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MAR83- Dimensions In Being Human

2006-02-23-Dimensions In Being Human
Marin #83

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Dimensions In Being Human
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Dimensions In Being Human
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, We certainly do welcome Your warm presence this winter evening that’s so blustery and wet outside. It reminds us to seek Your presence whenever we encounter the other storms of life, be they physical, mental, or spiritual. You help us find and stay at that calm center within us, where we are able to handle all the better the most turbulent activities. Amen.

Nebadonia. Good evening, My brave and adventuresome sons, this is your mother, Nebadonia, and I return your appreciation with My own for your coming to be with Me this evening. Sometimes the hardships you go through in life makes our getting together that much more precious. Thus we can value our times together all the more. We can feel each other’s spirits.


Nebadonia. Tonight I would like to continue what Michael and I have been offering lately, a way of your perceiving and appreciating all the many dimensions you are capable of contacting. I’m happy you are being able to perceive how spirit penetrates and gives value to your physical/bodily reality for, as you know, these are intimately connected. It is your physical bodily sense mechanisms that enable you to perceive the whole swirling world of energy and matter about you.

Yet it is spirit that gives value to these physical realities. Like your two eyes giving stereoscopic depth to your sight, so spirit is that depth of meaning and value you find in all the physical world about you. It is a part of the living aspect of all the plants and animals you know, and this living aspect extends out into the cosmos itself, which as We have often said is somewhat like the living body of God in time and space.

When you come to the many dimensions of mind, you are reminded that mind is a gift of the Infinite Spirit, who provides the Cosmic Mind for that enormous cosmos out there. It is this Cosmic Mind that funnels down through Me to you. I am the daughter and the conduit of the Infinite Spirit. I help fulfill the major function of mind for your order of created being, for mind is what connects the pure spirit of your personality with your physical body.

My Adjutants of Mind/Spirit combine with what you know as the mind functions of your physical brain, to assist with this connection. At your stage of existence you are dependent upon your physical brain for consciousness. Still, while you are conscious, I myself, and the Infinite Spirit through Me, are part of all your mental processes, right from the most fundamental. The function of all mind, even from the lowest animals on up, is one of quick association, tying together all the separate elements of your physical being and your physical perceptions.

Then you have the mental quality of courage which literally encourages you to explore your world, seek new facts and new meanings and relationships. You have My Adjutant of Council which helps you be gregarious and form meaningful friendships and relationships with your fellows. These you share with the higher animals, your mammalian cousins of which you evidence some traits. But it is My two highest Adjutants of Worship and Wisdom which truly enable you to develop and then express your full human potential. And so the converse is also true, My children. To the degree you can exercise these functions of mind, the more truly human you become, the more depth of experience you soul can enjoy.

Worship, or the thankfulness for life itself and all that it holds, is the Mind/Spirit that helps you to appreciate what you have, to give it value and meaning. It does not have to be any kind of formal prayer, for at times your worship is most sincere when it is just a spontaneous bubbling over, when you become your own little fountain of thankfulness and joy in God’s creation. This is the most sincere form of worship when, from time to time in your busy day, you simply feel and then say within yourself. Thank You, Father.

When you get to the Adjutant of Wisdom, this Mind/Spirit helps you realize all the rest of your mental abilities by uniting and coordinating, organizing, comparing and contrasting all the rest of what you know, so your life’s experience is available to you. This is the difference between mere knowledge–however this knowledge is tied in with specific memories of when you’ve acquired this or that fact–and wisdom, which enables you to apply all of this hard-earned experience to the present moment. So it is wisdom that gives depth of meaning to what you are experiencing, moment by moment. This is what feeds your perception and enables you to make sense of the enormous complexity you are taking in each second.

By the time you reach an average maturity, somewhere in your early twenties, this wisdom is all so all-pervasive you can hardly be cognizant of it. It is what each and every single individual slowly forms during their thousands and thousands of hours of childhood. At times you only become aware of this when you encounter something alien to you, such as writing in a foreign language, or when you look at some detailed schematic of machinery or electronics and realize all those meaningless squiggles–to you–make perfect sense to someone else.

This is the counterpart within your mind that recognizes, re-cognizes, knows again, everything you encounter. It is also constantly clearing from your consciousness all that is repetitious so you can recognize, by way of a few million years of evolution, something new coming into your environment, into your reality that might possibly be threatening. It is this wisdom, tied in with all your autonomic nervous system, that lets you immediately understand why–when you get a flush of adrenalin as you start skidding on ice, or merely miss your footing on a slippery floor.

We mention these functions of mind, My children, just to help you appreciate all that has gone into making up who and what you are, and also remind you that in your most inner and intimate sensation and experience of yourself, you are not alone. Indeed, even loneliness is a separate creation of your own mind, a kind of ignoring, or perhaps just not yet knowing, that I am part of you.

Then, of course, there is Another. Since your order of personal beings, human beings, is the furthest removed from pure divinity, the Sources–of God Himself, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, there is in God’s plan this perfect compensation, this perfect balance, if you will, of endowing His children most distant from Him, with a fragment of Himself.

We call this Mystery Monitor within your mind a fragment of God because, somewhat like your own personality, it is a separate, individualized entity. Yet We say it is a pre-personal fragment, a very special kind of entity that experiences you and takes on your life, your personality’s experiences, and in doing so becomes a co-creator of your soul. But since this is the purest essence of God’s presence, He sees you and experiences you from His perspective of the purest spirit. He can literally assist you in thinking like Him. This is the function of adjusting your thoughts, working with all your mental abilities to suggest the larger picture, the greater spiritual environment in which you are living.

This is your connection to the Source. These are those sublime thoughts you can recognize from time to time by their startling quality, and yet your Father Fragment’s thought-adjusting is continuous. It’s always there as a background, and as the connection that ever points you towards spirit for its all-inclusive grasp of an ever greater reality.

If you think back on your childhood, and adolescence especially, these are those notions you had from time to time of how things worked, insights as to how things were connected and made sense. This was your Thought Adjuster, My children, and so this is an inseparable part of you already. This is that enormous treasure that is accumulating as your soul, like an immense vault We tease you into trying to open by inviting you to contact your soul . Be aware of and appreciate all this life you’ve lived, and We promise you some day, in the very certain future for you, this door will be open wide. Your consciousness will have expanded equally enormously, and you will become one with this presence of God.

Michael has told you several times of how He so treasured and appreciated His human life, that even though He had become a self-conscious Creator Son of God and had the power to lay down His life, and take it up again, still in all, He treasured your precious moment-to-moment living so much He stayed with His human body and His human mind right to the very last moment. Now We both invite you to do the same. Treasure these lives you have been given, and with all the power and generosity you can muster, treasure everyone else’s as well.

You live on a socially and politically immature planet, My children, where violence is still all too prevalent, with a disrespect for life, even one’s own life, still all too common. One of the main purposes of Our lessons is to detail, and so reassure you, of the eternal life that is potentially yours, and assuage your fear of death. For the reason that your life to come is so intrinsically similar to the one you are living now, each moment now is just as precious as any to come. This is the eternal, living Now, and the appreciation and the love and respect for all of life always begins now. What is a gift without appreciation? You were given free will. The choice is yours to reflect this appreciation back to the Giver, or not. Make your choice with wisdom and love. If you have any questions or comments this evening, I truly appreciate them.


Student. Mother Nebadonia, I don’t have a question, just a comment, just Thank You for all the information, the accurate information You’ve given us, and allowing us to make our decisions on our own–whether they were right or whether they were wrong. And not judging us when we make a wrong decision, or take the wrong road, and finally get back to the correct path, and welcoming us back with open arms. Just. Thank You.

Nebadonia. Well, C , My son, you are so welcome, for it is you who enable Us to manifest Our unconditional love. You know, We see you, dear children, all bound up in conditions. It is the essence of the life you are living now–with some small measure of independence, still to be so largely dependent on all the conditions that were truly accidental from your point of view. For while it is true that from the point of view of the Supreme Being, there are no accidents, there is no happenstance or pure coincidence, from the other extreme–the human point of view, almost everything is somewhat accidental, starting with your parents, family, society, culture; even the time–the moment in history into which you were born, on this one particular planet out of trillions.

So We try Our best to express to you some of these conditions of being human in the hopes that you too can grow in your hearts an equally unconditional love for your fellows–by appreciating all the conditions that both bless and afflict them quite beyond their ability to change. This is not any notion or concept of fate. It is the ability to perceive and appreciate, in turn, the happenstance of each individual life. We love you unconditionally, and appreciate it all the more when you recognize this, My son. And so We thank you. And continue to be in My love.

Student. Thanks, Mother.

Student. Yes, Mother, I apologize for kind-of drifting in and out of what was said tonight. There’s been a lot of things on my mind, and I guess the topics were kind-of real deep, but I look forward to reading about it in the transcripts, to get the full meaning of what was being said tonight. I would like to focus on, I guess, my reluctance to acknowledge and to live my own power that is God-given.

I feel that I resist that sometimes, for whatever reason, not to…not to shake up things too much. Now I feel like…I’m really struggling right now to articulate what I want to ask. All I know is I need to step into the unknown, for my own self, my own self-preservation.  I’m feeling this intense energy in my being, in my head.

Nebadonia. That’s just Me.

Student. Yes, I know, I know. (laughing).

Nebadonia. Just rest awhile, My son. This effort you are making is the very stretching We have called upon you to try, and over the past several weeks with both Michael and Myself, you have expressed well this living balance of the need to make decisions, but within a context of concern, both for yourself and others. So I tried to call your attention, not to the effort itself, which is very commendable and necessary to be fully human and to really care, but to the pain you were experiencing.

Maybe we can focus on this a little more sharply. Ask yourself if this isn’t some kind of unnecessary judgment, if this pain doesn’t suggest that your effort is somehow superfluous or unnecessary. That’s why I asked, not why you are making this effort to be both decisive and sensitive, but why does it hurt? One reason could be a notion that somehow this choice should be easier or somewhat automatic. Because it isn’t, it becomes a worry, a kind of relentless anxiety, the way out of which I invited you to do your considering in pulses.

It’s not vainglory or egotism to value this effort you are making and to rest content for a while, happy that you are making this effort, and that this effort is keeping you in intimate contact with those you love. For you are slowly growing your spiritual power to decide, then to remember all that went into your decision. Then you have it as a real possession, if you will, as another access to your soul. Sometimes the only way out of an anxious situation is this kind of spiritual maturity, this growing to encompass both aspects which seem to be diametrically opposed. So I encourage you to keep up the good work, the good effort. Grow your wisdom to give you foresight, for this ability to see things coming helps you make these decisions.
Value more your awareness of your own judgmental nature–when you are judging others as to their incapability.

This awareness is just another form of patience, and giving others time. You may have to decide day to day, even moment to moment, to accept an ongoing situation that is not yet ripe for action. Throughout all of this I’m pointing to an ability to rest and accept yourself so that you are able to steer your course through life more positively, and not so negatively–by simply avoiding pain.

Student. I guess things like the human element covers the pain within me, my own impatience to get things moving, because in a sense a decision has been made. But also–I think I’ve mentioned in the past–to honor this place, and the pace of the other people involved, and what they need to do. I guess what I feel sometimes, besides the impatience, is my own expectation or wants, wanting things to be different, wanting my home life to be different, my work life to be different. I want to be doing something different, and my relationship with my daughter to be different. Even though that is really positive, I want that to be different, the circumstances to be different.

I know I have held onto the notion of wanting her to live with me again, in her own room, while everyone else moves out. And so I’m just like, I’m like acting like I’m the juggler and all these human souls are in my hands. I remember, I think it was You, or both of You, Michael and You who said, sometimes a choice that I have to make, I’m making for two, or for many.

And that is an awesome responsibility–how it affects everyone involved–so I guess the angst that goes on within me is the constant crunch of the decisions we have made, and how it effects the other people. But I do take that into account. I go through a lot of consternation over that, and trying to sort out where I am in these feelings. So I have great concern for the well-being of the others who are affected by our decisions.

Nebadonia. My son, these are the very things that I encourage you to be open to, so they should not be causing all this pain. Isn’t this the notion that somehow you needn’t do all this…

Student.  Yes.

Nebadonia. .. this is all superfluous and unnecessary? I’m telling you it is not, if you wish to be fully human and sensitive and caring.

Student.  Yes.

Nebadonia. One other thing I could point out is that, in looking towards the future and what you would want to see happen in terms of your home life and your work; this is where your own creativity has to come into play. You literately have to create these alternatives for yourself, and yes, even for others, at times, to help them along. The worry is a kind of a short-circuit of your energy, constantly running your battery down, making you feel all that much more powerless. So give yourself credit for these good things you do and feel. Deep in your stillness and your meditation, get back to the good sense of who you are.

For all decisions tend to separate, like a sharp knife, in choosing between this and that, and affecting your reality. So this is where–after the decision, you stay open to the consequences, and reunite with yourself again, for you too will have changed as a consequence. This is the function of your spirit, your personality. You take a break to gather back into yourself, and re-realize who you are now.

Again, I invite you to read and re-read these words, because this is another way of getting a sense of yourself.

Student. Yeah, it really helps reading and re-reading the past transcripts about this topic, about the idea of freedom, and where is my freedom in all this, instead of feeling like I’m being dragged along for the ride. First of all, why do I allow myself to feel that way, but also to look at my own sense of freedom, and to empower myself, and to be clear about who I am and what I want. So I do thank You for these lessons.

Nebadonia. You are very welcome, My son. I assure you they are of great value to others out there, so it is worthwhile for them too, that we show each other patience following all these little threads. There is also that wonderful poem that invites us to rest and sleep deeply, “to knit up the raveled sleeve of care.” This is the renewal. This is the coming home to home base. This is the reuniting with yourselves. This is approaching the One. Feel yourselves being in My love.

Nebadonia. Was there anything you wished to say, or ask, J ?

Student. It seems to describe–the later part of the talk seems to describe my situation very well.

Nebadonia. Yes, this is the priceless quality of rest and renewal, gathering up your strength and your courage to actually and genuinely look forward to a new day. Realize these alternating phases of effort and rest are part of the Big Plan, part of God’s purpose that creates pulses in time and reality. Give yourself credit for the adventures you find yourself in. Accept the enormous price they do demand on all levels of your being–physical, mental, and spiritual. You are constantly using up these energies. So sometimes the adventure is simply finding new sources, seeking and yearning for more life, and accepting the truly heavy weight, that both the creativity and the choices must come from within you.

This is why you were made to be the co-creator of your reality. You create with God himself, your cosmos. And for this fact, it is yours. You have a part to play, so play it well and enjoy the challenge. These are always glorious times, yet it may be truly scary for you, at times, that it is nothing less. So seek, and then welcome Michael’s peace and My love. They too are yours, My son. Be in My love.


What a remarkably ungraspable thing this is, this life you are living, is it not? You can never quite hold it, for it holds you. And yet you can never quite stop trying, for this is how you grow. This is how you extend your faith like the most delicate antennae, feeling for what’s coming next. We can only inform you, it will keep getting larger. This is your glorious destiny, My children. It is what you were made for, and because you help create it, it is truly yours. Nothing shy of this could ever do. And so, moment to moment, it is why you seek and struggle to be perfect. Yet however far you are from that goal, just starting out as you are, you are already complete. Now rest and be in My love. Good evening.

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