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MGM28 – One Size Does Not Fit All

2021-04-24. One Size Does Not Fit All

Teacher: Monjoronson – MGM #28

Transmitter:  Vicki Vanderheyden

Date:  4-24-21

Monjoronson: We find it quite troublesome to see so many families, friends, and communities torn by those members who demand that there is only one way to survive this pandemic and who insist that all must comply. And though there may be a time when people must come together, we are troubled by the degree of censorship that restricts healthy debate and by the inability of some to respect at some of the most basic levels, the free will of others.

Yours is a diverse planet not only it its expansive amounts of flora and fauna that surround you, but within the very species you call human.  As an experimental planet, you’ve been provided a landscape of tremendous variety and as the inhabitants of such a world interact to the diversity of their environment, they will experience much that is new and different, some of which will be very different from the experience of others who live here.  This planet provides you with an infinitesimal number of opportunities and paths to follow.  You will find yourself responding to many more variables than the average inhabited worlds, and in doing so, the daily experience of living may leave you confused and unsure of the direction to take.  So let me remind you that in an atmosphere such as this, one size does not fit all.

As you struggle to understand where this avalanche of change is taking you, as you struggle to hold on to that which you deem precious and as you attempt to protect yourself from the toxic elements in your environment, you must be the judge of what is the best for you and allow others to determine what they consider best for themselves.

We are early in this portion of the transition time and there is still much to learn and much to understand.  There are still many unknowns. However, when you are in need of direction, remember that within you lies a compass that is easily accessible to you as you relax into a state of calm communion with your creator.  It is at this point of awareness, that you will find the answers to your most challenging questions.  And in saying this, do not forget that when there are times that an answer is not yet clear, no response may be the best one.

Some of you may ultimately choose the path of the majority, while others may find that the path of the masses is not yours.  It may be difficult for you to fight the pressure from this growing tide of opinion. You may even be subject to the inconvenience of those who wish to discriminate against you and even restrict you by the decisions they make. But in the end, your inner peace will only come from what you feel within yourself is right for you.

So, as we have asked of you in the past, walk your path with the awareness, that diversity is indeed the spice of life.  That what will allow you the best way to maneuver these tumultuous and fast changing times is an appreciation for those who walk a different path than yours.

Do not demand compliance.  Do not insist on only one way as the viable answer to life’s challenges.   Know that each unique path opens to an array of new possibilities with more than one successful result.   And guard those early, those long-term alliances of family, friends and community with the understanding and acceptance that as each of you grows through these fast-changing times, you may often find yourselves in disagreement with each other as to the best path to take.

Temper these differences among you with an open mind, a listening ear, and a loving heart.  You may then be surprised by the infinite wisdom and beauty that evolves from two opposing views.  For in this world that provides more diversity and opportunity than most, one size does not fit all.

May you feel the blessings of the Father through me, as he fills me, his vessel, with mercy and love.

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