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NET101- Values, Correcting Time, Cultures, Zero-Point Energy, Crises®

2020-10-05. Values, Correcting Time, Cultures, Zero-Point Energy, Crises.


NET #101, Machiventa

New Era Transition #101 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

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Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Your role in all this
Traditional values and beliefs no longer serve you well
Plan of The Correcting Time—learn the new culture, values, and beliefs
UB Paper 72 and the 7 core values
Christ Michael’s order of priorities for you
Traditional values and beliefs can be out of date—the hunting party
We recommend that you come into alignment with the God presence within
Your institutions need new beliefs and values that echo those of your species
You are on the cusp of generating a new era
Swords into plowshares—nuclear weapons
Our work is to bring your world into The Correcting Time. The wisdom of POGO
Be loyal to the core values
Examine your traditional beliefs in the light of the 7 core values
Whole agreement needed to be useful for peaceful intent
Withholding love to discipline children
Children learn by example
Influences of Machiventa in ancient Egypt
Afterlife of pets
How confident? Not very. Cultures have inertia.
Transforming cultures, values, and beliefs may require existential crises
Reality of existential crisis not yet appreciated by the masses
World transition; delaying the progress of Nebadon and negative entities
Positive influence of Nebadonia’s work
Zero-point energy
Connecting values to the universal core values
An ambiguous question about UB Paper 71
Zero-point energy and the fossil industry
Holding your breath and the transition of hope
We do not sugarcoat this—those days of the “good life” are gone
Worry all around. Selfishness must go away.
You are not abandoned. You are a part of the transition.

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Participants from: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. If I missed your country, please let me (JT) know at [email protected]

Invocation: Jeff




Your role in all this.

Machiventa: Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a wonderful day to be here. There are many in the world who are aggrieved by conditions around them—conditions in their lives and so on—yet, in the Father, all is at peace, all is well, and all is calm. Many of you have wondered about your role in all this. You haven’t said as much to me—haven’t asked me about that—but I’ll tell you. Your role is first to learn more fully how to do God’s will. The second is to learn how to love your neighbors and to love yourself in spite of your foibles, in spite of your difficulties, and in spite of your weaknesses. And third, you are learning to love the God presence within you—that this is an extension, the essence, the fragment of the Father in Paradise, and through this you become greater.

You have direct access to understanding and knowing what God’s will is, to discover your role in this work, and to discover how you make a difference. Your lives are not easy. We recognize that fully. For no matter whether you are a martyr in the Roman circus over 2000 years ago or whether you are living in a nation that is well developed, has a good economy, and a high quality of life, humans have difficulty. Mortals have difficulty in the challenges that they face in their lives wherever they are and whatever century and whatever condition their lives are. And fourth, your role is to assist us in the recovery plan.

In some ways Christ Michael has named this The Correcting Time. That’s another way of saying recovery. This is The Recovery Time. This is The Correcting Time. On one side of that is recovery—where you will assist us in designing your societies; your social institutions that become functional and help the progress of your societies, the growth of individuals, the functionality of families so that they are loving families and teach children how to love one another equally. It is the Correcting Time as well—that is to correct the faults of the past—and the recovery plan is side by side with that. To correct the past, you must have a plan for the future for it to recover. This is being revealed to you slowly.

Traditional values and beliefs no longer serve you well.

You have read about the 7 values and the morality and ethics that emanate from those values. Now, how do you apply that to your social institutions? These will be revealed to you slowly so that you become aware of what works and what does not work. You may wonder why it is that these values, these lifestyles, these beliefs that you live with that we call the traditional beliefs and values came into existence. At the time, there was a need for them, and they began to have values that espoused what the people wanted to occur—the highest status of a problem that they wanted to have resolved. It was a “make do” type of solution.

Now, however, you are finding that those traditional values and beliefs and traditional solutions no longer serve the higher purposes of your societies for now you are inundated, you are surrounded by social problems, political problems, economic problems, and so on. There are almost no fronts in your life where you can point to and say: “Ha! This is working so well! This is wonderful!” For in fact you cannot point to any of those areas that are working well except perhaps in your own personal life where you see your children growing up and growing into well-balanced and loving, capable individuals who are socially competent, capable, and responsible. You can point to other areas in your life as well, but it becomes very personal doesn’t it?

Plan of The Correcting Time—learn the new culture, values, and beliefs.

I use this example to point out to you that the traditional social solutions to social problems no longer work. They are no longer adequate to lead your nations, your societies, your commerce and all the other areas of modern society into functional, working relationships that benefit future generations. The challenge for you is to learn the new culture, the new values, and new beliefs—the new ways of living. This is the plan of the Correcting Time. You are examples of this. You, through your lives and living are helping us design these new social institutions into ones that not only work but work very well and will work for thousands of years to address the human problems that arise personally, socially, and globally.

Your Creator has provisioned you with the values that will enable you to live a life that will eventually take you to Paradise—how to live right, how to love right, how to give right, how to receive right, and so on. You have the means within you to resolve the problems of your society. It is simply a matter of awakening to the resources within you which is our job as your celestial teachers and trainers to do. And we are very happy to do that. Considering the problems of Urantia, we all have our work cut out for us, don’t we? Thank you.

JT: All right, we are going to open it up for questions. Jeff, the first question goes to you.

UB Paper 72 and the 7 core values.

Jeff: Machiventa, may I enquire about the intention of including Paper 72 Government on a neighboring Planet in the Urantia Papers collection published in 1955?

Machiventa: And your question is?

Jeff: I have several. First is, my reading of the paper through the lens of 7 core values is that the government and social norms meet the validation test. In your opinion, is this mostly so?

Machiventa: Jeff, I thank you for your question and your earnestness, however our concerns are today and on this planet. That paper was included to give readers a juxtaposition between that planet and your planet—a difference in time. We have said in the past that these 7 values are universal on all planets of sentient beings that have souls and a fragment of Divinity within them. I do not want to be deflected from the immediate course of events on your world now which are so imminent to many individuals. Thank you.

Christ Michael’s order of priorities for you.

Walt: Good morning, this is Walt. My first question is: In NET  97, Machiventa, you revealed to us that, when we will and command something that aligns with Christ Michael’s will, we become as powerful as Christ Michael’s own command. Now, I have been daily praying for the Father’s and Christ Michael’s will to have a foothold on earth and for the Correcting Time team members to be blessed with the thrills of meeting their objectives at a rate to their full satisfaction. However, I would be thrilled if you would provide us with a list of Christ Michael’s top priorities that we mortals can daily practice willing and commanding into being. My hope is that we mortals can partner with the light in a way that mightily accelerates Christ Michael’s objectives for this world.

Machiventa: Oh, dear Walt. I do not mean to kick sand in your face, but there is a certain egoism in your request that is a bit harsh. It is what you think ought to be done. And a list would help whom? Would it help you? Would it help the other listeners, the other readers, and so on? You know what Christ Michael’s order of priorities are for you: to love God as you love yourself; to love your neighbor the same; and, imminently, to will to do God’s will in your life, and to discover that through your daily actions, your daily decisions, and through meditating, speaking, and being a student of your Thought Adjuster—the God presence within you. There is sufficient work here for everyone to do by following these simple three recommendations. Even Christ Michael does not command you to do them, but recommends to you to do those things which will lead you into Paradise and the embrace of the Father.

Traditional values and beliefs can be out of date—the hunting party.

Walt: Beautiful. Wonderful. I mean, it’s everything I need to hear on this question. I can’t tell you how wonderful. This is no kicking sand. It is a gift. Thank you. My second question is: Based on your commands in NET 99 and NET 100, I am concluding that the three dominoes of human downfall today are our conditioning, ego, and will. First our negative conditioning engages the ego in self-defeating ways. The ego then uses the will to commit to these self-defeating behaviors even in the face of overwhelming evidence that we should change course. Please evaluate this understanding and also advise us on how to spiritually pursue the healing of our conditioning at the three human levels; within ourselves as individuals, within our affiliated groupings—like families and communities—and globally.

Machiventa: Certainly. The answers to your questions here echo what I said in my entry statement: that you, as an individual representative of all humanity on your world, have for the most part been indoctrinated, you have been enculturated and socialized with beliefs and values that are misaligned to the basic values that are innate to each person. You see those traditional values and beliefs were generated to address circumstances and situations such as you might find in an ancient group of individuals [where] someone who has betrayed the leader of this hunting group and all they have is spears, snares, and so on.

After the hunt everyone gathers around the fire and discusses what occurred, and it becomes evident that everybody was quite disgusted by one individual who had not been supportive of the efforts of the leader. So, they said: “This is disloyalty. What is required is loyalty.” And so, there are two values here. One is to be loyal to honest, authentic, genuine, and benevolent leadership; and the other is to not be disloyal. So, it’s a twofold recommendation.

So, in the circumstances loyalty became written into the code of the hunting group that they would always be loyal to the leader’s recommendations for that hunt, and that after the hunt they would evaluate together what they did right to be successful as compared to the past times when they were unsuccessful. And so, they continued to learn how to improve their hunting techniques as a team and a group. They began to have a brotherhood, let’s call it, or a sisterhood, where each one made allegiance to the group and to the leadership that the group had.

So, as you see, values began to be developed. Now, through the centuries and millennia to the present time, you can see how loyalty could be eventually misaligned with egotism, and to power, and to the great deterrence of bigotry, hostility, and hatred of everyone else who did not hold similar beliefs. So, what you are looking at now is the need for your society (and you personally perhaps) and others to examine their beliefs—their traditional beliefs that they were taught or that they assimilated when they were children. Do they work? What benefit are they? What are the extremes? Today many people who think about loyalty would never associate loyalty with hatred and bigotry outside the group, but that is what has happened has it not?

Walt: Very much.

Machiventa: You saw it with Hitler. You saw it with other leaders, and perhaps you’re even seeing it today. Thank you.

Walt: Awesome. Thank you so much Machiventa. My last question for this round before I give it to others is: Should the US society choose a God-believing and God-loving leader?  What are the most powerful ways for mortals to spiritually assist your team in having its maximum influence on such a leader and its government for the purpose of advancing the Correcting Time team’s agenda?

We recommend that you come into alignment with the God presence within.

Machiventa: Well Walt, I am agog at the breadth of your question and that you would include so many people in such a broad effort. Again, we recommend that the individual come into alignment with the God presence within them—to sit in meditation and intentionally ask for guidance through what this one calls “signs, symbols, and omens” to be aware of the guidance that is out there. We have called it the line of crumbs leading you out of the cave of darkness. We have also said it is the string that you leave behind so you can get out of that cave successfully.

What you’re looking at in these changing times is signs and evidence around you that God is at work, that there is a way through this, and the way through is by the contributions of each individual—the same thing that you are asking about. You see, these times are times when it becomes more specific upon mortals to be aware of the larger happenings of spirit around them. And yes, sometimes we actually do write it on walls, on placards, and on those commercial signs you see along the highway at a particular time when you are asking about things that make you wonder about what to do.

Your institutions need new beliefs and values that echo those of your species.

So, the work that we do is at many times very mysterious to you. We generally ask you to ascribe it to Providence—the beneficent good of God through all people to lead them into an awareness of what works and what does not work. As we have said earlier, traditional values and beliefs are not working to address modern problems. Thus, there is a need, not to double down on your old traditional beliefs and to stringently and heartily support those values and beliefs, but to discover the evolution of your social institutions that need new beliefs and need new values—values that echo those of your species. There is a need now for the evolution of your social institutions such that [they] will support future generations for centuries and centuries and millennia.

You are on the cusp of generating a new era.

You are on the cusp of generating a new era in the civilization of humanity on Urantia. Most people are unaware of this, but this is a time to now strike those swords into plowshares (sometimes quite literally) and in other perspectives through the written word and through the guidance and learning through your thinking and conferring with others and discussing this. What would you do to public education for instance? What would you do with the social institution of healthcare? And there are a dozen other social institutions which will rely upon the same answer that you generate for these two to guide them into the future and be of assistance rather than being readouts for individuals who want to make a good salary until they retire. Thank You.

Walt: Thank you so much Machiventa. This is wonderful. I yield the floor to others.

Swords into plowshares—nuclear weapons.

John: This is John calling from Germany. Good morning Machiventa. I have a question regarding what you said just a moment ago about hammering those swords into plowshares in respect to nuclear weapons. Today nearly 13,000 nuclear warheads worldwide are an existential threat to life on Urantia. These weapons are many times more destructive that the two bombs dropped on Japan 75 years ago which together killed more that 200,000 people.

Since 2017, there has been in process a comprehensive United Nations treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. It is already adopted by 46 states. With 4 more signatories, it will come into force 90 days thereafter. All nuclear weapons will then be illegal under international law. However, among other violations of international law, the nuclear weapon states are improving and adding more lethal weapons to their arsenals. My country, the U.S., has committed 1.7 trillion dollars over the next 30 years to modernize and build new weapons.

And lastly, an association of informed scientists sees the current nuclear threat to world peace is the most severe since the height of the cold war and the U.N. secretary general warned two days ago that the world is living in the shadow of a nuclear catastrophe fueled by the growing distrust and tension between the nuclear powers. My question then, Machiventa, is: Is there a way for our world to expedite the complete elimination of these weapons? Thank you.

Our work is to bring your world into The Correcting Time. The wisdom of POGO.

Machiventa: Thank you. Your question harkens us to discuss what it takes to destroy weapons, what it takes to create new weapons, what it takes to bend the rules, to then abridge the rules, and that is: the first phase of changing of bending of forging nuclear weapons into plowshares and helpful industry is in the minds of individuals who make those decisions. This is the ultimate first place to begin to change your world from destruction into peace and construction. It is a means by which social evolution occurs. As for the hardware, equipment, missiles, bomb casings, and the inner workings of bombs those are hardware.

Those are things of people, and things of people are made through the minds of individuals who design them and those minds of individuals and groups of individuals who execute the decision to fund those programs of nuclear weapons and other weaponry as well. We are on the course to change the minds of people. We begin first with individuals at the local level. We begin with individuals who are earnestly in touch with their Thought Adjuster, those who are earnestly in touch with God generally, and with the celestials and through the church angels and so on. Our work is to bring your world into the Correcting Time where people begin to say: “We no longer need to have nuclear weapons.”

And further they say: “It is not them that is the enemy, it is us.” [See below] And that is to quote a very old Pogo Sunday morning cartoon that was published many decades ago. “We have seen the enemy, and they are us.”, to quote the individual. This is true. We, meaning you (If I can use the third person for you), we are the enemy. We are the worst cause of our own misery. And that applies to weaponry and to our enemies as to the products of war that we produce.

I thank you for your question as it does give us an opportunity to address those problems. That will be an ongoing problem—not for this year, but perhaps for the next 1000 or 5000 years as, even when these weapons are put into storage, they will still be very dangerous. Thank you.

John: Thank you very much Machiventa.

Be loyal to the core values.

Craig: Good morning Machiventa. This is Craig. I was just reflecting on this, that the values that we have been using would be probably what I would term secondary or derived values that are actually derived from the core values, But [they] are not being applied directly, so the value of being loyal to a leader would stem from the core values. But today, we would want to be not loyal to a leader who may be fallible, but we would want to be loyal to the core values that the leader should be espousing. That was just it—a quick thought. Would you care to comment on it?

Examine your traditional beliefs in the light of the 7 core values.

Machiventa: Thank you. I definitely would. You are correct. You are very correct, and you have enlightened much about the traditional values that your societies use whether they are Russian societies, Chinese societies, American societies, or any other society on this planet. And that is that these traditional beliefs are interpretations. That is how we have been presenting these secondary values and beliefs along the way. You are on the right thread of this. Now, here’s the second part that is required for you, for mortals on this planet, to bring in the Days of Light and Life earlier and resolve these problems: to, individually and in your associations and groups, sit down and intentionally examine your traditional beliefs, and examine them in the light of these 7 values and in light of the morality and ethics that emanate from these values. This is exactly the….

Daniel: What do you call it. This is Daniel. I’m thinking aloud here—paradigm shift, but that is not it. Just a second.

Whole agreement needed to be useful for peaceful intent.

Machiventa: This is exactly the transformative experience that you will need individually, as associations, and as groups to rapidly assimilate the new culture of these values and their interpretations. That and the use of the morality and ethic that we have published would be very helpful for the re-alignment of human behavior to this new culture, this new value system, and interpreted beliefs. With these tools, you will now have the opportunity to examine your interpreted beliefs in the light of these values and ethics to see whether they are in agreement or not. Sometimes there may be shades of agreement, but they truly need to be in whole agreement so as to be useful in the minds of individuals who want to see peace in their world. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Craig: Well, thank you. That’s very helpful and enlightening.

Withholding love to discipline children.

JT: I have a couple of questions from readers here. The first one is from Coley: On a normal world, or maybe even a Light and Life one, how are children disciplined whilst maintaining unconditional love. On our world (or at least my country [U.S.]) parents will often withdraw love and approval to discipline a child. Teach us a better way.

Machiventa: Most certainly. Thank you for your question. This is totally doable and is being done by some parents on Urantia. On an enlightened world that truly does use interpretations of values and beliefs that are in alignment with the 7 values, ethics, and morality, parents realize that withdrawing love is highly punitive, and that, in fact, it is highly destructive to the psyche of the child and the personality development of the child as a social creature.

The how of it is this: that you the parent, accept the behavior of the child as occurring. That it is not necessarily directed personally at the parent or some other person, but that is an expression of what’s going on in the child. The correction of this is almost opposite to the mortal response on this planet—and that is that the child would be embraced. Almost as though they had fallen down and hurt their knee.

And that the parent would honestly and forthrightly be sorry that they feel that way, and that the child’s expression of their tantrum or their abuse or however they have reacted was not going to produce the results the child was looking for. This is the essence. This is the point that is so essential throughout the whole program of the Centers for Sustainable Families. This is one very enlightened process of teaching children, of engendering children, to become all that they can become and that they come to recognize their anger, their disappointment, their regret, or whatever feeling is that generated their child’s response is corrected appropriately. And that the child learns by example—that the parents would also not react as the child has.

Children learn by example.

The problem in modern societies today (of which the United States is only one of many) [is] that the temper of parents is easily shared with children via social media, by media, movies, news, and so on in your technologies and at home. The basis for making this new form of—we would not call it discipline, but enculturation of peace—is through the parents who have enculturated that within themselves. This requires a level of maturity on the part of the adult, the parent, to realize that what made them angry or how they reacted to the child’s response was, in fact, to something else—that it was a reflection of some earlier times in their own life. You have a habit of calling this “your personal baggage.” Thank you.

Influences of Machiventa in ancient Egypt.

JT: We have another question from a reader. Dennis asks: Machiventa, thank you for your inspiring responses to our questions. The Urantia Book reveals that you were revered in Egypt even before Abraham’s visit and also favorably acknowledged by the pharaoh himself as evidenced by his encouraging Abraham to return to Salem in support of your mission. In view of this receptivity to your teachings, were there any spiritual responses that emerged, such as the awareness of the conscience as emphasized by Amenhotep, or the elevation of one of their gods over the others, such as Amun?

Machiventa: Yes, you are quite correct. There was a response. In fact, there was a response earlier than that to the individual’s Thought Adjuster that urged the individual to make their recommendations to the wise one who visited them. I believe this answers your question. Was there more to that?

JT: That’s all I have. And we’ll go to Bea next.

Afterlife of pets.

Bea: Hello Machiventa. This is Bea from Canada for those who don’t know. I have a different kind of question—kind of a different vein than what we’ve been discussing with sustainable societies. I have a friend of mine who recently experienced a loss of a beloved pet, and it leads me to a question as to whether or not the personality of the pet continues into the after life as humans do. And I guess I’m looking for a way to comfort him. Would you be able to comment on that?

Machiventa: Yes, most certainly and gladly so. Your pets are those wonderful beings that share their unconditional love with you, their patience, their forbearance, their tolerance. And the answers to your question are explained in The Urantia Book itself. We recommend you research that before I further comment. Would that be agreeable to you?

Bea: Yes, absolutely. I will look for it. I apologize.

Machiventa: No apologies are necessary or needed. Thank you.

How confident? Not very. Cultures have inertia.

Walt: Thank you so much for this opportunity. The first question is: Given how dire the social, political, and public health conditions have become in U.S. society, how confident are you, Machiventa, that compassionate, principled, and intelligent leadership would be adequate to rally the U.S. society to beat the pandemic health wise and economically.

Machiventa: Thank you for your question Walt. How confident am I? I must answer forthrightly “not very.” The difficulty, you see, is generational. There may come into existence great leadership in a nation such as the United States or other nations, that is disregarded—that doesn’t make sense to the culture that has developed. For, you see, that culture has as its core a set of beliefs and values that identify that culture. It takes years and decades for a culture to imbed itself thoroughly into a population—particularly a large, national population.

Cultures have inertia—meaning that they have longevity to continue the course of belief and values that was set decades ago even when people are seeing that they are unproductive. It is difficult for a nation to do this without some climactic occurrence—some happenstance of great magnitude—that creates an almost instantaneous transformation. Now, the example of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima did truly create an immediate transformation of belief, values, and responses throughout the world.

This is something that will be needed to change the course of traditional beliefs and values in those cultures. And you see, Walt, even though there was that transformation, that awareness, of instant destruction of tens of thousands of people in a flash of light, that still nuclear weapons were not only continued but proliferated, and the numbers of them were escalated by 10’s and 100’s.

Transforming cultures, values, and beliefs may require existential crises.

So, you see, that what you are asking about is difficult. And we, through the Correcting Time and through our co-creative partners (yourselves), are in the process of striving to transform your staid and historic cultures, values, and beliefs. Now, given the fact that the menu—the resource of values, beliefs, and culture for humanity—came into existence in almost the same identical way, you see we have our work cut out for us to change the cultures of your world, each individually and collectively, which includes the values and beliefs of your world.

There must come into the awareness of mortals, let’s say in a single nation, that there is no way out. That they have trapped themselves into a situation that is impossible to resolve. There is a philosophical name for such a situation, but it is, in our words, existential—a situation that, if you continue what you are doing, you will cease to exist, and if you do not change you will cease to exist, and if you accept [that situation], then, your old ways of belief and values will cease to exist. Which do you want?

So, there is the conundrum your world is faced with. What we know about the human species—the human behavior, social behavior, national behavior, and so on—is that it takes a slow grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding against the egos and the personal beliefs of individuals and groups to change their way of life and living.

Reality of existential crisis not yet appreciated by the masses.

We have spoken about this. It is beyond an existential problem when it gets to that stage. It is the stage where a population may have lost 80% of its people in order for 20% to live. These situations exist in the arctic, they exist only in survival situations where there is a determined effort by those who are aware of the situation to make others aware of the gravity of what they face. And that it is incumbent upon certain individuals who understand the situation now to realize that they personally must cease to exist for the rest to remain.

In that situation, Walt, then you will have people change their minds. They will readily accept almost anything that’s given to them, but here, Walt, we hold out to all humanity benevolence, goodness, graciousness, generosity, persistent goodness all around, were people to change their beliefs and their ways of living. So, in this case—the moving into a much-transformed society with new values, new beliefs, and interpretations of values that are in concert and in parallel with the 7 values, ethics, and morality—there is success.

There is survival. And so, the point that you want me to say now is that we’re not there yet. People have not been ground down to a nub of egoism and self-reliance to believe that they cannot go back to the way they used to live. What I’m saying is: that existential point of survival or not, has not reached the psyche of the masses of people yet.

World transition; delaying the progress of Nebadon and negative entities.

Walt: I hurt, but I understand. I thank you. It’s so sobering. I’ll move on. The next question is: In recent years there has been significant chatter that our world is about to transition from third to fourth dimension density. In part this is explained to me related to an up stepping of consciousness toward a more enlightened state. Also, it is claimed there is an urgency for this to happen because the delay in progress on our world is delaying progress for the wider galactic family. Without this outright disavowing this possibility, you had indicated in NET 100 that you do not foresee such an awakening. My question is: Is it likely the sources of such messaging (which are somewhat pervasive) are negative entities trying to confuse us?

Daniel: Walt.

Walt: Yes.

Daniel: This is Daniel (chuckles). I’m going to be rather crude here, OK?

Walt: OK.

Daniel: You asked a far better question than was asked in [NET] 100. I mean, the detail [with] which you asked this question was wonderful. The question that was provided last time was: Do we anticipate an awakening? And the answer was given. But in this situation, you put the awakening in a much broader perspective, and then at the very end of it, you pissed on your own good question.

Walt: [Groaning] I recant!

Daniel: Yes, you brought in that aspect of some evil being. You’ve got enough problems to think about with human ego and the human psyche, let alone bringing in some hostile individual who wants to “dominate the world [evil tone of voice].” So, let me hand you back to Machiventa.

Machiventa: Good morning dear Walt. Through the crude language of This One we hope you get the point that you had the basis for receiving a fully developed answer to your question, but then you threw a monkey wrench in the works so that the question had lost all of its value. And the answer is: that it is true—your question was multi-faceted. I will address as many as are in the database of This One.

1.) There is no evil being doing these things.

2.) Yes, it is true that the lack of progress on Urantia is holding up the progress of all worlds in Nebadon to proceed to the days of Light and Life for the whole local universe. This is where the patience of Divinity is needed to encourage backward worlds as Urantia to move ahead. And it is not out of feelings of guilt that are projected upon your world, for there is no guilt projected at all. Yes, there is an awakening in the consciousness of humanity that is necessary for this world to up step itself to the Days of Light and Life. You can call it fourth dimensional. You can call it whatever you want, but it requires a heightened consciousness of the Superconsciousness within individuals to make conscious choices that bring your world into what they call the fourth dimension. This is a part of [the] maturation of a world, of a civilization, and ultimately of each individual.

Positive influence of Nebadonia’s work.

So, what you alluded to is, yes, and that it takes time. And the efforts of Christ Michael in this situation are pervasive. I will go further in making a generalized statement rather than a response to your question: The work of Nebadonia is having positive results. She and her angelic corps have had positive influence in the minds of ordinary people—even those people who absolutely do not believe in God. Individuals are now coming to a general awareness that your world (our world) is in dire trouble.

Ultimately, people will either make efforts to transform their societies and learn to sustain themselves, or there is the probability that civilization as you know it now will cease to exist. That is a probability, but not necessarily an eventuality. It is not a high probability, but it is a probability. And that, through the influence of Nebadonia and her angelic corps many people are even now preparing for the recovery of your cultures, your nations, your societies, and your new civilization after the cataclysms. This may seem unbelievable, but it is occurring and is beginning first on a technological basis.

Zero-point energy.

You recall that many times I have told you that zero-point energy has not been forthcoming because it is being withheld—that the dots of intelligence and conceptual development are being withheld from individuals who are fully capable of producing zero-point energy in machines in the near future. This policy is now being softened so that there is a slow process, an inkling in individuals of how to produce abundant energy—as your sun provides energy—on a local basis. Your world will not have to worry about energy needs, and not destroy itself through the mining of petrochemical substances in the earth.

This is a throttled approach to material revelation mechanisms and invention. This is fully controllable. As you know and as philosophers have said, once an individual is in possession of a new idea, their mind will not collapse back to the same size it was before. So, this information, once it is widespread, enters everyone and becomes another means, another mechanism, another concept, another mathematical formula or equation that will help the same results in other locations. Once the genie is out of the bottle, so to speak, then consciousness is in possession of it. Our job and Nebadonia’s job (if you want to put it into terms of a chore, job, or workplan) is to no longer withhold this added information from the consciousness of those ingenious and those inventive individuals. Thank you.

Walt: Ah, man. I celebrate your answer. It is not just fully satisfying; it is more than I could have expected. Thank you so very much. And now I yield to others.

JT: Thank you Walt. And we’ll go to Dennis.

Connecting values to the universal core values.

Dennis: Yes, this is Dennis in Colorado Springs. My question is: You said earlier that the statement of values of the USA transcends from the universal and core values (at least that’s what I understood)—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For our clarification, could you please show the connection of each of these three core values (except for life) to the universal core values? This may help teach us how to transcend other values back to the universal values.

Machiventa: Yes, surely. I gave you the example of loyalty, and how interpretations of loyalty can eventually come around 180 degrees and bite you hard. That it is life, equality, growth, and quality of life. With those 4 values you can develop a culture and value system for any positive, growing, evolving society and nation. The examples could be many. Universal values: these values are universal. They are universal to all humans and they are universal to all worlds upon which sentient life that is invested with a Divine fragment live. I would not suggest you come to identify these as divine values.

These are ultimate universal values. The divine values far surpass human consciousness to understand or comprehend. There could be many values that could be given to illustrate this point, but I will leave that to you. The chore that I have given you (handed to all of your societies) is to evaluate your current beliefs and values and see how they conform to the 7 values that are innate to humans and the ethic and morality that emanate from those values. This would be far more helpful and useful to creating a new culture of oneness of universal-centered values that emanate from their creation. I see that this does not satisfy your question, but this is where I will leave it for now. Thank you.

Dennis: Thank you Machiventa.

An ambiguous question about UB Paper 71.

Richard: Hello Machiventa, this is Richard in Las Vegas. I have been doing personal research on sustainable civilization, and I have been reading in Paper 71 of The Urantia Book where it says: “Democracy, while an ideal, is a product of civilization, not of evolution.” and “The really civilized government has arrived when public opinion was clothed with the powers of the personal franchise.” So, my question is: This seems to suggest a communication process. Could you expand on this please?

Machiventa: For one, your question is ambiguous as you have not fleshed out your question to the satisfaction of listeners at this time, and for me to give you a solid, workable answer. You allude to communication, but you do not elucidate that.

Dennis: Ok, thank you. I’ll try and think about that.

Machiventa:: Thank you.

Zero-point energy and the fossil industry.

Bea: Hi Machiventa, it’s Bea again. I just have a clarifying question actually. I’m interested in the fact that you brought up zero-point energy, and that scientists are eventually going to come to some knowledge on how to apply it. When that happens, it would seem to me, that this would cause great political strife (correct me if I’m wrong), but my thinking is that many of the companies that are involved in the fossil fuel industry will fight their hardest to suppress this new technology.

I’m wondering if you have any comment about that. Oh, and one more thing I was thinking I forgot to mention. I was wondering if the decision to allow zero-point energy to come into existence on Urantia was partly because that the celestials were worried that we might end up destroying ourselves with our current path. So, I would appreciate any comment that you have. Thank you.

Machiventa: Thank you Bea. Actually, Bea, very few of us worry.

Bea: Oh, OK. That’s good.

Machiventa: There is concern. Zero-point energy technologies, concepts, and so on have been withheld from your races simply because it would be used to create a weapon capable of totally destroying your world in the same kind of instance that occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are proportions of power that are unknown to humans at this time, and which are now beginning to become known, slowly, to many scientists who are working on this and… I will stop that line of logic right there without revealing more than I should. Everyone has a supervisor you know [laughter].

What most energy companies do not realize is that there is an endgame to their work, and that, if they become the sole provider of household zero-point energy production units, that every household would have one and there would then be the production of those machines. However, there are other adjacent technologies where this could be used, and the current executives know that and have thought this through just as you have. They know that they are literally in the fossil industry (I hope you appreciate the pun), and that it is something that has an end to it. And that they must, as large corporations, continue to appease their shareholders and boards of trustees and others.

Your questions have not gone unnoticed or ignored by those already who have thought about this years ago. What will we do if _____? What will we do when ______?  The possibility of malicious individuals using these technologies for their own ends, of course, is a possibility—not necessarily an eventuality. Our work now is to bring people into benevolent awareness (Christ-consciousness as you call it) of the oneness of all humanity and of all life and consciousness in the universe. And that your world is one cog in the machine of Nebadon which is dependent upon all parts, all worlds coming into advancement and enlightenment eventually. I thank you for your questions.

Bea: Thank you Machiventa. I appreciate it.

JT: And we’re out of time for questions today. Machiventa, do you have a closing?

Holding your breath and the transition of hope.

Machiventa:: Most certainly. You feel the pause as we feel the pause among you. That there are hundreds of millions of individuals who have taken a breath just as you have and held their breath for a moment. Whether they are members of this NOCO group and readership or not, people are holding their breath. They’re waiting for the next disaster to happen. They are waiting for the next thing that will affect their lives intimately, but no one is saying after they take their breath: “I wish it would occur.”

People are silently hoping within themselves that it is not permanent, that these changes are temporary, that they will go away. That point of changing your mind about the future of your lives and how to proceed comes when hope seems to fade. When hope for returning to the traditional way of life and lifestyles has disappeared, and that the hope then is transformed into the hope that what comes into being will be peaceful, helpful, and good for themselves, their children, and future generations.

We do not sugarcoat this— those days of the “good life” are gone.

We have noticed this within the group. You see that almost at 20 minutes to the hour that all the questions had been answered and people had taken a breath and held their breath wondering now what to ask about. Where some of you are highly reticent to ask any further questions about what and when will these things occur and in what proportions because it truly does scare the life out of you to hear the answers.

And one thing we will not do is to sugarcoat the answers, for you had too many sugarcoated, politically correct answers given to you throughout the decades and particularly in the last 150 years. It is now time for tough answers even though they may feel like sand in your teeth that you’re grinding on as you consider these answers. Life and living on your world truly has been as good as it’s going to get through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And you have seen the political, social, and economic turmoil, hostility and militarisms, revolts, and so on continue to continue, multiply, and get more egregious and grievous all the time. Those days of the good life are gone. Now you see that only a very few of the billionaires and people who are in possession of hundreds of millions of dollars can have such a life and they too are concerned about keeping the wealth that they have.

Worry all around. Selfishness must go away.

So, there is “worry all around for you.” There is worry enough for all humans in this lifetime and for generations to come. Now it is time to embrace the new paradigm of beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies that benefit everyone. The selfishness that you have seen in the world, …that must go away. You must now create a tradition of generosity, friendliness, and compassion for yourself, your neighbors, and particularly for you children and their generations.

You are not abandoned. You are a part of the transition.

We will not abandon you. You are not abandoned. Your world will be here for hundreds of generations to come. Enjoy the fact that you are part of the mechanism, part of the beliefs, and individuals who make that happen. Thank you, and good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa for that wonderful and profound closing and thank you Daniel.

Machiventa: You are most welcome.



Walt Kelly & Pogo Earth Day Poster



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