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NET54 – Personal Privacy; Design Teams; Fear and Despair


New Era Transition #54 – Personal Privacy; Design Teams; Fear and Despair – Dec. 31, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Status Report

Our world is organic

The next two decades will be tumultuous

Electronic surveillance

Personal privacy and the 7 core values

Constraint of “free rein in liberty”

Initiating design teams

Functional societies

Finding the balance in one’s life

Helping people with fear and despair

Helping those who lack spiritual grounding

Importance of epigenics

Closing and Nebadonia’s message

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge and Michael McCray.

Invocation: Daniel

December 31, 2018

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa and it is good to be with you in this small company once again.

Roxie: Yes, you know we are a little understaffed today.

MACHIVENTA: There is no shortage of help on our side; we have literally billions of spiritual beings on your planet assisting everyone who even remotely calls out for assistance, for our type of assistance that we can help them with. We are very grateful for this opportunity to change your world to one that conforms to the rest of the family of Nebadon that are moving into the Days of Light and Life.

Status Report

As a status report, we are pleased with the way developments are progressing. The moral and ethical crises in your nation, the United States, is becoming more and more acute and this causes the people of light to arise and join together and to not only voice their concerns, but also to unite in action to make the way smooth and right for those who come behind you.

This for your world is an era of much calmness; the time of Christmas and time of New Years for your traditional Christian religion and other God centered religions is a time of great celebration, a time of repose, a time of reprieve from the duties of everyday; it is a time for some solace on the part of each of you to withdraw into your reflective moments to gain wisdom from the preceding year and prepare for the coming New Year. We do not see the ending of years and months, but continuum of flow, of energy and activities, decision-making and maturity and evolution of your societies. The entry point of our work in your world is to help you evolve. It is has been a matter for us to help you clear away the forces of darkness. There is no debris left that has surrounded and filled your world for so many centuries and thousands of years. No, it is not a matter of cleaning up the debris, but rather of creating something new in the midst of all that blooms and blossoms.

Our world is organic

Your world is not a dichotomy of black and white, or broken down or built up—it is a matter of flow. It is, as you know and should know and realize, that your world is organic, and that your social existence is organic, and that you are as the seeds of winter that are fallow during the cold time, then spring up anew in the new era. And this truly is the New Era of your world, a time where old seeds have had a time to die, and where new seeds have had an opportunity to come into existence and flourish. The belief systems of old are now withering and dying and are not effective to transform the lives and souls of individuals. Individuals must now make decisions that are much more conscious and deliberate and intentional. Those who do not will be caught up in the fray and the difficulties of the weeks, months and years to come.

The next two decades will be tumultuous

The next two decades will be tumultuous to say the least for your world. You in the United States have experienced tremendous difficulties through climate changes, and so on, on the East Coast and elsewhere in your nation. This is being enacted out in all other nations as well, except those which are in the higher latitudes, both to the south and to the north. There is great stability in mountainous areas as well, though it is much more difficult to live there. We are open for questions if you have any.

Electronic surveillance

Jeff: I would like to first apologize for my impromptu question in NET #53 about surveillance and censorship. I will not make that transgression again. You stated in Session #53 that “Democracy is going to get tighter and tighter.” Could you comment on the potential role of electronic surveillance of cell phones and the Internet in this process?

MACHIVENTA: This is a question that you already have the answers to that is well reported in your media, if you particularly take note of the survivalist and “prepper” magazines and media outlets that know about this. This will continue well into the future.

Personal privacy and the 7 core values

Jeff: As a follow onto that, the 7 core value model that you have given us does not directly speak to the issue of personal privacy. Is there a comment that could be made to this?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and it is a good question to ask. However, with the 7 core values and the new forms of democracy, you come to realize that you are the same as everybody else, and yes, people are hesitant to talk about their personal lives, even their intimate lives, but those are no different than several other billion people who have experienced the same things in their lifetimes.

[This is one of several interruptions in the communication system that we experienced during this call. All sound was completely lost.]

……a world that is settled in Days of Light and Life is that what you know, everybody else knows, and this is common knowledge and that you are respected for your personal growth and your ability and your consciousness to be open and transparent to others.

The protection of privacy has been one that has hidden a great deal of unethical and immoral behavior on the part of many individuals. Privacy as that is highly detrimental. You can see the effect of that in the case of the sexual abuse by Priests in your nation and across the world. This shameful behavior and immoral actions have…… people who have historically unquestioned latitudes for discretion. This must cease. It is important that these things that are common to everyone, which is goodness, kindness, courtesy, good manners, right decisions, ethical decisions, and so on, are open to everyone to examine.

The cloak of privacy and personal information to conduct immoral and unethical behavior that is abusive and otherwise hurts other people, is disgusting, it is something that only primitive societies and cultures and civilizations still hang onto. In the future there will be less and less both in a democracy and in a more mature civilization and societies the openness to be transparent and to be forthright about one’s conduct and behavior, and that secrecy and the privilege of secrecy is rejected. There are causes for privacy that are legitimate and those that are not. I hope this helps to answer your question.

Constraint of “free rein in liberty”

Jeff: Yes, thank you. If I may, I have two more questions. In NET #50, you stated that “direct democracy” was not workable, and that democracies will move to design teams at the city and county level. Do you foresee that the “free rein in liberty” constraint will start at the local level, or will the catastrophes force this to the top of the political chain directly?

MACHIVENTA: The middle part of your question needs some clarity, please.

Jeff: Part of what you were talking about was the constraint of “free rein in liberty,” you just spoke to that a moment ago, about how society will become more transparent and transgressors of previously hidden crimes will come to the fore. In NET #50, you said that democracies will move to design teams at the city and county level. My question here is will we get a chance to get that going? …

(Long pause due to phone connection problem.)

Initiating design teams

MACHIVENTA: Your question is sufficient for me to answer and that is, you have the means to initiate these design teams conduct …

[Daniel and Jeff both tried to hang up and reconnect. The snow may be causing problems with the microwave towers.]

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you already have the means to begin that. It is something that we have answered numerous times in the past that you have the initiative to begin those on your own. Those of you who live in Retirement Communities……thus in rational ways, how to come to consensus, not necessarily group opinion, but a consensus of action to take and how to make corrective actions to your current disabled social, political and economic processes. More than one mind is required for this, and on occasion will happen in the future where more than one team is needed to work on a common problem to everyone. …..every moral, political and ethical and social condition in this nation, that you have already waited too long. The impetus to begin is now! This is the Correcting Time and we support those efforts that strive to improve the conditions of your nation and world in all regards.

Functional societies

You can begin by examining all of the major social institutions of a functional society, and I say the word “functional” with emphasis simply because most social institutions are not fully functional, that they have some inherent disabilities and dysfunction to them. This work of the team requires you to think in new ways, to use the values in all regards to the problems that you are working on. These values and ethics and morality are the commonalities of your species. The values become self-evident once they are pointed out, but the ethics and morality need to be explained as they emanate from the primary quality value of equality, empathy, compassion and love for humanity that are the elements that are necessary to support a sustainable, ethical and moral society. The Days of Light and Life are the beginning of the burgeoning process of morality and ethics to become commonplace in families, homes, businesses and elsewhere. These values and ethics are an inherent part of the potential that lies within the hearts and souls and intelligence of your species in each individual.

Jeff: Thank you.

Finding the balance in one’s life

Doug: Happy New Year! My question is finding the balance between almost a single-mindedness; stop everything to work on planning a connection to my Adjuster, versus ignoring that process to tend to everything else. It seems like an “all or nothing” mentality. There has to be a better balance to a person’s life as far as trying to achieve both.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you are quite correct. That is why we encourage individuals to select a time when they are inherently still. This is usually after awakening in the morning to have a time where you can sit in stillness and be in intimate contact with your Thought Adjuster. Many people have found that trying to meditate at work or after work, or with children around is very difficult, or with other noise, and so on happening in their life. It may require that you arise a half hour earlier in the morning to do this. What you are seeking then is to begin to exercise that connection with your Thought Adjuster so that when you go forward into your day that you have this mindedness to know that God and your Thought Adjuster are with you at all times in all circumstances, and that peace surrounds you and fills you when you accept it.

It is a rather “all or nothing” perspective if you hold that there is this dichotomy between God’s presence with you and your work, and so on. There truly is not—it is simply a practice of having mindedness, as the Buddhists say, of the practice of stillness and the practice of peace, and you can have this whether you are driving a forklift, driving a truck, or putting loaves of bread on shelves in a grocery stores, or mopping the floor, or what else you may do. Yes, it is most difficult and almost impossible when you work so intimately and consistently persevering with technologies that do not give you time to have thoughts for your own life. That is very unfortunate and it is a phase of your civilization now, which will be overcome in the future. For now, the practice of stillness and living in mindfulness is one that we support and encourage you to support and practice in your life now.

Helping people with fear and despair

Doug: Thank you. A follow-up question, in talking about preparing for future calamities, it will be more difficult to proclaim a good news message to people who are distressed from the catastrophes. I don’t know how you could overcome the feelings of fear and despair with the message that we try to bring forward.

MACHIVENTA: You are quite correct and that is why we have started early with the Correcting Time. We have been striving to teach people to learn how to be in stillness and to not fall into fear. Fear concerns the future which you have almost no control over. Fears are in many regards senseless and unproductive, as Rayson has used the example before, when you step outside your front door and you see a 10 foot wall of water rushing down the street, you should be in fear; but the thought of fear of that happening in the future does you no good and robs you of the energy to do proactive work to be prepared for those moments, those times.

The practice of peace is one which is almost absent throughout your nation. There are less than 10 million people who actively practice peace in their daily lives in this nation. It is a sparse population that expresses and practices peace with a lack of worry and lack of fear, and lack of regret. Going forward into the future is truly a spiritual practice that needs to be practiced ahead of time for when the times are very rough. You know and we know from your personal experiences that people who have gone through hard times in their life, even crises of a major nature, their lives are heartened and strengthened by the knowledge of their relationship with the Almighty Father, their Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center of the Universe. Christ Michael in his practice as Jesus was also a tremendous ally to those in distress. His experience as Jesus is now a practice of many people to give them strength in times of need and distress.

On the other hand, my good friend, for people who have not practiced these ahead of times, or have been negligent to do so, even knowing they are essential to their peace of mind in their daily life, those people who have omitted this practice from their lives, they truly will be in distress and when the time comes there will be absolutely no convincing them that your way is right.

Doug: So I see what you are saying is that the best way to ameliorate fear is to deal with it now; try to focus what is now as opposed to the past or future.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, exactly, to live in the moment. This is essential for peaceful living. It is one of the wonderful practices of spirituality that is proactive to help your mental health and your emotional health in the future.

Doug: Thank you.

Helping those who lack spiritual grounding

Jeff: I would like to ask a follow-on question, if I may. In times of great stress, which we are going to see, hopefully not in my lifetime but certainly possibly, do you have some advice about how to deal with people that you just mentioned that have no spiritual grounding to deal with the life as it is presenting itself? If you say that there is nothing that we can do to console them, do we ignore them? Do we comfort them the best that we can? What is your suggestion about how we comport ourselves in that situation?

MACHIVENTA: Exactly, you used the word correctly: How do you comport yourself? You do so as a peaceful individual living in the moment. You at that time are truly a living example of a person at peace. There will be many individuals in the future who do not have this grounded-ness in their spirituality who will be living in anxiety attacks as an ongoing way of living. It will be very difficult for those people to conceive of peace and tranquility. People in that condition in that situation, the best advice you can give them is to go outside and wrap their legs around the nearest fire hydrant and get grounded. (Laughter.) That may seem whimsical and farfetched, but this is truly one of the best places you can get grounded—or to lie in the wet grass in your underwear. You will be grounded then and you will be taken out of your anxiety in a heartbeat. This is practical advice that we give to you who are in deep distress. For others who want to be more peaceful in adjusting their anxieties, we suggest you go to the ocean or to the lake and walk in the water up to your ankles and enjoy the scenery around you.

Jeff: I’m only laughing, Machiventa, because I know I’ve been a gardener for many years and one of the great things that reduces stress is pulling weeds.


Doug: Pulling weeds in your bare feet in the dirt!

Daniel: Roxie, do we have questions from our readers?

Roxie: None at all this time, I’m sorry to say. I don’t have any questions either.

Importance of epigenetics

Jeff: I’ll ask a question that I thought about a little bit, but not a great deal, and that is Machiventa, you have mentioned “epigenics” twice in recent lectures. I read a book about that and I’m wondering if this is a subject that we should learn more about? Is there some importance of this that we should have some knowledge about from the standpoint of epigenic change to reverse 200,000 years of Lucifer, or am I making something up here?

MACHIVENTA: We will disregard you comments about the Luciferian Revolt and Rebellion. What epigenetics has to do with this is the imprinting of the gene structure with behavior of the individual, and these are particularly punctuated and embedded deeply through the energy of the emotions, both joyful and those that are horrendous. It is a legitimate topic; it is a legitimate subject; it is an important part of the Correcting Time; it will become a core issue of public education and it will be an important part of parenting and childrearing. You have seen and you have read and you have been told numerous times about the traumas of childhood that are repeated in their adulthood. Children who are abused will almost likely abuse others the same way that they were abused as a child. This is epigenetics at its worst! The emphasis of the Correcting Time is truly to correct those soul-fatal…

[This is Daniel: I got involved there.]

MACHIVENTA: Epigenetics is a very legitimate field; it is very necessary for the Correcting Time to be thoroughly effective. The object of epigenetics is to have conscious and intentional efforts that give children the correct, moral and ethical lives and beliefs and experiences as children, so that they repeat that in their life with their own children and grandchildren, neighbors, and so on. By doing this, parenting and childrearing becomes much more meaningful and effective. As parents want to see the progress of their children in life to be happy and to be fulfilled, this is all about epigenetics and it begins with the parents’ intentional and conscious efforts to imprint their children with the morality and ethics of right living and personal aspirations that are consistent with a developed individual.

Education is only a partial part of the whole business of giving people expression of their innate potential. That potential will never be expressed if they carry with them the traumas of childhood. As you can see from my discourse now, epigenetics is incredibly important. The long-term carryover if this is the social epigenetics upon a culture, that cultures and the social context of living for people becomes filled with the same behavior, that it becomes culturally expected that you will be transparent, that you will be honest, you will be authentic, you will be genuine and that you will be transparent in those things where transparency is essential, and further that unethical and immoral behavior is shunned upon as seen as almost a disease of the individual. I hope this helps.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”, Albert Einstein

Jeff: Yes, it does. Is this a proper topic to have on our web site of

MACHIVENTA: Most definitely.

Jeff: Thank you for that.

Closing and Nebadonia’s message

MACHIVENTA: Let us bring our session to a close today. We thank you for your time today that you are here with us. We know that others who could not make our session today are traveling, or being with friends and experiencing their wonderful relationships that they have had with others, people they love and care about. We are hard at work in our efforts. Nebadonia has said that she has covered this nation and other nations with a blanket of ease, or tranquility and of peace, and of commonality. This is a help to individuals to find where they belong, a means by which people can find those who are like them, who believe like them. These individuals are now and will become the core of all our efforts to transform your world. We thank you for your presence here today and wish you well in what you call the New Year. Christ Michael is here with you always, he is perennial, and his love is always everlasting and eternal. Good Day.

Jeff: That was nice to hear from Nebadonia!

Roxie: She is always looking out for us.

Group: Thanks to Machiventa and to Daniel, as always.

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