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NET89- Future, Rebels, COVID-19, Global Issues®

2020-04-20.  Future, Rebels, Covid-19, Global Issues.


New Era Transition #89 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Notification of future developments
Status of the archrebels
Recycling of a failed inhabited planet
On Melchizedek rejuvenation
On despair
Growth of personality
Nature and avoidance of evil
On questions about therapies for COVID-19 – end of the line
Time for a more inclusive association of Urantia Book readers
Nature of revelation is ongoing
Interests and talents during our ascending career
Importance of being well rounded
A rich and rare opportunity in a global timeout
Re-evaluating what we value
Personal liberty vs. ethics and morality
Duality of mortal existence
A changing curriculum
Opening the group to more participants
More on duality of mortal existence—what is real?
Increasing the ranks of the T/Rs—an open door

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis (JT), James Leese, Raymon Miller

Invocation: Liz

20 April 2020



Daniel. It looks like we have a full house of Melchizedeks today.

Machiventa.   Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and it is my pleasure to be here, and in many ways, it is an honor to be here among you. Yor are listening to Christ Michael’s work, following His plan, watching for all those dots that come in alignment when you see them, and doing His work and His will. We do not have an opening statement today, so let us proceed with any questions that you may have.

Notification of future developments.

Jeff. Last session you spoke about an opportune time to present to the planet alternatives. My question is: when your team picks the most opportune time to present that alternative will we be led by our Thought Adjuster or members of your team to take positive action? Will we be given a direct role that we understand immediately?

Machiventa.   No, we will not make a direct appeal to you. We will, however, inform you that this development has begun, and you can be attuned to it and to listen in to your intuitive mind to see what needs to be done, or you can look around you and listen to determine what you can do to assist us. We apologize and don’t apologize for this hide-and-seek sort of relationship we have with you. It is a means by which we are trying to train you to go within, to listen, and to get that acknowledgment from your Thought Adjuster, your celestial teacher, or your guardian angel of this information that you seek. It is important that you learn how to attune to the inner spiritual guidance that you have always available to you.

Jeff.  Thank you.

Status of the archrebels.

JT.  I think maybe we’re all just a little stunned by current events, so I’ll ask some reader questions.

1) Due to conflicting information, I seek clarity from you on the following: Which of the three arch-rebels (Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia) have been annihilated, merely imprisoned, or are present on Urantia?

Machiventa.   They are all annihilated.

Recycling of a failed inhabited planet.


2) In the cases of planets that self-destructed annihilating all sentient life, were these planets re-seeded to evolve sentient life again?

Machiventa.   The question is ambiguous as you say the planet has been annihilated. Does that mean that it has been destroyed as a planet, or that all the life and human sentient life on the planet has been eliminated?

JT. I think he means all human life has been eliminated by nuclear war or something else we did to ourselves.

Machiventa.   The question is hypothetical, and it is speculative. Were such an occasion to occur the planet would be held as an uninhabited planet for at least a million years—for a great duration of time—to insure it is a pristine planet ready to be re-seeded with sentient life. This would take into consideration the age of the parent star—the sun of that solar system, the length [of time] it might have remaining to support human existence again and for that human existence to develop to the time where it would be a very mature as a civilization, and its capability to enter the days of light and life. I realize that you could develop many questions from my statement, but we wish you to refrain from doing so as this too is speculative in nature and it would only lead to more speculation.

On Melchizedek rejuvenation.

JT. We have sort of a personal question here:

3) How do you, Machiventa, rejuvenate when tired and/or discouraged?

Machiventa.   Again, a very intuitive question. The forms of rejuvenation are long established for Melchizedeks as they are for other orders of beings. They are not all the same. It is for me, personally, part of my temperament. Each Melchizedek is a unique being unto itself such that the inclination for perseverance, for tenacious holding fast to ideals of the Creator Son are central—particularly for me. Others are more acquainted with being excellent teachers or administrators. I tend to combine both to an extreme degree, and I have total unwavering faith in Christ Michael’s work and his intentions for Nebadon and for the good for all the planets.

On despair.

One can be disappointed with the results of perhaps a single human being or a civilization, but to enter into despair about that disappointment is something that I am not acquainted with. That would be a weakness on the part of the personality that would not be contributive to the longevity. Despair would be a remarkable personality flaw for a Melchizedek or any angel or others. It would almost be on the same level of failure as Satan, Caligastia, and Lucifer. Those were in despair to a huge degree that was personal to them, and a tremendous flaw to their personality.

Growth of personality.

Now, let’s use this as an instructional point. You as mortals—particularly those of you who know you have a Thought Adjuster with you and that you have a choice to ascend on your spiritual ascendant journey or not—who want to do God’s will and Christ Michael’s, will have a tremendous capacity to grow your personality. Your personality is not just something that sits there waiting, waiting, and waiting. It is active, it is receptive, and it is malleable. The personality that you have is a seed personality—one that was bestowed to you at the beginning of your mortal lifetime. It is something that, unbeknownst to you and for us, is still part of the secret of our First Source and Center—that personality is something that continues on after your life, as you know from the Urantia Book. It is something that is able to be shown the way to grow, and to become more mature, capable, and competent until it attains the level of the embrace of the First Source and Center in Paradise.

So, you see, part of your ascendant journey is your completion of the journey and the acquisition of soul growth and also the maturing of your personality. If you are to become one of those eminent individuals in the Corps of Finality who has the capacity to create or is given that choice and that assignment, then you would want the most complete personality possible, and how you do it begins right here.

JT. We have another reader that asks: What part of us is consciously able to agree to our projected purpose for this life before we are born, and what entity are the Adjusters perceiving when they volunteer to indwell us for this journey?

Machiventa.   Once again, I thank you for your intuitive question, but it is beyond us to answer at this time for your use.

Nature and avoidance of evil.

Rick. I have two questions. The first question is about a quote from the Urantia Book about which, if it’s possible, I would like for you to offer some clarity. And the quote is: “God is Love; therefore, He must be good, and His goodness is so great and real that it cannot contain the small unreal things of evil. God is so positively good, that there is absolutely no place in Him for negative evil.” Are there other kinds of evil that aren’t negative? That’s a quote from Jesus, by the way, in the Urantia Book.

Machiventa.   This question causes an answer to be quite a stretch for your cognitive functioning and ability to thoroughly understand. Yes, there is negative evil. Now, what is evil? Evil is doing your own will before God’s. It is evil if you consider that it would be the opposite of good. It could also be evil, in a diminutive sense, if it were merely doing your will without consideration for others. It is very similar to a situation being moral, amoral, or immoral. There are gradations to evil which seems incongruous to you with your thinking, but this will become much more known to you in the morontial realm in a specific classroom that will teach you about evil: What is evil? What are the gradations of evil? What are the gradations of goodness and so on? It has far greater depth to it than you may realize. Evil is also something to consider whether it is consciously made, or unconsciously made. And if it is consciously made, what are the intentions for that decision? As you see, it can get complicated rather quickly.

As advice from myself and my team, the best course that you can take as a mortal is to willingly will to do God’s will without any intention of doing otherwise at the conscious or unconscious level—at any level of consciousness. That is cause for quite a deep commitment on your part, but this, my friends, is the safest route and one which we practice continually in our order and other orders throughout the universe. The extent of such a commitment in the vibration/aura of an individual—whether as a mortal, a morontial being, or a spiritual being—is such that an individual who is equivocating about doing God’s will—willing to do God’s will consciously or unconsciously—becomes incredibly visible to us. It is something that you would recognize if somebody had hit you in the eye and you looked in the mirror the next day and you saw that you had a black eye. It would be similar in nature as that to those around you.

On questions about therapies for Covid-19 – end of the line.

Rick.  Thank you. My second question: Last session you said that pycnogenol prevents and cures coronavirus disease by preventing the virus from attaching to respiratory cells. My question is what is the best method to take pycnogenol?

Machiventa.     Well my friend, I think we have ended the line of questioning concerning this virus and treatments for it. It is something that we are not attuned to do. We are not your apothecary, your physician, or your immunologist. It is something that you will live through and have to experience. It is unfortunate, as you have recently seen in the 11:11 posts and the daily quote, that said, “Yes, you will have difficulties. Yes, you will have troubles, but I will always be with you during those times of difficulties;” and that is how it is concerning this treatment. Thank you.

Time for a more inclusive association of Urantia Book readers.

Craig.  I was thinking about the possibility, again, of creating a new association of Urantia Book readers who are also in tune with the correcting time, teaching mission and the magisterial mission, and thinking that the nucleus of the group could be a website whereon one signs up to join and is then able to communicate with all the other people who have joined, through some web-based communication facility. Does that sound like a good idea to begin with?

Machiventa.   If I had a pin that I could put on your lapel I would do so at this moment. It is a wonderful idea and it is very timely. And yes, if you were able to design it so there was a certain degree of neutrality involved, because some people would be embarrassed in their peer group to join such a group and to read these materials. Yes, you would want to have a means by which individuals who might be embarrassed by their peers if they joined such a group, if that was revealed, that they can join and not be visible in that process. Does this help?

Craig. Yes, thank you! I was thinking that there might be people who didn’t want some of their information revealed, but maybe even who they are, yes.

Okay, so another question is, might you suggest anything that we might specifically do to add value to that so it would become more interesting for people to join, or that people might be more inclined to see that there’s a value in joining it? Sort of to promote it, as one might say.

Nature of revelation is ongoing.

Machiventa.   Notwithstanding that there are many Urantia Book readers who are highly conservative who do not believe or accept that there is new revelation, outside of those individuals, there is much to say for those who believe or would be willing to believe that revelation is personal and is continual and is useful to individuals, groups of individuals, and to the world. Revelation continues. It never ceases. It is always present when the individual opens their mind. Many people who have read the Urantia Book and are staunch believers do not believe that they are receiving the good word of revelation whether it is from Christ Michael or from myself or their guardian angels—most unfortunate. Revelation is highly important to help you and humanity to continue to make adjustments, to adapt to the new realities of your world on a spiritual plane, even as a mortal. It is important that individuals see that you are what you might call a “species of believers.” As you know from your history of species, those who fail to adapt do not survive.

In the case of a mortal who does not accept new revelation, they will most definitely be given the opportunity to enter into the morontial realm and to be given instructions about how the universe really is and how revelation works. They make their decision then. So, there is no prejudice against an individual’s survivorship—survivability—if they do not accept revelation as ongoing while a mortal.

The importance of accepting new revelation is highly important as the individual grows in their personality and as they grow in their faith, and as they grow in their intellectual, emotional, social, and cultural phases of their existence. The continuing revelation, i.e., the willingness to be open to receive new information and accept it at face value requires a high degree of discernment—complete discernment. After receiving it, and after exercising discernment, a person can then accept it after time. Or, they may reject it after time without any prejudice on our part towards them, or by their Thought Adjuster.

You see, this process of adaptation affords you the greatest opportunity to grow into your morontial self during this mortal lifetime. It is very similar to a high school student earning college credits for their next academic career. The same thing applies here as mortals—that you can grow into new stages of your morontial existence with your dedication to accept, test, and discern revelation for yourself personally. To categorize new revelation as something that is not real, and that people should not do relegates those individuals who receive that and accept that to the same limitation of spiritual growth.

Denying that revelation continues is a self-imposed is a self-imposed limitation on their spiritual growth. There is no recourse for us, other than their Thought Adjuster’s appeal to each individual mortal to discern what is right and what is not, and what is at risk and what is not at risk. What if people do accept new revelation? What is the result of that? You have been taught in classes on discernment that you first begin to discern your own self through self-observation, to discern whether you are fear based or not, ego based or not. Both of those lines of thinking are self-destructive.

Craig. Thank you! That’s not a direct answer to what I was asking, but very useful. So, I would take it then, or I have been taking it, that the time for trying to compromise with the leaders of the present movement Urantia groups and with people that are denying the ongoing revelations, that probably we shouldn’t try to accommodate those people in the new group if they want to continue denying that this is happening.

Machiventa.   Let me continue please. Above all, do not turn this into a political arena of arguing about this or arguing about that. You simply design your website, your organization and present it to others wherever they are, no matter whether they are Urantia Book conservatives or others who are not—those who are “airy-fairy” so to speak to use your colloquial language. It is important that this be neutral—that there be no possibility of individuals coming in who would want to disrupt this work. You are right. It is very timely that this new organization be brought into consideration as an option for others.

Craig. Okay, thank you. I think that probably covers it for me for the moment. Thanks.

Interests and talents during our ascending career.

Liz.  Good morning Machiventa. It’s a pleasure to be with you again this morning. I know that we all have our interests and our talents, and, looking forward to our ascendant careers and our morontia lives, will we carry these interests and these talents with us throughout our ascendant careers? The second part of my question is should we continue throughout our lives as mortals to tune up and enhance these talents and delve into these interests?

Machiventa.   Yes, to a degree. There are certain talents that you have within you at the deepest levels of your being that are really part of who you are and what you are. They are like fingerprints so to speak of your soul and your personality. There is an agreement in your being that accepts these talents as being useful to you and as the means for learning lessons in this lifetime and the next.

I take exception to your second question with the word “should.” You say, “should we,” and we always refrain from answering “should” questions as they are too fraught with many difficulties that follow. I would be happy to answer a re-phrase of that question if you could do so.

Importance of being well rounded.

Liz.  Yes, certainly. Would it benefit us to continue to hone our talents and delve into our interests while we are still on this planet? Will that prove fruitful for us in our ascendant career?

Machiventa.   Yes, it would be; however, one of the best personal things that is highly useful to the morontial life as you begin your spiritual career is to become a well-balanced, evenly developed individual. This gives you the capacity to embrace new interests later on and to accept those things within you which may be limited now, but which hold your interest. It is important that extremes of personality, extremes of personal development—intellectual and otherwise—not be carried forward. It is helpful to be self-observing in your talents that you do not neglect yourself otherwise. It is important not to be overly critical about your shortcomings as a mortal as you are an instrument of your Creator, and you have talents which lie undeveloped and latent with you now which may come forth later on. There are many individuals whose personality development has been stunted in this mortal lifetime simply by how they were raised and the limitations of their parents or others. It is important to be self-observing—to be, not necessarily a generalist, but not to hone your interests so sharply in this mortal lifetime that you neglect your higher good in other fields as well.

Liz.  Thank you. That was a lovely answer and a very exciting one for me, so I appreciate that.

A rich and rare opportunity in a global timeout.

Stéphane. Machiventa, how are you today?

Machiventa.   Fine, thank you. We are finding it very interesting how people are reacting to their new lives while they are sequestered in their homes being protected from socializing with those who may carry this disease. I will expound on that a bit right now if you would give me the liberty to do so.

Stéphane. Absolutely, please go ahead.

Machiventa.     This is a rich and rare opportunity for us in this realm to have the whole global population as an audience being potentially receptive to new ways of thinking. It is not often that it ever occurs on any planet where there is a timeout for everybody—a time to go into repose, a time to reflect, a time to work on things that weren’t dealt with earlier in a person’s life. And that kind of curiosity to begin to question why am I as I am? How did I get this way? What can I do now to help myself become a whole person? I look at my children and it’s frightening to see myself reflected in these little beings.

So, as you see, this is a time for us—particularly the Thought Adjusters, (who are always on the job),—to focus in on some of the possibilities of open-mindedness. From our perspective this pandemic has a tremendous good to unfold in the world population and in the cultures around the world. I will cease with that and ask you for your comments now.

Re-evaluating what we value.

Stéphane. Well, thank you for that. One of my comments was aligned with what you were just saying. We were just seeing as a family this morning that somebody is suggesting that we should increase salary for frontline workers by 50% which then led to a discussion of how do we value certain members of our society as opposed to highly paid sports athletes and entertainers who are now doing videos from their homes showing their glamorous homes and people being alerted to that. So, yes, what you are saying is true that there is now a recognition that our value system is not aligned to the needs of our society. Do you want to expand on that?

Machiventa.     Yes. This is another facet of the Covid-19, and the further agitation of people’s thinking will wax and wane as the virus comes and goes. It will be most difficult, and cause a lot of second thoughts, third thoughts, and so on in people’s minds to understand what truly is important: what has value, who has value, what gives them value, and so on. As you are aware from our hundreds of discussions, the value system of western civilization—which includes all developed democratic nations and those who are aspiring to develop—is that the value system is materialistic, it is not humanistic, it is not humanitarian, and that it is focused on things rather than people.

You are seeing now that hundreds of care workers and essential workers are being lost to the virus that infects them. You might say that these are the people who are literally in humanity’s trenches of serving the rest of humanity while being exposed to the virus. It is not dissimilar from World War I. It is a very dangerous place to be when you’re out in the open and not protected by adequate equipment—personal protection equipment—and so on. It is incredibly important that everyone (I could have said majority, but it is far greater than that) begin to appraise themselves of good decision-making.

Personal liberty vs. ethics and morality.

You are now in the moral crux of what is important, what is moral. As we have said to you, only occasionally in the past, that this world is lacking in at least a two-tier level of morality. There is the personal morality and ethics, and then the societal morality and ethics. And in this case your societies—in particular the United States society—is morally deficit in its understanding of morality and ethics at the societal level. Without that understanding, (that would be common to 80% of the people), the leaders and followers are not able to make clear decisions about what is moral and what is not moral. As an example: you know or are aware of many people protesting against governors in their state capitols who feel that being sequestered to their homes as a lock-down or sheltering in place is none of the state’s business. They meet with a crowd of a thousand people or more in their protests.

For us and for you, with a moral mind, it is very easy to understand what is desperately wrong with this. They are confusing personal morality with public liberty. They have the right to protect themselves, but they do not have the moral right to put anyone else in jeopardy. If they live in a household of five people, then those five people have their own society. If everyone in their family went out and protested in a group of other people, those five may come home infected and they may find others who are at the rally to be infected as well. This is completely immoral—to take the personal side that they have the right to protest and possibly infect others. It is not a rational follow-up to their thinking in their personal and selfish considerations. Is this clear?

Stéphane. Yes, it is. And I think you have hit it on the nose in that it is personal liberty versus ethics and morality for society. So, it is the real difference then that people are not considering morality and ethics, and of course they are only considering their own personal liberties as the metric for calibration.

Machiventa.  You are exactly right, and this is one of the greatest moral deficits of most developed democratic nations.

Stéphane. Thank you for that. I have a follow-up question on your revelation comments earlier. I for one, thrive in the midst of all revelations. Some people have a hard time accepting it, but revelation really brings us fantastic ideas about spirituality in general. And then, we’re confronted with the reality that our environment does not really change really all that fast against that background of revelation. So, we get the feeling that nothing really happens even though your sense of revelation has increased your spiritual potential exponentially. So, that is the hard thing for me—to continue to anchor myself in reality while the revelation I get increases my potential exponentially. Can you comment on that?

Duality of mortal existence.

Machiventa.   Yes, briefly. You have again your two feet in different locations. You live in a material world where you need to take care of the hardheaded facts of life and living—paying the rent, [making] installment payments, putting children through school and so on—yet you also live with the realization that you are a God-given personality and soul who is growing and needs to feed that growth. Many others live lives that are very similar. The key to living with such a situation is to live without an extreme juxtaposition. Extreme positions of spiritual centered-ness juxtaposed with extreme materiality will cause great stress of the individual and his or her family. We have seen many who have lived that way and were eager to advance in their years so they could retire, so that they could focus on only one pursuit with the assurance that their children, their household etc. are well taken care of.

Those are the individuals who think ahead for those years when they can open up to becoming the person they know they can be. And so, you are correct—it is not easy, it is difficult to live in this world, to accept that there is an onrush of new revelation that is being thrust upon this planet, and you, as an individual, are receiving it. You have become aware of what is to be or what can become, and then wait for it to occur in what you call the real world. I know that I have, perhaps, not hit the nail on the head for answering your question or making a statement but it is one of the spiritual tragedies of living on an experimental world and one that has been fraught with spiritual corruption and administrative treason.

Stéphane. Thank you. Nevertheless, I see the opportunity arising now with the crisis and the virus that people are more open to contents of morality, ethics, and values than ever before, and that is a door opening for that spirituality to have an impact.

Machiventa.  Yes, we agree, and we have been preparing the materials for those individuals who are curious.

A changing curriculum.

Stéphane.  One last question Machiventa. You alluded two weeks ago that this groups material was all coming together nicely, and that we may be nearing a completion. Is the curriculum changing for this group?

Opening the group to more participants.

Machiventa.  Yes, it is. You cannot escape the culture of the world you live in, and as many of you appreciate, you know that your world is on the doorstep of spiritual awakening. That’s an old phrase that has been termed religious awakening in the past, but this is a genuine spiritual awakening—a completely new paradigm of awareness of what is occurring—that this world is in for a change. The shock of such a change for the Team and for your world has already begun to reveal itself. The Covid-19 pandemic is just one of at least a half dozen cataclysms that will force people to seek higher guidance or to withdraw into their limitations.

Yes, this team, this group will change and will need to change. It needs to become the seed of something more broadly shared. As you know you have received the generosity of one of your members to provide this link, and now we understand that as many as a hundred or a thousand people could join in. My question to you is this: Where are they?

More on duality of mortal existence—what is real?.

Liz. Something that Stéphane said about living in the real world… The Urantia Book says that God is the most real of all universe realities, and the closer we become to God the more real we become. And the more I take from that the more this earthly plane becomes a shadow reality as opposed to the real reality of being spiritual children of God. And I’m wondering, if we don’t have that perspective upside down—where we think this is the real world and our spirituality is somehow other than that or an adjunct to that. Is this something you would care to speak to?

Machiventa.  Yes, briefly. Many deeply devout spiritual individuals who have had the trans-personal experience of being deeply connected with the Thought Adjuster—with God, the God presence within them—and have come to know that this world is not the reality. The great challenge of mystics has always been the same.. How to deepen your daily spiritual experience and deepen your ongoing connection to the divine without succumbing to the other reality of the spirituality that is budding within you. As you know from those who have found the ecstasy of mysticism so enchanting, they have truly lost themselves in the realities of spiritual growth. They have been overcome by the phenomenology of ecstasy, (which many young people understand as well through the drug of the same name).

It is something that a person can get lost in, and many mystics of the past and the present are still stuck—which is most unfortunate. What I am telling you is that there is an upside to this and always is. And that is: continue to be self-observing, to understand why and what you’re making decisions about, and why you are making those decisions—are they selfish, are they egotistic, has it now become entertainment, or is this to enhance a deeper connection to the God presence within you? Self-observation is vital to spiritual growth—that you are able to wean yourself from those immature inclinations attached to your mortal existence, and to infuse yourself with those spiritual qualities of truth, beauty, and goodness for your highest good in this lifetime and all the next lifetimes.

Liz. Thank you very much.

Daniel. Last questions, last thoughts please?

Increasing the ranks of the T/Rs—an open door.

Machiventa.  I thank you for your attendance today, and I thank you for the depth of your questions. There has been a great deal of thoughtfulness in the development of your questions which is a reflection of the maturation of your mind mechanism, your soul, and your association with the God presence within you—your Thought Adjuster. It is also a commendation to you for having brought those questions forward even hesitantly thinking it is, perhaps, not a worthy question, but let us determine that ourselves, on this side, to answer them or not. We find that, as a group, you have matured greatly—as a group and as individuals, that your working relationship is highly complemental, and it is synergistic. And that is what we are seeking in these sessions between ourselves, the T/R, the audience, your thinking, and those who read these transcripts. There is a synergism which produces far more than the input and far, far greater than the numbers present. You just never know when truth will come out from even those who are resistant to the truth.

If you wanted to know how we wanted this team to grow, it would be to replicate it in other places with other people with the same skills only, perhaps maybe, though they wouldn’t be quite as mature, as evolved, or developed. Perhaps, they will be even more so. And that would be a wonderful thing for us to experience. We ask those in our readership to test themselves—discern themselves. And yes, if you want to become a T/R, if you have T/R abilities, then be discerning about yourself as well. Yes, beginning T/Rs do have problems with ego, they do have problems with fear, they do have problems with public speaking, and so on. These are all things that can be overcome as you grow in your mortal experience. You will eventually have a greater audience on the other side to listen to you with your experiences here on Urantia. Thank you and good day.

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