquarters worlds of your Local Universe of millions of inhabited worlds–just getting started. Beyond these are many, many galaxies, and then the billion individual worlds of Havona to experience on your way to Paradise. Your personality is a direct creation of God’s and, when you think about it, has to start somewhere.

So some of the ideas of reincarnation do have a strangely intuitive kind of truth to them. Some of the olden ideas of human beings reincarnating from lower forms of life have a certain validity insofar as from the time you were a fertilized egg, as an embryo you recapitulated the whole evolution of life on the planet. Your physical being actually did this; your body came through all these stages during gestation. And so every human being does recapitulate the evolution of life on the planet from the time the Life Carriers sowed their original living protoplasm many eons ago. And most of these phases and stages of evolution still exist on the planet, from the little amoeba all the way up to yourselves.

These are various ways you can look at reincarnation as continuing patterns of energy. You will literally be reassembled on the Mansion Worlds and given a much more glorious kind of body with which to, once again, relate to not only impersonal matter and energy, but with all the other personalities as well, human and, initially, the lower forms of the celestial.

But again I repeat, personality itself is not a continuing pattern of energy. It is something far beyond any conception of matter or energy. Personality is even the one thing can be added to spirit, illustrating the Father’s primacy of personality over the Eternal Son’s manifestation of spirit. Now does all this answer your question, My son?

Student.  Yes it does, Father. It’s almost more than I can deal with. But I begin to see that the energy patterns I thought were simply genetic antecedents that, while they culminated in me…that my personality is a gift from our Heavenly Father. Irrespective of all the things that went on physically before I got here, my personality is a gift from the Heavenly Father to me, and it begins now. It began with me and it will be with me forever. So it does make quite a bit of sense. Thanks.

Michael. You are very welcome, My son. Be in My Peace.

Student. Dear Michael, I would like some further help with decision making. I know when You were on earth, You had some very big decisions to make, and You were really focused on the problem at hand. I seem to be having a problem. I’m dealing with too many variables–health, debt, roles to play, responsibilities, commitment, finances, relatives, and my Thought Adjuster’s plans for me. Maybe You could help me to weigh these things. For instance, put my Thought Adjuster’s plans at a higher weight with some of Your spiritual pull, and simplify some of this decision making. I’d love to hear Your comments. Thanks.

(Deciding from inner oneness).

Michael. Yes, V. I see you striving and reaching towards the unity that Mother spoke of last week–the idea of having integrity within yourself, and towards yourself, in the sense of being integral, being one within yourself. I elaborated this evening what a composite being you are to give you some appreciation of what you are confronted with. So don’t be too hard on yourself for not having already accomplished it.

This is something that you will be progressing towards for thousands of years, because this kind of integrity, this kind of oneness of mind and spirit and body, impulse and desire and accomplishment, this kind of oneness is also rather bottomless–or infinite, if you will. And so as you make steady and constant progress, it is also part of the potential of your personality to keep growing along this dimension towards oneness indefinitely.

If you wish to think of stillness as having an active and passive component, We have been suggesting mostly the passive in which you relax all activity, all striving as much as possible, just to let yourself expand, especially into areas you cannot anticipate. Just open yourself, not even knowing what you are opening yourself to. That is the purpose–just to empty yourself so your Thought Adjuster, and your own deeper personal consciousness and super-consciousness can have some access to your conscious mind.

Stated so objectively, this is rather tricky for it may sound alien or without purpose—to just sit there, yet most folks are doing it all the time, but in very short bursts. They’ll pause for a few seconds to let some new idea occur to them, or they’ll sit down to meditate for a minute or two, until they get the first great idea, and then off they go again. So here’s where persistence pays off. And because this is usually so shallowly indulged in, for this kind of stillness it’s good to persist for a certain period of time, shall we say setting aside twenty minutes or so, twice a day if you can, for just this type of relaxing and opening. To help you do this, at least initially keep a pencil and pad of paper there too, otherwise you will be so worried about losing those good ideas that come, this alone will be too distracting.

This leads–in addition–to a kind of active stillness in which you can focus on a particular problem—say, your finances, or some person. This is more like contemplation where you are focused on a particular thing, but then staying open as to new ideas about this person, or situation. Go to school on yourself, My son. Sign up for the V University. And like a student before a professor, take notes. Keep in mind last week’s introduction about a sense of proportion and assign values from the realm of spirit to the different aspects of your situation, and write them down, especially since, in your present stage of culture, you are, generally speaking, so visually oriented.

It really helps to outline or make some kind of schematic diagram of your situation–the relationships between people, or your financial alternatives, to see what your choices are. This is what I mean by going to school at your own university, and taking good notes so this time is not wasted and allowed to slip into some altogether too vague suggestion or notion. Really plumb the depths of what you know for sure and, as in our other discussion on decisions, you’ll find the decisions tend to make themselves. One choice or alternative will stand out as being far superior.

Still, My son, keep in mind the open nature of ultimate decisions, as we also talked about. At their ultimate reach, decisions can seem somewhat arbitrary because finally, when all other factors appear rather balanced to you, you yourself have to weigh in and make a choice depending on what you want. The more you are conscious of this, and remember it well, the more full can be your appreciation the choice was yours. This is what keeps you from later making some superficial, altogether too partial a judgment on that decision. So as you strive for simplicity in the spiritual sense–integrity, oneness–you avoid the exact opposite, simpleminded-ness. Does this help you my son?

Student. Yes it does, Michael, especially the “act of stillness.” I find myself sort-of waiting for some emotion, or some concentration of feeling, but now I see some of the elements that You mentioned–with the visual aspects, and the notes, and also adding what I want. I think decisions will stand out a little more clearly, and be well thought out. And I can see now this sort of decision making is going to be with us all the way up to Paradise, and I’m thrilled with the idea of this hunger-tension for Paradise Perfection being lessened from time to time, so we feel the progress. I’ve always liked that concept in the Urantia book–the hunger tension for Paradise Perfection–because it makes me feel that I can move towards that with a little more safety and stability. Thank You.

Michael. The hunger tension you speak of is the drawing power, the spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son, acting like a compass ever pointing you the way. But also, what I am suggesting this evening is nothing new. People all through history have found great assistance in writing out their ideas–sitting down to think with a pen and paper to give objective reality to their thoughts as a kind of record continuing through time, they could refer to later. For essentially you are writing to yourself in the future. And this is the very essence of planning. It is using some of your now for yourself in the future. This is being good to yourself. And it’s the most fundamental kind of discipline. So, good luck! And be in My peace.

Student. Yes, Michael, it seems that what You just said to V about decision making, it seems to me–at least in the decisions that I have made in the past, and am making now–seem to be stretching me beyond that place of familiarity. Like I’ve had to make decisions in the past, in moving from one place to another, that required considerable stretching of my financial consciousness, so to speak. And so that stretched me beyond what I used to be.

It seems to involve a stretching away from what was, into something new and different in the future, and experiencing the anxiety and the uncertainty of that in the moment. And I think it’s how we deal with that anxiety, and that uncertainty, that kind-of allows the unfolding of the decision to happen. So that’s one thought that came to mind.

And then I was thinking about what I was experiencing earlier today, where I felt real acute disappointment, and how it affected me in my body, and how I looked at that as I was going through it, looking at my own inner dialogue and reaction. And it was interesting watching that, and how I didn’t communicate that to the other person I was disappointed with. And it’s…it’s like I could have said a whole bunch of things that were not constructive, that could even be seen as mean-spirited, but I held myself back and moved on to do something else. And as I did that, the inner dialogue was still, Oh, I can’t wait to get out of this relationship! I want to move on! I don’t want to do this! I want to be me!–that kind of thing.

But then gradually I just let that go, and saw mercy, and forgiveness, and even beyond that, with love. And so I come through this whole inner dialogue, or inner workings within me, seeing all this. And I’m not saying the disappointment is not there. It still is on some level. But I’m just wanting to know; I guess I don’t want to be stuck in some sort of denial–that I’m denying something of myself. I don’t know if I’m making myself clear…

Michael. Well, D, it seems very clear to Me.

Student. Thank You. Sometimes it’s hard to put these things into words.

 Decisions—handling disappointment).

Michael. Yes, but I have the advantage of reading a bit of your spirit too.

Student. Yeah!

Michael. The first part you mentioned is very directly to the point on decisions, and what a power you have–that you can make a decision that changes things, sometimes irrevocably. You are righteously shy about exercising this power, but consider that an aspect of wisdom, of looking before you leap, of using as much foresight as you can muster and understand, all coming from a deep respect that the power to decide is the basis of your freedom.

As to what you went through in terms of disappointment, don’t feel alone in this My son, for this is a very common happenstance, and is a direct manifestation of your not being one…yet. You can actually experience various parts of yourself arguing with each other…

Student. Yes!– let me just interject for a moment… I do, I see that. It’s like….but my heart, in time, if I allow it to, overrides all that.

Michael. This is the wisdom to give yourself the time, to let things settle out. Because initially you will identify very much with one part of you, and then with another part, as they battle back and forth for dominance. It takes a bit of living through these episodes to begin to recognize the process. Someone can disappoint you, or do exactly what you’ve suggested they don’t do, and the defensive mechanisms of your mind, build on all sorts of cultural and family scenarios, developed over centuries and centuries, these defensive mechanisms of your mind can kick in automatically and come up with endless and tiresome, even somewhat valid-seeming arguments as to why this person is absolutely evil, or the situation is intolerable. And this can go on and on even when you don’t wish it to.

It is not a purely romantic notion that, from time to time, people do die of unrequited love. People can literally die of a broken heart by convincing themselves, if the inner argument gets too strong and relentless, that life is no longer worth living. But if you’ve lived through a number of these episodes, you start to recognize the pattern even though you cannot turn it off for a while. You learn to just let it play itself out by seeing it for what it is, seeing through all the hyperbole and exaggeration, all the wounded feelings, all the defensive maneuvers of your heart center–until your spirit-personality regains the upper hand. You are definitely going from something superficial to something deeper, and it does take time. Wisdom suggests you give yourself this time and not make any snap judgments, or be hasty in reacting.

So I congratulate you on your ability to understand the process, and just ride it out. This is a generosity to your companion. This is what We meant once by taking in a lot of negative karma that you encounter, but then instead of revving it up and returning it, letting it die within you, taking it out of circulation altogether. This is another aspect of spiritual generosity.

Student. Sometimes I do feel that, and it sits in me, and I get–for a lack of a better word–this bloated feeling within me; and I feel real stagnant. And yet I didn’t do anything, I just felt it. And so it’s like, what do I do? And I just had to sit in it, and it’s not too pleasant of a place to be in. And all I can do is just let go and let God. That’s all I can do. I was just concerned that through this process, you know, of being disappointed and everything, I was denying who I was.

Michael. This gets back to V’s concern about decisiveness. At the end of the emotional storm, when you are more back together, you heave a mighty sigh and decide then whether or not you are denying yourself–once you have a clear picture of all sides of the argument. You might be denying yourself. There is a possibility you are bending too far backwards—as you put it. You can be taken advantage of, not only to your own detriment, but also to the detriment of who’s taking advantage of you. These are all human possibilities. So at the end of this process, you do have to decide on a course of action.

Just keep in mind that it is a positive thing to ride out the storm, even though you are left with all the dregs of emotion. If it’s been a violent argument within you, a lot of adrenaline has been flooding around, and you will feel this for awhile. But if you keep your spirit clear, you can realize this is just a mental/physiological hangover.

Student. Yeah, it feels interesting, because I went swimming after this, because I had so much energy and I didn’t want to keep sitting. And while I was swimming, I kind-of got a picture of myself, a small…like a little D, like a little Buddha within my being, just telling me to be calm. And that seemed to work.

Michael. Yes. Since your mind and body are intimately interrelated, these aftereffects are largely physiological, but do affect your mind. It’s usually a marvelous and very healthy thing to do, to do some activity, some refreshing, creative activity. By engaging your body, it’s marvelous how it clears your mind and restores your spirit. Put that adrenaline to work.

Student. Yes, because I notice that when one is in that state of disappointed or negative emotion, we tend to forget to breathe. I think if we remember to breathe, then that clears the system.  Yes C, like that.

One other question is, when is it better, or good to end or to change a relationship–an intimate relationship? What are the cues, so to speak, of that? I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but what are the cues? Let’s say our relationship has met its purpose and it’s time to change, or move on from that relationship. And I guess you can say, between a man and a woman?

Michael. I was going to add one more thing about experiencing a great disappointment, it’s often an experience of powerlessness. For while this argument is raging within you, you are somewhat powerless and can only ride out the storm and give yourself time for it to subside a bit, to regain your control. So this feeling of powerlessness is very valid; it’s really what’s happening.

Student.  Yes, I did feel some of that!

 Relationship.

Michael. With respect to relationships, each is so unique because the individuals involved are unique. Which is why, as an aside, it’s usually not valid to judge anyone else’s relationship due to the impossibility of knowing what it is from the inside-out. Each relationship has a life of it’s own. I think you can feel this very strongly when you think about each different person you know, and how the dynamic is ever so subtly different with each one.

It’s easy to say that when a relationship seems to stop growing, and stagnate after a number of attempts to revive it using all your creativity and love and respect for all that has gone before; this is the time to look for growth in other areas. But this is not always easy to assess, because relationships can go through stagnant periods and then revive with the discovery of some new source of life that both partners can get into.

But that’s generally the major valid cause, when both individuals need to keep growing and are better and wiser suited to letting the relationship change; perhaps even separating to obey that inner necessity to keep growing. But again, knowing this still does not make the assessment that much easier.

Student. When you said that, I thought, how does one discern that? I mean, how does one know how to differentiate between wanting to grow and expand and/or just running away from being uncomfortable, or being disappointed, or feeling the pain? Or afraid of even furthering the commitment or intimacy?

Michael. When you truly don’t know, I think it’s a matter of trial and being open for whatever results. This is where you use your creativity and your self-knowledge, that great question again of, what do you want–while feeling for a spiritual quality of growth for both your sake. For it is a human possibility, there are very creative, valid separations, whereby both individuals are benefited enormously.

This is one of those things which is best thoroughly discussed with your partner. Because any feelings that you cannot do so are indicative of the very stagnation you’re trying to create your way out of. If you cannot share these feelings, and each encourage the other to join together to enliven your relationship, this itself is a strong indication of estrangement and alienation.

A great challenge to keep a relationship growing is to, at one and the same time, cultivate greater autonomy and greater intimacy. It’s like mountain climbing, where you each keep leapfrogging one another to keep going upwards, helping each other get ahead, so then each partner can in turn help the other one pass again.

Student. So ultimately the reason for being in a relationship is for growth, the spiritual growth of each person in that relationship? No other need is as important as that?

Michael. Well, there may be other responsibilities, such as children, but with respect to the two, Yes, this is what I mean by growing closer together in intimacy and what both are capable of sharing, yet in such a way that each becomes evermore individual and free–so they are not literally just stuck together. This is what true love is all about, this desiring to see another growing strong and healthy and free.

Student. And also true love can mean letting that person go to experience that for themselves. And thank You very much!

Michael. You’re welcome, My son. It’s good to explore these things. This is the essence of a good relationship. It’s where each encourages the other to be free past any clinging or, as you know, where some individuals actually sabotage the other, trying to limit another out of fear that they will simply be outgrown.

Student. I just don’t want to get caught up in the idea like I need to be there for that other person because they need me and the world with fall apart if I’m not. Or I need them because of financial stability–I mean if these are just illusions. I want to come from that core-essence of what we have spoken about–spiritual growth.

Michael. But keep in mind that spirit is inclusive. As long as you have physical bodies and a need for food and shelter, the economic aspect is always a part of your life. So it’s in staying open to all these elements. Rest now in My peace. I think we’ve looked at it pretty thoroughly.

Another student. I’d just make a comment that the love between Adam and Eve, as depicted in the Urantia book, is just like what you’ve been talking about. They went through everything, going through great disappointments and barriers, but still—they’re still together now! It’s a wonderful story!

Michael. We’re back to the appreciation of a sense of balance and proportion between two people, a real sense of the relationship itself as a living entity, and how to keep that entity growing. You consciously balance your own intake and output, which means taking in your partner as fully as you can, while giving them as much freedom as you can.

 Instant mind reactions.

It’s certainly a hallmark of maturity to be able perceive how subtle and instantaneously changing people are with each other. We’ve touched on this a few times before, how, as you’re walking down the sidewalk meeting people, you tend to encounter your own expression. If you’re down and gloomy, this is what you are likely to meet in those coming towards you as they close down defensively. Whereas if you’re happy and cheerful and full of energy, people will be unconsciously and very instantaneously tuning in to you to catch some of your spirit. You touched on it in your prayer, how you can know deep in your heart that you are growing and opening because everyone else around you seems to be so much more responsive.

There is a real delight in how alive and responsive people can be with each other. This is why there need be no limits to relationships in the instantaneous reactions of spontaneity.

What a joy to find the secret of being at one and the same time ever more intimate, discovering new things to share with each other, all the while appreciating and encouraging each other to be free–to feel free and be self-honest within, working towards inner integrity.

(The great hunt).


You’re well on the track of this, My children. It’s the great hunt for meaning and value. Enjoy it well! And be in My peace.

Students. Thank You, Michael.

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