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NET39 – Economic Disruption; Decision-Making; Monitoring Economies®

2018-05-07. Economic Disruption; Decision-Making; Monitoring Economies.


New Era Transition #39
– Economic Disruption; Decision-Making in Corporations; Monitoring Systems for Economies
– May 7, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince
The theme of transition is change
Preparing the God version of Social Sustainability, Morality and Ethics
More on the forgiving of debts
Economic disruption
In history, what would be comparable to this economic disruption?
Focus on decision-making or the co-creative design team concept in corporations?
Use of the phrase “co-creative” versus “validation”
Reasons for the 90 degree change in direction
Seeing the signs of the approaching cataclysms
You have no integrated monitoring system for your economies
The time of expression for the process of the 90 degree turn
Use 7 core values to make all decisions
Debt-based financial systems
We are to embed and infuse the 7 core values into all of our systems
Feeling completely overwhelmed
Being a vital and essential part of what is to come about
Are cataclysms the only way to achieve this outcome?
What activities can we do today to survive the cataclysms?
Closing comments

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonteé and Sherille Raphael.

Invocation: Sherille
May 7, 2018



The theme of transition is change.

Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa. Thank you for gathering here once again. Yes, there are a few of us here, but we are mighty and we have Christ Michael behind us, helping us through these days, these eras on your world. You can rest assured that our presence here is unwavering; it expresses total commitment on our part and by Christ Michael and Nebadonia, the Most Highs and those on Uversa who are observing these developments closely. As we have said before, this is an era of transition. Transitions are not absent from changes, sometimes frequent, sometimes long-term, but always the theme of transition is change, and so we are in the midst of new change that we have begun over 6 weeks ago. It continues on and will do so for some time, perhaps until the momentous August 21 when Christ Michael was born. We anticipate that those of you who are “connected” will see these changes around you and you will notice that things are not quite the same as they were.

Preparing the God version of Social Sustainability, Morality and Ethics.

We have given This One another chore to do, and that is to now write the “God version of the Social Sustainability and the Morality and Ethics” that we have been using for quite some time. It is important that the God-centered version be provided as much as or more so than the secular version. In all regards whether it is secular, it is humanitarian and the origins of it comes from God. Now, in this new paper, it will express the God-centered-ness of all your creation and the ethics and social sustainability of your world. It will be something that will be non-denominational; it will be even non-Christian; it will be God-centered and speak for everyone who believes in God, the Center of all Creation, the First Source and Center, your personal Creator as exemplified and evident by your Thought Adjuster.

You will see how the connected-ness and the kindness of the Creator to create and build you as individuals with curiosity, with creativity, with imagination, with steadfastness and perseverance. All these things are part of the Creator Itself, and you were created to express these capabilities, these characteristics of Its Being. That said, you can be assured that these 7 values within you, created by God, given to you in your DNA to carry forward in all your lives now and forevermore. They are, in fact, more than just a part of your DNA, but are a part of your morontial character and soul that is developing even now.
If you have questions, you are most welcome to ask them.

Craig. That should help tie everything together and make the whole more obvious and apparent to people.

Machiventa. Yes, that is the intent of this. The work that we have been doing and writing through This One with guidance from Avallah has been secular; it is the means by which we can approach all of humanity regardless of religion, and so it is now time to bring all the ends together in this one paper that we believe you will enjoy reading.

More on the forgiving of debts.

Jeff. Wonderful! Professor Michael Hudson whom I have mentioned to you before and whose book “Eating the Host” is on the reading list of our syllabus, he has a new book out this summer titled “…and forgive them their debts.” (Sometime this summer, I don’t know exactly when.) In this book he covers the ancient practice of forgiving debts and jubilee years which you have stated would be very difficult today. Professor Hudson states that in the book of Luke, Chapter 4, Jesus said, “’I’ve come to proclaim the year of the Lord,” meaning the Jubilee year.’ He said, that meaning the Jubilee year, he states that Jesus wanted to restore the debt cancellation as it was to be according to Leviticus 25. Is Professor Hudson correct and if so, is this material suitable for our planned expanded syllabus?

Machiventa. First, we do not comment on speculation of social, political or economic nature. We strive to give you structure and guidance for the “now of life,” so that your tomorrows become more reasonable, sensible and rational. As for including it in your syllabus, it would be an interesting read, but how it deals with social sustainability is another factor that you must consider more closely.

Economic disruption.

Jeff. Well, Sir, if we are going to have economic disruption, whether it is large earthquakes or pestilence, or something that is going to disrupt things, we are certainly going to have some economic chaos that is going to make something more like a Mount Krakatoa or Mount Tambora in a just-in-time world, where there is barely enough to go around. Clearly—at least in my mind—we live in a very fragile world of finance that is debt based and when the pieces get put together with the 7 core values as their center, there is going to have to be, at least in my opinion, some system of providing credit that is consistent with the 7 core values. Is there any historical precedent that we can look at and refer to on our web site?

Machiventa. I do not make comments that you necessarily need to put on your web site; that is not part of the consideration for my discussion and discourse with you. I will answer the first part of your question now:

  • First, there is a precedent that is something you are well acquainted with, and even more so today than ever. The precedent began with President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, when it was decided that the government would begin to have a deficit budget, that it would begin to produce programs from money it had generated itself thus creating what is called “deficit spending.” This was of immense success, as everyone quite knows and it has been used continuously since then off and on, but particularly in the last 20 years or so, most consistently to maintain a high quality of standard of living, at least for this nation.
  • The second part of that is this: It is not a recommendation, it is not something that we offer you as a possibility, but it is offered as a thought: During the economic crisis that is surely to come, and it will be of a global nature, then alternatives and solutions must be thought of, which would include only one possibility, and that of the forgiveness of debts.


(( In this scenario, you would see in the reference to the deficit spending, would be the opposite of that where the forgiveness of debts would create a credit when the debts of individuals would be cancelled. If that were to occur now, it would cause even more indebtedness and truly it would only exacerbate the debt problem now. The forgiveness of personal debts must wait to become the final and only way to resolve the international economic crisis and global depression. Then, you would be giving your economy in computer terms, a “refresh,” meaning that you would refresh it to a time before, a restoration point that is earlier. ))


  • Third, as you can see from the status of the economy of the world now it seems to be running quite well, is it not? It is. The deficit spending of individuals now has been of a great boon to nations that import to the United States, meaning principally China.
  • Fourth, if there were an agreement of status quo that the United States would continue to buy and China would continue to sell and acquire a greater abundance of credit, the world economy would continue much as it is.
  • Fifth, the thought of paying back the egregiously huge debt of the United States to its citizens and to other nations is beyond comprehension and is impossible. There will never be a paying off of the debts of the United States to other nations.
  • Sixth and seventh, in retrospect it would seem, would it not, the forgiveness of debts, at least to a certain degree of everyone, would be a reasonable course.
  • The Seventh is this, the summation of these circumstances could change in immense magnitude during the state of incredible economic unbalance and chaos that would ensue immediately and long after an economic crisis occurred in the world. The economic crisis may be of such extent that it would last for more than 10 years. This would be in parallel with the Great Depression of the 1930’s and early 1940’s. So as you see, in summation with all this, this will become a highly probable and incredibly complicated situation.

The best method beforehand is to use super computers to run algorithms on a “what if” basis, and then put in the factor that debts would be forgiven. You know and we know quite well that given the current circumstances of your economy, that if a world economic collapse occurred, that everyone would be seeking repayment of debts so they could pay their own debts. The significance and logic of what the Hebrews did so long ago, makes eminent sense, at least for a small tribe or clan of people. How it applies to your world given the general egregious avarice, and the incredible a 1%:99% divide is another thing that will create havoc in your global economic situation, nation by nation. I hope this satisfies your question?

In history, what would be comparable to this economic disruption?.

Jeff. Yes, Sir, you told us it would be very difficult and very complicated, and obviously it is, so there really isn’t anything in comparison in history that would be appropriate to our current circumstances; is that basically what you are saying to me?

Machiventa. That is correct. The only parallel that would exist would be the investment bubbles that had occurred before 1929, which were the major cause for the subsequent Depression.

Jeff. Thank you for that clarification.

Machiventa. With supercomputers and algorithms the situation of the global economy is no more complicated than predicting global weather. Predicting weather is based on the continuing measurements of weather effects and outcomes and generators around the world. It is a closed system and programs there have been programs run that take this into account, that take other anomalies into account, such as the volcano having a tremendous explosion which causes a decrease in sunlight to the planet by 50% over a period of 3-5 years. That is one scenario. That is a very similar effect that would occur if you had an economic depression. Of course, as your minds are now surmising, those two events would be connected, would they not? And certainly there would be a great consequence to the numbers of humans that would be alive at the end of 3-5 years due to vast swaths of starvation around the world. We suggest you do more inquiry regarding this situation of debt forgiveness, as one of the scenarios for developing other “weather patterns” in your economic system.

Roxie.   Stéphane was not able to join us this morning; he’s in the air, flying again for work. Kindly, he did send me his questions.

Focus on decision-making or the co-creative design team concept in corporations?.

Stéphane. Machiventa, You mentioned in the last session the change from corporate structure to decision-making. Is this purely a change in teaching curriculum? Should we be focusing our efforts solely on decision-making or should we also consider putting efforts in the co-creative design team concept?

Machiventa. To all parts of your question, “yes.” Let me expand on that, though: First, in decision-making we do not see a stark division between the decision-making that your company, for example, is using now, which is principle based as opposed to value based. We suggest the combination of both, as both are essential to the progress of all organizations. First of all, you would need immediate decisions, you would want to take into account how you are making decisions now; and secondly, you would over long-term courses of action and decisions, you would want to have the ongoing influence of the value system of decision-making that we espouse and suggest. Always in your making decisions based on the principles that you are using now, that you would also have those values in mind, or in front of you, as you consider those decisions. The trouble with corporations, and particularly governments of and other organizations, is that when the short-term goals and short-term decision-making processes neglect long-term outcomes and desired outcomes, then short-term goals and decision-makings will cause the demise of that organization.

What is missing from principle decision-making now are the values for long-term survival of your organization and the society. Organizations need to have an association meeting perhaps as a suggestion of deciding on the course of corporations to help sustain societies and sustain the environment of the world so that they can stay in business. In a sustainable society, staying in business also means that they become an intentional influence for sustaining their host societies. Business organizations must consider the larger scope of human existence, i.e., how to sustain their host societies which is the context for operations and profit-making – staying in business.

There must be some thought behind the immediate decision of how it would affect the outcome of decades and centuries ahead, and not only including just the immediate state or province or nation in which the corporation exists and the global context, but takes into account all of civilization as the client/customer base for your companies. This is the comprehensive integrative economy and decision-making aspect that we wish to promote to you and to all other mega-corporations and international organizations.

Stéphane. As a follow up question, can the two directions, co-creative design teams and decision-making correlate to activity and efforts with or without a TR? I would think the co-creative design team is aligned with activity with a TR and decision-making more amenable to day-to-day dissemination without a TR?

Machiventa. Thank you for your insight.

Use of the phrase “co-creative” versus “validation”.

Jeff. Going back to our web site, Liz said 2 weeks ago we were quite correct to not use the phrase “co-creative,” so it would be appropriate for our work then to speak of “validation of existing rules” and changing those in line with the 7 core values. Is that correct? Should we be using “validation” as a tab on the web site and examples that way?

Machiventa. Yes, we support that and you also may wish to speak of the “design and validation team,” which would be very useful. I wish to make an adjunctive statement here, that we suggest to corporations and companies and organizations, which already have secretive sub-organizations within them that these organizations could have a covert co-creative design team within the organization that would be governed and staffed by those individuals who believe in the co-creative design team process. It is not necessary that corporations be without the presence of God within them. You know and we know that this is highly personal, yet for any organization including the Army, the CIA, that you know and we know that they have covert organizations within them that use paranormal processes to “view” circumstances psychically in other nations which has proven to be quite accurate.

It seems reasonable that other processes that would be spiritual in nature could also be used quite effectively within those organizations to abbreviate the process to find conclusions that would be validated and useful for the far distant future. As you know from the co-creative design team process where a Melchizedek acts as a consultant, the consultant Melchizedek has as his primary duty to keep the team on course in its work, to take into account the outcomes of their work a century ahead or far into the distance. With the far-sighted-ness of celestial/morontial insights, those will prove to be very helpful and useful to fulfill the long-term goals of corporations for its profits and for its contributions to societies and to the welfare of its employees, its clients and customers.

Reasons for the 90 degree change in direction.

Stéphane. You provided reasons for the 90 degree change in direction. But to elaborate, is it also because the previous teachings were fully exhausted?

Machiventa. Yes, they had been exhausted to that point. If you see the work of the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission and our current work, each of those missions contains what we call teaching modules, that one module will be initiated and completed. It will lead to another module and so on. Any good teacher will provide the basis for modules 4 or 5 steps ahead early on. The foundations for future modules must be developed in current time, therefore it is not unusual for us to complete a module, then proceed to another module or two, and then go back to a previous module and bring it back into existence so that it helps to fulfill what needs to be done.

For us this is an expedient way of proceeding efficaciously so that our next modules are effective; they must complement each other, one to the other. For instance we have spoken that we have completed the module of the corporate development for social sustainability, family clinics and many other aspects. It is not that those will be forgotten. Certainly not! You can rely upon us to use the corporate structure in the future as it lends itself to the broader dissemination of the modules that followed it. It is important that mortals be able to feel, see, and know that there is some logic, some rationality, some higher reasoning involved in the process of the development of the Correcting Time.

These comments I am providing to you now are insights into the workings of our teaching and our Correcting Time and through the Missions. It is important that you who have long-term insights and long-term perspectives of our work see the logic of what we are doing and the reasoning behind it. We have nurtured you, thousands of you, personally, individually to come to this point with us for making decisions to continue your participation. We surely are not going to sacrifice you as soldiers in the frontline in these changes. No, our work is to support you to move with us as we move ahead from one module to the other becoming more and more capable with you in your societies to bring about the changes that we desire.

Roxie.  Machiventa, I see that you have answered the next 3 of his questions in your answer so I won’t go into those, but going on with Stéphane’s 4th question:

Seeing the signs of the approaching cataclysms.

Stéphane. If Acceleration is fully justified and required at this time, are there signs we should be able to see that would indicate the fast approaching cataclysms? Being in the middle of it, an acceleration of events is not always recognizable.

Machiventa. One moment. Yes, you are correct that there are recognizable signs to take note of and these are taken into consideration of prior developments within your societies and your cultures. By comparing the two, you can foresee what is to come. First of all, the cataclysms have already begun; some have not come into expression yet, but will and when they do, those later ones will come into existence rather suddenly. What you now perceive with the weather and the melting of the ice caps in Greenland and the rise in sea levels is an ongoing cataclysm that will be gathering more and more momentum, and as that continues the destruction will become exponential rather than arithmetically increasing. So the weather and the global warming and the rise of the oceans are connected.

Destruction from weather will be immense as you are seeing that there are now tornadoes all over North America in places that previously had not experienced them with any frequency. This is a comparison to the history of the last 100 years of weather that you know of. When you look at the macrocosm of the economic markets around the world, you see in your language an increase of volatility that prices go up and down rather rapidly, and that it is affected and the predictability is further compromised by use of computers for buying and selling.

This aggravates the volatility of the market which will cause further extremes to bring the economy out of balance. Yes, there are safeguards in the computer designs and in the software to prevent extremes. However, the uncertainty of the market is a primary factor for predicting the collapse of the economic market. Right now you see the global market as being very solid and very sure, that the global market is increasing in its profitability for most nations, and that there is solid confidence for investing reserves to take advantage of that growth.

As we suggested, the world economy is one of those last cataclysms that will change dramatically and traumatically within a very short period of time, and it will be caused either by one, a man-made event, such as the destruction of the Middle East due to nuclear weapons, or due to some cataclysm of a geologic, atmospheric event of some sort or the combination thereof, of weather, volcanism, tectonics and so on. The example of the decrease of sunlight to the surface of the earth would be one of the causes for the global economic collapse. It would also augment tremendous increase of military activities, both of which would cause tremendous pain and agony to billions of people.

The signs are all around you, but the trouble is that you are much like the frog in boiling water; you can boil a frog without it knowing it by increasing the temperature slightly a little bit at a time. This is how you see it very clearly in your world;


as This One has given example in his writings of “On Dialog” by David Bohm. [Bohm, David 2004, On Dialogue, Ed. by Lee Nichol, Preface by Peter NM. Senge, Routledge Classics, London.]


What he said was that when you are unaware of what is happening, you do not have a solution. In fact, when you assume that everything is as it is and it will continue that way, you do not have an insight to the change that is occurring, you continue to hold that belief and faith that what you assume is correct now will be correct into the future. And it is only when there is dramatic change are you aware that change has occurred, and only then can you perceive that it has occurred over a period of time. This is the current status of your economies as there is continued inappropriate leveraging of assets to buy more and more goods and services and to create more and more debt by consumers. This is a highly fragile situation, and yes, the Central Banks do suggest keeping large reserves in the banking system, but those will prove grossly inadequate when the collapse occurs.

Signs of a booming economy are that everything will stay the same, which gives those who are willing to take risks the opportunity to invest more, to take greater risks for greater return. Very few people are prepared for the status of how to have reserves on hand to survive the coming global depression. Only those who have magnificent and huge sums of reserves personally on hand will survive well. This is a proven fact that came out of the Great Depression of the 30’s and early 40’s; those who are in debt will surely lose everything, and those who do not have debt can survive, and those who have assets set aside can survive quite well. These are known factors.

When you see the incredible fragile imbalance of your economics down to a personal level in societies now with immense personal debt load, you are foreseeing the future. Monitoring these as you monitor the weather would be most helpful to assist corporations to survive the coming global depression. There are people who would scoff at what I have said, and they would say, “We see no evidence of a global depression occurring,” well, my friends, it is very much like the rattlesnake beside you as you walk down the desert path—you do not see it but it is going to strike your leg when you pass by—and that is probably as suddenly as a global depression will occur; it is invisible to you now unless you are very careful to watch the changes that are occurring.

You have no integrated monitoring system for your economies.

Your meteorological associations and agencies are very adept at following ongoing real-time changes in your weather to know what is going to happen today, tomorrow, the next day and perhaps even 3 months into the future. Do you know as much for your world economy? No, you do not. You do not have an integrated monitoring system for your economies; neither do you have a means to assess the risks involved that are existing, or the possibility or probability that they will become expressed. Your weather systems around the world have a much more integrated real-time measurement process for changes that are going on compared to your economic/financial systems around the world. It is always “Me first; I’m going to get mine before you do and I’m going to make the most money compared to you,” and so on. Because of the primal motivation to acquire more and the selfishness behind many of the decisions in the finance and corporate sectors, the global depression is inevitable.

Roxie.   Very interesting!

The time of expression for the process of the 90 degree turn.

Jeff. Machiventa, I would like to revisit, if possible, a statement that you made early in the discussion today, and that was speaking about the 90 degree turn in your efforts to kind of goad us in our efforts to that 90 degree turn; you said that we have seen changes in the last 6 weeks, and between now and “Michaelmas,” we will see more. Are you telling us that this new direction will be kind of in place by the end of August?

Note: “Michaelmas”—the feast of Archangel Michael on Sept 29.

Machiventa. I did not suggest that. It is important to know that there will be changes, there will be developments in our… one moment… we began the process of the 90 degree turn 6 weeks ago and it will be in full expression by Christ Michael’s Birthday in August. That does not mean that it will be in place worldwide. We are initiating the 90 degree turn so that decision-making can be much more rational; it must be much more logical; and it must be based on the 7 core values in order for your nations to recover from the cataclysms that will be coming.

Use 7 core values to make all decisions.

Decision-making is at heart of all that happens in your world. What underlie all decisions, all the time, always are values. It is essential that the values of corporations, for example, that its costs and its profits be reasonably assessed and make decisions on that, while also at the same time, keeping in mind the 7 core values are essential for the longevity of staying in business so that you are able to make those short-term decisions. We have a very large audience base, as you know, through the many God-centered religions. It is simply a matter of convincing over 4 billion people that it is reasonable to use these values to make decisions, because God gave them to you and that they are innate to each one of you. There must be a certain comfort level in accepting these values for making decisions.

To make other decisions that do not take this into account, then you do so on your own intelligence and your own personal egoistic needs for your positions of power, control and authority, and as you use those to garner profits and to stay in business. Sometime in the future the ego must bend to the will of your world that there is a certain degree of selfishness which is destructive to others at the expense of yourself, whether it is you as an individual or a mega-billion corporation. It is important that there be some weighing of this to stay in business in the long-term.

You will find in the future when the collapse occurs that there will be those businesses that are ongoing, but they will be continuing to shrink and shrink in size, not through the sale of their assets, but simply because they have no income and no revenue to support their existing structures. That must be taken into account; when that occurs then there will be tens-of-millions, hundreds-of-millions of individuals out of work, which will aggravate the whole situation and they will not be able to afford to buy iPhones and Swatches and your nice technologically based products. They simply will have a hard time even to put food on the table.

Jeff. One of the mornings I was in stillness, the word “Promise Keepers” came into my head. I remember when that organization got started and was gathering minimal races and faiths into large assemblies in coliseums and to essentially take an oath of truthfulness and faithfulness to the vows that they had made. Is this an organization that we should approach?

Machiventa. Again you use the word “should.” You would make your questions far more profitable to yourself if you would ask for and rephrase your question of means by which you gain benefit from it. It is a speculative question and we do not like to answer speculative questions as it leads to too much confusion on your part, simply because you have not thought through the question.

Debt-based financial systems.

Craig. I was wondering if you wanted to at all get into the subject of money or our debt-based financial system that just seems insane, and other ways it might be done, like having a treasury directly print money, and then there are other topics along those lines like crypto-currencies and advanced societies on other worlds that don’t even have money; they use a totally different means of doing business. Are those sorts of subjects you would like to speak about?

Machiventa. Yes. The solutions that you have striven to put into place to maintain your banking and economic system are all man-made. Therefore, you will not change the ways you are doing business until circumstances require and dictate that you do otherwise. Through our TR session we have been trying to help you to get insights into how to conduct your human business in a way that becomes sustainable, that you will create human systems that are in agreement and alignment with the values that sustain your species.

Banks, organizations, corporations, and governments do not have the 7 values embedded in their DNA, in their organizational DNA. They do not have a DNA strand, chromosomal strands, genetic strands within them in which for us to imprint. Those are man-made and given to your organizations in the form on their organizational documents and their policies and their procedures. In order for organizations and whole societies based on organizations to survive, they must come in alignment with the 7 values that we have given you.

These values must be embedded in the founding documents and the procedural and policy documents that every company has, so as to make decisions that contribute to the sustainability of all, everyone. As you have a very primitive profit-and-loss type of economy on this planet, you can be assured that embedding these values into organizations will be an extremely tedious long-drawn-out process that will be resisted at every turn by executives and policy boards and executive decision-makers in every company and corporation and government that exists. None will want to secede their authority, power and control.

We are to embed and infuse the 7 core values into all of our systems.

As we said before, we are striving to give you these values and how to infuse them and embed them and incorporate them into your organizations so that individuals will have the framework for organizations to help rebuild themselves, your societies and your civilization on a sustainable basis after these cataclysms have occurred. What you are seeing in these sessions right now, through your own question generation is the “how to” of all this; how to make the transition that will be an arduous, difficult task and in striving to do so, you will find many arguments and many contests against you as you are trying to do that in your current circumstances.

The best you can do is to make your boards of directors and official executive decision-makers aware of these values and the need to keep them in mind for the decades ahead. These values and what we are sharing with you is essential to share with your younger generations. Decision-making must be infused with these thoughts in their indoctrination, enculturation, and socialization processes for your children. We know and you know the change for the old heads of these corporations and governments is not possible at this time. What you must strive to do is to be aware of them, become the teachers of younger generations, so that they are prepared to rebuild on the ashes of your societies and organizations.

Craig. Thank you very much! We’re coming back to the same thing, “do the program; get with the program.”

Machiventa. Mr. Craig, you have an audience who are clapping.


(( Daniel: Craig, you have pretty well summed up everything they have taught us over the last 6 years. ))


Craig. In my statement, I didn’t expect that answer, but that’s the right answer, isn’t it?

Jeff.  It’s not complicated but it’s not easy.

Daniel. Don’t we have a quiet member who hasn’t asked a question yet? Liz?

Feeling completely overwhelmed.

Liz.  I’m just kind of dumbstruck by the answers to the questions that have been asked already. I don’t have a prepared question, and I’m feeling small and insignificant and don’t quite know what role I can play in all of this except for the minute things that I’m doing in my daily life. I see these things as being so huge and so out of control that I feel inadequate to any task that seems to be before us. Maybe it’s just my mood today because I don’t normally feel like this, but I’m feeling quite overwhelmed, and so I don’t have a question today. I feel like I’m going to contact Marylhurst University and present them with our proposal for our course in sustainability or Planetary Management, and that seems like such a miniscule drop in the bucket, and yet I shall pursue that.

Being a vital and essential part of what is to come about.

Machiventa. Thank you for your comments, Liz. They are deeply appreciated and we feel your sense of being awestruck by the challenges ahead and the degree of contribution you can make to the resolution. You, however, are a vital and essential part of what is to develop and to come about. Your web site is primarily an educational site; it is to prepare individuals for thinking outside the box of the consumerism of your contemporary society and economies. Your web site is a means to teach social sustainability and to apprise and provide summations of these sessions there for individuals to read. There is one in South Africa, Marthe Muller, who has created summations of sessions which are incredibly accurate and useful to those readers who are not willing to consume 10-15 pages of transcripts every 2 weeks. This is an essential part of what you could provide on your web site as education from the celestial realm. Your web site is co-creative, therefore our presence is known to those who go to your site and read the materials. The wisdom that comes through these materials is proof of other intelligence as provided to your people, your societies and organizations and your civilization.

Your work is… we would like you to place yourself 20 years into the future and look back and see the steps that you took to change the minds, or to inform the minds of thousands, tens-of-thousands of people who came to your web site in a time of need to know how to proceed. With that in mind, your web site could be very productive very quickly. You would make a major contribution to the restoration of your world to social, political and economic stability. This is the purpose of your web site, as we see it. This is not some monument to anyone’s ego; it is a working functional site that must be supported to last into the future, even if it morphs in form and by name. It is something that people can go to.


((Daniel: Liz, what was the last part you said about your situation—you had 2 points in mind. One is that your site is vital to informing the future, and the 2nd point is…? Liz: I just mentioned that I was feeling moved to take our educational program up to Marylhurst University.))


Machiventa. Yes, we have been personally acquainted with Marylhurst College in the Portland Metro area. It is a very affable institution. This is something that would be useful to them; they would see social sustainability as not the counterpoint to material sustainability, but the connecting link that completes material sustainability as contributing to humanity. You will find one person who will be avidly interested in what you are doing. This will be your point of contact to implement what you see possible. Your work at Southern Oregon University in Ashland is commendable and useful; it has been a training field for you to work out what needs to be done. You will find, however, that private colleges have private interests and that they have particular penchants of interests for particular areas that they see as useful and vital to fulfill their mission and the charter of their organization. When you find those that are in alignment with our work, then we ask you to “pounce” on them. Thank you!

Liz. Thank you for that vote of confidence; I appreciate it, Machiventa.

Roxie.   Stéphane has two last questions I’d like to get in, if we may?

Are cataclysms the only way to achieve this outcome?.

Stéphane. You mentioned that our decision-making is short-sighted and provides decisions with paths that are unsustainable. The cataclysm will provide opportunities to long-sighted decision-making with sustainable solutions. Is cataclysm the only way to achieve this outcome?

Machiventa. There is one word for that and that is, “Yes.” There is, however, a cautionary statement that we give to you: One is that we are not the cause of those cataclysms! Christ Michael in the creation of your world and his Local Universe brought into existence events and developments of a physical nature on all planets. You will see these mechanical-material effects come into existence through the cataclysms. They will cause a cascade of social problems and eventually, through our co-creative participation with you, we will develop with you solutions to the problems that exist now. The answer is, “yes,” that the cataclysms are inevitable and the only means by which we can bring the Will of Christ Michael’s presence and the development of the Days of Light and Life into existence. As David Bohm has said in his short book, “On Dialogue” that once again, when you assume what will exist in the future, then you have also assumed that you will be unable to see any solutions to any problems that exist because you also do not see the problems! Therefore, “yes” to your question again those cataclysms are not the solution to the current problems, but are the means by which you will create those solutions.

What activities can we do today to survive the cataclysms?.

Stéphane.  And lastly, what are the best activities we can undertake today that are most likely to survive the cataclysms?

Machiventa. Thank you so very much for your deeply insightful question—intuitive question!

  • First of all, you have begun the process already by being God-centered.
  • Second of all, you have striven to renew your God-centered connection with your Thought Adjuster and your communion with Christ Michael, Nebadonia and their hierarchies of Light.
  • Thirdly, you are contributing by participating in the work that we are doing here.
  • Fourth, you have begun to strive to gather insights in how to make this wisdom applicable to your current organization for its survival.
  • Fifth, you have begun to see that there are possibilities for changing the outcomes by beginning in the present time.
  • Sixth, you are striving to achieve a state of sustainability. Once the mind has become curious to know if that could be possible, then the mind also begins to search for possibilities that will fulfill the answer to that question; and,
  • Seventh, you have the means within you to make this known to many people in many ways. You can do this by unconsciously but intentionally being in contact with other individuals, Thought Adjuster-to-Thought Adjuster for those individuals to become curious to the possibility of sustainability on a long-term basis, both materially and socially, and corporately.

Roxie.   I thank you and Stéphane thanks you very much.

Liz. As do we all.

Closing comments.

Machiventa. Once again we thank you for your presence and thank you for reading these transcripts. You are the way into the future for your children and grandchildren to be sustained; you are the means by which decisions will be made that will bring that outcome about. You are the ones who will be here during the time of the cataclysms when they erupt through your recollection of the means to rebuild your societies, that recovery will be possible for your children and your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations. You are ones who begin to understand that values underlie all decisions, all the time, for all concerns, whether they are material, social or spiritual.

These values are the ones that will guide you into the course of sustainability and the logic of their presence in your world will become known before too long, and you will understand how you logically must begin making decisions that are in agreement with the outcomes and the Days of Light and Life. Christ Michael has given you the tools; he has given you the mind and he has embedded the values within you to use to make those decisions. Now you have become co-creatively responsible with us for the care and the nurturance and the recovery of the lives of your children, grandchildren and future generations, and for this we give you great thanks and wish you good day.


((Announcement: Liz and Jeff are requesting submissions from anyone who is interested in contributing to the “Socially Sustainable Families” page on the website to write a few paragraphs and submit them. Send your contributions to: [email protected] ))


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