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MAR69- Preparing For Monjoronson

2005-11-14-Preparing For Monjoronson

Marin – MAR#69

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Preparing for Monjoronson
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Preparing for Monjoronson
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Tonight we want to thank You for these living conversations in which You reveal and share with us Your marvelous attitude toward our own lives—always positive and hopeful for us, ever forgiving of our past mistakes and showing us how to be well established in the present. We so value Your point of view and try our best to live Your attitude towards ourselves and our fellows. Amen.

(Michael and Mother Spirit on our lives).

Nebadonia. Good evening, My sons, this is your mother, Nebadonia, offering you all My heartfelt love and devotion. I truly love to communicate with you this way and share My life with you. You speak of My viewpoint, and I know from your perspective, those of you who have studied the Urantia book, you do have some understanding of the scope of Michael’s and My sovereignty and parenthood over so many millions of worlds.

We appreciate that over these last several years of getting together like this you have come to trust how personable We can be with you. This is just one of Our abilities, one of Our delights in being a Creator Son and Mother Spirit of a Local Universe. We do not have to—as you might think of it–shrink Ourselves down to relate to each of you as a unique individual in our family. Indeed We have been doing Our best to express to you how much of your lives We also experience.


Your textbook informs you that all living personalities are intrinsically minded, and that you are well established in the spiritual dimensions of reality. Yet We have also informed you that from the very earliest years of your life, as your mind developed, you were able to contact one by one another dimension of My Adjutants of Mind/Spirit, and enjoy yet one more extension of mental power—of quick reasoning, sociability and gregariousness with your fellows, the curiosity and courage to want to explore your world. Then there were My final two supreme Adjutants of Worship and Wisdom helping you be thankful to our Father for His gift of life, and being self-aware of all your worldly experience and how this has grown in you; then how I was able to help you use this wisdom.

So even though you are intrinsically minded in and of yourselves, still I am right within you helping you experience what you do. On this level we are sharing our lives together. And We hope that this recently revealed knowledge of how Michael and I are involved in your lives gives you an appreciation how to use Us, first by being aware of these mind and spirit dimensions, then whole-heartedly entering into prayer, never too shy or proud to ask for Our help in expanding and extending all these dimensions of your power. What parent doesn’t want their children to be strong and truly enjoying their life, spontaneously worshiping and thanking our Father for His gift?

 (Your mind has no limits).

So We hope to inspire and encourage you to keep reaching, to keep growing, to keep expanding, by reassuring you your mind has no limits. You are capable of growing this way forever. Some folks go through their lives as if somehow their mind was of a limited capacity and they dared not fill it to overflowing too soon, but this is more a matter of misunderstanding basic principles upon which you found and organize your experience so it always available to you. The correct understanding is wisdom. This is putting all your experience to work to enhance and reap all the rewards in your present moments.

We know that so much of your hard earned experience as come about through trial and error insofar as you have been given so much contradictory advise all through your life, especially in your present age of mass media where you can be exposed to hundreds of different human viewpoints in the course of your days. Here is where Michael’s living Spirit of Truth, in your mind and in your heart, in your understanding and feelings, helps you sort through this maze of contradictory suggestions. This is the only shortcut that exists, My children, to the truth. Michael’s Spirit literally gives you a desire for this adventure, and a great sense of triumph and accomplishment when both your heart and your mind agree that you have found some truth.

So these are some of the ways We have your life right within Us. This is how Our spirits are capable of infinite expansion through all Our children. And this capability is a direction towards which you yourselves are growing. You learn that your mind is also infinitely expandable, and you come to value more and more the understandings by which you organize all this increasing knowledge. Some day when you complete your Morontia training within our Local Universe, you will head out into the galaxy as a pure first-stage spiritual being yourself, and with so many thousands of years experience under your belt—so to speak—you will have transformed into a being of even greater potential growth, for spirit is like any living organism that thrives upon success. The more you expand, the more you are capable of expanding even greater. This is the basis for Our positive attitude, My children.

We do not slight your very real pain, or the genuine tragedies that befall you, sometimes not even of your own doing but just by being a small part in a gigantic situation; or as We have discussed before, suffering some of the intrinsic realities of being human, such as separation from loved ones, failure at very heart-felt enterprises, as well as all the squashed dreams of adolescence. Yet you do understand that We see Our children triumphing over all of these difficulties. We follow them not only within our Local Universe but on in their spiritual careers out into the galaxy, and then even beyond time and space into the Central Universe of Havona and even, ultimately, Paradise.

So from Our point of view neither negates the other, but both are real, both the pain and suffering that you endure, and the glorious future that awaits you. We invite you to come join Us in this viewpoint, both toward yourself and toward your fellows–that you do not deny or slight even the smallest amount of pain that you or someone else might have to endure, but you do your best to alleviate it by penetrating all the way down to the root causes of whatever it is, all the while maintaining a real living touch with the positive fact of life itself. In this one fact, My children, you do not need to grow, for this is your absolute reality right this moment. You are a creation of God, and you are literally tying together all these different aspects of your life.

 (Attitude).

Your attitude is your willingness and your ability to relate to all the life surrounding you. Cherish it well, and use all of Our help to be honest within yourself, to have the courage to truly open up to the truth in each moment, respecting and cherishing all the God-created reality all about you, and within you. You are always on the threshold of the unknown, and you are slowing gaining the confidence to see that you would really never have it any other way as you step off with faith again, and again, and again.

If you have any comments or questions this evening, We welcome you to share them with Us.


Student. Dear Nebadonia, I think we’d appreciate any help at all in how to prepare for the Magisterial Mission. It’s still a pretty new concept for most people, even Urantia book readers, so any help in that department would be appreciated. Thanks.

 (Getting ready for Monjoronson).

Nebadonia. Yes, V, when you look forward to an event such as this, the coming of an Avonal Son on a magisterial mission, and you are aware that this marks the beginning of a great new phase in planetary history, it is easy to be over-awed by the promised enormity of the event, and perhaps make the erroneous assumption that this particular coming of Spirit to the planet somehow dwarfs your own need to keep growing spiritually in your own day to day life.

This is why Monjoronson himself has reiterated that certain conditions must exist before He can make full use of His particular abilities and powers. All such beings of enormous spiritual power are self-limiting from a wisdom and absolute purity of motivation and understanding, which are by definition almost beyond the scope of human comprehension; which is why it calls for trust and faith on your part. Your own spirit and spiritual growth are very much in your own hands. And on a larger scale, so too is all the daily living of all the people on Urantia.

The whole planetary soul, if you wish to think of it in these terms–the experience of all the people living today, is very much in their own hands. This is that essential freedom that constitutes you a human being, and no Son of Paradise origin would even think of abrogating that freedom in the tiniest amount.

Monjoronson’s mission is one of mercy, of inspiring and encouraging you to come into the present and His real living presence by embracing the true past of your races, having the courage and the generosity to forgive yourselves, and developing the strength to start anew each new day. This is an enormous undertaking for I know that those of you who are trying it, and feeling your most profound center shifting out of living in the past in an illusion of familiarity, and accepting all the unbounded uncertainty of your human lives in the present, begin to realize the enormity of the generosity of spirit it is gong to take, especially for those cultures and nations of people who have been fighting each other for thousands of years now, to forgive and embrace each other and not keep the endless revenge going.

This is Monjoronson’s mission, to inspire and encourage you to be more like your Father yourselves and value mercy, greatly helped by an acceptance of the severe limitations on your own ability to judge in order to achieve justice.

In this counterpoise between mercy and justice, My children, always remember that God himself extends mercy. Just be aware of and accept your own limitations to know another’s soul. What justice you humans are capable of achieving has to be a group affair, a responsibility shared in the full light of day and a real freedom of your press–your reporting and investigating institutions. Representative democracy with the ability to choose your law-enforcement and court systems, these are the only ways in which you insure that justice is truly attempted. The constant striving for this kind of open, transparent justice is mercy.

Ending the endless cycles of revenge is the only way. And this is Monjoronson’s real, living heart, His greatest desire. It is His infinite wisdom to see that this only exists person to person. It only grows person to person within small groups, then larger communities, until finally all nation-states of earth accept these self-imposed limitations. Does this answer your question, My son?

Student. Yes, it’s a big help, and I look forward to reading it and studying it over time—as will other groups who are interested in understanding these Correcting Times. Thank You very much.

Nebadonia. You are very welcome, My son. This is still the greatest stumbling-block for most people. When you mention mercy, especially toward those who may have actually harmed them sometime in the past, this is often their first counter-argument, what about justice? But justice itself, in perfection, belongs to God alone. Now be in My love. (Long pause).

Student. Yes, Mother, at this time I’m just kind-of soaking in Your presence, Your energy, and Your love. I’m kind-of recharging my batteries, so to speak. There seems to be a lot of unsettlement in my life, but I also know at the core is a stability, and a knowing that my God-self stands on solid ground. And it’s reassuring and comforting that I have this ability to go into this place. Sometimes it takes awhile, but I know it’s there and, in a sense, it’s, thank God for God!

And it’s interesting…yesterday, as I was soaking in the hot-tub where I live, and I was thinking to myself, I really have a desire to expand my love, to express my love, to be that conduit of love–as I have mentioned in the past. And I actually prayed that I would be put in situations where I could express love, and be love. And about a minute later, after I expressed that desire, a woman showed up, and we talked. And I was able to express myself to her, and she was able to express what was on her mind. So, in a sense, my prayer at that moment was answered, because she had things on her mind, and she was able to express them. And I was able to listen. And that’s how I want to live my life!

I sometimes wonder though, after listening to her, and the stories she related to me about other people, mainly women, how certain parents are allowed to be parents to their children, because–I question this–because of some of the diabolical things they do to their own offspring. And how can the child, who has been so spiritually damaged by their own father or mother, even think of forgiveness or mercy? I know that will come in time, hopefully, by maturity. But how can a child who has been so hurt by their father, by their own biological father, even consider trusting in God the Father? And so these are the things I wonder about; and it seems like it’s so prevalent in our society and in our world. And I’m just so thankful for my own parents, and my own upbringing. And for my new parents, I’m really so thankful!

Nebadonia. Well, My son, I take what you mean by your “new parents,” are Michael and I. (Yes, that’s right.) We are very happy to welcome you into Our family.

Yes, you do well to love your fellow men and women by lending a good ear and an open heart, to let them share their experiences with another. For in doing so, on psychic and spiritual planes they are receiving some feedback from you even if you do not say a word. Just by being loving and opening yourself to them, you’re passing on some of the love that your parents gave you–which helped enable you to be the loving person you are.

This is what We mean by not in any way slighting or dissembling the real pain that some people experience–what you call domestic violence–the truly obscene things that are done both to children and parents. And yes, for children it does take maturity based on a lot of other experience outside these terribly violent families, first to learn that the whole world is not this way, for only then from a broader perspective, begin to understand why their parents are the way they are. Sometimes it’s a kind of familial violence that extends over many generations. You have the sad reality of those who have been abused as children become abusers themselves as parents, never gaining the understanding and the insight necessary to break the cycle.

 (The mercy of forgiveness).

This is why it takes the mercy of forgiveness to break the cycle. As We put it once before, you accept all the negative karma you encounter and let it end with you. This takes enormous strength and generosity, which can only come from spirit. For in one way it is beyond mental reasoning based only on the negative aspects of the past. It is only with the power of love can you see your way clear to being fully in the present, looking to a brighter future and what must be done to bring that future about.

You have to have a kind of democracy within you, an open-mindedness to see all sides of a situation, to see the limitations on your own ability to judge–in order to extend this true mercy to others.

So you are right, here, My son, in realizing that when you pray for love–the ability to love, the opportunity comes with the very next person you meet. This is what I mean when I say that even an Avonal Son of Paradise self-limits Himself to not just suddenly sweep onto a planet and, with His power, change everything as if from without you, but instead comes into your heart and encourages you from within to love the next person, and then the next one.

For this is the reality of the world. This is what has to be lived and experienced day by day, not some abstract notion of Paradise on Earth. Like any truly wise and loving parent, no Paradise Son would ever dream of doing for you what He knows you must yourself grow in strength to do. And so the glory and the triumph can be yours. The success of your love can grow and inspire you to love even further.

This is what is happening! From Our viewpoint, We can perhaps see it a bit more clearly. As Michael once said, you don’t need to wait for some gigantic, cataclysmic apocalypse to happen. There is suffering enough already. And so you continue to love, and welcome the mercy growing in your heart.

Student. And, at times, what people want and desire is connection, connection to another person who cares. There was a story a week or so ago, a whole series of stories in the (San Francisco) Chronicle about suicides. There was this one young man who actually survived jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge, and he remarked that as he was walking onto the bridge, and passing people, if even one had actually connected with him, and said something to him like…hello, he would not have jumped.

But because everyone just walked by—and he was in tears–everyone just kind-of walked by as if he were invisible, he ran and jumped off the bridge. But he survived. But sometimes people just want that connection, a real deep connection with another person, another person’s spirit, and soul. And I hear…I hear the planet. I hear, I can feel peoples’ souls yearning for that, beneath the density of materiality, and…

Nebadonia. When you think of the young man walking out onto the bridge to end his life, think of what a wonderful opportunity to save a life all those folks, passing by, missed.

 (Beaming love into everyone).

Do you remember several years ago, Michael offered you the wonderful experience of beaming love into everyone you meet? Now for many of you, it became a very strange and unexpected gift of all of a sudden noticing all these people in your life. Because as you seek to beam love into everyone you meet, you’re immediately given a present of humanity you may have been ignoring. You start to notice and appreciate how unique each single person is. And what a treasure! What a treasure to fill your soul, all because you began by giving of yourself–giving up your self-absorption, forgetting yourself in the act of loving another.

For a final appraisal of connection, it’s a very rare suicide that goes off the Golden Gate towards the ocean. Even in their final moments, the final terrible moments for another human soul, still they are reaching towards their fellows in those beautiful cities across the bay. So to offer that connection can be priceless, for both of you.


Nebadonia. Let’s end this evening on that note. I started by telling you of all the ways that We share your life and We feel you living right within us; and We invite you to feel Us living within you. Give Us the gift of yourselves. Give yourselves to Us, and to Our Father. Give yourselves to this wonderful mission of our Avonal Brother who comes to help end the suffering, the terrible human suffering that you are inflicting upon each other so much more full of horror than any natural catastrophe.

And yet too, My children, feel deep in your heart Our assurance, Our absolute assurance and Our sure knowledge that the amazing strides you are making now are not an illusion. This knowledge is coming from Our point of view, and expressive of Our Wisdom.

Keep the faith. Keep reaching out to each other. Pray that you are the one who could turn around that lonely soul as he or she heads for the Golden Gate Bridge with a face full of sorrow and despair. And be in My Love.

(Thank you Nebadonia.).

Nebadonia. Good evening.

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