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MZV248- Your Little Ones Are Safe In Our Hands

2018-11-13-Your Little Ones Are Safe In Our Hands
Mezza Verde #248

Session nr 14 of 13 November 2018 – English translation – original Dutch.
Place : Mezza Verde in Belgium.
Visitor : Monssoen Melchizedek
Received by Wivine

MONSSOEN:  My girl, I know you’re going back to Belize and want to finish this chapter before you leave. So here I am.

(Wivine: I’ve been waiting for 4 days and they were not coming. Anyway, sometimes they have to wait for me too.)

MONSSOEN:  We will start with the child and how a child learns to distinguish right from wrong. What does it mean for a 2- to 5-year-old to make a moral decision in order to receive a God Fragment? A child is under the influence of two fundamental feelings. His ego and his altruistic tendency. The need to get what he thinks he needs or wants to keep for himself. It’s not necessarily something material, like toys or food. It can also be attention, love and appreciation. Paying too much attention to another as a parent, can trigger emotional anger, a feeling of lack in an infant and even in a child. These are basic human feelings of self-preservation, the fear of losing and emotional needs.

On the other hand, a child experiences spiritual influences of the Paradise Father through the “personality” it received from Him. A young child is also helped by the “Angels of the Children “. Yes, I say “Angels of the children”. It is not a specific Seraphic Order. These seraphim specialize in the protection and assistance of children from birth, without any exception ; whether they are born premature or after the current period of 9 months pregnancy.

A child is gradually subjected from birth to the seven influences of the spiritual mind assistants of Mother Spirit of Nebadon. These mind influences will connect one after the other with the child’s heart-brain and influence it’s behavior as it grows. There is no need for a child to be under the influence of the highest mind assistants of Mother Spirit to make a moral decision. A child will reach those later, either as a teenager or as an adult, after having received it’s God Fragment ; the Thought Adjuster who works in concert with the Spirit of Truth of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Mother Spirit to develop the child’s soul.

The monitoring of the parents plays also a role in the way they are disposed towards their children. Do their children receive love, security and little rules about what is allowed or forbidden, what is right or wrong? Do parents believe in God or are they atheist? God believing parents are more likely to give their children higher ideals, an education that will also pay attention to others and make them know God.

A newborn must of course grow a lot ; yet it’s already receiving spiritual impulses. By growing up in a loving environment, it will be more open to others. As soon as it can speak, it will be able to express better it’s points of view. At first, it can only laugh or cry to show it’s emotions of approval or disagreement, to receive food when it’s hungry or in pain. This does not mean that the baby or toddler does not have an inner life of reflection, even if it is a very simple one.

The first spiritual and moral motivations of a child are above all:

  • – Fairness: it’s wrong, it’s unfair. I did not do anything wrong. The other did nothing wrong. But that one did! I do not deserve this punishment, it’s unfair.
  • -Honesty: a child does not like lies. A child is spontaneously honest, but learns to lie when it has to choose between self-protection, self-preservation (ego) and righteousness, honesty towards others (altruism).
  • – Kindness: a child can be spontaneously friendly and tend to give, to share with someone else. It can be toys, a smile, a cookie for a sister or a crying brother. Even comfort someone who is sad.
  • – Helping others: a child likes to help. Can suddenly show a tendency to help another according to its conceptions.

If parents notice the first steps of their young children towards fairness, honesty, kindness, helping others and encourage them in a balanced way, their child might receive a God Fragment very early.

You cannot detect the presence of a God Fragment unless the God Fragment of a child, adolescent, or adult is willing to show His Presence to you. What He certainly might do if He decides it is appropriate.

I would like to say something to our young parents: as soon as your toddler receives it’s God Fragment, which can be very young these days, you will find out that it becomes sweeter, more reasonable, kinder, emotionally more stable and less egocentric.

Why? Because a Thought Adjuster always tends to give impetus to the spiritual, altruistic and loving inclinations of a child. Oh, just a little bit! He is not supposed to exert strong pressure to avoid that a child loses it’s right of “free will”. He is assisted in this task by the “Angels of the children” and, in many cases by you, the parents.

Loving, caring parents who communicate with God will be helped to notice and respond to all behavioral changes of their toddlers. They will become co-educators with the spiritual world. They will take charge of the educative task of Christ

Michael and Mother Spirit of Nebadon to help develop these embryonic souls. I would also like to rectify a misunderstanding which is the following. Your planet enjoys special privileges following the Lucifer rebellion, the default of the mission of Adam and Eve, and the fact that a Paradise Son, Christ Michael – Sovereign Master of your local universe, Nebadon – was born, deceased and resuscitated here as Joshua Ben Joseph about 2,000 years ago. Better known in the Christian world as Jesus of Nazareth. Man is the last Order of personalities endowed with “free will” that He created in His local universe. He lived and experienced all your difficulties due to the fact he was born and lived here as a human being. His human life became an example for all human species living on the habitable planets of Nebadon. And there are many, really a lot.

You live on a decimal planet, so experimental. A planet where new life forms have been created for improvement. You are part of the human species who have the ability to fuse with a Fragment of God to reach Paradise ; which means that one day you will leave Nebadon. This is certainly not the case for all human species living on habitable planets. Many material planets have human species that receive a God Fragment with whom they will never fuse. These human souls will receive a Fragment of Mother Spirit on the (morontia) Mansion Worlds with which they will fuse to be able to continue their eternal life within the borders of Nebadon. To leave Nebadon and ascend to Paradise, a soul must fuse with a God Fragment, also called Thought Adjuster.

All children born on your planet of parents belonging to His Creation, enjoy special protection. It does not matter whether they have a physical or mental disability, whether they have lived a short time or longer. They will receive in the event of premature death the possibility to evolve as an embryonic soul or baby soul or child soul on the First Mansion World.

Growing children with mental or physical disabilities are subject to the same spiritual influences as other children. They also receive a God Fragment when they give signs of altruism in their inner emotional and mental life. Even if parents cannot notice it because the child cannot express himself as an ordinary one, be aware that the Spiritual world knows.
What happens in the heart and mind of a child is the “trigger” to receive all spiritual influences of Mother Spirit and a God Fragment. It doesn’t depend only of the physical abilities.

Although a mentally handicapped child might receive in the beginning an inexperienced Thought Adjuster with whom it cannot fuse, it might receive during its earthly life or on the Mansion Worlds, depending on its soul development, another more experienced God Fragment with which it can fuse. If not, this soul will fuse with a Fragment of Mother Spirit of Nebadon and become a permanent citizen of Nebadon. It is clear that if such disabled children can grow up in a peaceful environment with loving parents who know God, their soul will benefit from it.

Parents are co-responsible for their child’s soul development, not just for their material well-being. They are expected to do so in collaboration with God, Jesus and Mother Spirit. Human parents are expected to co-parent with the Spiritual parents and helpers of their children. A change of God Fragment can also occur in adults whose soul suddenly show greater potential for spiritual development through their altruistic choices and actions. They could then receive another God Fragment who acquired much more experience than the first one, who possesses a lot of spiritual knowledge coming from all those human souls He once inhabited but with whom He never fused.

Such things do not happen often in your world, but that may well change in the near future. When such a thing happens, this person will change and that change might well be noticed by his close environment. The opposite is also possible. There are children who, because of their innate possibilities, receive from birth a supreme experienced Thought adjuster. Children who are expected to play a role in the spiritual development of their planet. But their lives can also have a bad turn as a result of wrong choices, criminal acts against their brethren, systematic rejection of God or proclaiming themselves as a guru to mislead people and sometimes to a tragic end.

Such a person can thus lose his ‘highly experienced God Fragment’, who is then replaced by an inexperienced Thought Adjuster. This inexperienced God Fragment will do His best to bring this person to other thoughts. He may succeed or fail. Jesus believes that it is always worth trying. He does not like to lose a child and will do everything in his power to win back a lost lamb, really everything! All inhabitants of your planet, newborns, young and old ones, intelligent or not, disabled or not, have a privileged survival status at soul level.

Every child who dies prematurely will be given the opportunity to decide for itself whether it chooses God or not. Even though it only breathed 30 seconds on your planet. If a child dies prematurely or if he or she cannot lead a normal life, they will receive it in Heaven. In the distant future, children will be born earlier and earlier. They will be fed and treated differently after their first breath.

Already now there are cases of premature children of 4 months and a half who are kept alive by your medical world.
Premature births will become a trend when the amount of people who are deeply conscious of God, the transformed God-Man will increase in number. My dear children, your little ones are safe in our hands once they leave your world. What would the Mercy of your Spiritual Ancestors be worth if they would not give every soul-embryo – every baby-soul – every child-soul the opportunity in Heaven to choose which path to follow. A choice they will make knowingly!

And yes, also on the morontia worlds, they will have the opportunity to receive a God Fragment with which they might fuse, to leave Nebadon as a first stage spiritual creature to ascend to Paradise. Dear friends, we are close to you, the spiritual world is close to you and supports you. You cannot visit us yet in our Higher Spiritual Heavens. Therefore we come down to you to give you a helping hand. Do not worry anymore, we take good care of your children until you arrive in Heaven. Then you will take back the reins together with us. Goodbye. This was Monssoen Melchizedek.

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