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MLV25- Important Message®

2020-12-14. Important message.


Quebec, Canada, December 14 , 2020. – MLV #25

Teacher : Monjoronson

Subject : Important message

Message received by : Michel Levasseur



Monjoronson «Hello to all of you reading this message, I am Monjoronson and today I bring this important message to you.

My friends, we are reaching the end of a stage and a process and it is now one minute to midnight. The twelve midnight bells are going to ring and it would be important for each of you to prepare for a Mass of a Divine nature.

My friends, we are on the cusp of great changes that will finalize the era of rebellion on Urantia.

When the 12 midnight bells ring, changes and transformations will begin in accordance with the Will of Our Universal Father.

Our Creator Son Michael and Nebadonia are now ready to put a final end to all traces of this still active rebellion and in the near future, there will only be the history of a past rebellion in memoirs and writings.

Be ready and watch the intense light that will occur when the bells ring.

Good day to you all. »

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