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MAR76- The Awareness Of Spirit

2006-01-09-The Awareness Of Spirit
Marin #76

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Awareness of Spirit
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: JL, Rick Voss
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: The Awareness of Spirit
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Monjoronson
TR: JL, Rick Voss


Dear Folks, We had the pleasure of receiving not only Michael this last week, but Monjoronson too, and warmly welcomed His invitation for us to get to know Him better. We certainly welcome His mission of mercy and forgiveness. Enjoy. Jerry.

Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, We appreciate this special awareness of Your presence that You help us achieve during these meetings and throughout the day. Although the comings and goings of this awareness is still somewhat mysterious to us, seemingly independent of the situation, we always appreciate when You let us know You are here right within our minds, keeping us company. Amen

(The awareness of spirit).

Michael. Good evening, My sons, this is Michael. Just relax a bit more and let My presence swell within your awareness. (pause)


This can become almost a physical sensation that you can feel, but I emphasize the words almost physical because spirit remains ever subtle. It is so much an intrinsic part of your life and your perceptions that for a human being the awareness of it is very much a function of your understanding as to what is a mental construct of your own—personally, or acquired from the culture in your immediate society–and what is transcendent in its origin. This is the reason your Urantia book goes to some length to express all that your Thought Adjuster–the presence of our Father within your mind–is not. For example, it is not your ordinary notion of a conscience, which is more or less an internalized cultural construct of morality and ethics. Your Thought Adjuster transcends any human culture no matter how mature and developed you might imagine it.

We’ve also encouraged you not to try to separate out what input your Thought Adjuster, or Mother Spirit, or I are contributing to your awareness, so much as being aware of how much spirit infuses what you perceive as the physical and mental planes of existence.

When We say that spirit is the contributor of value, you can experiment, yourself, and picture all the physical things in your life. There should be some value attached to almost everything; so much so that even those things that appear either indifferent or negative, of no value, paradoxically this gives them a special, painful kind of value of being meaningless. We’ve talked about those times of feeling lost, when nothing much seems of value, just because you are temporarily spiritually exhausted. You find yourself somewhat adrift in spiritual doldrums. When you think of these times, are they not intrinsically painful and, just as with a physical pain in your body, they’re cautioning you that something is not right and needs looking after?

(Dealing with loss of spirit).

And so We say when this happens, it’s so similar to being physically lost in the woods, so inductive of panic, the best thing is to just stop, look around, and totally accept where you are, even, if you can muster it, with a sense of humor. This is real spiritual wisdom, for just like being physically lost, you have to let your poor, panicked animal fears die down and subside to the point where some precious information and insights can get to you, either from your own higher consciousness–which generally knows right where you are–or from more purely spiritual presences such as your Father Fragment, or Mother Spirit, or Myself.

The animal reaction of panic is to close down, pull in, and throw up a wall of pure reactionary energy as if there were something concretely there, threatening you. So it tries your wisdom to recognize this and rise above it. Let the panicked onrush of reaction come to a complete stop inside, and take a deep breath. Use all the powers of your character and personality to embrace the moment. This is the supreme triumph, My children, that truly saving grace of humor that most of you have known from time to time, right in the middle of the most trying and fearful moments of your life.

This is your spirit reassuring you that no matter what the situation, there is something transcending it. No matter what the pain, or fear, or moments of spiritual loss when everything seems flat and worthless; to see these as opportunities to use your courage of acceptance, to be still and totally accept what is happening to you as real, is precisely what you need to break through. Break the grip of the small mind that’s clutching at you in sheer panic, and let your own greater mind and Our spirit come to you and literally transform your reality.

These times of trial will come upon you, especially if you are exercising your faith and reaching out to encompass greater realms of experience of a spiritual nature. This is why We say with some sense of irony, that even your own Guardian Angel, out of Her absolute love for you, wishes to see you profoundly exercised in your faith. And so if you are really–as you say–hanging out there, not only standing on the edge of the unknown as usual, but leaning way out to see what you can see over the edge, you are bound to slip and fall from time to time. You will experience periods of weightlessness–in this analogy, meaninglessness or loss of value, both within yourself and the world about you, as your values shift.

It is not always easy to maintain the grace of being aware of what you are trying. The fact that you are not just sitting back, but you are really trying to expand and grow spiritually; you cannot always remember that you are doing this. The feelings of being lost can be quite intense and really threaten to overwhelm you.

(The lifeline of recognition).

So We are offering this lesson as a kind of thinnest but strongest lifeline of recognition. Recognize where you are and keep your faith. Hold on and be still. Just look around and take stock. Give yourself time. Though it seems very counter-intuitive, reason with yourself, reason with this instinctive panic that wants to close down. Instead, open, open to all the spiritual energy from all the loving personalities surrounding you, struggling to get to you and feed you with strength. Just be still. Stay with your heartbeat. Stay with your breath. Feel the reassurance of the life coursing through you. Even at the moment of your death, feel this life. There is truly nothing to fear, My children.

The fear itself is real, and not to be belittled. It is a reaction you must penetrate and conquer. The spiritual triumph in doing so is also real, the very basis of character. So I would ask of you this evening, that in your stillness moments the next couple of days, to revisit those times when all the value of life seemed to be draining away somewhere. Remember them thoroughly and carefully and pay them proper respect, for understanding these moments can give you such insight as to why your world is the way it is, day to day.

This is the way you pay proper spiritual respect for what other folks encounter too. Human fear is real and so too is the courage with which it is faced, and ultimately faced down. Life on the evolutionary worlds of time and space may not be easy, but your ultimate spiritual triumph gives it an absolute meaning and a transcendent value that someday, however delayed or tried, you will realize. For this too, My children, will be no other than your very own soul.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, let’s put them also on the record.


Student. Father Michael, it sounds to me You’re saying, accept myself wherever I am, and whatever situation I’m in, and then proceed from that point. Is that correct?

Michael. Yes, My son, you’ve penetrated all the way to the very marrow of it. I wished to acknowledge tonight to you all that We recognize for human beings what a challenge this is, and give you recognition that human reality is such that these challenges, and the possibility of failure, or simply being lost for some time, are experiential possibilities–else there would be no need for courage. There would be no true choice with which to exercise your free will.

(The power and necessity of acceptance).

 Acceptance.

So this acceptance is a kind of spiritual triumph. The very fact of psychological denial–that I believe you all understand and have indulged in to some degree in your own life–is a function of your free will. You do have some small ability to not accept what your own higher consciousness is trying to get you to realize. Certain aspects of this, of a physiological nature–you know as shock, have great value in letting you act in the presence of enormous pain, most profoundly because there has been survival value in this ability.

So yes, to recognize these phenomena, these situations, or these periods in your life–when you are caught up right in the middle of them; this is acceptance. This recognition is the achieving of a greater reality. You are then so much more capable of responding adequately, even triumphantly. This acceptance has to be the first step. And aside from extraordinary circumstances, My son, this is what your stillness meditations every morning or evening help you do. Just fully accepting this day to day life you’re living is the first step to greater life. Do you have any other questions?

Student. Just a comment on what D read earlier from that inspirational selection, about an impenetrable wall in front of me being nothing more than a fog I can walk through… I have looked at it as an impenetrable wall, and now I can visualize myself walking through that fog into the bright sunlight. I can relate to that one, and I thank You.

(Walls of doubtful concepts).

Michael. Yes, this wall that the author mentioned is a conceptual wall, is merely your mind giving voice to the fears and panics rising within you. These feelings are real, and so your mind seeks to express them. The mental articulation of fear and panic, in concepts, are very correctly perceived as a wall. It requires courage to stop and recognize these concepts, and their origin, for what they are. Realize them for the reactions they are. Let them relax so that you can once again begin to creatively act, and not just react.

The analogy of an opaque wall is very accurate, for your own fears and panics, and the concepts they give rise to, can all too effectively screen you off from the reality of the true source of your concern. Just the element of surprise can magnify the source of your fear way beyond its actual size. This is especially true in all the various contentions, all the warfare that fills your evening news. Understanding is the key, My son. It does no good to belittle or mock those who have to deal with the fear and the panic of facing an adversary. Understanding and compassion reconnect you with both sides of any argument. Is there anything further wish Me to go into?

Student. Not right at the moment, Father Michael. I think I’m seeing much more clearly than when that impenetrable wall used to be there. I recognize there is still fear, but I can walk through it and not be stopped by it. And that’s a breakthrough. I appreciate it. Thank You.

Michael. You are very welcome, My son. Be in My peace.

Student. Yes, Michael. I too feel I am going through this wall as I try to set my sights upon a new way of living and being in this world. It’s been a real—the last couple of days—a real uncomfortable place to be, and I’m trying to be still, and let God, more and more. What has helped me as I experience this wall, as I try to break through belief systems and concepts that no longer work for me, and step into the unknown–because I have no idea where I’m going; what has helped me is something I read, I think in The Power Of Now, of seeing myself, my consciousness as a pool of deep blue water. On the top, certain things happen in my life that disturb the surface, but as I go deeper and deeper into the center of this water, there is stillness and serenity. You and Mother have asked what do I want; and that is what I want, to come from that deep place within me, of serenity, where heaven is–within me. Then I’m able to be here, in this world, and not fall prey to it. And be of service to others.

Michael. Yes, My son, you are ever so slowly but certainly realizing the value, the spirit of the ideal. For even though the particular path to get there may be obscured or densely overgrown, still that high ground off in the future, of loving service, of growing your abilities to relate with your fellows more and more, this high ground keeps calling to you.

(Self-power and Other-power).

I would like to introduce now a concept of balance between what you might think of as self-power and Other-power. In exercising yourself, in expressing yourself, in finding yourself involved in truly creative actions that are the fulfillment of your personality’s potential, you do run out from time to time, sometimes by being overwhelmed by a situation, or even by success—you complete some phase of a project and now are a little lost for what to do next. Simply because you are a finite being, with limitations, you can exhaust yourself–physically, mentally, spiritually; even all three simultaneously. Then it is good to stop and rest and open yourself to drink in this Other power, the power that Spiritual Beings are loving to feed you. This is that wonderful opening outward and inward, for We are both without, and right within you. If you have the supreme grace of being able to pray in these moments of trial, what a triumph!

What joy and delight you bring to Us, for in doing so you are paying Us the supreme acknowledgment of Our existence. So take Us in. Feel your own self-power slowly regain a kind of composure. Let your curiosity be renewed. Let your faith once again be extended. Be not afraid to feel yourself getting stronger, as you feel the wonder returning—the positive wonder of what to do next. This is breaking through the wall of doubtful concepts; or, as your author pointed out, experiencing it as the wall simply dissolving.

Student. It’s interesting watching my mind trying to…(laughter)…trying to find some definition or some concept to hold onto, and there’s nothing there, really—in how it affects my body as well. It’s interesting—trying to grasp the…something, and there really isn’t anything to grasp onto…except faith. You are right about my pursuit of higher ground. It seems like there’s no other pursuit for me. Everything else pales by comparison. But I will summon the Spiritual Entities who desire to share Their power and Their guidance with me, to rejuvenate and revitalize me.

Michael. As I said, tonight We are giving due respect to the reality, the tangle of vegetation you have to wade through that fully obscures at times that high ground you’re headed towards. But there’s something growing inside you, some absolute confidence: that ground is there! And even though you are going up and down over various obstacles and bumps in the way, you can feel the general trend of the ground itself rising. You know more and more which way to go to head uphill. If you suddenly find yourself devoid of concepts, My son, you’ve just found peace of mind.

Student. Thank You. It seems kind-of like…auspicious—the symbolism—with me being a gardener and pruning back the vegetation and clearing away all the debris from the past year, in preparation for the beauty and glory of Springtime—the perfumes and the flowers that come forth because of winter. So I thank You.

Michael. Yes, and the seasons too of your soul. I’m delighted you are finding My peace. (heavy sighs all around)

Student. Michael, I would just like to say my thanks for You expressing Yourself the way You have this evening. I have to admit I’m at a loss for questions or comments. Just feeling Your peace has put me into a kind of relaxed state, so I just want to say thank You for Your presence, and hearing Your voice this way…

Michael. Well, My son, I must thank you, yet I hesitate to disturb this peace you are finding with Me…  Sometimes words are wonderfully unnecessary…

Rick, My son, Monjoronson is here. Would you care to try to transmit Him?

Rick Voss (with much laughter all around). I always welcome the opportunity to voice this wonderful Son from Paradise.

(Getting to know Monjoronson).

Monjoronson. Greetings, My friends. I welcome you to this forum that we are now gathered in. It is very special for Me to bring My presence to you in this way, for it gives Me an opportunity to get to know you better. And it gives you an opportunity to get to know Me. For that is what I desire. I desire your friendship, for we have much work to do together. But first we must get to know each other. Is this something you would like to do? (Yes, all around) Then let us move forward. In the coming days and months, feel free to call upon Me, call upon My presence to fill you, for in this way you will get to know Me better.

You will get to know My presence here on your planet now. I desire to work with each and every one of you, but it is your choice to come to Me and let Me fill you with My presence. This is how we will begin My mission here—one person at a time, opening themselves up to Me, and asking for My friendship. Soon there will be more ways; an expansion of the reality of My presence here will become known to you. But in the meantime, I wish you to get to know Me in spirit, for this is how I am now. Do you have any questions you wish to present to Me?

Student. Thank You for Your presence. The question in my mind when You said–asked me to help You, I’ve been counting on Michael and Mother Sprit to do that. Is it possible to do all three?

Monjoronson. Simply allow Our presence to continue to fill you. For now there is more for you to know. Continue to call on Michael and Mother Spirit, and when you feel full with your divine parents and wish to go out and play, then call on Me, and we will have fun together. We will get to know each other better. Is this something you would like to do?

Student. Yes, very much so. Your answer is very clear. I will do as You suggest. Thank You.

Monjoronson. Thank you, My friend.

Student. Monjoronson, I don’t know if it’s possible, or even necessary for me to distinguish between You, and Michael, and Mother Spirit, but I definitely extend You a very warm welcome. I’m so tickled You feel that this old world is ripe for Your coming. So welcome, dear, dear Spirit. I hope in time to be able to distinguish You. But in the meantime, all my love.

Monjoronson. Yes, My dear friend, let it be known that I am honored to be here, to take on the task, the glorious task of bringing this planet into the age of Light and Life. This is My glory. It is My pleasure to have such wonderful friends willing to help Me in this monumental task that lies before us. In time you will be able to distinguish My presence, just like you are able to distinguish the presence of Michael and Nebadonia. In time you will get to know Me for who I am, and what I bring to your planet. This is all I ask of you now, simply allow My presence to be known.

Student. Thank You , Monjoronson.

Monjoronson. You are welcome. Are there any other questions at this time?

Student. Yes, Monjoronson. I don’t know if I have a question, but I have a desire to be a part of saving this planet, to be of service in the best way. I do have concerns for those in my immediate circle, for they seem to lack a connection to spirit. And that concerns me…because I do love them so. Can we help them together?

(Helping your friends find spirit).

Monjoronson. My friend, I feel the love you have for those who are close to you, and note that I have great love for them also, as I have for all My brothers and sisters who walk this world. You can bring to those close to you My love simply through your smile, through your desire to be of service to them. Isn’t this what your Mother and Father, Michael and Nebadonia, have been teaching you? (Yes) Simply allow the presence of Spirit, of all Those who surround you, allow Their love to flow through you, and in this way you can be of the greatest help to those you love. For in time they will feel, they will see what you are experiencing, and will want to get to know more of what this is that you have to offer. This is how you can help them. Do you understand?

Student. Yes, very clearly. Thank You.

Monjoronson. You are welcome. My brothers, it is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to share with you, and I hope we can continue with this type of discourse. Always know that I am simply a thought away. You can call on Me at any time, and I will make My presence known to you. I desire that you get to know Me in spirit, so that when I do stand before You face to face, there will be no doubt as to who I am, and why I am here. We will grow together this way. We will bring about the age of Light and Life together. This is what I ask of you. Good evening.

Students. Goodbye: Good evening, Monjoronson.

Michael. This is Michael again. Father, we thank You for Your divine Son who comes to inaugurate on this beloved planet of Mine the new dispensation of mercy and forgiveness. We thank You for this gift, and we welcome Him and His mission. Let us all join hands and go forward with joy in our hearts. We give You all the glory, Father, and then thank You for giving it right back to us.
And so, My children, be in Mother’s love and My peace. Good evening.

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