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NET91- Plans, Architects, New Religion, Our Struggle®

2020-05-18. Plans, Architects, New Religion, Our Struggle.


New Era Transition – NET #91 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Implementation phase
Our appeal is to all humankind
We have good plans for your world
We are the architects, you are the engineers
This is a time of springing forward
Some of you are being called
Limitations of language and their effects on creativity
How does Jesus love a “bad actor?”
Solutions from another planet
Enhancing the level of communication and co-creation
How can they “know not what they do?”
An attitude of acceptance
This is all meaningful
You are a hardheaded race
Experimental (decimal) planets present the Universe with unique experiences
Religions have a duty
What would a new religion look like?
Struggle of faith on the mansion worlds
Helping someone trapped in negativity
Relationship with your Thought Adjuster
God is a curious Creator

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD
Invocation:  Sherille



Implementation phase.

Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and welcome to another day and another session. We are very pleased to thoroughly confirm that we are in the Implementation Phase of the New Transition Era in this NET #91. As we have told you many times before, it is our intention to have the world population become aware that spirit is among them, among you, and that we have always been here, but our presence now is important to your world and to our mission on Urantia so that you are able to more clearly see what is happening on your world and the reasons why we are here now with the Correcting Time. We have prepared the educational programs for the various populations around the world. We now have the fundamental logic, reasoning, rationale, and justification for doing this work which is supported and based upon the command of Christ Michael and Nebadonia. We are now prepared, in this implementation phase, to make this public to the world.

Our appeal is to all humankind.

As we have told you before, If you were going to develop a program to make other people aware and to enlist the help of others, Then who would you be looking for? Who would you want to support your work? Of course, you would want those people who support you and your work and who would gladly join in the effort to change the course of civilization toward social stability and peace. That is the wisdom. When we become known publicly, who, how, and by what venue, and what medium would we use to enlist those people? It would be people [such] as yourself—people who are interested in the spirit among us, those near to you, your guardian angel, the God presence, and those others who care for you from the celestial and spiritual side of life.

Now, given that these are the people we seek—those people who are not offended by talking about channeling, talking about angels, God, or any of that side of the reality of the universe of which you are a part, how would you gather those people together? (I will be asking some questions and I will pause, and I would like you to take these questions as literal, not rhetorical, but these are questions for you to answer.) You would want to find a medium or media that is friendly to these people, correct? You would want to use some medium by which you could encourage more people like yourself to come to this site, to this work, to these words, these sessions, to these online listen-ins to the sessions that we are having now, this moment.

Do you know of any television or internet media that would be useful? There are many spiritual religious stations, many religious programs, but we do not use those as they are specifically for a religion—for those believers of that religion. Our appeal is to all humankind—whether they live in the slums of Mumbai, the highest penthouses of Montreal or London (or anywhere else), or sitting in their farmhouses listening to a religious station. We are looking for people who think as you do, who believe as you do, who are seeking to have a spiritual experience with the God presence around them and in them—with their guardian angel, celestial teachers, and those others who assist you day to day. We are in the process of working on that project, of entering into communication with stations (television and internet) that are useful to us and that would be useful to their viewers. This is perhaps the fastest way that we can make our presence known to your world and attract like-thinking people at the same time. Our work is not temporary. It is slow, it is plodding, it is effective, and it waits upon the opportunities to become even more effective.

We have good plans for your world.

As you know, spirit and the Life Carriers had nothing to do with the development of the COVID-19 virus that has created a global “timeout” for all humanity. A large portion of the human population is now sitting at home waiting to go to work or enjoying this respite away from the harried lifestyles that they had before. For spirit and for the Correcting Time, this timeout leaves us with a wonderful opportunity to introduce our spiritual presence to all humanity and particularly those who would be interested in what we are doing. I suppose as a side note—something humorous— you might think of us as the ETs you have been looking for: that we are here. We are benevolent, we are kind, and we have good plans for your world. These plans may not match your paradigm, your lifestyle, and your desires for what you would call an improving quality of life. We are, on the other hand, offering humanity a quality of life that surpasses the life that you have on this planet. The quality of life is started here, and when you crossover, you will be well prepared for the afterlife and all the stages of your growth thereafter.

We are the architects, you are the engineers.

When you think of the work of Christ Michael and the Correcting Time, think of it this way: that Christ Michael, myself, and many other Melchizedeks, the Avonal Son, and those Lanonandeks are of one mind—that we are the architects of the Correcting Time on Urantia. We are, as well, the architects of Correcting Time programs on the other worlds that were in quarantine. And you, my dear friends, are the engineers. You are the ones who use these plans to work with your friends to build the programs that we are designing with you. And all through the while of being an engineer, if you work co-creatively with us, you will receive the insights, the guidance, and those dots—those Ah-ha moments where the signs, symbols, and omens that are around you to lead you forward—become apparent. This is truly a very co-creative era of time where we can work earnestly together with you to bring about the healing of your world. There will be many who will disregard what is happening around them—including our presence—and we do not have any negative reactions about that. This simply gives us a challenge to work with those who are not prepared, and that is fine because not everyone is prepared to move forward with us. As we have said, we want those who agree with us, as what we are doing with you, and who want to help co-creatively with us to bring about the healing of your world.

This is a time of springing forward.

As you may surmise, when we become more public, it may be rather subtle. You may not really notice it at first, it may not become as overt as you would like, yet this is how we begin. We are creeping in through the back door of humanity and your civilization to bring about a new reality—one that you have seen as the “new normal” and leaving the “old normal” behind. This new normal that you are seeing as a result of the pandemic is truly the earliest stage of our work for people to be in repose, to reflect on their lives, who have time to read to their children, who have time to be working in their gardens so that their mind is set aside and we have time to address them while they plant their carrots, harvest their lettuce, spinach, and so on, or prune their flowers. This is the springtime my friends. This is a time of springing forward. This is a time of renewal.

This is a time of new beginnings and so we are here to help you begin new beginnings, and those people who have continually harped and complained about the lifestyle and the business of life now have a challenge to undo that for themselves, their neighbors, and their children. This is a time of conscious decision-making about how they want their lives to be and yes, for many of you who are attached to your material items and ones which you still owe great deals of money on, this will be most difficult for you, and we know that you yearn to return to work so you can pay for those things, and that, when the economy becomes much more prosperous, you can downsize your lives into an inner-journey of high quality rather than the outer journey of lower quality. You will be going from materialism to the spiritual and to the intra-personal conversations with spirit, and this is where we know many of you would like to be, want to be, and as a wonderful accoutrement of your life comes from your own spirit—that you will see the spirit of others and you will want to aid them.

Some of you are being called.

During this much more apparent season—a period of time of the implementation—this also requires a much more diligent and conscious inward journey by yourself—that you will have time to go within, to think of how to improve the interior conversation you have with yourself, with your guardian angel, with us, and others. As we become a more manifest presence in your world, so too will you want to become a manifest presence with us in this work. And yes, you will find our footprints in the sand where we have been and the direction we are going. And for some of you, you will see the breadcrumbs leading you forward in your own lives with the work you have to do, need to do, want to do. Some of you are being called specifically to do this work with us. For some of you it may be a tender ground that you are walking on. It may be tender feelings you have about releasing your own will to that of spirit and to God, and some of you will want to hang back and keep watching which we encourage you to do. Eventually we know that you will be moved by your Thought Adjuster and you will agree wholeheartedly to do God’s will. If you have questions now, you are welcome to ask.

Limitations of language and their effects on creativity.

Liz. Good morning Machiventa, this is Liz. It’s nice to be here with you today. Something that you said in our last meeting in response to Rick’s question about how you communicate with your team raised this question for me. I’ve long maintained that the inadequacies of our language leads to creativity. Writers, painters, and musicians all strive to communicate something for which there are no words. Is this true about creativity?

Machiventa.  Yes, and thank you for your question. The nuances of the English language and the blind spots of the English language often are revealed to artists. They struggle to reveal what they are feeling, what they are sensing, what they see in their mind, what they are hearing in their mind, and what they are visualizing. Each language has its own blind spots. The blind spots of English are that it is linear in nature, it is intellectually oriented, yet it has some nuances of emotional context as well. The subject, verb, and object of the English sentence is linear. It projects a desired outcome, yet the human mind is capable of far, far, far more than that on the intuitive basis, on the insights that are not obvious, that are not measurable—those that come through the mind of connections. Thank you. Do you have other questions regarding this?

Liz.  So, when you communicate with your team, if there is no struggle to communicate complex concepts, does creativity suffer?

Machiventa.   By whom? By us or by you.

Liz. By you.

Machiventa.   Repeat your question please.

Liz.  If you do not struggle to communicate complex concepts with you team, does your creativity suffer from that, or does it make you more creative?

Machiventa.   There is truly no comparison between the human mind and the Melchizedekian mind. The creativity is one that is available to those Melchizedeks of greater experience. Experience, as you know for a mortal artist, can yield great insights about technique, colors, and sounds that they can then project, write into, read into, or paint into the work they are doing. This is not a question that would make much sense to us as Melchizedeks. It is a question that is more mortally oriented than it is for us. Does this help or hinder?

Liz. It helps. I know that it’s a little bit of a curiosity question, but your comment last session brought this question back up to my mind, so I appreciate your answer.

How does Jesus love a “bad actor?”.

On a different topic, something came up in our Urantia Book study group several months ago that I’ve been thinking about. One of our members said: “To love everyone as Jesus loves us is difficult because there are so many bad actors out there.” And he said: “How am I expected to love someone who hurts others or who acts in an otherwise despicable manner?” And I thought that is a question for you.

Machiventa.  Yes, and thank you for that question. And the parallel from Jesus to mortals is that…. Remember when he was on the cross and his last words were: “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they’re doing.” That rings also within your question. That when people know what they are doing and can assess and discern what they are doing, they will make a decision whether to continue with that behavior or not. For Jesus, as he saw mortals doing despicable things to others, he truly loved them as he sees within them. Everyone has the kernel of a soul within them.

Some souls are more richly embellished and developed as the mortal has experienced life and has discerned its meaning and has produced a love-insight into what was occurring. You see, the actions and behaviors of an individual, for good or bad, are evidence of maturity or immaturity of that individual. The person Jesus loves is the person within—that pristine individual who is the new soul, the new being, the new personality. For people who do bad and evil things, He loves them not for what they do, but for what they do not do—and that those things that they do which are in error are forgivable because of a lack of full intelligence of the responsibilities as a growing and maturing soul.

Remember, your life as a mortal is a petri dish. It is an experiment. It is a control group and experimental group. You have the choice to be in either group. Those people who are uninformed about their behavior being evil and vile have not had the opportunity to make an informed decision. Now, the person who Jesus has a challenge with, as we have a challenge with, is a person who has deliberately, consciously, chosen to do evil knowing that doing good is the better part of living life. That is the true stink of humanity—that you can see these people coming and you can smell their darkness even before they come and particularly after they leave your presence. It is much like the light.

There are some people who live in darkness out of ignorance and don’t know what they are doing. Can you forgive them because they are ignorant? Surely, you must. So, this is a means by which you can take the example from Jesus. In many ways Jesus saw individuals as you see your children when they are very young. They have bad behaviors, they have bad tempers, they have temper tantrums. They become very selfish. They want to have everything for themselves, but through your guidance as a responsible, ethical, and moral parent you lead them, inform them, teach them, train them, and model by example how to live their life. Many children are never given those wonderful opportunities, and so they emulate the modeling of their parents who have also not known. Do these answers suffice to answer your question?

Liz. Yes, indeed. Thank you very much. That’s all I have for you today.

Machiventa.   Thank you Liz.

Solutions from another planet.

Raymon. Good morning Machiventa. As experience is a valuable commodity that we share out in the multiverse, is it possible for you to share any solutions developed or any other innovative ideas developed on the other quarantine worlds which helped them into or through their new normal?

Machiventa.  There is not a crossover of the “new normal” from Urantia during this quarantine time—during this Covid-19 pandemic—to other worlds. There are only two other worlds that are in the desperate situation of Urantia. Others have become more amenable to spiritual guidance. They have less history of the absence of the guidance from responsible planetary managers and managers of this section [of Nebadon]. As for lessons that are transferable from those other worlds to here, we thank you for your curiosity question, but the reality is that you learn best your own lessons from experience, and that the experience you are having now during this global time-out. This new normal, so to speak, is very noteworthy for your world. This time-out has been accomplished without war, without weapons, and without harm to the whole civilization of this world.

It has come about through a very detrimental, injurious virus which attacks, and attacks, and attacks. This is a lesson that will not go away for a long time. It is something that you must contemplate and live with deliberately, consciously, and, for some of you for a good deal of your life. If you see these actions of thought  and conscious living then you will see the new normal as something that you would want to  adhere to and keep. I know I have gone astray from the basics of your question, but the presence of experience now, today, this moment, where you live, and when you go out into your community is something that is most powerful to change your behaviors and your ways of thinking—what you value and what you do not; what you want to save and preserve and that which does not matter. So, this is something that is immediate, meaningful, and life changing. You couldn’t have a better learning experience than this.

Raymon.  Thank you Machiventa for your answer.

Enhancing the level of communication and co-creation.

Alfonso. We guests are honored to be invited to this experience form of NOCO. I hope it can become a permanent invitation. Last night I was thinking about a question to ask you, and right away the answers started coming, so I won’t ask you that one. So, my question is: what should we guests do in order to enhance the level of communication and co-creation with the celestial beings so that we support the efforts of NOCO.

Machiventa.   I chuckle with glee [chuckling], because your own life and your own experience in preparation to ask the question [more chuckling] is the answer to your question that you asked now. You went inward—inside yourself—to ask a question, and this, my friend, is the open door, the open window wherein spirit within you—God within you—can address your question. I, as a planetary manager, could not suggest a better way of preparing yourself to be of assistance to us and to your fellow human beings—near and far—and to the work of the NOCO team. Thank you for your living example of the answer that you need.

Alfonso. Thank you.

How can they “know not what they do?”.

Rick.  I say this with respect. It is not my intention to be difficult, but your answer to Liz’s question that all these people who commit evil—they just don’t understand, but I have a real big problem with that and here’s the reason why: On Pentecost, all normal-minded human beings are given a Thought Adjuster. Secondly, using a couple of examples like the Nazi’s who were Christians, but especially ISIS—who were totally dedicated to the Koran—they followed and read their Koran daily, and I think they knew exactly what they were doing. And it sounds like, by your response, you’re saying all these people who knowingly commit evil in our world (and it’s not a majority—it’s a minority) that they are not responsible for their evil. And, I have to tell you, in my life experience that doesn’t resonate as true or accurate. That’s my statement.

Machiventa.  One point is that individuals involved in evil conduct are eternally, infinitely, and personally responsible for their actions. It takes in a broader parameter than their mortal lifetime here. Second is that they are following the Koran. Now, who wrote the Koran? Who wrote the New Testament? Who wrote the Old Testament? These were men as they interpreted what they had heard. And some deliberately and intentionally adapted and rewrote the history of the Bible books and the Koran to suit their own political and religious purposes. Had those individuals who have done wrong, whether they are those of ISIS or Nazis, had they ever had a direct communication with God within, we can assure you that they would very possibly never go the way of evil ever again.

You know this for yourself, you know mystics who know right from wrong, who know evil from that which aggrandizes God and that which does not. You know that they are good people and that they are fully informed by the ecstatic experience of knowing God personally as a mystic. We do not hold mortals responsible for their behavior. We act in response to their behavior. It is that we love the potential within them to change their ways. Those who are adamantly confirmed in the interpretations of the messages of the writers of these spiritual books have gone astray. It is in this interpretation where people err. It is much like the seven values and the ethics and morality that are subsequent to those values. Those values exist throughout all humanity—in all people, but it is in their interpretations that they have given to those values that they choose to do right or wrong.

Remember, Jesus said he loves the person within and detests the actions that they incur. And this is perhaps the most divine, beneficial, personal, and loving statement that anyone can give to another.

So, you are right in the statements we have given to Liz according to the interpretations that individuals act out. You have really gotten to the core of the presence of the Correcting Time. It is that we know that people who are in the court and sitting as a witness and who share hearsay, that those statements are rejected. Those statements of hearsay are interpretations, at least once over if not twice over, of what really may have occurred to some observer. So, you see the untruth of the way people live which causes great harm to others. This is truly despicable, and they will receive their just deserts in the eventuality of time and in the infinity of time. Thank you.

Rick.  Thank you for your full and compassionate answer. It is helpful because I misinterpreted part of your response to Liz’s question in that these people were not responsible for their evil, malignant behavior and I’m glad to hear that, even though they are loved, and they are forgiven or they could be forgiven (if they asked for forgiveness) and at least they are held responsible. Thank you.

Machiventa.   Thank you.

An attitude of acceptance.

JT. We have a reader who asks: Since about two-thirds of the planet is slated for decimation (according to Monjoronson,) shouldn’t we have an attitude of acceptance regarding the current catastrophe? Is it not merely the start toward a better world?

This is all meaningful.

Machiventa.  Yes. We (the spiritual realm that is involved in the caretaking and management of Urantia) see this pandemic as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to teach. It is an opportunity to show people there is another way. This part of the implementation period is a part of that showing. This is a slow process. And just as you hint, the pandemic is just one of several cataclysms that will engulf your world. This is all meaningful. This all has a way to be interpreted for the positive—for the good of all people. Most people who experience unemployment, impoverishment, lack of food, inability to pay for their rent and maintain their shelter, home, and family would see this pandemic as something very evil, something very vile, and something very harmful to them personally. And surely it is. We of the Correcting Time work on the long arc of a planet’s existence to build, design, and develop those designs into actual, physical, manifested social institutions which can be of assistance to the human population—to the planet’s civilization.

You are a hardheaded race.

t is not that no one cares about the individuals who are hurt and harmed by the pandemic, for we of the spiritual realm care deeply for each individual and we are of great assistance to those who listen and want to use their circumstances for the good of themselves, their family, and others. This truly is a hard task to do coming from a world where individualism and the right of self-independence and self-determination are of greatest importance. As we have said you are a hardheaded race of beings. It is hard to teach people who resist being led, and we have seen individuals who have opportunities that come to them but who ignore those opportunities. This happens far more frequently than you realize. And it is not that you, individually, are not cared for when you get caught up in the circumstances of a global pandemic.

It is not the same as a general who sends tens of thousands of troops forward in an assault knowing full well that many thousands of them will be killed or injured. In this case there is no intention of sending anybody forward into any harm’s way. This is an opportunity for people to come into deeper spiritual experience as they experience the great injuries that they will suffer and are suffering during this period of time. Your question harkens back to the very purposes of the Correcting Time, and the Correcting Time will take time–years, decades, and even centuries to be fully accomplished. In the meantime, many millions of people and billions will suffer the consequences of things which are not of God’s intentional design, but are consequences of the original pattern of development of your world.

Experimental (decimal) planets present the Universe with unique experiences.

Remember, this is an experimental planet—one in ten—that presents the universe with the experience which could not be had on a planet that is designed and is going through the program and protocols of a balanced world. Everyone is given an opportunity in the afterlife—the morontial life, in the receiving worlds, and the mansion worlds—where they will be informed, educated, and become fully aware of what is happening. It is not that we do not care about the material, manifest individual as a material, mortal being, for we do love you very much. It is that you are caught in-between the afterlife and the life that you began in the present circumstances. This is an era of tremendous challenge for everyone. It is a challenge to us as well. The least that we can convey to you is that you are loved, you are wanted, you are desired, you are needed—now and in the afterlife—for your own soul’s sake and for the soul’s sake of other people. I do not feel as though I have answered your question fully. You are most welcome to repeat this or ask other questions that would fill in the blanks.

Liz.  Machiventa, this Is Liz again. Certain members of my Urantia Book study group have been reading about the default of the Urantia Foundation on their declaration of trust, and three of the things that the declaration of trust included was to foster a religion, foster a philosophy, and foster a cosmology. They have failed to do that, and I was kind of surprised to see that foster a religion was part of their mandate. I’m wondering if those things are still a part of your implementation program?

Religions have a duty.

Machiventa.   Very much so, yes. It is necessary to have religions based on the relationship of the individual to God—to the God presence within them; to honor the God presence in other people—the namaste so to speak. This is important because establishing a religion that is attuned to the values and relationship of God to the individual and the values of life and living as a mortal is important because religions offer a pattern, a protocol for an individual to come into that relationship. It is the purpose of religions, truly, to train individuals so that they eventually leave that religion with a personal mystic relationship with the God presence within, who is able to speak with the God presence as a person, as a friend, as an individual. You, in fact, may think that I am quite informal and even cavalier and casual with speaking to God, or of speaking of Christ Michael and others. This is part of our relationship. There is no insincerity, no callousness, no skepticism, and no sarcasm involved at all. Our relationship to the Divine is one of honoring, one of love, and intense dedication. How is this learned?

If parents do not know how to teach their children to honor and respect their elders and particularly those of a divine nature, then how can they become more religious and more at one with the God spirit within them? So, religions have a duty, they have a sincere command to prepare individuals for their personal relationship with God the Divine within them. Only through this means do we suggest that they abandon their religion for they have moved on. As we have quoted Hafez before, who said: “Now that I have come to know God, I can no longer call myself a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Jew. So, you see, once you know God personally as a personal experience, then you have moved on, and you will never get that in a Church unless you are praying directly to God Itself—the Source within you. And then you are in that mystic relationship of Love and honoring that is so personal no matter where you are.

What would a new religion look like?.

Liz.  Thank you for that. When I think of a religion I think of a set of crystalized beliefs or procedures and that seems to be antithetical to what my spiritual experience is. I can’t imagine what a new religion would look like. Can you help me with that?

Machiventa.   Yes, it would look like your religion. You know God personally. You have had the experience of knowing God one-to-one. And that is the new religion. Religions that have been established are man-made. They have forgotten their original purpose, or never had an original purpose of the nature of which we speak. Religions truly are educational, indoctrinating, socializing social institutions which have a definite mission that has an expiration date for each individual. And their purposes have been skewed—have been set aside. They have become man-made protocols and costumery, liturgies, and ways of behaving that have to meet the particular ways of kneeling before God. And so, the crystalized religions that exist today are in fact working against many of the good things that Jesus taught you and has taught us.

Liz.  So then, the way to go about fostering the new religion would not be going to ministers, preachers, and heads of churches and talk to them about the life and teachings of Jesus as they are portrayed in the Urantia Book, but by one-on-one discussion with family and friends about their personal religious experience. Is this what you’re saying?

Machiventa.   Yes, but adapt it a bit. This is much like the opening statements I gave to you today that we are seeking people who are like-thinkers—people who are already thinking outside the box of the crystalized social institutions. We are looking for, as you would be looking for, individuals who are seeking more. Remember that religion that you have within yourself—your own personal religion—is personal. It is meaningful. You can feel it. You talk to others through your heart. You convey the meaning and depth of your commitment to that relationship you have in your voice. It is both a spiritual and emotional experience. Remember that your emotional energy fires the furnace and the engine of your spirituality. If you look for a man-made religion that has those authentic energies and “heartfelt” connection, then that would make for a suitable mid-way point or compromise. What you are looking for as a person is that emotional, soul heating, inflaming relationship of knowing God directly. This is where you change. This is the metamorphosis—from the young immature soul to a mature soul. So, yes, you would want to relate this with other people who think alike as you do. Do you have further questions about this?

Liz. Not at the moment. I have many questions, but they’re kind of roiling around in my head, so I think I will table that until next time if you don’t mind.

Machiventa.   I don’t mind, and I encourage you to do so. Thank you.

Liz.  Thank you very much.

Struggle of faith on the mansion worlds.

JT.  There are no more questioners in the queue, so I will ask more reader questions.

  • Even though a soul must recognize that an afterlife exists once they get to the mansion worlds, are there souls on the mansion worlds that struggle with their faith—that they may not completely believe in God?

Machiventa. Yes, this is so. You have hit upon a point of great and earnest effort to inform those individuals. As we have told you, everyone who crosses over who hasn’t made a definite commitment beforehand against being in the afterlife and against God, is given the opportunity to learn about the universe, about God, about what the afterlife is about, their position in it, and what they are there for. And that they are truly presented with a literal question that they must come to answer eventually. Fortunately for the celestial teachers—who are greatly experienced—they already can see and know the level of the roiling around, as Liz said, in the minds of these individuals as they contemplate the education they have received and the meaning of their decision. And that those who have really not come to a settled decision are left to think about, contemplate, and discern what they have learned, and to think about their decision either way.

There is no hurry in the maturation of soul development. There is no adamant time to decide that a person wants to remain in the afterlife or reject it totally. As you have read, these individuals are given as much time as they want. Eventually, as you know from your informed sources, these people come to their own decision, their own commitment, their own point of deciding how they want to live their life in the future—either as being part of the universe or being part of the nothingness that never existed. Yes, there are individuals who reject God in the afterlife. You would be amazed to work through the format, the teaching procedure, the manual of teaching and informing these people about their situation. The detail of that is beyond human recognition at this point. So, we have been confronted with this situation many times, and see it as an opportunity for the teachers themselves to grow. Thank you.

Helping someone trapped in negativity.

  • I have an adult relative who is trapped in the negativity of anger and emotional sensitivity due to childhood wounds. What spiritual practices can I engage in toward their healing and release?

Machiventa.   Thank you for your question. This, to us as we work with mortals on Urantia, is tragically too common to your people. We would advise that you not overtly attempt to confront them, and not to even present an ameliorating discussion with them, but you and your presence already have the capacity and capability to emanate the glow within you of love and acceptance. You want to express what you want the other person to feel because of who you already are. And so, you’d want to (chuckling)—not literally, but metaphorically—have this rub off on your friend; so that they would begin to feel what you are exuding without words, so that you are a presence that is with them even when you are at a distance, so that your glow has affected the shadows of their life, so that they live in a much more open and visible arena or venue within themselves to see what you see, and to then compare that, or discern that, as apart from that loving, glowing presence that you exude when you are there with them in person or from afar. This is truly a very powerful way of living and being a highly-evolved morontial presence in the physical world. You would be practicing what we feel toward you now. Thank you.

Relationship with your Thought Adjuster.

John.  Good morning Melchizedek. I’m grateful for the work you are doing with us and I appreciate the opportunity to ask a question. The question I am working through in my own mind, in my personal practice, is the idea of being a kind of discretely, highly personal being trying to have a relationship with my Thought Adjuster which is pre-personal. And I tend to look at that relationship as a personal one like I would have a relationship with another personal being, but I’m beginning to sense that there is a dimension to this relationship that I don’t quite get yet which is more of a presence—that this pre-personal being doesn’t relate to me in the way that I would expect or want them to, but that there is a lot of growth for me in this area of developing what our text calls these inner-listening ears to more clearly discern the guidance of my Thought Adjuster. So, my question is really, I would appreciate any insight you can give me relative to that relationship and how I can deepen this ability to hear the guidance of the Thought Adjuster and other celestials.

Machiventa. Thank you for your question. I’d be most glad to answer it. First of all, there is a little word you used in there that is the hinge point, the trigger, the block to that relationship that you would like and that is what you expect that relationship to be. You can anticipate that any expectations that you have of your relationship with the God presence within you is so out of alignment with what it really is that it is erroneous of you to support expectations of what you think it should be. Your point is to accept that it is present—to accept that this divine, spiritual entity that lives within you, within your mind, is there to assist you, that it is incredibly benevolent and loving and wants to lead you forward. Your expectations of what you think this relationship should be is holding you back. Any expectation you form of that relationship is a box and that it is only as big as you can conceive for that box. On the other hand, your Thought Adjuster—the God presence within you—has a box that is infinite and that it wants you to fill that box to the infinite with the infinite that already exists within you.

As your communication is one of adoration, one of respect, one of deep love, one of abiding appreciation for the benevolence has in part been brought into your life by the spiritual realm around you and the spiritual presence within you. How do you approach the Divine? is truly a very earnest, honest, and authentic question to ask yourself: How do you approach the Divine? How did Jesus approach the divine? One is the total acceptance of the God presence with you and the Comforter as Jesus called the Spirit of Truth. God was there as his Father, as his benefactor, and his way-shower in his seventh bestowal. Now, to myself, Machiventa Melchizedek the planetary manager of Urantia, that is beyond my comprehension for Jesus—Christ Michael—was of God and had accepted upon his anointment that he was truly a Creator Son of God. So your chore is to open up—step outside the box that you’ve created and let everything God has for you into you with the greatest ability that you can muster, and in doing so you ask for that assistance as you have asked me. Thank you.

John.  Thank you. I’m most grateful for you answer.

Daniel. Let’s have Machiventa come forward for the closing. And in the meantime—for our new members and guests—please announce yourself when you ask a question. Say: “This is John and I would like to ask a question.” Or something like that. That helps both me and everyone in our session to know who is speaking. Thank you.

God is a curious Creator.

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa Melchizedek. We are greatly appreciative of the new members who have come to join this group. We see a sense of developed intelligence among all of you—a sense of soul growth and appreciation for where you are in that realm. We like the mix that it is bringing to you—our old members and our new members. That you see what is possible, you see the potential, and you have questions. As new members, you have new questions, and they are insightful, they are intuitive, they are highly approachable to be answered. They are questions that give you and us an opportunity to see deeply within you and that the potential within you for the years ahead—where you are going, what you are doing. You are asking, in a way, for answers to questions that will help you, guide you, as you consciously live the answers in your life ahead.

It is a duplication, a wonderful multiplying effect that you, as a mortal, listening to this, and you, as a soul, listening to this for insights for how you can better cooperate with your Thought Adjuster. That truly is the key toward your soul maturity, to your spiritual maturity and evolution while still a mortal on this planet. Yes, many of you have an evolving additive developing in your aura coming that is evidence of the very early immature stages of the morontial experience even while as a mortal. And we congratulate you for your commitment, for your earnestness, and for your curiosity—for God was, is, and always has been a curious creator.  And so, it is through your curiosity about yourself and your growth coupled with the openness to accept having new experiences that you can add to your soul’s growth and weight. We thank you for your presence here today, and we look forward to many more questions and many more people to join us in these sessions. We thank and bless you. Good day.

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