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NET67 – Vectors, Guardian Seraphim, Individual Progress

2019-7-1, NET #067, Machiventa

New Era Transition #067 – Vectors; Guardian Seraphim; Individual Progress – July 1, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


A long-term set of vectors is approaching

We are in a short holding pattern now

Taking the kingdom by spiritual assault

Guardian Seraphim and how they assist us

A personal answer for a reader

Those who choose not to go forward in the ascent

An Individual progress report that affects everyone

Machiventa’s closing remarks

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty and Sherille Raphael.

Invocation: Liz

July 1, 2019

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa; it is wonderful to be here with you and thank you for being here with us.

A long-term set of vectors is approaching

We have a situation we want to make you aware of, one that you may not necessarily appreciate to the gravity that we do. That is simply this: That we have spoken about vectors for a long time and they are something that we live with and work with, and some of them we initiate and some of them we respond to that have been initiated by mortals, and some of these vectors are hundreds of years old, and some are only days and hours old. Yet, there is a long-term set of vectors that is approaching a nexus that will occur before too long. We have spoken about this before. We know that we have done our work and that we are prepared; we know that many of you have done your work and that you are prepared. Nonetheless there occurs on occasion a delay on the triggering of the event or the nexus, which we have the ability and capability of controlling—almost all of them except some of the geophysical developments that come about naturally through your material world that you live on.

We are in a short holding pattern now

We are in a short holding pattern right now, as you might think about an airplane that is waiting for the circumstances on the ground and in the weather to be more amenable and acceptable for landing. This is pretty much the situation we are now; we are taking a brief holiday, some of our staff are away visiting their own friends and taking a rest when they can, and the rest of us are here on station doing our duty to maintain these vectors and the continuing development of events and vectors among the mortals. The Most Highs, as you know, are innocuously working their own vectors through the groups and associations of humans and their organizations.

This is the extent of my announcement this morning, it is simply a matter of waiting patiently for those developments to come about in the right time as that occurs with the rain that all the temperature, density, humidity and conditions of air pressures and so on, and currents of air which carry moisture [both] cool and warm come together to condense and make rain. So too, this is a similar situation that we are waiting for and that we do know that it will occur soon. We apologize for the long-term mystery that we have maintained with you concerning this development and this nexus. It is something that we have chosen not to share with you, not out of secrecy but out of the turmoil it would cause many of you, and the interference it would cause in what occurs after this nexus. Again, I know that it is mysterious to you and you will know more about that and the reasons why we have been cautious until it occurs.

If you have questions, you are most welcome to ask.


Taking the kingdom by spiritual assault

Liz: Well, I thought I had questions, and now I have different questions, but I guess if you wanted to elaborate you would have done so in your opening statement. But I do have two questions: The first came up from our Urantia Book study group last week. There is a passage where Jesus is talking to his Apostles and he says to them, “If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not take it by spiritual assault, even as the heathen take a city they lay siege to?” This kind of stopped me up short because the idea of aggressive spirituality doesn’t quite make sense to me, and I am wondering if you could tell me what this passage means to you.

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly; it is very clear at least to me. One, this is similar to the soldiers who assault a city and take it by force, so too you as spiritual beings who are becoming more and more deeply spiritual must take on the task of taking on the bastions of positive attitudes and “beatitudes.” Making decisions using right values and behaviors and decisions and verbalizations and thoughts help assist you to climb the hills to the city of light, of Paradise. This is not a negative aggression; it is not a hostile aggression; it is not a takeover by force. It is submitting to the light and being part of the light and letting the light be a part of you to guide your life in making the right decisions so that once you make all those right decisions, you have successfully challenged the “hill” of your mortality. You will find the gates are then open to you and you can come into the city of light. Does this help?

Liz: It does… I’m not sure. Of course this was spoken at a different time to a different crowd. I’m not sure I understand exactly what that means to me personally in my life, but I will meditate on your words and I will contemplate your answer to me.

MACHIVENTA: One moment. The answer to this question was not necessarily aimed at you personally, Liz. This answer that Jesus gave was to the crowd and the multitude and that he was asking them to be as enthusiastic about the city of light, meaning heaven and the afterlife, as they see soldiers enthused about overcoming and overtaking a city. It is the same kind of enthusiasm, the same kind of focus and energy, the same kind of dedication and intention, but in this case the intention is not to cause harm through hostile action, but to cause benefit to yourself and to others as you strive to take on the city of light within yourself.

Liz: Thank you for that clarification; I think I understand it a little bit better now. I take all of his words to heart and try to make sense of them in my own life, and this one stymied me.

Guardian Seraphim and how they assist us

My second question has to do with guardian seraphim, and I am unclear as to exactly how they work in our lives and what we can do to assist them to assist us.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Guardian Seraphim are here for you personally, and when you have a personalized guardian it is eventually that you will have the personal seraphim as a Guardian of your Destiny. The purpose that they are with you and how they operate is behind the scenes. They are in effect the ones who assist you to see good in life, without abridging your will to make independent decisions for good or bad; they are there to assist you in arranging those serendipitous coincidences that occur in your life for the benefit of yourself; they are leading you to appreciate the good in your life that is given to you and already present and already there for you to experience by the generosity and beneficence of your Creator, Christ Michael; and its work is coordinated with that of the Thought Adjuster.

Because they are personal guardians for your destiny, your Guardian Seraphim is to guide you to your destiny of entering Havona, and your Thought Adjuster is one who assists you to guide you to Paradise and onto the Corps of Finality and in your further service to the Universe. In that regard, both are in your life and their influence is all through your life by their commonalities for good for you in your life. Your Thought Adjuster is more concerned about what occurs in the interior of your thinking, the choices you are making, the decisions you make and the way you exercise the actions you take to fulfill those decisions. It is one of leading you into the light. Sometimes, as many of you know, and some of you personally have experienced and now acknowledge, is that sometimes you are so hard-headed, so belligerent, so difficult, so resistant to coming into the light, but yet you will to do the Father’s Will, and you repeatedly said that throughout your lifetime that they oftentimes let you and even guide you into situations that you would call spiritually existential for your destiny.

Then you must either decide in the light, or decide to be on your own, knowing that they are assured that you will probably never go over to the darkness, but that you have not really committed yourself to your destiny of being one and being in the embrace of the ultimate Source and Center of the Universe, your Creator. This is the difference between being a bystander and those who are assaulting the hill, as Jesus said. Until you make that decision, you are a bystander in your life. It is important that you—not you, Liz, I am not speaking to you personally, but I am speaking to our audience—that you listeners and readers understand and know that you who have dedicated your life to doing the Father’s Will, will be guided very surely by the circumstances around you, even up to the point of almost dying, that you will take those events into your thoughts for rightful decision-making. That seems awfully severe, but oftentimes you hard-headed mortals need something to convince you to go in the right direction. You have heard the old metaphor of hitting a mule or donkey on the head with a 2 X 4 simply because they are so stubborn they won’t go forward and they won’t go backwards. This is our spiritual guidance and insight into how to lead some of you.

Others of you however, know that you see the good around you as beneficent and a gift from the Father and that you see around you vicariously those who are not doing so and they suffer the consequences of their own independent wrongful decisions. Guardians have more to do with the external circumstances of your life and your Thought Adjusters have more to do with the interior of your life.

Liz: So my task to make it easier with them is to spend time in stillness and speak with them?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, that is one way to do that. The other is to be observant of the circumstances around you. When you see that you have applied for a job and that you win that job that this was meant for you to have, not out of your force of ego or force of your intellect or your social charm, but that you need to be there as part of your life’s course. Looking at it the other way too, sometimes you will apply for a job and you will not get it when you are totally equally and perhaps even more so qualified and capable than the person who was selected. This too is an outward indication of guidance. How you interpret those things is how you change your mind or move your mind or bend the course of your life towards understanding that you are a co-creative participant in your life’s course. Many people have a difficult time accepting that position but the beneficence around them is to their benefit; they think it is something out of their ego, their charm and their persuasiveness and ego embellishments that assist them to do so. This is the opposite path of being in alignment with your guardian and your Thought Adjuster. Does this help?

Liz: It does. Thank you very much for that expanded answer; I appreciate it. Sometimes I am just astonished and floored and it is beyond belief that I have this opportunity to engage with you in this manner and I am very grateful.

MACHIVENTA: We appreciate your presence here and particularly for your presence and for the questions you ask.

Craig: Along those lines I note that back in the early 1980’s I just couldn’t seem to get a job, nothing seemed to go anywhere and yet that was I guess, that was the time I taught myself computer programming and everything went in a whole different direction.

MACHIVENTA: Exactly so.

Roxie: I could really see the work of the midwayers and the angels in assisting my daughter to find her new job; it is absolutely perfect for her and I know they had a lot to do with it. I am very thankful!

MACHIVENTA: When you see the good that comes about either for yourself or through others, even if they are unaware of the source, and you acknowledge and give thanks for that, for your situation or for the situation of others, your gratitude goes a long way to tell us that you are going in the right direction.

Roxie: In fact, I’ve seen a lot of their handiwork in my own life too, particularly since I found the Urantia Book; I know they were involved in leading me to that and everything else that has come to me of good since then, so I am always grateful.

A personal answer for a reader

Roxie: I only have one very, very short question from a reader. Our good friend, Godwin in Russia, his wife Bella just passed away 3 weeks ago from cancer and he would very much like to know what her status is at the moment, if you would be so kind.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Dear Godwin, know that your wife Bella is in good hands and that she has begun her new journey. She is in the Morontial Realm and has come through the resurrection perfectly and that she is now being tended by those who care for what you would call the “newbies” to the Morontial Realm to become acquainted with the realm, be able to understand their senses and to “see” many different ways of viewing that Morontial Realm. Eventually she will be able to “see” many aspects of her life there and aspects of her former life that gives her great wisdom for the course of her morontial career. Know that she is one who appreciates the course of light that she has had, though it may have been difficult at times, she knows that she has been through that for a purpose and now resides with us in the Morontial Realm to learn that unknown part of her life as a mortal. Be assured that she is well cared for, my friend.

Liz: That was lovely, Machiventa, and that gives me great peace of mind for thinking about family and friends and other loved ones who have gone before me. I know it intellectually from reading the Urantia Book, but hearing you say it gives me great peace.

MACHIVENTA: Those are gifts as part of being an Agondonter on a decimal planet, as a decimal planet that has generated great anguish for many billions of souls who have moved on to the Morontial Realm. You are fortunate to live in this era where all mortals of this era are given the opportunity to enter the Morontia Realm, unless they adamantly have refused during their lifetime, and in that case they are educated about the realities there and they will need to confront their own decisions about whether they wish to move on in their career or call it quits and be as though they never were.

Those who choose not to go forward in the ascent

Liz: So when you say “they become as if they had never been,” what about everyone’s memories of them? Do those persist?

MACHIVENTA: They will persist in the Morontial Realm for the good that they give that individual in their own career. If anyone were to search for the records of that person in the Akashic Records, as you call them, they would find no entries for that individual. All the good that is left from that individual then goes to the God the Supreme for incorporation into Its being. As for the memories of that person, those will be as though they were never as well. To that individual who has that recollection of the good that that person brought to them, it will be as though it is an unassigned memory. Do you understand?

Liz: (Laughing) Not exactly, but sort of.

MACHIVENTA: As in the case where you are driving on the highway when your tire goes flat but you do not have a handle for your jack, but then a stranger comes along and helps you out and then leaves. You have the good that they gave you, but you never got their name or remember them. So too, the situation of those good memories of others will be there. As for parents, they will remember the good of being a parent and that they have learned the requisite skills to move on in their morontial career if they had 3 children, and one of those children chose to not continue their career in the Morontial Realm. That good and fulfillment would be acknowledged and they would be able to move on in their own careers.

Liz: I do understand better now.

An individual progress report that affects everyone

Roxie: Machiventa, in the past in some transcripts, sometimes people would ask their celestial teacher for a progress report on themselves. For people like me who do not have a good clear connection with their Thought Adjuster or angels, can you give me a progress report, please?

MACHIVENTA: Gladly. Perhaps one of the best teaching lessons I can give you is an accurate self-appraisal. As you have been a student with us in these NOCO, Northern Colorado sessions for 18 years, you have learned a great deal about what constitutes an individual who is making progress toward their morontial career and onwards to their spiritual and Finaliter career. You have the awareness of the behaviors you have made, the intentions you have made, the decisions you have made for good reasons and for naught, those decisions which help you and those which have not helped you. Now considering all those factors, dear one, what score would you give yourself between 50 and 100? (Roxie: Maybe an 80?) Very good. Let me help you.

The principle difficulty for those who have a hard time assessing themselves is their ego, their desire for self-embellishment, for those decisions they have made through the self-aggrandizement and self-embellishment and selfishness are the factors which hold them back from higher scores. We have seen very good people make many good decisions throughout their life and they would score in the high 90’s, except that they refuse to believe that God exists. Their situation will be corrected for them as they learn about the morontial career in the afterlife and their decisions at that time. Those people who are humble, who have no social status, wealth or political power, but yet do good around them even in small ways for many people without regard for their own self and their own ego, are ones who would score highly in the 90’s as well.

Remember, that “the meek shall inherit the earth,” and in that regard this means many things for those who are meek. Humility is the greatest position of authentic personal power; being humble and powerful are not opposed to each other, but they are in concert to make great characters and great personalities and leaders in the world. Some of the most effective leaders have been incredibly humble and have made good decisions all their lives for themselves, for others and for their nations and their societies, and some do that simply by staying in meditation praying for the rest of the world. So you see, these appraisal practices depends on how important you think you are. Of course you find personalities who have a god complex and they are narcissistic and solipsist in their thinking, they will score almost close to zero. So when you consider all those factors, I recognize your self-assigned score as being legitimate.

Roxie: Thank you. Most interesting!

Liz: Roxie that was a wonderful question.

Machiventa’s closing remarks

MACHIVENTA: In our closing now, I will make a statement to you who are here today and those who are reading, that you know and we know that we have covered much of this ground many times before, and for good reason. It is similarly done as individuals learn the basic 4 functions of arithmetic, that they exercise this throughout their life and sometimes need to be reminded how division really works. It is not necessary to learn how to do the square root division to get by in life, but simply division in ordinary life. So too, we may have lost many adherents due to the repetition of what we are doing and the unfulfilled anticipation of what we have projected for you personally and for your world politically, socially and economically and so on.

Nonetheless, we are here to carry on, just as Midwayers have been with you for endless millennia, so too, will we remain here on this planet until our work is done. Until then, we so dearly appreciate those who are in attendance, whether they are present here in the moment or present here in their thoughts. We appreciate you being with us and to support this work even though we can carry out this work without you, but with your help co-creatively we can accomplish the goals you so much desire and so much that Christ Michael desires with the advent of the Days of Light and Life for your planet and your world. These things are an eventuality, not just the possibility or probability, but a certainty that will occur; the only thing that is unknown is the “when.” We thank you for your attendance and blessings to you. Good Day.

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