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MAR95- Causes Of Impatience

2006-06-12-Causes Of Impatience
Marin #95

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Causes of Impatience
o 1.2 Group: Marin TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JL
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Causes of Impatience
Group: Marin TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia


Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Tonight we offer our prayer for Your help that we can realize and exercise more fully the human virtue of patience. For while we certainly don’t want to just drift along in some bog of self-satisfaction, neither do we want to be caught up in some petty, impatient, pushing at events that only jam us up, and others, and cause us to miss opportunities. So we ask for Your insights on how we can be more open-minded and flexible with the critical dimension of time. Thank You. Amen.

Nebadonia. My dear, earnest children, this is Nebadonia, Mother Spirit of Nebadon, Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, your friend and close mind-buddy, your real helpmate. I welcome your prayer this evening, for it is right in line with the recent lessons Michael and I have been giving. I’m sure you’ve noticed how many different ways We’ve tried to express to you what We mean by being open-minded, ready to accept that your human reality is capable of enormous change. What is happening both inside you and outside you–as you perceive it–are so intimately interrelated, playing a kind of leapfrog of cause and effect.

Yet this is still a profound truth to accept. That you have such an influence on what is happening seemingly strictly outside you. And this is not only what you might think of as physical perceptions, even subtle ones of value and meaning, but very much along the dimension you asked Me to help you with this evening, the dimension of time.


Human impatience has as its main cause a lack of keenness of perception. Michael touched on this last week when He mentioned that those folks who, mainly due to fear and an apprehension of change, cannot perceive how things are constantly changing, cannot realize directly the uniqueness of each moment. Their inner fear casts a dull pall over each moment in such a way they live an experience of nothing new happening, terrible in its boring, repetitious, numbing effect, and all the while it’s just their own projections, their own fear and inability to see how things are renewing.

This is one of the root causes of impatience, this perception that nothing is happening, or that things are happening too slowly, too minutely, to satisfy your need to pay attention. But insofar as perception and understanding play their game of leapfrog, the perception of nothing happening, or not happening fast enough, is so often based on total misconceptions of human history and exactly how long certain events took in the past.

True enough, the past is not repeating itself in its changing aspects, but some of your current events are closely parallel to those which have been happening for thousands of years. I’m talking here about the meeting and clash of cultures, greatly accelerated the last few centuries in what you call the Age of Exploration, where cultures and peoples long isolated ran smack head-on into each other, often with the near annihilation or enslavement of those who were technologically inferior.

And so today in this meeting of cultures and their struggle to survive, if you have no understanding of the time dimension it took for these cultures to form, and how different cultures are changing at different rates within themselves–some quite used to change, while others revere a kind of changelessness–this alone can feed so much impatience on both sides.

This is what you have to understand about each other. Just as it is a spiritual generosity within your personal relationships to give another time to respond, to create, to adapt, so this interpersonal patience has to be extended from one major culture to another. You cannot do as nation states and different countries what you cannot do personality, otherwise it’s too much an abstraction. It has no personal resonance within your own experience.

Once again we come back to the practice of stillness, which now you can see is a way of stepping out of your normal time sequence, your busy schedule of events, and just practicing being here and now, feeling the deep timelessness of that. Then you have something with which to contrast the pace of the rest of your day. You can base your understanding of the nature of subjective time on a new perception brought about by this contrast.

This willingness to spend some time in your bottomless home base gives you the flexibility then to realize that every event in your life has its own particular time-sense. And the mini-stillness breaks We’ve been suggesting you pop into your day are a way of separating events and realizing each has its own time, its own pace, its own demands.

All of a sudden you notice that everybody you meet has their own slightly different time as well. It’s part of their personality, their experience of life, their soul. It’s why they need watches to get in sync with others. With this kind of understanding and perception in your daily life, you can begin to look at different cultures around the world. This is just one more way of your gaining a kind of world culture. Be a citizen of the planet and feel some small measure of objectivity about your own culture, the time expectations you inherit with so many other factors as an accident of birth.

For these are critical misunderstandings happening on Urantia now as major cultures, long in isolation, are being forced together in a shrinking world of instantaneous communication. This is the major fear of the fundamentalists in every culture of the world, that their cherished way of life is being destroyed by simple contact with others. Yet this contact is inevitable. Isolation is ever more impractical in an electronic world.
There has always been a World Soul, but now it is coming into a physical existence as well, electronically, and there’s a natural curiosity of all peoples for each other. There’s the marvel of travel possible now through your television and internet. Now of all times this quality, this virtue of human patience is more essential and valuable. What a precious spiritual generosity it is now when different peoples simply give each other time to respond, to react, to adapt.

Those of you who have read the Urantia book know that one of the major facets of Lucifer’s’ folly was His attempt to short-circuit time to bring about as if overnight certain changes that would normally take thousands and thousands of years. Ironically, tragically, this progress would have been accomplished had His declaration of personal liberty–actually license, not so totally destroyed plans which had been going so well.

His impatience, His egomaniacal selfishness and arrogance in suddenly declaring that the headquarters and planets within the Local System should set aside these well-laid plans that were progressing so steadily, caused such chaos and so much suffering, you are still experiencing the ill effects two hundred thousand years later. The kind of inter-tribal and inter-racial warfare that is usually but a short phase in a planet’s development has now lasted on Urantia ever since. It still gets out of hand today. It still consumes equally hundreds of thousands of lives in just one of your modern day genocide’s and warfare.

So yes, My children, patience is a much desperately needed human virtue at this critical time in your world history. The Oriental, the Occidental, and the Muslim worlds are coming together as never before. The different pace of how each sees an ideal life, means each could learn so much from the others.

For now there is also a marvelous Renaissance under way like never before. Can you see it? The contact is happening. The inter-association of ideas and ideals is growing profoundly. Very steadily there is being established a free marketplace of ideas between and within these different cultures. But it does take time. It does take a generosity of spirit to give each other time. And this is so greatly facilitated by a deep and through understanding of history, and how long it took certain historical realities to develop.

Will you find this patience in your own individual lives, My children, by noticing the uniqueness in each new day, and how much things are changing all around you–if you have the nerve to perceive them? Base your own life on the time flexibility you discover in your stillness. This is what Michael means when He says, Be in My peace. Dare to let everything simply stop, and be at peace deep in your core. Let all the stress and strain drain away. Refuse to be rushed. Don’t push. Feel for the right pace in each moment, each separate event, each person.

Look deep into other cultures and feel for their pace. Be heedful of their cries and simply slow down and give them a little time. This is the generosity that Michael and I ask you to give freely, and We promise when you discover the knack of it, you will find such a reward, for you will also have gained the ability to give yourself time. Ultimately you will find a spiritual transcendence of patience itself. You will find you do not need so much patience as a discipline when you see reality a little more clearly, a little more keenly, and your understanding of historical events, especially those you are right in the middle of–right now–finds a broader ground.

Give yourself time to understand time. This too will be an adventure for quite some time in many, many phases of your eternal life to come. Time is not a simple dimension, for it is above all God’s Law. Around all, through all, beneath and upholding all, is His creation of time. He sets the flow, and He is within you, ever whispering, Be still awhile. This is the way to feel My flow, to be in accord with it, to dance along with Me to My music. So ever keep the Creator in mind. You will find the patience you need, along the way to sometime transcending the need for it.

If you have any questions or comments this evening, I think now is the time for them.


Student. Mother, I do have a question. I assume that You were listening in on our conversation earlier. (This was a discussion of the creation of WAVE) Something most extraordinary has taken place among us and I would like to hear from You more about why such an event has happened. What I speak about is the creation of a new order of beings through the liaison of the lowest freewill creatures in the universe–at the beginning phases of their existence, and the Father.

The only instance of such a thing happening was the creation of the Secondary Midwayers, by whom I would term super-mortal beings on this planet. And then, of course, there are those most glorious events when we are Finaliters on Paradise. We can embark on an adventure of Trinitization–of creating another being through a unique idea or thought–with a Paradise personality. I would like to hear more about how such a thing came about on Urantia recently.

I would speculate that You and Michael must have petitioned the Father for such a wonderful gift, because it is almost unimaginable to me that we can, through a simple act of coordinating our minds and our hearts, and connecting to what we call the Merkaba–this energy grid that we participate in—bring about such a wonderful event. I would like to hear more about this from You.

Nebadonia. Yes, My son, I acknowledge that this event has great meaning for you, and those involved, but I feel I must caution against trying to wrap up a newborn event in such concepts so soon. It is understandable and altogether human that you strive to comprehend some of the events that are occasioned by Monjoronson’s arrival. Yet I would ask you to exercise a little patience here too, and not seek to comprehend this event by these overreaching comparisons.

I know it is difficult for you to envision an event without comparing it to others of your understanding. Yet while every comparison has both appropriate and inappropriate associations, often both can greatly stifle the very newness and uniqueness of an event. Only time will unfold for you the full dimensions and potential and actual usefulness of this creation. So I ask you not to compare it to other things of your limited understanding that are so completely different, such as the historical creation of the Secondary Midwayers, or events on Paradise.

For this has to do with what is happening now with Monjoronson’s arrival. It is highly unique to this time and this place on this particular planet. You can actually, if unintentionally diminish the wonder of it by wrapping it in such foreign concepts. It may be more difficult, but it is much more valid, My son, just to let your awe and your wonder go naked. Can you feel what I’m suggesting here?

Student. Yes. Absolutely. And I would be most pleased to just let it be as it is. And I would hope to receive some instructions on how we, as a group, can participate in this.

Nebadonia. Well, We teased you once before about your curiosity, but this is your most precious gift to give, to stay in touch, be curious, wonder with both meanings of the word. Wonder is an active seeking for the truth—for example, I wonder what’s happening here–and yet wonder is also a simple, profound reaction. This also requires a generosity of spirit, for to truly wonder you must give yourself away, must you not?

Student. Yes.

Nebadonia. Must you not acknowledge your own limitations and inability to fully comprehend something that is unique? And so, back to My lesson on patience, and giving time for any newborn simply to develop on its own for awhile. You support the process with your love and your wonder and your good wishes. And I would advise all of your brothers and sisters to also suspend their all-to-hasty disbelief. We bid you wait and see. Be not so quick to either define or deny the new events happening on Urantia. You and I, My children, we’ve never been here before. God doesn’t work that way. Be careful you don’t put any limits on His creativity. Does your curiosity have any more requests?

Student. Not a request, Mother, just a heartfelt welcome to this newborn babe. Such an extraordinary gift from the Father. I open my mind and heart to His strong development, and I will hold Him in my heart-room and thank the Father for these most unusual and love-filled times.

Nebadonia. Amen, My son. And so you see, you feel, you experience the rewards of faith. Be in My Love.

Student. Thank you.

Student. Mother Nebadonia, thank You from the bottom of my heart for Your loving support that I get constantly. I was wondering how I can visualize You and Michael in my mind. I know You are in my mind, but I don’t know how to visualize that. At the present I can visualize Michel as a compilation of all the pictures of Jesus I’ve seen, and You kind-of like all the angels I’ve seen drawn—only without the wings. But I just wanted a better way of doing it than that.

Nebadonia. Well, My son, that’s not too bad! (Mother laughs) Michael wishes to be visualized, if you will, just as Dad, just as some beloved father you can feel close to, you can feel very informal with, someone to take you fishing. You recall that He mentioned one of the things most lacking in the visualizations of Him as Jesus with His followers, was the spontaneous fun and deeper joy they shared. We are both pleased you can have a greater realization of Our sense of humor through the Teaching Mission transmissions.

This is a positive way of saying what your Urantia book puts as, You shall not picture Jesus as a man of sorrows. Though He was tried—severely tried—in every point of being human, He was also at the same time uniquely Michael, a Creator Son, and this is a genuine mystery that He shares fully only with His Brothers of like experience—the Master Creator Sons of the other Local Universes. So you can visualize Him as a dear father you can sit and talk with, and laugh.

So you can visualize Me too as your mother, and as I am really ageless by any human measure, I played with you once with the notion that Michael and I are just out of being teenagers, since our Local Universe is only a little over a third developed, though We are hundreds of billions of your years now from Our journey out from Paradise to get started. An angel without wings? That’s OK with Me. I’m quite flattered to be compared with one of My daughters.

But for those of you who are not so inwardly visual, We can be a very subtle presence in your minds—the two of Us, reassuring you We are here. You can generally feel Us a little more acutely when you take a break from your busy activities just to say Hello. Spiritually you can think of Us as somewhat like your sun, only Our energy knows no such boundaries. We are Creator Son and Mother Spirit of millions of worlds, inhabited with trillions upon trillions of human-type beings, planetary and ascendant; then too all Our other Sons and Daughters–angels to Melchizedeks. And We are right beside you, and within you, just your mother and father, your friends and helpmates, so delighted when you want to share your life with Us. This is the glory of Our being, My son.

Student. Thank You, Mother. I’m more and more understanding the friendship part, which is something I never could until Michael said so, several lessons ago. But You’ve mentioned it also, and I’m replacing the alter, the throne I had You on for a while; and it’s very pleasant too.

Nebadonia. Thank you, My son. It is because We are right within, and right beside Our children that We can be fully what our Father intended Us to be. These abilities of Ours do come from Him, as do your own.

Student.  Yes.

Nebadonia. So continue in My love. Visualize Us however it pleases you. We trust it will be appropriate.

Student.  Thanks, Mother.

Student. Yes, Mother, as I was sitting here, I was asking myself what was going on within me, because there seems to be a lot. The thought came, I’m being stripped of all pretense. What I’ve noticed–because of the different groups I’ve participated in, it seems like I’m becoming more and more sensitive to pretentiousness. For myself, I want to be more in the moment—more and more and more. And it helps seeing how temporary everything is—how impermanent. And I’m a part of it…

I feel I’m really rambling here, but what I’m experiencing too is my sleep cycle has been really out of whack. I wake up two or three hours later and feel really agitated, and like last night I decided to get up—it was about three-thirty—and I meditated, and I wrote, and didn’t go back to bed until about five. And then I had a full day’s work ahead of me. So I’m wanting for sleep! But I’m also aware there’s a newness happening in me, a new way of living, or being, and I want to expand and explore and break through—whatever patterns hold me back. So if that entails sleeping less, and getting up and meditating, and writing, then I will do so… (heavy sigh…).

Nebadonia. My son, you are to be congratulated on your noticing the connection between pretentiousness and how it takes you out of being here-and-now, and into different affectations or various persona you may be tempted to put on. This new awareness can lead to a very good cycle where your desire to be here and now does give you a perception of how things are changing, and the strength not to cling to some notion of a permanent world. This desire does bring your pretensions into sharper focus so you can slough them off, shed them like a reptile getting rid of an old, useless, callused kind of skin.

This takes faith and courage, to stand so naked then without any covering of pretensions to clothe you. Yet being naked this way has its advantages, does it not? You begin to notice the layers of pretensions that others are wearing. And there is a certain spiritual fragrance in going about so naked of defenses, so out-there, if you will. This is what you call—not–playing games. You enjoy directness.

As for your disturbed sleep, My son, have you gotten to the bottom of any particular stress or anxiety that seems to suggest itself? I ask this because it seems you do not entirely relish these moments of consciousness in the middle of the night.

Student (laughing a lot…). It’s only because I work so hard during the day, and that… (still laughing…) When You put it like that… Hmmm…
There are moments when I feel like I want to break through these old patterns and my own self-conceived limitations. I think that’s where I’m fighting this battle within me, which I have alluded to before—between the real and the ideal. I want to be open, and experience more perfectly and purely this moment.

Nebadonia. In the night season there are two things happening. One is physical rest to replenish your body’s storehouse of energies and depleted nutrients. This is largely a matter of good food and physical rest. At the same time there is a need for a deep psychological, mental kind of restoration. This is one of the main purposes of your dream life, to go over your daily events so you can understand them. So it’s nice if you can distinguish these two, My son. As you go through your days, ask yourself if you are feeling physically tired or just a kind of mental stress from not being able to get enough sleep.

I caution against being too dissatisfied with where you are…

Student (laughing). But I am! That’s the thing—I am!–dissatisfied…

Nebadonia. Stillness and the deep peace–the home base you need to establish within yourself to be here and now, to realize where you are each moment–is generally so much more enormous than your ideals—or should be. Or else you cannot thoroughly rest. Without this essential acceptance of yourself, you have no home base from which to pursue your ideals. You have a big choice to make here, as to which one are you leaning into, the real or the ideal. Both are necessary, but you have to based on the real. Your home base of stillness is not something you directly create. It’s a by-product of relaxing and accepting, to achieve here and now.

If it helps you conceptually, think of how Michael and I, and our Father see you as a complete being, still imperfect, still in need of ideals as a direction to orient yourself–but only as an orientation. Think of turning around and pointing yourself this direction or that, which is all well and good, but you have to be standing on your own two feet on solid spiritual ground. Acceptance has to be the greater part in achieving here and now, for ideals can constantly precipitate you forward off balance everywhere as much as pretentiousness can hold you back.

Ask yourself now, are you capable of this choice? Do you have a free will to accept yourself—as you are? Not that you need to answer this right away. But I would look to that. I think you sense there is nothing so valuable at times as a good night’s sleep. Remember how we talked about lying yourself down and accepting yourself totally in order to relinquish yourself–totally?

Student. I do so want to relinquish myself totally.

Nebadonia. You see how that’s tied in with accepting yourself?

Student. Yes. There’s an interesting paradox that comes to mind, the more I empty myself, the fuller I get.

Nebadonia. True—but there should be a little break in there.

Student.  (laughing) Yes, I know.

Nebadonia.  You should be able to just empty yourself for a while. I’m pointing you at another kind of paradox, that is, how do you create something transcendent to you, like stillness? How do you feel and experience Michael’s peace all the way in, so you can just let everything else all go?

Student. I guess the sense of satisfaction comes from the reality that I’ve had tastes and glimpses of this peace; and desire to be there 24/7.

Nebadonia. Yet We’ve cautioned you that…

Student. Yes…{laughing again}).

Nebadonia. …these are still just concepts…

Student.   Yes, I understand.

Nebadonia.  …these are still just states of mind that reality demands you constantly let go of. Don’t forget prayer, My son. You can always ask Us and our Father for help along these lines. Part of it is knowing when to let go all those memories and concepts of peace you’ve known—and that’s not easy to do, all those wonderful moments—but they can actually lead to a petty dissatisfaction with now, and get in the way of your rediscovering a new peace the next moment. Your study of Oriental philosophy has told you how all your various concepts of enlightenment have to fall away to make room for the real thing. So be at peace. Just relax. Your Father is always there in your heartbeat. Sometimes it comes down to this—counting your breath and feeling your heart beat—to get the rest you need. And feel My love.


I thank you, My children, for a wonderful evening.

Student.  Yes. We thank You, Mother.

Nebadonia.  I salute your courage to stand so naked, and assure you that the spiritual fragrance of your examples is a pure blessing for so many others out there. For your love, and your devotion, your curiosity and your wonder, do come through your words. And so, once again, Michael and I thank you. Feel His peace deep inside you, calling you to rest. Just let go and float away, buoyed on the sea of My love. Good evening.

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