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NET-PMG #37,Your life plan and disappointment, Any positive benefits of overpopulation? Not much has been learned

2022-08-08, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #37, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #37 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Your life plan and disappointment

Any positive benefits of overpopulation?

Not much has been learned

Social skills are regressing

A gentler attitude, but social stagnation

Are we disappointed enough?

Sprinklings of enlightened people

Zero-point energy update?

Compassion exhaustion

Gas fracking

Spiritual duplicity in leaders

The discipline of a planetary manager

Change in the earth’s rotation and the Correcting Time

Celestial assignments: Be kind, do good

Announcing our presence is a process

Have empathy, be kind, be spirit-minded

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Your life plan and disappointment

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. It is my pleasure to be here with you today and thank you for your presence as well.

When we come to you, and we know you—we know your life plan which began before you arrived here—we have great awareness of your aspirations; those which you developed by unknowable reasons and ways of that coming into existence. Those things will become known to you once you reunite with the morontial realm. You as individuals (some of you) are old souls and you came here with a purpose—something to discover, something to do, some form of destiny, perhaps something that is in great service, or small service. But nonetheless, all of you, each one of you, came here with a life plan, Perhaps, sometime in your life you had a great idea that you must fulfill. We assist you to work towards that. You aspire, you want to fulfill this need within you that compels you to move forward in your life, and you are ever hopeful of achieving that. We see the connection between this urge that you feel—this work, this service that you desire—from the deepest depths of you to fulfill, and we assist you to move in that direction. And maybe, in the years of your life, you come to the point where you realize that you will no longer be able to do that—you will not be able to fulfill that desired hope that you had for so many years of your life. Now, this is your question: Does this mean that us helping you deceived you along the way so that you were encouraged to do the Father’s work though the hoped-for desire that you had in place all those years was not fulfilled? Well, this is a deep, spiritual, existential question for you in your mortal lifetime. You realize and know that disappointment fosters great spiritual growth.

For some people, however, they writhe in their disappointment, and they go nowhere. If, during all those years that you were working for this higher good, this hoped for desire, and you were doing the Father’s will, that means that you were truly doing the Father’s work and doing the Father’s will. Your hope would be an interpretation of a desire that you had which was your hope, and not necessarily the Father’s hope. But nonetheless, you together both fulfilled your life. This may seem complex, and it can work out in the short term, a few months, or a year or two, or it could work out that way in terms of decades. Nonetheless, your fulfilling the service that your life was built for is a magnificent thing to do. It requires perseverance, persistence, dedication, commitment, integrity, and so on to do all those things. The benefit for you as a soul is your disappointment, your ability to overcome your disappointment, and to realize that all through those years you had been doing the Father’s will, that you thought was hope for some personal desire. This may seem convoluted, but it is surely one path for great service and for great growth.

So, when you come to the point of disappointment in your life, whether it’s after a few weeks, months, a few years, or many decades, you realize that your disappointment is further, another soul challenge. It is one of those growth plateaus for you to overcome and for you to appreciate in the long term of your spiritual ascendant career.

Let’s move ahead to the question-and-answer aspect of our session today. Thank you.

Any positive benefits of overpopulation?

Craig: Good morning. I have a question sort of more about the past than the future. I was thinking that maybe around 1960 we passed 3 billion people and gone into overshoot with more people in the world that it can continually sustain. And yet, since that time, maybe 1960 or 1970 to the end of the century, we made some tremendous strides in many areas. I especially think of the internet and digital communication. And I was wondering, has this overshoot in population had any positive benefits for our world?

MM: Thank you for your comments and for your foresightfulness and hindsightfulness. As some of you have already read, by the end of 2022, this year, your world will be occupied by approximately 8 billion people—a great increase from the 3 billion of 1960. Your question is: “Is there a positive benefit to the increase in people for your world?” Let us look at it individually. Individually, it will make life more difficult for more people. Individually, it will bring survival much closer to the transition to death than it would with fewer people. In hindsight, 3 billion people was still a stretch for your planet to keep everyone at the same plateau of a quality of life and the caloric intake that affords people to live from one day to the next. Now there is a greater risk of people being in starvation mode. As a planet, as a civilization rather, is there a positive benefit in any regard for having 8 billion people on the planet? And the answer is yes if you look at the grand scale of the maturity, the evolution of civilization as an organizational body of those many people. The trouble that you know of is that your civilization is very immature. Selfishness abounds with the greater wealth that accrues to people. Learning the lessons of planetary management from the mortal’s perspective becomes a much greater challenge. For a civilization to mature, individuals and their social organizations—the organizational matrix of your planet—must mature and evolve so that the seven values of life, survival, equality, growth, and quality of life are afforded equally to everyone. This means that the three secondary values of empathy, compassion, and a generalized love for humanity must grow so that people can reasonably, logically, rationally determine the social programs that are needed for a planet to sustain itself. As no one on your planet has the discipline of a Planetary Prince (to put it in spiritual terms) there will be a great deal of suffering in the learning process as the number of humans on this planet plummets from 8 billion down to a quantity that can survive adequately on your planet.

In the scheme of all inhabited planets in Nebadon, this great dramatic change is catastrophic. It means that something desperately has gone awry in the history of your civilization. And you recall that your planet was in quarantine for approximately 200,000 years which was also, coincidentally, the beginning of the Homo Sapiens species. Your species, therefore, is almost totally experientially developed. All of its wisdom has been due to experiential learning. The spiritual learning that the other 90% of planets receive is almost totally nonexistent on your planet except as those residual aspects of the blue race and so on and the visitations of those individuals who have augmented the spiritual wisdom of your planet. This would include many avatars, mortal avatars, who were of other origin, which has never been determined or revealed. You know about me having come here many 1000s of years ago to uplift the spiritual knowledge about God and the eventual coming of the Messiah—Christ Michael as Jesus.

Has there been a benefit? Yes, there has been a benefit, but we see almost no records of wisdom among your races, among your millions of libraries around the world to indicate that humanity has learned very much from the experiences of 200,000 years. What is to be learned, consciously, and needs to be in the minds of your geneticists and anthropologists is that the epigenetics of the human race is deeply embedded with survival mode thinking where selfishness is a benefit to survival. As a race of people, your epigenetic learning from the history of doing good that was taught by the avatars, Jesus, (Christ Michael), and by the prophets is very shallow. Yes, this is knowledge that I’m conveying to you rather than wisdom, but it is something that must be taken seriously by your social scientists and by you as parents raising your children. You are responsible for the epigenetic increase and benefit of future generations. You have only recently begun to realize the necessity of epigenetic learning at the level of the family of parenting and child rearing, and how to bring new souls, new children of each generation into adulthood with the wisdom that is necessary to raise their own children in the same way.

Not much has been learned

In a frank statement, there’s not been much learned. This is neither cynical nor pessimistic. It is a statement of fact, and it is measurable in our realm by reviewing the history of humanity and examining in detail the genetic code of your species in our laboratories. Just as you can see the inner workings of a cell, our Life Carrier’s laboratories can review the history of all the lives, all the epigenetic learning that has ever taken place, and is recorded in your gene structure. The sad truth of it is that there’s little to note of great benefit that carries forward generation to generation. It is of the greatest importance, therefore, for us to assist you to create learning situations for parents, parents to be, grandparents, and children [to learn] how to live ethically, morally, compassionately, with empathy for others, and to truly hold a genuine generalized love for humanity. For in doing so, you learn to love yourself, not selfishly, not narcissistically, but genuinely, authentically, and generously. Thank you.

Craig: Thank you for that. So, I would take it that whatever scientific and technical progress has taken place in the last 60 or 70 years, we still haven’t learned very much about the things of spirit and civilization progressing in social realms.

Social skills are regressing

MM: Yes. If you were to look at the socialization of your grandparents and great-grandparents, you would note that they were perhaps more civilized than your generations today. There was at those times the capability of individuals to empathize with others in similar situations and to compassionately aid those who were in distress. As far as being socialized to live in society, they were in many ways far [more] advanced and far more mature than your children today, or the parents of those children today. It is sad for us, perhaps disappointing for us, to see the downgrading of socialization—social skills—of people generally in the world than those before. And this shows your world the work that has to be done.

A gentler attitude, but social stagnation

Now, let us leap forward to 2020 and the acceptance, acknowledgement of the COVID pandemic and what has happened in the years since. You are beginning to see a much gentler attitude of individuals towards others, even strangers, in your grocery stores, on the streets, and even in traffic compared to five years before. This is movement in the right direction. Further, there is acknowledgement within many learned people in your universities, that if your civilization, if your national societies continue to go the way they have been going, that they will self-destruct. You are seeing that idea being played out concerning the concepts and practices of democracy. It is not that democracy is dead, it is simply that it has not been allowed to evolve. This is the great fault of most academic social sciences—they have not found a way to promote the social evolution of themselves, their theories, and how to transfer that to social practices with organizations, families, and so on. The great faults of the organizational matrix of your civilization (which includes all corporations, governments, universities, colleges, and so on) is that they have been staid—meaning that they have not progressed forward, have not evolved, and have not been able to authentically and genuinely evaluate the current status of their social evolution and maturity.

I know that this is all so much academic talk, however this is mainly oriented and pointed towards academia, the experts, and consultants who work with government, universities, and large corporations to think ahead [about] how to survive. And the way to survive is to adapt, and the way to adapt to changing circumstances is to evolve. Thank you for letting me go on, Craig.

Craig: You’re most welcome. Yeah, so I guess that’s the problem. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of original thinking towards problem solving in most of our institutions towards solving major problems, just putting out the fires of today instead.

MM: You’re exactly right.

Craig: Okay, thank you, I yield the floor now.

Are we disappointed enough?

Recca: Good morning, Machiventa. I’d like to relate what you just said about personal disappointment and personal hope over our own lifetime about our own aspirations and relate it to what you said last week about phase two of the planetary management situation and ask you two questions. Have we risen as a planet in your estimation to the level of being disappointed enough in our planetary situation of separation from each other and in our survival modes and our selfish modes? Are we to a level now going into your phase two as a planet to address these social sciences problems and civilization problems? And can our spiritual work here in these phase two groups and affinity groups assist you on a spiritual level, on a prayer level, or on a unity level?

MM: Did you finish?

Recca: I’m sorry, yes.

MM: I am trying to grasp the entirety of your multiple questions. Your civilization surely does have the capability to make that leap and to make that progress. Further, your academia, you’re learned individuals, and the wisdom that is available surely has the intelligence to make the leap and to make progress in phase two. And third, your affinity groups, prayer groups and so on, individual prayers and assistance are deeply useful to us as it “sets the tone” for the vibration of your planet at a higher level. It helps to augment the receptiveness of other individuals to receive those positive vibrations or inclinations.

Now, the crux lies in the egotism of learned people, and the wisdom they have that can be applied. It is unfortunate too, that there is a general, almost endemic cynicism among learned people that the human race can correct itself. This holds back tremendous wisdom and the esprit of those individuals to show forth, to become leaders of others and of organizations to lead them forward in positive ways that assist the planet, assist humanity, assist individuals, and assist families.

If you recall the old cartoons that came on Sundays, you might have seen a cartoon character who had this startled look on their face with a light bulb above their head in their speaking balloon. And it was like: “Huh, well, look at that!” That character had connected the dots and had an idea. Well, that, dear one, is what is missing with 98% of your learned individuals. They have worked in such compartmentalized, specialized fields that the inclination that there could be some type of universality among them that could be applied for the benefit of humanity and its evolution seems to have escaped them.

Sprinklings of enlightened people

This discussion might seem to cast a dark shadow on the positive inclinations of good people, but we in no way want to stop that, halt that, or darken those thoughts at all.  We do foresee that there are sprinklings of enlightened people throughout the general public who are truly getting the idea that rather than halting and holding back the growth and evolution of society, how about just letting this go. How about trying something new to let it evolve. And eventually many people come to the conclusion that any advancement is better than entrenchment and digging our heels in and holding back progress. When it comes to the final equation where you have nothing to lose but your fear, then societies will move forward. What is truly lacking is cultural leadership; those individuals who do see, who have been inspired to make suggestions, and have become known to the public and the public regards them as being honest, authentic, genuine, sincere, without selfishness, and without egoism. Those individuals are rare, but they do exist. And it’s important that those individuals be guided to forums where they can share their ideas. For every one of those individuals, we know that there are 10,000 individuals willing to follow them, listen to them, and accept their ideas. It doesn’t take much to start, but even that little bit seems to be lacking in many areas of your society. I offer these comments in this latter part of my discourse as offering hope; that humanity truly does have ideas, concepts, and processes for social maturity and growth of your societies beginning at the individual and family levels that can be transposed and infused into organizations. Your world is not without hope. To put it in the positive, there is hope dear one, that better times are ahead for you. It just takes courageous people to step forward and say: “This person has an idea. Let’s see what they have to say about that.” Thank you.

Recca: Thank you.

Jeff: Good morning, Machiventa. It is a joy to be with you.

MM: It’s a joy to hear your voice as well.

Zero-point energy update?

Jeff: Well, thank you. I have two questions. They’re not related. One is economic in nature, and the other is social in nature. I’d like to preface the economic question with my observation. And that is that over long periods of time, we have sustained our population by the capturing of stored sunlight, first by burning wood, then by burning coal, then by burning hydrocarbons, and finally burning uranium in nuclear. And each one of those transitions has led to an enormous, tenfold geometric increase in the ability to source energy to move water, to move people, to plow fields, etc. And the world is now trying for various reasons to go backwards on the scale of energy consumption. And it’s not possible to keep people warm in Germany this year by burning their furniture. There’s going to be catastrophe if more governments try to move down the carbon or the energy consumption list as far as their ability to manage their complex societies as they exist now. My question is this: A while back, you indicated that there was some movement on the release of missing information to get to zero-point energy, and my economic question is: Is there anything further you could report on that?

MM: I revealed that information within the last nine to eight months about zero-point energy, and that is still current. You are seeing greater progress in the news at least regarding fusion energy as there is progress being made in that field. And that is principally by the release of information by subtle means to the minds of those scientists and individuals working in those fields. Zero-point energy has been neglected by the media, but there has been progress made in that area as well. Unfortunately for both fields, they will come online only after these crises and great cataclysms have passed. Those fields will continue to operate and work and make progress even during the times of great disasters and crises in your nations. There is hope for the future, but not hope for the immediate future of these technologies to be of assistance to alleviate the difficulties that Germany, for instance, will experience this winter. I wait for your question regarding the sociological issue.

Compassion exhaustion

Jeff: Thank you. I think all of us in this group and the people who have read the papers have a certain amount of angst, if you will, some trepidation about how are we personally going to deal with the events that have been forecast for us? And I would like you to comment if you can on “compassion exhaustion.”

MM: Yes. And the topic is compassion exhaustion. Is that correct?

Jeff: Yes sir.

MM: One moment. I will take my time proceeding through this so that each of you gets some good from these answers. First of all, empathy is primary to compassion. Compassion is only limited by the extent of your empathy for others. The more selfish you are, the less empathy you have for others, and therefore the less compassion that you are able to offer to others.

The chilling return on that is that others will know that, will see that, and only through the great goodness and empathy of their own hearts, will they extend their compassion to those selfish individuals. Compassion exhaustion takes people to the limits of their empathy until they cave in, literally cave into themselves, out of their own concern for their own safety, their own livelihood, and ability to sustain their life. You have read about and have seen portrayals in movies about compassion to the limits of death, and that is the limit of compassion—where compassion continues without exhaustion until the death of the compassionate individual. This is only rational in the event that the receiver and the giver pass together—that they both have enjoyed the benefits of great empathy and great compassion and nonetheless have succumbed to the elements.

The question you ask is one of an existential inner journey into the depths of your own compassion, the depths of your own empathy. Those two combined are the expression of love, and, as you know, there are limits to love that some people have experienced and know. It is unfortunate that it is a component of your survival instincts, but it is nonetheless one which assists others to give their own life to assist others to live. You individually must determine your limits of compassion. Only you can know that experientially. Some people withdraw from experiencing the full depths of their compassion for personal reasons. Your question goes to the depths of humanity itself. It goes to the depths of the maturity and inner evolution of each individual as a spiritual being, as a being of love. It is a question that challenges all of humanity to progress to the point of assisting future generations that they might live from the care and the compassion and empathy of previous generations. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you for that. That’s all I have.

Gas fracking

Jacque: Bonjour, this is Jacque. I have a question. It’s a bit in line with Jeff’s about source energy. It’s about gas fracking. I’ve seen recently a documentary on gas fracking that demonstrates that this technique to extract petrol gas or oil is very damaging for the planet, but also for the health of the people who are living close to the exploration areas because water and air are contaminated. Today, when I look at the organization and state agencies, it seems that these people deny the risk of this technique similarly, like the tobacco company did in the past, and I see a big risk for the future generation. So, can you comment on that?

MM: Jacque, your question is very nebulous and very diffused. My only answer is that you are right. Thank you.

Jacque: Okay, thank you. I’m happy to learn also that zero-point energy is on the way. So, this probably will be a good solution. Thank you.

Spiritual duplicity in leaders

Marthe: Thank you very much. Good evening, Machiventa. I wanted to ask you two questions. The first one is that there’s been great care taken to sanitize all the writings of Daniel Raphael, from spiritual references like those we find in all the channeled messages. So there seems to be two streams of information. One where it is very clear that we are being assisted by spiritual forces and celestial beings, and one where it is not clear at all. There’s a very beautiful set of rules and values shared and teachings about ethical behavior, but I just wondered why it is so necessary to keep the two things so separate. For instance, in South Africa, we had Nelson Mandela who was one of the wisest and most compassionate men, but he was very careful to not let it be known that he was a deeply spiritual and religious man. Because he didn’t want to be misunderstood or have people think that he was using religions like the Afrikaners falsely did during apartheid. If you could speak to that difference between the spiritual messages that are channeled and that are shared, and the work that has been so carefully sanitized from any reference to the celestial origin. And then the last one is that you mentioned today that we lack the discipline that a planetary manager has. Could you tell us more about the discipline that you have? Thank you very much.

MM: Regarding your first question, it is not our decisions that have been made to sanitize these messages, or these publications. That is a human endeavor. And that is a human inclination or decision to carry out. We will not interfere in those decisions. As you know, your mortal decisions are sovereign, and we will not abridge them or deny them. As for your second question, would you repeat that, please?

The discipline of a planetary manager

Marthe: Thank you very much. Machiventa. Earlier this evening, or in the morning for you, you spoke about the fact that we lack the discipline that a planetary manager like yourself has. Could you tell us more about the discipline that you have? Thank you.

MM: The discipline that a planetary manager requires a lot of backbone and a lot of heart to put it in human terms. In many cases it would appear that the decisions and discipline of a planetary manager are contrary to a generous heart. The reason that it is difficult to understand is that the commitment of a planetary manager is to all future generations, and the discipline requires, in some ways, to see the present generation as the means to fulfill the first side of the question. I’m not saying that this generation is the means to an end, but there must be much learned in this generation to empower the possibility that future generations will live wisely, grow spiritually, mature socially, and live together as a complex global population. The discipline is multi-phased. One phase requires me to adhere to the plan for this planet to grow—to move from a highly experiential, devastated planet to one that is evolving socially and eventually spiritually; that the planet grows in its vibration from the baser natures of humans and aspires to the higher natures of angels. And this, of course, is the multi-century transition from current times to the Days of Light and Life.

The discipline requires that the planetary manager see the larger goals and the larger ends being acted out in daily performance by celestial agents on this planet; that there is good being done by the spiritual elements to bring about good for mortals, that mortals do learn to grow inwardly to become socially stable, rational, and to become religious and spiritual. As you can see, the work of the Thought Adjusters—the God presence in individuals—operates to high effect without overcoming the ability of the individual mortal to remain rational. Histrionics, hysterical, and ecstatic behavior is not allowed. Those may be experiences that come along the way of the person’s growth but are not desirable in the individual as an ongoing phase. Neither is it useful for whole societies or as a culture to experience those things on an ongoing basis as well. The discipline is part and parcel of being a Melchizedek. We are teachers and administrators. A Melchizedek as a planetary manager is the high exception, and requires me to adhere to the highest standards of Melchizedekian codes of ethics and morality. We above all else aspire to the capacities of Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon. We must as well aspire to the loving nature of the bestowal of the Creator Son. The discipline requires the individual planetary manager to remain in balance—to not become overwhelmed with the responsibilities and not be overcome by the egotism that could eventuate with an unbalanced personality.

Yes, some of these statements do sound contrary to those basic tenets of personality that are stated in The Urantia Book, nonetheless, to become more godlike requires an individual, even Melchizedeks, to become deeply involved in a mature personality. Growth of personality assists one as myself to become disciplined, become highly loving at the same time, to see the goals being acted out in the daily lives of individual mortals and in the lives of all the celestial beings that assist in this process.

You may think of a planetary manager as a juggler—a jester in the king’s court juggling balls for entertaining the king. Such as absolutely not the case. This is not a process of juggling balls to keep things in the air so that none of them fall down and break. It requires the highest techniques of administration and of management, foresight, and the advisement of highly capable individuals to maintain this discipline. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much. This was very beautiful.

Rick: Good morning, Machiventa. It’s both an honor and a privilege to be here with you this morning.

MM: Thank you.

Change in the earth’s rotation and the Correcting Time

Rick: My question to you is: Scientists have noted recently that Earth’s days have been mysteriously increasing in length. Is this related to the Correcting Time and if yes, what is the purpose of this increase?

MM: I have read your newspapers as well. And I’m aware that there is controversy among the geophysicists who wonder about that. It is natural for every planet to slow down in its rotation. This occurs through geophysical processes. If you read more carefully, you will note that, in fact, within the last two years, or 20 years, there has been an increase in speed of the rotation—meaning the days are getting actually shorter. I’m not striving to correct you, but to point to the quandaries of both the writer of the article and the scientists at the same time. From the article’s own words, there has been a movement of huge masses of tectonic plates to the north of your planet, meaning that mass moves closer to the axis. The simile or the parallel was given of an ice skater who is spinning; when the arms are out, the skater rotates at a certain speed. And as the mass of the arms of the skater are pulled in, the rotation increases. This is what is occurring on your planet at this time which has given your scientist great wonderment and curiosity about what really is going on geophysically. Your relationship of this happening, whether it’s slower or faster, to that the Correcting Time is another aspect which you might surmise knowing that in the eventuality of the maturity of your sun and this world moving to the Days of Light and Life that it and your sun will be sustained in its energy fields through the durations of the infinite. This should show itself, should it not, in slow progress of your world speeding up. The worst-case scenario would be for your world to slow down in its rotation similarly as your moon has slowed down its rotation so that it only makes one rotation every 28 days. The same face is facing towards the Earth at all times. In the large scale of time and the rotation of the planet around the sun, the moon does make one rotation though it’s unnoticeable.

Daniel: That doesn’t square with me, but anyhow—food for thought.

MM: So yes Rick, there is an association between the Correcting Time being instituted and these minute changes in the rotation of your planet. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you very much. Thank you very much Machiventa for your excellent answer.

MM: You’re most welcome. I suggest you do some more research on these articles and that fact. Thank you.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. How are you today?

MM: I am very well, thank you. I did not have a cold today. I didn’t have one yesterday. I’m very well.

Liz: Good. You seem to be in a good mood. I’m delighted to note that. I want to acknowledge you for something that you said quite some time ago. That was maybe the most meaningful thing that you have ever said to me. Well, to me the most meaningful thing that you’ve ever said, although you didn’t say it directly to me. And that was when our friend Raymond Miller passed on. After he left this world, you said: “We’ve already welcomed your friend on the mansion worlds”. And that was just so sweet. That was just so sweet of you to say. And I have to say I think of that all the time when things here get to be a little difficult. So, I wanted to thank you for that.

MM: You’re most welcome.

Celestial assignments: Be kind, do good

Liz: Now my question today is, I know a lot of us are running around down here thinking, your job as planetary manager is so enormous, and the more I think about it, the more enormous it gets. I can’t quite wrap my head around it at all. We are in such trouble, and you are so kind and calm. But I do understand hierarchy and organizations, and I see a lot of hierarchy in The Urantia Book and in our corporate structures. I know that you probably have many, and I’ll call them vice presidents for lack of a better term, and those vice presidents have their vice presidents, and so on, and so forth all the way down the line. And they all answer, ultimately, to you as they are tasked with different things to do here on this planet. So, my question is: maybe instead of us thinking “What should I do?” And asking our Thought Adjusters “What should I do? And asking our angels “What should I do?” Perhaps we should apply for a position with one of your people if we knew what positions were available, and then we could actually choose something where you needed us the most. I don’t know if I’m making a lot of sense with this concept. But I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

MM: Yes, I do. And part of the problem that you are having with this, and which continues to make life difficult for spiritually dedicated individuals to know what they are “supposed” to do, is that fact that all of our people—everyone from myself clear down to the last midwayer to arrive here—knows their job, knows what they are to do, they know the goal, and they know if they look at the daily “bulletin board” for things to do, they know how to affect the guidance they give to mortals on a day to day, week to week, and year to year basis. There are no specific instructions given. Every order of being has a general job description of what they do. They are requisitioned and assigned to different areas of their work that they’re capable of conducting, and then they go about doing it. Now, this is a secret for yourself and for them—they go about doing good. It’s as simple as that.

Your job as the mortal is to do good—to do good to yourself, which means to adhere to the rules of life and living, to continue to grow, to learn, and to assist your neighbors, friends, and associates to do likewise. And so, you do good. Some of you call this kindness. Being kind is a wonderful asset for your society. Being careful and caring is becoming more known to be useful to people that they enjoy being cared for and enjoy the thrill of caring for others as there is intrinsic value as the receiver and the giver without the expectation of doing good and the expectation of receiving good. It is simply a good thing to be gentle and kind to others. And so, angels have that in mind. They know the general direction of your life—your life plan. They know what will assist you to achieve immortality—the eternal life, and they know what lessons you need to learn in this lifetime on earth to achieve that. So, they go here and they’re in your life setting up situations for you to learn. If you’re not doing good in some area, they assist you to learn how to do good in that area. Perhaps you have been selfish, and so you will have that to overcome. And you learn how to do that, to be generous with others, and understand that to receive that generosity from others is an indication, an example for you to follow as well. I know this answer is not specific to what you may have had in mind but doing good for others is a plan that you can never fault. Thank you.

Announcing our presence is a process

Liz: Well, that was very sweet. That was a wonderful answer Machiventa, and I thank you for that. My other question kind of dovetails with what Marthe asked, and that is: One of your goals for phase one of the Correcting Time was to announce that you are here. And I’m wondering, today, if that has actually been accomplished, or if there’s something that we can actively do to assist in that endeavor?

MM: Thank you for your question. This is Machiventa. For one, it is a process. When I say “making our presence known” that means not to just you, that means to the world, to individuals so that they come into the awareness that there is spirituality on the world and it is becoming more palpable to mortals here—that the world is not forgotten, but that there is not only a caretaker function on this planet, but a benefactor of immense capability. And that it lies within each individual and the administration of the planet. This is something that has begun on our side. We have been making plans along the way. These are all developmental and will not become evident to you until you see evidence of that. In fact, some of the evidence will be so subtle that it may take you a while to say: “Ah-ha. So, I see the footprints in the sand. They have been here, and their presence is being made known to us.” Thank you.

Liz: Thank you very much Machiventa. I’ve made us go over our allotted time, but I just want to tell you how much I love you and how much I appreciate you. We all do. That’s all, Thank you.

MM: Thank you so much.

JT: All right. That’s all the time we have today Machiventa. Have you a closing for us?

Have empathy, be kind, be spirit-minded

MM: Yes. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. Many of these statements I made today can be included in this benediction. One of them is, be kind to each other, please. You’re doing the Father’s will when you are kind to each other. You are stating that you have empathy for others and that your kindness is compassion in action, that you are living the words of truth, and that you have become sincere in your beliefs to act them out in real life. We too are here doing the same with you, for you, and for all future generations. Our benediction is that we may be of great use to you today and for you to know that you are blessed, and that you’re fully capable of doing great good to future generations and to this generation when you are spirit-minded, and when you are minded in the consciousness of Jesus. We thank you for your presence today and know that we are always with you. Keep a right mind and be kind to each other. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.




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