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NET83 – Climate, Virus, Zero-Point Energy, Studies®

2020-02-10  Climate, Virus, Zero-Point Energy, Studies.


New Era Transition #83 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Climate change and a virus—harbingers of the future
You are past the tipping point
Social sustainability and best practices for parenting and child rearing
Intentions of public education and the seven core values
Necessity for coordination between nations—toward a global economy and community
Relationship between genders and the theology of gender
Melchizedek complicity in snow removal efforts
Acting to minimize cataclysms now that tipping point has passed
Removal of inhibitors on zero-point energy (ZPE) development
Implementation of ZPE requires removal of ego factor
Centralized ZPE power generation and electric cars
Sequestration of carbon and other chemicals
Morontial life—will we study in classrooms?
Learning Centers for sustainable families
Important areas of study to promote global progress
Universality of seven core values
T/R process disrupted—a teaching moment
Meditation process and progress—judge not!
NET participation a two-way street
Thought Adjuster participation during NET sessions and readings

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, Michael McCray, James Travis (JT), Raymon Miller, James Leese

Invocation: Jeff

February 10, 2020



Climate change and a virus—harbingers of the future.

Machiventa.  Good morning, this is Machiventa. You, perhaps, have noticed the increase in the weather cataclysms that are occurring around the world. You have also become aware of a potential pandemic of the coronavirus. This One read this morning where in one day 96 people had died of the coronavirus. As yet, we do not believe this is the source of the eventual pandemic cataclysm, but this is a forerunner. You have also read in the last two weeks where there is great evidence of the warming of the oceans underneath the tongues of ice in Iceland, Greenland, and Antarctica. There is warm water flowing underneath the Greenland icecap, and there is warm water flowing underneath some of the glaciers in Antarctica. The ocean currents have increased in speed, and this will have an added effect as well.

As you may recall from over ten years ago, Monjoronson indicated that there would be a great and rapid melting of icecaps and glaciers far beyond the expectations, calculations, and estimations of scientists, and this is proving to be true. You are also seeing the difficulty of air travel due to these storms, and you are also seeing the uncertainness of the financial markets globally due to the coronavirus, closing of airports, and closures of large manufacturing facilities. These are all indications of nascent vectors coming to an eventual nexus which will then create the full cataclysms in the cascade of events. These are not scare tactics that we are giving you. You have already heard this before. You are all now seeing evidence of this occurring. It is an eventuality.

You are past the tipping point.

On another note, you are beginning to realize that there are scientists out there—climatologists, meteorologists, glaciologists, oceanographers, and many others—who are coming to the conclusion that the tipping point for earth’s recovery from these cataclysms is past. You are not at the tipping point of no return; you are well past the tipping point by at least 5 years. As you know, the tipping point means there is no going back. In fact, the momentum of humanity’s effect on all the systems of Urantia as a planet began long ago. It began in full swing, approximately, after the Civil War, and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, with the exploration and harvesting of the petroleum products in the earth. The point at which your world should have, could have, reasonably could have, had an effect on the tipping point—moving it into the future by at least 50 years—was from 1850-1900 with full enforcement after 1900 to 1950. As you can see, there is such a forward inertia of the detrimental effects upon the earth systems that there is no turning back.

Social sustainability and best practices for parenting and child rearing.

We have said this before, and we say it again, that we are in the business with you co-creatively planning for the transformation of your world to become materially and socially sustainable. We have spoken to you before about social sustainability ad nauseum—at least some of you can appreciate that—to the extent, and to the length that you are almost tired of hearing the phrase. The connection is to the Learning Centers for Sustainable Families and underlying that are the socially sustainable parenting and child-rearing practices. We have further spoken to you about best practices of parenting and child rearing. So, when you look at the transformation of a civilization that is at the brink of its own destruction, and you go back from that deductively, you will end up at decision making, at child rearing, parenting, and then, the best practices of both.

In a recent book by Gabor Maté, which is noted by some of you, he has said as much, and it was published in January of this year (2020). In it he said that the destruction of societies has long begun and is principally due to the evident fact that parents do not know the best practices of parenting and child rearing. There—it is published. It is on the table. It is there for you to look at. It is essential, then, for any efforts that you may make as co-creative partners with us, that we begin to harvest the wisdom of best practices from indigenous cultures. And that may be in Russia, it may be in China, it may be in Argentina, it may be in Australia, it may be in Thailand, it may be anywhere else. It may be in Bolivia. It may be in Columbia.

It is our prediction and our foreknowledge that, when you begin and have conducted this for over six months or a year, you will find that there are commonalities around the world’s cultures for best practices of parenting and child rearing. And further, that these best practices begin before conception occurs and particularly during the period of pregnancy and the first six to nine months of the child’s first year of life. You are then setting the stage as parents to begin consciously teaching these best practices to yourselves, and practicing those best practices with your day old, your infant, your child, and youngsters as they grow up. The wonderful, beneficial process is that the child learns these best practices, and as the parents teach children the best practices, they also learn the same things themselves. This is a self-reinforcing process where parents will have a positive influence on themselves from receiving this education about the best practices that we have planned for in the Learning Centers.

These Centers have been designed in such a way that they will become a part of every community and we define every community as every school district. So that there is a Learning Center in every school district and their principle intention is to teach social and emotional education at the family level by teaching best practices from the era of preconception through at least the eighteenth year of a child’s life—until they leave home. Any of you who know much about American public education will realize that any private or corporate agency that sets itself up to teach social education and emotional education in every school district will almost immediately set itself up for a fight with the local school district philosophically and pragmatically at every level. We anticipate this to occur, and it would be a wonderful way to bring the topic into the public forum of how inadequate public education in this nation has been for the last 100 years.

Intentions of public education and the seven core values.

What is the intention of public education? What is the intention of education as a social institution? The primary intention of any education setting is, first of all, to sustain the species. That means teaching everyone how to sustain the species. You can imagine the content of such an education. It will include morality and ethics, social conduct in organizations, personal and social conduct, family conduct, and so on. The second primary intention of education is to teach individuals and groups how to sustain the organized social existence of communities and societies.

The first intention will support the continued existence of your species by using the four primary values of social and species sustainability. The principal reason for the existence of the three secondary value-emotions is to sustain the social interaction of individuals, from the intrapersonal relationship within individuals to the interpersonal relationships between individuals, in groups, in organizations, and between groups and organizations. The moral and ethical responsibility of organizations is to sustain the organized social structures of societies, nations, communities, and so on. Organizations have that responsibility because individuals are unable to do so.

Moral individuals within organizations can have a highly positive influence upon the sustainability of organizations and the policies that organizations develop—whether they are governmental, corporate, private, public, or so on. It is important to see this whole matrix of sustainability involving the organizational sustainability of your communities and nations. If that is not in place, then your nations will disintegrate. You can have highly moral and ethical individuals living in communities, coming from families, but if they are not of influence in the organizations for which they work, they direct, or they have volunteered, then your societies will eventually disintegrate. It is as simple as that.

It is our hope that, by teaching individual families through these Learning Centers for sustainable families, that individuals will take on the mantle of moral and ethical responsibility to make informed decisions and policies within their organizations. This completes the whole cycle within one generation, and particularly within two generations, in which your societies can be transformed from impossibly sustainable, and, in fact, on the cusp of disintegrating, to becoming materially and socially sustainable and responsible partners in earth’s community.

Necessity for coordination between nations—toward a global economy and community.

We have several times in the past put this whole genre of materials into a sphere of circles of interconnected pieces that become dependent upon each other beginning within the family. This will eventually lead to coordinated and complemental relationships between nations around the world. It will eventually entail their coming to a realization that in order for their populations to subsist—to sustain themselves at the species level and the society level—that they must coordinate themselves very well with other nations. You now realize that you are on the very beginning parts of a sustainable global economy, yet there is so much dissonance within that community that this will not be possible until the collapse of your global economy makes it necessary to transform it into a confident, capable, responsible, and sustainable global community with similar actions by individual companies and nations.

This is a process of eliminating war. This is a process of generating peace. This is a process of engendering social stability from the family, to the local community, to regions, states, cities, and nations. This is our goal. This is our vision that Christ Michael has had for Urantia for over two thousand years. He realized at the end of his reign as a mortal and his total assumption of the seventh state of his sonship of God as a Creator Son, that this planet would need something far more than his death on the cross. It requires the rebirth of individuals in a new social and value structure. It requires the rebirth of nations, whole cultures, and societies with a new set of values—with total commitment to compliance for their own saving grace and for their benefit.

If you have questions concerning this, you are welcome to ask them. You are also welcome to ask questions which heretofore have not been answered. Thank you.

Relationship between genders and the theology of gender.

Raymon. Last session we acknowledged the domination of females for centuries, you know, by the males, and discussed Daniel’s recent paper on feminism. So, recently, I’ve encountered females that exhibit misandry and militant feminism. My question is what would be the best approach with these types of individuals to keep the pendulum from going too far in the other direction—to be more equal and get rid of this sense of hatred and inequality?

Machiventa.  At the most basic level people must understand the theology of the Creator. The origins of the Creator and the creation is that are the basic foundations of feminism and masculinism are understood—that these genders were created by the Creator, that they complement each other, and they provide the experience of living for God to know from that experience what it is like to become perfect. And, all the while, that God the Supreme increases in the same, like manner. It is essential that religions begin to espouse the equality of the genders by offering equal opportunity to the positions of authority within their organizations. It is essential that those social authorities, the social institutions in those social organizations, take on that mantle of teaching and training their following the truth about the creation of the genders, and that one’s dominance over the other creates an injury to the process of God gaining experience from those individuals in equal, gentle, and loving work with each other.

The love between the genders must begin with empathy and compassion, and then to generate a love for all humanity—that this equality that is spoken of is gender wide. It is humanity wide. It is something that comes from the very heart of each individual that adds weight to their soul. You’re talking about the regarding and respecting equally as a part of racial and civilizational growth and maturity and evolution. Your civilizations and democracies cannot evolve and mature until individuals really, truly accept equality as a foundation, beside that of life, to support the social existence of communities and societies.

Most people, most societies, accept that life is the preeminent value of the species and of their culture and of their society. Equality is also necessary as it is the generator of the secondary values. If there is not equality, then there is no evidence of empathy, compassion, and love for all humanity. You see how these are connected? And so, your question really precedes an age when there will be equality among genders, among societies, among ethnic groups, cultural groups, nationalities, and racial groups. You could apply the same question to all of those genres of relationships at the present time. And it is indicative that you are sensitive to the fact that there is gross inequality throughout the world.

Melchizedek complicity in snow removal efforts.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, how are you today?

Machiventa.  I’m very well, thank you. I am recovering from This One having shoveled a lot of snow, so I am complicit with his recovery. Thank you for your question and your concern.

Acting to minimize cataclysms now that tipping point has passed.

Stéphane. I was listening to your introductory statement and wanted to focus on one part of it and that is, you mentioned that the tipping point for recovery is past by at least five years. It began at some point in the past, we could have done something about it, but we’re way past that now. And, of course, the teachings of this forum are to instruct us on how to reconstruct once the cataclysms have occurred, etc.; however, I wouldn’t want to think that we have given up on making adjustments to our ways of living so that the impact of the cataclysms is lessened. So, what is it we can do to minimize the impact of the cataclysms now? Are there some key focus areas that we can focus on to minimize it even though we are past the tipping point?

Machiventa.  Yes, there certainly is. I will begin appositely by stating that inventiveness now by the scientists and others who work in the energy fields is highly important to empower the recovery as much as possible, and that these new inventions and discoveries will help your nations and civilization live more comfortably and more easily, and will lessen the full duration of the cataclysm’s effect. Secondly, coming closer to this time now, it is the conscientious use of materials. It is the conscientious dedication to recycling, reusing, transforming, and reinventing the products. As you are well aware, the recycling era is past in many parts of this nation and other nations as the recipients of that trash—those recycled products—have refused to take on any further debris—particularly from the United States.

This is a harkening, as it is a warning, that the recycling effort now must transform itself into harvesting those materials and transforming them into useful products. This in turn may cause the use of energies that will cause further damage to the environment, but this transition from a detrimental industrial process of creating detrimental, harmful, hazardous waste will last for several decades. It is our goal, our wish, our emphasis, and our work, working with scientists that this transition period would be shortened immensely. Without the effective generation of new inventions and transformation of existing recyclable materials, this transition period would last from thirty years to seventy-five or eighty years. For the health of the world and its recovery from the travesties of industries of the past, it is important that we assist you to now begin to transform those byproducts into useful products.

When you think in terms of a refinery, which is transforming millions of barrels of petroleum (crude oil) into refined products, you realize there are many byproducts that are discharged into the atmosphere. These too must be harvested and sequestered if possible. The products themselves do generate emissions which are harmful to the environment, people, plants, and animals. These products must also be transformed. You will eventually see in the next 10-15 years the invention of mobile processes which are able to use the byproducts in ways which are unknown in the present. You know, and we know, that petrochemicals are primarily responsible for the greatest amount of distress to your planet environmentally. And this will be changed and transformed in the future.

Removal of inhibitors on zero-point energy (ZPE) development.

One moment. I am authorized to share with you that your scientists will now be given the connecting dots to assist them with the generation of zero-point energy. It is appropriate now to begin those connections so that during the transformation of your world the recovery can be shortened immensely. As I have said, and we have collectively said, that the tipping point is long past for recovering from this era. There is no going back in the next 10 or 15 years to the point where it was in 1935 or 1950. There is no point to which you could go back in such a brief period of time. Therefore, the strategies and the agenda for the future as we work with your scientists is to generate processes which can help your societies recover in the future by employing technologies that are known but are unworkable at this time.

These dots which we have used as a metaphor before will soon be connected. It will be one of those ah-ha moments where there is tremendous jubilation. As you know, it is one thing to discover an operational zero-point energy process that, by the use of hydroelectric generation, can be used to generate zero-point energy. There you have zero emissions from your hydroelectric generation to zero-point energy. This would complete the circle of non-polluting energy. This is our goal for future industry, household use, and all commercial use at all levels.

Implementation of ZPE requires removal of the ego factor.

This will require tremendous cooperation among industries, nations, and people. The ego factor must be removed. The ego factor must be seen as highly detrimental and poisonous to the recovery of your industries, societies, family structures, and so on, so that you will see these products become useful. You in fact will see totally new industries that will come into existence. You will see the existence of independent appliances and equipment that will run solely on zero-point energy. At the most they would be using a small hydrocarbon-based energy system to augment the zero-point energy in, let’s say, an earth mover.

It is important that these thoughts begin before zero-point energy becomes known and becomes readily available. The application must jump immediately after the discovery of zero-point energy to the manufacturing and generation of instruments, appliances, equipment, and generation equipment that can broadcast zero-point energy. This is not impossible to do. It, in fact, is highly possible to do and is used on millions of planets in Nebadon and elsewhere. You will be having the beginning of forced cooperation around the world because those who do not work with that energy system will be deprived of it. It is not a matter of dominance, submission, control, authority, and power.

Those must be relegated to antiquity. Those facets of ego embellishment must be gotten rid of in your new industries. If they continue to exist, then you will see what is happening in Russia and elsewhere—where the dominance of one personality, and so on, is leading to the destruction of that society itself. It is important that the generation of great egos be diminished. That it cease. And that it begins to cease in the family structure in childhood socialization through good parenting practices and good childrearing practices.

So, you see, the whole tie-in of all these systems—social education, emotional education, civilizational education, and species education is a complete cycle. It is all related. It very much looks like what you have seen in the illustrations of atomic nuclei with outlying orbits of electrons, but in this case, there are only about twenty-one primary social institutions that must work together in the future to create the nucleus of a functional, sustainable society. Thank you for your question.

Centralized ZPE power generation and electric cars.

Stéphane. Thank you Machiventa. I have just a quick follow-up. On this transition to zero-point energy, which may take years or decades, we see countries like Norway, where 50% of new cars are now electric cars, so we shift the carbon emission from the tailpipe to the smokestack at the power generation plant. Do you see this as a necessary part of this transition?

Machiventa.  Yes, we do. We have anticipated that, and we accept that, and support that as a development simply because the generation of electricity through the use of hydrocarbon technologies can isolate the generation in one area and then capture those byproducts in a way that is useful. This too is some time off. If you just substitute smokestack emissions for tailpipe emissions, then you are really talking about the same thing. However, the solutions for attacking the problem can be focused and concentrated on the hydrocarbon electrical generation site. You understand this of course.

Sequestration of carbon and other chemicals.

Stéphane. Yes, of course. Thank you. It’s easier to capture with the economy of scale at a large facility than on a per car basis. And regarding the sequestration part you talked about, I know that we are mainly focusing on carbon sequestration at the moment, but I think your comment on sequestration was more toward the capture of other chemicals that are released in the atmosphere, is that correct?

Machiventa.  That’s correct. As you know from your most recent advances in carbon capture technologies that carbon can be used to make sugar, for example. And that many products that you use now are carbon based. And so, it is a matter of how you separate the oxygen from the carbon and use the carbon directly in the manufacture of new products, or old products in abundance.

Stéphane. Thank you very much.

Morontial life—will we study in classrooms?.

Liz. Good morning Machiventa. You indulged my curiosity question last time about what it would be like to live in the days of light and life, and I’m hoping you will indulge me again and answer my curiosity question again today. Just as we knew little about living in the days of light and life, we also know very little about our first experiences on the mansion world. It’s very difficult for me to even conceptualize. So, I have a few questions. Once we go through what I imagine will be an extensive orientation session, where will we live? Do we live in dormitories? Will we eat in cafeterias? Will we study in classrooms? If my husband and I desire to be together to raise a family with children from their probationary nursery, when and how does that take place?

Machiventa.  Well, dear one, I know your questions are earnest, and they have relevance to you now. However, I will truncate my answers to this: there are enough problems on this world to think about, and your own personal life to think about, rather than occupying your time thinking about what your first days on the mansion worlds will be like. Your last question about the classroom situation is very interesting to us as, yes, you will be in a classroom situation. It is our desire in talking about this classroom topic to you now, that those who read these transcripts, and others who would read them later, would anticipate that the classroom of life never ends.

That the anticipation of being in classrooms to learn how to become more complete is part of your preparation during your mortal stay here. That learning to be cooperative and eager to learn is part and parcel of being a morontial being. It is how you, now in this lifetime, expand your mortal experience to enter into and learn the very earliest stages of morontial existence while being a mortal. Your other three questions are not discarded or dismissed; however, we feel it would be in the best interest not to answer them at this time.

Liz.  Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Learning Centers for Sustainable Families.

Stéphane. Again, going back to your introductory statement, and about how there will develop Learning Centers for Sustainable Families, I’m assuming none of the currently existing human associations or institutions can tackle this. This will have to come as a separate institution and be integrated into current institutions. Can you comment please?

Machiventa.  Gladly and thank you for your question. The Learning Centers will be an independent institution. They will be separate and apart from existing educational facilities. It is not educational facilities that we guard you against, it is the institutions themselves. They are unsustainable, and they teach unsustainable education. There is much knowledge and information about the un-education of American students at this time, which is most unfortunate. There is no intention of ours to integrate our ideal situation of the Learning Centers into existing educational systems. It is simply the fact that they are unworkable, they are arrogant, they are ego-centered, they are xenophobic, and they want nothing to do with anyone who would have any interest in transforming public education into a truly useful educational system that would support the species and the organized social existence of democratic nations.

That may sound rather harsh, but I mean it to be—we mean it to be. There is such a deficit in the sincerity and humility of education in the main—whether it is in public education, public academia, or private academia. This must be undone. Those institutions have the possibility of transforming themselves into powerful, highly powerful institutions of influence to redirect the course of your total global civilization. It simply requires some individuals to get on their knees, figuratively, and say: “We can do better than this. We can help our species. We can help our world. We can help families and communities do better,” and take on the seven values, and particularly the three secondary values as being pivotal to the sustainability of your planet.

Yes, you can anticipate through my earlier statement that there will be quite a fight in legislatures, and so on. However, it is not in our interest now to seek public funding for these Learning Centers at this time or in the near future. This must be done through private funding, student funds, and the generosity of foundations that see the benefit of funding these Learning Centers. As you can see, we have our work cut out for us. However, in the beginning it is essential that they be staunchly independent of public education and public influence even though the legislatures may command such a private institution to become part of the public education system. That would be the death knell of education globally. Legislatures have a truly ominous sense of self-power and empowerment within themselves as you have recently seen through the morally derelict individuals who have participated in the charade of democratic jurisprudence.

We believe that there is enough sense in Americans and other democratic citizens in other democratic nations that they will see the benefit of right thinking, of what works and what doesn’t work—what historic challenges have been laid aside and not addressed. And that these Learning Centers begin with the very basics of civilization itself, and that they [democratic citizens] will eventually, hopefully, not “cave in”, but totally accept this curriculum—these basics of education and the vision, intention, and philosophy that we espouse through these centers. You are seeing the very beginning cusp of such a process in these discussions. And these discussions do not go without substance that eventually become imminent and known to you. We always allude to these things, and we do not wish to deceive you or to generate false hope within yourself that this will be right around the corner, because it is not right around the corner. It is something that is impending and important, and it will not be successful until your societies are almost at their knees trying to survive.

You see, the egoism of your social institutions and democratic institutions are so deeply ingrained and embedded in the psyche of the individuals and professionals of those organizations, that they will be totally unwilling to change until their own personal lives are at stake. This is probably the most formidable position any nation could have. It is our dear hope that the influence of Nebadonia and her angelic corps would be of such an extent that these individuals would see the error of their thinking and would gladly accept a way to re-empower themselves as generators of good social justice throughout the population.

Important areas of study to promote global progress.

Stéphane. Machiventa, if you were to advise a young 21 year-old Urantian who had just completed his undergraduate studies at a major university, who was performing well, and ambitious to change the world, what are the top three fields you would recommend in order to have the biggest impact in our upcoming transition?

Machiventa.  One would be cultural anthropology and secondly, its partners, social anthropology, sociology, social psychology, and particularly the subordinate areas of study in ethics, morality, and social justice. I answered your question with many options; however, those are the main three fields. It is important that this young person understand the psyche of individuals as members of the human species (Homo-sapiens), as a member of a family, and also as a member of a society. When one has those three basic understandings, then they can be of use to themselves and to the recovery of their societies.

And it’s important that this young individual attach themselves to organizations that have these humanitarian interests at heart, and that they are supported by humanitarian and philanthropic organizations that understand this as well. This young individual must be careful of being subverted by those in power and authority, and who are enriched, and who are persuasive. Sometimes those individuals are charismatic and persuasive, and they are who not to follow. There are also those quiet individuals who have a quiet charisma and humble power about themselves. These are the ones to watch.

Universality of seven core values.

Jeff.  I would like to ask you two questions. One is relevant to zero-point energy, and the other one is relevant to the work I am trying to do in Palm Springs. Regarding the validation work, are the seven core values universal to all ascending mortals in the master universe?

Machiventa.  Yes.

Jeff: If that is so, are they not then the essential elements of the brotherhood of man?

Machiventa.  They are first essential to the morality and ethic that is subsequently generated through the appropriate use of decision making using those seven values. The brotherhood of man cannot come into existence until that morality and ethic are operationally existent.

Jeff. A follow-up question about zero-point energy: You’ve mentioned that in the past and suggested that research was being inhibited as the control of such science was not secure to your satisfaction and your team’s satisfaction and that includes, I presume, everyone up to the Supreme, about how that would be used for ill or for good. I have read, over many years, work on cycles, and it seems there have been, over the centuries, cyclical, public acceptance of private ownership, and public ownership that seems to go in cycles of fifty or sixty years from private ownership of things to public ownership of things. Is this new decision to release zero-point energy and who would end up controlling how it would work, is this going to break that public/private ownership cycle and start an entirely new cycle of humanity?

Machiventa.  The first error in your questions is that you are mixing two topics together to come out with some answer that will be an amalgamation of confusion. This is not a good thing to do. You should separate those two topics and come back later with reasonable questions for both. However, we are not the determiners of who will have the power and who will not. What we are simply saying is that the time to remove that prohibition—that restraint—has come, and that the cataclysms are of such a nature that anyone who strives to possess this zero-point energy and use it negatively will have so many environmental, economic, financial, political, and social concerns on their hands that they will have no time to think about controlling other nations, and so on.

Jeff. Thank you, I will respect your request.

T/R process disrupted—a teaching moment.

JT. I have some reader questions. (I read the following question way too fast and disrupted Daniel’s connection to Machiventa.)

1) A thyroid disease epidemic is upon us. I’ve read 27 million Americans, and 200 million worldwide have thyroid problems. The medical community understands little about the cause and remedy. What can you tell us about the cause of and remedy for this pervasive malady?

Daniel.  Just a minute. I think the TR “needle slipped out of the groove here.” I haven’t been able to recover from your first reading of that question. I’m having a hard time re-connecting with Machiventa. I hope the audience perceives what has happened here as a T/R. The rapid speech, the rapid reading, was something that went too fast for my human cognition to integrate, and for me to act as the recipient, as a hearing mechanism so that Machiventa could respond to that. That’s one half of the equation. Therefore, when that goes ski-whiff, then that cuts Machiventa, or the celestial speaker out of the equation. My need to respond rather vehemently, was my reaction to that process as it doesn’t work well for me as a listener, personally—whether it’s as a T/R or in public. So, that’s just the human side of what happened here, and it’s better to set that question aside and go onto another question and let me have a minute or two to re-connect with Machiventa.

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa. Please proceed with your next question.


2) What advice can you provide on how we should approach mitigating the water pollution that will occur due to mass deaths in the coming cataclysms, and the disposal of the large number of corpses? Would the celestial team consider dematerializing corpses when their numbers are overwhelming and threaten the survival of cataclysm survivors?

Machiventa.  This is almost an identical question that was asked last year or the year before, and that has been answered.

JT.  That’s all the reader questions.

Meditation process and progress—judge not!.

Rick.  Being inspired by the Urantia Book and the pursuit of stillness, I started meditating 20 years ago this August. I’m committed to it, and I do 20 minutes a morning, but I sometimes feel that my progress has been less than stellar. I’m wondering if you might have any helpful hints as I continue to strengthen my relationship with my Thought Adjuster.

Machiventa.  Most certainly and thank you for your question. If you have read the Urantia Book, then you are well prepared in your mind to have the content at hand, so to speak, with you when you meditate. The difficulty many people have is thinking that reading the Urantia Book is meditation. It is not. It is a wonderful reference, it is inspiring, it is something to make your heart glad, and to put a smile on your face as you proceed through the day. What many people have forgotten is that inspiring messages are a means by which your mind can begin to wander. Wander in wonderful ways. Wander to think about how this is used in your life—to think about the possibilities of spiritual, religious, worshipful contact with your Thought Adjuster.

You do not need to think about your Thought Adjuster as assisting you overtly, but simply see your reading as a mechanism to distract your active, conscious mind. Allowing the other part of your mind to engage in, subtly, opening the doorway for that contact between your Thought Adjuster, and you to go from a mere 3% to perhaps 30%. You would come away from that period of reverie, contemplation, thoughtful meditation and including deep personal transformational meditation—i.e., having contact with God itself, the presence of God within you.

The mechanism can also be replicated through reading inspirational spiritual books that you have enjoyed in the past, or a book that you have not read already. You recall in your Urantia Book study groups how you would read a passage aloud and someone would pick up the next passage, and so on, and pretty soon someone would say: “well, let’s talk about that. Let’s have a conversation about this. This is really deeply meaningful to me.” And so, you can do the same process by reading the Urantia Book or any other spiritually enlightening book when your mind wants to have a conversation with you about that. And that is the guidance of your Thought Adjuster beginning to moderate the process of your reading, contemplation, and meditation.

And if you continue this, you will soon drop into wordless contemplation with your Thought Adjuster in reverie, where you are in sync with your Thought Adjuster and your Thought Adjuster with you. You will no longer think about what you’re going to make for dinner, or what you’re going to do once you get up from the couch, or from wherever you are reading. You will forget about taking the next sip of your coffee, or your water, etc. that is beside you. You will be totally in the zone that you know as the place where all great things happen between yourself and the God presence within you.

Rick.  Thank you for your answer, Machiventa.

Machiventa.  I’d further like to add that your judgment of the quality of your meditation is none of your business. [Don’t judge yourself.] It’s your Thought Adjuster’s business. It is not a concern that you should have. You are simply there at the Master’s feet, listening to their words, and having quiet conversation with the greatest Master of your life.

NET participation a two-way street.
Thought Adjuster participation during NET sessions and readings.

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa. Are we at that point? Perhaps we are. Our closing is this: I have given you many wonderful benedictions in the past, and you may recall some of those sweet ones from Rayson as well. Remember:

  • You are before us, and we are before you.
  • This is a two-way conversation.
  • Your meaningfulness is as important to us as your regard for our meaningfulness in your life. We could not have this discussion, this dialogue, these questions and answers, without your presence here—without your bending out of the way to hear more fully what is being said.
  • Your ego and your conscious mind are out of the way.
  • You are connecting with us in a way which transcends your life and the conversations you had with others.
  • Unbeknownst to you, through these sessions, and me speaking to you, you are listening to subtle words, even subliminal messages that are being given to you by your Thought Adjuster. While you’re carefully listening, we are able to speak with you unconsciously to your mind in levels of which you are unaware.
  • You are truly preparing yourself for a morontial existence even while here in this lifetime.

We thank you for doing this. We thank you for reading these transcripts, because you can come into the same awareness and subliminal contact with your Thought Adjuster while you read these words without thought of criticism, adjustment, critical thought, or even praise. That you are open and receiving of the greatest contact you can ever have in your life, or this life and life everlasting. For when you are doing this, you are preparing the way for fusion with your Thought Adjuster who will be with you into the eras of your entry into Paradise. We thank you for your time today, and best wishes through the weather and all that comes your way. See the light, be in the glow, have joy in your life, and see the Presence wherever you go. Amen. Thank you.

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