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NET82 – Women, Feminine, Planetary Management®

2020-01-27.  Women, Feminine, Planetary Management.


New Era Transition #82 –
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Connecting a shattered world theology—herding cats
Basic theology and the true role of religion
Importance of the feminine in religion
Democracy in trouble
Transition is difficult, but imperative
Melchizedek Universities
Worldwide oppression of women
The seven values and sustainability—love for humanity
Difficulties of passing wealth to children
Format for preparing transcripts for broadcast
A peek into the age of light and life
Connecting spiritually to others in the days of light and life and today
Brexit as a statement of separation
European Union
Force or need of change
Situation in Russia
Extinct species on a decimal planet
Education as a behavioral modifier for cultures
Training to assist those crossing over
Teams work to prevent nuclear war
Melchizedek University revisited
Know that you are loved

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Michael McCray, Ray Miller, Rick Brunson, James Travis

Invocation: Daniel

January 27, 2020



Connecting a shattered world theology—herding cats.

Machiventa:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek your planetary manager. Today we have another lesson in planetary management. As you know, a planetary manager is accountable for all the programs in the correcting time on this planet. In this regard we, myself, my team, and Christ Michael, think of everyone on this planet in large groups. We are always interested in our projects addressing these large groups down to the level of the individual. Many of you have wondered about these large programs and projects we have mentioned and discussed at length, and how they apply to you. It seems impossible for an individual to be able to encompass the magnitude, depth, and breadth of these projects, and still receive guidance that is for them. This is the great difficulty of your brief lives. You are not around long enough to appreciate the large time scales that are necessary for the completion of these projects. How would you, for instance, design a project to encompass all religions? If you took the world population at 7.3-7.5 billion people, how many people would be engaged, even peripherally, in a God-centered religion? You could estimate that would probably be approximately 5-5.5 billion people.

What programs, what projects, what ideas, concepts, or revelations would you provide to spiritually infused individuals to assist us in bringing these groups together? You often use the metaphor of “herding cats”. And this is truly the situation with religions. We have watched and we are not enthused or amused about the separation of these religions. We have begun to make forays into the theological realm (which seems to be ignored by the average believer). It is interesting that we need to have you assist us in this. It is interesting because you, as individuals who assist us, must grow and understand what we are talking about and the concepts we need to have conveyed. You see, it is on the individual level that you grow; you grow spiritually, theologically, and you develop your own personal religion with your Thought Adjuster who is with you now.

The beginning of all theologies that unite all people is the very fact that there is a God. God is eternal, God is omniscient, and omnipotent, and limits itself in its omnipotence to the fact that it will not abridge or trample upon the sovereign will decisions of individuals anywhere in the universe. This is a sacred pact between the deities and all ascending mortals. This is an important fact to consider. If you start from the basis of there is only one God—God eternal, God in all its aspects, and the creator of the universe and creator of mortals—then how do religions fit into that realm? The defining element is whether they are in agreement with the fact that God exists, God is eternal, and God created the universe and all individuals; but God does not create religions. Religions are man-made. Therefore, the separations that exist in religions, and between religions, and between the genders of those religions is man-made.

Basic theology and the true role of religion.

Now, for some religions, that would even seem heretical. It could be grounds for martyrdom, it could be grounds for excommunication, and it could be grounds for many things. Yet, in the reality of the universe there is only one God, and that God is eternal, that God is omnipotent, omnificent, and just sincerely loves you as much as anyone possibly could. We wish the same could be said for the tenets and beliefs in religions. You must see then, that something needs to be done in religions to come into agreement that there is only one God, and that God is to be loved and worshiped by individuals, and that the true role of religion is to teach individuals, people, and members of that religion how to worship God, how to work with God, and how to invite God into their lives so that they have a union, a partnership between the individual and God, so the individual begins to truly love God as the source for the individual’s great good.

When was the last time you have heard this in your churches, your synagogues, your mosques, your temples? Rarely. It is most unfortunate that religions thrive on not teaching their members how to have a personal contact with God. It is not that each individual has to become a T/R, a channel, or even a mystic to know God personally and to appreciate God’s beneficence. It is simply necessary for religions to teach their members that God loves them, that God wants a personal relationship with them, and that the church is a most wonderful conduit to assist individuals to learn those skills.

Importance of the feminine in religion.

As some of you may know, This One has written a new paper with us, that came along rather suddenly, that has to do with the denigration and abuse and neglect of women in their religions. This is most unfortunate, and it is typical of all religions. There are religions that say women cannot be a priest, cannot be a minister, cannot be this, that, or the other. Women are excluded from services and from learning how to be a servant of God in that religion. It is important to know that God has no limits for you in any role that you have, and that women are fully capable of doing anything and everything and oftentimes far more than men can. And it is the feminine beneficence that exists, that supports this idea, this concept, this wonderful inclusion of women in religions—that motherhood, the nurturing care of mothers and women in general, is such that they make wonderful church leaders, the leaders of religions anywhere in the world in any religion. It is important for religions to take on the feminine.

The feminine is an additive that adds so much more to the religion than what men, generally, can provide. It is not that God has a bias or prejudice for women, but God does not have a bias against women, and neither does God have a bias against men either. It is simply that God wishes each one of you to become a lover of God, know how to communicate with God, and know how to teach others how to have that personal, wonderful relationship.

Now, having taken care of two-thirds to three-fourths of the population of the world, we’ve also included in that religious topic that of women. Women constitute well over 60% of the world population. Women live longer than men do. They are less reckless and careless in how they conduct themselves in their physical activities. Women do suffer greatly through childbearing years and from the travesties of the biases of men and religions against them. But when you combine the populations of women and all religions, you end up with approximately 80% of the world’s population somehow being involved in religion, feminine activities, and so on.

Democracy in trouble.

The third major area you would be interested in as a planetary manager is government and politics. And, of course, as a planetary manager you would want to support and espouse forms of government and governance that are conducive to the welfare of humanity. One that engages the full realm of values for decision making that allows people and empowers people to exercise their right of self-determination, and to be equal to all others, and that they have an equal opportunity to grow into their potential as all others. The only form of governance that provides for this is some form of democracy. The unfortunate problem now, in the twenty-first century, is that emerging and developing, and mature democracies are in great trouble. They are following the same path as all other organizations have in the last 30,000 years of human social existence. It is important that there come along those courageous individuals who are willing to challenge the status quo—whether it is in politics and governance, whether it is in women’s rights, or in religions.

Transition is difficult, but imperative.

You are living really on the cusp, you are living on the brink of a new cultural era, and this era has already begun. This new era is something you will live with and live through, a joy and a curse because it will cause tremendous difficulties for everybody until that factor of realization, that consciousness that we can’t abide by the old ways of doing things, but going into the new is so difficult. So, let us move forward with the new rather than holding onto the past. If you have questions concerning this or any other item on your agenda today, you are most welcome to ask at this time.

Melchizedek Universities.

James.  I have a question from a reader that kind of fits into this topic. Remember Machiventa asked earlier what we would do if we were planetary manager of Urantia. This question fits with that.

If I were a planetary manager of Urantia, the program or schools I would bring online ASAP would be the worldwide spiritual education of all Urantians. I would do this by making available seed money to start building all over the world these Melchizedek schools or universities.

As I see it from my limited perspective, the greatest problem or issue on this planet is spiritual ignorance. All the troubles of this world are directly caused by spiritual ignorance. Religious wars and fighting over holy lands still exist to this very day. The people of this world are grossly ignorant of revelatory truths. We still believe in devils and a hell that doesn’t exist at all. Some even believe that this devil has more power than God, the Creator.

Many actually believe they will go to this fictitious hell when they die. Even worse, mostly everyone actually believes they will die as they have no understanding of the immortality of the soul—that we are souls with bodies, not bodies with souls. The truth is, we don’t die, we graduate! Our bodies will die, but our souls will graduate to the mansion worlds of heaven. This is the truth of what is so about who we are, but the fear-based religions of the world have failed to teach us this. And I fear the churches of the world are stuck in this fear-based mindset. And we can’t wait until they wake up as they are controlled by money, power, and fear.

For this reason and so many more, as the planetary manager of Urantia, I would immediately start planting these Melchizedek schools all over the world. And, these schools will not be some hole in the wall. No! They will be heavenly designed in such a way that when people enter them, they will feel as if they just stepped in heaven. Comments?

Machiventa:  We applaud such idealism and such stark realism at the same time. You have stated the obvious and qualified it with the ideals. We surely would and do agree with you that there is a need for uplifting spiritually-enthused educational processes and facilities. It is important not to forget those who are not interested in such for God loves them as well. We are interested in the larger aspects of planetary management and want to serve all who seek to be aggressively on the spiritual ascendant path toward Paradise and the embrace of the Creator. We thank you for your comments and will take them under advisement. That sounds very glib, I know, we know, but we will consider that as we have plans for that in the future—not immediately.

Worldwide oppression of women.

Craig.  I was wondering about the oppression of women here, holding them back or whatever you call it. Does it seem to you that it’s possibly least true in North America, and true to varying degrees in different parts of the world?

Machiventa: In a flat statement we would say yes, we agree with you. However, we would continue and provide the caution that there is abuse of women in the world, in the western world, and in democratic nations. We are not into the business of comparing North America to other nations as we know that there is tremendous oppression of women in North America. There is a vast discontent among young women who have been abused sexually, verbally, and socially by males in their societies. Democracy is no panacea for those types of abuses. Those are severe cases and it is too often that they are frequent rather than rare. The abuse of women takes many forms. It can be locking them out of professions, it can be locking them out of professional clerical church offices, duties and roles, it can be locking them out of the political roles that they have a perfectly good right to participate in directly as individuals. The address is towards the religious, spiritual, and theological advantage of women, and that they offer something that cannot be achieved by men and that the best achievements are the combined efforts by men and women as they work in spiritual and religious environments and promote those two genders together into their congregations and among other believers.

Craig.  Thank you.

The seven values and sustainability—love for humanity.

Jeff.  Machiventa, I have two questions that are very, very granular and not apropos of your lesson this morning, but I would like to ask them anyway if I might. In a validation exercise of viewing a law, or a rule, or a procedure, if any one of the seven values is not met does that mean the rule or the law is therefore not sustainable?

Machiventa: That’s correct. That means that it is not validated to contribute to sustainability.

Jeff.  Thank you. As a follow up question to that I am struggling with the following: In the validation process I can understand compassion and empathy, especially for those people who would or do feel that they have been treated unfairly. Can you comment on how general love for humanity plays a role for families and small civic organizations? How does love of humanity get expressed in the validation process?

Machiventa: I pause to consult with my team. The validation or test for validation of the love for humanity in a validation circumstance by a design team would include the evidence (we are talking about hard evidence) that there is no bias against any group, but that there is a generalized acceptance of any group that is positive and wants to contribute to the welfare of humanity. The test for the love for humanity is that there is some effort somewhere in an organization that reaches out to assist others. And first there must be an awareness of a need to reach out and assist others. If a group is not reaching out to assist others, then it is truly not being of service. And is not service for others truly an expression of the love for humanity? It is. Therefore, the tests for validating the love for humanity are really quite simple and not very ingenious as you simply rely on the evidence at hand.

Craig.  Thank you for your answer. That is very helpful.

Difficulties of passing wealth to children.

Liz. Good morning Machiventa. My husband and I are getting our affairs in order and I have mixed feelings about how to divide up our assets, our estate such as it is among our three children. Our relationships with them range from close, to cordial, to virtually estranged. Should this be a consideration when we’re dividing up our assets? Do you have words of wisdom for me and for others on this topic?

Machiventa:  One moment. Your question is at once very personal, yet it applies to everyone who has children and where there are circumstances that are difficult. It is a matter of question whether you go by a truly equitable dispersion and distribution—giving everyone the same amount of worth—or is it a matter of past history of how they have used the assets that were given to them by life, circumstances, and by their parents and by others. It is also conditioned by the thought of the individual’s capability to reform themselves and transform themselves into a contributing member of society. In many ways this is a type of tribalism that is very ancient among all populations and all cultures of the world.

On the other hand, if you step outside of the cultural heritage, then you would want to see whether your assets would be used in a positive way or just to buy another bag of dope, as some people do, and no inferences concerning your children. Where would the money go? Where would the assets go? Where would it be most useful to assist the world, the children themselves, and those who they serve including their own children? This is a question of great difficulty. It is one that you personally have to decide. We do not have a recommendation as we are not of your culture. We have concerns about how assets are used and squandered. You must have the same concerns.

Format for preparing transcripts for broadcast.

Liz. Thank you for that. I have a couple of more questions. One is, as I’m readying these transcripts for public broadcast, I’m coming across many esoteric words like Avonal, Thought Adjuster, Nebadon, etc. It’s my inclination to leave them as they are, and, perhaps, put definitions at the end. Or should I just advise people to just go to the Urantia Book for their definitions? Do you have an opinion on how I should handle that?

Machiventa:  Yes. We suggest you have the references at the end of your transmission that gives the location where these definitions can be found rather than to occupy peoples time with the definitions in airtime. The object we understand of your podcast is to broaden the awareness of the spiritual realm on the earth without boring people to death. That may seem rather blunt, but on the other hand, to listen to people concerning commercials on TV, on the radio, and through other means is quite alarming. We would not want you to put yourself in the same company.

Liz. Thank you for that admonition. You are never boring. It gives me great pause to edit these transcripts so that they are appropriate for listening, but I think that I’m having some celestial help as I do it and I appreciate that.

A peek into the age of light and life.

And I have a question that is a little bit of a curiosity question. And that is that we know very little about the days of light and life. We know that there will be enough, that people will be kind to one another, that nobody will eat animals, but we really don’t know any details about what life will be like for mortals once we achieve that status. I’m wondering if you could give us just a little peek into that lifestyle.

Machiventa:  Most certainly. I begin with a proviso. And the proviso is this: The days of light and life are different on different planets, but generally they are the same. And that has to do with the cultural differences, the genetics of a population, and of the heritage that preceded the days of light and life. And remember, in this proviso, that Urantia—this world, earth—is not typical. It is absolutely not typical of any other planet in Nebadon. And that is because, first of all, it is the planet on which Christ Michael manifested himself as a material mortal of the realm. What I will do in this description is provide you with a generalized description that could be taken from many, many worlds. And this is not necessarily to be applied to this world.

In the days of light and life, we are then assuming, that this world is now settled in the days of light and life, and that social, political, and economic transitions have passed. There is no competition, individuals are born and raised in families that the norm, the average, not even the average, not even the median, of the population is raised in a home that anticipates the spiritual evolution of each member of the family. This is simply an accepted path that has been used in other cultures, and even on this planet when the assumption is that the children will follow this given path of their parents or grandparents. There will still be individuals who say: “No, I don’t want to do that. I’m going to make my own decisions. I’m going to exercise my right of [self] determination, and I will figure out what I want to do, and I’m just going to become the grasshopper all my life and wait until the winter comes” to use an old Aesop fable.

Yes, there is total freedom. Yes, there is total awareness that this is a very short-sighted perspective of living on a world that is settled in the days of light and life. It is myopic and selfish simply because everyone else knows that there is a temple on the world of the Father, and that there is a (Daniel: fusion hall) place where people go to fuse with their Thought Adjuster. And this is much like a large stadium and individuals gather to watch one of their loved ones go down on the platform, be surrounded by midwayers, and in a brilliant flash of light that individual has become fused with their Thought Adjuster and is no longer on that stage. In the days of light and life you would have occasions for your own personal meditations to go to the Fathers house, to the Fathers Temple, or to other temples of great significance around the planet.

As far as the mundane aspects of making a living and providing for individuals in your family, this is fairly nonexistent as there is a generalized love for all humanity that extends personally to every individual of the population. There is no selfishness, but generosity and caring. There is an open house for everyone at almost every house. People are welcome to come and visit and reminisce about who was there and who has made their transition and so on. Life in a world that is settled in the days of light and life would be mysterious to you. It would be mystical and unknown. It would be alien to you now, in these days. It would be a situation in which you would feel great angst and uncomfortable-ness, and that you’d feel you did not belong as you have not made the progress to be where these individuals are.

Would it be possible for you to visit such a planet? It is. You would have to do that with the guidance of your celestial teacher and your guardian angel who would go with you. This is astral projection of the possibility of visiting other worlds. This One has done so in the past and has not done so since as it is something that doesn’t necessarily contribute to his life. It is interesting. It is much like visiting a foreign country and to see people come and go and see the body types and the children and how they play and how people “work.” You may want to do this. You are welcome to under the guidance of those two individuals who are with you now.

Now, the missing factor in your curiosity question is what about the worlds in transition? What about the worlds that have not even begun this transition? What about Urantia? What about earth? Where is it in this mix? And it is in the fray of beginning to become awakened. And when we say awakened, we truly mean that. That there will become on the faces of individuals when they wake up and say, in the phrase of the girl with the ruby slippers, “This isn’t Kansas anymore, Toto.” And they will surely have that upon their lips, and it will not come upon them easily or quickly, but an awareness that grows on them that the old way of doing business just doesn’t work, and that it’s time to change. And those that resist change will be swallowed up in the circumstances of those who resist moving toward the light, moving toward the good, moving toward equal treatment of everyone, and they will have great difficulties as they will be in dissonance, unbelief that their world has changed. You are in for quite a ride my friends as we have begun the very earliest era of changing the circumstances of your world to one that can progress. Thank you for your question.

Connecting spiritually to others in the days of light and life and today.

Liz. Well, thank you for your very interesting answer Machiventa. I understand that there is a continuum between where we are today, which is very sad, and that beautiful image that you laid out for us as to what can and surely someday will be. I assume then, that in the future, when we are settled in the days of light and life, that we will all be spiritually connected or that the mortals will be connected spiritually, and I’m wondering if there is a continuum from where we are today to that state and what we can do to connect with one another spiritually now in the furtherance of that process.

Machiventa: I will answer your non-question this way. Many of you have already begun that awareness. Many of you already feel the auric field of other people as you meet and engage with them. You mostly know this from those individuals who you do not want to have contact with—those individuals you want to avoid. Oftentimes this is not a physical evidence as there are men and women in business suits who are finely dressed and drive wonderful cars who still have evidence of being primitive, and selfish, and self-inclined to their own benefit. Those of you who have this already have the beginnings of the early morontial stages of self-awareness and awareness of others in your aura. And this is how you come to know others.

We have seen this often and some of you have experienced it where you have walked into a lobby of people, and that as you mill around, you come close to someone and you sense their aura even if their back or side is turned towards you and you touch them on the shoulder and you say: “Hello, it’s good to see you.” And so, the conversation begins. This is not an unusual happenstance in the future as you progress in your own spiritual awareness and growth. And when we say spiritual, we mean to take that in the meaning that you become more morontial. That your morontial senses are able to receive, and to project as you move among your friends. This is something that will become automatic to you as you live in the early stages of light and life. Some of you have begun this already, and to you, we appreciate your presence here among others very much.

Liz.  thank you Machiventa. That was very sweet.

Brexit as a statement of separation.

Jeff.  I have a question that goes back to our last session. In the last session Machiventa, you mentioned that you had made earlier comments on the word Brexit. I went back and looked at it was in NET #7 Nov 16, 2017 ( I was not on the call in those days. I have two questions. The first is, why is Brexit going in the opposite direction as you said, and the other question is, is there any update on that issue that you can offer after three years?

Machiventa: First of all, I would like you to rephrase your “why” question into a “what” question.

Jeff.  Ok, what is Brexit doing that is going in the opposite direction from the way that you are, as a planetary manager, hoping that nations will travel?

Machiventa:  Brexit is a statement of separation. In an age where union and oneness are the main concerns for us, there is a nation that is going into separation. This can only lead to great difficulties for that nation in the long term. In the short term it may feel good for those who love their country very much, but for others it will cause great difficulty on a personal level. We always support efforts for coming together. The United Nations, for instance, is very ineffectual, yet it is a situation that provides safe interactions between nations, and we support that. The one thing that is of concern is nationalism to the extent of enforcing that nationalism upon others. That would be most unfortunate. Now, your second question.

Jeff.  I think they were related, and I think you answered both. The obvious update from your comments on November 16, 2017 is that nationalism is not headed toward the time of light and life and that nationalism is increasing, am I reading that correctly?

Machiventa:  I made no comment about nationalism increasing.

Jeff.  OK.

European Union.

Craig.  I would comment that the Eurozone is a great concept, but personally, I think that it was implemented very badly. It’s become a giant bureaucracy that has no effective democratic oversight over it, and I sort of understand why the British people might choose to simply leave it. I think it needs to be almost completely restructured. Can you comment on that please?

Machiventa:  I will comment to the degree that we accept your analysis.

Force or need of change.

Craig.   OK, thank you. I guess the next question is “How can they restructure it?”

Machiventa:  This is a topic we love to engage with you. It is called a force or need of change, and that your nations, your people do not change unless there is some extravagant, deadly force that pushes them toward the brink of being non-existent, and so to maintain their relevancy they must adapt to the circumstances and become more effective. Your statement alludes to the time when populations are so well educated and informed that they realize that their governments, which they held as hallowed and sacred by a large percentage of the population, is no longer working. The conclusion is, as you were saying, “Certainly we can do better than this.” And there comes a time when necessity requires that very fact to come into being. You are seeing those forces now coming to bear on many nations.

Situation in Russia.

I will speak aside on the condition and situation of Russia. Russia is currently dependent on one individual, and you should ask yourselves what will happen to Russia when this individual no longer is here? Russians, as well, should be asking that same question: “What will happen to us, individually and our families, when this individual is no longer here?” It’s an important question as it will affect the outcome of over 200 million people and all the other people in Europe and eastern Europe with the same question. It is one that could be the cause of great disunity and further war in your world, though we are striving to work against that in these moments—even now as we speak.

Craig.  Thank you. I have asked myself that same question.

Extinct species on a decimal planet.

James. I have more questions from readers.

1) Even though our world is being poisoned and many species have died out, my understanding is that, this being a decimal planet, those patterns, that is those species, can be used or recreated on other worlds. For example, the fandors. Is that correct?

Machiventa:  Excluding your example of the fandors the answer is yes. The Life Carriers are not ones to waste effective species—ones that can be useful on other worlds. They are simply genetically redesigned in some specific ways to be more capable on the planet to which they are embedded.

Education as a behavioral modifier for cultures.


2) For our world, what is the most effective approach to implement the mass education/indoctrination of families on making socially sustainable decisions? If only there were very successful movie producers, music artists, and celebrities on “The Team,” yes?

Machiventa:  Your question begs an item of discussion that we and my team and others from Edentia have been discussing for quite some time. Your question begs the necessity of more mature individuals to appreciate education as a behavioral modifier for cultures. Education is a primary facet of the social progress of cultures, and the cultures that have large populations. Education is needed around the world. It is in major deficit in almost every nation. Though there are higher reading levels, there are many well-educated, ignorant people who have no care for others. It is important that education become a facet of social evolution. These words should be on the lips of everyone who is a major player in politics and in education and elsewhere.

The problem that you address comes specifically from the fact that educators in most nations are themselves very ignorant of the intentions for education. It’s important, if you follow the illustration for the priorities of decision making, that first the species be protected. And second, that the social fabric of a nation, a society, and a culture be also made to become sustainable. The social fabric includes all organizations. Organizations provide the bedrock, the foundation, upon which societies and cultures can develop and evolve. But, if those organizations—which can be profit-making corporations, government corporations, and organizations, foundations, etc.—educational organizations and other organizations do not have the priorities or their intentions in the order of necessary priorities to sustain your societies, then your societies will not be sustained.

As we have discussed before, societies and communities do not exist. There is no zip code for any community or society, there is no GPS for them, they are the amalgam of a group of people who say that we have similarity. And that in order to maintain those similarities, organizations within those societies and cultures must attend to supporting those societies, cultures, and communities. This is done by supporting the family, and education of the family becomes the generator of new generations of leaders. This has been well discussed in several manuscripts of This One that we have had a direct involvement in producing. The education that you speak of must become one that is intentional—with intentioned outcomes and deliberate procedures of education to deliver those outcomes.

Training to assist those crossing over.


3) In NET #81 you seemed to hint at a need for educated/trained individuals to assist mortals in crossing-over as they approach death. What educational/training resources do you recommend?

Machiventa:  Consider many of the esoteric writings that have been produced over the centuries. The training would be very similar to hospice and their procedures but would be enhanced with the deliberate inclusion of the transition of the individual as they approach their death. A friendly death situation is always helpful for those individuals who are crossing over. It is not helpful when a person approaches death and is anxious and feels guilt, remorse, and unresolved emotions concerning their passing and those that they leave behind. It is important that those individuals be assisted in resolving those guilts, those difficult unfulfilled resolutions, and so on. This is also possible and is being done now through psychotherapy of those who are living and those who know they will soon pass. The angst of passing as a mortal is widespread among many people. A few appreciate it with joy, a few appreciate it as a process of becoming more and of approaching the divine upon their arrival. It is important that people realize that there is more than this, and that answers the question many people ask: “Is this all there is?”

Teams work to prevent nuclear war.


4) Does the celestial team have a mandate to prevent nuclear war on Urantia, or a plan to prevent/minimize nuclear accidents arising from geologic cataclysms?

Machiventa:  I will divide your question into two parts and ignore the last part. Yes, there is a deliberate intention on our part to prevent the decision making that would initiate a nuclear exchange—whether it is one way, two ways, or multiple ways. It is important that people be given options to do otherwise. But once a decision is made and once the button is pushed, then we exit that plan and our work would be of no use at that time. However, you can be well assured that we have our own standard operating procedures under such conditions that would come into effect. I will say nothing further about that, nor will I allude to anything further concerning that.

James. That is all the reader questions I have for today.

Melchizedek University revisited.

Rick.  I have a statement regarding the first question. The first question was about creating beautiful Melchizedek Universities throughout the world, and might that be a helpful step toward enlightening people and humanity? As I heard that suggestion of what this person would do as planetary manager, I thought one very, very wealthy person could implement that. And of course, it would have to be in nations that are open to religious ideologies—that aren’t closed—so that would limit the 234 countries currently on planet earth. It would probably be no more than maybe thirty of them or so. But it seems like that could be implemented and I was also heartened to hear Machiventa’s response that he and his team will consider that option. That is a statement, not a question.

Machiventa: I will reply with a statement. There are already plans that are attendant to planets that are approaching, or in the process of the stages of transitions to become a planet fully settled in the days of light and life to have these very Melchizedek schools exist on planets. It is something that is a given. That it is not assumed, but it is planned for every planet, whether it is a decimal planet or a settled planet. You should be assured that we will make this happen. Concerning the establishment of Melchizedek schools by wealthy persons currently, this is almost impossible to take place now. It would truncate the social evolution of many individuals who need the experience of knowing how to administer such a facility.

We find no individual mature enough at this time to do that. They may be moral, they may be ethical, they may be highly evolved spiritually, but still lacking in the prerequisite skills of a Melchizedek. It requires a Melchizedek to administer such a school. Mortals will have difficulty accepting this, we would imagine, but nonetheless it is a matter of maturity and there are none now of such maturity able to do this, even those who have good intentions, who have been trained in management, and who are fully capable of managing an educational facility. Melchizedek schools are of a far different order.

They are half-morontial and half-material. If such a Melchizedek School actually existed now and was administered by a Melchizedek, even now on Urantia, anyone entering such a building who had evolved in their morontial being could engage such a facility of understanding and see, literally, how to go from one room to another. To those who see only with mortal eyes, however, it would look like this was a vacant building.

Rick. I want to thank you for that excellent answer. And it does make sense that a Melchizedek, or Melchizedeks, would have to be involved with the running of a Melchizedek University.

Daniel.  Any further questions or statements?

Know that you are loved.

Machiventa:  This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Your questions are certainly interesting today, and some allude to great thinking and great thought and ponderance of reflection. This is greatly appreciated. You have allowed us to discuss topics which heretofore have not been discussed, but which have had a need to be discussed. We know that you live in difficult times, uncertain times, and certainly they are uncertain. But we are of a certain capability to know that you and we will be here to address those difficulties—that lack of understanding.

We have made it possible for many transcripts from many T/R’s to be available to a new global audience now and in the future. The population will be asking far more questions that will involve the topics we have discussed, and those questions will be forthcoming before too long. Be assured that we want to make people curious, to know what we are about, what we are doing here, why we are here, and how we plan to help you co-creatively heal your planet.

Know that you are loved. We are always here, we are not leaving, we will not abandon you, we care for you in all regards. You have with you your Thought Adjuster, the presence of God who always abides with you as a source of great wisdom and understanding of the difficulties in the plight of living on such a difficult world. We know this is difficult, and we know that co-creatively healing your world will be tedious, it will be difficult, it will not be much fun for many people; but on the other hand you will be seeing social, evolutionary, and spiritual progress being made decade after decade as we move forward. We thank you for your patience under our period of construction. Thank you.

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