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NID1048- Higher Vibration.

2020-03-29. Higher Vibration.


N Idaho # 1048

North Idaho TEAM   March 29, 2002

Monjoronson  TR: Cathy



Monjoronson.  I am receptive to your concerns about the social situations on Urantia at this time.  For many of the planet’s inhabitants this is the first global conflict of their experience.  In trying times it is best to focus on the desired outcome and maintain a readiness to help as situations arise.  Michael and I have long. planned to move on from the disruption of rebellion and this is the lingering remnants of rebellion being laid to rest. The deviations will become realigned with the original pattern.  Those who have promoted the deviations will no longer be able to function at the new higher level of vibration that is manifesting.

Spirit will overcome the darkness and we will bring the beginning of Light and Life.  Together we are able to move onward in love and joy.


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