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NET88- Virus, Faith, Multiple Topics®

2020-04-06. Virus, Faith, Multiple Topics.


New Era Transition #88

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Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Coming paper on sustainable societies
Civilization in timeout
A marketing opportunity for us
Be open to guidance
Visualizations for slowing coronavirus
Why necessity for nutritional supplements?
An affirmation
Projecting consciousness
Will to do God’s will
Cultivating your faith
Efficacy of pine tree tea for coronavirus
Attraction of conspiracy theories
Monjoronson’s arrival
Self-importance has run out of gas
More on an affirmation
State of immigration
Last question from Liz
MM: What would I say to the First Source and Center?
No fear for Kingdom believers

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD
Members present:  Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, James Travis (JT), James Leese, Raymon Miller

Invocation:  Jeff
6 Apr 2020



Coming paper on sustainable societies.

Machiventa.  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I welcome you to another day. We have much to cover—much to say. You will have many questions we would imagine. We have told you that the work that we have been doing with This One and Melchizedek Avalah for the last twelve years has been one of conceptual development and evolution. This has been done without speaking directly to him, but by urging him to look at different concepts and presenting them to him. We do not say “Go to the library and look at this book and see such and such page.” That is not how we work with this one or with you.

We work with your attention, your urges, your yearning, your curiosity, your willingness to ask questions, and then urge you, wordlessly, to look for answers to them. This presents us with an open mind that is ready to begin working with us more directly. That conceptual work has been vastly completed. He and Avalah have been working on his last book—major paper—which is major in its importance to us rather than its size and number of words. It is that people are innately good, and this is a major topic that will be discussed in your world that is essential to bring forward the morality, ethics, and concomitant responsibilities for individuals and for those who are decision-making executives in organizations.

Civilization in timeout.

As you can perceive, perhaps, this may take a leap of your imagination and your acceptance, but we have known for many decades that this pandemic was an eventuality, just as we see the next one as being an eventuality as well. Now, given that situation, what does your world look like now to you? Well, let us tell you how it looks to us. It looks to us as though your civilization, your world and all about it (that is in human kind) has given itself a time-out—one of those time-outs that teachers and parents give to naughty children who need to have a time-out, a time away from others, a time of repose, of reflecting, to think about what has occurred, what is occurring in their current situation, and what can be done to amend the situation so that once recovery is achieved, then you would say “Now what?” The question you must ask is “Do we want to go back to the same way we had before? We had this opportunity to reflect on our wayward way of living, thinking, and decision-making, and do we want to replicate that again in the recovered world?”

A marketing opportunity for us.

As you may think of this, in our shoes if you can, that we see this as a tremendous marketing opportunity. We have the attention of everyone, and we will gain their attention soon in a way that is familiar to most people so that people have something to think about during this time-out—during this time of reflection and repose. Something that gives them thought about the possibilities of tomorrow—a means of empowerment to individuals, to families, and particularly to local communities. It is important that everyone on earth be attentive to this time.

This is, for us, an opportunity that only comes about once. Your world has never been fully occupied—inhabited fully to its broadest extent over all its many millions of square miles (or kilometers) and so this opportunity for us is a onetime sort of proposition. It is a time where our preparation must be divinely attended to in keeping with the divine plans of Christ Michael, those of Uversa, and on Paradise. It is essential that this world now come to the realization that it is truly at the crux—it is at that critical time where an existential decision must be made. And whether the decision is consciously and intentionally made or not, nonetheless it is a decision.

Now, let’s imagine for a moment that no one makes a decision–that everyone goes back to the market—goes back to buying and selling stocks and bonds and trying to get the advantage and market share and trying to squeeze out the money for investments from the little people so that the big people can use their grand scale of money to buy stocks and bonds and everything else at a very low price. If this were to occur without any forethought to the future and the possibility of another pandemic, you can be quite assured that the future of your grandchildren will change immensely. They will not experience anything like the world you live in now. Their quality of living could be higher than yours, and it will be far simpler and more easily managed.

Now, the other imagining is that we use this time now, where we have the potential of gaining everyone’s attention, so that we can bring about positive change with those who are thinking about the possibilities of improving the future so that decision-making and planning are made so that there is truly a different world.

Now we have been teasing you, training you, and teaching you how to rebuild your world after this cataclysm. It is important that you reflect on those things. This is one of the reasons why we have urged so diligently and so continuously that there be a website that would contain all of the materials that we have produced—particularly through the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission team. That there is a searchable process for people to go through these transcripts detail by detail to gain and garner any direction and guidance that may be received to improve the future.

You will find that there are incredible reams of discussion and guidance for individuals concerning many topics that are of concern to your world today. For us, our next move is to implement, and once the work, this manuscript, is done between This One and Avalah (their writing work)—then the implementation work of his new Melchizedek mentor Azahlah can begin in earnest.


[Daniel — The following makes me uncomfortable.] [JT See note below.]


His presence in This One’s life was intended and meant to gain This One’s attention before the work was done with Avalah. [It is] time to ponder and think how to proceed constructively with these plans that are coming. These plans will be revealed within weeks of today’s date—at least within two months if not sooner.

It is not that we are mysterious because we seem to be inherently mysterious to you—those of you who do not have personal conversations with us—that it is necessary for us to cloak our words and to shield ourselves and these plans from disclosure too early as there would, once again, be too much clamor and attention given to this new revelation. And no, Monjoronson is not going to come out of the sky in brilliant colors and magnificence, but he will certainly be attending unseen, along with the rest of us, to see how you develop.

Be open to guidance.

Know for sure that we will be giving you guidance individually when you open, if you are open, and if you ask to be open and guided. And it will be revealed to you, and you too will be urged how to proceed. It is essential that through these months and years you have learned to be open and receptive. You recall that we have used the phrase “signs, symbols, and omens.” Well my friends, it is no different than “connecting the dots.” It is this dot and that dot and another dot and so. When you see these dots connected to each other you go: “Ah-ha, now I know what they are doing.”

And so, you are needing to be attentive to the dots as you might call them—those things outward among you and from you and, in fact, that includes your insight—your own inner “ah-has.” And when you have these, please accept them. Do not scoff at yourself for being so foolish as to believe that you would receive such insight and direction because this is a time for those who do believe—those who do accept that spirit works powerfully in your life for you to hear and you to act with us to implement what must be done. If you have questions you are welcome to ask them.

Liz. Good morning Machiventa. How are you today?

Machiventa. I am very well thank you. It is sunny and bright [bright in the light from the Son] from where we stand, from where we sit, and we enjoy your participation particularly. It gives us great joy to be in joy and receive your questions and your presence. Thank you.

Visualizations for slowing coronavirus.

Liz. Thank you. It’s a beautiful day here too. My question has to do with the virus. I remember we spoke one time about a hurricane that was approaching Florida and the power of prayer pushed that hurricane away from the most populated coast. And I used that same technique when the fires were raging in Australia by pulling the rains down from Indonesia to help quench them. And I felt as if I had done some good in both instances. So, when it comes to this virus, I’m having a hard time visualizing how I can help stomp this out or reduce its effect in certain areas. I just am not able to visualize how I can help this situation. Could you give me some guidance please?

Machiventa.  Most certainly. Let us imagine that you have an extremely high magnification microscope—one that can see the Covid virus as an entity as you have seen numerous pictures of this virus. And you have been shown pictures with details of the little receptors on the outside of the virus that attach to the human cell and unlock the surface of the cell to gain entry into the cell and then replicate. Now, let us imagine that you, in your tunneling microscope, took a can of transparent varnish, or something like that—lacquer, you sprayed all the viruses with this lacquer, and that it dried on those receptors and that they were dulled, and they could no longer gain entry into cells.

Now, this may sound imaginative (almost like Alice in Wonderland), but the thinking, observing, imagining, proceeding, and projecting your consciousness to that level as a shield against the cells, or, in other words, to use this bubble I have described for you that you would surround all viruses with this transparent bubble so that they are encased and incapable of reproducing. What you are doing is what we have called before “mindedness” or “minding a thought,” and projecting your consciousness as action of your mindedness to accomplish some end.

Let’s turn the page on that example, and now, we will go to another page—another example. That through your consciousness you empower microbiologists, or immunologists to actually have the “ah-ha” in their mind where they connect the dots of all the information they have learned and know, their insights, their intuition, and so on  and apply that to the problem that they are working on. And in this brief scenario you see the immunologist going “ah-ha, I see. Now we have a means of developing a vaccination to help many people.”

Extending this further: now that in this imaginative, minded world that you are living in with me, you see that the producers of the vaccines have developed and devised a means of multiplication of the serums needed in a shorter process than they have ever had before. If you question this and say, “How is this possible?” Then, my friend, all of these scenarios collapse. Doubt and fear are inadequate to accomplish the ends of mindedness. You must actually live in that moment—in that microsecond—of ah-ha in the minds of others to accomplish what needs to be done.

This is called “faith or fear.” Which would you rather have—faith or fear? Which would you rather have act in your life—your fears, or the product of your faith? Certainly, it would be the faith. Another key to all of this is to be honestly and humbly capable of commanding this to occur and be sure and know with confidence that you have this power because you certainly do.

Liz. Thank you very much.

Why necessity for nutritional supplements?.

Craig. On a health related topic as well, I’ve been led to consume a number of supplements and vitamins, and I think you have recommended one or two as well, and I can’t help but wonder is this because of our typical North American diet is deficient in these things that we should be needing to have them; is it our agriculture, or is it because of the genes we haven’t inherited from the Adamic infusion?

Machiventa. The answer to your many questions is yes—all of the above.

Craig.  OK. Thank you.

Machiventa. I chuckle because, really, you and Liz have really said so much in common that you don’t see the dots to connect them. And that is that you must have a mindedness that empowers these supplements. Yes, it is true that if the Adamic blood were increased in you and others had it come to full strength, you would not have these problems at all. You would be truly living in a world where your decisions were premier rather than the travesties and tragedies of being a mortal now leaves you powerless.

It is important that you use whatever degree of Adamic blood within you in a positive and effective means. That means to use your mindedness to “mind” (as a verb) the supplements that you take, the food that you eat, and that your body has the capacity to transform them into nutrients that are needed for your body and for your immune system. I will stop at that and if you have another question following please do so.

Craig. OK. Thank you. That pretty much does it.

An affirmation.

Rick.  I have a question related to Craig’s. My question is what can we do as people to maximize our health? We understand daily silence and meditation. Are there other things we can do to help ourselves fight this virus and the ones that are coming down the road?

Machiventa.  Yes, there surely is. Many years ago, approximately 25 years ago, we, through This One’s celestial teacher and guardian angel, devised an affirmation that is very powerful, and which, when you take it to heart energetically, is very powerful and answers your question. And the affirmation is this: “I AM (the God word) a bright and shining beacon of the Christ light that shines and flows through me.” Now, when you look at that affirmation you see that there is the I AM statement. That the God presence within you—your Thought Adjuster—is in you and with you that becomes a bright and shining beacon.

In that phrase is “a bright and shining beacon” and when you have a bright and shining light within a closed environment nothing else can occupy it for light always illuminates darkness. And the second part of that phrase—”a bright and shining beacon”—means that you have within you the Christ light with your Thought Adjuster shining this light out from your light to others. And the last part—the Christ light that shines and flows through me—connects you to Christ Michael in Salvington through the silver cord through your crown chakra and to that channel/connection/communication line to your mind and to your whole being so that you, as an entity of one, can stand where you are right there in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico atop your house and shine your light so it surrounds and enfolds the whole globe: the whole world.

Now, to mind that, you must have an intention for doing that. And, according to your statement, you have it protect you from the virus and the virus pandemic to come, and to help all other people as well, and to give enlightenment to all individuals to see their way clearly and how to become Christlike in their own life. Now, this is Machiventa, get busy with that son.

Rick. Thank you, very much.

Projecting consciousness.

JT.  I have a number of reader questions.

A reader asks: Machiventa said we must project our consciousness into the colloidal silver so, how do we do that? Do we stare at the bottle with intent and purpose? Do we say a prayer before ingesting? How do we project our consciousness into the colloidal silver?

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. Yes, we suggest you bless the colloidal silver. Yes, that you make your intention clear for taking it. Yes, you are welcome to empower it with the light of the Christ presence and God presence within you. But when we say project your consciousness, what we mean is the totality of yourself. Do not take this harshly or that this is meant to demean you as it is not. For it is simply a matter of not knowing. And you among many millions of other people do not know who they are, what they are, the totality of their being, and have no idea about how to marshal all of the magnificent energies that exist in you.

Now, when we (the Melchizedeks, myself, angels, the God presence within you) talk about consciousness we mean the totality of all of your being on all levels of consciousness in this lifetime and all lifetimes to come that you can bring them all together into a thought. And you project that thought into the colloidal silver (for you, in this case.)

You see, many people have really not identified who they are, what they are in the parts of their being. They have never known to be empowered. They do not know what empowerment is. And if you do not know who you are or what you are and the possibility of the totality of who you are and can become and will become, then this recommendation to project your consciousness simply does not make sense.

It is like going fly fishing without a fly at the end of your line. You know you have all the equipment, but you don’t have the consciousness to project it to the point in the river where you know there are fish waiting for the fly to be cast and for them to grasp in their mouth. Fly fishing and catching fish that way is as elusive to many people as is bringing all the power of their being together in a consciousness and project it as a thought and idea into something.

Now the totality of who you are is composed of you, 1) the physical body 2) all the organs of your body including your brain and 3) your will. Your will—the power to decide. The power to decide consciously. When the Urantia Book and others talk about willful decision-making, they are talking about willful—meaning you are conscious of your ability to make decisions and you will that your decision and your projection of your will decision be accomplished. Second is your mind.

Your mind is non-temporal and non-dimensional just as is your consciousness. So, when you combine these three elements—mind, consciousness, and will—with clear intention of the power of God working through you, through your words, through your mind, and intention, then project that onto where it can be used.

We further recommend that you condition this projection of your mind, will, and consciousness by having this projection of your power within your will so that it is in agreement with doing God’s will—that it not be something for you, for your ego, for your self-aggrandizement. In this case, projecting your consciousness into the colloidal silver is for your benefit, for your healing, for your protection, your potential for becoming more than you are today.

Let us turn the page on that discussion. For a T/R the requirements call for much self-observation—honest, humble, authentic, self-appraisal, actually knowing your consciousness—the totality of who you are. And then when you enter into the stillness and you have entered into the stillness with the intention of receiving the words and wisdom of your Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael, your celestial teacher, your guardian angel or a Melchizedek or an archangel for example, then you must be able to discern consciousness—that projection of consciousness into your mind—that you realize that you’re not alone. You realize that you have called someone to be with you and that they are there. Thank you.

Will to do God’s will.

JT.  How can one best assist the Thought Adjuster to accomplish all the control it desires over one’s self?

Machiventa.  It, my friend, is the simple dictum: “Will to do God’s will.” Not to submit to God’s will, or accept God’s will, but you actually will with your consciousness and mind to do God’s will. When you combine the statements to the last question and you combine that with this question you know how to do God’s will and you know what that means, and you know that God will answer.

Cultivating your faith.

JT.   What are the best approaches to cultivating great faith?

Machiventa. The key to developing great faith is to first overcome doubt. There is a continuum of doubt just as there is a continuum of hope. We have taught you before the continuum of hope begins with hope, belief, faith, trust, and then knowing. And further in this teaching you accept that knowing includes having the experience of what you hope for. You move from hope to knowing by having the experience of knowing God, of knowing your Thought Adjuster within you. The process of achieving great faith is to submit, as in the last question, to doing God’s will, and further, that your intention be made clear for doing so. And the statement in your question of wanting to develop great faith, that means to submit without question, without limitation to the Thought Adjuster’s ability and power to assist you to become one with it.

The first and essential element to this is knowing the Thought Adjuster exists in you. If you doubt that then it’s “game over.” You must have the belief, the hope, faith, trust, and eventual knowing that God exists within you. The presence of God is there within you. Through meditation and releasing yourselves to your Thought Adjuster’s guidance you will eventually come to that point of great awakening in that experience of knowing God personally, in that moment—that ah-ha moment where there is no going back to your religions. It is as we have recited Hafez’ wonderful quote: “Now that I know God, I can no longer call myself a Christian, a Hindu, an Islamist, a Buddhist, or a Jew.”

And so, you are seeking that ecstatic experience of knowing God personally. And when that occurs, you will have no doubts about what has occurred. You will have no doubts. You will have faith that you truly have God within you and that God wants to know you personally and intimately on a daily, moment-by-moment basis. The first beginnings of great faith is to have faith that God exists in you.

Efficacy of pine tree tea for coronavirus.

JT.   A medical doctor in a reader’s country was on the local news informing that the tea of pine tree containing the substance pycnogenol prevents and cures Coronavirus disease by preventing the virus from attaching to respiratory cells. Can you confirm?

Machiventa. Well, dear question asker, know well that we do not respond well to “yes or no” answers. The answer is yes. Now, the second part of the yes answer is a question to you—how do you make that work? Thank you.

Attraction of conspiracy theories.

JT.  Another reader asks:

First of all, thanks for the opportunity to ask this question. I thank you Machiventa and our entire cosmic family as well as my dear human brethren present at this meeting. My wife and I would like to know why do people like conspiracies? Why do people like to think they are in danger from a common and hidden enemy? Why do they find motivation in it? We would be very grateful if you could expose some light on conspiracies, and please, I invite you to come visit me in my meditation stillness in the mornings.

Machiventa. Conspiracy theories abound because people feel powerless, and feeling powerless, they feel that they are incapable of accepting responsibility for the occurrence of whatever causes fear in them. Conspiracy theories feast on fear. That is the basic rule number one of making conspiracies stick. If there is a population in fear, then they make a conspiracy theory to give them something to point to. In the case of this pandemic, future pandemics, and many problems in the past on your world people refuse to take responsibility. It is far easier to project that responsibility or the “cause” of those problems onto something else.

And as sure as there are many conspiracy theories concerning this pandemic, yes, it is true that people have projected that onto something else. It may be an individual that they visited, it may be a shipload of people berthed at the harbor, it may be an airplane load of individuals who landed from a foreign country. It, in fact, may be from that foreign country. But no, it is not that. It is the misbehavior of humans that has caused this great problem. Now, alluding to my opening statement, this situation now is a once in a world occasion though it may revisit another time.

However, this is a first, once ever global pandemic to occur. Now, that is one dot. The other dot has to do with mother Earth—Gaia—mother spirit of this planet and that is that if you want a conspiracy theory and put it in terms of the benevolent, then term it this way—that mother nature has just had enough. Pollution with the extinction of many species, of the disregard for the pristine world that people live in, for the huge abuse of individuals by other individuals through the misguidance of decision-making, whether in the family or the national leader or others, that there has been enough.

If you take mother Gaia’s stomach as that of the ocean and now the great, great thermal grounding of the world—the ocean—has risen in temperature and that it will continue so. And that when a world that’s had enough, it’s kind of like riding two bucking broncos or riding two bulls at the same time—one foot on each animal—you just can’t do it. There is so much power in what is occurring that it will throw you off in directions you hadn’t anticipated. Those are humble examples. Many of you including This One have not ridden a bull or a bucking bronco horse, but you certainly know what it is like.

Perhaps some of you, to have ridden at 80 mph, come around a corner, and slid your way into another vehicle. That is a powerful moment where there is nothing you can do to control it. You can’t change the direction. And so, alluding to another answer, is that it’s time to change people’s minds and to begin thinking about recovery. If you have further questions regarding these answers, you are most welcome to submit them.

Monjoronson’s arrival.

JT.  Another reader asks: Will Monjoronson’s arrival be announced or will it be discerned, and isn’t he here already?

Machiventa.  To those who “hear” you will know that the world is not the same as it was. You will realize that something has occurred—something has come upon your world that has never occurred before. And you will become acquainted with this through the work of Monjoronson’s team. Thank you.

JT.  That will be all the reader questions for today.

Self-importance has run out of gas.

Craig. I was sort of interested in referring back to the topic of the opening statement and thinking we have this time-out here and you’re using that as advertising as you say, and I was just kind of wondering what is going to be changing. I guess it’s people’s minds and attitudes are all going to be experiencing different sorts of changes of mind and attitude, so perhaps those who are accumulating the world’s wealth might think this isn’t bringing me happiness, and those who are losing their wealth might think there must be other ways to do this. Is that the sort of things we are hopefully coming to in this time-out?

Machiventa. Hopefully. It is our hope that the arrogance of individuals, of nations, of cultures, of ethnic groups, and genders reflect on their powerlessness and how [they are] less powerful than they really think they are. And that this is the beginning of humility. And then the question must arise: is there something we can learn from this? For surely there is. And it is much like when children steal a car, a fast car, and they race out of town at a blistering speed and soon run out of gas.

That is really what has happened on your world—that this self-importance/powerfulness has run out of gas, and that it is now time to take another approach. What the global answer is, is that it is necessary that people become open-minded, that they become receptive to other alternatives of lifestyles and living. And that, perhaps, there is another way to power, authority, towards transformation other than money, control of money, and control of the markets.

We, too, contest your opening words. We are not an advertising agency and we do not advertise anything; however, we do think like strategic marketers—when is the most opportune time to present an alternative to people who are open-minded enough to accept the possibility that we can co-creatively transform your world. Now, when that occurs, my friend, then you will know that something is afoot.

Craig. Thanks. That word marketing as distinct from advertising is probably a fairly important difference. Thank you very much.

More on an affirmation.

Jeff.  I have two questions for you. You were speaking about the affirmation invoking I AM and the bright shining light beacon of Christ. I do this with all of the commitment of my mind and my consciousness, and my intention is to be that beacon of light wherever I am, whether it’s by myself, with my family, or in a room of strangers. Is that different than the instructions you gave us months ago about issuing a command?

Machiventa.  Yes, it is much different. When you say this affirmation and you feel it, and you know it within yourself, then that is not a command. It is an affirmation of being. The movement is from doing, to being, and then to I AM. Philosophically and spiritually it is a profound movement going from a doing-person to a being-person. When you realize that you are now a being-person, and that you are striving to become a Christ-like being, that it is far, far different than a doing-person.

And when you move from a being-person to an I AM-person, you are actually being the fusion of yourself and your Thought Adjuster. That is profoundly different as well. And so, when you say this affirmation, you’re not doing the affirmation, you are being the affirmation as a process of moving to the I AM state within you. Thank you.

Jeff.  Thank you. So, if I am in a large room and there is a meal being served, whether it is a dinner meeting or lunch meeting, if I have this affirmation that the food that I am going to take in is going to serve my needs of health and good balance is that something I could privately project to the room by issuing my affirmation to myself and including everybody around me? Is that possible?

Machiventa.  It is possible but let me give you a better example. Let’s say that you have the invitation in your hand and you get into your car and you proceed to this grand dinner and as you walk up the steps to this very auspicious location and dinner party with many wonderful guests who, of course, would include your neighbors and the person who mows your lawn. And as you walk up those steps you say that affirmation, and that as you open the door you be that affirmation. And that as you walk across the foyer into the dining room you are radiating that being-ness, and that you are that radiating light, and that when you open the door and you walk through, everyone turns their head and notices you. They will not be looking at Jeff Cutler, they will be looking, seeing, and appreciating the being-person you have become.

Jeff.  Thank you.

State of immigration.

Rick. My question is in regard to the current state of immigration—primarily Muslim populations coming through Greece, African populations coming through Italy, and Latino populations coming through Mexico into the United States. My sense is that what we are observing now is just the beginning. That this is in fact, is going to grow into a much, much larger problem. I’m wondering if you have any comments on world immigration.

Machiventa. I have no comments available for you.

Jeff.   As an addendum do you see the current problems the world is experiencing regarding immigration becoming a greater problem?

Machiventa.  It is not a problem now compared to the problem of the pandemic; therefore, it is not given any thought by anyone. It is something on the back burner that will eventually come to the forefront again.

Jeff.   OK. Thank you.

Last question from Liz.

Daniel. Liz, you certainly must have one last question.

Liz. Thank you. I do not have a last question. I just have to say that this affirmation moved me very deeply [with great emotion] and I can’t say enough how grateful I am to be part of this group and to speak with you [Machiventa] personally. I have so much affection for you all in my heart that sometimes it’s hard to contain. I’m sorry, my emotions are getting the better of me today. So, while I don’t have another question, I just want to extend my sincere appreciation to all. That’s all. Thank you.

Rick. Liz, you are so important to us. Thank you for sharing that Liz.

Machiventa.  What would I say to the First Source and Center?

Jeff.  I have a last question. I think it’s a curiosity question, but I vetted it with Liz, and she said you would probably answer it so I’m going to ask. What would you say to the Creator First Source and Center as a blessing for the gift of your day?

Machiventa.  Hmm. Hmm. I am taken aback by your question. It borders on magnificent. And what would I say to the First Source and Center?

Machiventa.  My creator—I AM. The depth of gratitude that is profound and without words of any language; that your energy that you have given vibrates through me and draws me ever closer to you. And I’m ever so eternally grateful for the opportunity to have this experience from this planet earth—Urantia—to improve and better my wisdom and judgment to eventually enter into the Corps within Paradise near to you. Thank you for this adventure.

Jeff.  Thank you Machiventa. I appreciate your  ( ???), your honesty, and your openness with us. It is a confidence builder that (???).  [words unintelligible]

No fear for Kingdom believers.

Machiventa.  Let us bring our wonderful meeting, our session to a close.

Each of you are witness to this pandemic. And it is not that it has been so damaging in the number of people killed, but it is in its power to create horror in the minds of those who quiver in the face of knowing God. For those who do know God, who have experienced God, or have faith in God, in God’s existence and the good that God projects onto all lives, there is truly no fear. There is no doubt. You walk in God’s light to the extent that you can accept God’s light as existing in you already. And so, your faith in yourself, your consciousness, your mind, and your will, you have every opportunity to grow and know this truth in your life.

This is a journey which you had not anticipated. This journey—which many of you chose to be on before you entered this lifetime—was part of the agreement between you becoming the person you would be in this mortal lifetime and your Thought Adjuster as resides in you now. You are here because you chose to. You are here because you are needed. You are here because you know in the depths of your soul that you have the power—through your will, mind, and consciousness—to also become one who changes this world for the better. And that being better you and your world will transcend its past and history of failure. You as individuals have the opportunity to become finaliters of high regard. This is an invitation, an adventure that you signed up for. Now, let us see, between us, co-creatively what we can accomplish for Christ Michael. Good day.

Note to readers from Daniel. On page 3 I have added a comment.  Whenever I see the phrase “This One,” that puts me on alert that there is a very definite possibility that my conscious mind is involved in the TR process.  As the session continued, you can discern that the conscious mind has receded, and that the TR process is fully in sync with MM. 

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