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NET78 – Decisions; Social Collapse, Evolution; Revolution®

2019-12-02.  Decisions; Social Collapse, Evolution; Revolution.


New Era Transition #78 – Decisions; Social Collapse, Evolution; Revolution

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Decisions open up new decision points
Anxiety, stress, and depression levels in modern times
Global social unrest
Social collapse and revolution vs. social evolution and the role of hope
Slow pace of social innovation compared to technical innovation
Current conservative political wave and the seven values
Need for evolution in democratic institutions
Hacking of current democratic processes
Fewer wars today than in the past?
Imperative of social evolution
Celestial involvement in ongoing cultural revolution

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD, Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis

Invocation: Stéphane

December 2, 2019



Decisions open up new decision points.

Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and thank you for being here. We have a brief statement to make in this opening. We have continued to talk to you about vectors and nexus, and so on. And we have spoken to you about our co-creative participation with you. And so, in this brief statement, I will join those two together. You have visualized or you have actually seen on your computer monitors that in games and in other explanations of executive decision making and so on, you’ll see in graphic form a screen with you in the present and making a question, and providing an answer. And as you provide the correct answer then the next cascade of cells appears behind the one you’re looking at. As you make decisions, that gives us an opportunity to fill in the gaps or cells that are behind it. If you were able to see as we see, then you would see that there are dozens upon dozens of panels of cells that are empty but connected by lines of decision.

Our chore is to assist you to make those decisions so that we can progress co-creatively to the next panel of cells. I hope this makes sense to you because it is through your co-creative decision making, choice making, and decision making that is solely upon you that we can progress to the next panel of opportunities and cells that need to be developed. And in those cells, you will see the opportunities that arise. So, as you complete one panel of cells, even through one decision, you open up the possibility of many more behind it. And this progresses on and on. It isn’t a narrow monitor that we see, we see one that has height, width, depth, and time. We have developed all of these ahead of time and it remains for you to make decisions so that those cells are filled out, and we can proceed to the next minor nexus.

I hope this makes sense because, as you make decisions, it grows exponentially, or as you might say, as This One has studied recently, Aristotle devised the formula for determining the volume of a sphere. The constant is pi, with other constants, and the variable is the radius. If the radius is 2 then the cube of the radius equals 8. If you double the size to 4, then it would be cubed to a volume of 64. So, as you see, when you make decisions you have an exponential capacity to increase the possibilities for the future. You are far more powerful than you realize. We want, through these lessons we have given you, and particularly as a planetary manager in training, we want to empower you to see yourself as the factor that can determine the outcome of decisions and the unfoldment of the future.

You know, and we know, that when you buy a car, make a down payment, and then you faithfully make the payments, that eventually, at the end of the contract, you will own the car. So too, in these decision points, you assist us to complete the project for Christ Michael. Little by little we are making progress with you. Even those of you who think you live insignificantly in the world – that you rarely get outside of your house, you have people deliver groceries, and so on, and care for you, you make decisions that have an impact on the world. And for those of you who are engaged in multiple organizations and you are in positions of leadership, and of assistance to executives, and so on, you have a tremendous capacity to affect the future dynamically, and exponentially. This is not a far-fetched thing at all. It is a real possibility for your decisions to affect and impact hundreds of millions of people unknown to you. And that is the secret of our work with you, that by making right decisions you will have unknown positive results in the world. I am open for questions if you have any.

Anxiety, stress, and depression levels in modern times.

Rick. I have several questions. The Urantia Book identifies anxiety and apprehension as normal human challenges. My question is: Has depression, stress, and anxiety grown in recent modern times to unprecedented levels?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question. It has grown simply because there are more people. There has always been anxiety among your species whether they were individuals who were being hunted by sabre tooth tigers or farmers who were raising crops and had great difficulty with the weather. There have been concerns of everyone for all times. There’s always been anxiety and depression among people due primarily from their incapability for affecting their external circumstances. As you have seen, your global population has multiplied immensely, so that there are more people now than have ever existed on the face of the earth in all the history of humanity.

You must consider that these people are manufacturing their own worry and anxiety as well due to inappropriate decisions concerning the income against indebtedness and the acquisition of those automobiles and so on that you want to buy on time. There is a continual struggle with this, and it has been multiplied immensely by living in an increasingly materialistic culture. You must also take into account that this affects global human consciousness – that the stream of consciousness around the world now has so many contributing to it, that the main theme of the human condition in the psychic stream of consciousness is one of worry, one of anxiety, one of concern, for many, many reasons. The weather has caused many problems. Wars and disease have caused many unnecessary deaths in children and so on. So, as you see, yes, the answer is definitely yes.

Global social unrest.

Rick. Thank you Machiventa. My second question was: If yes, can we know the reason why, and you answered that without being prompted and thank you very much. My next question is: Global discontent and riots are growing around the world. Martin Luther King once said: “A riot is the language of the unheard.” This unprecedented global unrest is happening in the following countries as people protest against their government. And I have twenty: (I just searched for world unrest and riots.) Columbia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, Algeria, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Indonesia, Spain, Sudan, Venezuela, Cambodia, and South Africa. And I mean some of these are very, very serious. Is this unrest part of the spiritual paradigm shift you have been talking about?

Machiventa.  Yes. It is a part of the shift. But not caused by, or initiated, or augmented by the celestial realm. These are due to increasing populations, decreasing resources, increasing of materialism, increasing desire by those third and second world countries who desire, and want, and feel they have an equal right to the material accoutrements of life and living as first world countries.

There is a second factor that is evident too. And that is that the Industrial Revolution has produced many nations which are productive, and that this has led to employment, a meaningful life, a purpose, fulfillment from family, home, and children, and so on – increased education, and travel, and those things. It is important to realize that the social institutions that support a functioning (hold that in mind) functioning society, maximize their capability to express and fulfill the basic needs of individuals. You have been taught many times by us and many teachers that the American family (which is typical of many modern nations), is dysfunctional in the main. That there are very few functional families that are capable of transmitting that functionality to coming generations.

It is time that most social institutions, such as family, church, healthcare, education, justice, political process, and democratic process, and so on, initiate the next steps of evolution to become more effective. The assumption by many people is that “This is the way it is,” and “it won’t get any better than this.” But we see that it is decreasing in its effectiveness, and it is disintegrating – with many people being unhappy. Martin Luther King was quite correct in his statement that you quoted – that riots and so on are voices of the unheard. This is a consequence of economies, political processes, and governmental processes that are out of balance. Ones that now serve the very few people in the world, the very small percentage of the haves, against the have nots, and that is how most of the people that have see it – as being against the have nots. It may not be a conscious thought, but the requirement or desire to preserve what they have, and then the desire for increased acquisition (call it greed if you want) is insidious in all people – particularly in those who have much and want more. This is an untenable situation particularly for democratic nations.

The third exacerbating point is simply that the world is overpopulated. When people are fulfilled, and busy making a living, and having a decent life with a modicum of quality of life, they do not riot. They are still busy taking care of themselves, their family, their children, seeking better education, and doing things constructive in their leisure time. When you have well over two billion young people less than age 40 who have no purpose, or means in life to acquire what others have, they are going to rebel, they are going to riot. It may be undirected, it may be misdirected, it may not be focused appropriately, but they are going to riot, and they will cause the world and all their societies to be in upheaval.

What is essential for you to keep in mind


(and if you do read the August message from Monjoronson through T/R Soares

[ed. not secure]),


you will see that some of the problems that you have in the world now were precipitated by influences of spirit. It is important to know that just as doctors must sometimes induce labor into a woman who is pregnant and past due, so too is your world pregnant with much disruption and needs to be induced in some way to bring about the transformation of your societies. And we have taken such action. I affirm what Monjoronson has said and it is highly accurate, yet he revealed what we were doing in the large scale but not the minor, and I will uphold that same perspective.

It is important that you realize that when a boil appears on your skin or you have some problem, you must lance it. First of all, you must become aware that you do have a boil. And in your American political situation you may realize that you do have a political, social, and economic boil that needs to be lanced. And it needs to be healed. And it needs to become one again with the body politic. It is important that people see this egregious situation as one that has the potential to precipitate peace. It must precipitate social evolution in all social institutions – particularly beginning with the family and education. It is important too that it become apparent, readily apparent, that there is at hand a solution – not an appeasement, not a coping mechanism, but a solution – to improve the democratic process which will empower all people around the world in democratic nations. We have worked on this consistently for many decades and it is soon to appear. You have seen many proposals by many political philosophers and those who think about improving the democratic process, and they have come to the forefront. This is a message to everyone who is prepared to join in an effort to improve their societies.

Social collapse and revolution vs. social evolution and the role of hope

Rick.Thank you, thank you very much. My next question is: Will this unrest get worse, and if yes, how much worse.

Machiventa. Yes, it will get worse. Now, pause on that thought for a moment. As Monjoronson said, they have precipitated some of the difficulties in the world in order to bring about a re-thinking of the status quo by thinkers and people who would propose solutions. Another part of his message was that this is done to prevent your whole body politic, social body, from becoming totally polluted and destructive. Monjoronson also alluded to the destruction of societies. That when a democratic society does become disrupted and bankrupt, so to speak, in the democratic process, that it takes not years or decades, but 50 years, 100 years, 150 years for that society to be constructed again as a functional democratic nation. This must be prevented.

We assist in preventing that [disruption and bankruptcy] by supporting individuals to develop practical, pragmatic, local level solutions that people can participate in to assist the transformation of their society. It is important that people have hope. When people have a shred of hope they will forestall revolution. They will forestall destruction of a national capital. They will forestall destruction of foreign capitals and so on. It is important through our celestial processes of persuasion and influence that your nations, particularly democratic nations, do not self-destruct. This is a big chore. On an experimental, decimal planet as Urantia, it is important to garner all of the experiences of people for God the Supreme, and as a practical supplement to political, economic, governmental, political, and social institutional thinking. The point is: we will not leave you in despair.

Rick. Thank you. My last question with regards to this subject is: These 20 countries of unrest share three similarities that I have been able to ascertain:

1). All are authoritarian or totalitarian governments. And you’ve actually answered that. I believe you are saying that they have started on their path toward democracy – though it might take 50 or 100 years.

2). All are located geographically on the equator or below, south of the equator.

3). All are people of color. Is there a reason for these similarities or is this simply a coincidence?

Machiventa.  It is a coincidence. It is coincidental. And if you see these as imminent nexuses that will result in societal explosions, so to speak, or upheavals, you must look back decades, centuries, and millennia in history to find the origin, the roots of this situation now. Your world is a decimal planet. It is an experimental planet. And as Monjoronson said, we do not meddle in your affairs until it is critical that we do so. We have come to the point now where it is imminent that we do so, and thus you have been given the Correcting Time by Christ Michael.

This is part of those panels, screens of cells of opportunities that will unfold in the future, and that are unfolding now as you individuals who are consciously and co-creatively connected with us make the appropriate and right decisions that we can leverage our own influence to bring about those exponential results that are positive and constructive. It is most unfortunate that Urantia has these coincidental circumstances simply because it leaves so many in deprivation. Yet, they do have a choice. Everyone has a choice. The trouble is that many people are not consciously aware that they have a choice, and they can consciously make a decision and do something about it. Not necessarily where they are, but where they might go. So you see, those people who are conscious with that decision, have made those decisions, and that is one of the reasons for the mass immigration from the nations in Africa and the middle east into Europe. There’s much more to say about that, but I will leave it as it is as I know you have a curious mind and you will surely make more questions.

Rick. Thank you very much Machiventa.

Slow pace of social innovation compared to technical innovation

Craig. I’ll go back to your opening statement, and just say that I think it is amazing how, when you make one decision to do something, it can open up a whole new world of other choices.

Machiventa.  Yes.

Craig. So, when I was back in 2008, I decided to work on electric transport, and it’s led to a whole host of other projects and things to do. I imagine that in the social realm if we can enter into new areas that we will open up whole new social avenues of possibilities as well. As usual, I don’t have a question, but I just see it as very fascinating and what great possibilities there are.

Machiventa. Would you invite me to provide a statement then?

Craig. Yes, please.

Machiventa.  You are exactly right. And as we have stated before, if we asked anyone in western civilization to list 50 technical innovations in the last 50 years, they could do that easily, perhaps in less than ten minutes. Those technical innovations – materialist innovations – are helpful to improve the quality of life for people materially. However, as we have also said, if you took the same group of people and asked them to list 5 social innovations in the last 500 years they would probably be stumped and either end up with an empty sheet or at most offer you two or three possible social innovations that have occurred. We have been through that before, and I discussed that with you before.

The point of this provision now is that, in accord with your statement, the social innovations would open up industries that have not existed before. You would have a tremendous re-orientation of philosophy, of social improvement, and social evolution. Now that social sciences have many of these principles in hand, or in storage in libraries, there is much material to assist social scientists to propose new formats – organizations – that are far more effective for all the social institutions. This would create an industry that has heretofore never existed. It is important to realize that through social innovation people will have hope.

And families will begin generating children who know how to raise their children conscientiously so that they are fully socialized and enculturated and know how to make decisions that serve themselves well, and serve their family, and their community, and society as well – in a positive vein. It is important that people have hope. This has never been part of the social science discussion of the transformation and social evolution of those institutions. The consciousness of social scientists has been observing the current social institutional structures of society. It has not been one of conscious attention to helping democratic or any society transcend the social history of failure that is currently epidemic in their societies. It is important that the point of view (Connection interrupted)

Machiventa. So, you see, it is a matter of perspective. It is a matter not of observation of societies that is needed anymore, but actually the conscious initiation of the revision and transformation of the social institutions of your societies. All that social institutions and your society needs to function and to transcend its past are available to you now. It is important that this viewpoint change, this perspective change. And it is important to use the seven values, but also to interpret them in moral and ethical ways that contribute to the future of your societies, and families, and all social institutions.

Craig. Great, it’s lovely to see on the rare occasion that there is some social advance, and it would be great to see a whole attitude that says: Here is a problem, let’s not just throw a rock at it, but what happened behind the scenes, what are the antecedents, and how did this problem originate, and let’s change the conditions so that it doesn’t happen again.

Machiventa.  Yes, exactly.

Current conservative political wave and the seven values.

Stéphane. Speaking of the conservative political wave that many nations are seeing, and there seems to be a real trend along that line, is that a natural progression of the political environment?

Machiventa. Yes, it is a natural progression. It is natural in that people desire to make their processes effective. The progression into conservativism is promoted by the four primary values where everyone wants to be able to control the situation so that they can have a safe and secure future. Unfortunately, it disregards those progressive individuals who want to have part of the pie as well, and those individuals who see there is a need for improvement. When you see this happening, generally, then you are seeing a sequestering of political, social, and economic power into the hands of very few people, and that they will strangle the processes that are inherent in good social institutions for large groups of people to share their opinions on how to improve it for everyone. So, yes, it is a natural progression that always comes to a halt, or a stop, revolution or war, or an implosion of that society.

Need for evolution in democratic institutions.

Stéphane: OK, so can we speak of those in terms of a voice of the unheard in a way?

Machiventa.  Yes, we most certainly can. Remember that we, in this Correcting Time, particularly on this planet, are working through individuals. We also work through organizations. We have found that the most powerful organizations are crystallized – that they are unable to unbind themselves from their own constraints that they built. As I said a moment ago, we are working through individuals to create social evolution within the social institutions, and this includes the democratic process. Democracy is the only form of government that really is based on the final authority of the public. What is missing in such highly technological nations as the United States, Canada, and other technologically developed nations, is that the antiquarian democratic process is still based on individuals standing in front of a politician in a group of 100 people or less stating their opinions, and voting only once every two years.

What we have striven to create through several individuals around the world is an electronic democracy. Now, that is a broad statement that has been used in the past and it is now a misnomer in many ways. If you use technology to enhance the current processes, which have been proven to be true and workable, but also include the participation of millions of people on a regular basis rather than voting every two years, or at most, once a year, then you’ll have a tremendous influence of the final authority of a democratic nation for them to share what they wish to happen.

There are those who say that this is not a good solution, that they will end up in mediocrity, and the voice of the rabble who will control, and dominate, and overthrow the government. This is not necessarily so. As you now are, your democratic processes are totally throttled by those in power. It is worse than if the public were involved in a new adjunctive supplemental process to the existing democratic process. It is important that the public see that they are working with and living with a democratic process that is aged, old, creaky, and is actually working against the public.

Hacking of current democratic processes.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, some nation just tried to do the electronic democracy process, namely Switzerland, I think, they are known for every citizen to vote on every law, on every issue, but they had to walk away because of hacking of the electronic system. So, I think there’s progress along those lines in some countries, but also some forces that are steering them away from such a process.

Machiventa.  What you don’t realize, dear friend, is that your democratic process has already been hacked by those people in power.

Stéphane. Certainly, we’ve seen that here loud and clear, but what I was stating is that some countries have tried to go that way but have had to retreat back. So, clearly, we’re going to have to clean up our act before we can walk down that road again.

Machiventa.  Remember that social experiment is necessary for social evolution. Just because there is one failure doesn’t say: “Oh, no, never, we could never do this, we could never use electronics to assist us in this process.” What we see is that your democratic process can be improved much by an electronic supplement to your existing democratic process simply because it can begin to protect itself from these hacking attempts. Yes, it was successful in the 2016 presidential election in the United States and it was involved in prior elections as well. The United States citizens and the government and politicians were so naïve as to think their system would work as it is, not thinking that there would be other national leaders who would want to subvert the whole democratic process and overthrow it subtly, and culturally, so that it no longer existed, and that it could be dominated by those who have the technological prowess to hack everything in sight. I may sound cynical, but this is not so. I am sincere about what I am stating to you, and it is no longer desirable for the naïve to be led or to be leaders.

Stéphane. Clearly, this is the way of the future if we can find a way to make it work. And perhaps we need a decimation before we can make it work, who knows.

Machiventa.  You can be assured that we are already involved in the technological developments to thwart, to work against, these hacking attempts. There will always be those attempts. What is required is a, should I say, a quantum-based technology that cannot be hacked, and that changes itself every millisecond so that it can’t be accessed and used against itself.

Fewer wars today than in the past?.

Stéphane. Machiventa, my last question is: Along the lines of those twenty nations that seem to be revolting or voicing themselves more so than others mentioned earlier in the call, there seems to be a reduction in the number of wars in the world. Is this a natural progression away from war? People have an ability now, with social media and global communications, to have their voice heard, and that is in a way appeasing the radical events that lead to war.

Imperative of social evolution.

Machiventa. Yes, you are quite correct. There is a lack of desire for war, there is a lack of confidence in leaders to start a war and do it correctly, and to “win” which is a foolish, as you would say, an oxymoron, that winning a war is truly foolish and irrational. You have seen through your own technologies that this has had an influence through social technology to bring people to the forefront. It also brings those who are radicalized to the forefront, and to empower others to join them in the process. A violent revolt is not much different than foreign wars. It is a revolt against, using violence to persuade others to see the reason of what you are doing. However, riot and revolt are antithetical. It is something we do not support, we do not support it positively, but we support it negatively so that there are other options involved. I hope you begin to see the circular motion of this discussion that it is imperative that social institutions evolve, otherwise you’ll have ongoing, rolling revolts, revolutions, and destruction of society, and then the loss of many billions of people through the machinations of what people think and the leaders think is best, when in fact, it is not.

Craig. What we really need is revolutions in thinking so that it makes physical revolutions obsolete, and the changes that the revolutionaries want to come about through peaceful means and are the right sorts of changes.

Celestial involvement in ongoing cultural revolution.

Machiventa. You are 100%, absolutely correct. What you have not asked me is whether we are involved in any revolutions at all. And the frank answer is that, yes, we are. We are definitely involved in a cultural revolution of all humankind, particularly in advanced nations that project such a vast image onto other nations. Other nations can see the changes culturally in those societies. Political revolution is anathema. It is uncalled for, unneeded, and not desirable. Revolts and rebellions and so on provide a signal. They are actually indicators of those who are not heard as one of the students mentioned earlier. It is an indicator of disruption. It is an indicator of social unrest, and that re-trenching and doubling down and holding the line, so to speak, and being violent in reaction to the rebellions is antithetical, it leads to more rebellions, and so on.

So, continuing my thought and the theme of cultural revolution, yes, we are involved in the arts, we are involved in history, we are involved in education, we are involved in political alternative solutions, family solutions, and societal solutions, health care solutions, and so on. In times of extreme disruption, we have the total ability to dominate a culture if needed, with the exclusion of subverting mortal decisions. Thus, our influence is here. We are present, we will dominate eventually because of you who will make the appropriate decisions that work with us to assist the culture of the world.

Craig.  OK. Then, what we need are social institutions and mechanisms whereby those who are empowered to make decisions take into account, and hear those voices that they are currently ignoring or not hearing, and that will change things along progressive and more peaceful lines and should stop riots when those who aren’t being heard are heard, and feel that they are part of the participation in the society.

Machiventa.  Yes, that is what is needed. Again, many people have tried to change the attitudes, opinions,

Jim.  Is there anyone else that has a question for Machiventa?

Rick. If there aren’t any questions, the thing that revisits my mind on a regular basis and my guess is other members of this group as well is, it appears this global unrest, from your answer, will increase and will become the norm, but it also sounds like maybe it’s a predecessor to the decimation. Machiventa, would you like to expound a little bit on the coming change – particularly the decimation?

Machiventa.  Not really. It is not helpful, causes fear, more speculation, and conjecture. So, let us leave it at that. You have plenty of information concerning that, and as we said it will be a cascading of events that will create the decimation, not just one event, not a war, not military, not just the economy, but many, many things.

Machiventa.  Hearing no further questions let us bring this session to a close. We know that you are antsy. We know that you are disturbed. We know that you are concerned, that you feel on edge, that you know that the anticipated developments are coming and that there will be more to come. You anticipate the good work of spirit, our team – Monjoronson, Christ Michael – and their work, and their supportive enterprises to assist your world to overcome and transform itself into one that is whole and complete.

You have this push and pull. You want to push away from the negative, push away from the decimation and all the things that precede it. And you want to be pulled into the future through the graces of the light of Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s hierarchies of light. And this is existent, it is in force, it is in place, and is working and operational. As I said in the last session, to make a nexus possible it has to be the right time. This is the right time now. It must be the right development. This is the right development now. Unfortunately the right circumstances are not yet suited for those other two factors. When the circumstances fit with the other two factors, then you will see the nexus that you’ve been anticipating and which, let me say this, our angelic corps are eager to engage and to bring about in your lives personally, spiritually, in all regards in your life and for all the next generations.

We give thanks for your presence. We thank you for your continued readership and those who follow these words and insights, and hone their minds to a more centered position of peace rather than anxiety, elevation and joy rather than depression. We love you. Know that you are always loved. We do not abandon you. We do not forget you. We offer you hope in the form of your own empowerment through our co-creative participation. Thank you for this day, for being here, and good day.

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