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MZV214- Peace and Brotherhood

2016-12-15 Peace and Brotherhood
Mezza Verde #214

Session 24 of 15 December 2016- English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Wivine.


–      Maquin –Primary Midwayer.

–      Herinah –planetary Helper seraphim belonging to the group of the « souls of peace ».

Maquin here: I’m a Primary Midwayer who works with the secondary Midwayers accompanying you in your work with Paradise Energy transfers and the destruction of ‘darkness’ in some local places.

As already has been told, we and so are you, led by these Melchisedeks who collaborate with the Seraphic Planetary Government and the Commissioners of races.

Our group of secondary Midwayers received lately assistance from a large number of Morontia Cherubim. These Morontia Cherubim protect and guide you in performing dangerous missions associated with the destruction of ‘darkness’ and other tasks.

I wanted to present them to you so that you would know about their presence. Some of them can increase their density to be more observable in the 4th dimension and can appear with large wings of feathers and a stature of human appearance. If they want, they can even touch you. If any of you notice them don’t be afraid and do not take them for Angels.

{Note Wivine: Carole saw them several times for more than a year during our bilocation work in meditation, but we did not know who those lovely creatures were of which she several times felt the feathers on her arms and shoulders. It’s today they revealed it to us.}

I leave the floor now to Herinah.

Herinah here :

I am a planetary helper and of service in the seraphic group of the “souls of peace.” I was asked to speak to you because there are many people of your current group who work or will work in the future for the supervising Planetary Government in these Seraphic departments that promote Peace and Brotherhood.

Peace-loving and brotherhood as well as selfishness, true rightness and higher moral behavior are not innate in men. They might be developed through education but most of the time are stimulated through the service of the seraphic planetary helpers and other spiritual influences.

From childhood on, current men undergo three spiritual influences from the three Deities of the Trinity:

1)- The Spirit of Truth that Christ Michael (Jesus) spread over your world, coming from The Eternal Son, His Mother.

2)- The adjutant mind spirits and the Holy Spirit from the Mother Spirit of your local universe Nebadon, which come from the Infinite Spirit.

3)- The influence of the “personality circuitry of the Universal Father” thanks to His gift of « personality » and later through the gift of your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster which is also a gift from the Universal Father.

The God Fragment is the only spiritual influence that lives and dwells within you.

The other two influences, the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit, hover above man and work together as a unity in order to teach a soul truth and discernment and to inspire the mortal mind spiritually; in order to give men, the possibility of reaching their final soul destination, namely to attain Paradise as a Perfected Spiritual Creature.

These three spiritual influences work together in a coordinated way and we collaborate the same way with your God Fragment.

If you are a person who knows God and you demonstrate a sincere desire to attain higher spiritual wisdom, higher divine values, then your indwelling God Fragment will guide you step by step towards them as long as you are sincere in your heart, that You cooperate with complacency, knowledge and reasoning.

There is no shortcut to spiritual soul growth. Everyone will have to demonstrate the same effort and no step can be skipped. All lessons will have to be learned and your spiritual ego will be tested dozens and dozens of times. These are hard lessons waiting for you. It is a slow and difficult process, although some can once in a while make a leap because they are more engaged and work more on themselves. Pedants who prefer to tell others how to organize their lives and what they have to believe lose a lot of time.

The path of soul growth is comparable to a labyrinth. There is a path that leads immediately to the exit and this is the path that is mostly taken by a person who knows God; a labyrinth has also many side roads that lead to a dead end where many like to linger, often in groups, and by doing so block their personal quest.

The higher spiritual world will never push or force someone into something. Man, must choose and he can only make the decision to know God if he can do it freely, knowingly and consciously.

Soul growth cannot be completed in one material human life. Therefore, we say to those who believe in reincarnation that even 1,500 physical lives will never be enough to reach the degree of spiritual perfection that a human soul can attain through the Morontia Worlds and then the Spiritual Worlds of the universes.

These Worlds were created long before your existence precisely to help your soul evolve step by step, without the need to be exposed to continuous reincarnations. Reincarnation has never been part of the plans of the Universal Father and Christ Michael – Jesus for the spiritual development of human souls in Nebadon.

It was Lucifer and Caligastia who did not want your souls to leave for the First Mansion World. Caligastia wanted to keep them here and introduce something similar to reincarnation without success. He put in place your current atheism: “one does not believe in God but only in Energies”, which has had an unfortunate impact on the normal evolution of human souls on your planet and of which you still undergo the consequences.

For all these reasons, we ask all people of goodwill who are aware of the indwelling presence of the living God to exercise the same patience with their brethren that the Spiritual Kingdom has shown towards you. Do not apply pressure or force.

Begin with your own soul growth and bring your new moral and spiritual values as well as you new capacities into your daily life to become a well-being for your family and your environment.

It is by developing that blind faith and powerful trust in God, by speaking to Him with love, that little by little you will realize or rather possess an “intuitive knowledge” that you really have Divine contact and that you will gradually meet all your spiritual friends who are there to help you. This is how you will understand that you are a child of God and that you will be able to confirm it with certainty to an environment that seeks God.

The people of your planet have experienced two tragedies that hampered their spiritual development:

1)    the fact that your former planetary Prince Caligastia followed Lucifer 200,000 years ago. Due to that your planet was placed in quarantine and devoid of communication with Morontia and Spiritual Creatures. The result was a complete moral depravity and a battle between those who knew God and accepted the values of the Universe and those who refused God and even turned against Christ Michael who created them.

2)   Adam and Eve – the Material Son and Daughter – who were sent here to enhance your physical bodies in order to provide you with a body better suited to spiritual aspirations with a stronger immune system.

This has been solved by the lifting of the quarantine and the restoration of spiritual communications; by massive spiritual help and the sweeping of Higher Energies over your populations.

By the birth of an Avonal Son on January 12, 2015 and the arrival of his 12 Melchizedeks; and in the coming years by the birth of a Creator Son who does not administer a local universe and who will also come with his 12 Melchizedeks.

The setup of the “Melchizedek Light Network” that you helped implement will give these Paradise Sons and their Melchizedeks communication and travelling means that will transcend your wildest dreams.

These Melchizedeks will receive superior bodies that will serve them for a very, very long time and they will spread throughout the globe so that all nations can rise spiritually in a synchronized way. They will not need a smartphone or internet connection to communicate with each other nor a car or a plane to travel.

They will have a communication system and capabilities that Adam and Eve and their close descendants didn’t have during their life time, neither Machiventa Melchizedek, your current planetary Prince, when he walked on your planet in the time of Abraham in a physical body.

Don’t think they will knock at your door to greet you, to ask you for housing or other services. They will be in touch with those who will work directly with them at the time of their choice and in their own ways.

There is a new spiritual wind blowing on your planet and the indwelling Spirit of God will move every man and woman in such a way that all will become conscious of His Presence; yes, also those who don’t believe in God. This event, combined with all other spiritual influences, will inspire people to attain higher moral values, more righteousness, love and understanding towards each other instead of feeding hatred, destruction, intolerance and indifference.

Many will be surprised by the revelations that will arise over what and who dominated your world for so long, as well as how they deliberately sowed wars and disagreements among people to achieve their own goals. Many will become ashamed because they believed the lies and played the game of the leaders they followed. Leaders who brought them to war to sow death and destruction.

The new leaders are coming and they will react to this new wind and the intuitive influence of their indwelling God Fragment. They will care about world peace with respect for every religion and ethnic group. There will be new scientific discoveries that will be a blessing for humanity and your planet, Urantia.

All this will be possible from now on because your scientists will be led in that direction and no longer to search for weapons of mass destruction, dangerous and polluting energies that contaminate the air, the water and the soil and consequently humans, animals and the entire planet.

When world peace will be guaranteed, people will travel more which will encourage multicultural contacts; all Nations will start to thrive economically and spiritually.

Then the ‘incarnated Melchizedeks’ will prepare with their humble, selfless and unknown assistants, the paths of Peace and Brotherhood on which the Paradise Sons will walk.

Trust us. We are there for you and with you.

Our father creator-Jesus does not abandon you and never did.

His Golden Days are inaugurated. All Angels are singing of joy because a new dawn is born on Jesus planet, the one where he was born 2,000 years ago, like a human baby.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.


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