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NET81 – Reform, Punishment, Mass Migration®

2020-01-13.  Reform, Punishment, Mass Migration.


New Era Transition #81 –
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


A modest proposal
Criminal courts and social courts
Functional, long term reform of social institutions
Punishment as deterrent
Issues at the end of mortal life
A podcast of these transcripts
Political lessons from cataclysm
Current political challenges as a lesson of history: All have failed!
Not rooted in the seven core values
Collapse of financial systems
Morontial among us
Zero-point energy
Mass migration and overpopulation
Most Highs are pleased with…
Machiventa’s team
Request for Life Carrier participation
Amazing lifeforms – especially dogs!
Human capacity for further evolution
Thanks for Daniel and Sherille
The fabric of society depends on the moral person who comes from a family of love.

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Michael McCray, James Travis

Invocation: Rick

January 13, 2020



Machiventa.  Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. It is a good day here on Urantia from the morontial side. We are so much aware of your world, its difficulties, the immensity of its transitions now, and the immense and profound potential of its development. This is why we are so intimately connected to all efforts to enhance social stability, peace, economic and governmental stability all over the world. As we have covered significant ground since our last meeting, I am open for questions concerning the session last time or any other questions that may be remaining.

A modest proposal.

Rick.  I had a question from last session. You’ve asked us to put ourselves in the position of being the planetary manager.

Machiventa.  As planetary manager, my first decision is, starting immediately, that all human beings would be required to be qualified before being allowed to have children. All qualified adults would receive the antidote which allows them to activate their sperm or eggs to procreate. Individual sexual activity would remain unaffected – only the ability to procreate. To be qualified each person must meet the following 5 requirements:

1) The ability to financially support a child
2) The emotional maturity to successfully raise a child
3) The mental stability to protect, mentor, and guide a child
4) An I.Q. of 100 or above
5) No felonious convictions

Machiventa. And your question is?

Rick. You asked us to put together a statement as planetary manager and that’s my first statement. So, my question to you would be: How’s that?

Jeff.  I’ll second that motion of five requirements.

Machiventa.  On behalf of being a human [From the human perspective], I would totally agree with your analysis, and your requirements. These are rational, reasonable, and the content that is necessary to initiate a sustainable society, nation, and civilization. As a spiritual planetary manager, however, the first part of your statement – the requirement – is something that we cannot abide by or emplace. I thank you for making the distinction apparent to me and to my team about the difference between a human/mortal planetary manager and the spiritual planetary manager of Urantia. There is a vast difference.

There are many comments that could be made concerning your statement and your requirements, though I will let those pass at the moment. Hopefully, there will be questions to embrace the other consequences of making such a decision as a planetary manager.

Criminal courts and social courts.

Liz. Machiventa, one of the members of our Urantia Book study group had an interesting vision. We currently have criminal courts for those who defy the rules of society, and then they are sentenced to a punishment – usually jail. His vision was instead of criminal courts we implement social courts – where those who violate the rules of society would be assigned a counselor to teach them values, and how to be a productive member of society. Is this a valid vision for the future?

Machiventa. No, it is not. First of all, it is a naïve perspective concerning those people who are deviant in nature. They are damaged individuals and they consciously choose to injure others in your society, injure social institutions, and so on. It is a thought, though, that this is a place to begin a more thoughtful discussion about designing a “criminal justice” system. A social adjudication process would necessarily use the seven values of social sustainability and the subsequent morality and ethics code that was developed from those values.

Functional, long term reform of social institutions.

You must also examine the intention. What is the intention of a criminal justice system – whether it is a punitive criminal justice court, or a social tribunal or judicial system? What is the intention? This is the overriding important consideration. Stepping one step farther back, you must examine the justice system as a social institution among many social institutions. In this remediation of the social structure to be the framework for the existence and development of a functional society, you must examine and state what your vision is for a society, a nation, or a global civilization, though that vision could include the present, 10 years, 100 years, or 500 years from now.

Therefore, that would guide the intention of the remediation or transformation of currently dysfunctional social institutions to become functional – something so that their design contributes to the stability of society in the long term – long term meaning two centuries and more. Further, you would want to look at the missions. What are the missions of a social judicial system? These would be complemental to the intention and to the vision. And then further, the objectives would be what would these courts actually do?

One of the first things you notice in my statement is that I commented that such a program is naïve. To remove this naiveté would require someone, a designer or team of designers, to enter into the current criminal justice system and see how those who are arrested are treated, arraigned, tried, convicted, and sentenced, and what happens after that. You would also want to take the other side of this too. You would also want to participate in observing the actions of a victims advocate system or office that is oftentimes contained within a district attorney’s office.

This is extremely important to understand the humanitarian process of being a victim and the inhumane treatment many victims receive. This is as important, or more so, than the treatment of the offender, and the humane way they are treated and the inhumane way they are treated. Anyone who examines this system from both sides, and also within the system of justice itself, will realize there is something terribly amiss, and out of step, and out of concert with the whole need of growth, development, and evolution of a society as a nation, and as a nation among others in a civilization. Such a counseling position would see all of this very clearly. They would have a broad arc of vision from the beginning to the end of the system, its dysfunctions, and the need for redesign to transform those systems.

It seems obvious too, to us, as it hopefully does to you, to ask, “Where did this offender come from? From what situation did this individual develop? How did it happen that this individual became an offender of laws, who violated the mores, standards, morality, and ethics of the society, and now is at the receiving end of punishment?” You will find that it originates in the family; that there is something amiss in the original and most important social institution of any society, and that is the family. A counselor who has this vision and view would see that the aftermath of the adult offender is at the point of trying to fix, or repair, or remediate the injuries of the childhood and the growing up. This is virtually impossible without the total agreement, and consistent agreement of the offender. Thank you for your question and your statement.

Liz. So then, working backward from the system to the offender to the family then we begin to enter into Rick’s vision of educating the family so that they make those important decisions on their own rather than legislating his five requirements for childbearing. Is my understanding correct?

Punishment as deterrent.

Machiventa. Exactly so. You cannot legislate morality or ethics. Five thousand years of punishment has proven that punishment is not a deterrent to immoral or unethical behavior. You will find too, as the counselor would soon know, that what is needed at the family level is that the family have an awareness of this arc that I just described and which you asked to receive, that the beginning of it begins in the family and that then the counseling should begin to assist those individuals who are sexually active or capable of sexual activity to understand the necessity of population management – voluntary population management. It is important that individuals are educated, trained, and instructed in how to practice personal population management on their own and in couple relationships.

Issues at the end of mortal life.

Liz. Yes, thank you. I have a couple of other questions that are not related. One is, when a mortal is nearing the end of their earthly career and is in pain, there are things that one can do to hasten their departure. Is taking this action something that one would regret upon arrival at their next station?

Machiventa.  For whom do you speak, the person with the illness, or the individual who helped them crossover?

Liz. The person with the illness.

Machiventa.  Our experience has been that individuals who understand this mortal, morontial, existential crisis and crux – literally crux – that they would withhold themselves from further medical treatment. That the natural processes of the illness will bring about the closure of their life. The exception to this is when the individual is in extreme pain – pain to the extent that they are no longer capable of making rational decisions – even to whether they need to eat dinner or not. In this case then, there is the allowance for an individual to make that decision as it is highly probable that at that time the Thought Adjuster has already made its exit.

The difficulty in ascertaining this situation with the Thought Adjuster is that most mortals are unaware of the presence of the Thought Adjuster and when the Thought Adjuster leaves. It is usual that when a Thought Adjuster leaves, the person is so immoral, so unethical, so evil in their lifestyle that they do not care about talking with the God presence within them or ascertaining what its opinion is. On the other hand, a person who is in extreme illness, extreme pain, is also usually at the same state of existence where they are unaware to be able to make that decision on their own. It is a frightening situation for us to view individuals in this desperate, crucial era of their life’s end. It is something that we do not interfere with or enter into on our own.

We, however, are aware of when a Thought Adjuster has exited as that light goes out within the individual mortal. It is that time when the guardian angel and the soul content is available for dispatch to the mansion worlds – the resurrection hall. The body continues to live on. This is a very ambiguous, anomalous situation for mortals as so much of that era of the transition from life to death and crossing over is not known. We are making efforts to educate mortals in this realm of awareness, particularly clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and so on, who understand regression therapy and forward progression therapy for individuals.

This must occur before the individual enters into that state of incapability of making a decision. As you see, the thread of this logic begins to fade away and there are many disconnects to continue. There are mortals, however, who are aware of the God presence within others who can be of assistance. These have not been accepted in a legitimate position or role in the hospice situation, though there are individuals who understand that occurrence and do see/feel/sense the Thought Adjuster present or absent. I perhaps have gone far past the extent of your question and the situation, though it is necessary to assist you and many others to understand this precarious situation that mortals enter into as they approach the death situation. Thank you for your question.

A podcast of these transcripts.

Liz. Thank you for your answer. There is much there for me to consider. My other question is again far afield. I’m a fan of podcasts and I try to find Urantia-based or spiritually-based podcasts to listen to. I’m wondering if it would be worth our time to begin reading these transcripts into a podcast for distribution.

Machiventa.  One moment, I will collaborate with my team. This is a recurring theme and topic that we finally need to address. And the answer, at least partial answer that we have at this time, is that it would be most helpful to select a topic that you could address in less than twenty minutes and address it with excerpts from transmissions – transmissions that are consistent (at least not in disagreement) with the Urantia Book as a reference. Do you understand?

Liz. I do.

Machiventa. Then we invite you to proceed.

Liz. Thank you very much. I shall.

Political lessons from cataclysm.

James. If no one else has a question, I have quite a few from readers.

1) What key thoughts or lessons can you provide future readers about the pitfalls of the current Western (esp. the U.S. and the U.K.) political climate, structure, and governance that should be avoided during the post-cataclysmic re-design and rebuilding of society?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question. The most important feature of a redesigned democratic process is that it become a learning process. Rather, it become a learning system. Your current democratic processes within almost all democratic nations are linear in nature. They are linear processes, not systems. They have a logic to them that is eventually self-defeating. The learning process must be eventual, it must be accepted as eventual, and that political evolution of the democratic process is beneficial to present and future generations – not radicalized by democratic processes, but a normalized process that fits nicely with historic processes.

These new processes would, in fact, be upgrades or updates to the old democratic process. If you see democracy as a written computer program of code, you would see that it is non-intuitive. You would see that it is incapable of learning from its mistakes. It does not even keep wisdom from former mistakes. It does not have a system now to recall similar situations and wisdom from the past that are applicable to current problems. This is the gravest error of contemporary democratic nations and processes. Any new, evolved democratic process must be designed as a learning system.


2) What do you or your Vorondadek colleagues (Most Highs) estimate will be the impact/contribution of Brexit to the cascade of factors that will catalyze the coming cataclysms?

Machiventa. On behalf of the Most Highs, we have discussed this before, and your estimation of the situation is fairly accurate.

Current political challenges as a lesson of history: All have failed!.
Not rooted in the seven core values.


3) Are there any ways in which the current socio-political climate and challenges within the U.S. serve the goals of the Correcting Time? If so, how?

Machiventa.  Most assuredly – as a lesson of history. Examination of the thirty-thousand-year history of human organized social existence will reveal that there have been no administrations, no governments, no empires, no nations, no civilizations, or cultures that have not failed. They have all failed. Do you understand? They have all failed. And that the morality that was developed four thousand years ago for western civilization and now extends to the world civilization is also unworkable. It is not workable because it is not based on the unique values in humans. It is not organic to whom people are. The democratic process that exists in democracies now is also untenable. It is non-intuitive, it is not insightful, it does not learn from its mistakes, as I’ve said before.

The greatest, greatest necessity to prevent the collapse of western civilization and all its democracies, is the awareness, the conscious awareness, that organizations fail. They have always failed and they will continue to fail, primarily because they were established from artificial missions, ideals, and visions. Some even lack visions of what the nation would become. They also lack an overriding intention for the establishment of that democracy, that nation.

And further, that there is not an overriding guiding operational philosophy for the development and practice of democratic processes within those nations. As you are seeing, organizational development is critical to the establishment of sustainable societies and democracies. It is critically important that all these factors be examined and designed into the organization of a democratic nation. Again, I say, it is the awareness that all have failed, and the awareness that this nation and all the other democracies will fail as well if they do not change and do not evolve.

Collapse of financial systems.


4) Do you anticipate the imminent collapse of Wall Street and the world banking system as part of the cascade of troubles?

Machiventa. This too has been an ongoing topic of discussion among ourselves with those from the Most Highs and from Salvington. No, it will not collapse; however, it will be deeply injured and incapable of functioning as it did before. It, too, is a manifestation of egoistic greed for positions of authority, control, and power, and that money is the means to assist in that acquisition, that dominance, and that control. It is a system that incites failure.

The greed for money is a personal incitement for personal failure – personal un-fulfillment. It is also critical that there is the awareness that the design of the economic system as it exists in democratic nations has reached its zenith and is now on a downward trend towards its decline and eventual disintegration and collapse. We, however, have other alternatives in mind for your economies. As those individuals who are in control and management of those financial institutions want to remain in control, and to continue to make a profit and dividends, they will seek almost any means to do so–even that which helps other people.

Morontial among us.


5) In NET #79 you stated: “There are many on your world now who are in morontial form, but who are not visible to you.” Thus, I ask (a) are all morontial personalities among us light bearers (i.e. aligned with Christ Michael)?

Machiventa.  Yes, you are correct. Those morontial beings who are here are of the light and in alignment with Christ Michael.


(b) Are some of them former Urantian humans?

Machiventa.  No comment, please.


6) How will the Correcting Time team “have a culture ready” for desperate millennials to accept (as proposed in NET #79.)

Machiventa.  This is material we have covered in earlier sessions, and that is through the preparation of the sharing of the values that sustain society. That sounds awfully glib to you I would imagine, yet it is a truism that will work. There will be individual millennials who will reject these new values and be cynical, and there will others who accept them and do their homework to see where these values and this new culture comes from, and how it is useful to them.


7) What can you reveal to us about technologies humanity can pursue that can rapidly and safely reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide to “healthy” levels for Urantia?

Machiventa.  This is a topic that is of great interest and discernment within the scientific communities of your nations, societies, and universities at this time. We do not have a further extension of wisdom to guide you at this time.

Zero-point energy.


8) In NET #1 you mentioned the obstacle to eliminating reliance on carbon-based energy sources being the absence of zero-point technologies on Urantia. How can we procure celestial guidance/tips on developing zero-point energy?

Machiventa.  Those tips, those insights are already being provided. It is simply a matter of someone going “ah-ha” and connecting all the dots and devising a mechanism that will produce zero-point energy. As we have said in previous sessions, we have deliberately brought an interference to this dot-connection process so that zero-point energy comes online at a time when it complements the existence of new era societies.

Mass migration and overpopulation.


9) In NET #78 you briefly mentioned the migration of people from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. What is the Celestial perspective on this development – i.e., what are the key opportunities and threats, and how should the receiving nations approach handling this?

Machiventa.  This was thoroughly discussed in a paper by This One

Daniel.  It is entitled ‘The Crisis With Immigration in Europe’ that Avalah Melchizedek and I wrote together and can be found on the  website.

Machiventa.  Your questions have been answered, perhaps not directly, but there are solutions available. This too is a most difficult situation on your planet. The planet, as we have said, is vastly overpopulated. There are no rational means of population management or educating people to participate in population management. There is insufficient food sources and arable land to support the population where the population reproduces rapidly. Thus, the migrations out of Africa and out of the Middle East and elsewhere is a problem that will continue until the population problem is resolved. As you are aware, the global desertification of arable lands is increasing – that arable lands are decreasing, that rainfall is an inhibiting factor to rational population expansion. Thus, you will see much starvation, malnourishment, and mental deformation or lack of mental capacity development as time goes by. There is no answer to this from us or from you. It is what it is. You will have to suffer with the rest of the people.


10) Are current tensions between the U.S. and Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon anticipated by your team, and what significance should we attach to these developments?

Machiventa. We deliberately refrain from commenting on your question.

Most Highs are pleased with.


11) You stated, “The Most Highs are very pleased with the situation that is developing on Urantia in many regards, whereas others are less than desirable.” My question is: With which developing Urantia situations are the Most Highs very pleased?

Machiventa.  Those would include those efforts that are striving to resolve the problems that are existent on your planet. There are voluntary population management practices at the individual level. There are social programs by states and nations to assist in this process. There are widespread programs for the enhancement of the education of individuals, all individuals within a nation, and the cultural practices that are important to sustain the heritage and culture of the ethnic groups within those nations, as this is a stabilizing factor for peace. As you begin to examine this statement under a microscope, you will see that very few nations fit these criteria, and that the rest of the nations are in disarray. The difficulty of the future of those nations that are so wise in their conduct to assist the stability and gradual social evolution of their nation is that they will be inundated by those people who want to immigrate to those nations.

As you can see further from my statement that your world is in a tremendous state of instability. You are on the edge of global collapse though it is not apparent. Some areas are doing very well, some are stable, and some are not. You will see and it will be obvious to those who read these sessions that there will be a time and a circumstance for the development of an occurrence of an initiating factor that will initiate the cascade of these cataclysms. You have witnessed the two nations coming to the brink of war in the Middle East, between the United States and Iran, and this is a good development to occur. It is difficult for us to assist individuals who are belligerent, who truly want to be at war, who truly want to destroy the enemy. It requires wise, sagacious leaders who can see past the fraud of threats, and intentions to destroy the enemy, to know that, ultimately, people want to survive.

Machiventa’s team.

Rick. I have two questions. The first is, earlier in today’s session, Machiventa, when you were asked a question, you stated: “Allow me to confer with my team.” I think I speak for all of us when I say: “Would you be kind enough to share with us who your team is?”

Machiventa.  Well, most certainly. I have at hand in my team… I have several echelons of team. The most intimate team is approximately nine individuals; these are Melchizedeks, we have one individual without Name or Number, archangels, and so on. We have record keepers, we have statisticians and actuaries in the background to assist in these answers. We do not like to state in certainties, but in probabilities, inasmuch as humans seem to interfere in those certainties.

Request for Life Carrier participation.

Rick. My second question is, about six months ago, during one of our sessions, it was brought to our attention that one of the most important things we can do for our physical health is address our nerve health. That’s sort of an unknown area for us, I think. And so, we asked if a Life Carrier could come to one of our sessions to answer some of our questions about human health. And, as I recall, your response was: “Let me see.” So, I’m reiterating that request. Could we put it out there for a Life Carrier to join us in one of our upcoming sessions?

Machiventa. Your request continues to be on the table on an agenda that is off the primary agenda, and the Life Carriers continue to say that they do not wish to participate at this time, or in the near future. They are of the mind that such information would be detrimental, and that it would be eventually be picked up by genetic manipulators to create an enhanced form of human that would innately or inherently have genetic flaws within it. The moral and ethical immaturity of your physical sciences – particularly human biosciences – is such that it is too hazardous to provide enhanced information concerning this topic at this time.

They are of a mind that this is important information for humans to receive and that it will be used in a most efficacious way in the future when humans are able to respect their own genome in their lifestyles, their habits, and their intake. The Life Carriers are also humane and compassionate in your request. They understand the plight of people who are ill, and people who are well who want to enhance their capabilities and to express the development and personal evolution of their capabilities in their lives now. This is admirable, they appreciate that, and they are not without concern for your longings.

Rick. Thank you for your through and informative answer.

Amazing lifeforms – especially dogs!.

Liz.  I have a comment about the Life Carriers, Machiventa. This planet is so beautiful, and the diverse life forms are so amazing, I just have great appreciation for all that they’ve done, especially dogs. I mean, they really excelled when it comes to dogs, and I just want to express my amazement and heartfelt appreciation for the stellar design work that they’ve done on this planet. It hurts me to the quick with what we’ve done with their work. Please extend my appreciation.

Human capacity for further evolution.

Machiventa. Your appreciation has already been extended and received. They wish you to know, if you get the depth of this answer, is that what you see in the capability of the diversity of the dog family has come about through the potential within the existing gene structure of the dog family from many, many millennia ago. And, so too, you should take heart that humans also have a far more, but undeveloped, potential within their gene structure for the expression of immense more potential in individuals in the future. It is wonderful that dogs have caring and loving masters who want the dogs to learn language – to learn words and commands – and to learn obedience and understand the relationship of master and servant. We would wish this went on to humans that they would be so obedient to the leading’s of their Thought Adjuster and the over care of their guardian angels.

Liz. Thank you.

Thanks for Daniel and Sherille.

Rick.  I would just like to say in closing, thank you. Thank you and Sherille so very, very much for the important commitment and dedication you’ve provided for the past 20 plus years.

Daniel.  Thank you so much.

The fabric of society depends on the moral person who comes from a family of love.

Machiventa.  Let us enter into the closing now. As you know and feel in your hearts the tremendous despair that surrounds your whole planet, that there is a sense of disgust in the hearts and minds of those who know better and who would make better decisions. We see also that there is a reviling against those bad decisions, those injurious decisions by people that do not care for other people, the welfare of other people, their planet, or the flora and fauna of their world. We also see and sense that there is an eager and desperate yearning for the coming about, the development of the evolution of enlightenment. And I use “enlightenment” as a verb.

That it is to become enlightened – to see the light, let it grow, and encourage it to grow. And so, we see, within this fragment of your global population, those individuals who will become the leaders, the philosophers, the lovers of humanity – those with deep empathy, compassion, and a love for humanity, with also the capability of a Melchizedek to thoughtfully assign value and boundaries to what can be done, and what should be done. There is a morality and ethic to all of planetary management. It is insistent and imperative that individuals see themselves as guardians of this planet and also evolutionists of this planet.

In order for this planet to be saved, your societies must evolve. Families must evolve to become functional, supportive, loving families, and also the organizational structure of your societies that are principally responsible for the social existence of your nations. You cannot build a sustainable nation without proper and right decisions of individuals, and individuals within organizations. The fabric of society depends on the moral person, who comes from a family of love. Thank you.

[U B – 71:3.1]
“The political or administrative form of a government is of little consequence provided it affords the essentials of civil progress — liberty, security, education, and social co-ordination. It is not what a state is but what it does that determines the course of social evolution. And after all, no state can transcend the moral values of its citizenry as exemplified in their chosen leaders. Ignorance and selfishness will insure the downfall of even the highest type of government.”

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