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MZV270- Shift in Consciousness and a Tiny Virus

2020-03-31- Shift in Consciousness and a Tiny Virus
Mezza Verde #270

Session nr 2 of 31 March 2020 – English translation– Original French.
Place: Placencia, Belize
Received by Wivine
Visitor: Malavatia Melchizedek

MALAVATIA: Hello my friends.  I’m here to bring you some good news. Look forward to everything that is going on in your world right now. God offers you a great opportunity to discover your potential for kindness, love and mutual help; to transform your governments and political institutions.

You are all in the same box. You are all on the same boat, you are all living on the same planet.
You realized in a quarter of a second that if someone coughs on the other side of the world, you get a cold. All planned wars stopped, soldiers are brought back to their countries to help their own people.
The whole world is looking for medicines, gloves, good protective masks, protective clothing, medical equipment to save lives.

The whole world ! Imagine. Now watch who is helping whom? The United States receives medical supplies from Russia. Yet they were supposedly their sworn enemy as well of the Europeans. Europe is tearing itself apart, not helping each other. It’s every man for himself.

The best is yet to come my friends. The masks will fall. People will help each other, will be creative, some will lose their faith while others will strengthen it.

Many put aside their old quarrels to work together, hand in hand to help others, to defeat this invisible enemy that strikes everyone. While others will isolate themselves on an imaginary holy island. We, on our side of the veil, are embarking on great works with the Paradise Sons – Aaron and Luova to prepare the future. We are also creating buildings for us on your planet.

The Most High – Vorondadek – observer of your Constellation has taken his seat in a place on your planet – and is already interfering in large world organizations, as well as in governments to establish the Laws of God and or Christ.

Other places have been organized for the arrival of some High ranking Celestials. We slowly settle in with you.
Our earthly friends are hurrying to help us create Morontia and Spiritual Energy circuits around the world in order to protect the countries least endowed with medical care from this scourge. These networks will strengthen their immune systems and instead of being very sick – they will only be a little bit sick. They will have far less mortality than the industrialized countries which have hospitals, drugs and medical equipment.
Your planet is in good hands, we won’t let you down, but you too must do your part of the work.

This COVID-19 virus that you are so afraid of can be found in any human body. It does not differentiate between country, social status, royalty, celebrity or ordinary citizens; neither age or ethnicity.

Many people of all ages go to work with this virus without knowing it and often without getting sick of it. So think on your families, your neighbors, your work colleagues and follow the safety instructions of your Leaders.
Protect others from yourself because this virus will not only affect old people, it will also affect young people.

If this virus can spread so easily, it is because of you, you and you who are in good health, in the prime of life. You became a danger to your fellow men. Some think only of protecting themselves or live in carelessness, others point their fingers to look for a culprit. Don’t do this because tomorrow you will be carrying this virus and will become the one to whom the finger will be pointed because of the danger you will represent. Even if you don’t know it.

So take responsibility.

This situation will not last, your scientists are looking for solutions to stop this epidemic and we will help them. It will not be one country that will be the winner, the discoveries will be made simultaneously in different countries and will complement each other. We will make sure of it.

Your world must learn to work in a team for the same purpose, mutual aid. Your governments must serve the people who elected them. If everyone works on their own to puff out their chests and compete, the results will not be the same. This also concerns those you have trained and “activated” at our request and with the authorization of your indwelling God Fragment.

The decision of a large part of this team to separate from you does not come from us. Don’t worry, we will strengthen those who continue to team up with you to achieve our goals. Continue, always continue your path with us and you will succeed. You’ve been alone more than once, you’ve always trusted us, you’ve never let us down. You have trusted us so far and we have never disappointed you, so keep your confidence in us.

Your world is changing at all levels. A shift in consciousness will occur. You will see ! The Most Highs of Edentia will strengthen their influence on your planet. I greet you and see you soon. I am Malavatia Melchizedek and I work in your constellation Norlatiadek – on Edentia, its capital, with The Most High – Vorondadek Son Rulers.


(Note Wivine: Of course we all started with China in January 2020. We just finished Africa in 4 days. We have done large parts of Central and South America , the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Iran, the Arab countries, and will start today European Russia in several parts. We hope to finish what is expected from us in two to three weeks. Many things are done and it is true that I can sometimes see these constructions in which we do not participate. I do not see everything and all the time. Sometimes I don’t remember anything or very little of these bilocations – especially when they last almost two hours. I feel that I transfer Energy, sometimes and it’s not just with me – it’s as if the celestials are doing a job on us. Each of us is placed where she/he can best serve. We are all tired and happy to contribute. We keep our good humor, as this also increases our immune system. )

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