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NET99- Values, Urantia School, Celestial Actions, Soul Growth, Black Swans®

2020-09-07. Values, Urantia School, Celestial Actions, Soul Growth, Black Swans.


New Era Transition #99 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

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Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Rancor in the U.S. election
Values based decision-making
Ageless values = ageless organizations
Humanity is these values
Three segment-brained beings
An era of decision-making
Scope and limitations of current celestial activity
There are many celestials now available to you
The Seven Core Values
A lack of enthusiasm
The timing of providence
I have lived among you
Playing to the audience—a cheap trick
Urantia is a school for spiritual growth and development
Predictions by celestials and predestination
Predictions by celestials on decimal and isolated worlds
Asking questions through a T/R
We deal with individuals
Soul growth and God the Supreme
Getting the Word out through social media interactions
Curriculum for getting in touch with spirit
Celestial perspective on popular spirituality
Black swan events and providence
Understanding the superpersonal
Model societies
Evolution of this group and readership
Remain curious. Become leaders. Look into the heavens

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Participants from: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. If I missed your country, please let me (JT) know at [email protected]

Invocation:  Raymon




Rancor in the U.S. election.

Machiventa: Good morning. For some of you, it’s good afternoon, or good evening. This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I greet you from our place and abode here on your planet. We are here at times, sometimes we are afar, but, nonetheless, our presence here pervades the space where you are, and we thank you for sharing this time with us.

You have probably noticed the rancor that pervades the media from the political elements of your societies. This is most unfortunate because it is evidence of the barbarism of those in power and those who want to have power. A much more delightful scenario is available for those who engage the next stage of democracy. It will have many advantages compared to the traditional democracy that you have here in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other democratic nations. All nations now are in the stage 2 of democracy and must evolve soon to stage 3 in order to satisfy the yearning for righteousness—meaning right action—in domestic affairs in every democratic nation. This is possible. It is not impossible. It is very possible that this can be done. There must be a means and a motivation to accept or even consider that the possibility exists for an improved and evolved democratic process.

I emphasize this today because of the rancor that we see and feel in your hearts and the angst in your minds concerning the current election process in the United States. This is something that is disquieting to us, and it is disquieting to yourselves. Many of you see the possibility of a despot coming into power who wants to maintain an iron grip over everything including the minds of those who are around that person. We do not take political sides concerning either party, every party, or any party. Our concern is for the welfare of your world. We are trying to teach you to be planetary managers, and this must be based on the decisions you make and everyone else makes using the values that are common to everyone.

The difficulties that arise in policy development in government and corporations comes from using a different set of values or values that have not been explained, values that have not been clearly identified and defined. By using the seven values and the ethics and morality that are subsequent to those values, you will then have a clearly defined, identifiable set of values that will become useful to you in every decision-making and option development possibility.

Values based decision-making.

Values are always involved in decision-making. You know that and we know that, but few people consider that values are present, very much so present, concerning option development. There is option development, and then, out of choice making of those options, those same values are in play. And then when someone makes a decision, those values underlie that decision as well. And further, those same values underlie the action and implementation of the decision so that at four levels you are engaged with values. If the values change by the executive who is in charge of a corporation, committee, council, or government then the choices, decisions, and action implementation will change.

It is important that this come to the forefront of humanity at this time simply because it is uniform, it is regular, it is universal, it is timeless, and it is self-evident. Further, when you consider these values, they are irreducible—there are no further values that are more basic than these seven. These are the ultimate basic values of humanity and they are clearly definable and have been through the documents that we have produced with and through This One. You may want to consider these values as you enter into your own personal future in your employment, in your own entrepreneurial endeavors, and in your family.

Ageless values = ageless organizations.

The next phase of this development to develop your organizational structures into those that are compatible with each other—those that complement the sustainability of your societies—is to have those values embedded into the value-based decision-making processes of whatever organization you are a part of. It then becomes a part of your own decision-making process to consider these values. Further, there is then value-based organizational development. When organizations are developed on a stable platform of values, then that corporation, organization, or government body will have the opportunity to last a long time. When those values are identified as identical to the seven values that are innate in humans, then those organizations have every possibility of becoming ageless as well. Making decisions then become much more refined rather than a shoot-from-the-hip type of action that many executives demonstrate.

Humanity is these values.

It is particularly important that you begin to teach your children these values and how they are fundamental to human existence. It is something most people haven’t considered: that these values are not taught to anyone—they are innate. No one has been taught to have these values—to learn how to survive, to learn how to thrive. Each individual simply relies upon their value reaction to situations and how to proceed in their life. If their life is threatened, then they will protect themselves and they will survive. If they want to improve themselves and grow into their potential, then they will thrive using those values.

These are as natural as being right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous. You do not consider having had to be taught how to be right-handed or left-handed. You simply take that on. When you are free to choose as a child, then you will become predominately right-handed or left-handed or capably ambidextrous. You see these values are humanity. Humanity is these values. It is now time to express these values (particularly the three secondary values) in your humanity in consideration of others as being equal to you and having as much value as you and worthy and deserving of your respect, admiration, and encouragement.

Three-segment brained beings.

This is how we feel about you. This is how we are using these values that are innate to you and so many other sentient beings of other planets. You see, these values—these seven values—are not unique to Homo sapiens but are the basic ingredients of advanced civilizations and advanced beings. They are also highly useful for the three-segmented brained species on other planets. With three segments rather than simply two hemispheres, there is much judgment going on, much evaluation and discernment going on in the mind of the individual. Having a reliable series of values that are intrinsically, innately, inherently connected, and integral to each other, you will find that thinking by these individuals far surpasses those of your species in their brilliance, ingenuity, and inventiveness.

Their discussions of philosophy are so well rounded you would be amazed to listen in on what they are saying and how they discuss topics. Right now, you and we have enough difficulties with the species that occupy this planet. My presentation of a three-partitioned brain of other species on other planets is simply to let you understand that you are not alone and that you are not really as brilliant as you think you are until you become peaceful as a race across the whole planet.

This is not meant as a derogatory statement to you, but there is a great lack of realistic self-appraisal by many individuals whether they are elected, appointed, or simply their own boss in their own living situation. We are here to help you. We have been giving you great assistance and many lessons to make your life easier if you would succumb to the embrace of Christ Michael’s enduring love and the insightful thoughts that come to you from Nebadonia and her magnificent crew of angels.

An era of decision-making.

This era, my friends, is one of decision-making. You have already made many of your choices through your options and your choice selections and your decisions concerning those. How will you enact those decisions? Will they be for the good of all or selfishly for only those who wear the color of your political party whether that is yellow, black, red, green, white, or blue?

Finally, in this opening statement, who is the leader you would follow? You must think about that, need to think about that, and make a choice. For us it is always Christ Michael. Thank you.

Scope and limitations of current celestial activity.

Walt: Thank you so much Machiventa, especially for the insight of what happens in more advanced societies. My first question is related to NET #98 where you informed us that the world is not yet at the breaking point that would precipitate them being overjoyed, enthusiastic, or jubilant about the possibility of having your team’s assistance. I agree with you. However, in addition, though I am asserting that the world has little to no idea of what great help is available to the individual and the collective, and this world has even less [of an] idea how to petition or invite it. Being enthusiastic and jubilant to receive help requires awareness of what is available. My question to you in that vein is: what are your team’s limitations or restrictions in bringing about this collective awareness?

Machiventa. Figuratively I’ve been handed a long list that is easily 10 feet long that contains all the efforts that we have made to inform people of Urantia of our presence and of the benefits of following the words of advice of Christ Michael and God-loving avatars who have been on your planet for many thousands of years. Our current efforts are, first of all, numerous. You can include those if you go back to the first of the 1800s [with] the development of much more spiritually-based metaphysical thought and beliefs. There were numerous of those spiritual/metaphysical leaders in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You have the entry of The Urantia Book and its thoughts and the process that brought its publication into existence. There were many aspects of that procedure which were not allowed to be published as it would be premature at that time.

However, those processes within the Forum and by individuals who participated closely and at a distance were such that their belief systems would be helpful to individuals today to understand what was going through the minds of the people who made the choices and how they interacted with their unseen helpers, the midwayers, to produce the 196 papers of The Urantia Book. This has been a joyous process for us, but we have been disappointed at the lack of openness for sharing that document with the world. Yes, it has been translated into many languages and published through many printings around the world. We are now very thrilled with the Internet and what is available on the Internet to access all religious documents and the spiritual entity called The Urantia Book.

There are many celestials now available to you.

The access by populations through the Internet from all over the world into the website that has been named is an important step to bring the spiritual metaphysics into the realm of tactile appreciation—that you can touch it, you can see it, you can discuss these topics with spiritual beings including your guardian angel, the God presence within you, and also [with] those individuals who are governing bodies on this planet and on the capital of Edentia. There are many people now who are available to you (spiritual entity people) to consult with, and to validate what you have been taught in years past by many religions.

The Seven Core Values.

There is a means by which you can now test your own beliefs against these seven values and test your own humanity against the three secondary values. Empathy, compassion, and a generalized love for humanity are important qualifiers for your humanity. Through that, then, you can live out the four primary values of respecting the life of each person as having equal value to yourself, and worthy of having their innate potential developed, as you want to develop your own, to improve your and their quality of life. These are all integrated. When you consider the spread of contacts and the resources we have provided with you, it’s simply a matter of finding people who want to find us. And that is our work now.

A lack of enthusiasm.

Walt: Well, thank you so much Machiventa for that, and I do accept and agree that a tremendous amount has been done to make or [is] being made available to humanity. It seems that it is your position that there has been sufficient given so that there is adequate awareness. It’s just that the amount of awareness is not equal to the amount of enthusiasm. Is that your perception?

Machiventa. Enthusiasm by whom, sir?

Walt: Humans. That your team has given enough awareness to the planet of the help that’s available so that the planet (although it has this awareness) does not have a matching level of enthusiasm to embrace the help available.

The timing of providence.

Machiventa. You are quite correct. That is why we speak of the breaking point not having been reached yet by humanity. Humanity has been exposed to religious thoughts of the afterlife and of a Creator for many centuries and millennia. Most people around the world know about God and know that there is a God, may be a God, or the possibility of a God, that brought the creation of the universe and this planet into existence including their own species. There usually is not much enthusiasm for reaching out in faith to believe that there are spiritual provisions made for this planet during times of need. It is what people call Providence in times past where there seems to have come into existence some black swan event—some unusual presence that brings the coincidence of beneficial events together so that there is a positive outcome to the mess that humans have made of a situation.

The world wars that this planet has suffered in the last 150 years are examples of that mess. Nonetheless, we have picked up the pieces and have helped you proceed. Now you have a global governing body, of some unmeasured qualifications, to help make amends between parties. You now have a World Court that is able to adjudicate crimes against humanity and so on. This is slow progress, and now you come to this time of this interim period, this space between contacts, this waiting for energizing of good ideas, the waiting for the black swan event to occur where there might be some unknown event come into existence that will change the course of your world and change the frequency of operation of democracies and you social institutions.

I have lived among you.

This is not impossible. In fact, it is highly possible. In fact, this time now between the old normal and the new normal offers a gap of all possibilities in which we have great latitude to develop. The need as you say exactly, is a lack of enthusiasm in the minds of mortals. This too will change as the crushing burden of poverty and famine come across the world and where there are not enough resources even to address medical needs for those who are ill and who have contracted a lethal disease. It is difficult for me personally to present these facts of the future to you now. I have lived among you as the Sage of Salem and so you have awareness that I can appreciate the devastation that will occur in the future for you personally and for your world. Even individuals of great faith will also succumb to these difficulties. I thank you for your question and your awareness of this lack of enthusiasm which, unfortunately, is much like confidence as one of your sage sportscasters once said. He said: “Confidence is contagious. It can help you when you have confidence, and it is contagious when there is no confidence.”

Playing to the audience—a cheap trick.

Walt: Thank you so much for that really insightful response. Please be lenient with me. I do have a difficulty, and that is: I would propose that your team could get the attention that the lack of enthusiasm is partially or largely because the difficulty there has been in getting the world’s attention, and that it is possible, and you can tell me why it’s not, that your team could get the world’s attention in the concrete, tangible way so that, in having the attention, that would create the enthusiasm of a real, concrete possibility of help. And when I say in a concrete or tangible way, I’m referring to, for example, like how there is a possibility that you might interface in a way that would broadcast messages. Perhaps something that can help the immediate need, the pressing global need or deal with a current, urgent mystery. And if the answer was discovered from your team as the source, it would get the attention of the world like never before.

Machiventa. We have a rule of thumb here. We do not play to the audience.

Walt: I see. I understand.

Urantia is a school for spiritual growth and development.

Machiventa. Now, for the balance of your question. Why do we not play to the audience? To put it in very blunt terms: it’s a cheap trick. Secondly, that, if we’re not going to go for a cheap trick to get people’s attention and their temporary enthusiasm, why do we pursue such a difficult route? And the reason is that this is a school. Planet earth is a school for spiritual growth and development beginning with hope, faith, belief, trust, and then knowing—knowing that you’re cared for. The attention span of mortals is miniscule, so brief that the cheap tricks to gain people’s attention would be soon erased and like the Roman crowds who wanted more death and gore in the arenas, they would want more, and more, and more.

So, it is a cheap trick because the real rewards of our presence here and the presence of Christ Michael and of being spirit-led in leading lives to help teach people how to lead spirit-led lives is not easy, and it is almost always learned from childhood which is reinforced through personal unfoldment in their lives as they follow the breadcrumbs, so to speak, out of the caves of ignorance and darkness into the light, knowing that their partner in life is Christ Michael and their God presence within them—their Thought Adjuster. Those who do not learn in childhood and follow that developmental phase must learn through their lives in a difficult way.

Of course, many in contemporary times do not learn at all, but simply will succumb without ever having trusted and knowing the God presence within them. For us that is an immense tragedy. Thirdly, this is a co-creative effort. You might think that, as your suggestions offer, it is a co-creative way of getting people’s attention. Yes, it is the human sort of way of doing that, and we too must lead you, Walt, into your greatness. Thank you.

Walt: Wow, Machiventa. I feel in that a full sense of clarity. And I thank you so much for forbearing with me and taking the time to provide this clarity. I’m grateful.

Machiventa. It’s all part of our instructions. Thank you.

Predictions by celestials and predestination.

Rick: Good morning. When talking to Abraham, you, Machiventa Melchizedek, predicted a future when you said the Hebrews would be enslaved by Egypt. After their enslavement, Abraham’s offspring would then occupy Canaan and be as numerous as the stars in the sky. My question is: is this ability to predict the distant future proof of.

1.) predestination or perhaps;

2.) are the highest orders of celestials, such as Melchizedeks, able to ascertain distant future probabilities to within a fraction of a percent?

Machiventa. And your first question again? And then I’ll ask you for your second question.

Rick: Is this ability to predict the distant future proof of predestination?

Machiventa. Thank you. Briefly, yes. It is evidence of predestination, however as you have been taught before by myself and others, this does not accrue to individuals or a nation of individuals being foreordained to follow a path of predestination. There is always the option to follow our lead or not. Predestination is much like weather forecasting. We can predict what can occur in the future on a great scale simply by our own innate abilities as Melchizedeks and with the assistance with others. There are others, who you would call actuarial individuals, who can quite accurately predict the future within a very few percentiles (percentages) very accurately. On regular (non-decimal) planets this accuracy is almost 100 percent, and fallacy, or error, is almost zero.

On a decimal planet as Urantia, error-possibility increases to about a 10 percent probability by these celestial actuaries. And on a planet, such as earth, Urantia, that has been in great turmoil—rebellion—and with the indoctrination genetically of your species with such hyper-individuation, there is even less accuracy and predictability. Also, you must consider the longitude of prediction; whether it is a week, a year, a decade, a century, five centuries, or a thousand years. Even myself and other Melchizedeks can predict grand changes in the structure and processes and development of planets when we take into consideration what will occur in a thousand years. And those were the predictions that were made about the Hebrew people. Now your next question please.

Predictions by celestials on decimal and isolated worlds.

Rick: OK. With this in mind that, at the time that you shared your future predictions with Abraham, I believe these three predictions were to happen five hundred years in the future. With that in mind, are the highest orders of celestials, such as Melchizedeks, able to ascertain distant future probabilities to within a fraction of a percent?

Machiventa. As I have discussed, yes, we can on normal planets—ninety per cent of planets. However, on an extreme decimal planet as Urantia, no. The capability of predicting within a couple of percentiles is very difficult particularly in the realm of 500-1000 or 2000 years. However, we have much greater capability of predicting what will occur in this coming election for instance. And what will happen in your nation after that election, but we will not discuss that now.

Rick: So, just to finish off this series of questions, would you say on a planet like Urantia that your ability to ascertain future probabilities is within 90 percent correct?

Machiventa. Dear friend, let’s not beat this horse to death, OK? You have taken this far enough and to question our abilities in human terms is unfair for you and it’s unfair for us. It does not project the capability of how much we love you, but you are more interested in the accuracy of our predictions. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you.

Asking questions through a T-R.

John: Hi Machiventa, this is John from northern California. I’m honored to be in your presence and to be able to ask you questions that I wonder about sometimes. In listening to this discussion this morning, I go back, and I think about our text, and it talks about racial development on the planet and concern at the time that The Urantia Book was being written about the degeneracy of human beings and the lack of spiritual interest on their part. And I wonder, in seeing the lack of enthusiasm for people of this Urantia revelation and the subsequent Teaching Mission and Correcting Time program, from a planetary management point of view, how do you view degeneracy in human beings in general and on this planet as something of an obstacle to work with in trying to interest people in their own relationship with their Thought Adjusters and in a more spiritual orientation to their lives. And how big of a problem [is it], if you see it as a problem, and how do we work with that and overcome that to interest people in this process? Thank you.

Machiventa. John, and to others who ask questions, please have your questions in mind so that you can ask them one after the other rather than together in one global statement. It is difficult for the feeble mind of This One to encompass those in a means which I can access easily. The confusion in the mind of This One between elements in your questions causes a disruption to the open flow of myself to the database in his mind. It is much like stirring…. Let me give you a humble metaphor. Some people like to eat their food on a plate one food at a time and always keeping their vegetables separate from the meat and from the salad and so on.

Whereas other people like to mix them together and enjoy the ambiance of those flavors mixed together. So, when you ask numerous questions in one open statement such as you have done, it is difficult for me to sort the peas from the carrots in the mind of This One. That may seem oversimplified to you, and yes it is, but nonetheless, if you examine the database in the mind of a person, I have the capability, capacity, and ability when the individual—the T/R person—is settled and at peace to grasp and retrieve those bits and pieces that I can use to answer those questions. It is when there is a series of questions, then there seems to me to be a maelstrom of activity in the brain and mind activity of the T/R whether it is This One or others.

It is best to ask your questions in a deliberate, developmental process which aids listeners as well to understand what is going on. This is not meant as a chastisement to you John, certainly not for we know that you are wholeheartedly dedicated, it is simply that it is part of being uneducated in the procedures of effective T/Ring, listening by the T/R and by the celestial being. Now sir, your first question. Please ask again.

We deal with individuals

John: Does the lack of enthusiasm on this planet represent a lack of capability in the humans living here to even make an enthusiastic response to these revelations?

Machiventa. No, it does not. We deal with individuals. We deal as do angels. When you can appreciate the collective spiritual work of the entities around an individual, you realize that there are numerous beings involved in bringing clarity to the individual. It is from the individual that you are making speculative thoughts about the larger group of people. When people have come to similar thoughts, then you say this is a trend. And you would be right of course. But it is the individual who makes the difference in all our dealings with your planet. If we cannot lead one person forward into hope, belief, and trust, then we are unable to do so with the whole. We recognize that many people are totally put off by religion, put off by spirituality, put off by the thought that there are non-empirical beings around them. So, we leave them alone out of respect, though the Thought Adjuster is always there encouraging the individual to believe. Now, your next question please.

Soul growth and God the Supreme.

John:  The next question I had has to do with the development of my own soul and how experience here seems to be the way that soul grows and develops. I was thinking about God the Supreme and wondering if the experience of the evolution of Supremacy is akin to a soul for God.

Machiventa. We would refer you back to The Urantia Book which explains these concepts very clearly. If you are part of a reading group, then I would suggest that you use this question as a lesson for inquiry and enlightenment when you return to your group.

John: Thank you very much Machiventa. I appreciate your time and your attention. Thank you.

Machiventa. You are most welcome.

Getting the Word out through social media interactions.

Craig: I have been sort of engaging people in comments after watching YouTube videos on topics such as the seven values and the need to extend our democracy. Does engaging people in comments under YouTube videos, is that a good forum for trying to introduce concepts like the seven values and the need to improve democracy?

Machiventa. Yes, most certainly. It is a wonderful venue because you never know who will be watching or listening to the responses—either now, immediately, or ten years from now. And yes, you are the angels’ advocate so to speak where you are raising questions and topics concerning something that you have heard or engaged yourself with other people, and the curious mind then becomes a more open mind. An open mind is approachable. Those who have made up their opinions and their biases and judgments already are closed. So, this is a means by which your work can be augmented by the celestial teachers, angels, and Thought Adjuster[s].

Craig: OK. Thank you. I also occasionally mention The Urantia Book saying: Well, this is what the video says, and here’s another aspect that The Urantia Book indicates such and such. Is that a good help for getting the Urantia Book known?

Machiventa. Yes. My answer is hesitant because it’s qualified. It is important that the person you are addressing, or [the] many people, are asked for the latitude of their openness to an esoteric document. Some people have no appreciation for documents other than the Bible, the Koran, or the Course in Miracles for example. You may couch your recommendation or your revelation in terms which lead to openness on the part of the individual.

Craig: OK. Thank you. I do try to do that. Thanks.

Curriculum for getting in touch with spirit.

Walt: The first question: In NET #97 Machiventa, you informed us that the intention for all God-centered religions must be to teach followers to become in touch and in tune with the God presence within them—how to have that relationship. My question is: What would you promote as topics and practices to learn and teach—like a curriculum—to best support this intention. Perhaps we can begin to learn and practice in advance of such an official religion forming.

Machiventa. This too is old material and has already been invented and written. You may ask the individuals at the Urantia Foundation, the Fellowship, and others where these materials can be found and how to present them. This is a question that has been asked and answered numerous times, but we thank you for your sincerity.

Celestial perspective on popular spirituality.

Walt: Thank you. And the next question is: Given that, at this point in time on our planet, you have a real resurgence of spiritual interests in the large followings of the likes of people such as Eckhart Tolle, Gina Lake, The Collective, entity Abraham, Esther Hicks, and Jaggi Vasudev (known as Sadhguru) who have even been given international platforms and speaking opportunities in major Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League institutions, I would say that there is certainly a large and growing interest into metaphysical and spiritual matters. And I’m wondering what is your perspective on this development? Is your perspective that it is something that is still vastly inadequate? Is it something that you see as having made progress, [or has] a lot of potential? What is you take on this development at this point?

Machiventa. This development is progressing apace to the initiation of these concepts to individuals who are open to them and who have expanded those concepts into written materials and into organizations and into the people who are followers of those thoughts, philosophies, and concepts. This is part of the program in answer to an earlier question about making the presence known. And this is going as well as can be expected or anticipated on Urantia as it exists at this time. We are fortunate for those individuals who have taken up the torch to lead others forward and to follow the light. These will be the reserves, these will be the audience to the new concepts of a transformed society, whether that society is with or without a God centered-ness.

It is important that advanced thinking be done for societies, so they become peaceful and receptive to new ideas. There has been the blockage of new ideas by traditional thinkers—those who are traditionalist, those who are crystalized in their beliefs and want others to maintain those traditional beliefs as well. It is within the cadre of the leaders of these groups that the new world will be revealed with a new era. Those are now in the process of being unfolded. It is simply being open, as was said earlier, and receptive to new ideas. Even those who would like to see major changes in your politics, economies, and so on are, nonetheless, very negative. They said: How can this occur? How can this wonderful black swan event occur at a time like this? And even the mention of Providence—the word Providence itself—brings skepticism to people who would truly like to see a better world about them.

Black swan events and providence.

So you see, even the benevolence of circumstances of events that come into existence is absent from the thinking of even intelligent people who know history very well, and were they to really be even a bit open-minded to Providence, they would see many, many incidents throughout history where providence was at work. These are the black swan events that are needed to correct the course of civilization in the right direction. Your world now is pregnant—literally pregnant—with billions of people who need and want a change of ideology, philosophy, and conceptualization of what can become.

We Melchizedeks are in the forefront of striving to inform people about those. There is still yet, due to political insistence, a tremendous resistance to bring new ideas forward because humans are weak and have difficulty standing on their own preaching on the street corner, the truth that the king has no clothes as we discussed last time. It is obvious to many people that there is great good that is needed to come about, and that we know that it is already here. It simply needs to be recognized, embraced, and supported. Our chore is to try to civilize your planet, let alone bring your world into spiritual awareness.

Understanding the superpersonal.

Walt: Wow, the insights and perspectives on this are just music to my ears. Thank you so much. My other separate question: I’m hoping you can give me some help with understanding the superpersonal. I know at the time the Urantia Book was published they said that humans could not altogether understand this, but I’m hoping that some modern advances in society would somehow give the opportunity for some faint grasp of what superpersonal is. Can you help with that please?

Machiventa. I can entice you, so to speak. We are approaching several individuals in the psychiatric /psychosocial /therapeutic venues of thought to grasp the superpersonal. It is important that this concept be developed just as the superconscious mind be accepted. Many people are aware that there is a superconscious aspect to consciousness and to the consciousness of an individual but have not had the insight or those “ah-ha” moments to congeal those thoughts and ideas into something that is readable and understandable by others. These two concepts must be something that the highly intelligent people are able to grasp and to put into forms that can be understood by others. We, on the other hand, know that there are outliers among those groups of intelligent people who are not professionals who do grasp these concepts and who have the capability to write them into conceptual treatises so others can understand them. The evolution of thought, evolution of concepts and philosophy concerning the mental processes that border on the morontial are important for your world to come into awareness. It is best when these are seen and written about by those who have a generalized public audience.

Model societies.

Walt: Thank you so much for that. My final question is: Are there any societies on Urantia, even if small, remote, or unknown, that are close, or if not close would you say is closest, to a society that should be modeled—especially when it comes to family values and public education. [Are there] any societies at all on Urantia that come close to something that we should pay attention to and try and model for our societies at large?

Machiventa. Yes, there are, and I know your next question is going to be “well, what are they?” I have proactively anticipated your question. And the answer to your question is that those comparative studies have been done and they are in your libraries and can be found.

Walt: Thank you so much Machiventa. I am so grateful. Thank you.

JT: That’s all the questions we have for today. Do you have a closing?

Evolution of this group and readership.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa Melchizedek your planetary manager. I paused for a few moments to reflect upon this session and many sessions of the past. We are in deep appreciation for the evolution of the group processes, the group dynamics, and the development of social maturity among the people who are listening today [and] who read these papers. It may not be in your own personal awareness that your group has matured, but it has provided a mighty example of the evolution of a group into mature spiritual awareness and consciousness. The openness to consider that the Thought Adjuster may be guiding your questions as you develop them for answering in this venue. You have come along very far. We consider this group one of our most advanced on the planet. Yes, there are shortages of questions, sometimes the questions are very long, sometimes they are very brief but powerful.

Remain curious.

We have only one request: that you remain curious. And curiosity leads to listening, awareness, and observing those things around you and about you. We do look forward to those individuals who may appreciate the great arc of humanity’s evolution and development from barbarism and from tribalism into what you call civilization and the current time—that someone would appreciate this great arc and develop the insights that we have thrown in front of them to develop for others to read and to listen to.

Become leaders.

The best dynamic that can occur within groups such as these is that you become leaders, that you become effective and dynamic T/Rs, that you become true to the wisdom that you hear in your mind and that you let this flow through you without resistance or thought, and that it becomes part of the ethos and the consciousness of the group and the larger dimensions of the planet. You have much to contribute—each of you. Those of you who are listening in on this call today and those who are reading these sessions now and in years to come, will come into the awareness of all of this. And then you will have a much larger perspective of the arc of this small group over the last 19 years. We thank you for your presence here today.

Look into the heavens.

I ask that you forgive my abruptness on occasion, my directness to you. It is not to you personally, but it is to broaden the thinking of the group to consider other possibilities. Yes, you have been taught to bear down on, to drill down on, as you say, on a subject into the great minutia below it. We ask you, however, to rise above that and to look into the heavens and consider the perspective of yourself as one among many who God loves individually, personally, and intimately. Good day.

All: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

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