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NET92 – Religion, Discernment, Authority, Social Issues & Progress®

2020-06-01.  Religion, Discernment, Authority, Social Issues & Progress.


[[[ NOTE from the TR – due to a certain inconvenience in my life, I have not edited #92, but trust that you will forgive any grammatical and cross-over word errors that may occur.  //daniel ]]]

New Era Transition #92 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Nature of current crises
Benevolent leadership needed
Wage light—not fight
Be discerning and be still
Come forward as peacemakers
A new religion
A true religion
Ancillary projects for a new religion
Teaching discernment
Infiltrating existing religious institutions
Best approach for enlisting new recruits
Using current events as a catalyst for progress
Policy change—communication with mansion world survivors
On healing practices
Use a heart centered approach
Criteria for discernment
Mind liaison between celestial team and mortal team members
Purpose and scope of mind liaison
We can read your history
No treats
Authority vs. Personal Responsibility—teaching rightful authority
Working with the celestial team
Pharmaceutical co-op
Spiritual pressure, social unrest, and abuse of authority
A great opportunity for social progress
U.N. Year of the Family—needing a new format
An opening for a more meaningful life

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Participants from: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United States, Venezuela. If I missed your country, please let me (JT) know at [email protected]

Invocation:  Liz




Nature of current crises.

Machiventa.   Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and it is a pleasure to be with you. Myself and my team greatly appreciate the connections you have made with this telephone service so that we can connect personally with those in foreign countries around the world. We know that you are here to join us, everyone, and that you may have questions, and there is a time reserved in our session for you to ask them. Many of you have questions that are very similar in nature, and when we tune into our various mortal teams and individuals, we hear virtually the same questions and concerns that resound in all of your minds.

We want to assure you that this pandemic and the violence is the making of the natural systems of evolution of sub-microscopic viruses and pathogens. Also know that the violence that seems to be rebounding in many cities around the world is man-made and it is in response to difficulties of leadership with which you are so well acquainted—a leadership that aggravates the violence that already exists.

Benevolent leadership needed.

It is important when we speak about leadership that you think of yourselves as leaders as well. We know that many of you are reticent to come forward in public and to present yourself or present your views. This is natural and we do not have any problem with that at all. It is important that leadership have an ethos to it—that it has its own ideology, and that it is one of benevolence, goodness, and that it is of a sincere approach to anticipating the future goodness as it will be expressed by individuals who are also peaceful and benevolent. Many of your philosophers have spoken about those individuals who are quiet—those individuals who do nothing when there is a time to raise your hand or stand up and say: “This is not  working, this is not good, this is immoral, unethical, and it tears down our societies at the individual level.” As part of the Correcting Time that very aspect is indeed part and parcel of our work—to assist individuals to come forward to help us correct these deficiencies, these difficulties in your society.

You would be quite amazed to know that, in actuality, people who are benevolent far outnumber those who are malevolent—those people who create difficulties and harass your societies and those individuals who are peaceful and quiet. In this Correcting Time there is a time and a place and a circumstance in which individuals must come forward. They must simply stand up and take steps forward in their groups to be of support to that which is good, which is benevolent, and which leads your nations, your citizens, your communities, your families, and individuals into the light. You are the ones who hold flashlights. You point your light here, you point your light there, and people are illumined, and they are illumined by what you say, by your words, by your actions, by the energies you project into the world.

Wage light—not fight.

Yes, we do know that this violence that you see so rampant in your nations is evidence of people who are not at peace—people who have resentment and resistance to wrongful authority—wrongfully placed power and control. As most of you know, we of the Correcting Time of Christ Michael’s vast entourage on this planet are not seeking violence—we do not support violence, and we do not enter into violence. It is much like two men wrestling in muddy water—they both will get dirty and they both will look less than they did when they entered into the water and their fight. We wage light rather than fight. We bring forward the illumination of what is good and what is helpful to everyone. Yet, as you know, there is a time to sit in repose, to stand aside, to fall back, and to be in the one moment of the Om—Ommmmmmm. It is a time to let those difficulties pass you by, not to pay them attention, not to participate even by listening. You withdraw yourself from the violence and you hold the vigil, you hold the stillness, you hold the oneness, you hold the space of goodness for others to enter into as well beside you. You become in many ways an eastern believer in Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and so on. There are many religions which espouse the quiet, the stillness, the silence, and to be still in your mind—a place of no thought as the Taoists have taught you. This is a wonderful place to be.

Be discerning and be still.

So, what is required of you? What is required of you is to discern. To discern whether you can make a difference, when you can make a difference, where you can make a difference, how you can make a difference. A major part of our work is to encourage those people who have leadership capabilities to come forward—to initiate groups that have peace on their mind, who want to be powerful and peaceful, who want to bring forth the peace and stillness of mind from others so that everyone who joins together has a stillness about them rather than violent thoughts. Violent thoughts can generate and produce more violent thoughts, and when they are shared with others then you will have a riot. We do not support riots. We do not support negative, violent thinking. It is very difficult for those individuals who have not been trained to become self-observing of their thinking, but It is not impossible to do. Many of you have this capability. Many of you practice it even as I am speaking. You know that to become centered, grounded, and balanced you need to be centered in your mind. Your mind is still. Your mind is centered, you are grounded in the earth with your feet, and you are in emotional balance. This is a center that begins the meditation. This is the center of where you begin your sacred Om and participate with others in that silence.

Come forward as peacemakers.

One factor that we have spoken about many times in the past is that soon you will recognize those people as they are. They are peaceful, they are benevolent, they wish no one any harm, and they want to be responsible socially, in their communities, and their families. You will soon recognize these individuals as they stand up and come forward when they are asked to do so. The difference in coming forward is not as a soldier to do harm to others, but as peacemakers—not to just write documents and papers and do nothing, but to come forward with your thoughts and your peace of mind and your stable and peaceful energy. We know who you are because we have seen your children and they are of a like kind as well. Your children will be peaceful as you are peaceful. They will speak beneficial, benevolent thoughts and words when you do the same. You as parents are models for this next generation whether they are three months or thirty years old or older. This is your moral responsibility. And, yes, this is a time when exceptional individuals—those once every five hundred years type individuals—come forward into a time of need. Some of your observers of history have noted that sometimes this is a cycle of 50 years, or 75 years, or something on that order. This is a time of great change. Make sure and ensure that the people you follow are people who are benevolent and peaceful in mind and actions, and that they are not reactive in nature, but proactive in nature in what they espouse and in what they do.

As I know we have a rather large group of people today in session, I will now leave my podium but remain here in stillness as you formulate your questions which you are most eager to ask. Thank you.

A new religion.

Liz: Good morning Machiventa. I’d like to revisit our short conversation of last time about the mandate of fostering a new religion. Is that all right?

Machiventa.   Certainly. Ask away.

Liz: I’ve done quite a bit of reading about this and it appears that the primary problem that I was having in our last discussion was one of semantics. The Urantia Book very clearly states that religion is personal, and individual. I confused the word religion with religious institutions which the Urantia Book calls cults. Now the word “cult” has a negative connotation in our culture, so I prefer “religious institution” or “faith tradition.” So, am I right to understand that a new religious institution is to be created with a primary focus to be on fostering this new religion of a personal relationship with God and Jesus’s message of loving one another as he loves us?

A true religion.

Machiventa.   Thank you. Yes, you are quite correct. You must also at this time discern the nature of this new religion and this new religious institution. And you spoke of that intention in a convoluted way but let me make it clear to you. The intention of establishing an institutional religion based on the Urantia Book and the love of Jesus and Jesus’s love of you, is to become a teaching institution. It has basically only one mandate and that is to teach individuals how to be in religious relationship with the creator—the God presence within you. That would be in conformity with the intention mentioned in the Urantia Book about what true religion is. A true religion involves two individuals—personally you as a mortal and the God presence within you. We would also include in that the presence of Christ Michael. Period. And I say period at the end of that sentence simply because the figure of Jesus has become misused/maladapted to his mission and to the eventual religion that was formed around his beliefs. Am I clear so far with you?

Liz: Yes.

Machiventa.   OK. If there is more to your question, I ask that you request more information.

Ancillary projects for a new religion.

Liz: Well, the idea of it being a teaching institution answers another part of my question. In addition to the main tenant of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, will the other mandates of fostering a new philosophy and fostering a new cosmology be a part of this new faith tradition?

Machiventa.   Yes, it would. This would be an ancillary educational project within the institution and would be basically teaching individuals how to approach a philosophical question. How to discern truth so that the individuals who are in this classroom setting would be able to then advance on their own to validate the philosophical basis for many religions. It is not to create hostility or opposition to any other religion; it is simply so individuals understand why it is essential for them to be in a personal relationship with the God presence within them as their own dwelling place of a church—of a religion. I believe I answered the first half of your question; would you assist in the second half?

Teaching discernment.

Liz: So, what I am understanding you are saying is that this will be ancillary to people’s current faith tradition—not something separate and apart?

Machiventa.   No, this would be part of the religion that you establish to do the teaching. It is ancillary because it is not directly involved in teaching people how to have a personal relationship with the divine within them but assist them to discern other philosophies. In doing so it is very important, then, for the individuals in this classroom setting to together formulate a philosophy for their relationship with the Divine within them and the relationship of the teaching church to themselves and to others. Does this confuse or help?

Infiltrating existing religious institutions.

Liz: Well, it helps. I have much more thinking to do about this. In the Urantia Book paper 87:7 there is an entire page of what I call the bones of the new church laying out very clearly what this religious institution requires to be successful, and it’s quite a task. You asked us last week where and with whom we would start with such a project and so my question is: is there currently a religious institution that is ripe for this message to infiltrate its current position?

Machiventa.   That tactic has not been successful in the past. Institutions that are older than two weeks old tend to become crystalized in their beliefs, their faiths, their values, and so on. It would be quite a leap for them to accept such a broad goal and mission and objectives as you mentioned for this new church. It is better to begin with a very clean slate by the individuals who share similar beliefs about this new “church.” And I put “church” in quotation marks because “church” has so many negative connotations to contemporary believers of many age groups. You are counseled now to begin examining those parts that are workable. Begin with the mandate that the [Urantia] Foundation was given, and put that into a practical, approachable, method for this to begin. You need not become the leader, but we would anticipate that you would definitely become a teacher in this new effort. Remember, this is not a reaction to what has occurred in the past, but this is a brand-new effort to move forward in the consciousness of Christ Michael for all of your religious efforts.

Daniel: I’m having a hard time here maintaining my connection [to Machiventa.]

Liz: You’re doing fine Daniel.

Daniel: Thank you. For myself, I haven’t hit the bottom of the groove yet, so thank you.

Machiventa.   Please proceed.

Liz: Well, I’m not sure what I should do in order to proceed, but I will meditate on it and I will pray about it, and I know that you will provide all the necessary manpower for this to be accomplished. So, that’s all I have today. Thank you for your time Machiventa.

Machiventa.   Thank you. And you can be well assured that we will be present with you when you roll these ideas and concepts over in you mind. Thank you.

Walt: I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be here Machiventa. In NET #91 were you asking how we would pursue candidates to enlist in the co-creative adventure of introducing spirit into your world and implementing the spirit teams’ targeted education programs. Did I understand correctly?

Daniel: You came in a little foggy there Walt. Could you repeat that?

Best approach for enlisting new recruits.

Walt: In NET #91 were you asking how would we pursue candidates to enlist in the co-creative adventure of introducing your spirit team to the world and implementing the spirit teams’ targeted educational programs? Did I understand that correctly?

Machiventa.   Yes, you did understand correctly and thank you for enunciating clearly.

Walt: Ok, in that case, does your team have a prepared appeal that we should use to actively recruit enlistees in this venture and is a broadcast or private approach more desirable to you?

Machiventa.  We—myself and my team—have thought of this for a long period of time and it changes between cultures, centuries, and by nationalities. The best approach is through a personal approach—one that is personal in nature. We do not have a written or published article or outline for you to follow, it is simply what you do by following from your heart. And we do not ask you to do this publicly, we do not ask you to stand on a street corner and say that your spirit brothers are here with you. Oftentimes these engagements of person to person are done in a group that has a similar religious or spiritual inclination and also in personal approaches where you might be discussing hobbies, special interests, intellectual pursuits, or spiritual pursuits. This is something that is, for those individuals, perhaps, as extroverts who are more adept at this type of work, but we have found incredible—even amazing—work done by individuals who are introverts, who are shy—those individuals who do not come forward easily. But when they do, what is so amazing in their approach is that their sincerity, their humility, and their earnestness become immediately evident to the listener.

Walt: Wow, thank you so much Machiventa.

Using current events as a catalyst for progress.

Machiventa.   An immediate approach is to speculate about the concerns of the world at this time as most people who have become deeply spiritual and socially evolved have an awareness that something is not working in this world. And that leads to the speculation of the future and appreciation of past, similar circumstances on your world [when it] was in a similar cross-hairs of history [with a possible] future of violence—to wonder whether there will come forward some idea, some concept, some evolution of thought in the world to people that they might change their way of thinking—their values and how they appreciate where they live and what they have that works for them. The immediate circumstances of a person’s life are always a wonderful frontal approach to ask them how they are tolerating this situation—whether they live in the country and are at peace with the world, or whether they live in the center of a city. It is important that people have some type of coping mechanism. Some would rely on their religion and rituals and to repeat traditional prayers, others would go within to the stillness and ask a question of the God presence within them. The answers abound for those individuals who are open to receive information and that is a good question to ask others—Where do you get your peace? Where do you get your understanding of the world? Where do you get and how do you receive this peacefulness you seem to have about you? This, hopefully, will certainly uncover a flurry of responses for you. Thank you.

Walt: Thank you too, Machiventa. That is very helpful. I do have another question, but I will wait until others have had a chance to ask.

Machiventa.   Please proceed.

Policy change—communication with mansion world survivors.

Walt: Thank you. At the time that the Urantia revelation was given, universe policy forbade communication from departed mortals to their loved ones. I’m taking from paper 112:3.7, however today evidence is rife that that policy has been abandoned. Otherwise there seems to be pervasive foul play afoot. Could you please advise us on this matter?

Machiventa.   Certainly, and gladly. Yes, that quotation out of the Urantia Book has been a vexation for many people. As they understand and know that many people around them—even perhaps themselves—have received communication from departed families or friends. This is a change in policy, yes, as nothing is static in the universe change is always evident around you. Change also brings better results when they are discerned, and policies thoughtfully engaged for everyone concerned. In this case you will note that there are no malevolent individuals who have come across to talk to mortals on this planet. Those who are of a positive nature, those who would encourage mortals that they contact to be in alignment with the greater reality of the universe are an asset to us and an asset to mortals involved. It tends to validate the afterlife. The afterlife to many contemporaries in this world—millennials and those of young generations tend to think that the afterlife is just so much hocus pocus—it is just so much nonsense.

It is quite thrilling for us to see one of these individuals being approached at some time in their life by one who they knew personally and who they knew so well who had passed on who now visits them. We are seeking union, not separation. We are also seeking the reality of individuals as mortals not to go to approach the individuals in the afterlife for advice or for guidance. If they wish to speak to an elder, they are most welcome to include that with their meditations with their Thought Adjuster—the God presence within them. This would be helpful to all concerned and ensure that the right outcomes do develop. You will know that this is so because you and others have also been visited by benevolent individuals from the past. They can relate certain specific information that would identify them as one of those who knows you personally from that past. We are not interested in supporting the psychic realm, we are not interested in clairvoyance to the afterlife by those who seek those things. We do encourage sincere individuals to begin their morontial career early by participating in the adventures that can be given to them by a former mortal who is in the company of a celestial guide to assist them. Thank you.

Walt: I thank you so very much Machiventa. This is beautiful and helpful. Thank you.

Machiventa.   You’re welcome.

On healing practices.

David: First, I’d like to say that one of my personal goals is to achieve Adjuster fusion in the flesh like Enoch, Elijah, and Moses. I have three questions, I don’t know how well they’ll relate to the larger discussion, but here goes. Also, for your earlier questioner about forming a new religious practice, I’d be willing to share my research, views, and thoughts on that.

But my question is: I’ve heard of a practice called Chi-Lo [?.] It’s a healing practice they claim a 95% healing rate for over 4500 medical maladies. I was wondering is this a genuine practice like [garbled]  Mystery Schools and if it was a remnant of the Christ level healings? If not, I’d like some direction to move towards that type of accomplishment.

Machiventa.   We do not comment on speculations of medical nature. We wish you to apply your efforts to… One moment. This is Machiventa. Having discussed [this] with my team, we feel that, by validating what you are doing or invalidating what you are doing or what you are pursuing, we would, in fact, be encouraging you to pursue that in one way or another. We are not naysayers. We are not accustomed to saying yes to things we are opposed to, but we do not say yes to everything that comes in our direction. This is something that we do not wish to discuss further at this time. Thank you.

David: Alright. I guess my other two questions are somewhere along those lines or verifications of conjectures formed through various researches.

Machiventa.   You may review our many discussions about colloidal silver, and that how the question asking eventually boxed us and the question askers into a corner in which we had to withdraw. Your questions are very similar to that situation. Thank you.

David: I suspected as much, but I had to ask.

Machiventa.   Certainly.

David: Is there a way to maybe get a personal session or, maybe this is a question for Daniel, to train my ability to T/R?

Machiventa.   Yes, you are welcome to approach This One. There have also been materials for teaching this technique that is enclosed in his Melchizedek EDU classes and you are welcome to request a copy of that from him if you wish. Thank you.

Use a heart centered approach.

David: Thank you. I know I have a personal bias towards trying to examine the mechanics and what not, and I understand the position these questions put you in.

Machiventa.   You would do far better to approach this question and this technique from your heart center rather than from your mind center. Thank you.

Criteria for discernment.

Alfonso: Good morning Machiventa. It’s an honor to hear from you. We are all seeking ways to become more actively involved in co-creative efforts as you have recommended. In the process I met and talked with a lady Coleen Grace Clabby who suggested that I learn more about a gentleman by the name of Menno Pauls and I have read “The Prince of Hope”


[ ]


and “The Gathering of the Eagles” [ibid.] which he wrote. What is your opinion of his work and if it is good, do you validate it?

Machiventa.   This is Machiventa. So, I see a repeat of the first question we received today. I will set you a chore and I would wish you to report back to the group later on when you have fulfilled this chore. I wish you to read those materials with a discerning mind, and, in your discernment, you must have criteria to test the material that you’re reading. I will give you sample of some questions to ask. And this would be helpful to everyone.

  • First of all, does this material seem to direct the reader to benefit the writer—the author. In other words, is there a self-return in writing the material that the author produced?
  • Second, does it speak of any self-aggrandizement towards the writer or the author (because sometimes the author goes by a pseudonym on their published works?)
  • Third, does this material cause fear in the reader?
  • Fourth, does this material direct the reader to appreciate the author as a guru—someone to be followed?
  • Fifth, does this material speak against the God center of the universe or any of its beings of light which you know about from the Urantia Book? And so, you see these questions are validating questions.

They are validating of the goodness of the material or not. When you see material that is in question then you should withdraw from that material. Continue to finish the material, but also to be very cautious as though you hear a big bear behind you following you in the forest. You want to be careful about this as some authors are very adept. They are people who can use language so adroitly and so adeptly that they can lead an innocent person into wrong thinking and wrong values and so on. Do you understand the assignment?

Alfonso: Yes sir, I certainly do, and I thank you very much for it.

Machiventa.   You are very welcome. Thank you for asking.

Mind liaison between celestial team and mortal team members.

Rick: My question is: Machiventa, recently you mentioned that those who join NOCO have, in effect, given their permission for you and your team to access the thoughts and inner life of those people. And by way of that, you are able to anticipate questions we will ask during our sessions. Personally, I’m comfortable with this and, related to this, if what I said was accurate, I do have a few questions I would like to ask you.

Machiventa.   Yes, you are correct in what you recall from a previous session, but here is a proviso: In this relationship, where we have said we will enter your mind and watch and listen to what is going on, you have the advisement that you can ask whether we are doing that, and, when we are present with you and doing that activity, we will faithfully respond to your question. It might not be a big shout over a megaphone, but it might be a positive feeling—a sense of a presence with you that you are safe, and that your presence is in our minds and we are dedicated to your safekeeping.

Rick: I have a few questions related to you and your team being able to access our thoughts and inner life and the first one I had is: How aware are you and your team of our individual relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors?

Purpose and scope of mind liaison.

Machiventa.   We have an exclusionary clause that we use in our conduct of contacting individuals and listening in on their thoughts and so on. We are primarily concerned, as is your guardian angel, in your thoughts and thinking as to whether they support the progress of your spiritual advancement and social evolution or not. We can sense that immediately when we are in contact with you as an inventory so to speak—a quick reading of what stands out and what doesn’t. We are also very much aware of the negative aspects of thinking and the values and ideation that people hold in their minds that retard their progress socially and spiritually. It is important for us to know those two factors—the positive and the negative—of your thinking, your beliefs, and assumptions so that we know how to approach you with influences that bring about positive outcomes in your life. We are not concerned about your family relationships or your relationships with others that are superfluous to your spiritual progress and growth.

We can read your history.

Rick: Thank you for your answer. My second question is: I’m assuming from what you said that you are aware of our individual life tribulations and successes—in other words the topography of our life—you know who we are and what we’ve been through individually.

Machiventa.   Yes, most definitely. We can trace back your history a very long way in your life. You have intimate partners with you in your life—particularly your Thought Adjuster (the God presence within you) and your guardian angel. Your guardian has a record of your life in great, great detail and we can review that very quickly and consult with your guardian in an instantaneous means. You recall, as we have said many times, that you live in a benevolent universe—that your caretaking by us, your guardian, and others is of great benevolence and that we have no harm that we wish upon you and that we will deflect harm from you whenever we are able to, and that we will instill in you the choice-making of good thoughts and bad thoughts, good actions and actions that are detrimental to yourself or others. It is important during your lifetime here and what you call your training wheels experience on this world to learn how to pedal on your own—to make decisions on your own, to move forward correctly with your life plan so that you have a productive life that gives you spiritual rewards and even material rewards in this world as you make progress after progress apparent.

No treats.

No, we do not use little treats that you would use for your dog or your cat to train them, we simply let you know that you have done good work. When you see a path of good ahead of you with choices to be made regarding that path, then you know that we have been with you to prepare you for what comes ahead. You will know that you are correctly on track when you see positive happenstance, serendipity, and coincidence come into your life repeatedly. Remember, in many ways in your life there are no accidents. Thank you.

Rick: I would like to say thank you for your wonderful answers and, in closing, I’m deeply moved that every person who comes to you and asks a question—you know that person intimately, and that’s not an experience many of us humans have in our lifetime (other than maybe with our spouse or immediate family) so thank you for explaining that.

Machiventa.  You are most welcome, and you can also know that we are definitely delighted when we meet someone of a similar nature.

Authority vs. Personal Responsibility—teaching rightful authority.

Craig: Good morning Machiventa. I would like to go back to your opening statement, and to a couple of sessions ago. that mentioned an authority to decide or determine who might have children or how many and stuff like that, and you replied that this was up to each individual and each individual had to learn, experience, and become a part of the whole. We see, as you put it, authority being wrongly used and upsetting a lot of people and it seems like there’s more and more authorities who think they can run your life better than you can and tell you how to do it versus your vision of every person making their own decisions. I just wondered if you would like to expand on that a little.

Machiventa.   Gladly, I will. You recall that we have told you about the co-creative writings that we have produced through This One and the particular one I’m referencing is the one concerning families; “Learning Centers for Sustainable Families” which contains a great deal of information about life and living besides values. The place to begin teaching rightful authority and rightful control is in the family by good parenting models. Now, you may say “Machiventa, this speaks of the chicken and the egg. Where do we start?” And you basically start with what you have already—that when a learning center is established in a community that they take on all individuals who want to learn the roles of family, the roles of children, the roles of parents, and so on, and the roles and rules of authority.

This is the difficult place that America [is in] now—that the gross and extreme individualism has generated a sense of self-entitlement among millions of people inappropriately, and that this is the epitome of another “me generation.” It is not… I hesitate because this is truly our work—the Melchizedeks work is to assist individuals to establish rightful authority. You have the gross example of Caligastia, Satan, and Lucifer who took their authority to [such] extremes that they brought about the demise and total disregard of 30 some odd planets and trillions of beings on those planets. It is important that people who want to be parents be prepared to be parents—that they understand rightful authority, rightful control, and so on.

There are also those individuals who see the position of a parent—and the authority and control of a parent—as powerful. Power is a very slippery word in social context because sometimes it is ego driven, sometimes it is the valve for expression of inner turmoil within the adult. It is the place where societies begin to unravel—wrongful authority, wrongful control, and wrongful power. It is important that individuals who want to become parents see the parenting role as a wonderful, miraculous, benevolent event that can unfold innate potential within a new person, a new being, and that potential can express itself in wonderful, powerful, loving ways. There are those individuals, few fortunately, who see parenting as a way of producing children who will also be powerfully ugly, evil, and wrongful in their lives. This is a worst-case scenario which is now happening all too often. Thank you for your question.

Craig: Thank you very much Machiventa.

Machiventa.   You are most welcome. Thank you for being a part of our group.

Working with the celestial team.

Bea: Basically, I was going to say thank you Machiventa for everything you and your team are doing for us. My first question was sort of basically answered, but I don’t know if I could squeeze a little bit more out of you so to speak. I apologize if that’s not the way I should put it. I was thinking about something that you said in your last session about the celestial world being architects and we being engineers. I’m aware of Daniel’s multiple papers, not that I’ve read them all, but I know you’ve collaborated extensively with him. I guess I’m wondering: In your leading us as engineers, how much will we as the engineers have to figure out how to translate the theory that you presented to us into actual practice?

Machiventa.   First of all, thank you for your question. It entices me to answer very briefly. When you have a situation that you are uncertain about, then you should ask. We will answer you very definitely. You may be writing a paper, you may be doing something in the house to occupy that part of your mind, and we will work through the other half of your mind and you will have a A-ha moment where you see “Ah, this is what I’m going to do, what I’m supposed to do.” We do not always make our directions and guidance explicit. We want to have an enduring relationship with you and that means oftentimes you must ask another question and yet another question. And you might even say, humbly, “I’m just not getting this. Can you be more clear with me?” And that’s when you want to watch for the signs, symbols, and omens—those multiple dots that appear in your life—that connect you with an answer. We will bring you step-by-step into a correct answer. It may take some time, sometimes it is almost instantaneous. Thank you.

Bea: Thank you for that. I have another question. If I might ask one more question—it’s a bit more specific.

Machiventa.   Certainly

Pharmaceutical co-op.

Bea: I feel a little bit silly asking this question, but some time ago, I was pondering on the inequality of access to services—not just in the third world (I’m from Canada) but there is inequality of access, say, due to affordability. One such thing I was thinking about was, for example, access to medications—pharmaceuticals. There are some that are completely overpriced in my opinion anyway. Would it be possible, or how good an idea it would be to set up a co-operative pharmaceutical company? I know it’s a huge undertaking, but I’m just wondering if it is something we should pursue, or is it too early to do this?

Machiventa.   They already exist. You simply need to search them out on the internet and you will find them. Thank you.

Bea: Oh, thank you. OK.

Stéphane: Hi Machiventa. How are you today?

Machiventa.   I’m wonderful. Fortunately, I didn’t have to shave to appear here today with you, but humor aside it is a pleasure to be with you and thank you for your presence here as well.

Stéphane: Well, many of us are not shaving in the lockdown anyway, so please feel like you are one of the crowd. I have two questions on this current social unrest and my first one is: We see a lot of young people going to the streets. It feels like a huge injustice was done, and it triggered something. People felt they were—you mentioned something in your introductory notes about feeling you could not speak up—and finally people went to the streets largely to speak out against a very big injustice in their minds.

Spiritual pressure, social unrest, and abuse of authority.

My first question is: How much of this outreach we are seeing right now—this social unrest—how much of that is due to the spiritual pressures being [put] on our planet now as opposed to decades earlier?

Machiventa.   Thank you. Almost no pressure is involved in those specific acts. Virtually none, and I can quite assure you there has been, as I examine that situation, there is absolutely no spiritual pressure involved in that incident. Remember that we deal in global perspectives, and in small perspectives we do so at regional levels. What you are finding with this situation is that it is unspoken about at this point, that there is a subtle and obvious relatedness to the abuse of authority, to the abuse of control, and the abuse of all alternative means of accomplishing the same ends. Your world, on one hand at the macro scale, is at the hands and in the hands of what we would call malevolent, maladjusted, misdirected authority figures.

Take into consideration the hundreds of millions of people around the world who have experienced such, and then they see the visible, immoral, and violent use of power and authority to kill a man (that was videographed) in the space of nine minutes, and they were termed, that group of authority figures—the police—were termed unapproachable or immune to court actions. Therefore, and because of the innate values within you—the values of life, of equality, of growth, quality of life, your sense of empathy was ignited and inflamed, and your compassion was bottled up—had no place to reach out to become effective. And your love for humanity had the same appeal to everyone else.

What you are seeing in this situation is: at the highest levels of authority in the nation and at the lowest levels in a community, [authorities] are violating the very essence of being human, and that humanitarian values—beliefs in being a humanitarian—are empty and missing. There is a vacuousness about this where there is no humanity at all. That the very roots of your humanity have been violated even as observers, and particularly of those people of color who have known this all their lives in their various communities where they live and where they have moved to. The connections between all these points leads to widespread national and international social upheavals and violence. These events are not disconnected. They are directly connected and particularly in situations where there is no recourse for violations of authority. This must be corrected. And you can be well assured that we are using great spiritual pressure to bring about those corrections without violence.

A great opportunity for social progress.

Stéphane: A quick follow-up: Is this a great opportunity for social progress?

Machiventa.  You might hear me chuckling. If you saw me, figuratively I would have the grin of the Cheshire cat. Yes, yes, yes to your question. This is a wonderful time of opportunity for social evolution, social progress, and social development. Thank you for your question.

U.N. Year of the Family—needing a new format.

 Scott: Greetings Machiventa. It’s an honor to be here with so many other truth seekers today. I’m also another Canadian like the lady here. So, sometimes we have slightly different perspectives, but a dear friend and mentor of mine, who has now passed on, got involved with interfaith activities and, by spiritual design or happenstance, a Parliament of the World’s Religions event in Chicago many years ago led to an inquiry happening from the Church of Latter Day Saints (very dedicated to family life)  who wanted to do something about the United Nations International Year of the Family. I’d tired of my political activism and everything and was taking a break from that and was happy and thrilled to get involved with helping to make this rather large event possible. A lot of other people from the Urantia community got involved as well, and to say we punched above our weight, I think, would be an understatement.

It was just a wonderful experience to have 20 different faith communities and maybe 40 secular service agencies getting together and putting their best foot forward to extol the virtues of family life and it was an excellent opportunity to learn more about interfaith. I know a lot of people I deeply respect in the movement are still actively involved in that area. And I’m just wondering if there are more opportunities to your writing and to try and seek synergies with us trying to be dedicated to live the faith of Jesus to the greatest extent possible [that] we can while we’re here, to work with other faith communities and the other faith world and try to [achieve] the uplifting of the planet that is so much needed.

Machiventa.   Thank you for your question. As you said, you may have been punching above your weight, however I would say you did the right thing—the perfect thing. What was missing is that you did not have something to lead with—to punch with. It is not enough to extol the benefits of family and good family upbringing. What is needed now is something to lead the way, something that puts the old paradigm in a new format, something to lead with, something to bring to the opposition of ignorance in family ways to make a difference. And yes, of course, the life of Jesus is a perfect example for that, but you live in contemporary times and times have changed, cultures have changed, authority figures have changed from fathers and mothers to the cell phone and the peer group, so that what is needed is a new social institution—one that works beside and with the family, and works beside and with educational institutions and facilities to bring about the leading of the whole population into the right activities of family life. There was a suggested paper just a few minutes ago that you might want to find useful at the website that was designed for us at And in there you will find one of these papers. The paper I’m mentioning is the “Learning Centers for Sustainable Families.”  And in that paper, you will learn all about what is necessary to lead your nation, friends, and families in your communities forward into functional, loving families.

An opening for a more meaningful life.

Machiventa.  This is Machiventa. It is ironic, don’t you think, that here I’m presenting you with a closing, but truly, what we have given to you here today is an opening. The opening to the rest of your life, to have meaningful lives for yourself, to guide yourself and teach yourself to become effective and perfecting models of parenthood and grandparenting. You have a wonderful beginning here. You rely upon your inner voice—your conversations with your Thought Adjuster—whether you hear them, or they are silent. You rely on conversations with celestials and angels similarly. And you have the wisdom of the Urantia Book and related materials that are beneficial to everyone. I most of all want you to know that you are blessed—that you live in a time where you can truly make a huge difference. You may think that you, as one of a billion and a half individuals, does not have any power or control or position of authority, but you do. And remember, that if you think you are powerless, then you are.

This is a time of assuming benevolent power, good power, power that reaches others to help them without a reward to yourself. This is a time of powerful humility, powerful generosity, one that gives to others without depleting your own energies. This is a time of creating yourself as something more, something greater, and using your Thought Adjuster and your guardian with you to accomplish those goals. We thank you for your attention and your presence today. We thank you for your coming to listen to what has been said, and particularly for your questions. Remember that Jesus was curious. He was curious about what was in the souls of the individuals he met. And we are curious too, to come to know you, and when you’re curious you please us, and you please Christ Michael very much. Good day.

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