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MZV216- It Is Up To Man To Help Mankind

2016-12-31 It Is Up To Man To Help Mankind
Mezza Verde #216

Session 26 of 31 December 2016 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Wivine.


–      Jesus, Christ Michael –Creator Son of your local universe Nebadon.

–      Malvantra Melchizedek.

Jesus here: When two people meet, who seek both knowledge and truth, a wonderful conversation can result which will bring both a higher spiritual insight and the discovery of new truths, even if one of them is more advanced.

It’s this kind of gatherings, where two people come together in My Name, that I will support so that both of them can reap spiritual fruits.

After the crisis at Capernaum, where I spoke to a huge crowd for days, I discovered that educating the masses doesn’t bring much. Masses follow you but are unstable and abandon you when they don’t receive what they want from you. They will even hate and attack you for it. As a result, I sent all my Apostles and followers home and stayed alone for a long time to think it over.

That’s when I made the decision to search only spiritually stable followers and there is still no change to this decision.

I am looking for people who want to develop their mind faculties, their courage, their character strength and their faith after a lot of training in very difficult situations. People who have experience in cooperating duly with their indwelling God Fragment so that they eventually become real inaugurators of the Brotherhood of Men under one Paradise Father.

People who I can count on, as well as my Melchizedeks and the Paradise Sons and especially in whom we can trust. People who do what we expect of them without any wavering. People who can later carry out adventurous missions and even dangerous ones. People who will be able to keep a very low profile when they perform tasks in public. People who can manage intensive training and who will be able to work in group under our guidance towards a same goal.

These people don’t need to come from the same environment, it is not necessary. They must have the right motivation, because ultimately that’s the most important. We are the ones who can read in the hearts and minds of people. You can’t hide anything for us.

Be aware that:

Soul growth is an ongoing process. Progress slowly but surely. Don’t worry about those who like to brag about their performances. Go ahead at your own pace and don’t let anyone waver you.

Stagnation will automatically pull you backwards.

On the other hand, growing too fast is definitely suicide. However, I will immediately bring those of my children back on dry land when they realize their mistakes and ask me for help.

Thank you my children to take my advice into account.

Malvantra Melchizedek here: Wivine, we made you stop a while ago the “cleaning work” and ‘assistance’ to Africa for our own reasons. You now understand why. We were waiting for our African friends and they are now ready to participate. Continue with Africa, and only do so with our African friends. It is for them to help their continent with our help and they are competent. Their heart is in the right place and they are enthusiastic.

It is up to men to help mankind.

Even if there is only one person who seeks our help to get sufficient capacity that will help all humanity, we will come to the rescue and we will make it happen for that person as long as he or she follows our guidelines and make the effort.

A person who attains such soul growth which allows him or her to work with the combined inner Divine Energies can transform the world. Imagine what could reach two of such people if they work together towards the same goal.

It takes time to achieve. It is difficult and harsh, but be aware that patience always pays.

We ask those who have the capacity to work with the Energy of Paradise or with the Energy of their indwelling Thought adjuster, to focus for now mainly on living people, individuals and populations, countries and continents.

Humanity faces many dangers that we will not reveal to you here. It will be others who will assume this task, others who are helped by a celestial team of the Most High-Vorondadek of your constellation, through governments, organizations and associations.

I thank you, my children, and I wish you a happy New Year 2017.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.


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