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NET79 – Millennials; A New Culture; Facilitation®

2019-12-17.  Millennials; A New Culture; Facilitation.


New Era Transition #79 –
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

Topics: Millennials; A New Culture; Facilitation

A world not making sense
Perspective of a planetary manager
The new era of transition
Mortal/morontial interaction
Rise of millennials and a new culture
Necessity for global stability as a platform for progress
Passing the torch to a new generation
Telling the truth, privacy and surveillance
Acting as a facilitator
Urantia as a sentient entity
Requisite experience from virtual experience
Timeline for collapse and reconstruction
Spiritual pressure. Gods will
Thought Adjuster as a verb
Do-overs and agreement to our life plan
Older generation as facilitators
Correcting Time as opportunity. Agondonter finaliters from Urantia

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis.

Invocation: Rick

December 17, 2019



A world not making sense.

Machiventa.  Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a pleasure once again to be with you. As you yourself have been witness to the events around the world, they seem to be getting more unusual – meaning that a lot of things that are happening, developments, really do not make sense. They seem to be isolated developments that do not take into account the concerns or welfare of others. This is a natural development of the state of your world at this point, and a result of the long trajectory of materialism, from the development of technologies, the industrial revolution, and all of the other technological and data revolutions at hand – particularly the communications revolution. We will be using that one to the utmost extent in the near future – which we have mentioned before.

To reiterate, many of these developments have come about through the natural evolution of societies and technologies. It comes about through the abandonment of churches and religions of the basic tenents of the personal relationship between the individual and their Creator. It is essential that these institutions see themselves as teaching institutions rather than providing rituals, ceremonies, regalia, holidays, and so on. It is the ultimate moral responsibility of churches and God-centered religions to bring the person closer in their relationship with the Father within themselves. This cultural development has been unfortunate, but it is one that has been anticipated, though the spiritual realm has not contributed to its development with the exception that we have advanced those areas which are useful to us in the end.

Perspective of a planetary manager.

We want you to take, as apprentice planetary managers, the perspective of Christ Michael and this world, (one which I am intimately acquainted with and well invested in), and that is the cultural evolution of the whole world – of all cultures and civilizations of Urantia. This sweeping cultural change has already begun. You know that it has already begun because there are so many people who are in parallel or in sync with the cultural developments that we have espoused, and have proposed, and which we are encouraging. In other words, the social-spiritual-cultural evolution has begun. It began some time ago, but now it is in earnest. This is no small project.

You see for yourselves that, if you were taking the perspective of two hundred thousand miles away from the earth, or closer, and you look upon your world and say “I am the manager of this world, but what can I do to bring about the cultural evolution of this world so that it becomes stable socially, politically, economically and provides the base for the initiation of the Days Light and Life?” It is essential that you take this perspective because you are deeply involved in it. As I have just mentioned, there are many people who already are in parallel with your own thinking – whether that is the humanitarian groups, whether they are in the form of art, or whether they are in the form of providing food to individuals, and agricultural implements and wells and so on. This culture change is spectrum-wide to empower the human-celestial relationship.

The new era of transition.

You can anticipate that in the coming decade that we will have much widespread growth in our efforts. You are the seedbed for this. The archives that you have developed, whether they are from one T/R or whether they are from a group of them over the last 35 years is a matter of usefulness to what will come about. There will be many people who will be curious around the world to investigate what we are doing, what you are doing, what some of our students are doing to assist us. They will be searching these archives from all points on the planet and through the internet by cell phones and other devices. We have striven to prepare you for their approach. When it becomes a global phenomenon, you can anticipate that your sites will receive many thousands of hits a day, and that you will approach well over a million per month. You will have the resources to whet their appetite for more information. They will be particularly concerned about the cataclysms, the statements of Monjoronson, the perspective of a planetary manager, and these NET sessions that we have now which speak about preparations for this era.

Mortal/morontial interaction.

This is all about this era of transition, the new era of transition that will last approximately 250-300 years. It is at that point that we believe the planet will be stabilized to initiate the beginning of the morontial-celestial-mortal interaction, which will be much more intimate than it is now. You can anticipate, if you live that long, that you will be able to visualize a morontial being in front of you. It might be one of those mirage-like figures with wavy lines of light that reflect the varying frequency of the individual in front of you. There are many on your world now who are in morontial form, but who are not visible to you. This is a protection for everyone and particularly a protection for the progress and evolution of this new era transition. You are the ones who have given us the petri dish, so to speak, for the development of your world to become part of the celestial realm. Many of you have remained true to the basic tenets of communication of this new revelation. This is the sticking point that is something we wish to overcome in the near future – between the fundamentalist Urantia Book readers who believe the end of revelation has passed [and those who believe it is ongoing]. This is not accurate as the book itself reveals that revelation continues every day and with each new generation.

Rise of millennials and a new culture.

It is appropriate that this occurs because you have a new generation that you call the millennials. These individuals … let me give you a statistic. Millennials at this time who are between age 20 and age 40 (approximately) own only 3% of the gross national product, whereas 60-80 years before, this demographic group of people owned 23% of the gross national product. What we are trying to convey with this statistic is that these individuals are disconnected from your society and your culture. They have no affinity for it other than what serves them for their purposes. They are out of context and out of contact with the older generations. They have taken their isolation for granted. This will cause these individuals a great, great personal distress in the near future as their world is turned upside down. With no place to go to hide from the realities of the world they will retreat into the culture that they invent – one that is attractive to them. If you are seeing these connections, then you realize that what we are proposing here – a new culture for Urantia – is essential for this generation.

They soon will be, not just become, they soon will be the leaders of your societies – your corporations, foundations, organizations and your government agencies and so on. They have a tremendous disgust with this older generation and the machinations of your governmental leaders, and the self-serving inclinations of exploitative corporations – whether that is the exploitation of the natural resources, or the natural resources that are inherent in the nature of each of their employees, clients, customers, and service population. These children of your generation need to be fed. They need to be encouraged to come forward. They are reluctant to engage you simply because of their disgust and reluctance to accept the old way of doing business.

By them removing their attention to the goals, aspirations, and culture of the older generation they have in reality withdrawn from your society. They, of course, as you can surmise and speculate, will have a desperate need to form their own culture. And to repeat again, we must have that culture ready for them to accept. This new culture will be quite radical compared to the traditional culture that exists now. You can extend that radical perspective into every social institution that exists in all societies around the world – whether it is the family, education, health care, justice, the democratic process, and many others. These will be radically changed and evolve into that radical position naturally through their capacity to satisfy the needs of this new generation.

You’ve heard all this before. We know that. We just want you to re-frame what we have told you and put it in the perspective of the planetary manager for this generation. This generation is replicated in all the western civilizations and all democratic nations. It is also a part of the non-democratic nations as well. This generation sees through the falsehoods and the veils of power and control in their own countries, and they are reviled by it.

Necessity for global stability as a platform for progress.

By making this statement we hope that you understand and realize the significance and importance of social evolution in all the social institutions and institutional processes and organizations. It’s important that your world be stabilized – so that it becomes socially, politically, and economically stable. That provides the platform (a new petri dish you might say) for the new worldwide culture of the next generations. We are here to assist them. You are here to support that work. Some of you are deeply involved in recording and storing old transcripts and so on. All we can say is “Hallelujah for you, thank you very much!” Those of you who are thinking forward of how to serve the new generation may look within your organizations as they are specific to a particular social institution.

Everyone has work to do in the world. Even corporations that are monetized have a particular place in the social institution of finance and government. That is a place people can bring these new ideas forward. We know that your corporations are struggling to reframe themselves – how to transform themselves into becoming sustainable organizations. Dear friends, the primary emphasis in the very near future will be upon each organization’s ability, capacity, capability, and willingness to engage this new generation – not on their terms – but on the terms of a stable civilization and stable planet.
I am now open for questions if you have any.

Passing the torch to a new generation.

Craig. I’m really glad to hear that the younger generation is not swallowing all the controlling and manipulation that the older generation, to some extent, a fair extent, still seem to be swallowing – falling for. And I guess this will lead to the openness for the change that you’re speaking of that the younger generation, as they say, everybody is still living in their parents basements or whatever, they’ll be quite ready to find something new, and if it’s provided for them, then hopefully they will adopt it and we can move forward. Is that what I’m hearing?

Machiventa.  You have interpreted this correctly. And [in] your parallel of the children living in the basement, they will then occupy the whole house when the parents pass. This is a metaphor for them occupying all positions of power, wealth, and control in the terms that they are left to them. They have a very skeptical opinion, a skeptical perspective of wealth, power, and control, but are more interested in benevolence, and assistance, and the values that we espouse with you. The older generations are not able to make this leap simply because they are the culture of the older generations. They have been enculturated, and socialized in these old cultures, and of course in the values of the old cultures. Now we will present universal values to everyone. Those values and their subsequent ethics and morality provide a level playing field for all millennial decision-makers for business, for social services, and government.

Telling the truth, privacy and surveillance.

Jeff.  I have two small and technical questions I’d like to bring up about the seven core values. The first one is: Where in the seven core values does telling the truth fall?

Machiventa.  Telling the truth falls in the realm of ethics, etiquette, politeness, and diplomacy. You can tell the truth but still be quite an obnoxious individual – one who’s offensive to the good order of society – which we do not recommend.

Jeff.  My second question is: Where in the seven core values does surveillance and personal privacy fall?

Machiventa.  It also falls within the realm of ethic and social conduct which is concerned with ethics, and etiquette, and reasonable concern of others as equals of yourself.

Acting as a facilitator.

Liz.  I want to report to you after my question a couple of weeks ago, that our Urantia Book study group will not turn to studying these transcripts – it will carry on as usual. But a portion of the group will meet in addition to our weekly group to go over these transcripts and discuss them in detail. Do you have a suggestion as to where we should start, or should I arbitrarily pick a transcript and move from there?

Machiventa.  We would espouse that you follow the tenets of your democracy, and that you ask them what they would like to begin with what topical areas they suggest. Begin by asking your students, as a facilitator – not as a leader, but the facilitator – to facilitate them to discover what they want to study – what is important to them, what is of concern to them. You will find that there is a plethora of interesting topics that they would like to explore through these transcripts.

Urantia as a sentient entity.

Liz. Thank you. I shall proceed accordingly. And I have a question that I’m sure has been asked many times before, but I don’t know the answer to this so please excuse me. But after reading up on the Findhorn garden, I can’t help but ask: is our planet is a sentient entity?

Machiventa.  I chuckle because you have intuited what is the reality of this world. It is a sentient entity in regard to [being] a planet occupied by sentient beings. Thus, you have a companionship between mother earth, as you call her, and yourselves. And you have an affinity for it, and it has an affinity for you, and to you.

Liz. Well, that was unexpected. Thank you for that.

James. I have some questions from readers.

Requisite experience from virtual experience.

Reader 1.  I would like to submit some questions to Machiventa based on the following narrative dealing with our lack of knowledge of the indwelling presence of the Universal Father: “The result of this absence of light knowledge in your lineage has produced a large class of immature souls that are in need of very basic remedial development. This deficit prevents these souls from entering the intended ascension path in the higher worlds of your local universe (the mansion worlds) until they attain the requisite planetary experience required by their Father Fragments. These souls, therefore, must learn through “virtual experience” what was denied them by this absence of light knowledge (during planetary life) to bring them to a maturity level at par with the intended ascension plan.”

Based on that narrative, please be so kind, if you will, to answer these questions:

1) Please elaborate on the meaning of: “the requisite planetary experience required by their Father Fragments.”

Machiventa.  Certainly. The requisite planetary experience would include living on a planet, experiencing all the tragedies and joys of living a lifetime that is full and enjoyable, and filled with difficulty and work – one where the personality of the individual is tested by the circumstances of their life and living. It is most helpful if the individual has been in partnership with someone, has generated children, and has raised those children into adulthood.

2) Please elaborate on the meaning of: “must learn through virtual experience”

Machiventa.  The “virtual” is very familiar to you in this generation as you have virtual reality. It is very similar to the virtual reality goggles that people wear with software to play games or visualize traveling in another country while not being there. In the reality of the celestial realm and on the teaching worlds, virtual reality is very much that situation. You, as morontial beings, will be placed on a morontial stage [think of a “holo-deck”] in circumstances where you must make decisions concerning the circumstances of the scene you are actually living in. You will not know the difference after the scenario begins whether you are a player on a stage or whether you are a real individual in a role to play of making decisions for your growth. Do you understand?

Group. yes.

3) If I understand correctly, our lack of knowledge of the presence of the Indwelling Thought Adjuster will hamper or even prevent our ability to reach the Mansion Worlds. Am I right, or wrong?

Machiventa.  It is sufficient if the person believes in God. If the person believes that there is some entity, or some being, or some force in the universe which brought about the infinite universe as it exists, including themselves, it is not necessary to have a conscious knowledge and awareness of the God-presence within. It is sufficient to have knowledge and acceptance of the presence of a divine being of some sort who runs the infinite universe. You are on the right track, but do not think in terms of pigeonholes of right or wrong, yes or no, but see this as a continuum of belief. It has always begun with hope, beliefs, faith, trust, and then knowing. Most people trust that there is a God, and some who are fortunate and who are mystics know that there is a God and have enjoyed the company, presence and communication correctly with the First Source and Center from the God presence within them.

Timeline for collapse and reconstruction.

James. All right, I have another question from a reader: What comes after the 1985-2035 50 year era?

Machiventa.  Thank you for your question. After this 50 year period that you have lived through with the teaching mission, Urantia Book, and so on, then the next 35 years of bewilderment that follows the collapse of your civilization and cultures, there is then the conscious awareness after that time that there needs to be given more thought – conscious and intentional thought – to the reconstruction of the Urantian civilization. That is the most significant transcendental perspective of your civilization to ever take. It is important that each individual see themselves as a part – an individual who supports the transcendence of civilization – so that future generations of souls – individuals – can have a better life and an easier way to grow into their maturity to develop their potential. In other words, we are saying that this culture change that Christ Michael has initiated already, will come to the point where people will begin to accept the fact that they are morally responsible for the transcendence of their civilization, and their cultures, for the benefit of all future generations.

James. Another reader asks: Is the 11:11 progress group Monjoronson the same personality that speaks through you, Daniel?

Machiventa.  Because this individual, Daniel, has transmitted Monjoronson in the past, and because I’m involved in this, and he is the actual T/R of this session and these words that I am bringing forth to you, we are reluctant to provide any answer.

Spiritual pressure. Gods will.

James. I have one more set of reader questions:

1) Dearest Machiventa, I am elated about your answer regarding what maximum spiritual pressure can be exerted on Urantia: “Anything, right up to the extent of subordinating human decision making.” This permits me to ask a more direct and practical question: What/how can we mortals pray/meditate/etc. to invoke or invite Michael/Jesus and His Team to apply this level or similar level of spiritual pressure?

Machiventa.  The spirit pressure that you speak of is inherent in Christ Michael and his teams are directly involved in the spirit pressure process which has been initiated by Nebadonia and her many corps of angels. There is no separation here.


2) What specific prayer requests and/or practices can we mortals focus on that would accelerate Michael/Jesus’s immediate or long-term objectives for Urantia?

Machiventa.  Well, my friend, it is simply by being willing to do Gods will – not just willing to do it, but you actually state: “I will to do Gods will in my life and through my life. And please lead me to assist in the process of uplifting this world according to Christ Michael’s will.”


3) I humbly request your correction of any error in my thinking on the following: To the extent that human decision making is infected or corrupted by ignorance, confusion, nearsightedness, selfishness, and weakness, to this extent should human will be circumscribed and overridden for the greater good of the planet as a whole and the system/galaxy? Urantia is a family who must be “brought to heel” by celestial will for her own good and for the good of other members of the family.

Machiventa.  Please restate the very first part of those questions.

James. I humbly request your correction of any error in my thinking on the following:…

Thought Adjuster as a verb.

Machiventa.  That’s fine, thank you. Your request is highly detailed, and it is one which we hope to help you straighten out, correct. Correct is not the right word, but we wish to have you be in alignment with us. This is a co-creative prayer that you will need to commit to yourself to remember that you are in alignment with your Thought Adjuster – the source of all wisdom for your life, for all the control of your thinking – as you submit to God’s will to do so. Remember, the Thought Adjuster is not an inane title, but an active verb that you might include in your thoughts about the God presence within you. The Thought Adjuster is just that. When you submit to that correction, your Thought Adjuster will assist you in correcting your thinking and your thoughts. Then you grow in ways that you had not anticipated. And be aware too that this is so subtle that you may not be aware of it until you look back after a number of years and you realize, as you examine your thinking, and the different levels of your mind’s thinking and processing, that you have grown. And there surely is an acknowledgement, and then say: “Thank you, very much.”

Do-overs and agreement to our life plan.

James. And then he goes on:

4) Beloved Machiventa, I accept your revelation that we agreed to our life plan before we were born. Thus, my question is: Are we granted any do-overs (i.e. to re-mortalize) in the event we fail our life plan. Or, if we desire certain ascension-crucial lessons available only through mortal experience?

Machiventa.  I find your questions very interesting. And there are no do-overs. The do-over that you speak of is the one that you are thinking about right now. You are conscious of some of the errors that you have made in your life. This is sufficient for you to correct in your lifetime now. You are fortunate to have had forethought, hindsight, and insight into your life, your thinking, your behavior, whether that behavior is thinking, words, or actions. You have enough wisdom now to re-dedicate your life for doing God’s will in all the correct ways. Your life is a lesson book. You have now begun to study it earnestly as the years have passed. Now is the time to, not make recompense, but to simply live your life as though it were brand new, and you know better in how to live.


5) Under what circumstances are we allowed or granted the memory of this “pre-mortal existence” in which we agreed to our life plan before incarnating?

Machiventa.  You are granted only that which is useful to yourself. Many do recall the times and lives before they were born, but this is the most important life. It is an error for anyone to strive to go backwards and review the history before this lifetime, as this lifetime is a precious gift, a precious opportunity that you have been given with full knowledge of the God presence within you to live your life in accordance with Gods will. And as you explore through the processes of your life and living – through your challenges, your joys, [you learn] what works and what does not work, what uplifts you and what puts you down, and what uplifts others and gives them joy and what does not. You are totally responsible for this life, so live it to the fullest.

James.  that concludes the reader questions.

Older generation as facilitators.

Jeff.  I have a question about some of the words in this session today. Firstly, Machiventa, you were speaking to us about this major change in the outlook of the millennial generation, I presume not only in the US, but worldwide, and the thought came into my mind that the group that is here that are not millennials (we’re much older, and some of us are reaching pretty close to our “shelf life”), it seemed to me that, listening between the lines of the words, that maybe my role, or Liz’s role, or people of our age going forward, we should be looking at facilitating rather than initiating conversations – acting as facilitators for these younger people to sort out their own issues through the lens of the seven core values and the training we’ve gotten from you at this time. Is that a correct assumption?

Machiventa.  Yes, it very much is a correct assumption. We know, and you know, or should suspect, or intuit, that some of these individuals are sensitive, that they are rational, reasonable, and some are very wise even at a young age. And that some are curious to know about the older generation’s wisdom, and how they got it, and what is useful to them. You will find that they will be able to quickly and swiftly sort through what works for them, and what does not work – what is applicable and what is not. They are very inquisitive, they are in wonderment, and many of them are just simply bored. They are looking for useful wisdom, and we suggest that you facilitate discussions with them when they are ready to discuss the universals of life living on a world that is evolving.

Craig. I guess it’s probably helpful to their development if we can engage with them on these topics when we get the opportunity. Is that the case?

Machiventa.  Yes, that is correct. They would, very similar to Liz’s question about how to initiate the beginning of discussions, and that is to act as facilitators to assist them to do the research on their own. They have had quite enough of the older generation’s telling them what to do and what not to do and how to do it. So, if you empower them, facilitate their inquisitiveness to do the search through the resources that you know are available, that would be greatly helpful to them. What they do not realize or understand is the collapse of their world that is going to occur around them. They have almost no awareness of it. Those that do clap and say: “Yeah, it’s going to come to an end.”

Craig. Very good, thank you.

Correcting Time as opportunity. Agondonter Finaliters from Urantia.

Machiventa.  In closing, for myself and my team who are here – numerous Melchizedeks and angels, Midwayers and arch-angels, and so on, and those you have not met or heard about before. When Christ Michael first presented the Correcting Time to us so many decades and centuries ago, he suggested to us to visualize this as an opportunity – a huge, tremendous opportunity for planetary growth, for contributions to God the Supreme, and for our own personal spiritual growth as created beings by Christ Michael and elsewhere.

He proposed that we see this not as work or as a chore, but as an opportunity that would be of tremendous benefit to his realm, to Nebadonia’s realm and to the quest of individuals on this planet and on the other planets that were in quarantine to come into alignment with the main theme of social-spiritual evolution of all occupied planets in Nebadon. We accepted that challenge, that opportunity. We see this as an opportunity for ourselves, for you, for all the spiritual heritage of Urantia. We see it as an opportunity that has an immense moral and spiritual responsibility for ourselves and for you. You who are conscious of our work here with you. You engage with us in a way which is responsible – spiritually, morally, and otherwise. You have seen this as an opportunity. You’ve been curious, and so you ask questions, and you get to know us.

You begin to trust us, and some of you actually know that we are with you and present with you as you sit in your chairs meditating, or as you work around the house, or your employment. This is an opportunity of immense import to you individually as you Agondontors exit this Agondontor life and as the realm begins to change so that Agondontors are no more. You will become eventually Finaliters, if you choose, to take on the quest and the opportunity of being an Agondontor Finaliter from Urantia – the world of the cross of Christ Michael of Nebadon.

We wish you good day, to engage in your thinking in appreciation of this opportunity you have been given. You have conscious awareness of this now, your intentions are known to us, and if they aren’t clear to yourself, we ask you to make clarity of your intentions consciously for the rest of your life and for all lives that follow. I wish you good day, and know that we are with you always. Goodbye.

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