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NET73 – Crises; Epigenesis; Shining Points of Current Era

2019-09-23, NET #73, Machiventa

New Era Transition #73 – Crises; Epigenesis; Shining Points of Current Era – Sept. 23, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Micro-plastic particles

Indebtedness during the crisis

“The Son is always shining where we are”

The Chief Life Carrier of Urantia

More advanced Homo sapiens


Overcoming fears concerning those lost during the crises

The destruction of Saudi’s oil production

“Following the money trail”

Are there unusual activities in the celestial realms because of this event?

What are the shining points of our current era?

Do you foresee a group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms?

What are the critical human institutions required for survival?

Financial survival in the near future

Will there be Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding in the Bahamas?

Mass relocations

Are there any collective spiritual lessons from the Dorian disaster?

Was the Dorian’s speed controlled in any manner?

Preparations for the Mid-West of the US

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge, Stéphane Labonteé and Sherille Raphael.

Invocation:  Liz

September 23, 2019

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  I am glad to be with you today and will move past my regular opening statement and go directly into questions at this time.

Micro-plastic particles

Jeff:  I am very sorry that I missed the last call; I look forward to it very much.  I have two follow-up questions from things that you were talking about in the last session.  First, you talked about health issues and mental health, and you mentioned folic acid and acetylcholine.  I have a tangent question to that:  In the news there has been much talk or much angst about the increasing amount of micro-plastic particles that is on our food supply, water supply and increasingly it has been found in our tissues.  First of all, is this really highly toxic to us, and if so, is there something we can do to mitigate or ameliorate the affects of this plastic?

MACHIVENTA:  This is an issue which is out of your control at the present time.  You can filter your water, but your food and the air that you breathe there is not much you can do about, particularly what you eat.  It is important that you do not take this too seriously at this time simply because there is nothing you can do about it.  Worrying about it, being anxious about it is something that would not assist you in moving ahead confidently into the future.  What does concern us are the nano-particles that may be in the air and may be in your food, as they are easily transmitted by water into the soil and into organisms, and so on.  Some nano-particles are inert and others are active.  It is important that this be a consideration for your industries for the future and that how these nano-particles are dealt with and how they are disposed of is regulated and monitored consistently over time similarly as the various gasses in your atmosphere are monitored.

[Daniel:  I am having trouble with my coaxial cable, causing intermittent problems.]

Indebetedness during the crisis

Jeff:  Thank you for that; that’s very comforting.  Also, last session you mentioned that many people in the crisis are going to try to be faithful to their indebetedness, but there may not be banks, and it occurs to me that there are going to be millions of people who are going to be without work and without the ability to make payments on their debts or pay their taxes, or pay anything.  Is it the vision of the actuaries that we will just be under a state of complete emergency almost world-wide for every government and that governments will just take steps to step in and assume the welfare of people, or am I off base on this?

MACHIVENTA:  You are not off base on this, but the scenario that you depict is not fully accurate.  When we made the statement that people who honor their debts will need to cease doing that, this is not an authorization to excuse anyone now from…..[Lost Daniel—long pause.]

[Daniel:  I’ll see you back here again in 4 hours.

Note:  We began the morning session and then had to abort that session due to technical difficulties on Daniel’s phone connection.  We resumed the session 4 hours later.]

*****[Four hours later]

Invocation:  Roxie

MACHIVENTA:  Well, this is Machiventa Melchizedek; good afternoon!  As I mentioned in this morning’s brief session, that I wish to keep this short, as there is an abundance of events happening for myself and many others and we are in direct work with the Most Highs at this time on Urantia.  I will truncate this session by eliminating the opening statement and let us proceed into the question and answer part of our work.

“The Son is always shinning where we are”

Rick:  I have 4 questions, Machiventa.  My first question is last time you said the “Sun is always shining where we are.”  Wow, that’s a great place to be!  Is it possible that you tell us a little bit about that, the place where the Son is always shining, because we know that would not be an apt description of where we live?

MACHIVENTA:  (Chuckling.)  It is an apt description of our Creator, Christ Michael, as his presence is near you at all times.

Rick:  So that’s going to be the answer?

[This is Daniel:  The “sun” was spelled “Son”.

Rick:  Oh!  Okay, I screwed that up.

Roxie:  Actually, that was also my mistake in the earlier transcript.]

The Chief Life Carrier of Urantia

Rick:  The next question is, is it possible that we can speak with the Chief Life Carrier of Urantia today?

MACHIVENTA:  I gave the team distinct instruction about that in our last session or the session before that.  That should still be clear in your mind that you would make that connection yourselves and if they desire, they will answer.  This is uncertain in This One’s mind, so please refer to those instructions.

Rick:  I might be remiss here, but I recall from last session two weeks ago that we were told it was possible the Chief Life Carrier of Urantia could participate in one of our meetings, and it was also possible that he would not, so as I recall, that is how it was left.  I don’t know if you would like to add anything to that, and if not, we can move on.

MACHIVENTA:  The Chief Life Carrier is not here at this time, so let us move on.

More advanced Homo sapiens

Rick:  My last question is:  Within the human genome, is there a possibility of other more advanced species development for Homo sapiens?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, this is very possible; there are many undiscovered aspects within the genome of humans, of Homo sapiens.  What [mortal] genetic specialists have not discovered are the undisclosed developments within that genome, whether for birds, lizards, whales or any primate, or for humans.  There are many possibilities within each species’ genome that gives them the capability of adapting to new environmental situations.  Sometimes those adaptations are almost instantaneous/spontaneous, others are developmental.

Rick:  I did not have a 5th question, but your answer leads me to a question, which is:  Might you, or might the information be shared with us how we as individuals can access the more advanced developments for Homo sapiens for ourselves?


MACHIVENTA:  Most certainly.  It is part of the process of epigenesis that what you pursue in your life becomes imprinted on your life.  When you have a set routine for something in your life and you do this repeatedly, over and over for years, it imprints on your gene structure epigenetically and this oftentimes is carried forward into the next generations.  What your geneticists are also learning is that this same process imprints progeny who are now living, and upon 2nd and 3rd generation progeny as well.  So if you have a child who has some penchant for what you are doing, you can be assured that even through you might not see them, they are also emulating your behaviors.  Of course this applies both positively and negatively; if you happen to be an assailant, a rapist or bank robber, these things would still be imprinted on the progeny.  Therefore, for the benefit of the human species race, it is beneficial for future generations and for the expressing of higher levels of Homo sapiens that this imprinting be intentional, it be conscious and it be positive and constructive.

Rick:  Thank you, Machiventa.

Overcoming fears concerning those lost during the crises

Liz:  Machiventa, I’ve been working on overcoming my fears about the coming crisis.  Your last discussion about this being an ascension was very helpful.  However I am still wrestling with more mourning.  I mourn for the loss of my wonderful retirement, but I have had a fantastic life, I know where I am going, and I can endure hardships of whatever type that comes my way.  More than that, I mourn for my children, grandchildren, and all of children and grandchildren who will not survive the crisis and grow up to be Agondonters in their own right.  Can you speak to this, please, and help me with this anticipated grief the way you’ve helped me with my fears?

MACHIVENTA:  Liz, you should take a lesson from St. Francis of Assisi, to accept those things you cannot change, change those things that you can, and to be patient with those things that need to be changed which are within your power, but have not changed, or words to that effect.  You are concerned about things that are outside your venue of control.  This in the eyes of the most intelligent person is irrational; it is an emotional response to the relationships that you have and this may seem harsh, but it is sentimentalism to the extreme.  You are living with the hard facts of a very difficult world already.  There are many things that are occurring that are disturbing; you do not need to watch the news on TV, or listen to them on the radio or your cell phone to be aware of the trauma that is occurring in the world in almost every nation.  You cannot change those things.  You would be best advised to be in peace, in centeredness, in the space of no thought where you can be addressed by your Thought Adjuster who can work with you to address these fears.

You recall that Rayson spoke very much about fear and one of his lessons was that when you step outside and you see that all is well, even though you know across your city that much mayhem and murder and torture and abuse is occurring, that you do not sense it, and so your fears in that moment are not connected to reality.  However, if you walked outside your door and you see a wall of water 10-20 feet high coming down the street, yes, you should be in fear and fear is appropriate at that time.

Your fear speaks to much insecurity within yourself; the lack of self-confidence of who you are and what you are about.  Your insecurities are tied to old ancient belief systems where fear that is inherent and innate to many belief systems that are now archaic.  True belief of the presence of God within you is the assurance that you are worthy of God’s presence there, and that your relationship to the Divine, to the Deity of All is assured.  This assurance must be enough to carry you forward everyday in peace and harmony and great love, and that you are settled within yourself.  Yes, you will lose children; yes, you will lose grandchildren; you will have great-grandchildren who will never be born, and this will be so for well over 2 billion people in the future.  You will not be alone in this tragedy and this travesty of time and circumstances upon the world.

This is a difficult situation.  With such fears, dear one, how can you drive to the grocery store and not be incapacitated by your fears there?  Therefore, we know that you have no fears for your own self, but when you have passengers in your car, children, grandchildren, and so on, the same applies in that situation.  Be at peace, dear one.  There are safe roads in the world and the universe and you are on a safe road and path, you are secure now and always will be, even though you may not survive tomorrow.

The destruction of Saudi’s oil production

Stéphane:  I worry that the destruction of the oil processing facilities affecting half of Saudi’s oil production has greater implications than meets the eye.  Do you share this concern?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we do have a similar concern.  This very well could be the triggering point that will begin the cascade of cataclysms.  This could be the beginning of what you might call the “Era of Huge Transition” through these cataclysms.  These New Era Transition sessions are to help you address those situations.  What is not known are the decisions humans will make in response to those attacks on the oil refineries.  There are plans for response to that destruction, but there has been no decision at this time by mortals to react to those situations.  However you can be assured that those who are involved in that destruction in the Middle East will have a response of equal or more violence.

“Following the money trail”

 Stéphane:  Follow-up:  Our leaders have used similar events in the past to promote business self-interest.  If we use your advice of “following the money trail” does this lead to the obvious outcome which implies a global conflict?

MACHIVENTA:  There is a step before that.  The step is that the Old Testament morality of “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and assault upon my neighbor’s neighbor and my cousin’s neighbor is an assault upon me” still lives vibrantly alive and destructively in the Middle East and elsewhere.  You can anticipate that there will be a response to these assaults on those refineries and they will be very significant.  However, they may not be obvious to the nation that is attacked at the time.

Are there unusual activities in the celestial realms because of this event?

Stéphane:  Follow-up:  Are there unusual activities happening in the celestial realms because of this event?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there are events occurring in rapid motion at this time, but they are not necessarily unusual as the Most Highs are involved, and as you know that there are more occupied, civilized plans in Nebadon than just for Urantia.  There is much response to the changes in all these nations, but you can rest assured there is much activity in the celestial realms of Edentia in this area than before.  This is in preparation for the developments that bring about the positive event that will occur so that your world has an opportunity to heal itself after the destruction passes.

What are the shining points of our current era?

Stéphane:  What is your best hope for humanity at this point?  What are the shining points of our current era?

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you very much for your question.  The shining points are individuals who have these wonderful thoughts about the reconstruction of civilization even as it exists now.  Those ideas of the reconstruction transformation of your world are not necessarily those of believers; they are also those who are not believers, but who are definitely humanitarian in nature and have empathy for others similarly as Liz has for her family’s children.  You will know that these people exist when the time comes for them to step forward.  However, the reluctance of millions of individuals to step forward at this time is a cause for concern.  There seems to be a strategic myopia that is involved in the human struggle, in the human consciousness that is almost intolerable to us, that as Edmund Burke is quoted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do or say nothing.”  [Also quoted by John F. Kennedy in 1961.]

The difficulty of complacency is now in global proportions.  Many nations are now experiencing some of the best eras of prosperity and peace, even though that peace may seem transitory.  This gives the masses of people a false security in what exists and they do not make plans for the future.  What we find is this dismal myopia fails to recognize future generations of your own children.  It is our hope and our wish and our effort to influence those individuals to come forward to be recognized by many other people as having ideas that are worthy of being used and applied now to acquaint people throughout the world with the possibility of transforming the archaic belief systems of business and morality and ethics into one that supports the sustainability of civilization.

It is not too grandiose to think about the intentions of an international civilization, nor is it too grandiose to think of a national, state, regional and even large city’s intentions for its existence.  We have proposed this to our audience already through This One in his communications to others and they [were] stunned by the perspective of a global intention for its existence and its intention for peace, its intention for parenting and childrearing practices.  Those individuals, those bright sparkling lights that can embrace this perspective, are often those who are armchair philosophers wishing for something to come along that they could sponsor and support and hope.  We know who these individuals are; the Angelic Corps and Midwayers have been searching them out for centuries following their lineage now down to the generations that are young enough to become active in this effort.

What we see are the possibilities as being endless for bringing peace to your world, not overnight, not in 5 years, not in 50 years, but certainly within 500 years, and that each generation must be thoughtful enough to consciously and intentionally make decisions that bring about those ends, even those small decisions, those small decisions such as parenting which teaches children to think of others besides themselves, to think of the role that their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have in their world, and then to consciously, verbally talk to their children about these possibilities to open the eyes of children to embrace the world of the possibilities that they can have a positive influence upon billions of people.

It is not impossible; it is already being done by individuals throughout the world through social media and through TED Talks and POD casts and so on.  Now it is time to make this a regimen of parenting and childrearing, that this must be embedded in the enculturation and socialization of children that they have an existence which is always wanting and needing and yearning to have an improving quality of life, but then to also project that onto their children and great-grandchildren and the future generation of all people.

Do you foresee a group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms?

Stéphane:  Do you foresee a small group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms and setting the stage for a society fully aligned with the 7 core values?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we do, but we would qualify your question as including women and children.

What are the critical human institutions required for survival?

Stéphane:  What critical human institutions are required to survive the cataclysms and rebound with the best outcome for a positive rebuild aligned with the 7 core values?

MACHIVENTA:  Certainly.  It is the family and education as social institutions.  Secondarily it is justice—justice that is able to embrace the best tenets of democracy based on the 7 values, ethics and morality of humanity.

Roxie:  His other 2 questions you have already answered in some of your other answers.

Financial survival in the near future

This one is from me [Roxie]:  All my life I have striven to be financially solvent and have planned for my future years to be financially independent so that I don’t have to have my children support me.  With your dire prediction of the banks, and I suppose all financial institutions like brokerage firms folding, I am at a loss as to what do I do to continue to support myself through my elder years?  Do you have any suggestions?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there is one major suggestion and that is to protect your existing investments and assets from devaluation, that your investments would be the most secure avenues that are possible.  You would want to be involved in a financial institution of trans-national, trans-global nature, those that have investments in terms of trillions of dollars, those who could take a very large loss and still protect the investments of those who do business with them.

The second is to have no debts, now or in the future, to be as solvent as you possibly can be.  By studying the individuals who survived the Great Depression, who came out of it on the other side of it with still having significant wealth that they could invest and grow many times over into the future is a good place to start.  How did they do that?  They had sound investments, they had no debts and they were cautious about their use of the money that they did have.  Remember the Aesop Fable of “The Ant and the Grasshoppers,” so you see that you have put money away while you were working and you have done so, and this should carry you forward through your elder years.  Remember that though there will be an eventual global depression, the invested people have learned a lot from the Great Depression of 1929, in that era, and in the tremendous global recession that occurred in 2008 and those years.  They will be working hard to protect themselves, and in doing so will be protecting your money.  It is best to understand and work with institutions that have a high moral level of performance in their history so that they will continue that into the future.

Roxie:  Oh, thank you very much; that’s of great help!

Does anyone in the group have further questions that have come up?  If not, I still have a few from readers.

Will there be Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding in the Bahamas?

  • “Does the scale of disaster in The Bahamas (due to Hurricane Dorian) cross the threshold for there to be an opening for direct Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding?”

MACHIVENTA:  I have a question to that question:  Does that relate to the Bahamas only, or to the global situation?  I will provide a provisional answer that applies to the global scale and those cataclysms that affect the global situation — those celestial influences are hard at work now.  Celestial influence during cataclysms is fruitless as most people are too preoccupied to sit in peace and wonder in ecstasy of contact with their Thought Adjuster within them, or angels or Melchizedeks or anyone else.  The time is now that people tune into the celestial realms education and information and preparation, of which this is directly a part.

Mass Relocations

Roxie:  This next question is directed toward the Bahamas, but it could also be global.

  • “Given that the Bahamas are faced with necessary mass relocations (within the country) what policy initiatives or changes should its government implement to avoid great social upheavals likely to arise?”

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your question.  This question applies to all low lying areas within the first 30 meters of elevation above an ocean shoreline in vertical height.  There must be a plan for purchasing property from individuals and forbidding further development on those lands.  As most ocean islands are low lying and will be victimized by rise in sea levels, this will cause a huge problem.  We have spoken about this inundation many times before, whether it is Bangladesh or whether it is the first 20 miles inland of the shoreline of most of Asia, Indonesia, South America and so on.  These areas will be affected by inundation, by cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclonic activities.  This requires forethought.  The most difficult situation though, of course, is in the Bahamas where they are low lying and the local government is without a large budget to purchase property to give it back to the ocean or back to nature, so to speak.  It is rather ironic, do you not think, that of the hundreds of billions of dollars that are lying in offshore accounts in the Caymans and the Bahamas in their banking system that this situation should arise there?

Are there any collective spiritual lessons from the Dorian disaster?

  • “Any disaster is replete with opportunity for personal spiritual lessons (i.e., for the individual,) but are there any collective spiritual lessons to be derived from the Hurricane Dorian disaster?”

MACHIVENTA:  There are almost none.  The problem is that for humanity, these lessons of disasters whether tectonic or whether they are meteorological in nature or other seems to be a recurring theme of thoughtless historic recollection.  It is important that humanity begin to collect the wisdom of the past and that this be saved as wisdom in an international library of Sustaining Human Wisdom.  For instance, the Bible speaks clearly about building a house on rocks, rather than on sand.  This makes good sense, does it not?  This is part of the living wisdom that must be recorded.

It is rather odd, too that we find that there are subdivisions that are being built in flood plains.  It may seem that in the desert of Arizona there are almost never any floods, but when there is a century or millennial flood, that these hundreds and even thousands of homes will be destroyed and families, lives and finances will be ruined.  This is simply strategic myopia again, that there is more interest in making money from selling land and developing land and building houses than there is on sustaining the civilization and society of that region.  This is part of the problem of humanity that their self-interest is myopic to the greatest extreme, that there is no interest in future generations.  This nation has had a generation called the “Me-Generation” and it continues to live on with greater numbers.  This type of shortsighted thinking is immoral because it will lead to the destruction of your future generations and, as you know, it is now occurring in your generation.

Roxie:  This is the reader’s last question:

Was the Dorian’s speed controlled in any manner?

  • “So many in the country have mused that Dorian behaved as if it had ‘intent’ or was being ‘controlled’ – because it reached its slowest forward movement (1 mph) only upon reaching the most populated locations in its path.  Question:  Is it mere coincidence, geophysics, or did ‘intelligence’ (of any type) play a part in its behavior?”

MACHIVENTA:  Once again this is an error of humans projecting human behavior onto non-human activities, and projecting celestial or spiritual work involved in those disasters.  We assure you—I personally assure you—that there were no celestials or mortals or anyone else involved in slowing the rate of progress for moving forward of the hurricane named Dorian.  This was one of those that occur over and over again in the world, sometimes they move rapidly, sometimes they are quite slow.  You will see some of the most disconcerting, difficult, dangerous and destructive geophysical, meteorological phenomena to come in the near future.

Preparations for the Mid-West of the US

Doug:  A year ago in September, you told us to prepare for such things we are talking about now.  I feel like I have done a lot to prepare for that, but the one thing that you suggest is a bug-out plan and I really don’t know where to bug-out to if I need to, or just a stay at home plan.  Do you have any suggestions?

MACHIVENTA:  Certainly.  The main suggestion is to move to higher ground, or to more secure ground.  Wood frame houses sitting on the surface of the land are extremely dangerous.  You have seen though whether in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the buildings that remained were those that were made of stone, brick and concrete.  It is possible for a person to build a small on the surface, ferro-concrete structure that would survive a direct hit by a tornado.  This may sound expensive, but it could be designed to be quite simple.  It too must be anchored well into the earth with its own anchors, so that it too does not become an airfoil and fly into the wind.  This is highly possible to do.  You would need to have your own land and some surplus income to have a do-it-yourself sort of building project of sack by sack of concrete and rebar and so on.

You would want to begin to design such a small escape building by consulting with someone who would be interested in such a project.  Old-timers who came across the prairie, dug hurricane cellars and these had a surface door, and then an inner door.  The walls had reinforcements on the inside vertically and horizontally and were covered with earth of at least 2-3 feet.  The difficulty with that is that many of them did not have water drains to drain any surface water that might come into them.  You would want to allow for this by placing such a similar ground cellar on a hill for the diversion of water.  There are many solutions, though many do not want to go to the extreme of either one; they would rather just take their chances of living on the surface and hiding in their bathtub.

Doug:  Thank you.

[Daniel ended the session and Machiventa did not do a closing.  Our next session will be on October 7th.]

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