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NET15 – Fear; Mercy; Training TRs


New Era Transition #015 – Fear; Mercy; Training TRs – Apr. 3, 2017

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


Statement on fear

Praise for the team doing the new archive

Status on the lack of TRs and its remedy

Is America headed for a civil war?

Cashing in your mercy credits

The talent of TRing needs to be exercised

The need for mercy leads to joy and bliss

Questions on researching for the Family Clinic prototype

Memory problems by the transcriptionist and apology

Closing statement

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Michael Lanier and Michael McCray.


April 3, 2017

[Note from transcriber: I failed to turn on the recorder for today’s session and missed about the first 10 minutes. What follows are the basic points that team members could remember from Machiventa’s opening remarks. Machiventa began with two points that he wanted to make, the first to chide the mortals of Urantia about their fears for change, whether good or disruptive, and the second to praise those individuals who are in the process of making a new archive for the Internet.]

Statement on fear

Machiventa’s first point:

  • · Machiventa chided the 95% of mortals who fear change.
  • · Change always comes.
  • · It is most unfortunate that so many people fear change.
  • · Change, even good change, can be disruptive.
  • · The things we hold in our consciousness, whether good or bad eventually manifest in our lives.
  • · Be more open and hopeful concerning change as it brings about more personal growth.
  • Praise for the team doing the new archive

Machiventa’s second point:

  • · Congratulations to those doing the archiving of the transcripts of all the TRing sessions.
  • · This is a positive and needed development.
  • · Thank you for presenting the transcripts “as is” rather than adding personal interpretations (punctuation corrections are allowed).
  • · This is an age when people are seeking for truth—new truths and higher truths.
  • · This archive will serve thousands of truth seekers for many decades into the future.

Status on the lack of TRs and its remedy

Following Machiventa’s opening statements, the first question by Liz was from Jeff Cutler who asked why there are so few TRs and how can this be changed. And he asks what will we do when Daniel retires?

Machiventa’s answer was that few mortals stay with the effort of learning to TR long enough to see progress. They expect the process to work immediately and give up trying when it does not happen as expected.

[At this point, the error was noted and the recording was started as Machiventa was in the middle of answering Jeff’s question.]

MACHIVENTA: …. As you have been taught by This One in the Melchizedek Schools, you begin by first surrounding yourself with the light of the Creator, the Thought Adjuster within you, so that you appear to us as a glowing halogen light that glows with immense heat and intensity.

The “why” part of your question is intellectual and is not something we care to engage in this time. We hope that what I have provided thus far would be of assistance to you and that you would take this onto yourself as well, as others may engage speaking with us. The heart that we see in your question is that there may be a need for further implementation at the level of teaching more individuals how to TR in new schools that may develop for you. As you may recall, the last Melchizedek School that was conducted was in approximately 2011, many years ago, and that is most unfortunate, but [today] that is a matter of providing or satisfying needs as they arise. It is not necessary that This One become the facilitator of a workshop, though that has every possibility. There are others who are able and competent and capable of teaching how to TR as This One and we invite you to begin. As implementation comes, along with it comes the attendant assistance from us in a much more palpable and direct manner so that you know that you have help with you.

Is America headed for a civil war?

Liz: Thank you very much. Jeff has another question for you today and that is a “what” question: He says, “In America we seem to be headed for a civil war. If this is something that you foresee, what if anything, can we, the readers of these transcripts, do to either stop it or prepare information with the 7 core values to help in the aftermath?

MACHIVENTA: We do not foresee a civil war in your nation. That is the perception of individuals who see, feel or sense the possibility of separation—those who have and those who do not have; those in power and those who are not; those who have control of the martial law capabilities and those who do not. Your question is exactly the point that much of the Correcting Time and new programs have been developed, to reduce that possibility to zero. As we have said before is that democracies are a delicate flower of the growth and evolution of civilization and processes of governance, and that when it is destroyed by revolution, by civil war, then the capacity and capability of restoring that democracy reduces down to 0.5% — that is one half of one percent in the next decade. It simply is ruined, much as virginity is ruined through the ecstasy of coupling. Some people see revolution as a process as exciting as that. This is simply untrue. Revolution and civil war are incredibly destructive and regressive to our best efforts and the efforts and development and growth of a true stable civilization. You are correct in that our work is to assist in the process of reclamation, reclaiming those societies that have been decimated by social upheavals, which do not have to be destructive.

We do see social upheavals as occurring, but we do not see civil war as one of those factors. You can be assured that out efforts in the Correcting Time have been and are intentional to thwart the destruction of the great progress of civilization that has occurred. Many of you do not believe that North and South America are continents of destiny; however this is something that we have seen for millennia. The separation of the continents reserved their development and gave us the opportunity to experiment with new forms of society and governance and economies. It is not that this allows you to think of yourselves in terms of being chosen people. In the terms of some early Americans [that] is “hogwash”; and if you know what hogwash is, you know that it is corrupt. Such thinking is not workable and does not assist us in the processes of developing evolving societies. Evolving societies are delicate and need to be made resilient. The 7 values of social sustainability does give your nations, states, counties, cities and families resilience; it gives them capacity to reconstitute themselves after disasters by leaning on and using the supports that have sustained your species for so long. Thank you for your question.

Cashing in your mercy credits

Liz: Thank you for your answer. I don’t intend to dominate this section of our session today, but I would like to turn the discussion a bit toward the topic of mercy. It appears to me that the readership of the Urantia Book is aging; we do not have many youths reading the book, and the Urantia Book gatherings that are being held seem to be more preaching to the choir than outreach. In looking at my past youthful indiscretions, even ten years ago, I do better when I know more, when I know better. But guilt ravaged me and one of the most amazing things that I read in the Urantia Book was that humans will never even come close to cashing in all of their mercy credits. While the idea—the religious idea that Jesus dies for our sins, or we could go to a priest and be forgiven our sins—doesn’t really do it for those who are spiritual and searching, who are not religious. When we look at truth, beauty and goodness and their action coefficients, if you will, of love, mercy and ministry, we all understand love, we all understand ministry, but I am wondering if mercy hasn’t been lost in the communication of the Urantia Book message. I’m wondering, Machiventa, if this is something that we should focus on in outreach, especially to youth, and if you have any suggestions as to how to go about that?

MACHIVENTA: Let me ponder with my team about your question and statements. (Short pause.) There is a “pithy truism” that you made in your statement, and you said that mortals will never come near to cashing in on the mercy credits that they have with their Father and Thought Adjuster, Christ Michael and Nebadonia. Let us look at that first.

One of the things that distress us most about mortals not cashing in on these mercy credits is that you feel that you are unworthy and undeserving, and that mercy is a “freebie,” and that you are unworthy of receiving that “freebie,” and that you have to earn it. These are all cultural—the roots of feeling undeserving are all cultural and mostly from the religious cultures of Christianity. Much of what has come about from actually refusing mercy on the part of some people is due to many of the inaccurate interpretations of scriptures by learned individuals of religious faiths. These interpretations have created a corruption of the truth that Jesus—Christ Michael as Jesus—brought forward during his mortal lifetime.

The fullness of the mercy that is available to you truly will not be visible to you, or appreciated by you, until your morontial career, given the cultural setbacks that have been dealt to many of you in the last 700 years and longer. When you take into consideration the consciousness that was developed through the churches’ interpretations for its own organization that people pay penance for their forgiveness and the longevity and the energy invested in that cultural, ethnic and race consciousness, it is very difficult for that to be erased. Your question is one of immense, huge planetary dynamic that few truly appreciate or have seen, or know how to deal with. And too, this mercy receiving is a part and parcel of one of the reasons for the Correcting Time. Erroneous thinking as that needs to be corrected or adjusted so that you feel worthy as a child of God to ask your Creator for Its mercy.

The fact that you can ask for mercy is a wonderful statement that you see yourself truly as a child of the Creator, and that you are truly loved, and that the guilt that you feel is in need of being evaporated and dissolved through the inspiriting of God’s love within you. When you sense and feel God’s love as this, you are open and receptive to that healing. One of the immensely powerful transpersonal events of religious conversion is the acceptance of your unworthiness to receive this, but nonetheless, it is willingly, lovingly given to you without condition. We hope that this is where you are now.

Liz: Thank you very much. That’s all I have today.

MACHIVENTA: As for the unanswered part of Jeff’s question, do not be too assured that the days of transmitting by This One have passed.

[Note: Daniel may be taking a sabbatical from TRing shortly.]

Liz: Wonderful! Wonderful!

The talent of TR’ing needs to be exercised

Craig: I’ve seen on the 11:11 list somewhat of a new TR at one point, and I didn’t think much of him, but his messages became much more interesting and improved over the course of the next few weeks, so it definitely is a talent that has to be developed to be a TR.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you are correct, and any talent, much like playing tennis or swimming, is a skill that needs to be used and exercised.

The need for mercy leads to joy and bliss

ML: I have a question: In listening to the conversation here about mercy, I would offer kind of a summary statement and ask whether you would see this as being correctly focused and understood, or not. The summary statement would go something like this: that knowing that it was because of [the] illusion of separation that has a focus on forms of all kinds—institutions, churches and our bodies—and it would seem that the Correcting Time will encompass seeing ourselves as individualized expressions of The One, or Christ Michael. And in so seeing and feeling and knowing that the need for mercy melts away into a place of joy and bliss. Your comment on that, please?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, as you move from separation into oneness, you move into joy and love realizing that you are an expression of God in mortal form, and that you are fully deserving and worthy of the mercy gift. What also ensues from that oneness is greater union of action, thought and words on your part in relationship with others that makes it such that you no longer need the mercy because you have learned to live in a new way.

Questions on researching for the Family Clinic prototype

Roxie: I have some questions on last session’s topic, NET #14. The first one is: will you be using this group to give instructions and assistance to the prototype clinic in Colombia?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, most certainly, but more as guidelines rather than specific instructions. We will be using this forum, this group as a platform to express what we will be doing though that will be more closely revealed as time progresses and the resources are made available to do that.

Roxie: Is the research for the first clinic to be done by any individual worldwide, or does it need to be done by co-creative design teams?

MACHIVENTA: The work can be done by anyone with the proviso that the individual or individuals who wish to do that would look to their intentions and their vision for this work, and that their intention and philosophy for doing this work and their missions would be in alignment with ours. It is not necessary that the group be a co-creative design team with a Melchizedek or some Celestial Teacher as a Team Consultant, though that would be a wonderful development if that were to occur.

Roxie: Concerning the research groups for the Family Clinics for Sustainability, is there a place designated for collecting the findings?

MACHIVENTA: This has not been put into place yet. This is part of the organizational development work that needs to be completed. By us revealing the development of these clinics and the process of collecting data, and so on, this is our announcement to you and to the world that we are engaged in the process of implementing those plans that we have had in place for a great deal of time. The circumstances of these developments are such that it is timely to begin.

Memory problems by the transcriptionist and apology

Roxie: Thank you very much. That’s all the questions that I had, however, Machiventa, I have a terrible confession to make: I have been having great trouble with my memory lately and today it showed its ugly face by my forgetting to turn on the recorders at the beginning of the session, and I missed your entire monolog at the beginning and I remembered to turn on at least one of my recorders when you were about half way through your answer to the first question by Jeff Cutler. Is there any way possible that we can reclaim your monolog from the beginning?

MACHIVENTA: I am afraid not, Dear. We would ask that you ask your teammates to assist you in this process of remembering to turn on the recorders. With the increasing loss of memory it is required that these duties be shared with others, so that the outcomes continue to be the same. We do see that you will be able to continue doing the transcripts quite well and when not, then we will make adjustments and ask you to continue to be forthright and self-evidencing as you have just now, concerning your condition. We know this occurs with individuals and we do not make assumptions and we do not dispose of faithful individuals in the face of these developments. We thank you for bringing this to your teammates’ attention today.

Roxie: Thank you, Machiventa. I am really sorry that I lost your beginning statements. They were something that I needed to share with the whole readership.

MACHIVENTA: We ask that you have mercy on yourself today. With that, let us bring this session to a close today.

Closing statement

Thank you for your presence here today, and we thank you for blessing us with your presence; thank you for the work that you do with us and for yourself and for Christ Michael. It is from this source that we have our existence and we are deeply grateful for our opportunities to be of service to you on this planet during this most critical time in its evolution for peace and civilization. We know in time that the fact of God’s presence, Christ Michael’s presence, will be as real to each individual as your faith is as agondonters. Thank you and good day.

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